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“Hilary is a talented and insightful astrologer, healer and Jungian specialist. Her work has shed light on much of my life and aspects of my personality. She is dedicated and kind, professional, and committed to helping her clients. I am deeply grateful for my experience with Hilary and hope to continue to work with her. I appreciate her spending so much time with me, and all the knowledge she has shared. I feel a kinship with her and I really appreciate her guidance. It feels like a gift to have met her.” ~ Amika ~

“Excellent articles, Hilary. I look forward to your Hygeia book and auto-biography and am sure they will be full of many deep insights and spiritual gems. You are a credit to not only woman but the entire race, we need more feminine instruments who can Love Life unconditionally, but can also step into their own power and take their rightful place in the world unfortunately dominated by to much lower masculine energy and false bravado. Blessings to you and your many contributions. ” ~Doug~

Hilary was able to help me tremendously to achieve more holistic soul awareness. I found her page while doing research on Hygeia. After reading some of her articles, I immediately knew that I wanted to work with her. She has a special kind of knowledge that encompasses trauma, psychology, mythology, history, metaphysical and spiritual wisdom and applies it with her profound skills of shamanic soul retrieval, astrology and holographic kinetic healing in collaboration with Jesus, the Archangels and her spirit guides. During the last three months we wrote back and forth between Australia and Germany and she helped me a lot with my T-Squares, Yods and some ancestral healings which helped me gain more wisdom from an astrological perspective and put me more in tune with my spirit guides, my dreams and my heritage. I started a prayer routine and had some intense archetypal and revealing dreams during the last weeks which show the deep effects Hilary’s work has had on my subconscious. I feel very thankful for having enjoyed her tender and devoted assistance during a confusing and disoriented period of my life. I look forward to more of her healings and to her book about Hygeia.“ ~Markus~



Hello there,

Thankyou for reading my articles and I hope they help you in some way.

Yes, I finally  do analyse charts now. At last!

To communicate with me I prefer that you message me via this webpage or  find me at https://qfa.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/HilaryBond2019.pdf

I will answer you immediately.



I am a psychological astrologer with:

*a two year Diploma in Psychological Astrology (1994-1995),

*a two year Diploma in Astrology  with the Federation of Australian Astrologers (1992-1993) and

*a two year Rod Brandt Certificate in Astrology (1984-1985) and

*experience as a professional astrologer and facilitator of “Gods and Goddesses” workshops since 1990, plus

*study in the basics of mainstream astrology since 1973.

My teacher, for my two years of study in Psychological Astrology (1994-1995) was Gerry Taylor Wood, a Liz Greene graduate.


I am also a qualified counsellor of thirty years experience and my job has been and still is to realign  and empower people, help them be realistic, calm, successful problem solvers on their life path. I helped children and adults on their life path so they become the “star” of their life. At the moment writing my book on Hygeia is my major focus.

I have been a professional  and highly qualified teacher (in kindergarten, primary school, high school, TAFE and university) since 1983.


  • One year partly completed Diploma of Teaching. Griffith University 1972.
  • Bachelor of Arts (history, literature, law, organizational psychology) [University of Queensland St Lucia-UQ]. Graduation in 1986
  • Graduate Diploma Teaching (Pre-School – Grade 10) [Griffith University, Qld]. Graduation in 1987
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Arts in History (2nd class Honours and thesis in PreRaphaelite sociological history and art and their symbolism and archetypes). Graduation in 1997
  • Master of Education (Indigenous Education, literacy and counselling) [James Cook University, Qld). (Graduation in 1999).
  • PhD in Indigenous Education with a major in sociology (James Cook University, Qld) (2004).
  • Training in Special Needs Education (six months 1996).
  • Certificate in Counselling (TAFE) 1988

I  began counselling in 1983 and taught classes on the asteroid goddesses at South Brisbane TAFE from 1990-1995.

I worked with the Aboriginal Elders at Mornington Island community to prevent suicide  and stop drug addiction.

I taught education subjects and social welfare subjects (including communication, team building, ethics and human rights, community building, attachment theory in relationships, mental health and sustainability) at university from 2000 to 2011.

In 2011 I worked with a Fostering Agency  and the Department of Child Safety to keep children, from dysfunctional backgrounds, safe and happy.


I am a capable and experienced alternative holistic healer with qualifications in:

  • Theta Healing.
  • Runic healing.
  • Clairvision school healing
  • Aura Soma Healing
  • Structure Function Kinesiology healing
  • Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Healing (particularly of Sandra Ingerman’s school) and in psychopomp work.
  • Holographic Kinetic Quantum Australian Dreamtime Healing, especially focusing in ancestral, past life healing and accessing your akashic records.
  • Astrological past life soul retrieval and healing accessing interdimensional and past life astrological records.
  • Yod past life healing
  • Accessing Hygeia interdimensional akashic “book of life” records.

I have qualifications in Australian Bush Flower Essences and

Bach Flower therapy.


Because I have gone totally deaf in the last few years I have to write astrological and spiritual healing reports. Therefore I cannot dialogue with you via Zoom or Skype. This put me at a deficit because I cannot hear the nuances of your voice or watch your body language. I cannot observe your defences or give away signals of psychological projection. Up until 2015 these signals allowed e to understand the comfort level of a client and if there is anything I can do to make sure the client is comfortable. As a professional in this field, one need to understand non-verbal communication patterns to ensure that your client is comfortable at all times and it allows the therapist to see when someone is getting overwhelmed or shutting down or feeling nervous. Normally these clues will help me top, pause and rethink my strategies and reassess my answers to a clients questions about their horoscope or healing. My sole goal is to help the client and that’s why these details matter to all psychotherapeutic astrologers and astrological healers.

I am going for a second appointment to allow me to have a cochlear implant so I can hear normally again in a month and I am looking forward to this.

WHO ARE MY SHAMANIC- ENERGY HEALING CLIENTS You may identify with the clients I have worked with since 1983.

Some of my client-patients have had devasting abuse from parents, caregivers and partners.

These verbally and physically abusive parents and caregivers embody Mars-Pluto.

(a) Many of these client-patients escaped the abuse early by working even at pre-teen age,

(b) but most are left with severe trauma, anxiety, specific fears and severe self-sabotage from endlessly being told how worthless they are. They have been neglected, bullied and some were raped continually (all of which is a crime and is a jailable offence. I worked in this area of “Child Safety” in Australia in 2011).

Some of my patients had neglectful, cold, unfeeling (Uranian) caregivers.

(a) some have been able to forgive these caregivers. (b) However, some have hung onto their hatred and bad memories and

(c) some like to feel that they punish their cruel parents, but unfortunately by doing this they punish themselves and waste precious time in their lives when they could be having fun and be lighthearted. Here we look for the presence of these asteroids:  the three Norns (Urda, Werdandi and Skuld) and the Greek Fates (who were the archetypes for witches of Macbeth, Atropos, Klotho and Lachesis, also known as the Erinyes or Nemesis. I look specifically for these asteroid old Gaia born beings and then we heal from the standpoint of these old ancestral- past life-8th house Saturnian and Plutonic curses and spells that create self-sabotage. Only the Divine can cure and overcome these planetary-old god beings.

There are degrees of severity of the parental and grandparental abuse and neglect and even “elder abuse” from mature age children wishing to destroy their elderly parents and take their money. Some of my clients are very, very sensitive and still feel the wounds and even still live with the parents due to economic difficulties. My healing aims to increase their financial abundance so the client-patients can be independent and enjoy their lives free of their parents.

Many of my patient-clients who come to me for help have been raped and mostly they have developed addictions as a result of the damage inflicted on them. These addictions include alcoholism, drug addiction, sugar and sexual addictions. We mainly go to Neptune here for healings and Pluto-Venus for sexual obsessions. Neptune is the doyen of addictions. I am afraid because I have had so many addicts who have defrauded me this year I now refuse to take people on who are addicts for healing or astrological work.

My clients may feel unloved and unlovable so of course I aim for Venus, Taurus, Libra, 7th house and the 2nd house in our healing.

Many of my patient-clients have been gaslighted. Though the term gaslighting is commonly used in the context of romantic relationships, gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that can be experienced in any type of relationship, including familial, platonic, or even professional. Gaslighting is considered serious psychological abuse, and survivors can experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression as a result. However, the term is often overused and misunderstood, which can trivialise the real trauma victims are grappling with. A gaslighting perpetrator will tell lies either to you or about you with such confidence and charisma you may be left questioning yourself about why you ever doubted them. A gas lighter will use words and nuances in language to twist the truth and make you question yourself, but their actions and patterns of behaviour tell a different story. They use projection as a tool. Projection is often when someone accuses another person of their own actions, shortcomings or faults. Gas lighters are narcissists and I will discuss the Dramatic Personality Disorder called Narcissism further down in this article. Clearly gaslighting is a Neptunian-Mercurial abusive method.  Gas lighters are very, very dishonest and have a giant superiority attitude and they will have the asteroid Narcissus on the angles and probably the asteroid Nessus on an angle. The asteroids that may highlight gaslighting may be Melpomene, Psyche, Echo, Swindle and Lie, Sisyphus, and Persephone.  The Norns and the Fates and Erynia may also indicate a curse that includes gaslighting.  Gray Crawford in his article on the meaning of the asteroid Dionysus, sees Dionysus in prominent position in a horoscope as “embodying genius and madness, and when we aren’t being told we are divine visionaries we are told we are crazy, obsessive, narcissistic, possessed, irrational, deranged, and self-proclaimed martyrs who self-sabotage ourselves.  Dionysus embodies all of this and more.” I have seen gaslighting narcissists who project their own bizarre characteristics onto their victims as having tight aspects to their Sun, Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Venus and the angles. These encounters may be short lived but if you unknowingly upset them, they will insult you, project onto you, abuse you and cheat or swindle you.  My clients who have been abused by these gas lighters need compassion and understanding and a therapist they can trust totally.  I have many gaslighted clients.

Self -sabotage is an extremely terrible problem among many of my patient-clients and it devastates them, but we manage to find solutions by the end of the first round of healings.

I have many clients who continue the healings to eradicate all their problems and then begin to create huge financial abundance and perfect psychological-physical-social holistic health. 

Some clients come just to find all their archetypes.

Some clients come to find all their asteroids and hence all their archetypes and then to heal the challenging inhuman archetypes like the Norns, the Fates and the Centaurs. The Norns and Fates us usually carry personal spells and curses and often ancestral curses and spells.

 After healing all these people are wonderful. I am so proud of them and they are proud of themselves.


  1. People who have anger management issues.
  2. Men who are misogynists.
  3. People who are controlling, rude and project their own issues onto me (with aggression, lying and lack of trust.)
  4. Verbally abusive people.
  5. I refuse to work with people who do not disclose serious drug addiction and alcohol addiction in their past. My clients who have shamanic energy healing with me are expected not to drink alcohol or take drugs at all in the months they work with me. Hallucogenic drugs and medications such as valium may still be in their physical body.
  6. All the shamanic healers I trained with will not have clients which have serious psychiatric histories such as narcisscistic personality disorder, schitzophrenia, borderline personality disorder, and a past of valium addiction. Non disclosure means I cannot work with you.


 The holistic healings that you request are to remove trauma in past lives in the form of terrible deaths, from torture, abandonment, in battle, neglect by caregivers and all sorts of horror. They are not some sweet narrative full of frolicking and joy in ancient Greece or Paris or Atlantis. It is not glamourous if your head is sawn off with a blunt saw or some other horrific events where you could be cursed and burned to death as a witch. The trauma and absolute horror, and death in these past events are keeping you stuck in all sorts of strange behaviours and mental abnormalities.

I will send you a report that is short so you are not re-traumatized.  I am not a sadist and hopefully you are not naive. If you want just a past life narrative ask for one, but don’t expect a beautiful, romantic story of a past life it you want a holistic spiritual healing.

While the healings come in the form of scenes from:

  • Past lives,
  • Certain events in your life or
  • certain events in your ancestors lives or
  • interdimensional situations where you may be stuck between dimensions or stuck in cracks in time or space or terrible cycles where you spin through a cycle like Groundhog Day     
  • and other events to terrible to mention publicly.

I will watch the scene of death or torture briefly and then my Divine guides enter to guide me though cleansing the soul piece or fragments which have dissociated during the horror and then after the cleansing the healed pieces are returned to the client. Then I write a report with emphasis on the healings and any guides who volunteer to help the client.   


  1. When my patient and I agree on what they need I call on my Divine guides. I work with the spiritual form of Jesus, the violet flame and the archangels to heal …… for me.
  2. I act as the surrogate for my patient as I practice remote holographic energy spiritual healing. I tell my divine guides my patient’s birthday and I tell my divine guides what the healing is that we need to do. For example, I ask my Divine guides to take us back to the core life where there is a family core belief in revenge.  The key astrological information will be …. (patient’s name has their South Node in Scorpio in her 8th house.) Can we go to the core past life to delete and transform this belief and any curses that accompany that belief? I ask my divine guides what time it is and what place. Then I listen to the back ground story leading to the trauma.
  3. My Divine guides then grab the soul piece or pieces that dissociate during that trauma and they clean them and place them back into the patient’s aura (light body).
  4. I do five healings in this format and this may take 4-5 hours.
  5. I write them out and send a thorough and detailed report to the patient.  
  6. By the end of the 2nd round of healings (10 healings) my clients have developed emotional-psychological stability and their energy is stable, but many, if not most, of my clients ask for more healings to evolve.


  1. I ask the client not to take any addictive substances before (for a week) and after the healing for a month,
  2. I ask them to report in in a week and then a month and
  3. Tell me how they feel
  4. Tell me any dreams
  5. I tell them that if they feel anxious, emotional etc to talk to me every day
  6. I ask them to thank their soul pieces before they sleep at night
  7. I ask them to thank any new guides who come to help them, for example Archangel Michael or Zadkiel or a seal power animal
  8. I ask them to say twice a day (before sleep and after waking) any affirmations that come up in the healing
  9. I ask them not to have any other form of healing in the next month.


1.A relatively low energy workout, such as gentle yoga, is good. A full work out might trigger unpleasant side effects, so a lower energy exercise, such as walking and lifting light weights twice daily helps. Studies have shown that after only a 12-week programme of relatively light workouts, involving walking improves the quality of sleep. Stretching and dancing can help move old stress from our body and …

2. Listening to classical music. The experts say Mozart music is the most life affirming, but I find old music that is linked to happy times makes me dance and smile. Smiling and laughter bring oxygen into our bodies and joy. For me Seals and Crofts, Neil Young and Van Morrison help me lighten up.

3. Breathing exercises, and specifically deep belly-breathing, can act as a “natural beta-blocker “. If you are stressed your breathing becomes shallow and rapid. If you can consciously switch to slow, deep breaths from your diaphragm into your belly, you’ll be able to deactivate the survival mode, and you’ll notice that your heart rate is also slowing down.

4. Art. I advise all my client patients to buy cheap, large pieces of paper and bright paints and paint and write what you feel as a response to having soul pieces returned to you. In the first few days when your new energy is balancing you may feel tired and emotional. Painting helps.

5. The beach where you can draw in the sand. The beach is full of negative ions which are very soothing.

6. Likewise quiet forest walking is soothing. The ambience of old trees is healing.

7. Rest. Your energy is balancing. Rest while this transformation is occurring. It’s amazing how many client-patients come to me when vital Pluto transits, which involve wonderful transformation and important Uranus transits which involve major changes occur and its also amazing that many clients come to me when major Saturn clients happen to delete old karmic patterns. Rest and let your Divine guides can care for your holistic wellbeing. 


  1. NATAL HOROSCOPE. I charge $180 (in Australian dollars) for an in-depth horocope . I specialise in yods, asteroids in your chart and stelliums. You recieve 20 foolscap page report (in a Word document via email) which written by me specifically for you. This takes me 2-3 days to craft this.

2. HOLOGRAPHIC SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALING. I charge $250 for spiritual healing (for either spiritual healing for ancestral trauma passed on to you or for past life or prsent life problems.) You receive 5 individual past lives with healing for each one and descriptions of the planetary placement of each.

If you live in Australia you don’t pay bank fees.

If you live overseas the transfer charges that banks charge are $6 Australian dollars if you consult your bank.



I analyse:

  • Any yods,
  • stelliums,
  • chart shapes,
  • elemental balance
  •  and you Hygiea, and
  • asteroids if you wish
  • and yods in synastry

 all in the context of your natal chart.   



In any of these services, I look at the psychology of your childhood and life in terms of attachment theory, sociological conditioning (propaganda, media affect, peer pressure, family and ancestral conditioning), cognitive behavioral conditioning, labeling, stereotyping, and the trauma in your life whether you see this as beginning with a dysfunctional family (abuse and neglect), war, poverty, divorce or addiction or some other trauma.  This is where I prefer to use some psychotherapeutic counselling and some spiritual healing rather than just astrological counselling.

In cognitive behavioral counselling we consider and make an effort to change or beliefs or the view in which we see the world. Cognitive Behavioral Theory or CBT is based on our cognition or our thoughts and how our thoughts or beliefs or judgements or values shapes our behaviour. So basically, CBT explains how thoughts, feelings, and behaviours interact. Spiritually thought-forms create life forms- we see this in small toxic towns (the film Deliverance is a classic example) and lifeforms health-wise can create can create very bad health. Louise Hayes’ who dogma is based on this belief. So, CBT focuses on how certain thoughts lead to certain feelings which, lead to certain behavioral responses. According to Cognitive behavioral therapy if we can change our feelings by changing our thoughts, then the CBT approach can be a useful way to help someone overcome their bad feelings. The basic assumption in this therapy is that cognitive distortions (inaccurate thinking) cause psychological distress. These cognitive distortions cause people to lose touch with reality, and they torture themselves psychologically with self-created falsehoods.

In the spiritual healing I include healing what CBT talks about (but can take years of counselling to “fix”.) Spiritual healing deletes toxic beliefs, ghosts, addictions, toxic past lives and ancestral influences.  


Most of the people who come to me have

  1. Yods,
  2. They are mostly Neptunian, Piscean, 12th house or dominantly watery people,
  3. Or they are stellium people.
  4. They are often 8th house, Plutonic or Scorpionic people
  5. They can also be people with heavy Cancer, 4th house or lunar charts.

These are also people whose souls have chosen to evolve and they take on more than they can cope with. They might live lives of hell with parents, siblings and partners who are total narcissists and yet these are good people with good hearts and good souls. They have chosen to be awake and conscious and be the awakeners for many people.

These are people who are very sensitive and feel more than others.  These are the very intense people who feel the undercurrents of behaviour and atmosphere around them. These are the people who because of their yods take on all the karma of the secrets their ancestors repressed, so they are the catalysts for change in their family and they will help their descendants to have good lives.  

They are often going through a Saturn or Pluto transit and these two planets along with our Moon’s nodes tell me about past lives.


First I ask my divine guides and my client’s guides to go to the past life or interdimensional live for a particular planet (with a degree and sign) and they mostly tell me where I am and sometimes the time and place. I never see the same thing. Mostly I hear and see a leadup in the video I am watching and hearing, like an introduction to a book . I am shown buildings or battles or forests or particular scenes that are traumatic and horrific. Then my divine guides clear the bad things that have happened with purple light and they bring back a soul piece. My healing partner writes down what I see and hear. The divine guides blow the soul pice into the client’s aura. Then I write the report to the client.


The use of the “Violet Flame of Divine Love” is considered to be the healing by the Holy Spirit and the “Sacred Fire” that transmutes and consumes the “cause, effect, record, and memory” of sin or negative karma. The purple light is also called the “Flame of Transmutation”, the “Flame of Mercy”, the “Flame of Freedom”, and the “Flame of Forgiveness”.

“Our God is a Consuming Fire” in Deuteronomy 4:24 (KJV) and Hebrews 12:29 (KJV) is believed to be refer to this “Sacred Fire of God”.

The “Violet Fire” is held to be a raising, transforming, purifying action of “Divine Love” from the “Heart of God”. It is believed to act to transmute and consume human creation that is not worthy of becoming Immortal, and all negative karmic causes, effects, records, and memories, without the need to individually balance that karma face-to-face with each person back to the earliest beginning of one’s individualized manifestation on this or any other world

What are soul pieces?

Soul pieces are parts of our essence, life-force, energy matrix or spirit that we have left behind during the dramas and traumas of life. Losing soul pieces is like losing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. . A spiritual healer shaman sees these soul pieces in many forms, from symbols to witnessing an actual event.

“It is believed that whenever we suffer an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul flees the body in order to survive the experience. The definition of soul that I am using is soul is our essence, life force, the part of our vitality that keeps us alive and thriving.” – Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval

This survival area where our soul pieces so cannot be found ordinarily and only under the intervention of a spiritual healer who find this non-ordinary reality, the soul can be facilitated back into the body. Traditionally, a spiritual healer would conduct a soul retrieval within three days of someone experiencing soul loss.

According to Sandra Ingerman, “It is important to understand that soul loss is a good thing that happens to us. It is how we survive pain.” Many of us feel like we are missing an important part of ourselves or feel like we are not quite whole.

Most shamanic cultures around the world believe that illness is due to the loss of the soul. Soul loss is an adaptive mechanism that allows us to cope, and in some situations survive a terrible experience, in which the dissociated soul parts depart, carrying the pain or an extreme emotion which may be unbearable to the sufferer when it occurred.

48 thoughts on “ABOUT ME , MY SERVICES and MY COSTS

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      • Thank you! Love your articles. My Hygeia is in a much larger pattern I was shown via a dream I had in 2016. My Hygeia is at 28° Cancer in my 5th house. It exactly opposes my 28° Chiron in my 11th house in Capricorn. The larger pattern includes my Sun, Jupiter, Pallas, Ceres, and much more. No astrologer has answered my questions about what the larger pattern I was shown in my dream may mean. I love astrology, but my intuition has served me best. The 1954 landmark Supreme Court ruling about school segregation has the same pattern. I was born a few hours after the ruling. Peace and blessings to you.

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I’ve just come across your articles on Yods. I have been studying astrology as a hobby for years but just now learning about the two Yods in my chart. I was wondering, do you do personal readings? I am sure you are very busy as you are very established and may not do these readings but please I would love to know. Thank you very much.

    • Hello I’m interested in having a session with you as soon as posdible.
      Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

      • Hello Shannon,

        Thanks for your message.

        I have some space to work with you in ten days.

        I forgot to say in my email that I need your birh data: day, month, year, time, place. For example, 27th January, 1981, 9:00 am, Portland, Oregon, USA

        I sent you an answer via my email. If you do not find it, please look for in in your spam box.

        I look forward to your answer

        Kind Wishes,

  3. Hi I’m interested in chatting with you further. Under synastry there is a yod created. But of our Pluto’s are the apex at libra 18 degrees in the 3rd house and quincunx to my natal mars and the south node in the 8th house. The other quincunx is to his chiron in his 11th house. So the sextile would be that. It’s like fatal attraction. We just cant stay away and it’s like a very dysfunctional relationship. The other yod the apex is his south node in the 9th house at 21 degrees aquarius and my venus is 23 degrees aquarius and he have cupido asteroid at 23 degrees aquarius and to my north node in the 2nd house 17 degrees virgo and also conjunct his Mars 22 degrees aquarius 4th house and Saturn 21 degrees 4th house sextile to his mercury 25 degrees cancer 2nd house and my Jupiter 29 degrees in 12th house cancer. This must mean something huge. His south node aquarius 23 degrees conj my venus 23 aquarius in my 6th house his 9th. I know you dont do readings but I need some healing done. I’ve been trying to break free from this for 2 years. Were not together it’s just the obsessive impulse. But were destructive when were together. A lot of fighting. Thank you soooo much!

    • Hello Michyscosmictouch,

      I do not know your name so I have to respond to this “pseudonunym”.

      1. As Pluto is the apex of the first yod I suggest that first this is most likely a “past life” and second, an obsessive relationship (Pluto in the 3rd house in Libra). 2. Transiting Saturn, which is also karmic is squaring this Pluto apex and you have become aware of its destructivesness (Mars quincunx Pluto) and no doubt with Pluto in the 3rd there is quite a lot of critical name calling and I’d say this is a repetition of past life behaviour. 3. With the South Node in the 8th house, I suggest there is at least two past lives involved.

      I suggest you do a forgiveness and cord destruction exercise as such:
      1. Allow yourself to fall into a deep and reflective state.
      2. Visualise your ex-partner and see the heart cord joining you both, a cord from your navels and the sacaral (sexual) cords and any other cords or anything keeping you together.
      3. Then speaking aloud say his name and say, “The resentment, anger etc I hold against you for….. (name these behaviours) I now release and I love you. As you say, “I forgive you ask archangel Michael to burn all cords, past lives and connections with spiritual fire.
      4. Repeat the process twice and then ask him (visualising him) why he resents you and to the process twice.
      5. Take Australian Bush Flowers Angelsword and Dagger Hakea to complete the healing of this dysfunctionful process.

      God bless you both,

  4. Hi Michael,
    I am so sorry, but I do not do consultations. I may do so in 2021. At the moment I am finishing my two volumes on Hygeia the astrological goddess of preventative and holistic medicine.

    Best wishes for the Christmas season and may 2020 bring

  5. Hello Hilary
    I’ve just finished reading your yod article and would like some guidance. I’m thrilled to hear there is such a thing as a psychological astrologer. I had no idea about yods( I’m very interested in astrology but am still a novice) and apparently I own 3!
    I’m in a bad moment in my journey, and I’d like to understand my “fingers” (and a rectangle as well) so I can clear out the cobwebs and right my wagon.
    Thank you for your work.
    30/05/1966 2250hrs
    Baltimore Maryland USA

    • Hi Kimba,

      Thankyou for your message. My apologies for the late reply.

      I don’t do charts professionally.

      All the astrologers who work at Liz Greene’s school are excellent psychological astrologers. Why not try them.

      Good luck,

    • Hello Enzi,

      I am not offering chart reading services in 2020 Enzi. However, I will from February, 2021.

      Thankyou for asking and I wish you all the best on your path.

      Kind Wishes,

  6. Hello Hilary,

    I have somehow come across your articles and have now breathed a huge sigh of relief in finding you. I stumbled upon you in my search for more understanding of my Chiron in the 12th house, my 12th house is Pisces and my moon is situated there as well but they are not tight in their conjunction. Anyhoo, found your article most enlightening and then read up on so many more. I too am a big one for flower essences though my experience has only been through Bach Flower, I have found Walnut to be very helpful for me at crucial moments in my life. I hope your health is good after your blogs re antibiotics and your potassium levels, I was wondering if the dandelion had contributed to the decreased potassium levels.
    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your incredible insights and I hope your book is going well.

    • Blessings to you too Danielle. Sorry, not to reply sooner. Have been locked down due to the horrid virus. Hope you are okay. I will have a think about potassium. I think that might have been food allergies. Yes, I should be finished my books by feb next years ready to publish.

      Take Care,
      Hilary. Hugs

  7. Hello Hillary,

    I’m deeply enjoying your articles and I appreciate the time you spend sharing your wisdom with those who seek it.

    I’m aware that you’re not currently working with clients, but I know that I will forget entirely if I don’t reach out now. I’d love to work with you next year when you’re available again to analyze my yod pointing to a Sun/Chiron/north node conjuction. My email is megan.renee521@gmail.com if you’re interested in reaching out.

    Of course feel free to ignore this while you focus on your writing. My real intention here is to follow the conversation so I have email notifications when you are commenting here again.

    Bright Blessings,

    P. S. if you’re curious, the apex is 6H Sun at 1° Gemini with 1H Neptune (0° Capricorn) and 10H Pluto (29° Libra)

    • Hi Megan,

      I sent you an email last night. I do hope your spam filter hasn’t gobbled it up.

      But basically I said please join me in my Hygeia books and I can include your yod, which is very interesting and full of constrasts.

      If you would like to join me please send me your birth data.

      Bright blessings and thanks so much for your message,

  8. Hi Mid,

    Thanks for your generous praise Mid.

    I might be doing chart readings again next year ie. after February 2021. I am applying all my energy to finishing off my two books on Hygeia, the calm goddess of wellbeing, social work and holistic health. One book is on Hygeia and the major aspects to the planets and the other is on Hygeia and the asteroids, centaurs, dwarf planets and the 8 Uranian planets and Transpluto, but I’m not doing the fixed stars.

    I really don’t know anybody else who writes like me, partially because I am a shamanic healer/ medium so i tune in on people via what I see inter-dimensionally, then as well as being a psychological astrologer actually trained by a Liz Greene graduate, but I also have been trained at university in sociology (my PhD) and psychological counselling (my Masters Degree) and online counselling (ongoing private education in psychology) plus my empathy comes from daily tuning into the divine. I am genuinely interested in helping people find their true soul path.

    I am fortunate enough, just in the last month/6 weeks, to find the asteroid Atlantis and the interdimensional downloads these luminescent beings are giving me has given me a quantum leap of how to understand people and if possible be more empathic and truly understanding of each person, their soul and how very precious each person is not just in my eyes and heart, but in the eyes and heart of the divine.

    Mid I’ll send you an email and when the time comes next you can write to me via email. I am very deaf so I can’t do skype. I just write a report, but before we begin you tell me what you need from me. Then I look at your chart and I ask you for a biography of your life (1/2 to one page) and we go from there. I began as a counseller in 1983 and consequently i am not new to this. Its my soul path as directed by Mother Mary so it is up to me to keep evolving to be an example of luminescence and love to those people I work with.

    Thankyou for writing to me Mid,

    Many blessings and I send joy and a warm heart to you,

  9. Hi Hilary, I had tried to respond to this previously as had clearly not seen your response way back then. Dont know why it didnt work 2nd time round. Still have ldeahne@yahoo.com, its a lower case L not an I. Please, if you would be so kind,email Deahne@wapc.com.au I most certainly will get that. Have done few years more reading, researching and delving into yods and almost every other aspect in my chart, would still love your insights and any advice you may offer is deeply appreciated. Thanks again, hope all is well or atleast improving in whats now late 2020.

    • Hello Deahne,

      Thanks so much for your message. I am still not looking at any charts at the moment, but could you try me again in either late February or March next year (2021), so we could explore my insights into your chart then. So apologies if I promised something at that time that is not possible now.

      I simply do not have the time at the moment to analyse and intuit charts as I need to complete two books about astrological Hygeia, the goddess of holistic hygiene and sanitation; social work and holistic health. One book relates to the aspects between Hygeia and the planets and the other Hygeia aspecting the asteroids, dwarf planets, Uranian planets and centaurs. I also need to publish my book on the holistic shamanic healing and spiritual view and tales of trees and nature spirits.

      I also have chosen not to be a practicing psychological astrologer for a few years. Various astrologer friends have warned me not to give free work to people.

      I do appreciate the fact that you have messaged me rather than crash my boundaries and email me.

      I will keep your email and name on my office wall. Thanks for sending it to me again. I’ll cut, copy and paste it Deahne.

      Until next year many blessings to you,

    • Hi Deahne,

      I don’t do readings that include the future because I am also a shamanic soul retrieval/holographic kinetic/theta healer practitioner and when one has been working in those areas for years one realises that time is a movable dimension and what matters is your holistic evolution, which includes physical, psychological, intellectual, creative and spiritual evolution or evolving awareness and if what I am saying flummoxes you please refer to Maslows scale of awareness which in some way matches the chakras. We are born with a natal chart which can be read at any level of energy or nuance of energy or archetypal symbol.

      I hope I am making sense.

      so in meantime please look up serrenu asteroid ephemeris and either match the planets and asteroids in that to the degree of your sun or Hygeia. A one degree orb for any cosmological body is good; maybe 4 degrees for the planets. If we see the sun or Hygeia as your well-being or spiritual self energy then the centaurs, Uranian planets, asteroids and dwarf planets are the adjectives or adverbs of that solar-Hygeian energy.

      This all adds extra nuances and enlightens you if you can’t make sense of a chart.

      All my very joyful wishes,

  10. Hi Hilary
    I found you through looking up information on Hygeia and then also read your information about the Yod. I have been studying my own chart for a couple years trying to piece it together and make sense of it. Hygeia sits at 15 degrees Virgo in my 10 House, opposite my Pisces Sun at 13 degrees in the 4th house, which is the point of my Yod, the two inconjuncts are Saturn 11 degrees Leo in the 9th house and MC/Pluto conjunct 13 degrees Libra. I have Neptune 16 degrees Sagitarrius conjunct my 20 degree Sagittarius AC. I have a splash chart with only one planet in an Earth sign and that is Jupiter. Other than Hygiea and Haumea both conjunct in Virgo. I’d love to invest in a reading with you when you are open to doing them again. You have a lovely gift with your approach to reading charts.
    I can’t wait to read your book(s) when they are complete!

    • Hi Kim,

      Thankyou for your lovely enthusiastic message with all your information.

      Thankyou also for your compliments.

      Yes, my first Hygeia book on Hygeia and planets is almost complete. I am doing a giant edit and this could take 2-3 months.

      In the meantime Kim I hope you are studying holistic naturopathy along side shamanic healing and mediumship. You have huge gifts being handed to you from spirit (your higher self/soul, angels and God) . You must adjust your diet, habits and thoughts to use these and it will be a challenge, but you can do it. Get advice on being more routine, orderly, business like and neat and tidy and financial advice as well.

      I look for to hearing from you again in February 2020.

      Much love and blessings to you my dear,

  11. Hi Hilary,
    what a relief was for me when I received the notification from your website, that you are active and – I must presume – well enough to do some astrology writing! Since you disappeared from Facebook, i didn’t know how to contact you, as I must have lost your email address. Please, send it to me. Much love from Monica!

  12. Dear Hilary,

    I found your site while searching for Hygeia in astrology. She’s been ignited this year and I look forward to reading your book. I happened upon this article while searching around your site and cannot thank you enough. I have Hygeia, Moon, and North node all together in the first degrees of Taurus. The Uranus transit has been evident in the last year of my life and it’s amazing the story that unfolded with it. I went from being steady in my daily life to be completely thrown off track. However, it happened in a very positive way although painful at times. I went from being a jeweler to a forest therapist and alchemical herbalist working with astrology. More so than anything, the mantra that keeps looping is to “cultivate inner revolution in community.” That also makes sense with my Aquarian sun. I look forward to reading more of your case studies.

    Thank you! 🙏🏻

    • Hello Becca,

      How nice to hear from you. I am so glad my Hygeia article did help you. If you sift through all my articles in the last eight years you will find more Hygeia articles that I have written. My, my, that certainly was a big change. I have a two year certificate in forestry and have worked with forest spirits and the deva of a forest for the last ten years so i am very interested in what you have written. I will email you and ask you if you would like to be one of my case studies. Yes, your Sun, mantra and uranus transit do indeed dovetail.
      Thankyou so much for writing to me.

      Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Days,

    • Hi Becca,

      I tried emailing you to ask you if you would be one of my case studies in my books: 1. Hygeia and the planets and 2. Hygeia and the dwarf planets, asteroids, trans-Neptunian objects and centaurs. Your soul journey sounds absolutely wonderful. I would love it if you can be in my books. if you would be happy to join me i would need your birth data and you can find me (my email) on the Queensland Federation of Astrologers web site: https://starcounsell.wordpress.com/comment-page-1/#comment-3484

      Thankyou again for writing to me,

  13. Hello,
    I found your yod articles while researching what this means for me, as I have been told I have a yod in my natal chart. The apex of the yod is pointing at Chiron in Pisces in the 8th house. I have a grand trine with Chiron, Neptune in Scorpio in my 4th house, and Jupiter in Cancer in the 11th house. I don’t really understand what that means. Until I read your articles, I had no idea that healing could actually happen for a person with a yod in their chart. Most of the articles I came across either described the yod itself or discussed “the problem” with a yod without offering a solution. I’m hoping you can help me understand and heal. Thank you.

    • Hello Susan,

      Thanks so much for your message. I have just opened my business again, but I would have to ask you to wait a least 3 months as I have many people who have been waiting for an appointment with me since early last year. In the mean time visualise the very best outcome that you could possibly see your yod and Chironic grand trine being. To me 8th house from a healing point of view indicates a pontifex or brindge to the messages of ancestors or past lives that may be those of a healer or past lives needing to be heal. Until I saw your chart and looked interdimensionally there is really no help to guess. Every case I work with amazes me and I learn new information. We are all truly amzing.

      Please message me again in 3 months.

      Happy New Year Susan and my very best and caing wishes to you from Hilary.

    • Dear Susan,

      Thankyou for your message.

      I finally have begun helping people with astrological problems via online counselling. I am deaf, therefore I have to write to you. Skype is an impossibility for me.

      Yes, I can help you, but I have 8 people in front of you who are waiting, so it will be 14-16 weeks until I can see you. I take on one client every two weeks. Do you think you could wait that long?

      Could you send me your birth data? I need to look at your whole horoscope to understand your yod holistically.

      You can find my email address at https://qfa.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/HilaryBond2019.pdf. (this is the Queensland, Australia Federation of Australogers website).

      Happy New Year Susan and thankyou for writing to me. (If anyone cancels I will let you know.

      Best Wishes,

      ~Hilary `

      I have your email.

  14. Hi Hilary,

    I recently came across your articles. Thank you for sharing your experience, knowledge and wisdom. I did find the article about camels, camels analogies and the importance of camels in Australia’s history very captivating!

    After reading your Yods’ articles I’ve searched my natal chart and I have now realised that I have 2:
    Yod: Jupiter 4º Virgo house VI – Sun 4º Aquarius house XI – Saturn 7º Aries House I
    Yod: Pluto 22º Virgo house VII – Mercury 21º Pisces house XII – North Node 22º Aries House I
    (and + 3 T-squares involving MC, ASC, Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Chiron, Moon… Many challenges I would say).

    Anyway challenges is what I’ve been having lately. Just to mention the biggest events: during the past years I have faced Uranus transiting my ASC, Chiron, Saturn and North Node, squaring my MC and making opposition to Uranus. I’ve had my Chiron’s return. Lately Neptune is transiting my ASC and will transit my Chiron and Saturn and will square my MC. Saturn in transit conjuncts my Sun and it will conjunct my ASC. And in 3, 4 years Pluto will transit my Sun.

    I was born in 1968. I am Portuguese. One of the most beautiful experiences of my life, which granted me fabulous memories, was my trip in 2017 to Australia. I travelled from Sydney to Perth (including Tasmania). I loved the vastness of your country, the colours, the earth, the vegetation and the lack of it, the blue sky, the people and the lack of people, the day and the night, the interior and the coast. It was trip that changed me, forever.

    Thank you for inspiring me!

    • Hi Iolanda,

      Thankyou so much for your detailed message. It was lovely. Yes, camels are wonderful. Wow, your Virgo planets and Aries planet and North Node loom large in you don’t they and the karma that you are challenging in this incarnation from Saturn and Pluto jump out at me. One seems to be your need to work and be perfect versus do what you really want. T-squuares and I only hve one seem to present equal pain. I am so glad you have travelled throuh australia. Your command of the english language must be very good. Your description of how you felt about Australia is beautiful. I have never been to TTasmania and I wonder whether with Covid19 whether I wille ever get there. Our borders are continually being closed. Iolanda, please see me if your chart is too much because my healing approach does work.

      My very best wishes from

    • Hi Sonia,

      Yes, I can work with you. I just wrote back via my gmail. The title is “Hi Sonia” and my gmail address begins “spirit'”.

      I look back to hearing from you.

      Kind Wishes,

  15. hi Hilary!

    i bumped into your article, re: Hygia and holistic healing. i’m very interested in having a conversation, as well as a reading/healing session… how might i be in contact to schedule? i’m in the US, EST.


    • Hi Beck,

      Thanks so much for your request.

      I see you are a hypnotherapist and I am guessing you do hypno-regession.

      At the moment I have three people ahead of you, so that means I would ask you to wait a month.

      I shall email you. My email begins with spirit….

      Kind wishes,

    • I recently discovered I have 2 yods. I have had anxiety and depression since I was very young. I’m interested in booking a session with you. How can I contact you further?

      • Hi Karin,

        I have just replied to you via my email. My gmail begins with spirit………. @gmail.com The title of the email is “Hello from Hilary Bond PhD about your yods.”

        Yes, Karin, I ( and my Divine helpers/guides) can remove the depression and anxiety healing techniques we use. We go to your yods (the planets and angles involved) and we are able to go to the appropriate past lives and change andd delete the trauma. Because time is merely a hologram the symptoms of the trauma and the nastiness involved are removed. The processs is proven by all my clients who then have changed , into trauma free people.

        I need your birth data and your history from conception so I have a psychotherapeutic back ground of the specifics of what has occurred in your life and your particular reactions.

        Please answer my email and we will begin as soon as possible.

        Kind Wishes,

    • Hello Orin,

      Thankyou for your message. It is late at night here now. I will send you on email in the morning. My gmail begins with spirit. Goodnight from,

    • Hello Gunilla,

      I appreciate your message. I have just written back from my gmail.com email and the title of my email is “from Hilary Bond PhD Starcounsell to Gunilla.”

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind wishes,

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