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Hello there,

How lovely to see you here. I am Hilary. I called my website Starcounsell,  because I discuss the planets in our solar system and your Sun, our star.

I am a psychological astrologer with

*a Diploma in Psychological Astrology,

*a Diploma in Astrology  with the Federation of Astrologers and

a Rod Brandt Certificate in Astrology.

My teacher, for my two years of study was a Liz Greene graduate.

I am also a qualified counsellor of thirty years experience and my job has been and still is to realign  and empower people, help them be successful problem solvers. I help children and adults on their life path so they become the “star” of their life. I have been a mainstream kindergarten, primary school, community college and university lecturer since 1973.

Yes, I work with the Divine, the archangels. Kwan Yin and Buffalo Calf Woman as I have European and Native American ancestry. So I write (and occasionally paint) about subjects that will make you feel happy; clean up your life and help you be the most glorious “star”; an image of the Divine in your life.

My astrological work can be in

  • archetypal astrology,
  • psychological astrology,
  • relationship astrology,
  • career counselling,
  • Crossroads astrology.  I can look at your transits & progressions and suggest ways of evolving (or awakening)  through your planetary changes.

My special areas are

  • yods (quincunxes and inconjunct aspects),
  • Chiron & Hygeia,
  • the asteroid goddesses
  • and family systems  & ancestor astrological work.

Please visit and make some comments. I love to see you and love to hear what you think and feel and how you are going on your path. Please tell me if there is a subject you would like me to write about too.

You can also find me at

  • http://www.qfa.net.au/committee_4.html  which is the Queensland Federation of Astrologers Association Qualified Astrologers page.
  • We all have Diplomas of Astrology with the Federation of Australian Astrologers.


Oh and thankyou to beautiful Josephine Wall for painting this image on my “about” page.

I do hope you have fantastic day and year ahead.

~ Hilary (Starcounsell)~



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  2. Hello Hilary, I just came across your wonderful site after looking into the Holistic Healer, Hygiea. Mine is in Aries in the 2nd house, conjunct Venus and Chiron, Trine my North Node and Sextile my South node. It would be wonderful to receive an interpretation of my chart and guidance on my path
    Blessings to yoiu.

  3. Hi Hilary,

    I would love to have my chart done by you. I have been told that my yod lies in the sextile between Neptune and Pluto and the inconjunct/quincunx the sextile makes to my Sun (which is in Taurus). Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help myself with this information! I left my e-mail below.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Jocelyn,

      It’s really great to hear from you. I am assuming you like my yod articles.

      I am sending you an email now. My email address is a gmail and begins with spi……

      When my email arrives can you send me your birth information. As I live in Australia, our date system is different to the USA. So could you send your information. DAY; ie 19th; MONTH ie May and YEAR IE. 1965. Please put in your place of birth, ie SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. and also can you let me know how you need to improve your life now and where are you living right now.

      Thanks again and take care,

  4. Good evening Hillary, it’s been fantastic coming across your blogs on Yods,quincunx and inconjunct aspects, I would so love for you to look at my chart, assuming costs have increased, if you could please email me ldeahne@yahoo.com with some info, itwould be much appreciated.
    Mainly I would like the reading to focus on Apparent Yod between 8th house Scorpio Uranus, 6th house Virgo North Node with Part of fortune in 1st house Aries. Some astrologers would not yod- classify this due to Part of fortune. Also the conjunctions with Vertex,8th house Scorpio Venus and galactic centre, why so many of my personal planets are at same degree, aswell as many house cusps also at same degree & due to stellium in 9th Sag/Capricorn how to balance the ridiculous energies that continues to grow through major transits. Thanking you for your time

  5. Hi Hilary,
    Just stumbled across your wonderful article on Hygiea, any thoughts on this from you, appreciated…. I have this in my eleventh house in Taurus(Whole House System). I live in Australia, Sunshine Coast, and have begun learning Astrology with a passion. I was wondering if you have a link to your courses.as i am looking to take up formally. Also have you published your book on Hygiea…. One more thing, I have had a health challenge that just came ‘out of the blue’, so to speak would love to connect with your view on this as well…..DOB: 26011964, Oakleigh,Australia….7.05pm birth time..(best to my knowledge) Thank you…Kind Regards Wendy

    • Hi Wendy,

      Nice to hear from you. I hope you are okay with those fires around Bell’s Beach.

      At the moment I haven’t a link to my astrology courses. I’ll work on it this afternoon.

      No I still haven’t published my Hygeia book because I still haven’t completed it. Mainly because I have realized more about Hygeia’s workings that really shocked me. I thought she was Snow White, but like every other planet/asteroid/planetoid she had many grades of vibrations ranging from purity to coarseness.

      I’ll send you an email now.

      Many Blessings,

  6. Hi Hilary!
    I was fortunate enough to stumble across your page after several google searches on yods. I am definitely at a crossroad in my life and according to my expansive natal chart I have 3 overlapping yods with sun in taurus in the 2nd house apex, Pallas in libra in the 8th house and Uranus in Sagittarius in the 9th house. I hope I said that correctly lol. Anyway I would love to have clarity regarding these yods and some advice on overcoming whatever difficulty they are presenting in my life (presumably with finances). My email address is kilashani82@yahoo.com.

    Thank you in advance for your help!
    Akilah 🙂

  7. Yay I finally found a page filled with Yod info! I’m hoping you may be able to help me and I’m not sure of any other way to reach out.. I have recently received a natal chart reading by a wonderful astrologer.. well only 1/3 of it ( due to life and it’s set backs, no biggy of course!) But in the first part of my reading I was told I have 4 Yods in my chart, and that she would explain them in the next part of the reading… but it’s been a few months since then and the questions I have are about to burst out of my head! So I would LOVE to hear your specialized understanding of my chart 🙂 please email me at abigail.cutcliffe@gmail.com if you can so we can set something up… I look so forward to hearing from you!!!

  8. Hi Hilary,

    I’ve just come across your articles on Yods. I have been studying astrology as a hobby for years but just now learning about the two Yods in my chart. I was wondering, do you do personal readings? I am sure you are very busy as you are very established and may not do these readings but please I would love to know. Thank you very much.

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