In the adult there is a hidden child; an eternal child, something that is always becoming,
Is never completed and it calls for unceasing care, attention and fostering.
This is the part of the human personality that wants to develop and complete itself.


One of the ways we can “develop and complete ourself” is by dream interpretation. But how do we find the areas where we can track dreams in a horoscope? I am primarily writing this article because I have a number of people who write to me and ask about books to interpret their dreams. I upset them because I answer, “Don’t buy dream recipe books. Go and do a dream course or interpret the symbols yourself, because the dream is about you and the symbols relate to you and no one else.” I started helping to interpret their dreams when I taught “Asteroid Goddess” workshops for five years from 1990 onwards. So this is my small guide. I hope it helps you. If you have some dreams you want to share anonymously, I’ll write a “Dreams: Part Two.”

Dreams are part of this inner child and our soul sends these to us through unconscious, the collective unconscious, and through the symbols of the Great Goddess. It stands to reason that as dreams are the language of the unconscious and a type of message we would see signs of them in our third house and via Mercury. Although I have read many astrologers speaking of the 3rd house being the house of the Goddess. It was recently that in Lyn Bell’s delightful book on Planetary Threads: Patterns of relating among family and friends wrote about, “The third house is where the Goddess speaks to us through dreams and symbols” (page 208.)

The asteroid goddess Hygeia, grand-daughter of Apollo, daughter of Asclepius and student of Chiron, was the goddess of hygiene and holistic medicine and as she had sleep temples where people were cured through dreams we also associate her with dreams. I will be using two of my friends dream series later as an example of Hygeia people and their dreams. Jewel has Hygeia as the apex of a yod in her fourth house. Jewel’s Hygeia also trines her Mars in the 8th, so she clearly has inherited her dreaming enthusiasm and dream interpretation skills from ancestors. Leandra’s Hygeia is conjunct her MC and is conjunct her Moon in the 9th house. She too uses dream series (she calls them cycles) to shine a light on the correct life pathway.

Whether you dream often and vividly or don’t have much dream recall the Moon can help you. Start by writing on your calendar when the moon is in water signs. The water signs seem to provide the navigation space between the subconscious and the waking mind. The water houses: the 4th, 8th and 12th are the ancestral houses where we have various levels of merging and bonding feeling and emotion, body and soul. The 1th house is one where we receive messages from our guardian angels and daimon and these can come in night dreams and daytime dreams or visions. If we have our Moon in the 12th or the moon is transiting our twelfth house this may happen. More on this later in the article.

Neptune is the Roman version of Poseidon, the ancient God of the ocean. So dreams, visions, abstract thought and the mysterious are all governed by Neptune. Neptune’s energy allows us to enter the alpha state or brainwaves to meditate and daydream and the theta state to dream, gain insights and heightened awareness. Mediumship, poetry, music and dance are among the trance-like activities which are the positive states of Neptune.

The third house is also the house of messages and messengers and dreams are both. But what is significant about the third house is that it is the house of the goddess, so if Mother Mary or the various asteroid goddesses are important to you, even feminine gods such as Dionysus you may expect them to pop up in your daytime or night time dreams. Don’t forget that Hera/Juno was a single parent, the mother of Mars/Ares so Mars in the 3rd, as well as Neptune, the Moon, or Venus may make you a vivid and prolific dreamer. Be aware that Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer on your third house cusps will also mean your dreams as part of your life are vital.


Paulus Alexandrinus also states that the 3rd House is also known as the “Goddess” House. Astrologer Lee Lehman states that the idea of the 3rd House being the Goddess House is a very old idea. She says the original Greek names for the 3rd and 9th Houses, the religious axis of the chart, were “goddess” and “god” respectively. Stephanie Johnson maintains that, “Because the 9th House has traditionally been associated with religion and images of God it stands to reason, that its opposite 3rd House could be associated with alternative religious sects … and images of feminine “Gods” or “Goddesses.”

According to Jung, our soul speaks to us in this language of images through dreams and through archetypal symbols. Whether you dream often and vividly, or don’t have strong dream recall at all, the Moon can help you to connect deeply to your dream world, and thus enhance your waking life. Neptune, the ancient Roman God of the oceans is the ruler of Pisces and in astrology, Neptune is considered a planet of dreams and psychic receptivity.


Hygeia governs sanitation, hygiene, ecology, preservation, medical and alternative health organizations, fitness and exercise, places of meditation and recovery and all venues that recognize the link between mind, body and spirit. Hygeia is also associated with physical, mental and chemical imbalances. So Hygeia promotes all the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual therapies.

Donna Taylor in her book How to Use the Healing Power of Your Planets to induce better health and Well Being suggests that an illness that at the psychological level may be revealed through neurotic behaviour, phobias, nightmares, insomnia and various psychological imbalances that hold you back from understanding your life patterns and letting go of the past and moving on. Among the many therapies she suggests here is dream analysis. Others are:

Cognitive and gestalt therapy
Past life regressions
Psychoanalysis and
12 step programs for addictions.

Hygeia’s cult in ancient Greece used special sleep temples for healing the priestesses of Hygeia encouraged patients to have healing. The priestesses were dream oracles. Dreams and the symbols they send us are buried in our unconscious and as a holistic therapist I always have encouraged my clients over the years to record their dreams to bring awareness to their situations.

The asteroid Hygeia’s placement in an astrological chart signifies purification, as well as meanings associated with health issues, sickness, cure, and the moral and physical wholeness that are implicit in ideas of good health or good order. Thus dreams are one of her tools; just as deep restorative theta and delta sleep are, of maintaining good order in your body.

Along with Achilles, her father Aesculapius (the son of Apollo), and Jason, Hygeia was a pupil of Chiron her history, consequently, no doubt, goes back to before 13,000 years ago. While her father Asclepius was more directly associated with healing, Hygeia was associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health.

Leandra, the woman whose dreams we analyse here has her Hygeia placement natally in the 9th house in Libra conjunct Libra conjunct MC and trine Mercury and Vesta in a grand trine so Leandra could easily be a dream therapist. Imbalance and loneliness (or lack of a congenial partnership) is the key to ill health for this sign. Hygeia in Libra often connects good health and proper hygiene with beauty and balance. Lack of wellbeing, ill health and being badly dressed or dressed wrongly for the appropriate occasion may up set this placement. They make good medical astrologers and therapists. The Great Seer Edgar Cayce had Hygeia in the sign of Libra in the 12th House. He spent most of his adult lifetime giving medical advice (Hygeia) that he received through meditative trances (12th House) to the public with diplomacy (Libra) and compassion (12the house). Leandra’s 9th house placement of Hygeia, is the least likely to have health problems because of strong belief in a Higher Divine Power or in the power of the Higher Mind to heal the body. Conversely, a personal negative attitude about the power to heal can bring on health issues physical, emotional and mental. With this placement of Hygeia she may lecture, publish or teach about well-being.

The Land Of Dreams
By William Blake
Awake, awake my little Boy!
Thou wast thy Mother’s only joy:
Why dost thou weep in thy gentle sleep?
Awake! Thy Father does thee keep.
“O, what land is the Land of Dreams?
What are its mountains, and what are its streams?
O Father, I saw my Mother there,
Among the lilies by waters fair.

Among the lambs clothed in white
She walked with her Thomas in sweet delight.
I wept for joy, like a dove I mourn—
O when shall I return again?”
Dear child, I also by pleasant streams
Have wandered all night in the Land of Dreams;
But though calm and warm the waters wide,
I could not get to the other side.
“Father, O Father, what do we here,
In this land of unbelief and fear?
The Land of Dreams is better far
Above the light of the Morning Star.”

I have at length in my many articles about the water houses and water signs, but we are looking at a deeper approach with this dream article.

For many years from about age 20 to 26 Leandra dreamed of trying to cross a river and sailing along the coast in stormy seas in a tiny boat, not much larger than a coracle. The river Leandra tried to cross was full of solution of silt the way rivers become when they are flooded. The dirt or silt was clean and would be full of nutrients on the plains around when the floods stopped. The river was swollen and raging and always wide. Sometimes there would be bamboo scaffolding in the middle as if someone was trying to build a bridge, no matter what she did she could never get across. In the stormy seas her boat was tossed around like a cork, but she always held onto a beautiful rich Christmas pudding [her inner self, her heart and solar plexus]. The pudding was safe.

In dream theory the symbol of water is central to us as humans and whether it is a fresh lake, or gentle stream, or the ocean who must claim her dead, water is both friend and enemy at once. When dreams contain this powerful image in any of its forms, understanding the role of the water is essential. Water as a symbol in dreams is often symbolic of our feelings and emotions. If some symbols generate feelings of fear or anxiety, the tumultuous ocean and floods create the most anxiety. Water has symbolic, archetypal meaning in that it either provides life, or harbors mystery and danger. If a river or creek is dreamed of, is it within its banks and apparently traversable by usual means? This is an example of controlled water. Water presented in this way is often indicative of renewal. A traveller is growing tired and the dreamer suddenly happens upon a creek. Refreshment for the journey is close at hand. If a dreamer is out on a boat, moving over gentle water gently, then they should anticipate a season of respite or sabbatical in life. But the water in the ocean and the river was not gentle. Both situations were dangerous and she never made it across the river or flood. Uncontrolled water will often create a sense of unease for a dreamer. Raging rivers often reflect being out of control of one’s circumstances.

What were the psychological circumstances in Leandra’s life? She had married impulsively and she was bitterly unhappy, miserable and felt trapped. There were no arguments, but nor was there any communication and she was constantly ill. At this age Leandra’s was psychologically and spiritually undeveloped, so rather than work through the lack of communication with her husband, she blamed her unhappiness on her husband and, his endless fighting, so after a ten year relationship she left him. She completely changed after that, took up yoga and had a life that was really fun and full of joy. But what really was happening.

Her sacral chakra was not functioning. The element of water is central to the sacral chakra, just the way earth was central to the root chakra and fire and Mars and the Sun were central to the solar plexus. Water especially the image of oceanic water out of control represents the sacral chakra not functioning properly. Pleasure is vital to the sacral chakra and so are sexuality, sensuality, well-being and abundance. Healthy boundaries are also vital to protect one’s life force and all Leandra was to her husband was a possession. The age of resonance of the sacral chakra is 7 to 14, which was in fact the age when Leandra was at her lowest. To counteract malfunctioning sacral chakra yoga, dance, walking and swimming are vital (Ambika Wauters, 2005. The Book of Chakras, p. 51.) The soul lesson here was peace and wisdom, becoming one’s own person and knowing one’s self and at that stage Leandra did not know herself.

In her late fifties her health failed again and she had to retire. The dream cycle of water began again. Traumas buried deep in the past can effect current life situations and your dreams and your unconscious mind will try to bring to your awareness anything you need to deal with. Although she couldn’t remember the exact dates for her dreams in the 1970s and 1980s Leandra did have exact dates and times for the 2014 dreams which seemed to complete the 1976 to 1981 dream cycle of out of control floods and ocean.

On December 31st 2013 Leandra asked her subconscious before she went to sleep whether she could have a dream cycle that answered the question, “What is my soul path this year?” she asked her higher self. The first water dream was on January 6th at 5.30 am and it was the third in the cycle. The first dream on January 3rd was about Prince William saying, “Arundel Castle” suggesting she use her will power, inner fire and her Mars (solar plexus chakra.) [Arundel Castle was the first of the Norman castles built by William the Conqueror in 1067 to show who the new ruler of the country was so this is Mars connecting with Leandra’s solar purpose.]

The second dream was on January 5th about Mars [which sat in her 3rd house] and Uranus: that’s all just the words: “Mars, Cancer and Uranus” which meant awaken (Uranus) your sacral chakra (Cancer- water) and solar plexus (Mars.)

The third dream was this, “I [Leandra] went for a holiday in a yacht with my wise daughter around the Torres Strait. Everything was bright colourful and beautiful like a film.” This was only part of the dream, but it was the water part and was in stark contrast to the years of dreams of turbulent water. Leandra had lived in that place and was happy there, but something that no one would have found in a dream book was that only Indigenous people with very dark skin lived in the Torres Strait and I am wondering whether Leandra’s shadow; the dark parts of her subconscious were being made bright and beautiful.

So what was happening on January 6th? The transiting Moon was in Pisces in her third house. It was her second Saturn return. Transiting Venus was conjuncting her sun and conjuncting transiting Pluto, Sun and Mercury in the 12th house. Her mother had given her back her car and it was about to be transferred back into Leandra’s name and today it was having a mechanical check. It was all very fortuitous and symbolic. As far as progressions were concerned her progressed sun had moved to her third house and was exactly sextile her natal sun so her communication talents were at the forefront. Her progressed moon had moved into Sagittarius so she felt free and it was in her natal 11th house and with her Mercury in Aquarius friends were very important to her. And Leandra’s Mars had moved into Taurus, the sign of resources, abundance and self-worth. More finances had suddenly appeared so her sacral chakra was blossoming.

On the 25th January, 2014 Leandra asked, “How do I heal my inner child?” The dream at 6.00 am on 26th January was another river dream. Leandra wrote to me, “A male voice told me, ‘Find a spot in the river where there is a crossing and wait until the grass over it is brown.’ I [Leandra] looked around and finally found a curve in the river where there was no water and the earth had completely covered the river crossing.” Leandra continued telling me the dream: “I had to bring the heavy machinery across: a big bulldozer. There was no truck to carry it. I had to drive it.” [The male voice was the higher self. The big bulldozer was Mars; courage; will power and strength to support the core self or inner child. The inner child is a reflection of the 5th house which is ruled by the Sun, thus this points to, first, the sacral chakra (the river) being bridged, bringing peace and wisdom and moving onto the solar plexus which anchors Leandra’s personal identity which anchors her personal identity in the nature of her Higher Self and divine love.

In the chart for that time Mercury in the 1st trined Mars in the 9th. The Moon was in Scorpio at 22 degrees conjunct Saturn: grounded and stable. The root chakra was getting ready. Neptune was in the first house conjunct Chiron in Pisces and the Sun was in the 12th, which was perfect positioning for a dream about the inner child, but although Jupiter in Cancer : childhood was in the fifth house it still opposed Pluto, so the unconscious still held that inner child.]

On the 28th, 2014, because of some dreams which obviously pointed to this Leandra asked before she went to sleep, “How do I heal my inner child?” The answer was this dream about 5:30 am on the 29th January, 2014: “I had a ritual in the tree house. It was a small blue house. I then sang high up in my paper bark trees. I then, with my friends, went down to the river bank. We couldn’t escape. The river came up over us.” Why had her sacral chakra crashed again? There was a simple reason, but it would not have been one Leandra would have found in a dream book. With her Sun in the 12th and Mars in Pisces she had a habit of looking after manipulative people who violated her boundaries. Someone had done this the day before and really hurt her feelings. She felt like she had to escape, hide and isolate herself at the top of a tree when she was hurt. She had reverted to her 7-10 year old self which was the age of the inner child in the sacral chakra. The blue colour of the tree house was the colour of communication and the third house where her Mars was. The woman who had violated her boundaries had “emotional plague” and Leandra should have stopped counselling her long ago because it was a no win situation for her. She had become a martyr which was the negative archetype of the sacral chakra.

On the 3rd February Leandra had an important shamanic healing: soul retrieval. It bought back her inner children. The most damaged was the inner child aged eight years old. There was also another inner child that was badly damaged at age 14.

In a dream on the 8th February Leandra related, “Prince William gave me mauve-pink chrysthanemums.” Then on February 25th in a dream Leandra wrote, “Prince William and Harry gave me all my gifts and talents. Prince William said, ‘They are worth a lot of money. How much will you charge people for them?’ ” [Chrysanthemums are symbolic of returning focus good luck in your home, and yang energy. Avia in her article on Chrysthanemum Meanings say that, “Dreaming of chrysanthemums indicates an unfolding of the inner self, during a tumultuous time of life. More specifically, it may represent a time of deep personal growth forged by hardship or conflict. The result leading to a stronger, more realized self.” Since her shamanic soul retrieval to bring back her inner children that had escaped at ages of trauma, Leandra’s self-esteem had risen considerably and she had felt proud of her many talents. She had returned to work.]

This was the last time she had a dream about Prince William and about flooded creeks, rivers and the ocean. She is happy now and her happiness does not depend on other people.

To analyse Leandra’s chart regarding dreams she had Hygeia conjunct Moon and the MC in Libra and the Moon in Hygiea in the 9th house of the divine. She had Mars in the 3rd house of messages from the goddess and Neptune also in Libra in the 10th house. While she had her sun in a water house and Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter in water signs, many of her planets including Mercury were in air signs and Mercury was in the first house so dream (water) analysis (air) was an important therapy to untangle the patterns of her life and help her to move on from stuck places.


DSC02039 (Small)

In my articles on yods I included BeeBee: a wonderful, dynamic, brilliant woman. Before I begin it is important to note that BeeBee has a very strong Venus (the planet of love and attraction) in her natal chart. Venus is in its rulership in Libra and rules BeeBee’s ascendant of Taurus. Venus rules her fifth house of romance so we can see that BeeBee is a romantic, even though she has Uranus in that house. With Pluto conjunct Venus in Libra she has some intense karma around Venus and love. Even her Moon, her other feminine planet is in a naturally Venus ruled house: the second house. Her Moon is in Cancer telling us that she loves her home and will attract watery, feeling men. A red flag flies around her Moon telling us that her Moon also has karmic debts of some kind. Saturn conjuncts her Moon, just as she has Pluto conjunct Venus. BeeBee has had three past life healings in the last three months and will probably be having another four soon. BeeBee’s relationship houses are also inhabited. Her third house of communication, siblings and the goddess is inhabited by her Virgo Sun and Mercury in Libra; such different energies; one, the Sun, crisp and analytical; the other (Mercury) vivacious, dramatic and exuberant. BeeBee’s seventh house contains Neptune, Ceres and Juno in Sagittarius and her eleventh house contains Chiron. So she has many conflicting Venusian signals.

• Pluto conjunct Venus tell us that she is capable of intense love and she attracts intense lovers and karmic bonds
• Uranus in Libra in the 5th suggests that BeeBee also attracts fleeting relationships or relationships with bohemian types or just friends
• It seems common sense to suggest that the karmic bonds must be broken (Saturn Moon and Pluto Venus) for BeeBee to have a spiritually and psychologically healthy relationship
• BeeBee can attract men who could be illusory or dishonest (Neptune in the seventh in Sagittarius), even guru con-men type so she must be careful
• BeeBee could be a “Mother Hen” in her behaviour to men (Ceres in the seventh and Chiron in the 11th)
• BeeBee wants a husband, but the relationships may be fraught with jealousy, revenge, affairs and suburban dullness (Stepford Wives behaviour) because of Juno in her seventh house
• BeeBee would love to travel with , pray with and play sport with the men in her life (seventh house strength)
• Her ancestry on both her mother’s and father’s side may have similar karmic, intense, passionate, perilous relationships (Pluto conjunct Venus in the fourth) and there may be some deep dark secret regarding this in her inheritance
• Her career suggests that she may use dream analysis and marriage counselling (Pisces MC with Neptune in the seventh)
• Her predicament with her possibilities with marriage could be solved by finding the secrets and unlocking the karma of her Pluto Venus in the 4th house and Scorpio Descendant. Her health (Scorpio cusp 6th house) could also be solved by ancestral healing too.
• Venus’s aspects: Venus quincunx Mars; trine Jupiter; square Neptune, sextile Neptune, conjunct Pluto, sextile Juno; sextile Ceres, square North Node and inconjunct the Midheaven need detailed analysis to unlock her love life. Each of these aspects could be used as one shamanic journey.
• All of her ancestral secrets can be unlocked using symbolic language which could be in dream analysis, past life healing, ancestral healing and shamanic healing (North Node in her 8th house)

Earlier this year I was the channel for my medical guides and divine angelic healers to perform a shamanic healing for BeeBee. Just before and after this healing (rebalancing of her soul path) she had a number of dreams and this is normal for this process. When you read through her dreams you may find like me that some of the dreams are more like out of body experiences or astral travelling rather than dreams.

This is part of BeeBee’s letter to me 24 hours after the shamanic past life regressions and healing, but first for those who have not read my “Yods: Part Two” article I will include the past life regression and healing:
“We see BeeBee as a Zulu princess in the time of the Zulu wars. Robin is a Boer soldier and shoots BeeBee for sport with his rifle. He is instantly cursed by her Zulu father who is also a priest/shaman and her tribe. Rufus has a spear put through his shoulders left to right and left to die. We then see a sort of vertical serpent that appears like a totem pole. On enquiring why he is there he says that he is a wall, a mountain range to stop us seeing further back. We keep asking who he is and refuses to say, yet he says that he can see back to ancient Egypt in Roman times. We see Rufus coming down (south) – the Nile in a sort of barge. He is Germanic; a mercenary soldier who has somehow been put off his voyage by high winds and ended up at the delta of the Nile at Alexandria. He sails down the river and sees Barbara and falls in love with her. This time she is a Sudanese princess. For some reason he accidentally stabs her in the heart and he makes an oath that he will love her for all time. He throws himself overboard, where he is taken by some sort of river siren. We delete this whole event/time and send him back to the German region he came from before he became a Roman mercenary. We then break all curses, spells, agreements and oaths that were made by Barbara in both lives, the Zulu people, Rufus in both lives; the river siren and Barbara’s Zulu chieftain father. A composite totem/guardian for Barbara volunteers to come back to protect her.

This is BeeBee’s report of her dream the night before the healing.
“The night before the healing I also had a dream in which I was walking along a road during night time, at the beginning I seem to have had my father with me and we were walking towards a military academy, then I was alone, as I was walking, a military man all dressed up in his uniform saluted me officially using my full name. I was quite surprised that a man of rank did this and thanked him and moved on, I looked up to the night sky and above me I saw three almond trees in full bloom and I felt very elated and joyful and remarked, ”Ah how beautiful it is. It is indeed the time for them to bloom.”

BeeBee had studied literature at university, so the symbol of the almond tree blooming was synchronistic and splendid. If you have read the works of Oscar Wilde, you may recall the famous story of The Canterville Ghost and here I will quote and paraphrase pages 207 to 208 of The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. Virginia is an innocent and compassionate child of a scornful American family who buy the castle where the Canterville ghost now unsuccessfully haunts and is miserably trapped in the castle by his past of killing his wife hundreds of years ago. She can see the ghost and befriends him. “Poor, poor ghost,” Virginia murmured; “have you no place where you can sleep?” The ghost tells her that only when the curse upon him for killing his wife is removed he can find peace in death. The ghost reads her the prophecy on the library window:
When a golden girl can win
Prayer from the lips of sin
When the barren almond bears
And a little child gives sway its tears
Then shall all the house be still
And peace come to Canterville.

According to Avia the symbolism of three in the three almond trees indicates: “promising new adventures and assurance of cooperation from others whom you may require help as well as reward and success in most undertakings. Three is also a time identifier as it represents Past, Present and Future. Consecutive Threes in your life may symbolize the need to express yourself creatively, or consider your present directional path in relation to past events and future goals. It also symbolises intuition, fecundity, and advantage. The number three invokes expression, versatility, and pure joy of creativity. The number three may also tell us that there is one more healing to do to disconnect Robin. It is fairly normal for client’s to foresee what will happen in a shamanic healing as a portal seems to open about a week before the healing and stay open for at least a week after. The client’s guides help my guides to focus on what needs doing. But the military dream is still an amazing dream to have and there is no doubting that BeeBee is a highly intuitive dreamer. It is a fitting dream telling us that both the Zulu curse and Robin’s oath in the Sudan are no more and Robin, the military man has given full respect to BeeBee to atone for hundreds and hundreds of years of spiritual turmoil. I will also mention that healing was done on a full Moon.

This is BeeBee’s letter to me a month after the shamanic healing:

“I would like to point out a dream which I think is of importance which I saw prior to my healing a few days before you announced to me that my healing could take place. In the dream I saw that I was at home and there was a cancelation of someone’s wedding, I don’t know who’s all I know is they had left behind a wedding dress. Ι wore it and then Ι realised my wedding was to take place! Ι have never seen ever before such a dream relating to weddings or me wearing a wedding dress and Ι am not obsessed with marriage at all. Ι looked at myself in the mirror and loved it and thought, “Wow I am finally going to get married.” I really looked beautiful and I loved my wedding dress then my sister came and she said to me you look nice, but your wedding dress could have been less frilly, then I Iooked out of the window and in the garden there was a man I know in real life, dressed up like a groom or best man I couldn’t tell exactly all I knew was that he wasn’t the groom. I knew someone else was to be my husband and it struck me as odd that he was invited. Then I looked inside my house and saw a blonde woman lurking and watching she had a pitch black Rottweiler dog with her, ready to attack me. He almost grabbed my hand and was ready to bite it but I was calm and told the woman to take him away, she did so reluctantly telling me, ”I have to do it slowly as the dog is fierce.” I managed to slip my hand away just in time and the dog disappeared. I felt relieved.” I like to use Gestalt dream interpretation (and you can do this too) so we ask ourselves, “What part of the dream stands out to us?” On some important level, all of these images and experiences are part of the dreamer (BeeBee.) They could represent the dreamer’s traits, feelings, attitudes or hidden potentials. The dreamer is all these people, characters or objects in the dream. BeeBee is actually dark haired, but if the dark haired BeeBee is Venus, then BeeBee as Pluto is also the lurking, blonde woman with the fierce black dog who bites. This unsafe, unpredictable woman-dog could be the ancestral secret lurking, plus her unpredictable Uranus in Libra in the 5th house. The sister who says BeeBee’s dress is too frilly could be the neat, precise, business-like Sun in Virgo BeeBee. The BeeBee with the frothy dress could be the Mercury in Leo side of BeeBee as well as the romantic Barbie doll Neptune in the seventh side. The man she knows could be her Jupiter in Aquarius in the ninth or the Moon conjunct Saturn in the second or both. But the essence of the wedding is that all the pieces of BeeBee; the total of BeeBee or holistic BeeBee is her whole personality melding and no longer projecting that she needs a husband to make her whole. The actual garden to me is her lovely grounded abundant Ascendant in Taurus BeeBee. This is all BeeBee. Isn’t she wonderful!

Now BeeBee tells us the next dream: “The first dream I had after the healing was one where I dreamt of being in south Africa in the company of an African couple a woman and a man who were sitting outdoors in a beautiful garden. There was some kind of celebration and I was telling them how important it is for South Africa to heal and move on to a new era where all people united can overcome all oppression and negativity, poverty and we can all prosper and they nodded in agreement. Among the people who were at the celebration was a man an elderly man with a white beard who stood out somewhat though we did not speak we glanced at each other he looked like a druid- sage figure and then I saw my one aunt , my mother’s half-sister, so I was side-tracked and went over to talk to her.” Now if we use Frizz Perl’s Gestalt dream analysis again everything is BeeBee. Let’s start. Here we have the garden again: BeeBee’s soul: her Taurus ascendant. There is another celebration; that of bringing peace to Africa; thus BeeBee’s past: her life in Africa blends into her peaceful co-existence with her life in Greece. Her place of birth and her ancestral land come together. The druid sage is no doubt the Jupiter in her ninth house and her mother’s half -sister is a planet in her 12th house which is Mars in Taurus. She is side-tracked because Neptune inconjunct Mars vampires her energy and she has to realise this is she marries the wrong person. BeeBee needs to refer to her sage part: Jupiter in Aquarius in the 9th needs to be friends for a long time and have lots of room, rather than be intense and be completely eaten up by a partner.

BeeBee’s next dream tells us: “The next couple of nights after the healing I was uneasy and didn’t dream clearly but I had one dream where I saw and even felt the presence of an eagle and a wolf, very strongly indeed. Now again while I could say from a gestalt angle her grounded Saturn is the wolf and the eagle is her crown chakra and BeeBee’s Aquarian sage side. From a shamanic side these totems are still integrating with her. They will take three months to integrate.

Bee Bee’s next dream is this: Then the next night, the third night after the healing, I dreamed that I was having issues with my car. I was stumbling around on branches and taking wrong courses, but then coming back to the right track. As I was approaching home I saw a woman walking by herself with long curly hair. Her hair was very thick. She was accompanied by a dog which looked like a husky or could have been a cross between a dog and a wolf. I also saw my friend Pauline who lives in Eleusinian with whom I have a strong tie and connection to the Eleusinian mysteries, we were discussing various issues we need to heal and things we need to accomplish.” I have found after soul recoveries and past life healings I was having car dreams for at least a month. At first I couldn’t drive my car and had to get a friend to pick me up, then I had to hire a car, then my car went backwards around in circles. Our car is always us in a dream. We can be a bus, a truck, a bulldozer too. So BeeBee’s dream is not unusual. This dream also seems to be an astral travelling dream. I have very thick, wavy, long hair and I have a wolf dog and we walk daily. It seems BeeBee connected with both myself and Pauline on the astral on this third night, just as Christ rose after the third night.

BeeBee also seems to be cutting old ties because she tells me that in her dream: “I also dreamt of a man with whom I had a brief romance at university we only dated twice and for two weeks. He is a Scorpio, older than me, married and with children and too intense. We just dated but I broke it off and there were no harsh feelings. He scared me in the dream, as he came and hugged me.” This is her Mars, Ascendant and Saturn personas talking sense to her Neptunian side.

BeeBee continues: “Next I dreamt that I was in a lovely wooden house where I was preparing all sorts of stuff, getting ready for some important event. When I finished I walked out only to find Allan, my ex, who was the reason I wanted the healing, sitting outside the house on the veranda waiting for me and smiling. I smiled back to him and he said to me, ”Oh finally we can get married and I propose the 4th of July as a date in summer.” I nodded, smiled but did not say anything, although I could feel in the dream this was not going to happen; maybe at another level of existence but it was almost like saying to him, “No worries. All will be well!” to reassure him.” Now what jumps out here is the fact that the date Allan gives is actually a well-known date for the American Independence Day. It is an iconic day for independence. The little wooden house seems to be BeeBee’s new integration of her subconscious and collective unconscious (Mars in Taurus in the 12th house) into herself.

BeeBee continues: “Then a couple of days later I dreamt I was on a cruise ship and I saw Allan on it he was not happy and frowning, when we got off we took separate ways though he was willing to talk, but neither of us did so. Then my mother told me that she had seen him walking to his house and we walked and she showed me where he stayed. He was living with a man he knew from college and another woman they shared a house or flat as flatmates, but I felt there was something odd going on almost like the two were in love with the same woman. The feeling I had was that he was unhappy and in a confusing state not willing to talk to me.” This dream could be taken two ways. Firstly BeeBee is off on her astral travels again and checking on Allan. This is her Moon-Saturn-Venus side; the mother hen. Secondly, there is a feeling of ships in the night and thirdly the Gestalt dream combines all the parts of BeeBee again. There is her mother (her Pisces side and perhaps her Moon conjunct Saturn plus South Node in Cancer and even Demeter/Ceres in the 7th); then Allan’s house (he is the first lover-Neptune in the seventh and Juno in the seventh.) Then there is the friend of Allan who is of course BeeBee’s 11th house from her 5th house which is her fourth house where Venus and Pluto still reside. I am hearing there is another issue here that still needs to be resolved and at this stage the blonde woman (BeeBee’s shadow unconscious side is still in two minds about letting her intense dramatic side go. [Since then however BeeBee has decided to have an ancestral healing to heal her father and mother’s ancestral traumas regarding love.]

BeeBee is still dreaming about Robin. Finally I had two dreams regarding Robin, the one 3 days ago where he was much stressed and he wanted to have a sexual relationship with a blond woman! I was giving him advice regarding his sexuality which I felt was all pent up, but he got cross and chased me yelling ” I will kill your mother.” Okay, back to the gestalt. Donna Cunningham suggests we have the fifth house where a lover thinks you are his Mummy. This is BeeBee’s Uranus in Libra opposition Chiron. The blond woman is BeeBee’s shadow which can be her sexual needs (Pluto-Venus) or her Descendant shadow which is her soft, romantic illusory side. Bee’s mother is first her Moon in the second which indicates he could well reduce her to poverty and her tenth house Pisces side which indicates BeeBee’s victim potential if she stays with Robin. At this stage in her dreams her Higher Self and guides and her aura are still sorting out and stabilising her energy.

Now this is the last dream. “Then last night I dreamt that my one uncle in South Africa came to visit me and he told me that Robin was not well. I saw Robin who was bleeding, from the elbow, he had a scratch and sore and my uncle took him to a hospital where he lay down and was being treated. Then my uncle told me to let him rest and recuperate.” Now even though one source suggests uncles are the 6th (siblings of father) or 12th house (siblings of mother) , Donna Cunningham who is a well-known astrologer maintains that uncles are the third house and this is BeeBee’s third house which is her strong Virgo Sun conjunct her IC and her lovely bright, life of the party Mercury in Leo. So this African uncle is Hermes/Mercury the psychopomp and BeeBee’s core self. It seems she is still astral travelling and worrying about Robin who is suffering from inflexibility (his elbow.) If we forget the astral travel BeeBee, herself, deep inside herself still needs to rest. Her uncle (her intellectual self and her inner core self: her heart) are not quite right yet and must rest.

So, I must thank BeeBee for being our star dreamer. That dream sequence was three months ago and she is stabilised and her totems and all the parts of herself are well integrated. I hope you have enjoyed BeeBee’s dreams.


You may note that in my last article I wrote about Neptune as a cause of such dis-eases such as chronic fatigue syndrome where people have insomnia and constantly feel exhausted. A lack of vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is one factor that causes this. Neptune is the ruler of vitamin B5. The greatest enemies of B5 and all the B vitamins are coffee, alcohol and sugar, so if you want to dream and have restful sleep eliminates the last three addictions. BI or thiamine also makes people tired if there is a deficiency. Vitamin B6 has a direct relationship with tryptophan an amino acid related to calmness and a lack of it will cause adrenal exhaustion. A lack of B6 will also cause muscle cramping which will wake you up while you are asleep and interrupt your dreams. I find Brewer’s yeast, foul tasting though it is will give a good supply of all the B group vitamins. You can purchase it from the health food store. Just a reminder that even though I have an old certificate in nutrition from 1981 I am by no means a qualified naturopath; just a qualified counsellor.

In the minerals Eileen Nauman in her fantastic book on Medical Astrology notes that insufficient calcium in people’s diets creates insomnia and cramps and both wake you up and interrupt your dreams. Please don’t go rushing out and buying calcium tablets as you will end up with crystalline deposits, such as kidney stones. Calcium should be absorbed in foods such as alfalfa sprouts, flax seed, carrots, cauliflower, bananas, avocados, dried apricots, oysters, chicken, kelp and skimmed milk. Calcium is a load bearing mineral. You must exercise daily (not just lifting your legs out of bed either) for it to be absorbed. It is also deleted by penicillin, steroids, sugar and a deficiency of vitamin D and magnesium. Magnesium is found in bananas; dark leafy greens such as raw spinach, chard and kale; nuts and seeds, such as pumpkin seeds; sesame seeds (63%), brazil nuts (63%), almonds (48%), cashews (44% ), pine nuts (43%), mixed Nuts (39%), and peanuts (31%), pecans (17%), walnuts (16%); Fish such as mackerel and tuna; beans and lentils such as soy beans, White Beans (28%), French Beans (25%), Black-eyed Peas (23%), Kidney Beans (21%), Chickpeas (Garbanzo) (20%), Lentils (18%), Pinto Beans (16%); Whole Grains such as brown rice, Quinoa (30%), Millet (19%), Bulgur (15%), Buckwheat (13%), Wild Rice (13%), Whole Wheat Pasta (11%), Barley (9%), Oats (7%); Avocados; Low-Fat Dairy such as plain low fat yogurt and low fat cheese; dried fruit such as figs, prunes (11%), apricots (10%), Dates (8%), and Raisins (7%) and even a square of dark chocolate. (Yay!)

Oatmeal, whole-grain cereals and breads, and other complex carbohydrates increase production of serotonin, a kind of chemical lullaby, if you will. Serotonin slows nerve activity, calming the brain and spreading a “feel-good” message throughout your body. When darkness enters the picture, the brain converts serotonin to yet another hormone, melatonin, which regulates sleep. You’ve probably heard the jokes about the Thanksgiving turkey putting people to sleep, but this folk wisdom has legs to stand on. Turkey is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that the body uses to produce serotonin. You can also try honey with warm milk. A fast-digesting carbohydrate like honey or mashed potatoes stimulates the release of insulin, which in turn allows more tryptophan to enter the brain. It may be decades since you had a stories-and-warm-milk routine, but we never really outgrow a wind-down period. We need a wind down hour, so set an alarm for 60 minutes before you plan to go to sleep. Spend the first 20 minutes finishing up any must-dos (walking the dog, firing off a few last emails) and the next 20 minutes on sleep hygiene (showering, brushing teeth, pyjamas). For the final 20 minutes, do something relaxing like meditation, gentle yoga, or reading a book. Then lights out.

If you’re awake in bed, but feel relaxed and peaceful, it’s perfectly fine to lie there and wait to fall back asleep. He recommends counting backward from 300 by 3s to bring on drowsiness. This may be better than automatically jumping out of bed the minute you find yourself awake, which only arouses you more.

Just one other thing: trauma causes adrenalin surges and this causes cortisol to be pumped out of your system. It not only puts on weight but also causes insomnia so go and see a good naturopathic doctor and get a saliva test for your cortisol levels. And by the way your body craves consistency: go to sleep at the same time every night.


Remembering and analysing your dreams is one of the most potent ways to comprehend your own mental, emotional and spiritual core being and to deal with persistent difficulties in your associations and family life. Dream analysis is also perfect for evolving and seeking answers to any problems in your life. I use it to seek information. Restorative sleep is good for the body, but dream-work is great for the soul and great to find answers if you are prepared to work on the symbols.

Lucid dreaming can take all of this to an even more profound level. Sure, keeping a dream journal is something everyone should always do, but what if you could actually control your dreams to create self-made experiences in the astral realm? Some people can. You’ll find in this article BeeBee can. You can use the power of the Moon to enable lucid dreams. The definition of a lucid dream is fundamentally any dream in which you are conscious that you are dreaming. Have you ever had that experience accidentally and wanted to recreate it? Using the Moon can help get you there!

Try to avoid caffeine after noon on the day you plan to attempt your first lucid dream, and get to bed early, avoiding electrical equipment and television at least an hour before bedtime. Set the mood by lighting a lavender candle, taking a warm essential oil bath, and drinking some soothing herbal tea. In other words, make sure you’re deeply, deeply relaxed ready to go into alpha and then theta levels where you dream quickly. A black sleeping mask is a great tool to have as well, especially if the bedroom that you sleep in isn’t pitching dark. The one rule regarding complete darkness is that if you make your attempt on the night of a full Moon, it is good to have the moonlight shining streaming through your window.

Start by writing down when the Moon is in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). You can look this up in our Moon Signs section. Our dream lives are richer and more accessible when the lunar energy is in these signs, so you have three times a month to start your lucid dreaming attempts. The sign in which your Moon is placed says much about your emotional nature, and the aspects to the other planets suggest the different kinds of energy influence within your chart and even your intellectual preference. Still, I believe that the house in which your Moon resides holds the most influence for the dreaming mind. A 12th house Moon is for the dreamer (literally and figuratively) extraordinary. One of my best friends has a Pisces Moon in the 8th house and is not only an extraordinary dreamer but she is the most clairvoyant people I have ever met. There is little information about dreams and the Moon, but I can assure you from my years of practice that the water houses (4th, 8th, and 12th, otherwise known as karmic houses or ancestral houses) provide the dreams of legend. Notice how strong Leandra and BeeBee’s water houses are. Many 8th house Moon people “dream true”, or dream lucidly, so write down when the moon is coming through your 8th house. When a full moon is also in Cancer it is a great and creative time for anyone interested in dreams, and to start a little project on dreaming. All that you will need is a writing pad and pencil (by the nightstand) and the intention to dream. I always write down a dream goal in my dream diary, with my dream pen and say it to myself five times out loud before I go to sleep. I ask Archangel Metatron to help me because he is the angel of the wheels of time and akashic records. Just before going to sleep, set an intention out loud a few times and tell yourself you will dream, that upon awakening from your dream you will remember your dreams, and repeat each evening.

Lucid Dreaming is where one dreams, wakes into their dreams, and realizes they are dreaming, without waking from dream. There is quite an amount of information about lucid dreams in Stephen LaBerge’s Book, Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, which is published in 1990. I find it is just practice.

Try this throughout a month to see which sign your dreams were most active. I hope that some of you will try this exercise and let me know which sign you dreamed in the most or best, if at all. I would be happy to review your dreams and explain them astrologically as well as the symbolism of what your dreams are trying to tell you.

When the Moon is new, the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, and a powerful energy portal is opened. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you’d like to find out, create, develop, cultivate, and manifest in reality. There are many ways to start this communion with your soul and the Divine from lighting a candle to elaborate rituals. What matters is that you’re committing yourself to your vision, and open to receiving guidance, healing, and support you’re your guides and archangels and what some people call Spirit.

When you tap into the Moon’s phases, it’s comforting to know that you can do this all year. Like the tides, the Moon ebbs and flows, it is a feminine rhythm that women understand intimately and so can men who are tuned in to this life too. Let us not forget 51 % of the population. New Moons are a blank page on which to speak your dreams out loud, and Full Moons are for taking action and celebrating the fruit of your efforts.

It’s a good idea to spend some time thinking and meditating in the days leading up to the new Moon. Feel deeply and slowly as to what you want to draw into your life. Part of getting ready for the new Moon is making sure you are clear about your intentions. Maybe you would like to work on forgiveness, courage, it might be an exact request like a career move or promotion or some new friends. For me it is often working with my Council of Elders on my soul path.

What exactly is a new Moon Ritual? Everyone is different but for me I go into my healing room and light a candle, gather flowers, my favourite crystals, and photos and rearrange my altar. Then I start singing my power song loudly to call in my guides and archangels I work with. I write my intentions on a 7-day candle with the flowers on the altar. You can relight your candle and say your intentions and sing your power song every day. Ritual helps focus your entire being on the quest at hand. In the days leading up to the new Moon, you might gather pictures and totems that symbolize your goal. Creating a collage gives you a visual reminder of your dreams. Find out where the new Moon falls in your chart for clues as to what to “call in” that month. The new Moon has a more inward feel, has a void or empty quality, and therefore it helps you be brave. You learn to trust the dark and it is a time of realising that old; your past is passing away and you are awaiting the new; therefore it is a great way to send your prayers, wishes, desires and gratefulness to the your Council of Elders, your guides, the archangels and the divine in the Universe. I am always so amazed and grateful for what comes along.

I do hope you have enjoyed this article. I’d love to hear your thoughts. May your days be full of love and blessings from,



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It was Clarissa Pinkola Estes who wrote:
We do not become healers.
We came as healers. Some of us are still catching up to who we are.

We do not become storytellers.
We came as carriers of the stories that our ancestors, actually lived. Some of us are still catching up to where we are.

We do not become artists. We are creative.
Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

We do not become writers, dancers, musicians, helpers and peacemakers. We came as such. Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

We do not learn to love in this sense. We came as Love. We are Love.
Some of us are still catching up to who we truly are.


I see the words of Clarissa Pinkola Este’s verse as so true of people who have quincunxes and yods; we take a little longer to accustom ourselves to living, in a grounded way on earth, to other people. But before we even start we have little need for the thirteenth fairy here. Eileen Nauman in her fantastic book on Medical Astrology states quite clearly that: “The best word for people with inconjuncts is adaption. If they can adapt positive attitudes to …changing environments health will probably not be impaired; however people with two or more inconjuncts, especially those with yods, court ill health if their attitudes are inflexible and negative.” (p.34.) Eek!!! I have two yods, so I’d better be flexible and positive and keep writing.

The people who suffer most with yods are children. We as adults have education, reasoning, a reasonable amount of freedom, but let’s put ourselves in the shoes of children for a while and see what may happen to them with inconjuncts or yods. As a person with two yods I can tell you it is fairly typical for people with yods or quincunxes to be born in a blur or quite numb, so we take a little while to catch up in some ways. We are the ones that people say, “Did the fairies steal their soul?” It also seems typical of yod/quincunx people, to have childhoods where we were abused (mentally, spiritually, and physically); neglected or had permissive caregivers (we were left to our own devises and ignored) or we had to be the responsible parent and look after our siblings while our parents were working, substance abusing, preoccupied; ill or too dangerous to go near. We may have had to be the mediator in family squabbles. Other yod or quincunx people had single parents who had to battle to survive or parents, who constantly moved like teachers and army people, do, so we could never make friends. Then of course there are yod or quincunx children who live in war zones or revolutions or in detention if the parents are jailed or in refugee camps. Another quincunx situation is a child whose parents who are members of cults and extreme religions and then there are the children who were bought up in concentration camps and or orphanages and were subject to the whims of sadistic guards or the sometimes very strange beliefs of priests, nuns or sadistic masters.

All of these patterns of parenting are known as “insecure attachment” in socio-psychology or child development theory. In insecure patterns of parenting the child keeps on having to adjust their own behaviour to survive, to stay safe. So this is one example of people with a yod or quincunx. They did have not “ideal” childhoods. Even though I have explained insecure and anxious patterns of attachment in previous articles I will explain again. I will advise very strongly that if you believe you fit one of these patterns of childhood abuse and neglect or need to know more about this that you purchase or borrow a copy of “Child Abuse and Neglect: Attachment, Development and Intervention” by David Howe, 2005. But some yod or quincunx people I know do not have traumatised childhoods; they just live life as though they are constantly in a past life and it hasn’t dissolved yet. Consequently, I will also write in this article about yods and past life regression, ancestral healing, soul retrievals and all sorts of shamanic journeys and even past life and life between life regressions.

My theory here is that we have many past lives and if we are born with past lives (good or bad) still overlapping our present life we are certainly not a “normal” child. Yod or quincunx people are often in this situation. The 150 degree is an obscure angle. If something is opposite you, you can see it and you can challenge or balance it; if something is at 90 degrees to you, you might feel cornered, but you can fight or escape (fight or flight); but the 150 degree is one that people do not have a choice. They often are stuck if they are born into difficult lives.

They have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no real way of escaping and this applies to children with dysfunctional families from foetal stage to about 17 when most children can leave home. You think about it; where can a child run to if they have violent, drunken parents who regularly beat them up? Do they escape to live in the streets (in the sewage system under the city with other homeless people) or with gangs of other abused children? Where can a child run if they are in the middle of a war or revolution? Up to 17 we are under someone’s authority: teachers, soldiers, parents, family, nuns and authority is Saturn. Saturn, especially when we are dealing with quincunxes flags karmic issues and past lives and ancestral lives that are still dumping Saturn or Pluto issues on us. Why do I say that ancestral lives can effect us? Because the sins of the fathers travel down to effect us until someone in in the family takes a stand and says “the buck stops here and I am going to stop this curse/family behaviour/mental illness etc.”

Yods or quincunxes involve timing and the timing is concerned with when you can emerge from the chrysalis (Pluto.) If from foetal stage we have challenging parents; parents who are unconscious themselves and don’t have our best interests at heart we will escape in the only way our soul knows and that is that soul pieces fly off at various stages, because it is just too dangerous, too painful to be in a situation where we are constantly hurt (and this includes adults in war and domestic violence.) It is safer to be numb. So we emerge at the end of this stage; in some cases totally unconscious; completely shut down; very ill; often deaf; scared (some people call it wounded) on every level (spiritual, mental, physical, creative) and often totally lacking in common sense. Then by our own devices we have to, not just survive, but drag ourselves into life and switch on all our mechanisms to live and prosper. I have written about the process by which dysfunctional families operate in my article on emotional plague, so please read all my articles. They are free and I write them so they are easy to read. I survived a childhood in one of those dysfunctional families and my family had an ancestry of dysfunction. I have two yods, so I have been interested in them for thirty years. But I am not going to write about myself.

So to feel what a yod feels like, put out your arm at 150 degrees. Yes, it is a difficult or obtuse angle. It is impossible to manoeuvre and in space that angle between planets creates static on radios and mangles electrical emissions. It is an impossible leverage. So what I am saying here is that yod/quincunx people are already scared from other times, from ancestral scaring. Yod/quincunx people are not of this time and we don’t fit in and that is why we are often obsessed by certain historical periods. This theory is demonstrated by Barbara Hand Clow’s books, the books of Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Belinda Gore (Ecstatic Body Postures and the Ecstatic Experience) and Dr Samuel Sagan.

So this last part of my series is on people on quincunxes and yods and this time I am going to write about people who have had life-defining spiritual rebalancing: shamanic journeys, soul retrievals; past life regressions and life between life journeys; crystal reiki healings; out of body experiences or visions in sacred places.


Let me discuss a dysfunctional childhood more fully, so we may then pass onto a yod/quincunx case study where an abused child eventually had many regressions and some really successful soul retrievals so she could become an adjusted, happy person, who was comfortable in her world. So here is the theory. Securely attached children know that at times of need their caregivers will always be available and responsive. Because of these consistent and loving caregivers/ parents they always feel the world is a safe, pleasurable and contained place (a place with secure boundaries and a place where they can develop their own boundaries.) However, this is not the case for either avoidant or insecurely attached children. These children suffer uncertainty about the type and sensitivity of the response they receive when they reconnect with caregivers. There is a lack of confidence from insecurely-attached children that a caregiver will be able to provide psychological safety and even physical safety at times of need. For example their dad might have left or died and there is a new uncle/or dad who abuses them when Mum is not home. So, these children are hypervigilent, especially in the case of those who have been maltreated. Their adrenal glands are always at the alert and their kidney function is also threatened because of this. They spend immeasurable time and energy on issues of safety, security and monitoring leaving less time for fun and exploration with caregivers. Caregivers who are unwilling (avoidant patterns) or unable (ambivalent patterns) to respond to or satisfy a child’s normally expressed attachment needs create anxiety and insecurity in a caregiving-child relationship and indeed in any relationship. As insecurely attached children cannot display their true and full psychological self to an anxious carer this reduces availability, care and protection, especially in times of need. They have no trust. They fail to process, learn about and make good sense of positive emotions (in the case of avoidant patterns) or how thought and behaviour affects people and their feelings (in ambivalent patterns.) Secure individuals relate openly, without defence or distortion and they interact flexibly, with compassion, they genuinely reflect and they have emotional intelligence; so they do not judge, they are not sarcastic or mentally or physically cruel; they do not put people in boxes and basically they do not wear masks and have agendas dating back to their childhood. But ambivalent individuals become easily enmeshed, co-dependent and entangled with others who are bad for them and even if they have nagging uncertainty they are unable to let go. Ambivalent carers are inconsistent and we can clearly see people with yods and quincunxes as the children of these inconsistent, unstable people. Avoidant individuals exclude information that triggers painful feelings of perceived and expected rejection. As I write you can see all the lunar (Moon) adjectives and we can see that if childhood is secure then people get past the Moon stage of safety into a Mars stage and beyond, but if not one can see how yod and quincunx people have something of, first, a wounded lunar persona and secondly, a wounded Chironic type persona. A yod person who has not moved on from childhood wounds is adjusting constantly and at a hypervigilent level to exist in a world where they may constantly perceive danger or be totally numb. Note that in the world people with neurotic or psychotic symptoms are called maladjusted. How yod-like!

Whenever I write articles I do a lot of research. I have a large library, but I have a good look on the internet and I found Dr Z who wrote this which has an amazing similarity to attachment theory. I quote Dr Z: “The Yod is sometimes called the Neurotic planetary configuration. In the birth chart – at times a quincunx appears to behave like a nice, easy, and agreeable trine. During those agreeable times, the two planets involved in the quincunx are happy campers. And then other times the quincunx in the birth chart will behave like a tension filled square. Thus the person with the quincunx can never learn to depend upon any consistency of behaviour between the two planets involved. In this aspect we may relate this to the “Good Father-Bad Father.” Let’s imagine that you’re a child growing up and on some days, dad is kind, loving and gentle when he’s interacting with you. Then other days, out of the blue, dad can be rather meaning, ugly and generally nasty. You never know from one moment to the next whether dad’s going to be the “good father” or the “bad father.” You can’t depend on dad to be one way or the other. You learn from experience that you can’t rely on dad. There are times you secretly wish he’d either just be the “good father” or just be the “bad father.” Because even if he were always the “bad father” at least then you’d know what to expect from him. Unreliability and inconsistent and never knowing what to expect is the beginnings of neurosis (or worse) in a child growing up and that’s also a good description of the quincunx aspect in a nutshell. The inconsistency drives inconjunct people nuts!” This man has obviously spent a lot of time pondering about his astrological clients who have yods, because he’s right.

In regard to what Dr Z suggests, about yod people with their experiences of “good father-bad father,” sociologists and psychologists emphasise that people, who have had traumatising childhoods, need to understand that care givers and friends love them even when they are being told off (being criticised.) These people easily dissociate by having separate representations of hostile carers and loving carers, and then later friends or people they have a relationship with as having two or many personalities. They have difficulty experiencing themselves and others as remaining psychologically coherent and whole across time and space, time and different emotional states. They need to understand that they and their loved ones are the same psychologically whole entity (not a dissociated “Three Faces of Eve” person) whether they are angry, tense, anxious, happy, disapproving or disapproved of, which in Piagetian terms is called object constancy (Howe, 2005, pp. 247-248. ) This is a quincunx experience and it is also the experience of someone who has one or more soul pieces that have escaped somewhere and are basically out to lunch permanently. Van Gulden and Bartels-Rabb (1995) believe that much of maltreated children’s behaviour and the behaviour of adults who have been maltreated, is still stuck at the age of development when they experience loss and trauma. Psychologist, therapists and shamanic practitioners will recognise that problematic behaviours of wounded people and wounded children are symptomatic of the needs and experiences of the time and developmental stage that the loss and trauma occurred. Hence depending on the trauma and the sensitivity of the person a soul piece may have detached from that child or adult. Thus developmental attachment therapists and counsellors like myself after shamanic healing will deal with the person’s psycho-emotional age and not their chronological age. If we realise that some babies may come into life already missing soul pieces from past life trauma or foetal trauma we realise why in Alexandra’s she needed Dr Stone to help her. In Leandra’s case she already also had past life trauma plus an ancestral curse. I hope this makes sense to you. If not ask me about it in the comments section.


The first case study is large to say the least. Leandra is a childhood friend. Leandra has her Pluto 8th in Leo 26 degrees as the apex inconjunct Mars at 29 degrees Pisces 29 degrees in the 3rd house, inconjunct Sun 24-25 degrees conjunct Chiron in Capricorn 28 degrees in the 12th house conjunct ascendant in Capricorn. She also has Mars in Pisces apex inconjunct Pluto in Leo inconjunct Neptune 28 degrees in tenth in Libra. I want you to match what I say in this paragraph on Leandra’s yoddish psychology and ask at the end of her full story: did she adapt? Was she flexible and positive? Did she make a successful hero’s journey. Did she answer her life purpose goals (or contract) that she agreed to in her proposal to a Council of Elders before her soul joined her foetus in this lifetime ?

So she has a Pluto apex; a sweet, little child with a Libra Moon and Mars in Pisces has Sun inconjunct Pluto (in the 8th house) and Saturn (her Sun’s and Ascendant ruler) in Scorpio and her Mars and Pluto the ruler’s of her ruling planet (Saturn) inconjuncting. She’s taken on a lot this lifetime, but her as we read through her life story remember that she has this powerful chart and a major karmic lesson; yes, Pluto is karma, is to learn about power. Her Sun was also in the 12th house of the unconscious and karma so the chart spoke loudly about karma and needing to be conscious. As Eileen Nauman maintains in her article, “Pluto people are faced with issues involving power this lifetime… A wild mustang is one symbol of primal Plutonian survival power… brute power, abuse of power… em-powerment of the self or of others… power struggles.” And it is always wise to observe what happens when you do not own your own power. That’s right you attract megalomaniacs anpeople who are unconscious . That’s the Shadow side. However, Eileen Nauman also adds, “A Plutonian can outlast anything and anyone. They can shoulder loads and responsibilities that (even) Saturn wouldn’t even think of taking on, much less carrying. Given this gift of nuclear energy, much like Prometheus gave fire to humans from the Greek myths, Plutonians can transform whatever they touch, whatever interests them and whatever moves their heart.” This is very shamanic.

The other apex is Mars in Pisces in the 3rd house (the house of intellect and how you think and communicate) and in Pisces Mars too is dog-paddling in the mire of unconsciousness and karma and Mars-type sibling issues. (Mars only has a mother-Juno, so there is going to be a lot of power play between the parents and revenge issues here to play the siblings off against each other; a lot of divide and conquer behaviour from carers and emotional plague issues.) This seems to be the chart of someone who has chosen to pay back a lot of karma in this life and has made a contract to learn to be conscious and aware.

And don’t forget the two apexes; Mars and Pluto are also inconjunct. This means that the powerlessness Leandra felt (with a Mars quincunx Pluto) when she experienced inability to cope, was part of the process of learning to cope. It is also part of learning to be powerless in order to rebuild your self-confidence when you are able to deal with circumstances unscathed. But just one thing before we go to the next paragraph: Leandra has Pluto in the 8th and that means Leandra’s ancestors are right their behind her giving her opportunities to take on her power. A challenged Pluto, especially when quincunx Mars in the 3rd house is about mind control (brainwashing) and as Mars in in Pisces, the most sensitive and clairvoyant of all signs this brainwashing can go right into the aura and start taking over the soul and spirit. With Pluto in Scorpio, the sign of black magic, I am seriously suggesting that there may have curses on the ancestors that may be passed down to this sensitive person, who is the eldest child of an eldest child on both parental sides, especially as we know there is Indigenous ancestry. It also could be that with Mars in the 3rd she goes to dangerous places and with an inconjunct to Pluto in the 8th she goes to where angels fears to tread. On the positive said of the danger these near death experiences will be transforming and evolving and with her ruling sign in Scorpio the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto the gift from all of the trauma may be that she learns (Mars in 3rd) to be a healer (8th and Scorpio as well as Sun conjunct Chiron.) But let’s move on from the astrological theory to Leandra’s story.

Leandra’s parents were both very rich, spoiled, upper class people and only children. Her father had spent a lonely childhood with Aboriginal and Irish stockmen and a Chinese cook, on his father’s giant farm. His father was an ex- army WWI commander, who really had no time for his exuberant little boy, except to beat him and criticise him. His father had Aboriginal and convict grandparents, and an aristocratic Irish father who had deserted the army, but that was all hushed up. Stiff upper lips, perfect behaviour, good health, stoicism, hard work, colonial snobbery and sweeping everything under the carpet were the order of the day. Leandra’s father had no affection from his parents and he was sent to a boarding school at age seven, where a very plump maid had plenty of hugs for the lonely little boys. He survived by being clever, good at sport and a clown. Leandra’s mother also had a rich, critical mother who never stopped nagging Leandra’s mother to do everything perfectly. Leandra’s Granny did voluntary nursing, so Leandra’s mother had avoided being perfect and aimed at being ill to get affection. Both parents were beautiful people, who were so alike they looked like brother and sister. The marriage lasted about 18 months before Leandra’s mother’s lazy behaviour and constant illness was deemed unacceptable and she was given frozen treatment all around. Leandra’s mother spent most of pregnancy with Leandra in hospitals and mental asylums frightened and alone. She blamed her husband, although she had been there before she met her husband. She delivered Leandra in a haze of medications and gas and just as Leandra was born her mother’s appendix burst. There were floods from a cyclone at the time so Leandra received no bonding with either parent for two weeks. The old nuns at the outback hospital fed, rocked, and cared for Leandra who was rather bruised and bashed as she had been a breach baby. She was the only baby in the tiny hospital. Leandra’s mother was already dazed from a bout of electroconvulsive shock therapy which bought the delivery on. Leandra’s maternal grandparents were on a year’s jaunt in Europe and her paternal grandparents were not impressed with Leandra’s lazy, socialite mother. Within four months Leandra’s mother was pregnant again. This time she “behaved properly” during her pregnancy. Her second daughter was “normal and welcome”, but she was ill with toxaemia during her third pregnancy and an odd-looking baby boy with poison pustules all over him was born about 33 months after Leandra. At this stage Leandra’s mother grew bored with little or no social life and announced theatrically that “she couldn’t possibly cope with that many children” and no maid. A nanny was hired and she promptly took over the children, the cooking and Leandra’s father. The three children were assaulted physically and verbally from then on as the nanny was subject to bad moods and bad tempers. Leandra’s mother was not allowed to intervene, and her father turned a blind eye, but her grandfather warned the nanny many times that he would “fire” her if he caught her beating the children again, especially with a stockwhip or fencing wire again.

Her Grandad and Grandma cared for Leandra then. Leandra had begun running away when the nanny arrived so her Grandad trained a sheep dog to stay with her and bring her home. Leandra’s grandfather went out every night to find her and found her wedged in branches in trees and in holes under the earth where she had dug under tree roots and covered herself. She knew the nanny was no bush-woman. After a while her grandfather took Leandra with him every day on horseback and she learned her school lessons with him. But he taught her more than that; he taught her what the old Aboriginal elders and his uncles taught him; how to listen to the trees and the birds, the albino animals and watch the clouds and sky for signs and he taught her French and Arabic. He taught her how to love nature.

Then when she was eight her mother disappeared, but she knew the nanny and her father had sent her away. Her grandfather increased his vigilance, but unfortunately her father demanded that she come home to the big house occasionally where she was still beaten if she didn’t run fast enough or climb fast enough. But the nanny on her good days taught her to sew and knit and draw and paint and dance to Beatles records. She could be fun too. Leandra held her breath when the nanny hugged her at night and she always shielded her eyes when the nanny came near. That year Leandra and her siblings had to fly at least five times about 2000 kilometres in old DC3s to see their mother. They clung to one another with their little bags of sandwiches. It was confusing. Their Granny shrieked in their ears constantly about the nanny and their father and their mother yelled at their granny. When they arrived home each time their father and the nanny would lecture them about how dreadful their mother and Granny were.

When Leandra was nine her grandad disappeared too. He had caught pneumonia, then leukaemia and he died within two months. Leandra’s Nana appeared again sobbing. It was all so frightening and confusing. Then they drove into town to take Nana to the airport and she was gone too. The day they took Nana to the airport Leandra was allowed to play in the park. There were children to play with. They laughed and had fun. An enormous policeman came and told her she couldn’t play with them. She asked why. “They’re black!” he said. When he went she called them back. Leandra now felt more alone than ever. The nanny told her that she looked like her mother and that her siblings hated her, her father hated her and then her father let the snakes get her dog, her turkeys, ducks and chickens. Leandra was beaten for crying. Leandra spent more time in trees away from home. For the last 15 months the police had regularly come to ask Leandra, “Are you alright?” One time she said, “No!” and they came more often and she was whipped more often. She learned to escape more efficiently.

Out of the blue when Leandra was nearly ten she was told to hop into the car. The nanny, her dad and her brother and sister drove for days. They at last reached a small village at the seaside. She had never seen the sea. She had to go to a school. She was so frightened of the teachers and all the children she hid in the toilets for days. Her Dad bought a shop but even though he was away most of the time he did come home to check their homework and read them a story. The nanny told her that her dad didn’t like Leandra every day and she was also told that her Dad only loved her sister because she was clever. The nanny said Leandra was too pretty, and stupid because her mother was stupid. Dad wrote “Leandra could try harder “ on her report cards, but praised her sister’s constant 99%s. Her sister was hugged and Leandra received a silent glare. She grew more numb. Her mother’s lawyers found out where they were so her Dad drove them to 100 kilometers to see their mum Fridays and picked them up Sundays each second weekend. There was a lot of screaming and brainwashing from their Granny every visit. Life grew very confusing and none of the children at school would play with her because their parents had found out through village gossip that her parents were divorced. She was too rich and she was never home on weekends. Leandra decided she hated being rich.

Two old couples visited one night when Leandra was nearly eleven. One of the men was Leandra’s teacher. They announced to Leandra’s father that they would collect her every Sunday and take her to church for the day. They all hugged Leandra. Her father blinked. The nanny came out with her hands out her hips. Four pairs of eyes peered at the nanny intensely. Leandra’s teacher, who was six feet seven inches, asked the nanny who was five feet tall, “Do you beat this child?” The nanny glared.

“ There are always bruises on her! I have already informed the police and they have suspicions,” he added. No one said anything. The nanny glared at Leandra. Her teacher also announced that, “I am very proud of her Mr C., Leandra is always up the top of the class, so from the beginning I sent her down to the Grade One Class every afternoon for an hour to teach the little ones. She is three years ahead of the children in my class. No, she is not stupid Mr C. She is a good girl and she is special.” Leandra loved her teacher because being in his class was fun. They had bee class instead of science twice a week. All the children had their own smoke puffers to stop the bees biting when they extracted the honey and their own hive. Going to church with them was fun too.

When Leandra was nearly 14 their father engineered a custody court case against Leandra’s mother. The court cases ran for a year and she did not see her mother again until she was seventeen. Her health deteriorated and her marks at school deteriorated. She had migraines regularly and glandular fever. The doctor asked her if she was happy at home. He sent the police home. The doctor died after that and Leandra was frightened. Her father was the most powerful person in town. Then she began to laugh at the naughty boys when she was in class. But to survive at school she trained for sport every lunch time. She ran miles and miles when the sun came up and after school; even in the dark. With all the money her father had, she had one dress, one pair of shorts and one top. She had two home-made uniforms which came down nearly to her ankles. The nanny told her that was to stop her being vain and proud and too big for her boots. She had cut Leandra’s hair to two inches long all over when her mother left. The children at school laughed at her. But for all the humiliations the nanny hugged her every night and kept up her extra sewing and art lessons. She cooked delicious meals and made nice lunches. Out of the blue Leandra was sent to boarding school at 16 because the nanny, who had married her father, said she was “feral and incorrigible” and expelled at the end of the year for being “a child of the devil.” There she had been one of the six senior girls who all had to look after the babies (age 3 to 9), because there was no dormitory mistress.

But no people with yods or quincunxes have totally black stories. Leandra’s nanny taught her to cook exquisitely; she taught her about alternative ways of thinking when she was a teenager; hypnotherapy, vitamins and minerals, herbs to cure illnesses; and spiritual experiences (Findhorn, leylines, dowsing, Padre Pio and the miracle workers in the Phillipines.) Leandra’s father taught her about Aboriginal ways of thinking, being and acting, as well as paganism and he encouraged her to be a voracious reader.

I will not tell you anymore about Leandra’s life except to say that she married men who were either like her father or her nanny when she was young, but eventually she found a male friend who doesn’t share a home with but they have a calm relationship based on mutual interests. In 1984 she went back to university began to learn psychology and she trusted a therapist to work with her. As Eileen Nauman says in her Pluto article, “Therapy is one of the main tools to delve into a Plutonian…the trust bond between the therapist and the Plutonian must be there or the Plutonian is not going to allow anyone entrance into their vulnerable interior world of chaotic emotions and thoughts.” Breathing techniques, yoga, rebirthing techniques and soul recovery and extraction are other “tools” that should be suggested to the Plutonian.

Leandra began yoga, Meditation, breathing techniques and learning shamanism in 1981, and she practised and taught past life regressions from 1995. Eventually she began to have soul retrievals in 2005 and travelled the world learning different forms of shamanism to help people who had similarly traumatising childhoods. In 1981 to 1982 transiting Uranus squared her natal Pluto, trined Mars conjuncted her Saturn and transiting Pluto inconjuncted her natal Mars and Sun, squared her Jupiter and Uranus and conjuncted her Moon. Big changes occurred and she was on the road to transformation.

A wonderful friend of mine, who is a famous shamanic practitioner, suggests that “inconjuncts are the aspect of the shamanic archetype, the wounded healer .” I have met a great number of people with inconjuncts who are “wounded healers” if we see this as a Jungian archetype that is wounded, then recovers and does their best to help others. In Leandra’s case she just happened to have Sun conjunct Chiron and Saturn in Scorpio as well as a number of natal inconjuncts, so she did become, first, a wounded healer and then a totally conscious healer. Eight years after her father died she asked her shamanic practitioner to help her father go to the light as she had seen him trudging back and forward in Bardo dreams. Her shamanic practioner bought back eight soul pieces for her father and she realised how damaged he had been. She has a new story now and it is full of forgiveness and attracting good people and situations. In the next sections I will discuss soul retrievals and then go on to discuss Leandra’s soul retrievals and past life regressions.


Rowan’s mother was born in Scotland, where she had a wartime romance with a Welsh soldier and just after the war she had a baby. She was asked to leave home as she was deemed to be a “fallen woman.” Post-war Britain was very cosmopolitan and just after she had baby Rowan she met a Polish major, who had joined the communists. He promised Rowan’s mother that he had a great position as a commandant. When they arrived in Russia his position was at a prisoner of war camp and the major changed very quickly into a cruel husband and uncaring stepfather. Rowan’s mother fell pregnant and she had a baby girl. Rowan was snatched from his mother regularly and physically thrown around the camp. Rowan’s mother decided after a year that she must get Rowan to safety. His step-father decided that his step-son could go, but the baby and his wife must stay. Rowan was sent to his grandmother in Scotland and lived a happy life until he was five when his grandmother became too old and frail to look after him. He was sent to an orphanage for boys. Transiting Neptune conjuncted his Chiron and transiting Saturn conjuncted his Ascendant and Neptune at that time. As Saturn transitted his first house (and Juno and Jupiter in Libra) the horror worsened. The masters slept with him, stroked his face and insisted on making him have long hair which they combed over his face. He was teased constantly at school about this. Somehow he survived, by doing weights, so he could over-power the thugs at school and lustful masters. When he was age 15 his mother returned and married a rich financier (transiting Uranus square Sun) and at age 16 he gained a scholarship to university. Suddenly, when he was nearly 17 his stepfather died (transiting Neptune opposition Sun) and his mother decided to immigrate to Australia (transiting Neptune opposition Uranus conjunct North Node.) His mother (natal Moon conjunct Saturn in the 10th house) did not ask him. When they arrived she expected him to work and he became a milkman. He then joined the police force and was incredibly happy.

If we include the major asteroids Rowan has a yod; if not he has a complex inconjunct from his Sun at 15 degrees Taurus in the 8th house quincunxing Chiron at 16 degrees of Libra conjuncting Juno at 17 degrees and Jupiter at 19 degrees of Libra all in the 1st house. The other leg was Vesta at 13 degrees 44 minutes in the 6th house. John Sandbach suggests that the Chiron-Jupiter conjunction means instinctively knowing how to uplift others and how to dispel depression and Rowan’s behaviour when he was at work with his colleagues and his children was like this. He was a caring man. But he had a Juno midpoint and his relationships with his four wives bought out the worst of both Jupiter (excess) and Chiron (bitterness and woundedness in relationships.) His third wife (his first wife and second wives were cast off quickly) was beautiful and as they both had movie star good looks and physiques their sex life (Sun in Taurus in the 6th house sextile Vesta which also rules sex ) was brilliant and until their first child was born, life was brilliant. But his wife was mentally unstable and a vengeful drunkard, who could not cope with a baby. His Sun square Pluto-Mars in Leo was triggered and he became a raging drunk and a vengeful, verbally violent highway patrol policeman for many years. The household became chaotic and he lost his focus, his health and eventually his excellent position in the police force (Vesta in the 6th- work.) After being rich he was bought to his knees financially (8th house Sun) eventually by a divorce from her. He regained his health by going to Alcoholics Anonymous and started weights again and stayed woman free. After seeing a psychologist he finally found who his real father was and stopped having nightmares about being a “bastard.” We can see that yods and quincunxes bring a need for constant adjustment and they often symbolise a dysfunctional childhood with varying degrees of unhappiness or horror.


While Rowan did not have a soul retrieval, Leandra did and I will emphasise that the people who have soul retrievals and shamanic journeys have generally been to psychologists; psychiatrists, many have tried suicide; many have been substance abusers and they are generally in bad health and numb. They are desperate. Why? A number of reasons. Ai Gvhai Waya outlines the symptoms of people who need soul recoveries succinctly in her book on Soul Recovery and Extraction. AGvhai Waya is Eileen Nauman who wrote Medical Astrology. People who need soul recoveries may have one or two of these or all. It depends on the case. Let’s look at them.
• Scizophrenia
• Multiple personality disorder or dissociated personalities or different masks
• Ongoing depression (numbness) and manic depression
• Inability to ground oneself
• Detachment (sociopathy or psychopathy) which means you are so numb you are immoral, uncaring and totally lacking in empathy or compassion for humans, plants or animals. This is why sexual deviates can molest without remorse and serial killers can murder without remorse. Uusually they are a soulless body like Dorian Gray.
• Big blocks of memory loss. We all know that when we are traumatised we cannot remember anything.
• Chronic ill health and if the baby is born ill that also means there was some traumatising event or events during the fetal stage where a part or parts of the babies soul decided to leave.
• Addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, sex, love, gambling and repetitive patterns of behaviour (ie marrying the same type of man or woman)
• Unable to release or recover from the death of a loved one or a husband/wife or lover who has left
• Mentally asking “Why am I here?”
• Continual cycles of illness like colds and influenza; but this includes what Eileen said; tonsillitis, rheumatic fever, hepatitis, arthritis, cancer and immune deficiency diseases
• Feelings of impending doom and I will add feeling like you are going mad
• Obesity and this is usually from being raped
• Shame and loss of confidence
• Abuse and violence in the childhood and the abuser now has a piece of the abused child. (From pp. 3-6. Soul Recovery and Extraction.)
• And I will add bizarre behaviour on some days. This will include Christmas Day and birthdays because children have been given even bigger doses of abuse and humiliation on those days, “so they won’t get too big for their boots.”
• One more is over-generosity; people who try to buy love.
• Another one is being traumatised in war and revolutions.
• Being brainwashed in war and being tortured. This includes verbal abuse; being told continually how worthless you are and/or being compared relentlessly to siblings and various people. The divide and conquer policy is very successful in destroying children.
• And general obsessive-compulsive behaviour. There is usually a reason behind it in childhood.


Sandra Ingerman, whose school I have studied with, writes Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind. We know from the archaeological evidence that shamanism was practiced all over the world for at least 40,000 years. However many anthropologists believe that the practice dates back over 100,000 years. The word shaman comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and means “one who sees in the dark”. Shamanism has been practiced in parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Greenland, and Native North and South America.

A shaman is a man or woman who interacts directly with spirits to address the spiritual aspects of illness, perform soul retrievals, divine information, help the spirits of deceased people cross over, and perform a variety of ceremonies for the community. Shamans have taken on many roles in tribal communities. They have acted as healers, doctors, priests, psychotherapists, mystics, and storytellers. Shamans look at the spiritual form of illness which might manifest on an emotional or physical level. When Sandra Ingerman was doing the research for my book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self I found that most shamanic cultures around the world believe that illness is due to the loss of the soul.

One of the shaman’s most important tools is soul retrieval. It’s possible for the soul to become dis-integrated through any of a number of common traumas, circumstances or situations that might take place during a person’s normal course of living, but also severe trauma in past lives. When these occur, they may manifest in physical or emotional conditions that cannot be healed by traditional medicine or psychological counselling, although I always give counselling afterwards at least for a month and perhaps into the 2nd and third month. Soul retrievals take three months to integrate the return of your soul pieces so you have a totalised and whole soul again. Generally I will return a power animal with you first. They stay with you for the rest of your lie. Generally I find they become the guide in your Sacred Garden. Soul retrieval focuses on locating, recovering and re-integrating lost parts of the soul. Traditional shamanic soul retrieval involves journeying to alternate worlds to locate and recover the soul. Once recovered, the shaman will blow the soul back into the receiver. In this process, the subject is a passive participant. The shaman alone has the power and the ability to recover the soul.


The reasons for soul loss vary widely. It’s unlikely that we are able to list all the causes. The conditions under which a part of the soul will leave the body will differ from one person to another. Here are typical circumstances that are frequently the root cause of soul loss.
•Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse as a child
•Death of a child, parent, or close friend
•Loss of a husband, wife, or lover – through death, or involuntary divorce or separation
•Sudden and unexpected loss of a meaningful job or career
•A sudden accident resulting in severe physical trauma, or sudden onset of a debilitating disease
•Exposure to shocking or extremely stressful physical or psychological conditions or events – for example, witnessing a murder, serving in a war, undergoing chemical or radiation therapy
•Co-dependent relationships – where one has unconsciously given a part of one’s soul to another – say, in a parent/child or intimate relationship
Sandra Ingerman also states that other causes could be an accident, being in a war, being a victim of a terrorist act, acting against our morals, being in a natural disaster (a fire, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc.), surgery, addictions, divorce, or death of a loved one. Any event that causes shock could cause soul loss. And what might cause soul loss in one person might not cause soul loss in another.

It is important to understand that soul loss is a good thing that happens to us. It is how we survive pain. If I was going to be in a head on car collision the last place that I would want to be at the point of impact is in my body. My psyche could not endure that kind of pain. So our psyches have this brilliant self -protection mechanism where a part of our essence or soul leaves the body so that we do not feel the full impact of the pain. In psychology we call this disassociation. But in psychology we don’t talk about what disassociates and where that part goes. In shamanism we understand that a piece of the soul leaves the body and goes to a territory in what shamans call non ordinary reality where it waits until someone intervenes in the spiritual realms and facilitates its return.

Although soul loss is a survival mechanism the problem from a shamanic point of view is that the soul part that left usually does not come back on its own. The soul might be lost, or stolen by another person, or doesn’t know the trauma has passed and it is safe to return. It has always been the role of the shaman to go into an altered state of consciousness and track down where the soul fled to in the alternate realities and return it to the body of the client.


“Imagine a new story for your life And start living it.”
Paul Coelho.

In 2005 her shamanic practitioner bought back a soul piece that a former husband had stolen; a soul piece that she had given to her present male friend because he was so ill; a soul piece that flew off while her mother was pregnant and a soul piece that her mother had taken when the nanny came. In 2011 she had a soul piece returned from one that flew off when her mother left and one that flew off when she was born, but they failed to integrate. Last year she found a practitioner who also specialised in Betsy Bergstrom depossessions and curse unravelling. He found two curses (one ancestral and one present life) that would not allow the most traumatised parts to integrate and he removed the curses and bought back the stranded soul pieces at the same time. They had been waiting in Leandra’s garden. Her clairvoyant friends had seen them in photographs that she sent them of her real life garden (in two portals.) She knew they were there so until she found a way to get them back she talked to them everyday. The shaman bought back another soul piece that flew off when her father suicided and a husband left at the same time around her Uranus opposition. Curses will only stick if a person has soul pieces missing and soul pieces will not stick if there is a curse or some old bit of black magic and I have removed them from people where they had attached in very ancient times. Leandra is now healthy, fit, contented and she has returned to yoga classes.

With her Mars as an apex of the yod transformed she is now an independent and self-sufficient person. She has severed ties with her past and one pointedly focuses all her attention on her new path. Leandra thinks carefully and purposefully before she jumps now rather than with non-productive, haphazard energy expenditure. She also stands back before she travels and speaks too because Mars is in the third house. Her Mars in Pisces is in the right path now as she is a channel for spiritual healing and writing books and articles about spiritual subjects, which will teach other people how to help themselves.


If you remember in the last article Elizabeth had her North Node in the 8th house in Aries 16 degrees. When I looked up the Sabian Symbol it said, “Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting in Silence.” That strikes me as interesting because she has her Sun conjunct her Mercury which rules Gemini the sign of the twins. The Sun-Mercury is inconjunct the North Node, which literally with all quincunx people symbolises something of a split personality. They are like the god Janus, who looks forward to January and back to December. Quincunx people must reconcile two parts of themselves. Well, they don’t have to, but it sure helps. It strikes me that like many quincunx or yod people Elizabeth has a double life. She works for a mainstream company; well frankly I do not believe that they could do without her, but she also has her metaphysical life. What is the other leg of the yod? Do you remember? Yes, it’s Saturn in Virgo 17 degrees conjunct Juno at 19 degrees. This seems very “bride of Christ” in character. A chart in AT Mann’s book on reincarnation and astrology (The Divine Plot) sees the Saturn in Virgo life at 29 BC and the Juno life at 48 AD (p. 227.) The South Node is at 16 Libra at 840 AD (p. 226.) Karma follows Saturn and Juno is the archetypal wife, so let’s have a look at Elizabeth’s past life regressions.

In regard to past lives I highlight the fact that Elizabeth’s South Node is Libra (around 840 AD ) and her Moon is in Cancer (family, tribe; safety, comfort zone, and security; the body, chaos and women) in the twelfth house, so it seems this life is the first life she is “independent” or working outside institutions. The twelfth house is the house of institutions: hospitals, asylums, convents, monasteries, universities and prisons. I want you to think about all of this as you read her first two regressions.

840 AD is exactly at the middle of the Dark Ages when the Vikings were at their greatest height pillaging Great Britain and moving into Europe. The Lombards had invited the Muslims (Saracens) into Italy and the Magyars, the ancestors to the Hungarians immigrated to the Crimean area. In AD 48, the date of Elizabeth’s Juno, Martha of Bethany travelled to Avignon to nurse the ill and bring miracles. Martha witnessed her Brother Lazarus’s resurrection by Jesus and she carried Myrrh for Christ’s resurrection. Martha and her sister Mary were friends of Jesus. She and her sister Mary were wonder workers in southern Gaul or France. Many convents and churches are dedicated to her.

Elizabeth told me: “In one past life regression I saw myself in Italy where I escaped to a convent and lived the rest of my life because my husband was a military leader who had been assassinated. I am currently married to this person.” This could have been anywhere between the first century and the last century. In the letters of Saint Paul, we find that some women among the first generations of Christians renounced sexuality, marriage, and motherhood to consecrate themselves to the service of God and the Christian community. Their commitment represented a social revolution. In the ancient world, women were not recognized as having any identity outside the family context. Even the handful of virgins who served the goddess Vesta at Rome were entered by their fathers and generally married when they retired from service. Yet the Christian virgin (or widow, as the case might be), made for herself a recognized and respected place within the fledgling church. The terms “convent” or “nunnery” almost invariably refers to a community of religious women in modern English usage (from 18th century.) http://www.ctlibrary.com/ch/1991/issue30/3019.html (Inside the Convent. Joann McNamara. )

Then Elizabeth added, “In another life I escaped with my husband during the Crimean war. I am currently married to him. My husband is Hungarian who speaks Croatian as well as a bit of Russian.” The Crimean war was from 1853 to 1856 and this is where modern nursing as we know it began with Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, however before that many nuns were nursing nuns who knew a great deal about medicine, surgery and herbs. Elizabeth told me, “I was a nursing during the Crimean war. A lot of people I meet ask me if I am a nurse and I’m not, however, have worked in hospitals for almost 20 years and as a child always wanted to be a nurse.”

Elizabeth also had past life regressions where “I was in mediaeval England/Scotland and was imprisoned in a dungeon because of speaking out against the Crown. In another past life I was in France during the revolution, a lady of the court, escaping to Italy with a lover who was a politician. I have connected with this person in this lifetime and the connection is quite incredible, we’re good friends.” I cannot put an exact time to the medieval past life,

Elizabeth also said, “I did lots of regression work in Hawaii as [transiting] Pluto [was in] in the last few degrees of Scorpio in my 4th House. [This means Pluto was squaring Elizabeth’s Saturn and Juno in Virgo in the 2nd house, as well as.] The week prior to arriving at The Crystal Academy I had a recurring dream of a huge crystal mountain with brown striations running down it. On the first day of the course, in the room there was this huge white crystal with brown markings running through it, it stood almost 4ft, it was beautiful.” Elizabeth continued, “While in Hawaii, one of the most challenging regressions was being inside the great pyramid and moving up and out of the apex into another dimension that was filled with faceless beings of light, the energy was blissful and I was being shown crystals of all different shapes and colours and they were being infused with light and colour. I was told I couldn’t stay and was then “dumped” back outside the pyramid.” The synchrony between the giant crystal at the crystal academy in Hawaii and her regression where she saw the crystals in ancient Egypt. From here we move on to Alexandra who also starred in my last yod article.


If you have read my previous article you will remember Alexandra that exuberant, go ahead Artemis woman who is full of brilliant ideas. Her Venus in Aries in the 4th house is the apex of a yod and the other legs or quincunxes to Venus are one from Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house to Venus 24 degrees retrograde and Uranus in the ninth house in Virgo at 22 degrees retrograde. So with Venus in Aries we are looking at an independent (Aries), intuitive (Neptune) woman who may well work with revolutionary (Uranus) ideas that are efficient and detailed (Virgo) regarding her home, homes and real estate in general and the land (her moon is in Taurus) and even people’s bodies (Virgo) and health (Virgo) and healing (Scorpio) in some way. She practises Feng Shui so she heals the land. Because she has Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th entering into other dimensions is highly likely and with an inconjunct she may be stuck in time as Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and with Pluto there are blockages. Inconjuncts cause blockages too.

Here’s Alexandra: “From a pretty young age (I’m thinking by the time I was maybe 8 or 10 years old or possibly sooner), I was having specific horrific nightmares. There were several different repeating themes but one that I now am certain was past life stuff went like this:
“It was daylight. I was standing outside in a large Colosseum (like ancient Rome or Greece) with a small number of young men who had been taken captive, seemingly for some sort of political issue. It seems, too, I was a young man like the others (I seemed to be 20-something or so in age) and we were in front of a large crowd of spectators filling the stadium seats. Somehow we are standing on a platform or a stage. I realised we were to be killed as some sort of example of power and authority. We were killed by having boiling hot oil poured down our throats which essentially cooks us from the inside out. Presumably this was in retaliation for speaking out against whoever was in power.”

“This was a recurring dream for me for years. It haunted me because of the extreme torture and violence in the method of killing as well as the lack of protest from so many spectators who lacked compassion. I spent most of my youth with a strong aversion to the smell of oil at high cooking temperatures like for frying. It was horrific for me to watch and smell my father continually cooking with hot oil especially early in the morning to make fried peppers & onions in home fries. I could easily get nauseous going into a fast food restaurant especially in the summer time when the humidity and temperature seemed to make the scents hover even more in the air. I may have been the only teen I knew who didn’t like French fries!!”

“Anyway, the bigger problem for me was that I had this recurring dream at a young age and like other unrelated vivid violent images that came to me while sleeping; I believed I had “invented” them. It was a secret I kept to myself as I didn’t know how I could fathom something so hideous, but to my young mind and exposure, I had no way of knowing that this type of torture may have actually really existed in history. So, I’m sure you can imagine my relief when as a sophomore in high school (around the age of 15 to 16); my Shakespeare teacher was carrying on about methods of torture from ancient times. I think he was slightly provocative in gloating about the methods and he just happened to mention the hot oil used against political dissidents. At that moment, I knew it was an insight into past life or collective unconscious somehow, although it would be years later before I learned the names and details of those concepts.”

“Fast forward to a few years ago. I should know this, but I cannot remember whether it was 2012 0r 2011 or even possibly 2010, but it was definitely in the fall of one of those years; I attended a holistic conference and met Dr Barbara Stone, who did an individual past life regression healing with me. I had met Dr Stone about 20 years before and followed her writing and lectures and certainly respected her work. However, this was the first time of doing this in depth process which was a mix of hypnotic regression technique and muscle testing and tapping with EFT/NLP to process through the old story.”

“She regressed me to the time before the execution. I was a young male, maybe only just 20, named Alexander. I had memories of my happiest times in my life having been playing some sort of sport in a field which may have been typical of the day, but I had a hard time putting words to with my contemporary vocabulary. At any rate, I had some nice memory to ground Alexander. And we began a counselling session of sorts, as I remember it partly directed at Alexander and partly directed at me. The main part about Alexander was the intense pain of the torture causing a kind of emotional/spiritual paralysis and fear and being stuck in that death literally for thousands of years. And the main part I recall directed at me was my assertion that I didn’t want to forget, because I wanted to honour and in some way stand up for and protect those who speak out against oppression. That led to some discussion with Dr Stone asking me if holding the pain and fear for thousands of years was enough already. It was actually a wonderfully liberating concept that I had somehow held this suffering long enough and it was time to release the pain of it and stop “feeling” it as I had been in reliving it all these years/lifetimes and dreams.”

“I laughed a bit because maybe it’s thousands of years. I actually think tens of thousands even. I am not sure, but it was more than enough time to hold the suffering. And so we released it by tapping it away and some other NLP/EFT and similar approaches within the regression. At the end, I was told this release freed not only my own tormented soul, but thousands of others who had also been affected. I think the idea was the pain was so great that the victims were not only locked into it but the souls maybe fractured and kept coming back in pieces attached to others.”

“However it worked, I felt amazing release, peace, clarity and healing. I was able to let go of a certain level of “alertness” that I’d been accustomed to maintaining, a sort of a hyper-vigilance, hyper-responsibility personality, which up until then, I’d attributed to having grown up in a violent household in this lifetime, as well as the fact that those skills served me when I for many years worked in crisis-related responder jobs through my early adulthood and mid-life career.”

To me this unconscious, past life experience feels like what Dr Samuel Sagan calls a samsara, which is Hindu for a scar and in this case a spiritual scar. Mars in Scorpio conjunct South Node seems to be very high on my list of possibilities for having this violent experience. Pluto (Hades) is very much a violent unconscious planet according to Dr Jean Shinoda Bolen and Pluto rules Scorpio. But Neptune in the 12th house is literally a portal or wormhole that stays open and allows that violent experience to permeate every lifetime and literally slime Alexandra’s present life or cause the violence and abuse to reoccur. In this respect my eye keeps sliding down to Alexandra’s Sun conjunct Chiron in the 3rd house in Pisces because Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Neptune is in its own house. As a trine from my experience in rebalancing past lives and ancestral lives one literally has to cut off the black hole type experience. That is where kinesiology and ecstatic body postures that Belinda Gore talks about can seal off dangerous spiritual experiences. There are shamanic postures and kinesiology postures to shut down negative wormholes and past life rituals etc. Saturn is conjunct the Chiron Sun conjunction so this is all so very karmic. I will add because Saturn, Sun, Mars and Pluto are all involved there seems to be a type of Hades type father, in this life, who is violent, but a silent rapist and probably recluse, but also castrated by his own father (Saturn) and alienated from himself (Chiron conjunct Sun.) It is highly likely this pattern goes back for generations. Because Uranus is the rebel he is tied into Alexander in the past life and he is also the castrated father (of Alexandra) in this life and for this reason I’d say Alexandra has a brother who threatens her father. It is so symbolic and terrifying that the father fries the peppers (Mars) in boiling oil; rather like an Alfred Hitchcock movie


BeeBee was being plagued by dreams of an ex-lover whom she wanted to cut out of her life. She did not want any communication with him again and realised that maybe they had past lives togther which may still be attached to her in this life. I did not look at BeeBee’s chart before I did the healing journeys. But afterwards, when I looked at BeeBee’s chart she had the apex of a yod in the 7th house. It was Neptune 4 degrees 40 Sagittarius conjunct Juno 7 degrees 52. The apex inconjuncted her Moon at 4 degrees Cancer conjunct South Node 6 degrees Cancer and also inconjuncted Mars in her 12th house in Taurus 4 degrees 24. When we are looking at past life healings Neptune usually signals a portal, an open door to other dimensions ( and time is a dimension, as is place.) So Neptune conjunct Juno in the seventh told me immediately that a door had not been shut on a very significant relationship. The yod to Moon- South Node in Cancer tells me that the problem could be anything Cancerian or Lunar. This could be safety, security, treating husband as a child, but at the time I didn’t think of tribal times or perhaps being a priestess of the Great Mother. Mars in Taurus in the twelfth inconjunct Neptune told me a lot of her energy was being drained and this could be some sort of vampiring relationships. Twelfth house, like 8th house can be curses or spells. I also noted that she had Venus conjunct Pluto in her 4th house sextiling Neptune. That is a very karmic relationship and again here an old contract had to be cut or broken. So let’s look at what happened will we?
I set the intention which was to cut off Robin Sippson from any ancestral lives, past lives and her present life.
“We see BeeBee as a Zulu princess in the time of the Zulu wars. Robin is a Boer and shoots BeeBee just for sport with his rifle. He is instantly cursed by her Zulu father who is also a priest/shaman. The tribe as a whole curses her too. The tribal warriors and her father throw a spear put through his shoulders left to right and leave him to die.

We then see a sort of vertical serpent that appears like a totem pole. On enquiring why he is there he says that he is a wall, a mountain range to stop us seeing further back. We keep asking who he is and he says that he can see back to ancient Egypt in Roman times. We see Robin coming down (south) – the Nile in a sort of barge. He is Germanic; a mercenary who has somehow been put off his voyage by high winds and ended up at the delta of the Nile at Alexandria. He sails down the river and sees BeeBee and falls in love with her. This time she is a Sudanese princess. For some reason he accidentally stabs her in the heart and he makes an oath that he will love her for all time. He throws himself overboard, where he is taken by some sort of river siren. We delete this whole event/time and send him back to the German region he came from before he became a Roman mercenary.

We then break all curses, spells, agreements and oaths that were made by BeeBee in both lives, as well as curses, spells, contracts and oaths made by the Zulu people, and by Robin in both lives; as well as the river siren and BeeBee’s shaman Zulu chieftain father.

A composite totem/guardian for BeeBee volunteers to come back to protect her. At the top is the Zulu chieftain who is a king/shaman. The king/shaman will look at all the men BeeBee meets and assess them. If they are no good he will send them on their way. The totem pole/mountain range is a serpent and he gives her wisdom and the feet of the totem pole belong to an ostrich and this gives her stamina. There is a flamingo that is part of the totem pole and this gives her beauty. An owl for seeing in the dark and wisdom and a wolf strengthens her as a teacher and makes more savage and less complacent. All protect her and guard her.

At the time her progressed Sun squared her South Node and progressed Moon in Sagittarius inconjuncted her natal ascendant. Transitting Pluto had just north node in the 8th. Transitted Uranus had just squared her Moon and injuncted her Neptune and Juno. At the time of the healing BeeBee had a number of significant dreams and although Robin wrote to her out of the blue that day she ignored him. Her progressions and transits also confirmed that the past was over, significant changes had occurred and she was free.

Before we go any further I am going to teach you a meditation. It is a shamanic journey I do every day.


You may find the theory behind this daily meditation or daily journey into your spiritual realms in “The Journey to the Sacred Garden: A Guide to Travelling in the Spiritual Realms” by Hank Wesselman PhD. Your Sacred Garden is in the middle world of the shamanic world. It is your place of power and healing and a gateway to another world where you can retreat from the stress of your everyday world. It is also a cosmic world to other spiritual worlds of reality. We may encounter ancestors who have passed over in the last hundred years or so here.

Before I begin I do 5-10 minutes of yoga asannas (exercises) and 5 minutes of pranayama or breathing exercises to align my energy to begin my meditation (Sacred Garden Journey.) Some people need a drum or rattle or an audio tape of one to allow one’s brainwaves to move from the beta to alpha state and to the theta state if one goes deeply enough, but I find the breathing and exercises or “ecstatic postures” enough to shift my consciousness.

• I sit quietly and close my eyes in my favourite spot to meditate. I sit cross legged on my bed. Some people lie on their back with a black scarf over their eyes. I meditate every day. Our body and soul likes the routine.
• First I set my intention; the purpose of my visit to my sacred garden. I speak my intention to my spiritual guides and my protector. I say where I want to go in my scared garden and why I want to go there.
• As I close my eyes I am immediately in nature, in a glorious old forest, green and mossy, serene and comforting. The birds sing quietly as I wander quietly along.
• I see a set of ancient stone stairs. They are wide, rough, recently cleaned and not slippery. They are safe and inviting.
• I take seven very deep long, cleansing depths right down below my belly in preparation to descend the stairs.
• I walk down them slowly counting as I descend: twenty, nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve, and eleven. At ten I am totally focussed and aware only of the steps. My eyes are heavy, heavier and heavier. I am at a slight landing at ten, ready to descend further. I feel and see the earth around me; the ferns, the flowers; nine; eight, seven, six, five; four; three, two, one.
• At the base is a wide landing and an old wooden door. My gatekeeper is at the door. I know him. He knows me. He is there to keep me safe. Sometimes he puts me in his pocket. Sometimes he just holds my hand. For you he may be Buddha, Archangel Michael, Kwan Yin, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint George, an animal you have always felt close to; the list goes on.
• Look the door has my name engraved. I put my hand on my name and the door opens and my protector and I go in.
• The giant cave I see is warm and inviting, filled with the beautiful rugs and colours I love. You have entered a portal. It is your personal place of power and healing. This place is a gateway within other worlds, a sanctuary where we can withdraw from the pressures of everyday life to re-adjust and repair ourself and restore ourself.
• Inside the garden everything is symbolic of you or your life. The garden represents the level of your archetypes.
• Everything in the garden can be communicated with to some degree, enhancing your understanding of your life. If you see thorny vines choking your garden you will have to chop them out as this is a warning about your health, but if you have beds of roses everything is rosy.
• Everything in your garden can be changed so your scared garden is just as you want it to be. You can make you’re a place of great power and beauty and you can invite your ancestors and invite all the great doctors and healers of time: Chiron, Hygeia, Asclepius, Jesus of Nazareth, the medicine Buddha, and Paracelsus to heal them so you and your family as descendants are healthy and prosperous. This is also the place where you rejuvenate all your chakras to enhance your power.
• When you change your garden some aspect of your life will change in response.
• When I wish to leave I close the door to my Sacred Garden and walk slowly up my stairs: one, two, and three four, five and take a deep breath; six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I breathe in again and am aware of the smells and sounds around the landing at step ten. I take another step to step eleven, then twelve, thirteen; my eyes are beginning to sense the light, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. I arrive back in the forest. I take all the time I need to come back to my waking reality.
• I take my loving gentleness; my peace and serenity and inner strength; my confidence and love for all I encounter back into the world, knowing I can do this loving mediation whenever I need peace, love, confidence and gentleness. Take notes of what happened and keep a Sacred Garden diary.


On that happy note I will wish you a happy day and thankyou for reading my work. I do hope you have benefitted. I am writing a book on yods and quincunxes, because not much has been written on this subject. If you would like to contribute your chart and story anonymously please write to me in the comments section. Just tell me you’d like to contribute and I’ll write back to you via email.


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I hold that when a person dies
His soul returns to earth again,
Arrayed in some new flesh disguise
Another mother gives him birth.
With sturdier limbs and brighter brain
The old soul takes to the roads again.
~John Masefield~


I have noticed how important the title “What on earth are yods?” was for these articles on yods. Earth is the key to inconjuncts and yods. People with yods must “come down to earth.” They must stop living a past life and live this in one. They must allow their soul to walk their correct and comfortable path on earth; the true straight path for them this time around; so the lesson here is to ground, to fit in with their “‘herd”, their “mob”; their ‘tribe”; the people around them so they will prosper in their life on earth. We were not born alone. We were born among many people, on a wonderful planet: Earth. When we really sensibly analyse the quincunx/yod words they are actualising verbs; words that allow us to flourish, succeed, thrive and make the best of our life on this earth. Can you see that? Look at them and think about them carefully and imagine yourself doing them. Can you spare a few moments to do that, please. Here are the quincunx (150 degrees -inconjunct) words:
• adjust;
• redirect;
• reorganise;
• regain your perspective;
• stop the strain;
• fix the challenge;
• divert;
• modify;
• correct;
• re-organise;
• re-coordinate;
• revitalise and
• “I should have.”
Let me explain some of them for you. I shall give you some more examples; as real life examples are of the earth element.

Secondly, if you read John Masefield’s poetry above and read some of Michael Newton PhD or Brian Weiss’s books on past life regressions or “life in between life” regressions and the decisions our souls make to life this present life on earth, you will understand that many of us still have remnants of past lives we lived in other times and places; even other dimensions that are still with us when we are young. We then are not properly in the present time, present life; we are still half in and half out of other lives. Certainly Barbara Hand Clow was when she attempted suicide because she thought she was schizophrenic and then had two years of past life therapy and wrote the Eye of the Centaur as a result. Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate this concept about quincunx and yod people being “not of this time” until they adjust.

Years ago I took a number of my nephews and nieces to old Sydney Town for the day. It was a tourist town with scenery of when the convicts from Britain arrived between 1788 and 1800 in Australia. There was one of the old convict ships from the First Fleet in the harbour and the guide asked if anyone would like to have a look. One of my nephews, Allan who was three years old, raced down into the ship and shouted loudly, “I was in this ship when I came out from the old country. Tis where I nearly died. This is where the ship’s surgeon tried to save… I’ve sailed before. It wasn’t a big deal.” He knew the whole ship inside out.
The guide blinked. “Does he study the ships of this time ma’am?” he asked me.
“He’s only three,” I replied. “He can’t read and we’ve never spoken of this period of history.”
“I was there. I was a convict. I was on this ship,” Allan shouted.
I saw Allan recently. I don’t see him often. He’s 33 years old now. He didn’t remember the day at old Sydney Town, but he smiled quietly when I told him the story. He does have a complex inconjunct: Moon in Aries 13 degrees conjunct Eris 13 degrees in Aries in the 3rd house inconjunct Mars in Virgo 13 degrees conjunct Jupiter 10 degrees in the 8th house. The third house is a house of communication, and of journeys. Now that 8th house is an ancestral house, but it is also one of those interdimensional houses that reveals past lives. The 8th house is a house of death and death takes in ancestral lives and past lives. Inconjuncts reveal maladjustment. It seems Allan hadn’t quite adjusted himself to being in 1983. He was still in 1788 as a convict (Mars-Jupiter in the 8th) in his comfort zone (inconjunct Moon in Aries). He was a very (Jupiter) aggressive (Moon in Aries conjunct Eris [disorder]) little boy for many years, always stealing things, always fighting (Moon in Aries inconjunct Mars-Jupiter), always having to win fights (Mars inconjunct Moon in his Aries) in a big way (Jupiter); always carving weapons (Mars) from bits of wood and always reading books on the Vikings and Medieval weaponry. He is a different person now. He has redirected his energy, re-organised his life and has adjusted to living in the 21st century. That is what can happen to a person with a quincunx or a yod.


I have nine examples of people with yods, but first I am going to talk about a lesson people with 150 degree aspects in their charts (a quincunx) must learn. A yod is two quincunxes in the same configuration. At the base of the isosceles triangle there are two planets are sixty degrees away from each other. That is called a sextile. It is not an equilateral triangle where all the sides are equal. The base is relatively small, the two sides are long. The sextile (the base of the triangle) is a positive aspect where your gifts and talents can be exploited if you put in a bit of effort. But each planet quincunxes (150 degree) a planet (or more than one planet or point) at the apex. In this article I am including a number of vignettes or examples of how to use yods. A couple are long winded because I talk about somatic health, psychological health, archetypes, karmic astrology and nutrition in detail. In one I speak in detail about analysing planets that make up quincunxes and yods so people can understand the process. In my third “yod” article, one I will call “WHAT ON EARTH ARE YODS: PART THREE” I will write a number of vignettes on yods and shamanic rebalancing (or healing, if you want to call it that) journeys to address adjustments that need to be made when past lives, ancestral lives and messed up early lives are unresolved and need spiritual “shamanic” adjustments to make the person’s life more efficient, successful and happy.

The first example I am going to talk about “regaining your perspective” as how to work with an apex of a yod that is North Node in Capricorn in the sixth house and the second example is how yods can help “modify your life” with a Moon conjunct Saturn in the 2nd house. The third example is about “fixing the challenge” if you have a Chiron yod in the 4th and the fourth example is “reorganising” with a North Node yod apex. The fifth and sixth examples are “revitalising “life with a yod (with a Jupiter apex of a yod) and example seven is similarly on “resolving a problematic life.” Number seven example is the life story of a woman who ruined her health so it is “I should have” Venus in Pisces quincunx Jupiter in the 6th example, but on the other hand she made life bearable for a lot of people with her caring “listening” and attention when alienated people needed attention. Number eight is a complex yod where the apex is Sun-Saturn in the tenth house.

If you can’t see the examples in your mind draw a large circle and divide it up into 12 sectors with each house marked from 1 to 12 starting from 9 o’clock if you are not an astrologer and ending for house 12 between 10 o’clock and nine o’clock. Then write the quincunxes in for each example. Now you should be able to see them. Also draw two lines on a single piece of paper that show you what 150 degrees look like. It is an ungainly aspect that actually creates static in outer space if two planets are at that angle to one another.

Bill Tierney who is one of the yod gurus suggests that a 150 degree aspect is compatible with the cusp of Virgo when moving counter-clockwise and the cusp of Scorpio moving clockwise (p. 35 in Dynamics of Aspects of Analysis: New Perceptions of Astrology.) Thus quincunxes, the 150 degree aspect corresponds with the signs Virgo and Scorpio. These signs naturally analyse and dissect and they are motivated to make essential modifications to improve the functioning of a person. So the quincunx suggests that we must reassemble the energies of the planets before they can be used succinctly.

The Yod typically is identified with timing and crisis or the need to act. The need will develop through the apex while the opportunity to the action will develop through the sextiled planets. The nature of the Yod is to produce disrupting thought patterns since there is little energy within the chart configuration to unify these planets. The two sextile planets tend to work together to the detriment of the apex planet. When the Yod is transitted, the Yod individual tends to feel the urge to react immediately, then sensing that the decision to act was wrong, will wait too long to correct the first action. Individuals who can plan their actions to the timing of a transit to the first sextile planet and to end during the transit of the second sextile planet may begin to sense the “Finger of God” description given to the Yod. The annoying factor of the Yod is that the individual tends to feel that important information is missing when it is time to make a decision. When the individual learns to trust the timing and the Yod is integrated into their decisions, the individual then begins to grasp the “higher order” status of the configuration.


In a past “StarCounsell. WordPress” article on Saturn in Scorpio I told you about my great-grandmother known as Gran Alice. I have her photo on my desk in front of me, where she stands next to my Nana. Nana is a little girl of seven; excited; smiling. Gran Alice is beautiful, dignified, with a Queen Alexandra hairstyle, but sad. Gran grew up with a wealthy, loving family. Her parents ran a farm for poor people in Surrey England. It was not a Poor House, but a “poor farm” where people learned practical skills. Gran had seven siblings, who were very close and her mother and father had grown up in the same street and married, so even her grandparents had always known each other. Gran had a Cancer South Node, a Cancer Ascendant and even a Cancer Sun. So for my friends, who are not astrologers this means that her family were her life and as each generation grew up they learned the skills of the past from their parents and grandparents and probably a large interwoven, loving tribal community. Gran Alice married a police inspector of Scotland Yard who lived in the same street as her. They moved to London in 1892. Even though she was the second eldest of her siblings she was the last to be married. He worked and she stayed at home. She was 32 when she married and she had lived with her family until then. My Nana, her only child, took four years to arrive. Then they moved to Whitstable, Kent, when Gran’s husband, had a promotion in 1901. A Whitstable church was having trouble with gypsies and the church wanted the police to move them off the church land. They cursed Gran’s husband publically. That was the beginning of the trouble. Dad told me that Nana’s father died, when she was seven, of a smallpox inoculation that had gone wrong. But when my sister and my niece started researching late last year, they found that Dad’s story was a tissue of lie to cover up a tragic secret. Nana’s father had been moved to an asylum in Kent for the insane when Nana was five. Her father had syphilis. I can’t imagine how horrendous this must have been for Nana’s mother. There was no cure for syphilis then. The person went insane and their appearance changed beyond recognition. Nana was sent to a Mason’s School for young ladies in London (and never knew about her father); Gran Alice had to become a live-in housekeeper and she also made beautiful hats for sale to rich aristocratic ladies (her Venus in Leo.) Gran Alice’s sister Bertha and her family looked after my Great-Great Gran Josephine. All the eight brothers and sisters had moved together; this would be the first time Gran would be separated from them. So Gran Alice had to regain her perspective. She worked for the first time in her life (North Node in the sixth house.) She moved down a class (North Node in Capricorn is respect and social standing.) She lost her family (South Node in Cancer), her husband and her only child. At that time transiting Saturn and Jupiter were both 13 degrees Capricorn and sat on her North Node in the 6th house of work. It was a no choice situation: regain your perspective and work or die! Nana’s father had been a Mason and they provided schooling for Nana, but Nana’s father’s police pension must have been too small for Gran Alice to survive. Transiting Pluto had hovered in Gemini over her Uranus in the 7th in Gemini and transiting Uranus in Sagittarius opposed her Uranus. She also lost her siblings and her “group” (South Node in Cancer.) Transiting North Node sat in Scorpio squared Gran’s Venus trined her natal North Node and conjuncted her Moon. It was “adjust”; “regain your perspective on life”; don’t think; act; get real! But in mid-1913 transiting Jupiter conjuncted her apex North Node and there was hope. Gran Alice and her daughter sailed from England to Australia to make a new life. She was fifty now. Transiting Neptune sat on her Sun and she had just had a Chiron return. This time the regaining of her perspective was positive. When Nana married Grandad in 1927 Gran Alice regained a whole new family of friendly Australians who lived near her in Sydney and in 1928 she had a little Grandson.


My friend BeeBee was born in South Africa of Greek parents. She acquired two good university degrees and she fell in love with a man and although they seemed to have much in common nothing seemed to work, marriage did not seem to be an option. It was a confusing relationship (Neptune 4 degrees 40 minutes Sagittarius in the 7th) so Bee Bee’s answer was to modify her life, be self-sufficient (Moon 4 degrees conjunct Saturn 4 degrees Cancer in the second house inconjunct Neptune) and move to another country, her ancestral home of Greece (Jupiter four degrees Aquarius in the 9th.) She taught English as a second language to make money (Saturn as apex of her yod in the second.) BeeBee and I worked together earlier this year so I could do some shamanic rebalancing of her past lives to further modify her life and balance the karma (Saturn-Moon) so her life was more promising.

Apex Saturn is a karmic apex and indicates that both proper timing and inner maturity are vital when it comes to a new direction in life. There is some sense here of the soul testing the inner strength and casting out of old burdensome attitudes. Fate here can denote a lot of frustration which is self-induced. Fateful consequences may occur if one ignores the demanding soul path. It seems reasonable to assume that this yod will be triggered off by the Saturn return. The Moon apex tells of an inner emotional adjustment that is needed for sensitivity. This is a very private position and emotional maladjustments are seldom evident on the surface. But they may screen out emotional internal messages when they are young to protect themselves from the past and this includes not only trauma from this life but from past lives and ancestral lives. Once activated they are enabled for a life lived in the present where they are enabled to soothe and nurture others.

As I have said previously quincunxes which are the basis of yods work to attempt to bring our impulses into proper alignment where we regulate our urges with greater self-control and discipline. “The basic role of a quincunx is to remove all non-effectual attitudes that interfere with our ongoing growth” (Bill Tierney, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, p. 36.) There is no doubt that the Moon-Saturn aspect and apex of a yod is a karmic aspect and there is also no doubt that the soul has received poor mothering in the past and that love was only given if one conformed to the family norm. The challenge now is to mother oneself and link to the Divine mother and be nurtured by her (Judy Hall, Past Life Astrology, p. 126.)


Hugo was unhappy and challenged constantly. He felt he had a rotten life. He had been physically and verbally abused as a child; and then to cap it off his mother had another baby; a son who was spoiled and loved and Hugo was ignored. His hardworking uncle, who lived with them, lectured him about being lazy and bad mannered constantly. Except for his cousin and his Grandma he had no one. Life was not fair. When he was about twelve he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. That was convenient. He could be angry publicly (Moon in Aries at 29 degrees in the third house conjunct IC opposite Pluto in Scorpio at 1 degree conjunct MC) and he threw desks at teachers, shouted obscenities at school and at all the visitors who came to his home. He drove cars recklessly without a licence. He smashed one of his parent’s cars. They said nothing and didn’t speak to him at all after that. He didn’t like working so he was rude and disruptive at work, and consequently he lost all jobs. His mother was a very important woman with a huge business and she gave him a job as her personal assistant, but he was rude and odious to all her employees to spite her. The employees demanded that he be removed. Then he could stay home and be alienated from everyone (apex Chiron in the fourth house.)He had no real friends (Chiron inconjunct Neptune in the 11th house) and with his Venus in his first house in Aquarius, that hurt his feelings. He seemed cold and he was definitely rude, but he did have his Sun and Mercury in Pisces, so it did hurt. He was six feet five and he felt ugly (his Chiron was 29 degrees in Taurus in the 4th house square Venus in his first house) so he attempted suicide. His Grandma whose Sun was right smack on Hugo’s Venus often stayed at Henry’s house to keep an eye on him. She rang the police when she believed he was attempting suicide and demanded that his case be reviewed when he was in hospital. But then Hugo’s mother demanded that he support himself and the government social welfare told him that he had to work or have some form of government approved retraining. So Hugo’s Grandma, with her big heart, sold her house and moved into a little cottage at the back of Hugo’s family home. When Transiting Pluto conjuncted Hugo’s Neptune (in the 11th) conjunct Jupiter (in the twelfth) and Uranus squared them at the beginning of 2013, Grandma persuaded Hugo to start studying psychology at university. At the same time his yod (Chiron Taurus 28 Aries in 4th apex, inconjunct Pluto one degree in Scorpio sextile Neptune one degree Capricorn) was triggered by transiting Neptune. Hugo excelled at university. He loved studying psychology (Neptune conjunct Jupiter in the 12th house sextile Pluto.) It was structured (Neptune in Capricorn) and he fitted into the university groups (Neptune in the 11th.) He did well scholastically and he began to understand people and what made them work. He made friends in his tutorials. These people liked him, really liked him for who he was and he began to bring them home to meet Grandma. His cousin, who had protected Hugo since childhood, noticed he was changing and was concentrating on a world outside his own problems. Hugo was fixing the challenge. He was happy. Yay!

A Chiron apex is a karmic placement. Sorry to sound so boring, but it is, and it could be balanced and restructured by shamanic healing. Judy Hall suggests that Chiron in Cancer in the 4th house is an emotional wound which may cause psychosomatic illness. She adds that, “Healing will come in emotional detachment and nurturing of one’s Self.” I see this as an ancestral wounding. I have seen this placement in other members of the same family. They turn the other cheek and remain cold when intervention needs to happen. Chiron is archetypally a being who was historically and in sociologically alienated from mainstream Greek classical society. He lived in a cave and lived like a wild man. Chiron always intervened. He tutored his students in real life skills; he taught them to live off the land, taught them astrology, martial arts, holistic healing, herbs. Hugo lived in cave like room up until he went to university, but he wasn’t behaving like Chiron. He still needed adjustment. With Neptune quincunxing Chiron the cave where he lived was an illusion and he was confused and deluded. The cave was just a dirty, untidy room and the Poseidon (Neptune) archetype meant Hugo “reacted emotionally and intensely when he was provoked… and when his raw feelings erupted his raging emotions flooding the household” (Jean Shinoda Bolen on Poseidon in Gods in Everyman: Archetypes That shape Men’s lives, p. 73.) Now instead of being angry, destructive, vengeful Poseidon of the stormy seas; who makes Chiron retreat to higher and higher land in Thessaly when the floods come cataclysmically destroying the land, Hugo is becoming Poseidon, “the deep sea diver”; the psychotherapist who is drawn in time and time again to descend deeper into the realm of emotions where he taps into collective human depths (Neptune inconjunct Chiron.) [Jean Shinoda Bolen, p. 79.) As Jean Shinoda Bolen notes, people who have suffered historically and where art and literature are valued and whose national cultures respect the realm of emotions and feelings more (such as Indigenous cultures, Russia and Ireland) allow their men to be more emotional, more expressive and less so-called rational.

With Pluto inconjunct Chiron if we will consult Gods in Everyman and we find that Hades (Pluto) is often a recluse who prefers to live alone and not be bothered. Sometimes they have a mat at the front door that says, “Go Away”. The Grinch in his meanest stage is Hades the Recluse. He can also be the invisible man with an inadequate persona. As the shadow of Zeus or Jupiter he is the rapist and abductor. He is the depressive with an emotional aridity. He is also the insomniac. He can grow with education, as Hugo is doing; he can find Persephone his receptive wife who will mediate for him; he can activate his Hermes (Mercury) side who is the psychopomp and guide of souls to bring him up from the underworld. Hades can be an introvert, but he is a rich source of creativity. He can become a psychologist and counsellor as he has actually experienced so many dread-full states and he can became an artist, actor or film maker like Hitchcock or Fellini. With Chiron as a team mate he can seek holistic healing, go to martial arts, and learn alternative and even Jungian counselling and ways of seeing himself away from his family and even in the wilds with other people like himself.

Hugo’s placement of Chiron is also in Taurus and to me this means emotional starvation so the body seeks to comfort eat and becomes grossly overweight from creamy comfort foods to make up for loss of self- worth. Body and soul must be integrated. Yoga classes, at least one shamanic healing, and close attention to diet needs to happen here to overcome the self-depleting attitudes from the two quincunxes. The reason the shamanic healing needs to happen is that family systems counselling has been tried and eradicated already. Hugo would not attend. One sees clearly that Hugo’s Aries Moon is exactly opposite his Pluto and the Pluto inconjuncts Chiron in the 4th. Hugo’s father also carries enormous anger and wounding and one can see this in Hugo’s Chiron opposite 23 degree Mars in Scorpio in the 10th, so one must tie in inter-related aspects into a yod. Chiron -Mars is also a karmic aspect where there is a deep wounding of the will and the Self must take back power. Saturn in Scorpio is also conjunct Mars in the 10th house, another karmic aspect. This is very similar to Chiron- Mars and it manifest in helplessness and powerlessness. It is the archetype of a slave who has sold his soul and body to another and in this case it to his mother for money. Judy Hall states that often this aspect comes up as a person who has been a monk or nun (or priest or priestess) in a past life and has given their soul to the god of that religion. So if you are working with Yods please tie them in to the rest of the chart.

Hugo would do well to study the archetypes of Pluto and Neptune in a book like Gods in Every Man to understand how out of touch with society these personality types really are and see how to tap the best of them. Neptune must learn boundaries and with Neptune in Capricorn Hugo must learn responsibility and discipline. He is learning the discipline of study, but he must learn that one cannot take cars and drive without a licence. He has been sent to a correctional boot camp once by the police, but his mother with all her money over-ruled this again and again, so his Moon in Aries is still at the baby (toddler) tantrum age. My suggestion here again is a shamanic healing, because I know there are three Australian convicts in his mother’s ancestry and criminals in his father’s side so this all needs cutting off and rebalancing. Judy Hall maintains that when there are quincunxes in a chart powerful karma is being activated and “the soul has decided that the karma needs to be resolved in this life time” (p.91. Past Life Astrology.) Thus the planet’s energies must be resolved and integrated.

The quincunx is an internalising aspect so disturbances are apt to turn inwards, interfering with both a soul and body well-being. They are noted for their psychosomatic and mental health problems of a draining and devitalising nature. Hugo’s quincunxes from Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio are particularly unconscious by nature and they require a great deal of awareness to work with them. The quincunx has been seen as a health aspect implying its tendency to disorganise energy patterns on the physical level and its presence in a natal chart should alert us to somatic malfunctions.

Somatic education can improve natural control of our own body. “Somatic” refers to the awareness of the body “from within” and “education” has to do with awakening abilities. Somatic education can produce results particularly effectively with the residual effects of injuries (chronic pain and stiffness) and with stress-related disorders (such as headaches or asthma). The rule for somatic education is called “learning and self-correction” which aligns with what quincunxes as the basis of yods point out. The following words from Thomas Hanna, a prime researcher and innovator in the field of somatics, summarize the viewpoint of somatic education — an approach to deliberate self-healing. He says: “There are two distinct ways of perceiving and acting upon physiological processes: first, one can perceive a body and act upon a body; second, one can perceive a soma and act upon a soma. In the first instance is a third-person standpoint that sees an objective body there, separate from the observer, a body upon which the observer can act, for example, a doctor treating the patient. The second instance is a first-person standpoint that sees a subjective soma here: namely, oneself, one’s own soma, upon whose process one can personally work, oneself. A soma, then, is a body perceived from within. Somatic Education is the improvement of bodily awareness to gain greater voluntary control of one’s bodily processes.

In this case I wish to observe that Chiron as the apex of Hugo’s yod is a planet (energy) that has great difficulty in self-healing. Chiron as an archetype is wonderful at healing other’s and here one can forget about one’s own afflictions, but Chiron as a mythological figure died without being able to treat his own wound. While he used herbs and martial arts they could not get rid of the poison. However, I do know that Hugo is well on the way to healing his own wounds. He has studied emotion from a Western psychology process. Let’s hope that he may go to yoga or Tai Chi as well.

With somatic education, the individual learns to correct bodily malfunctions through an internalized learning process. For certain conditions, such as chronic pain following injury, this approach is the only way that works in the long run. When a person has accumulated injuries and nervous tension from long-term stress over a lifetime, they may become so tense that their muscles hurt from sheer muscle fatigue. Spasms may occur. Joints get compressed by those muscle pulls. Nerves get pinched. Breathing and physiological functions get impaired. Posture gets distorted. People suffer “body aches”. They “age”. However, there is nothing wrong with their muscles; they are working as they should. They are only obeying the nervous system. The problems that result can be reversed only by releasing the accumulated effects of injuries and stress.

Beyond pain-relief, somatic education can have far-reaching effects on overall health. Major bodily systems affecting health and healing are affected by a system over which we have virtually unlimited potential for voluntary control: our muscular system, e.g.:
•breathing: the diaphragm, abdominal muscles, intercostal muscles, scalenes – constriction restricts breathing and overall vitality
•digestion: the hypogastric plexus, embedded in the iliopsoas muscles – constriction impairs circulation, plexus nutrition and function
•circulation: blood pressure — back-pressures resulting from tight muscles block lymphatic flow and require the heart to labour more to provide adequate circulation. Therefore Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement exercises, Rolfing® Movement, biofeedback, and schools of yoga that go beyond stretching and relaxation consciously awaken the self-determining, self-correcting link between self-awareness and self-control. It is here that I introduce two friends who have used yoga to revitalise their life.


The next person, who I will call Marion, is a very determined person and I take off my invisible hat to her. Jupiter at 28 degrees Scorpio is the apex of the yod and is in the first house. Here we see an assertive person who may find it difficult to rest. This is a strong individualist. One quincunx from Jupiter connects to Mercury in Aries at 27 degrees in the 6th house and the other quincunx is Moon conjunct Hygiea conjunct Venus in the 8th house. The Moon and Hygeia are in Gemini and Venus is in Cancer. Generally with quincunxes planets have nothing in common, but here in the first quincunx I mentioned we have Mars ruling both Mercury and Jupiter, so health wise and work this lady may have bursts of health and energy until she reaches her crossroads. Mercury inconjunct (quincunx) Jupiter is supposed to create exaggeration, but I would see this as her health food business she set up rather than being a talkative, noisy person. Jupiter in Scorpio would not be a loud and talkative person, perhaps as a teacher of yoga, but certainly not in daily life. Whatever you focus on tends to grow in your mind without anything happening in the external world. Circumstances in life can easily seem much better or much worse than they really are. Learn to trust other people’s assessment and to judge life more on the concrete facts and less on moral pronouncements which tend to be very colored by self- justification and avoidance. Mercury is sextile Moon in Gemini, Hygeia in Gemini and Venus in Taurus. With Hygeia involved if you have been thinking this is a holistic health practitioner you are correct. With Venus quincunx (Inconjunct) Jupiter you easily overextend yourself. Overindulgence and exhaustion can come from feeling over-optimistic about yourself and what the world will do for you. You take on obligations that are other people’s responsibilities because you feel so good about yourself. You are happy and healthy when you learn how to set real limits without being talked or coerced into overdoing it, in some area of your life. Interestingly Jupiter is also the apex of a T square with Pluto at one leg in Virgo in the 11th and Chiron in the 5th.

While thinking about the philosophy of yods being an imbalance of somatic functions Marion’s decision to practice and teach yoga was wise and revitalising, especially with Mercury being in the 6th house of the body and health. This is Marion’s story. I asked Marion: “When did you start doing and teaching yoga. That is a big crossroads. Did you have health problems before or was it just a lifestyle or philosophical need?”

Marion answered,” I had a health food shop 1977, and I had a minor car accident with whiplash round 1980, so yoga was a great relief. I studied art and completed a craft teaching degree from 1982 to 1987. I started yoga in 1982 and began teaching yoga in 2000 and studied 2008. I sold the health food store in 1980. I moved to from Melbourne to Noosa in 1989 and had my only son in 1994. I had creative artistic burst in 1998 and last year I had an art exhibition in June 2013. I am determined not to let it slide to the background of my life again! I combined art with yoga for the exhibition.”

Apex Jupiter people are consciously expanding their awareness in this life time so yoga is a lovely somatic way to do this. The kundalini rises through the body in a disciplined way and the aura is strengthened. Jupiter’s natural optimism and natural expansion allows this person to adjust well.


This is my friend Yolanda’s story. “As a child I always felt I that I didn’t belong and someday in the future I would lead my life in a completely different way to my family. My parents didn’t get along and lived together for 25 years, waiting for myself and two younger sisters to grow up. My father was manic depressive and committed suicide at the age of 50 something. I felt weak and powerless inside, but I tried to keep it in. As a child I was very dreamy (my Pisces sun) and I didn’t like school but I loved theatre class. When I was 15 years old when I moved to Israel and I left my family. I went to leave in a Kibbutz by myself. I finished High School and went to serve the army as a medic and there I met my husband. After the army I got married very young (21) and gave birth to my first boy and left Israel for 6 years and went to the U.S.A. In 1980 we came back to Israel and 3 years later I gave birth to my second son. My marriage wasn’t working so well and my husband went back to the States.
I asked Yolanda, “So are you still in Israel and happy and living on your own or with your children Yolanda. Your second son is the same age as my son. Are you still in theatre? Do you practice professionally as an astrologer?”
Yolanda answered, “I stayed in Israel with my two sons (at the time they were 18 and 7 years old) and that was the time when I started taking my power back. I forgot to mention that I had Epilepsy and lived on Epanutin. Any I began going to yoga classes and started practicing meditation and Reiki and with homeopathy and I got rid of the medicines and the epilepsy. Now I live a happy life with my small but dear family and my son is a yoga teacher today and we practice together. My husband returned from the States and we have been together since 1990.”

Let’s look at the astrology of Yolanda’s yod. She has Sun in Pisces at 18-19 degrees in the fifth house quincunxing Pluto at 16 Leo in the tenth conjuncting MC and quincunxing Neptune at 16-17 Libra in the 11th house. Pluto opposes Jupiter on her IC. She has a Sagittarian Moon in the first house and a Uranus in the 8th in Cancer. Neither planet aspects the yod. Hygeia and Chiron at 18 and 21 Sagittarius in her first house both square her Sun. Her South Node in Libra sits up in the 11th house at 7 degrees exactly conjuncting Yolanda’s Mars in Libra. This squares her Uranus in the 8th. Her Saturn is exactly at the midpoint of Pluto/Neptune. Judy Hall claims that this midpoint which will oppose the apex of the yod is the resolution of the yod. Let’s see will we.

So as a bird’s eye view we see an independent person who would like to break away from her immediate nation but is still attached to her ancestral mother land of Israel. She does have a lot of past lives as a partner/wife and also as someone who is Mars-like and courageous, but in a team. Saturn in Virgo opposing her delicate Pisces Sun reveals certain somatic problems. Her Vertex in the six house reveals her joy is strength and good health. The Sun in the fifth and Moon conjunct her Ascendant tells us that her children are precious.

The yod is eventually adjusted and her life revitalised when transiting Saturn in Capricorn trines her natal Saturn and sextiles her Sun as apex of the yod releasing her talents and revitalises and restructures her body and love. Transiting Neptune at its highest vibration of spirituality also sextiles Yolanda’s Sun and trines her natal Saturn and we see this in a miracle cure of epilepsy, through yoga which restructures her chakra’s and aura. Transiting Neptune also squares natal Neptune pushing it out of its comfort zone of using medications to hold the epilepsy at bay and revitalising loving, creative communication between Yolanda and her husband. Transiting Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are all in her third house at this time so communication (Mercury) is highlighted: to neural pathways (neuroplasticity); romantically to her husband; somatically to her body through yoga, to her sons and to her spiritual bodies. Transiting Saturn (structures), Neptune (spiritual practice, and creativity on all levels) and Uranus (sudden change and the evolution of the neurological and etheric bodies.) Dr Samuel Sagan in Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing is both a PhD and medical doctor who studied in India, France and China suggests regarding epilepsy that “neurological disorders are due to an astral voltage with which the system is unable to cope (p. 217.) I suspect when transiting Uranus, Saturn and Neptune all quinunxed Yolanda’s natal Pluto she regained her power in many ways: neurologically, somatically and psychologically. Yoga plus the transit actualised correct astral voltage and transformed (Pluto) the neurotransmitters and endocrine system of her body. If Yolanda or anyone else wishes to talk to me about this I was a student in Dr Sagan’s Clairvision School and I am happy to discuss this further. I suspect Yolanda already is well versed in all of this.


This is my friend Elizabeth’s story. She has her Sun in Scorpio 19 degrees in her fourth house sextiling her Saturn at 17 degrees in Virgo and both inconjuncting her North Node at 16 degrees Aries in the 8th house. Both her Sun and North Node are ruled by Mars. Her Mars is in the first house in Virgo, which indicates quite an independent, dominating and forceful personality. A North Node in Aries does indicate a need to be independent rather than in a relationship, and the four planets in earth signs including a hard working Jupiter in Capricorn would support her independence regarding money. The powerful personality is compounded by Pluto in the twelfth house conjuncting the Leo Ascendant. This also tells me something of a near death experience or a very depressing, transformative experience happened to her mother just before she was born. So this transformation maybe a cyclical part of Elizabeth’s life and the need to reorganise, unclutter and literally light a fire to clean out the old (North Node in the 8th house in Aries) which may also be an ancestral pattern. With her Moon, Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Part of Fortune, Eris and the south node in the ancestral houses (the water houses) it seems that the ancestors had periodic cycles of lean years and troubles; then fertile years and prosperous times so her apex North Node seems to echo this continual cyclical movement. [Even Saturn inconjunct the Moon’s Node reflects this karmic cyclical re-organising nomadic cycle.] The Aries period of history goes back fifty thousand years to man’s earliest time on earth when we were nomadic and dependent on the seasons and food sources so as this is an ancestral house Elizabeth could be genetically nomadic and her DNA and RNA maybe programmed to re-organise her life; change residence and even tribes and places every so often is part of her and programmed into that yod. I would suggest that she diarises her dreams for the rest of her life because the 8th house depends on symbols from the ancestors and dreams are full of clues. As it is Aries the apex will also link into the natural world and totems are also symbols; whether they are birds, animals, lizards, fish, clouds, rain and fire especially. If they cross Elizabeth’s path she needs to listen for they tie in with her deep and inherently pagan Sun in Scorpio. Elizabeth’s chart has 4 water and 4 earth, but only one air planet and Pluto in fire (Leo) conjuncting her ascendant, even though she has Mars in the first house. Her Pluto is in the 12th house. She seems to need to fiery North Node to articulate her cyclical need to reorganise and regenerate with fire. If you analyse the semantics of her language it is fiery with her talk of “energy” and “I” centred. With the strong earth and water I would suggest gardening would do her a lot of good.

The first part of Elizabeth’s story seems to follow her Cancer Moon in the 12th house before she grew into her more mature self and reorganised herself. The Sun, Saturn and North Node are the mature parts of herself. The North Node will be sparked off by a conjunction from Uranus later this year and a square from Pluto. This is Elizabeth’s story, “I taught tarot, astrology and spiritual development in the form of meditation for a number of years when I lived in Noosa. I felt like a gypsy, but loved it. I have done counselling and clinical hypnotherapy for many years. But now work in the clinical arena, and worked for hospitals in an administrative role for 10-15 years. I’m nearing the end of my Masters in Business Administration at the moment and contemplating Cosmology next year! Life is so much fun. The energy changed dramatically around the end of last year and since then have pulled so many people from my past into my life, including friends and boyfriends from my teens! However, my personal life has always been in turmoil as far as relationships go, especially when Pluto transited my 4th House. It caused a divorce, although I am more balanced in my life and I feel there’s a huge change about to happen. I now apply my metaphysical focus in my everyday life.” I would suggest that it is possible that Elizabeth re-organises her life in seven (Saturn) year and five year (Moon’s Node) cycles. Saturn has a 28 year cycle and the Moon’s Node has a 19 to 20 year cycle.


My friend Alexandra has a Sagittarius ascendant and Sun conjunct Chiron in the third house. She is a very much the Artemis archetype woman; independent; part of nature; close to the Great Mother, joyful and go ahead. It would not surprise me if the Great Bear is her totem or power animal. Her Yod has Venus 25 degrees in Aries in the 4th as an apex. Venus inconjuncts Neptune at 24 Scorpio in the 12th and her Uranus at 22 degrees in Virgo in the 9th house. When she told me about her yod I replied, it sure looks like you are an unconventional person, who needs your own home, and loves your own space and your independence in your own home along with your own spiritual beliefs. As Mars rules your Venus and Neptune it’s not hard to figure out. As it’s in the 4th and 12th there are ancestral issues about women being independent and boss of their own lives and own homes. This is my friend Alexandra’s story, “Your thoughts certainly these all ring true. I am also an entrepreneur; real estate broker and licensed construction supervisor. The fourth 4th house is certainly strong for me and in recent years I’ve become quite consumed with feng shui as well and I am in the process of making that more public. It is tied to my real estate business.”

We can see with her Moon and the north Node in Taurus that construction and real estate are the right businesses for Alexandra to be in. With Sun, Chiron and Mercury in the 3rd house feng shui as a spiritual system to make sure the houses and land are working at optimum levels are in harmony with the land. I am presently studying a Diploma in Dowsing by correspondence with Geomantica so that may also help. Saturn the planet of structure, grounding and the earth is conjunct both the IC and the Sun and Chiron and this helps Alexandra in her supervision of construction work. The only other thing that I can think of that may complement her comprehensive service is to become a weather shaman and use weather (or climate) astrology. My father and grandfather and lots of men on the land in Australia used to use the predictions of Lennox Walker and Indigo Jones who mapped the weather and climate via the planets, especially Jupiter and the solar cycles. Though mainstream people scoff at this it worked. Just a couple of other ideas, but if Alexandra was to work with a team she could use stained glass artists a well and even artists to paint murals on the walls, landscape gardeners, landscape architects, fabric designers to create curtains and different craft workers to create furniture and patch work quilts. I have worked in these areas before and it is so much fun. Alexandra has such a fertile imagination in such a grounded way.

Alexandra is so much in touch with her Neptunian side and I am so excited by people like her who are in the self-actualising stage of themselves. I had just finished writing to the above paragraph and I found an email from her. She told me, “ As for Neptune, well, being Pisces IS Neptunian already, so I just feel in synchrony with all the positive side of Neptune because my Taurus moon works hard in keeping me not only goal-oriented and persevering, but also grounds me which is so very helpful for Pisces sensitive and at times easily overwhelmed disposition. I just am realizing in my own chart that my Neptune IS in the 12th house, so perhaps isn’t fully expressed so for me, I’m thinking I could really explore more my creative and imaginative side via photography and other art, meditation, etc. and it’s something I’m contemplating now as I set my goals for my new “year”, not only solar return, but also anticipating the next Aries New Moon and the astrological new year which I have always found very significant to me.”

I love to hear happy people being aware of their own creativity and possibilities so with that beautiful self-actualising and awe-ful awareness in mind now to Alexandra’s yod! Many yods are isolated and sit on their throne all by themselves like little lord Fauntleroy with his cricket bat, but Alexandra’s Neptune actually is part of a grand trine in water. This helps her sensitivity and intuition and would help everything flow regarding ancestral advice via symbols and dreams and I would suggest a Scared Garden Meditation (Hank Wesselman and Sandra Ingerman) because I find, and I do it every day spirit animals and birds etc. come to my sacred garden to alert of things I need to know and do. Camel is always there, but I am a Capricorn and he is very Saturnian urging me to keep up my reserves of energy, strength and be self-empowered. Camel is also representatives of my tough ancestors who urge me on. Swan is always there telling me to keep up shamanism and yoga. The long neck is about kundalini. But the beings in the “sacred garden” also do things one never expects. Last night they had a big surprise party for me because I had completed a goal I hadn’t realised. Later that night I had a similar dream that I had fulfilled that goal. These are just my examples of this great meditation or journey. Everyone will see and hear what they need to see and hear, for your soul’s minions are there for your protection and evolution.

The Neptune inconjunct Venus indicates a past life where sex was scared for fertilising the land. This was happening until recently until recently in Indigenous Australia and I suspect it was the same until maybe two or three hundred years ago in America. I suspect these practices came to a halt maybe around 300 AD in Europe and they would have been exterminated by the Christian Inquisitions. The question in a relationship would be how can I be sexual and scared and I expect that Alexandra’s relationship with the land and the buildings she works with is both sacred and sexual in the “fertilising the land “ paradigm and that is why I encouraging dowsing so she can link up leylines if she is not already doing this. With Saturn at one degree Aries and Venus as the apex of the yod at 25 degrees Aries two past lives go back to the Aries Great Age 50,000 years ago epoch of mankind when the Neanderthal people with their amazing intuition and lived and thrived in contact totally with the earth and cosmos. According to AT Mann 25 degrees Aries is 28,000 years ago. The other leg of this yod is Uranus inconjunct Venus. If you look on the net on various astrology sites you read this sort of “flat earth” recipe that does not seem to take levels of vibrations or levels of awareness into consideration: “Your personal values and affections seem unrelated to ideas of a better future. Money and possessions could be an issue, and even though you recognize imbalances, you don’t care to make any changes in your own life style. Artistic expression might be a very helpful tool for broadening your awareness.” I don’t agree. This is maybe a little closer, but they are still recipes: “Your unique and innovative approach to creativity can bring you recognition as well as success.” Certainly I would not be surprised if people talked about sudden romances. But I would say that at the time Uranus conjuncted Pluto in Virgo the women’s movement was gaining momentum and I would see that Alexandra belongs to this ground swell. I could see that if she did have romances that with Uranus-Venus and Venus in Aries that they could be sudden (Uranus) and short lived (Venus in Aries) and jerky or they could be fiery (Aries) and awakening (Uranus). Uranus is a breaker of tradition and if Alexandra did have romance in her life I couldn’t see it being traditional. What I do here as more likely that she likes to be healthy and is health conscious with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the 9th and she relates to the pagan movement with the earth as her mother. She has three planets in the third; the house of the goddess and two in the 9th house of the god. Ethics is no doubt very important to her and Indigenous Law and this relates to this Aries Great Age. At Alexandra’s level of awareness she is no doubt very ethical and grounded (9th house in Virgo) and awakened (Uranus) in her relationship to values (Venus.) What I do see with this yod is that she has a healthy (Virgo) ethical (9th house) awakened (Uranus) passionate (Aries) relationship (Venus) with the land (4th house), ancestor (4th house) spirits (Neptune), her homeland (4th house), real estate (4th house) and the spirits (Neptune) of the country and land (4th house.) I will say one more thing. Every home should have a beehive as Alexandra’s Uranus is in Virgo and this links her with the Melissae, the ancient spirits and goddesses of bees.


The last yod I will look at is the chart of a financial manager in a major art museum. Abagail told me, “I work for the … Art Museum. I manage all the staff and operations for the gate revenue. There are years where I have 50 people reporting to me and am responsible for $5.5million of the museum’s revenue. Sometimes my department’s contribution can be up to 20% of the total museum’s operating budget. Although when I met her she told me that, “My job is goal oriented so I’m a straight shooter and push through obstacles like a ram” I have never met that persona. The persona I see perhaps is the Cancer Ascendant, consequently I know quite a different person to the financial manager. She also told me that “I do believe I am a completely different person than up to my 30s.”

First of all before I start I want to make clear that I normally do not have an orb of over three degrees so even though Abagail told me she has a stellium in the 3rd house with Pluto at 22 degrees 53 minutes Virgo conjunct Jupiter at 27 degrees 45 minutes Virgo conjunct South Node at 29 Degrees Virgo and Uranus at zero degrees 49 minutes that inconjunct her Sun and Saturn at 29 Aries and 28 Aries 42 minutes of Aries in the tenth house I would not allow Pluto to be part of a yod or inconjunct. A six degrees orb from Pluto to the Sun is not acceptable.

The other leg of the yod is Neptune in the fifth at 28 degrees. Thus the left leg of the yod is Jupiter conjunct South Node conjunct Uranus and the apex is Sun conjunct Saturn in the 10th house. Well, what do you make of this? I believe the private part of Abagail away from the stares of the public is quite unconventional (Jupiter conjunct Uranus) and has been for many lifetimes (South Node) and mystical and romantic (Neptune in the fifth house) and can be ungrounded. Jupiter conjunct Uranus can also be very (Jupiter) anxious (Uranus) and a great (Jupiter) dislike of restrictions (Uranus). As a Jupiter conjunct Uranus person myself I know they crave knowledge. What do you think?

Her public tenth house part is almost the opposite. Sun conjunct Saturn is conventional and structured and grounded. A Sun conjunct Saturn person usually likes safety and security, discipline, responsibility and organisation. This conjunction may signify a father who wasn’t there, or a father with high expectations, so the daughter craves acceptance and recognition. The sun is supposed to be our life force and vitality, our basic need for autonomy and our drive for autonomy, recognition, strength and courage and generosity. The sun is supposed to be the hero and completely unique. The sun gives us a special feeling of potency and validity. By sign the sun shows the route we need to take our individuality and we e struggle consciously for what we want. The sign, Aries in this case colours the father image. So we have an Aries Sun and the sun is in its exaltation in Aries. Aspects to the sun tell us something about the pace, rhythm and nature of our self-unfoldment. Sun Saturn people often need ages to get where they are going and they have to work very hard in the process. With a Saturn aspect we may see other people limiting or blocking us when it is really a facet of ourself; a projection of ourselves; probably our own fears, our shadow blocking us. So even without the two inconjuncts effecting Abagail’s sun this is a hard placement because Saturn can impose delays on the drive or energy of Aries. Or is it? Maybe it’s just a father complex or a great need for discipline.

So let’s look at Abagail’s chart in light of the yod. Does the yod integrate easily? Yes, in a way it does. The complex sextile of Pluto conjunct Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the third does by sextiling her ascendant in Cancer. She may be a mother to her employees as her communication is quite unique and with Uranus conjunct Uranus she is quite clever, innovative and one never knows what she is going to say next. She has a unique grasp of details and I am sure with this Virgoan stellium in her third house plus her Gemini Moon in the eleventh house she is a leader of groups in the world of finance. Her Neptune in Scorpio in her fourth house also sextiles her Ascendant and she probably has a lovely home and no doubt loves to live near the sea and watercourses. The Neptune in the 4th could also add to that overly stern father we see up in the Saturn-Sun conjunction in the tenth. This inconjunct between Neptune and Saturn-Sun tells me that this invisible father who was never home and may have been a drinker or a naval man (Mars is down there too) may have damaged Abagail as far as her view of men are concerned but has set an example of always working. The tenth house is jam packed with Mercury in Taurus, Sun and Saturn in Aries and Venus in Aries all being there. This tells as her career is vital to her. Home on one level seems confusing, depending on what vibration she is currently at. Home could be a spiritual haven or it could be confusing or it could be a watery place on the sea and painted in blues and greens. I am wondering whether the art museum has become a second home because Neptune is also creativity.

What I also note with Abagail’s chart is that her chart is shaped like an egg timer. The tenth house is full and the Moon sits in the eleventh house. The planets except for Saturn are all inner planets. Except for Mars down in the 4th house the 10th and 11th house is where all the energy is. The apex of the yod is up there too. Down in the 3rd house Uranus and Pluto are unconscious planets and require a lot of hard work to activate them. Jupiter sits between them emphasising, exaggerating and expanding this unconsciousness. Neptune is in the 4th house; an ancestral house water house and Mars is there too. Mars can also be unconscious. He was born without a father to Juno and was full of his mother’s rage. Down in the fourth he tells us that Abagail’s ancestors were full of rage too and they were probably military people.

I want to go back to the Saturn-Sun quincunx Pluto-Jupiter-Uranus. I dislike using an orb of over 4 degrees but it seems that Pluto is inseparable from Uranus-Jupiter so I am going to approach this point of the quincunx as a midpoint. The principle of Uranus–Pluto is an extreme (Pluto) desire for freedom (Uranus) and for change (Uranus). It is an archetype of complete and potentially drastic (Pluto) revolution (Uranus). People may burn their bridges behind themselves and drastic situations that unleash pent-up energy may occur. Pluto and Uranus create the growth and evolution of one’s own unique gifts, talents, and abilities. The process is of the overthrowing of deeply entrenched restrictions and limitations and giving in to one’s deepest urges to change. John Sandbach, who bases his work on Rhinehold Eberteins, suggests that Jupiter at this midpoint creates enthusiasm expressed with a nearly total lack of inhibition, which may come upon one very suddenly and erratically. Jupiter here indicates going to great extremes with much exuberance and a fearless expression of extreme uniqueness. If we swap Saturn for Jupiter John Sandbach maintains there would be an intense desire for change, innovation and even revolution, but the subject may be either be afraid of this, and/or careful, cautious, and patient about engaging in it. Let’s look at this in light of the millions of dollars that Abagail engages with. The money is the Jupiter midpoint Uranus-Pluto. The massive amount (Jupiter) of money (Saturn) is a means of exchange or bartering and communication (3rd house) and it seems this creates great anxiety (Saturn inconjunct Pluto-Jupiter-Uranus.) Saturn blocks Abagail’s Sun on a massive level because her Sun (her ego, her creativity, self-expression, courage) is naturally fiery, impulsive and exuberant. Saturn is the father who is rigid, authoritarian, controlling, judgemental and punishing. I recommend John Sandbach’s book “Planets in Containment” which deals with midpoints.

I have talked about a Sun apex in a yod in my previous article on yods, but I will say here that early in life this individual may have difficulty establishing their core persona and they may internalise and bottle up their feelings. So they can begin life with low self-esteem and an inferiority complex. Apex Saturn is a karmic apex and indicates that both proper timing and inner maturity are vital when it comes to a new direction in life. There is some sense here of the soul testing the inner strength and casting out of old burdensome attitudes. Fate here can denote a lot of frustration which is self-induced.

Maybe she extrapolates or projects onto her boss (the museum director) as being like this father, the Saturnian father who eats his children’s creativity. So remove this constant belief in punishment, because by progression the Sun would have moved away years ago and we lose the anxiety and worries about not doing the wrong thing. On the other side the father figure feels confused and lacking in confidence (Neptune inconjunct Sun-Saturn.) Here I can say they are internal beliefs. If the museum didn’t believe in Abagail’s incredible ability for finances (Sun-Saturn and Mercury in the tenth) and looking after people (Moon Gemini plus three Virgo planets in the third) and impeccable attention to details (all the Virgo planets) Abagail would not have been employed by the museum for all the years. If Abagail is still anxiety prone I suggest psychotherapy or shamanic rebalancing because it seems to me that her relationship with her father is the crux of the issue.

I would also suggest visiting a dietician or naturopath too. (The Sun is Vitamin A and D, magnesium and iodine. Neptune is vitamin B 5. Jupiter is manganese, inositol [a B group vitamin], Vitamin B 6, choline, B15, chromium and biotin. Saturn is sulphur, fluorine, PABA [also a B vitamin] and vitamin C, vitamin K, bioflavonoids, Calcium which must be taken with other minerals, not alone.

Just an aside; Uranus-Jupiter in the 3rd makes fantastic astrologers and I know she has been studying astrology formally.

Good luck Abagail.


Now I have written all of this in my last article or “Yods: Part One”, but for those of you who have read this already I will include it again. Basically I see astrological counselling combined with my form of spiritual healing which a combination of Australian Dreamtime is healing, Sandra Ingerman Core Shamanism, and Theta Healing as a way to improve the lives of people. I totally agree with Eileen Nauman (Medical Astrology), Donna Taylor (How to Use The Healing power of Your Planets to induce better health and wellbeing) and A Handbook of Medical Astrology by Jane Ridder Patrick, that the most important area of our life is our health and sickness is generally a mismanagement of energy on a mental, emotional level and spiritual level.

The aspects used in determining health matters are the hard aspects; the conjunction, square, opposition and inconjunct. Eileen Nauman in her book in Medical Astrology; maintains through her long experience that the inconjunct (or quincunx) is “the” health aspect and the most suspect of high and low conditions of the body. Eileen suggests that a quincunx acts like a pressure cooker and the steam that has built up must escape otherwise there will be great physical and mental damage. With quincunxes people seem to be very unaware and cannot get in touch with themselves easily and they are poor at recognising supressed emotions and internal needs.

On a physical level the inconjunct tells us that this a person who is not in touch with their body. A person with quincunxes and yods tell us that this person will become ill more easily than others because they have very poor absorption of nutrients and their body has an enormous appetite for the vitamin or mineral ruled by the planets in the aspect. A careful diet would have to be tailored by a doctor, naturopath or dietician, particularly if any of the B vitamins are involved.


Let me give you an example of a person who was out of touch with their body and really needed to modify her philosophy towards mental health (Jupiter in the 12th as apex of a yod), but never did. Heather’s mother had two babies who died before Heather was born. Most shamanic practitioners would be suspicious because the babies probably were still ghosts when Heather was born. Her mother was forty when she was born and she was spoiled and coddled. Heather had Sun conjunct Mars inconjunct her Juno. This without much mental gymnastics means that she could be quite independent and wilful (Mars) in her attitude to marriage (Juno) and her friends Mars-Sun in Aquarius) probably came first before her husband (Juno) and this created a lot of arguments (Mars.) Her Sun-Mars in the 6th house is also in opposition to her Jupiter so there are mental health and physical health issues and psychosomatic complaints which could have been caused by just excess (Jupiter) anger (Mars).

Let’s have a look at Heather and see what was happening with her nutrition. The Mars –Sun conjunction in Aquarius indicates that there is a great need for Mars nutrients which are B12, folic acid, fatty acids (vitamin K), chorine, and cobalt. B12 foods are prunes, green peas, liver, heart, oysters, sardines, yogurt, cottage cheese, alfalfa sprouts, brewer’s yeast, and kelp. A deficiency of B 12 causes a sensitive nervous system and weak extremities and twitching of limbs. A lack of folic acid causes megablastic anaemia, irritable behaviour, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, mental depression bordering on schizophrenia and forgetfulness. Lack of chlorine which is found in most fruits and vegetables causes impaired digestion. Heather doesn’t like fruit and vegetables. Iron is found in most vegetables and fruit, brown rice, eggs, parsley, most meats. A deficiency causes depression, dizziness, and insomnia, lots of crying and poor hearing. Heather has most of these symptoms. The fatty acids such as Vitamin F and linoleic acid are also ruled by Mars which found in avocadoes and sunflower seeds, tuna, chicken and pork, eggs and various cold pressed oils. A deficiency may cause gallstones, bad circulation and varicose veins and Heather has very bad varicose veins and really dreadful circulation. She feels cold all the time. Heather unfortunately believes solely in a lot of medications and will not go near counselling, shamanism, exercise, and tailored nutrition.

Heather has a great need for all the Mars minerals and vitamins and the foods they are in. Mars also rules chlorine, cobalt, iron, molybdenum, phosphorous, selenium, and sodium. Mars rules the adrenal glands and the muscles and is the energiser of our bodies. The sun is our engine, but Mars is our fuel. Mars in an air sign here thus indicating great mental energies; excessive talking, but seeming particularly clever. They must be on guard against nervous exhaustion and mental breakdown.

Heather also has yod. Her Venus in Pisces 19 degrees is in the 7th house. She has the Moon in Capricorn at 17 degrees in the 5th house. The Moon and Venus are in sextile but both quincunx to Jupiter at 18 degrees (in the 12th house) conjunct Hygeia. With Moon in the fifth in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces we can see Heather is a romantic is conventional about courtship and marriage and “death do us part” philosophy. But even though Jupiter in the twelfth tells us Heather has an angel on her shoulder who will save her at the last moment, there are big secrets in her ancestry and much that she does not want people to know about her ancestral mental disorders and mental disorders from “pill popping” are hidden away and swept under the carpet. As Jupiter is the apex of the yod this is quite a burden to carry psychologically. If you look carefully there is a great deal of pomposity in Jupiter in Leo and strange attitudes that she is akin to royalty, combined with the Moon in Capricorn inconjunct there is much snobbery and competitive behaviour. She has a Marie Antoinette attitude which is quite manic. The Moon in the fifth house in Capricorn also indicates a past life and karmic belief that “as a soul I am not lovable.” This attracts cold unloving relationships. This also includes the prostitution archetype/contract of selling one’s self for a loveless marriage. This may be an old vow of celibacy intruding on the present life. Wit Venus in Pisces there is a very charitable person and indeed Jupiter in the 12th house is kind and charitable but karmically this person with Venus in Pisces expects her husband to be perfect. There are all sorts of delusions, deceptions and confusion is going on here and to top it off the 12th house is also a karmic house.

Now let’s look psychologically and health wise what could also be going on. We know the quincunx creates haphazard non-productive behaviour and a great need for self-control and self-discipline, so you can imagine the emotions and hysterics of person with Jupiter inconjunct Moon. Yes, you were right, over (Jupiter) emotional behaviour should be curbed because health problems could develop, so patience and calmness is vital. We could also guess that a Venusian need for self-gratification versus the Jupiterian need to save the world is probable here. Sadly this woman’s mother had an uncle who worked at a mental asylum and Heather‘s mother influenced her to spend quite a bit of time in a mental asylum instead of learning how to curb her emotions. We can see that often a person with Moon in Capricorn can have a cold mother and indeed Heather did. Her behaviour could have been modified for a happier life.


I am sure ten examples is a fair sample of how yods work, how they can be integrated into a chart, and how they work in the different levels of evolution. I find Maslow’s diagram or triangle of needs a good diagrammatic schema of human evolution. The top level self-actualisation is what a person’s full potential is and the realization of that potential. Maslow describes this level as the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be. This is where we gauge our level of progress by our morality, our consciousness (as opposed to being unconscious), creativity, spontaneity, acceptance of facts, lack of prejudice, and our problem solving. The next level down is self-esteem, confidence, achievement and respect: respect of others and self-respect. The next level is long and belonging. There we include intimacy, friendship, groups, and tribes. The next level is safety where we have family, health and wellbeing, property, employment and one’s body. The lowest level is physiological which means having enough food, water, sex, sleep and one’s body functioning successful. I am sure you can see from the vignettes above that all the examples cross all levels. Life is not merely a ladder of discrete vibrations. They all interconnect and interrelate.

I still have “WHAT ON EARTH ARE YODS:PART THREE” to complete and post. This article will relate to people with yods who have had shamanic journeys and past life regression healings to jolt them into new vitality.

May God grant you always a sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you, laughter to cheer you, faithful friends near you and when you pray heaven to hear you.

~ StarCounsell~


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WHAT ON EARTH IS A YOD? THE ASTROLOGY OF YODS. PART ONE. (C) Copyright Hilary Bond PhD. All Rights Reserved.

WHAT ON EARTH IS A YOD? THE ASTROLOGY OF YODS. PART ONE. (C) Copyright Hilary Bond PhD. All Rights Reserved.


“What on earth is a yod?” a Facebook friend, who isn’t an astrologer, asked me recently. I’ll admit they sound very weird. Other astrological aspects follow the language of geometry and practical objects, but a yod is word that does not appear in normal English language. I hear people, who have never studied astrology formally, talking about configurations such as the Grand Square, a T Square, a Grand Trine or a Kite, but never “Yods.” Some astrologers do not bother using the quincunx aspect in their reports and many people and many astrology students are not familiar with the yod or the energy that the 150 degree quincunx (or inconjunct) aspect produces. In my first astrology certificate back in the 1970s I was not taught about the quincunx or the double quincunx yod, that looks like the compass we used in our school days learning geometry in mathematics lessons. I do teach about quincunxes and yods when I teach basic astrology. But when some of my students find one of these upsetting “things” in their chart, they can become quite anxious about what this “astrological configuration” that is skulking in their horoscope is actually doing. I do hope to make the yod seem less threatening in this article and add to your understanding of yods. Before I begin I would like to thank all my kind friends, who are all astrologers, for allowing me to use their charts. Of course they will be anonymous.


Yods are frequently overlooked unless the astrologer is also using the quincunx (inconjunct) aspect in his or her reports and charts. The Yod involves three planets involving one planet at the apex of two quincunx (150°) aspects and a sextile aspect (60 degrees) joining the two quincunxes together. I use a three degree orb, although some people use up to five degrees. The Yod aspect pattern is a configuration between at least three planets or points in the horoscope to create an isosceles triangle or if you do not remember your high school mathematics, a long triangle which resembles a witches hat.

The Quincunx is the “adjustment” aspect. Some keywords that describe quincunxes are: redirecting, reorganising, lack of perspective, strain, challenging, requiring adjustments, diverting and “I should have.” These may not mean much without explanation. I will just explain redirection, readjustment and reorganise.

• Let’s look at “redirection.” Say a person has a Mars Quincunx (Inconjunct) Pluto. They become a family law lawyer early in their life because are very brilliant and they know exactly what needs to be done and how it is to be accomplished, but they can be controlling and argumentative. They become deaf and can no longer be a lawyer in business. They become lonely and isolated, consequently, their manner of expression, and the way they use energy will have to be changed. Thus they will be less compulsive, less forceful, so they are able to achieve greater accomplishment and more personal happiness. They decide to write books on their subject and create an online business informing people of their legal rights, as well as doing humble voluntary work in a local St Vincent de Paul shop. They have redirected their Mars quincunx Pluto energy.

• This is a simple one about “reorganising.” Susan Boyle, the singer has Sun in Aries at 11 degrees and her Neptune at 10 Scorpio in the fifth house. This is a quincunx. Transiting Uranus and Pluto have just aspected this quincunx so as a result of becoming famous suddenly (Sun conjuncted by transiting Uranus) she must transform (Pluto) and reorganise her life by gaining a new glamorous image (Neptune in the 5th) to match her new singer role and change all the old behaviours which are now delusional and illusional (Neptune) regarding her new life. Boundaries (10th house) to keep fans away and even security guards (Sun in Aries) will need to installed a Susan is delicate and not worldly (Sun inconjunct Neptune.)

• This example is about “reorganising.” A son of army neighbours from my childhood had a father who unbeknown to us was quite violent. He beat the son relentlessly for years and abused him mentally. He was a sergeant major who abused his power. The son has Moon in Aries at 11 degrees in his 3rd house inconjunct Jupiter conjunct Mars in Virgo at 12 degrees in the 8th house. All the anger in his ancestors had gone into their army careers, and the son also wanted to go into the army. His own violence had become so bad from pent up fury from his father’s behaviour to him over the years that he been jailed, so he had to forget about the army career. With Moon Quincunx (Inconjunct) Mars learning to be emotionally consistent is harder than for most people because one’s feelings and desires cover such a wide range of possible expression. It takes much experimentation with relationships in order to have emotions that serve your higher needs rather than just running amuck on their own mission of blind, disconnected expression. He has just married and his wife is expecting a baby boy. Rather than repeat the family anger and violence he has seen a psychologist and now he takes medications so his emotions are calmer and his baby grows up normally. He continues to see the psychologist and he hopes he can stop the medications eventually after a great deal of counselling. Lately he has joined some sculpting class and is doing some beautiful work. Note that transiting Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn at 10-11 degrees have triggered the need to reorganise his “emotions (moon”) and ancestral “energy and anger” (Mars- Jupiter in the 8th.)

Yods produce a sense of tension between the two planetary placements which, based on elements (fire, earth, air and water), modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable) and receptivity (masculine or feminine) would appear to have nothing in common. The quincunx is similar to the opposition aspect, except that the two planets in the opposition do share the same receptivity, which is not the case with the quincunx. But with the quincunx the two energies have no common ground, thus making decisions or choices more difficult when a transit taps on either end of the quincunx placements. However, on occasion, there is some common ground based on rulership when the quincunx is formed between Aries and Scorpio (ruled by Mars) or Taurus and Libra (ruled by Venus).

The Yod typically is identified with timing and crisis or the need to act. The need will develop through the apex while the opportunity to the action will develop through the sextiled planets. The nature of the Yod is to produce disrupting thought patterns since there is little energy within the chart configuration to unify these planets. The two sextile planets tend to work together to the detriment of the apex planet. When the Yod is transitted, the Yod individual tends to feel the urge to react immediately, then sensing that the decision to act was wrong, will wait too long to correct the first action. Individuals who can plan their actions to the timing of a transit to the first sextile planet and to end during the transit of the second sextile planet may begin to sense the “Finger of God” description given to the Yod. The annoying factor of the Yod is that the individual tends to feel that important information is missing when it is time to make a decision. When the individual learns to trust the timing and the Yod is integrated into their decisions, the individual then begins to grasp the “higher order” status of the configuration.


A Yod is also known as the Finger of Fate or Finger of God. This is because Yod, which looks like the astrological yod glyph, is the tenth Hebrew letter with significant Kabbalistic and mystical significance regarding the name of God, his omnipresence and our humility. We might think of Michelangelo’s famous painting of “The Creation of Adam” on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. God reaches out placidly and benignly to bestow life to Adam. I have stood for hours in the Sistine Chapel looking up in awe at this amazing painting and in my humble opinion Adam is not conscious or fully aware before the finger of God touches his outstretched finger.

In Chinese Mandarin language the glyph or symbol for the Yod in astrology is also the glyph for God. In the Elder Futhark Viking runes the glyph for the Yod is Algiz (pronounced ALL-YEEZE) which means protection and the Higher Self. In runic shamanism I use the Algiz stance and sound (tone as part of my ritual before healing. So, Algiz, the Yod symbol symbolises the essential link or connection with the patterns of divine or archetypal consciousness. Courage in the face of fear is central. Algiz counsels us to be aware, to keep a clear head, remembering to act with compassion, heeding our principles, when setting forth on any endeavour. Algiz protects, defends from harm and moves toward the completion of your patterns by using your intuition and prayer with the divine. Don Tobin of EarthDNA suggests that Algiz taps into the divine threefold and ninefold pattern helps to understand your divine connection, communes with the elements and increases your regenerative powers.

It also means a strengthening of hamingja (personal luck) and life force through courageous deeds, so in the Indigenous world there is a connection with the bear as a totem. In core shamanism the philosophy of the glyph of Algiz (yod) is that of the power animal Bear. When I learned soul retrieval from the Four Winds Shamanic Society in Utah in 2005 I was taught the bear symbolises the west direction. Bear encourages us to be introspective, intuitive and connect with our inner self. Bear is a Moon animal who belongs to the womb-cave of Mother Earth. She walks in the consciousness of theta brain waves where we dream and heal. For me bear stands between the lower world and the upper world and we can call on our ancestors and the great ancestors via Bear. Don Tobin of EarthDNA suggests that, “Medicine people have long called on Bear’s energy to access the … unconscious. When hibernating Bear emerges from her cave in the spring, it is as though she is born anew. Bear teaches us to go within to find answers to questions of the 3-D, observable, temporal world as well as those of the ethereal plane.” The symbols of yod, God in Chinese, Algiz and the bear in the Indigenous and shamanic world are just the symbols that I know. There may be others.


Basically I see astrological counselling as a way to improve the lives of people. The most important area of our life is our health and sickness is generally a mismanagement of energy on a mental or emotional level. The aspects used in determining health matters are the hard aspects; the conjunction, square, opposition and inconjunct. Eileen Nauman in her great book in Medical Astrology; maintains through her long experience that the inconjunct (or quincunx) is “the” health aspect and the most suspect of high and low conditions of the body.

Eileen suggests that an inconjunct aspect acts like a pressure cooker and the accumulating steam must go somewhere to escape or there can be great physical and mental damage. On a psychological level the person is very unaware and cannot get in touch with themselves easily and they are poor at recognising supressed emotions and internal needs.

On a physical level the inconjunct indicates a very poor absorption of nutrients and it indicates an enormous appetite for the vitamin or mineral ruled by the planets in the aspect. A careful diet would have to be tailored by a doctor, naturopath or dietician, particularly if any of the B vitamins are involved.

Let’s have a look at the lawyer and see what was happening with his nutrition. He has Mars in Pisces and Pluto in Leo quincunxing. Mars in quincunx to Pluto indicates adrenal problems. This may create hypoglycaemia which is true until the lawyer had soul retrieval recently. Eileen Nauman also suggests the Mars –Pluto quincunx can also can create a deficiency of B 12 (Mars) and cobalt, as well as a need for folic acid and selenium. B12 foods are prunes, green peas, liver, heart, oysters, sardines, yogurt, cottage cheese, alfalfa sprouts, brewer’s yeast, and kelp. Pluto rules orotic acid which is found in root vegetables organically grown, whey, and goat’s milk. The fatty acids such as Vitamin F and linoleic acid are also ruled by Mars which found in avocadoes and sunflower seeds, tuna, chicken and pork, eggs and various cold pressed oils. A deficiency may cause gallstones, bad circulation and varicose veins. I won’t go into the minerals in detail, but Mars also rules chlorine, cobalt, iron, molybdenum, phosphorous, selenium, and sodium so that any Mars inconjunct or yod really needs to be looked at closely as one’s energy (Mars) will need to be modified to improve your capacity to function efficiently. Although I have only a humble certificate in nutrition I would really recommend that you gain these minerals and vitamins from fresh food. I would suggest that if you do have a yod or an inconjunct that you buy Eileen Nauman’s book which has all the vitamins and minerals; their planetary rulerships; foods they can be found in and the deficiency symptoms. In the meantime I am sure you can look up the foods that have the above minerals in them. A lack of sodium alone can cause many nervous disorders as well as digestive upsets. One’s diet must be balanced so take Eileen’s advice and see a professional.


Health problems are not the only strain that is caused by a yod. There may be financial adjustments that need to be made in the person’s life rather than health adjustments. Marion March and Joan McEvers note the quincunx as an “I should have” aspect and I have certainly found this in most inconjuncts and yods I find in people’s charts. This “I should have” way of thinking does cause anxiety. However, one cannot go back to the past. You can be only be proactive in the present. On page 56 of their book “The Only Way to Learn Astrology: Volume One” Joan McEvers and Marion March suggest that the quincunx demands a change of attitude, a change of habit patterns and a need to adjust conditions indicated by the houses and signs in question. I will just use one small example here.

A friend has Mars in the first in Gemini as the apex of a yod where Saturn in Capricorn in the 7th and Neptune in the fifth in Scorpio are in sextile and quincunxing Mars. You may realise that Mars in the first house initially indicated a “me first” person, but the 7th house and 5th house sextiling, and both quincunxing Mars were influencing this person’s attitudes to love and romance (the 5th house) and marriage and relationships (the 7th house.) This person continued for years to put himself first in relationships and was very cold (Saturn) and elusive (Neptune.) But I have noticed with transiting Neptune squaring his Mars and trining his Neptune and sextiling his Saturn his attitudes had become more caring. At the same time his attitudes to his finances had changed too. Where he had been a fool with finances (5th house Neptune gambling and risk taking) and too impulsive with money (Mars quincunx Neptune) he began to take notice of his wife (Saturn in the 7th) and became more sensible with his finances and his current loans and assets after transiting Neptune activated this yod. His previous lack of perspective, which was typical of natal yods, literally changed overnight.


My major yod story is the story of Dionysius came to earth for a little while. I will call him Dion. His wife Sally is a dear friend of mine. Dion’s life story is in her words. After listening to Sally’s story of Dion’s life I will look at his yods.

According to Sally: “Dion was born 2 months premature. His mother told me (Sally) that Dion, with his Aries Sun, was in a huge rush to get out (he was born in a few hours) and he spent nearly first three months of life in an incubator. At age five Dion taught himself how to catch vipers by the tail. This was the beginning of his life-long snake love affair. (In his apartment every wall was a terrarium he had built and he shared his apartment with around 150 snakes, maybe 100 or so spiders, some scorpions and a few other things.)

Dion’s father left the family home when he was around age six. At the age of 14 he saw a Buddhist documentary on television and he felt, “This is it!” It was a strong defining moment in his life. His mother kicked him out at 16 and he went to live with father. Between ages 16-21 he fell into very heavy drug use. At the age of 21 his sister pulled him out of his drug daze and helped him kick the habit which was very, very close to killing him. During this drug time over the years he was also still exploring his interest in Buddhism and learning to meditate. He was also the lead singer of a punk rock band.

At age 22 he burst his pancreas in 3 places and nearly died. Two years later he travelled to India to find out more about Buddhism. He found his lineage and also met me (Sally) in the Himalayas and fell in love. Three years later he travelled back to India to try to find me again, or details of me, as he had lost all my contact details when he left India. He had no success, so he went home. Sometime in the next three years he began to build a Buddhist meditation centre in his town as there wasn’t one. Up until then all other Buddhists used to gather mainly in his home. He found an old abandoned building, pulls together a bunch of helpers and starts renovation. By this time he has given up all his snakes and spiders (as he didn’t want to be killing rats to feed them.) At the same time as he built the meditation centre he discovered a new and unexpected love or obsession of Carom billiards. He found a coach and made very rapid fast progress in the game. He began competing and winning tournaments.

Another two years later in mid-2007 he found a cancerous mole on the side of his face, just in front of his ear. The doctors removed it and did tests. Later that year in 2007 they did a second major surgery to remove the tumours on the lymph nodes on his neck that they had found. The doctors then informed him that they had detected cancer cells in nearly every organ of his body and that he has no more than 2 years to live. They started him on an experimental new cancer drug, which he had to take nearly every day. It made him very sick and his new billiards career was grounded. But over the next 2 years he became cancer clear. The doctors were shocked! In October 2009 he was at a meditation retreat. Over a period of a few hours, whilst he was meditating, he could actually feel a new bunch of tumours growing in his throat that was not there before. He went in for another round of very risky 9 hour surgery. But no other cancer cells were found elsewhere. The doctors kept him on the heavy drug that he has to inject every day.

In June 2010 he decided that he will give it one last shot and try and find me, seeing as there had not been a single day since the day we had first met in the Himalayas in 1999 that he had not thought of me or loved me. He has success. He found me on the internet. After 12 years apart, we pick up exactly where we left off. (Interestingly Jupiter was in the exact same sign and degree when he found me as when we first met.) In March, 2012 he left the Czech Republic and came out to Australia on his newly granted spouse visa so we could marry. He arrives cancer -clear and fully medically checked by the Australian government. In October, 2012 we marry. The week after the wedding he becomes very ill and I rush him to emergency in the wee hours of October 21. They discover a humongous brain tumour of 6 centimetres on frontal lobe and rush him into emergency surgery. They have more scans and discover he has cancer everywhere and a lot of it.

I bring him home. Exactly one month after the brain surgery I rush him back to hospital. They scan and discover another 2 more tumours have grown on the brain, almost same size as first. The brain surgeon is shocked and freaked out at the speed and aggression of his cancer. We chose not to operate, but put him on drugs that can temporarily hold the cancer to buy us some time together. By March 2013 we can definitely tell the drugs are no longer working. I book us two tickets and leave very quickly for Czech Republic so that he could be with friends and family. We arrive in the Czech Republic in late March, 2013. He dies two and a half weeks later in mid April 2013. Very peacefully and easily he slipped away.

When I took him back home, I realised how much this man was loved by all his family and friends. The whole town adored him. He had a nickname. They called him Sirka; which in Czech means, the flint head of the match, as that is exactly what he was. He lived passionately and with a truly open heart. He was always telling people he loved them; always meditating and always giving with his energy and time, and always trying to help people with their mind, and helping them find a more peaceful way inside themselves. And I felt the swell of love for him from all his friends when I brought him back. It was immense. I had never experienced anything like that before. In all the time, that he was sick, over a period of 6 years, he never complained or acted sorry for himself. He called the cancer his ‘friend’. And his smile was always beaming. Truly, he was quite amazing.”


Now this is an article on yods, not the Greek Gods, but Dion’s life and behaviour is uncannily like that of Dionysius as I read it in Gods in Everyman: Archetypes that Shape Men’s Lives by Jean Shinoda Bolen. When I looked up the asteroid 3671 Dionysius I found it was in his first house at 29 Aries between Chiron 22 Aries and Venus 5 Taurus. The asteroid Dionysius trined his Moon at one degree Virgo in the 6th and trined his Midheaven at 23 Sagittarius forming a dissociated grand Trine.

When I examined Dion’s chart I found seven yods and Eileen Nauman in her book at Medical Astrology does state that “two or more inconjuncts in their chart may indicate diseases some time in their life and a yod may implicate illness. You can tell where the illness may manifest by noting the inconjunct. But I have found after investigating many charts with yods physical illness is not always the case. There may be financial adjustments that need to be made in the person’s life.” However, I will be concentrating on Dion’s health here.

Where do I start? First I will look at the planets, asteroids and points in quincunx. He had in the first yod; Athena, Venus, Juno and Pluto. In the second yod he has Mercury, Hygeia and Pluto. In the third yod he has the Sun, Jupiter, the South Node and Uranus. In the fourth yod he has the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and his Moon. In the fifth yod he has Neptune, Hygeia and Chiron. In the 6th yod he has Neptune, Mars and Saturn. In the seventh yod he has Vesta, the Vertex and Chiron. So if he was my client I would have looked at a total restructure of his diet; a soul recovery and at least two ancestral and past life healings. I have already done a healing for his wife Sally and soon will be doing a shamanic rebalancing healing for his wife Sally of their (her and Dion’s) past lives and ancestral lives to prevent this happening ever again and to make sure she and her children are safe in the here and now.

I think I will begin this analysis with Pluto in the seventh house as apex, because Dion had a great interest in snakes, scorpions, and he had obsessive interests, metastatic cancer and a consuming love affair. Pluto actually has a wide conjunction to his Part of Fortune at 16 degrees Libra. He has, first, Athena at 10 degrees Pisces in the 12th house sextile Venus conjunct Juno both at 6 degrees Taurus in the first house. Because the cusp of the second house is 7 degrees Taurus they both peep into the second house. Athena, Venus and Juno all quincunx Pluto at 8 degrees Libra in the 7th house. I can see two sides to this; first a psychological one and secondly a health aspect.

Let’s look at the second Pluto apex yod. Here Dion has Mercury in Pisces in the 12th house at 12 degrees sextile Hygeia at 13 degrees Taurus in the 2nd house. They are both inconjunct Pluto at 8 degrees Libra, so Hygeia and Mercury are both inconjunct the Part of Fortune too. In natal astrology, Hygeia is the asteroid that represents one’s attitude toward health and wellness. Hygeia often shows up by transit when an individual is having health problems and defines the problem by sign and house positions, medical degree and aspect. The glyph of Hygeia resembles the caduceus or Rod of Hermes (a staff entwined by two snakes) which is also the well known symbol of the American Medical Association. Hygeia governs sanitation, hygiene, ecology, preservation, discovery of vaccines, medical and alternative health organizations, fitness and exercise, places of meditation and recovery and all venues that recognize the link between mind, body and spirit. Hygeia is also associated with physical, mental and chemical imbalances. Galaxy Express suggests that first with Hygiea in Taurus health is tied to comfort and satisfaction and diet is sometimes an issue due to a desire to over-indulge in food or drink or other bad habits. Taurus is the sign of resilience and strength and a positively aspected Hygeia in this sign generally shows good immunity and the capacity to bounce back from illness.

In mythology Hygeia is the daughter of Asclepios, the Greek god of medicine and as a son of Apollo, Ascelepius is a healer strongly connected to the solar cult of Apollo in classical Greek times. Both Ascelepius and Hygiea were taught holistic health by Chiron. After his death Asklepios was placed amongst the stars as the constellation Ophiochus (“the Serpent Holder”). It seems that Hygiea rules health practices and is integrated into medical astrology, but in her negative side has something to bring in cases of depression & anxiety of a higher level than usual. She is considered the “protectress” of mental health, though originally was about physical health. Her ordinary attribute is a serpent, which she is feeding from a cup. Although she is originally the goddess of physical health, she is sometimes conceived as the giver or protectress of mental health and was thus identified with Athena Hygeia , the goddess of Athens and all that is logical rather than Artemis and Hecate who hark back to tribal Thessaly where alternate medicine held sway. Thus it seems Thessaly is ruler both of mainstream health regimes and alternative health.

The first yod has Hygeia is sextile Mercury. Hygeia also conjuncts Venus but inconjuncts Pluto. The second yod also has Pluto at 8 degrees Libra in the 7th house. Pluto inconjuncts Athena in Pisces in the 12th house and Venus conjunct Juno in Taurus in the first house. Both yods suggest something subconscious (Pluto and 12th house planets/asteroids) causing a lack of perspective or needing adjustment. If I had known Dion early in his life I would have suggested a soul recovery. Being two months premature, a father leaving at age 6; being kicked out of home at 16 and heavy drug use from 16-21 suggest at least soul pieces were not “home.” If parts of one’s soul are not present invasions of all kind can take place. Cancer is a spiritual invasion and then a physical one. One’s aura becomes pourous, so thought forms and life forms can stay in the aura and become physical. These toxic psychic thought forms are how Indigenous people performed spiritual warfare. Drugs and alcohol attract all sorts of spirit invasions which come from the lower astral planes.

Although I did not intend to use transits in this article I note that in 1996 when Dion’s sister intervened to stop him using heavy drugs Saturn and Mars in Pisces had entered his first house to bestow structure and a big jolt of energy. Uranus was sextiling his Sun- Jupiter like a bolt out of the blue and Pluto had moved from the 8th house (the house of death) into the 9th house of ethics and religion. Pluto then trines his Sun and Jupiter.

Pluto was not only implicated in two yods but also opposite Dion’s Sun conjunct Sun and Jupiter. Jean Shinola Bolen saw Hades (Pluto) as the invisible ghostly lover who is an abductor. Her description of Pluto is very similar to cancer as Dion’s “friend.” As such this ghostly lover cuts him off from others.

Bill Tierney in his discussion of yods in his book The Dynamics of Aspect Analysis suggests that a person with a Pluto apex “may have all sorts of penetrating perceptions that are not normally shared or understood by others… Thus he is out of tune with the superficial worldly activities of his environment.” This is a good reason for people to resort to taking drugs. Secondly, keeping snakes and scorpions is not a common activity and may alienate many people. Tierney also suggests (p. 168) that a person with a Pluto apex yod also has strong karmic undertones similar to one with apex Saturn. His Saturn is in the fifth house and Pluto is in the 7th house. It seems to me with both these grim gods in the houses of love and romance (5th) and Pluto not only in the seventh house but also in Libra is that he has karma which should have been deleted around loving and marrying a woman.

What has struck me from my study of mythology and my work as a past life and ancestral regressionist that if a person has been a priest or priestess (and this could be thousands and thousands of years ago) they make oaths to a certain god and they will not be released from that god unless the oath or contract is spiritually broken in a healing. Apollo took over the old Great Mother cults and killed the Python, but we still find Athena with her snakes, Ascelepius with snakes, Hygiea with snakes, Mercury with snakes and Dionysius the son of a new god: Zeus-Jupiter as a snake god. It seems to me that being a Sun Aries person his past lives and ancestral lives can be dated back to 50,000 years ago according to astrologer AT Mann (p. 134) when mankind began shamanism as an ecstatic process. Singing and taking drugs occurred in many Indigenous shamanic ceremonies to see into the world of spirits. Dion’s life seems to have been a search for ecstasy. Here I use shamanism as a religion rather than a name because most Indigenous people would not use the word shamanism. The Earth mother cults began around 26,000 years ago. There is no doubt he has been a Buddhist monk but this is only relatively recent ie. Possibly around 1,400 years ago.

The Saturn apex yod has Neptune in the 9th house in Sagittarius and Mars in Pisces in the twelfth house that this also denotes sacrifice (Neptune) to a religion (9th) or a god (9th house) which keeps one as a victim and secluded (Mars in Pisces in the 12th house) and alienated (Saturn) from love (5th house.)

Going back to more psychological reasoning with Venus Quincunx (Inconjunct) Pluto Dion did have separated parents and he may have had a great fear of disappointment and fear of others as mechanism for keeping love at bay. Careful examination of your routines and feelings about yourself are necessary to free your love to develop and grow. This creates a deep, inner healing. Mercury Quincunx (Inconjunct) Pluto suggests that the compulsive side of your nature may lead you into being way out of control and this would apply to the billiards, the snakes, the heavy drugs, the meditation (over-do), the rock band and the cancer taking over. On cannot see how he would have had much time for anyone. Mars Quincunx (Inconjunct) Saturn also suggests that there is a lack of balance in the picture of himself. Too much work or over-kill in all the compuslsions (snakes, drugs, billiards, travel to religious ashrams) leaves little time for love affairs. As I said before if no one is at home psychologically and one is completely taken over by compulsions trespassers can take us (our home, our temple, our body, our spirit) over. Workaholics (any “a-holics”) are trying to keep the inner voices silenced.

The Neptune and Uranus yods? Neptune as apex in the 9th house inconjunct Hygeia and Saturn is clearly the Buddhist meditation as a structured process to quiet one’s mind and body. Like the Pluto apex the apex Neptune person begins life out of touch with the ordinary mundane realities of one’s environment because he longs to be somewhere else where life is calm, peaceful and beautiful on all levels. This means staying in an emotional ivory tower away from the harshness of life. By working hard at examining his personal and psychological avenues of expression he would have possibly escaped this yod. Perhaps physical yoga could have been added to the meditation regime and a diet rich with B5 or pantothenic acid which is a Neptune vitamin. I will say that the 9th house is the house of gods and the third house belongs to the great mother and goddesses that this emphasis is on serving the God, whoever the snake god; the god of ecstasy is.

There are two yods with Uranus and two yods with the Sun-Jupiter. Bill Tierney suggests that because the Uranus apex suggests a person of accelerated nervous and intellectual achievement who may have problems communicating on a mundane level. He may seem contrary and rebellious. Turning points will be bought about by his intolerance of conventions. Uranus in the 7th and after seeing his parent’s marriage he probably had little tolerance for what he saw for a “normal” marriage until he met Sally who was on his level.

It is this Sun-Jupiter inconjunct Uranus and South Node in Gemini in the 3rd inconjunct Uranus yod that really concerns me. When I see Cancer relentlessly consuming a young person I always wonder why. I have poked my heads in all my metaphysical books and remembered all my shamanic healings to think of parallels. And I thought of the people who could not of South nodes; really more whose South nodes would not let go of them. Dion’s south node would be a past life or ancestral life in 13,000 BC if we were to regress him. This was in the early stages of the age of Gemini; a time where the Great Earth Mother reigned supreme and the male companions of the priestess-Queens became at first year kings such as Aphrodite’s Adonis, Selene’s Endymnion who are fertility kings. Orginally they were chosen from the most intelligent, strongest and best bred men to be king for a year and ritually sacrificed at the end of the year only to be replaced by another consort. Gradually the term extended to two years then seven until the end of the age when the king maintained parity with the Goddess and escaped sacrifice. This ritual was carried out all over European and the British Isles. Similar practices were carried out in South America. Year kings who broke their oaths and eloped with a mortal woman died a terrible death. This is why the third house is the house of the goddess. It seems to me that Dion may have paid this penalty in many, many lifetimes. The oaths and pledges to Gods or Goddesses must be broken.

A sacred king, [and yes they were probably very scared] according to the mythos established by Frazer in is publication The Golden Bough (1890), was a king who represented a solar deity in a cyclically re-enacted fertility rite. Frazer made the idea a substitute king as a worldwide fertility myth, in which a consort for the Goddess was annually replaced. In Australia in the north this did happen. According to Frazer, the sacred king represented the spirit of vegetation. He came into being in the spring, reigned during the summer, and ritually died at harvest time, only to be reborn at the winter solstice to wax and rule again. The spirit of vegetation was therefore a “dying and reviving god”. Osiris, Adonis, Dionysus, Attis and many other figures from Greek mythology and classical antiquity were caste in this pattern. The sacred king, the human embodiment of the dying and reviving vegetation god, was supposed to have originally been an individual chosen to rule for a time, but whose fate was to suffer as a sacrifice, to be offered back to the earth so that a new king could rule for a time in his place. Robert Graves used Frazer’s work in The Greek Myths and made it one of the foundations of his own personal mythology in The White Goddess.

So here I will quickly look at Dion’s apex Sun and Jupiter in the first house. This apex strikes me as a person who may have been a king in past lifetimes or had royal ancestry. Again a persona that is maladjusted to the environment appears. He has great will power, authority and self-pride. After a while he feels out of tune and inferior. Add apex Jupiter yod to this and we have someone who is out of tune with moral codes, social laws, belief systems and ethics. Eventually when the yod is activated by transitting Uranus and Pluto and that is in 1996 and in 2011 and 2012. Bill Tierney suggests then it is time to drop a former belief or long held ideology instead adopt another world view which allows him to become more effectively aligned with the needs of his inner spirit rather than held aggrandisement (p. 160- 161.)

It has struck me as I have written the account of Dion that his life and the possibility of past lives effecting him is remarkably similar to the process Barbara Hand Clow went through with a past life regressionist Greg Paxson to unlock past lives in the early 1980s. Before then she felt she had schizophrenia. The account of these regressions in in a book called The Eye of the Centaur: A Visionary Guide into Past Lives. She has her South Node conjunct her Sun in the 6th house of the body and her Mercury inconjunct Moon which I believe are both significant. I would advise that you read this a few times if you are interested in what I write.

I began doing past life regression without training in early 1995 when transitting Neptune and Uranus conjuncted my natal Sun and Chiron. I went to England in a small tour when we walked and experienced the Mary-Michael leylines which had been dowsed by Paul Braodbent. I have four inconjuncts. I literally taught myself and taught others in 1995 and then formally learned Theta Healing in 2006-2007; Shamanic healing from 2005 to the present (there is always more to learn) and an Australian method of healing in 2008-2009. So I do a lot of past life regression and ancestral healing and this includes breaking of oaths, pledges, promises, beliefs, extractions of intrusions and psychopomp work which is removing ghosts and then finally breaking curses and spells.


The next horoscope I examine here is of a lady who was born in the war years in 1943 and who died of cancer. I will call her Momma Mia. The apex of the yod in Momma Mia’s chart is the MC in Capricorn and this speaks of an unlived career; of unlived heights of dignity outside her family sphere. The 8 degree MC in Capricorn quincunxes Pluto in the fifth house at 5 degrees Leo and Uranus in the 2nd house at 5 degrees Gemini. That is her yod.

The research of Uranus inconjunct the Midheaven suggests ‘Somehow MC inconjunct Uranus disqualifies or makes you an outsider by alienation. Even in football (http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2012/06/living-with-astrology-and-ec-2012.html ) “…at the final moment transit Midheaven was inconjunct Uranus. Inconjunctions don’t promise a victory. They are about loss and losing balance. A surprising (Uranus) loss (inconjunct) as a result (MC)was disqualified.” Salman Rushdie has a natal Uranus inconjunct Midheaven and he suddenly lost his status and position. Also he couldn’t return to his homeland.’ The research of Pluto inconjunct MC With transit Pluto inconjunct MC and other indications like progressed Midheaven quincunx natal Jupiter Don Johnson had extreme and unbalancing success with Miami Vice: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2013/03/don-johnsons-chart-and-life-venus.html The Jupiter-Pluto combination is a successful one (see: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2011/05/jupiterpluto-midpoint-and-aspect.html ). The inconjuncts make it disproportional.

The 2nd house is an earth house that should be full of abundance and self- worth or self-love. The fifth house is concerned with love; being loved by another, but apparently her husband left her for another woman who became pregnant so Momma Mia held the anger for life and it became the cancer. Cancer became Pluto the silent and unconscious lover in her fifth house. Pluto in her fifth house kills her joy and never allows herself to love herself first and foremost which 5th house placements emphasise. People with fifth house planets try to get love from people around them. The big emotional expenditure caused by the search for love causes health problems. Pluto here reaches out to the MC in Capricorn with the ungainly 150 degree quincunx and the MC can only be her father because she has no career. Anxious Uranus in the 2nd house also reaches out to the Capricorn MC for sustenance, a great need for self-worth and happiness. Inconjuncts or quincunxes with the MC have a special effect on the status, the condition, the career or the ‘name and fame’. Although this doesn’t have to be in a disruptive way, the lack of balance creates a danger. The nerviness of the Saturn quincunx does not allow relaxation.

The ruler of the yod’s Capricorn apex is Saturn which also sits in the second house conjunct the Sun. At 13 degrees the Sun is widely conjunct Uranus. This stellium in the third speaks of two castrating mythological fathers: Uranus and Saturn. They are squashing the sun between them so the Sun at the midpoint of Uranus and Saturn is midpoint being suffocated by a lack of love by a cruel and obviously critical father and this condemning inner parental voice is emphasised by Mercury Taurus) also in the second house conjunct Uranus . The three planets : Uranus, Sun and Saturn) are in Gemini. If you listen carefully you will hear the bitter, grouchy voices of the inner father recorded incessantly creating an inner mental landscape of depression and self-condemnation. Saturn tells us that at two years old Momma Mia never achieved autonomy. Rather than be her brave Mars in Aries, she stays as the Moon in Cancer for her whole life; living in the shadows of ancestors and her own need for safety. She died of cancer which came from her anger towards her father (the apex of the yod- Capricorn MC) which reminds me of Goya’s famous painting of Saturn eating his children which is evocative of the unlived potentials of children. Somehow though she saved her own children as her family say about Momma Mia, “She was amazing: a star!”

Momma Mia’s vertex at six degrees Libra sits silently in her sixth house waiting for joy in a good partnership, a happy job or good health. It never came. Mars in Aries (in exact opposition to the vertex) should be assertive and rush out to enliven the vertex, but it is swamped and suffocated in the twelfth house, no doubt crushed by a pregnancy of dull war rations and her mother’s anxiety and sacrifice. The vertex appears as a sensitive point linked to fateful encounters with others, seemingly sudden epiphanies, turning points in life and a destiny over which we have no control. Activated, it can synchronize with an experience of another whose effect registers as some degree of profound or extraordinary. But for Momma Mia it is never activated. It sits as part of a cardinal T square and not only squares the Midheven but squaring the Moon in Cancer. The past of her ancestors weighs heavily and will never be forgotten. Eris (the archetype of trouble) also at 5 degrees 51 minutes conjuncts her Mars. Nothing speaks of personal joy, except her fourth house of home and family, but her children speak of the love she gave them and obviously she adored them. I have done balancing shamanic healing with Momma’s delightful daughter and she is blossoming. There is life beyond death.


I will be following this article, which I have called “Part One” with a “Yods: Part Two” article as I was kindly offered a great number of anonymous yod charts and I wish to honour these people. Yods are not light-hearted. So right now I need to relax now so I hope you relax after reading this too and if you have quincunxes or a yod, it may be time to reorganise and take a new perspective.

My best wishes to you and I hope this article has helped you.

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Can we change our ancestral fate? Can we turn fear into love? Can we overcome childhood abuse? Can we establish a new positive neural pattern after prolonged brainwashing? I believe we can! Think of how much creative and productive energy becomes available to you when you are freed from old programs ( and reactions) of fear and anger. So let’s look at the really positive side of Mars aspecting Neptune and Mars and Neptune in the 12th house.


With Mars we go outwards from our home, habits, security, safety and away from the past (Moon) in order to connect with the wider social world of challenges, adventures and fresh horizons. As the warrior and pioneer, we manage conflict and exercise positive self-control over ourselves. We act, set intentions, goals; we manifest, ground ourselves and are creatively self-expressive. We make our mark on life, relate, compete, express ourselves and be recognised. We fulfil the functions of the Sun, Venus and Mercury and act as a protector for life on our Earth-Moon system. We express our basic sense of core vitality and identity (Sun) and as the henchman of the Sun we serve our individual solar purpose for this lifetime. We also communicate our attitudes, beliefs and what we want to say (Mercury.) We also honour our values and honour who and what we seek to draw to us and we act to what is vital to us (Venus.)

In terms of our aura Mars is associated with our solar plexus chakra which relates developmentally to our stage of puberty between 9 and 13 years old. The solar plexus supports the development of our solar sign, our primary energy and vitality and our rational discriminating mind and our capacity to stand our ground. This is why Mars is in its dignity in Aries and exaltation of Capricorn. At this age we learn about personal empowerment, confidence, flourishing and Mars as a protector.

In that middle chakra have our adrenal fight our flight responses and our kidneys. Later in this article I will talk about restoring our kidney and Mars energy if we still have unresolved past experiences and have been invaded by other’s energies. I also look at cleansing the solar plexus and healing your energy body. We continually have an inner struggle (Mars) to be “back on track” or on our individual path as Mars can be grabbed by other planetary energies.


Neptune can “grab” Mar’s energy, unless we are totally aware. So, let us examine the positive side of Neptune first. Many famous people including successful businessmen, inventors and scientists have had dominant Neptune in their chart. Neptune is where you seek the ideal and where you use your hunches and creativity. Neptune rules maritime matters, liquid, music, movies, the stage, television, glamour. It governs fog, mist and gases, petroleum, anaesthetics, intangibles, perfumes, poetry, dancing, second sight, spirituality and colour. It has jurisdiction over dreams, trances and hypnosis. Although in matriarchal times horses were sacred to Demeter (Da Mater: the Great Mother) and all aspects of the Moon in patriachal times horses were taken over by Poseidon (Neptune.)

The negative side of Neptune comes from Poseidon’s (the Greek Neptune) surly quarrelsome nature, as he perceived that he did not have as much power as a deity of the oceans, as his brother Zeus (Jupiter) who ruled the earth. Like Zues he was constantly unfaithful. There is an escapist side to Neptune who constantly thinks the grass is greener on the other side and he goes off looking for someone or something better than what he already has (which is generally stability and normality.) Neptune rules delusions and illusions; mystique and glamour; and what we take for granted in life without questioning, which is so very dangerous, because we can be taken in here by confidence men and women and the vampires and sociopaths of this world. Neptune also has jurisdiction over drugs, alcohol and addictions of all kinds, hypochrondria, immateriality and abnormality. Neptune’s action is subtle, gradual and sometimes insidious. Neptune’s position is where we can be deceived by others and where we deceive ourself; therefore it rules gullibility.

Where Mars is virility, strength, tone and energy Neptune is the opposite. Neptune indicates weakness, lethargy, laziness, with flabby muscles, sluggishness and Neptune has low thresholds of physical, emotional and mental pain. Neptune is hazy, bewildering, charlatanic, camouflaging, secretive and hidden (Eileen Nauman, 1982, Medical Astrology, p. 10.) In the medical areas of your body Neptune moves around; it is everywhere, but nowhere and almost impossible to pin down when medical doctors, natuopaths and any kind of holistic practitioner go looking. Neptune is the headache or pain that doctors can never locate and the dis-ease or affliction that medical practitioners cannot locate. However, a good medical or psychological astrologer can see where Neptune is operating. Typical of Neptunian problems are chronic fatigue syndrome or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr Virus, Ross River fever, low immune systems and rheumatic fever. It has been suggested that the symptoms of ME are similar to combat stress reaction, PTSD and ME has even been confused with neurasthenia. (Any myalgic problems are to do with muscular function which is a Mars function.) My experience as a shamanic practitioner is that these Neptunian afflictions can be dealt with can be dealt with by an holistic approach. Vitamin, mineral and naturopathic therapy, plus a change in lifestyle which gives hope and joy; plus ancestral and past life healings regression and soul retrieval and depossession and curse unravelling as negative Neptune placements are notorious for allowing the aura to be porous and easily invaded. I am not a qualified medical practitioner so this is only my belief.

In medical astrology Neptune rules pantothenic acid (B5), which is vital for Mars bodily functions and is most easily found in Brewers Yeast. It is foul tasting, but vital for people with Mars-Neptune aspects, Mars in Pisces or Mars in the twelfth house. For Neptune-Mars people angelica root, basil, ginger, vervain, can help as can the flower remedies centaury, clematis, gentian, larch, olive, wild oat. Aromatherapy oils that will help Neptune-Mars people are basil, black pepper cinnamon, frankincense, ginger, rosemary. Colours are red, orange, green and turquoise.


Those who have a natal Mars- Neptune conjunction or even Mars-Neptune aspects may have had childhoods rich with fantasy. Many Mars-Neptune people are escapists. Some love dancing. Most have a magnetic personality with idealistic expectations and great sex appeal. Liz Greene quotes famous astrologer Isabel Hickey as seeing a Mars-Neptune person as “the practical idealist.” She further suggests both planets work together enabling the realisation of dreams, ideals, healing power and creative inspiration, but she also maintains that these people need to look at service to mankind as a goal which transcend’s the ego’s awareness. I have seen this with great men and women who serve their country rather than the personal “I.” Three great men who have the Neptune-Mars aspect who have served their country and helped others rather than their own ego, have been Scottish (British) Labor leader Ramsay MacDonald; Australian financier Stanley Colman and British (Canadian ) Governor General and war-time leader Arthur of Connaught. Both Ramsay MacDonald and Arthur of Connaught were denied university and military honours through illness and being blocked. As Liz Greene states (p. 247) when they try to assert them“selves” they run into circumstances which abort their efforts and they may feel victimised by life. However I have found that in the grand scheme these men were honoured for their greatness.

Mars conjunct Neptune is such an interesting combination, because Mars as an archetype or symbol literally means our inherent ability, energy and initiatives to fight our way through life knocking all obstacles flying, but Neptune as a negative archetype represents an obstacle or block in some form. Neptune as a negative archetype is pure self-deception and any insidious undermining forces. Neptune can be used positively by photographers, dancers, maritime matters, artists, the glamour world, asylum workers, makers of perfumes and scientists working with gases, petroleum, and medications and even business people if they use their intuition and the highest forms of spirituality.

However, Neptune will cause blockages in one’s willpower, assertion and the ability to reach one’s goals. What can be so treacherous about Neptune in its power to frustrate our raw energy or fighting force is that Neptune is an unconscious planet and if we are not totally aware all sorts of unconscious negative goodies will stop us in our tracks. Neptune actually undermines our endurance.


However, what I focus on in this article is about people who have Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house. Not only is there a double dose of Neptune here because the 12th house is ruled by Neptune ( as well as Jupiter.) If we look at the Mars Neptune conjunct in Scorpio we see it is ruled not only by Mars, but we have the interesting addition of Pluto, the new ruler of Scorpio. Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio as an extra part of the Mars-Neptune-12th house equation gives the possibilities of transformation, but also of destruction, a death of something, fusion, obsessions and phobias, coercion, isolation, crime, complexity and destruction. So if we look at Mars as Uruz (OO_ROOSE) in Norse archetypes, then Pluto becomes Isa (EE-SAW. ) Neptune as a negative archetype is deception and in the Norse archetypes Flærdgstafr means “stave of deception.” The flærdgstafr runes are Hagalaz (HOR_GOR_LORS) , Nauthiz (NOR-THEEZ), and Thoriaz (THOR_EE_AZ.)

In the ancient Greek and Scandinavian mythological world this archetype of death was known as fate or the fates. Many astrologers say that astrological charts are pure fate and that are lives are destined to be played out by the three ancient sisters who carelessly roll the dice of our lives. I am so glad you disagree, because I know this idea is not true. It a belief of slavery and a cruel belief of some ancient myths, (the Greek and Germanic) which were religions in ancient times. As astrologer Liz Greene states in her book The Astrology of Fate, “Fate was called Moira, by the Greeks and was from earliest times a daimon [spirit] of doom and death, a great power, older than the oldest gods.” (Greene, Liz (1984.) The Astrology of Fate. Weiser: Boston, Massachusetts, USA.) In ancient Germanic-Viking myths Thoriaz represented the shadow or an out of control “inner child.” When one has taught studies in “brainwashing and cults” one finds these fearful beliefs are a way of keeping the masses in control. In a way the belief in fate is akin to a phobia, brainwashing or evil spell or curse.

Many people believe that our soul chooses our family and our karmic inheritance so that we can inherit both the gifts and the challenges needed for our highest soul growth. Many astrologers believe that the synchronistic moment of birth is the key element in the life story, because it gives us a genetic, or karmic blueprint of the soul; a map of the psyche. By looking at our family members charts, we can decipher emotional patterns that have been playing out for generations. The planet Pluto is the major character in this generational story. The names of both Hades and Pluto appear also in the Greek Magical Papyri and curse tablets.

Astrologer Elizabeth Spring suggests that ,“Karmic patterns are not in themselves innate curses or blessings, for our will, intention, and grace are always operative. But anything can behave erratically if wilfully suppressed for generations.” She also states that, “Jung wrote about the personal as well as the collective unconscious, saying that both talents and troubles are to be found in the subconscious. He didn’t say how the unconscious works its way through the family lineage, but he did claim that there was gold in the “shadow” of the personal and collective unconscious.”

Can we stop the belief in fate? Can we break the effects of brainwashing and curses and spells? I say we can. I invite you to come on a journey of hope with me to find peace, happiness and a new life for people, who have been burdened by a belief in fate or some nasty curse that has bound them to fate or their so called karmic inheritance.


It is said that Mars in the 12th house has trouble going after what it wants? So are Mars’ goals and willpower, even energy dissolved here? We might turn the archetype of Mars in the 12th or Mars- Neptune into a fairy tale that goes like this:

“Once upon a time a handsome and energetic knight on a mission somehow missed his path and ended up in the magical forest of a dark, festering witch who loved to frighten, deceive and disillusion all who came there. Cobwebs hung from every tree in festoons. Vile billowing, greasy mists swirled in every hollow and all sorts of animals and birds that were brain-dead and listless sort of flew and sort of crawled around until they slipped into the quicksand. The knight’s horse became lame. His armour rusted mysteriously and he fell off his horse. A vampire-like lamia lady began to kiss him and sucked most of his energy out. He developed a bad migraine. His bright skin became greenish.
Fortunately, with a Saturn-Jupiter transit a really excellent shamanic practitioner- psychotherapist was driving by. Because she had all her soul pieces intact and all her life span stages were hunky dory, so she immune to all the spells and ghastliness. She restored harmony and balance to the forest ( and all the forest creatures), horse and the knight by removing the spells and curses of the rotten, festering witch and the vampirish lamia. She also removed the past life spells on the witch and lamia that made them so poisonous and they jumped for joy and became nice people. She bought her juicer and some fresh food and gave the knight a fresh juice of garlic, ginger, apple, carrot, and celery and some oats for the horse. The horse reared up with renewed energy and the knight came to his senses immediately. The knight put his horse in the therapist’s horse trailer and they drove off to her clinic where she trained him to restore balance wherever he went in the abundant land of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael.”

The astrological twelfth house is known as the house of self-sabotage as it is a house ruled by Neptune; the planet of abnormality, deception, (subconscious) frustrations and all that is insidious. It does not bode well to have Mars here, as this action oriented planet is supposed to be our energy and drive in life. (However, you will see later, mysteriously when Mars is conjunct the ascendant and in the 12th house it is a busy bee full of energy.) To waste Mars energy endlessly trying to fight the isolation, sorrows, hidden dangers, endless secrets and underminings from hidden enemies seems a life-consuming exercise , but we certainly can happily use this energy in the role of artist, therapist, writer, researcher and all the other Mars-Neptune archetypal roles I have suggested in this article. All the Mars- Neptune roles where you enjoy isolation such as university or jail counsellor or forest ranger or a writer in a deep, dark wood would be just right here. What if a person also had Mars conjunct Neptune in the twelfth house?

Even if we study basic, introductory astrology we find that the twelfth house is known as a house of the subconscious and a house we hide things from others. “It is often called the closet or dustbin of the horoscope because it is here we sweep away or hide problems which are too painful to face or difficulties which we refuse to acknowledge.” (March & McEvers, 1981, p. 34.)

In mundane astrology, the study of cities, groups and nations, the twelfth house is the significator of prisons, reformatories, criminals, spies, secret enemies of the country at home or abroad. Planets in the twelfth house reveal hospitals, asylums, institutions for those who are weak, infirm, or in need of charity in a group’s chart. The welfare state and possibly secret societies and occult religions are also indicated here. Thus ancestors who have been criminals, spies, substance abusers, in asylums or poor houses may be invasive to the person with planets in the twelfth house.

Psychological astrology considers the twelfth house, as with all water houses, as our psychic inheritance and unfinished business we have inherited from past lives, parents and ancestors. Jung considered that our psychic processes are made up to a large extent of reflections, doubts, experiments, all of which are almost completely foreign to the unconscious instinctive mind of primitive man. It is the growth of consciousness which we must thank for the existence of problems. Jung saw that it was man’s turning away from instinct, his opposing himself to instinct, that creates consciousness and thus problems with our psychic world.” (Jung, “The Stages of Life,” in The Portable Jung, ed. by Joseph Campbell (1976), pp.4-5.)

Clare Martin in her book Mapping the Psyche: An Introduction to Psychological Astrology. Volume 2, maintains that the 12th house does not belong to any space-time reality because it has no boundaries. Pp.64-65. Thus people with a 12th house inhabited by planets are easily invaded by angry ancestors, unfinished past lives, curses, spells and all many of spirit beings. They also may be susceptible to self-destructive behaviour in all manners of ways.

In ancient Germanic-Viking myths Thoriaz represented “the shadow in the unconscious, the repressed and unacknowledged collection of garbage collected in life or foisted on us by the environment and its social conditions. (Aswyn, F. pp.17-18.”)

As a psychological-archetypal astrologer who uses astrology as a door for shamanic and energy healing I see the 12th house from as different light to those astrologers who are not actively interventionist. I find the idea of being merely a “reader” like a tealeaf reader or a psychic who foist their horrible prophecies of gloom and doom as unethical and in fact verging on criminal, as many of the clients take these silly prophecies as “gospel” truth. As I have qualifications and experience in counselling and sociology and I am a qualified and experienced teacher with a background of teaching children who have parents in jail; children who are products of endless custody battles, extreme cults, violence, poverty and endless sadness, so I take a dim view of such “readers.” My clients mostly have very, very difficult lives where they need help and mostly they tell me of their fears and anxieties from such problems as curses, spells, extreme trauma, bullying, workplace trauma, impossible relationships, severe illness, grief, unrequited love, substance abuse and depression. Often they have run the gamut of many therapists and are still not any better.

Why? What is blocking them from living productive, joyful lives? As Caroline Myss PhD hypothesises in her book: “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can” one has to “find the right path through the chaos of healing” and she insists that fear interferes with the mindful use of your power and that to decrease your susceptibility to fear, your spiritual life requires nurturing. ” (p. 123-124.) She also writes that, “When illness is a part of your spiritual journey, no medical intervention can heal you until your spirit has begun to make the changes the illness was designed to inspire. p. 125.”

Spiritual healing in the form of energy healing or shamanic healing is not for everyone, but it does work for Neptunian people. Mostly, I find people find their way to me as a last resort when nothing else seems to work. It may not be your solution, but since I have followed the path of energy healing and shamanic healing I have found my life has improved remarkably. It certainly has improved the life of some of my friends.

I call my technique Spirit Well Being therapy. It is not learned easily or for the faint hearted and much of what I see as the channel or medium for the healing is “highly unpleasant” and this is euphemistic. It specialises in unblocking all sorts of blockages in one’s spiritual, soulful, mental, creative and physical life. These include blockages by ancestors, past lives, present life trauma, spells, curses, unconscious beliefs and outside and inner sabotage without revealing my secrets. We in this modern, technological age tend to see mankind as all powerful and all knowing, more powerful than nature or the animal, bird and plant kingdom. They also include blockages and all sorts of inhibiting forces in our unconscious.

What is this Unconscious? Our unconscious is the part of the mind which is inaccessible to the conscious mind but which affects behaviour and emotions and effects the hippocampus and amygdala in our brain. If we are subject to emotions which are too horrific and traumatic we can develop Alzheimer’s disease or Post Traumatic stress. If this happens during our foetal and /or childhood stages of life we can develop all sorts of psychopathological conditions were mostly we become compartmentalised in our personality (personalities) or dissociated because we simply cannot cope. (See van der Hart, Nijenhuis & Steele.)


Our inner child can also sabotage us, if this inner child is unhappy or has become disturbed in a certain stage of lifespan development. Mars is the instrument of our Sun’s life force. Therefore a challenged Mars (or Sun) can be a wounded inner child.

Basically, Erikson’s psychosocial stages (Hoffnung et al, 2010, pp. 38-41) begin at age birth to 18 months where we develop trust versus mistrust and lack of hope. Cathryn Taylor suggests that if, “we fear abandonment, rejection and abuse, the feelings of loss of hope and mistrust in the inner child most likely began at this age.” (Taylor, 1991, p. 38. ) If from birth to age one (stage one in lifespan development) we are not comforted and cared for adequately we will be gullible and susceptible to betrayal.

If from age 18 months to age three (stage 2: autonomy versus shame and doubt) we are not encouraged we will not be independent, therefore we are will feel inadequate and will easily be swayed by Neptunian brainwashing. Remember what happens at this toddler stage? Yes, tantrums. A toddler screams, “NO!” There must be some sort of balance and self-discipline taught here, but if he child is silenced by severe physical (and /or sexual) or mental abuse which creates fear and a need for safety (the Moon) and the child is too afraid and humiliated to say, “NO! NO! NO!” the child has no separate existence. The child’s needs and desires will still be bonded to the caretaker. There will be no autonomy. There will be no Mars. They /you will always need a protector. They will be stuck in the lunar stage of safety and security and they will never risk taking a stand or being powerful, ever, until a kindly holistic therapist or shamanic practitioner comes along to jolt their Mars into existence or maybe later in life martial arts, or yoga or tai chi or some sort of spiritual discipline can bond Mars and Neptune in a creative way so Mars comes alive. Otherwise submerged Mars may have to find someone to worship; or the Mars person becomes a victim, a martyr to a cause or /and an addict or a door-mat or a pushover to vampires, sociopaths or confidence men (tricksters.) So the ideal is that, whatever age we gain our Mars power; our autonomy and our courage, we will never be manipulated again.

He next stage is an echo of the toddler stage. From age three to age six (stage three: thinking for ourself and self-assertion versus guilt) we need to become independent or else we could be one of those dependent people who prostitute themselves for the sake of security and do not walk their own soul path.

At age 6-12; competence versus inferiority [lack of confidence] and fifth, age 12-19 a coherent self –identity versus role confusion or not knowing who “I” am. At age 19-25 we focus on an intimate relationship and career or we are isolated. At age 25 to 50 we focus on creative productivity or stagnate. Mahler also has psychodynamic stages which I don’t include here. We may be able to recognise the stage that the inner child develops as our shadow or becomes blocked by these stages.

If you read this carefully you will note that Mars (in the Mars-Neptune aspect) is about willpower and strength and each stage needs a strong will to master. Secondly, if you look at each stage carefully the goal of each stage has been undermined or dissolved (Neptune) by a lack of ignorance in parenting (the Moon or Cancer or the 4th house) or bad teaching at school, or being orphaned; being ill in hospital; in fact so many things can cause this. Consequently, if we do not reach the goals of each stage we have a weakness in character and no boundaries, which is exactly Neptune personified: no boundaries. Thirdly, another part of the Neptune-Mars in Scorpio in the 12th house equation is the 12th house is Pluto/Scorpio which creates an unconscious part of the personality which is solidly unconscious and in automatic mode without lot of hard work to be aware. And if a person is not conscious; ie a sheep, that is part of a herd mentality, how do they know they are not aware? Then there is the last part of the equation: the 12th house which is also subconscious. The twelfth houses includes inner strengths and weaknesses, frustrations, limitations, seclusions, secrets, institutions (jails, hospitals, mental assylums, universities) exiles, self-sabotage and things we hide from others. The great part of the twelfth house is that it includes restorative solitude, and talent for research, subjective sustainment, public welfare, inner consciousness, music, writing, acting or dancing. My, my, what a large archetype full of possibilities.

Of course, we must ascertain how strong this Neptune-Mars in the 12th house in Scorpio archetype is?
• Is Neptune or Mars the ruler of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven or a Moon’s Node?
• Are there any other planets in the 12th house or Scorpio?
• Are these planets conjunct the Mars-Neptune conjunction?
• If the Neptune-Mars conjunction an important ruler is it aspecting other planets?
• Have you worked out what stage in the mother’s pregnancy the aspect was triggered?
• Have you asked the client what actually happened?
• Is there an addict archetype?
• Is there an alchemist or wizard archetype?
• Is there an artist (musician, author, poet, artisan) archetype?
• Is there a priest or nun archetype (even if it’s still seeping out of a past life)?
• Is there a nature child archetype?
• Is there a damsel in distress, femme fatale or Don Juan archetype?
• Is there a shaman or exorcist ; healer, caregiver, therapist, analyst or counsellor archetype?
• Is there a mystic archetype?
• Is there a victim, vampire or saboteur archetype?
• Is there a rescuer archetype? (While people think of the counselling triangle diagram with the bully, victim and rescuer all swapping positions I have just finished reading about a famous WWII and Vietnam colonel who loved rescuing soldiers who had been made prisoners of war. He had a Pisces Moon inconjunct his Mars and Neptune. I found this so interesting. Michel Guaquelin in his statistical research of soldiers and athletes found that most had Mars in their 12th house conjunct the ascendant. I have also find mechanics are frequently rescuers, helping people who cars have broken down in isolated places, especially the Neptune in Scorpio generation.)

So, what makes us susceptible to physical and mental illness; susceptible to confidence tricksters (fraudulent people); cult leaders; vampires; toxic relationships and toxic families; sexual predators and violence; psychic attack; unpleasant peers and addictions (to non-medical drugs, medications, alcohol, methylated spirits, aerosol sprays, coffee or escapism of some kind )?

According to Carl Jung, what prevents people from becoming autonomous, fulfilled and ultimately happy is their refusal to open themselves to experiences that are new and unfamiliar, and thus potentially threatening to their sense of a whole self. When we have passed from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, nature abandons us to the world of consciousness, or life in our culture. We are thus forced to say “goodbye to childlike unconsciousness and trust in nature.” The question then arises, “What kind of person shall I then become in this strange new world?” Each of us must confront it. Put not all of us do. If our inner child decides to block this confrontation to a brave new world we may suffer illness, job loss, humiliating circumstances; you name it. It depends on the age the inner child was at the age of the inner decision to block. The inner child then creates lots of negative, self-sabotaging behaviours and occurrences which seem to come from other people. This then becomes our shadow and if we work hard enough we will eventually meet our shadow and our damaged inner child. It sounds so easy.


It isn’t just a Moon in challenging aspect to Neptune that creates an enmeshed family environment; a natal Mars-Neptune aspect can also create this octopus-like hold by a mother or toxic family. Lyn Koiner in her article “The Psychological Vampire Astrologically Viewed” maintains that the Mars –Neptune aspect makes one vulnerable to vampires. The Mars- Neptune aspect describes a parent or a family member who, like a vampire, who did not want you to grow up or grow away. They did this by siphoning off your energy and destroying your initiative to move on with your own life. If you have this aspect you may be part of a family who compare you to your siblings, bought out your report card every term and consistently degrade you. You may also have been expected to have to look after an ailing mother so you had no life of your own and of course Mars-Neptune in Scorpio or the 8th house is notorious for sexual abuse or incest. Whether we call it vampiring, brainwashing, abuse, neglect, toxic parenting or emotional plague it means that a child who grows up with this behaviour will become one of these symptoms at least: afraid of confrontation, numb, ill, dissociated, addicted to substances, fearful or chronically angry.

It is essential that you activate your Mars and learn to act on your own behalf. Vampires teach you to self-sabotage. They talk you out of this, discourage you in ways that make it seem “better” or easier not do act. Vampires suffocate others, making people often feel that they cannot breathe. They use flattery. And, while many of us see compassion as a positive trait, the Vampire sees this as a weakness, a weakness that can benefit them in a major way. Vampires often ask a lot of personal questions. They want to get to know you better for a reason. Knowledge, to them, is power. They reveal little of the truth about themselves to others, but they are always interrogating their victim. The information they acquire will be used against you later on, to manipulate you or to tear you down. Never give the Vampire personal information. Respond to their questions with your own questions about them. Remember, the cross examination is to acquire information that will be used later on to control you. To the vampire, knowledge is power.

Since the increased use of the Internet, vampires can now attack you through chat rooms and e-Lists. They drain your energies through acquiring information and solicit your help in solving their problems. They are not seeking solutions, only your energy! Remember, the Vampire is never concerned about your life, only what they can take from you. The vampire is only concerned with their personal survival.

If we are a super confident person with no chinks in our aura or psychological armour these hints on psychological vampires will bounce off. Remember that. And don’t forget these people may not even realise they are vampirish or toxic in their behaviour. They may belong to a family with a long ancestry of being toxic and not even realise that there are other ways of behaving. I am not saying be sympathetic or empathic. I am just saying that many of these people are unaware and unconscious which is also very negative astrological 12th house and Neptunian in behaviour. Vampires can be in their behaviour:

1.the narcissistic, self-absorbed victim.
2.the charismatic, high-energy individual.
3.the argumentative bully who absorbed energy through initiating discord.
4.the controlling salesperson who is more interested in taking your energy than really selling anything.
5. Those who enter our psyches by instilling fears, doubts and attempts to alienate us from our friends and family, people whom we would normally trust.
6.“The World Is About To End” cult speakers who excite our fears to absorb our energies.
7.“The Great Love” who manipulates our emotions to siphon off your energies.

1. Develop healthy boundaries for yourself.
2. Never give them personal information. Answer respond to their questions with your own questions. Notice a lot of army people and lawyers do this.
3. Keep yourself focused upon your own positive creativity. Idle hands are the vampires workshop.
4. Never be friendly with these people. Remain aloof.
5. “Cut off their head” – since they live in their heads, having no heart connection, this is the source of their power. Make sure to question their intelligence. When they get angry the psychic link is broken.
6. Stay conscious! These people are stopped in their tracks by the Light of consciousness. Show them what they are. Respond that you are feeling drained by them.
7. Go for the heart! Example: When you feel drained by a person, a class or a speaker, just get up and walk away. This is staying conscious.
People who have no knowledge of this are susceptible?


Below is a quick list of 12 different types of obstacles you may face in life, along with how you need to respond to overcome them.
• Bars help you stretch and become more flexible, just like the way a dancer uses a barre.
•Blocks make it necessary to reposition yourself for a new start, in the same way that runners use blocks before they start a race.
•Challenges help you grow your knowledge, skills, experience and resources.
• Checks make you to rethink your options and actions, in the same way a check in the game of Chess does.
• Dampers help you slow down and cool off, just like a fireplace damper.
•Hurdles require you to gain momentum so you can leap over them.
•Impassable Obstacles force you to find another way around them.
•Impediments help you slow down and exercise caution in choosing your next steps.
•Knots make you stop, look carefully at the way things are connected, and then work patiently to loosen or cut through the binds within yourself or your environment.
•Turnstiles make you bid your time until things change.
•Vices put the pressure on and test whether we are strong enough to handle the consequences.
•Walls make you look around for a ladder or an overhanging tree you can climb. Or they can inspire you to build an earthen ramp so everyone can climb over them.
Knowing the nature of what is holding you back and the means by which it does that, is critical to choosing the right strategy to deal with it. But what also helps is understanding how to overcome the obstacles in your life and how they help you.


• In stage one of your life, you must be able to define [or redefine if you have hit a dead end] who you are and who you are not.
• Stage 2, learning your calling often defines or redefines your self concept, life’s work, and key relationships.
• What drives Life Stage 3 (Focusing stage) is a quest to find your passion, your bliss, what makes you unique. Questions about life, who you are and who you can become lead to more questions and a sorting through to find the ideas, lifestyles, values and career choices that fit best. At the heart of Stage Three is delving deeper into the mysteries of who you are and who you are meant to become. Clues that you are in the Focusing stage include researching and experimenting with different life styles, spending time on developing skills in the activities you love to do, playing with new ideas of how to be in the world and testing what you value in life.
• Life stage 4 : The Working Stage begins when you are ready to start working or you run out of time and money. For most students, this happens in the early 20s when you start your first full time or adult job. As you undertake the adult responsibilities of supporting yourself and your family you work out the realities of who you are in a world where bills need to be paid, bosses set deadlines and people call in sick. Values and ideals, discussed and explored in school, are now road tested and either embraced, revised or abandoned. Dreams and ambitions are matched against reality and the prevailing culture establishes a strong pull for the spending of your income and time. This phase of learning your craft on-the-job starts with learning the ropes at your first job. It may last an entire lifetime if your major emphasis becomes increasing the size of your paycheck, benefits and responsibility. Transitioning to the next phase requires a major shift of emphasis.
• In Life Stage 5: Excelling in Life your emphasis shifts from being good at your job or relationships to excelling at what you do. In the area of work, your attention moves from earning paychecks and promotions to achieving great results in your day-to-day work. In the area of love, you start expressing your love in unexpected, exquisite and heartfelt ways making the ones you love feel, as well as know, they are truly and deeply loved. In the area of life, you focus on improving or perfecting the way you live and experience your life.
• Life stage 6 is mastery.


Below are life themes listed as keywords which reflect the 28 universal values seen in every human culture, age and generation. By reading over these brief descriptions, you can start to see which ones appeal most to you. Once you know the keywords or themes that really speak to you, you can start to put into your own words your personal theme of life. Crafting a theme of life statement can truly change the way you see the world and think about who you are and why you are here.
1. Life & Death: Do you focus on the life and death of it all? Are beginnings and ends a theme that run through your life? If so, take this Way for a test run and see how well it describes you.
2. Peace, Strife & Trade : Some of us focus on the themes of war and peace. They are the backdrop for our favourite stories and find their way into our most meaningful conversations. If the ideas of war and peace haunt your dreams, come explore the Way of Peace.
3. Wisdom: Wisdom is the pearl beyond price for sages and they have sought it since time began. If the siren call of wisdom and its opposite foolishness and ignorance speak to you, come learn more.
4. Creation & Destruction: How often are you thinking about how something is created or destroyed? Do you love to watch films where everything gets blown up or new worlds are created? Does the genesis of new ideas speak to you?
5. Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries: Do you love to solve mysteries, understand enigmas, or unveil sacred truths and mysteries? Many are tempted to open a window and peer into the Universe beyond. Are you one of them?
6. Love VERSUS Indifference : If you seek to love and be loved, this may be your Way in life.
7. Word & Image :Words and images tickle our minds and our imagination.
8. Energy:If you like to work with energy, in any of its forms, or feel like you do not have enough you may be called to the Way of Energy.
9. Potential :Do you key into the potential of a thing or place, and seek to realize it?
10. Mastery : Master the Why of anything and you are halfway home if you follow the Way of Mastery.
11. Justice : If you love seeing justice served, this might be the way for you.
12. Perspective: Like an angel dancing on the head of a pin, it is all about what and how you see things.
13. Change, Growth & Learning: Change is more than just the stuff that rattles around loose in your pocket (book). Growth and learning are what makes fish into schools.
14. Balance & Experiments: Finding your balance in life is an experiment, one that aligns you with the forces at work in the Universe and planet Earth.
15. Renewal & Laughter: Ever wonder about the renewing and healing power of laughter? Do you love to help things rejuvenate?
16. Truth & Lies: Do you focus on the truth and falsehoods around you?
17. Nature & Alchemists : Are you drawn to the ways and forms of Nature?
18. Form & Content: Do you look at the form and embodiment of ideas, forces and concepts?
19. Higher Consciousness : Are you pulled towards a search for higher consciousness?
20. Evolution : Are you curious and intrigued by the idea of evolution and what things are becoming?
21. Beauty & Harmony : Does beauty and harmony draw you nearer to it?
22. Play: Are you always in play or work mode, delighted by the things you do?
23. Understanding : Are you always seeking to understand what is going on and what things mean?
24. Order & Chaos : Are you drawn to order and chaos?
25. Unity :Does unity light up your world?
26. Freedom & Liberty : Are freedom and liberty two words you could not live without?
27. Happiness : Is happiness a way of life for you, the happy ending you strive for?
28. Soul : Are you on a soul quest, where the soulful things in life bring meaning to you?


I hope you have enjoyed this article. I hope you have learned a few ideas so that, whatever age you gain your Mars power; your autonomy, your personal direction in life, your physical strength and your courage, so you are never manipulated, ever and you can say, “Push off!” and “NO!” when need be. I hope you will be swimming or doing yoga or tai chi today to use your Mars-Neptune energy.

Never forget that Jupiter also rules the 12th house and Jupiter is the planet of good fortune. So anybody with planets in the 12th can and has the ability to turn themselves around and get lucky. And don’t forget “Grace” and miracles. They do exist.

So good luck to you from Starcounsell.


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ATTRACTING PEOPLE OF LOVE AND LIGHT: Not attracting toxic people, “emotional plague” people or psychological (psychic) vampires. © Copyright Hilary Bond PhD. All rights reserved.

ATTRACTING PEOPLE OF LOVE AND LIGHT: Not attracting toxic people, “emotional plague” people or psychological (psychic) vampires. © Copyright Hilary Bond PhD. All rights reserved.


Attracting people of love and light is vital for an evolutionary, aware life. One of my main jobs in life is to help people to walk the high road; the straight and narrow or their true soul path. To me judgement and prejudice about others; backstabbing and negativity deplete the energy of everyone. People are precious. We all came to earth to have good, healthy, productive relationships and evolve through caring, harmonious relationships. Consequently this article has little snippets and big hunks of information and wisdom about creating an emotionally healthy and love-filled life and by love I mean compassion and unconditional love.

I do hope this article contributes to your ability to attract love.


Erik Erickson (1902- 1994) worked as an anthropologist and psychoanalyst in Europe. All teachers and psychologists have to study and understand his work. In his view personality development is a psychosocial process. He postulated eight stages from birth to the end of life which include trust, autonomy, initiative, industry, identity, intimacy, Generativity and ego integrity. Many other sociologists and psychologists have expanded on his work. The stages are a process and they build upon each other like learning a language or mathematics.

STAGE ONE. I have discussed stage one from birth to age one before in my articles. Here basic trust in life is indicated by the baby’s capacity to sleep, and eat and excrete in a comfortable relaxed way. If they are ignored, made insecure or harshly handled betrayal, insomnia, eating disorders and constipation may occur later in life. These people may also may be cynical, and betrayed during life.

STAGE TWO OCCURS from age one to three. If toddlers are independent, self-controlled and self-directed they will achieve autonomy. Toilet training plays a major role; learning to control one’s body functions leads to a feeling of control and a sense of independence. Other important events include gaining more control over food choices, toy preferences and clothing selection. Children who successfully complete this stage feel secure and confident, while those who do not are lacking in confidence, and have a sense of inadequacy and shame.

STAGE THREE OCCURS from age three to six. Initiative combines with autonomy to pursue new ideas, goals, tasks and goals. Children begin to assert their power and control over the world through directing play and other social interaction. Children need to begin asserting control and power over the environment by taking initiative by planning activities, accomplishing tasks and facing challenges. During this stage, it is important for caregivers to encourage exploration and to help children make appropriate choices. Caregivers who are discouraging or dismissive may cause children to feel ashamed of themselves and to become overly dependent upon the help of others. Play and imagination takes on an important role at this stage. Children have their sense of initiative reinforced by being given the freedom and encouragement to play. When efforts to engage in physical and imaginative play are stifled by caregivers, children begin to feel that their self-initiated efforts are a source of embarrassment. If the child is treated respectfully they will develop the virtue of purpose in their life.

STAGE FOUR AT AGE 6 TO 12 is a time where a child enters school and develops the capacity to cooperate with others. This stage is called “Industry versus inferiority” because it is time where a child needs to be encouraged by parents and caregivers to feel competent. Through social interaction children begin to develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments and abilities. If they are humiliated, beaten, compared unfavourably with other children and made to feel a failure there will be an unconscious feeling of alienation and lack of social skills for the rest of their life. They may thoughtlessly and unconsciously conform throughout their life too. If this happens there will be no spontaneous joy.

STAGE FIVE: IDENTITY VS ROLE CONFUSION OCCURS AT ADOLESCENCE (AGE 12-19). Teens need to develop a sense of self and personal identity. During adolescence, children are exploring their independence and developing a sense of self. As they make the transition from childhood to adulthood, teens may begin to feel confused or insecure about themselves and how they fit in to society. As they seek to establish a sense of self, teens may experiment with different roles, activities and behaviours. Identity involves a reliable, integrated sense of who one is and a strong sense of self and a feeling of independence and control. Those who remain unsure of their beliefs and desires will insecure and confused about themselves and the future and may remain so. One important virtue of this stage is fidelity and the ability to sustain loyalty through crises and conflicts.

AT STAGE 6 (AGE 19-25) THE CONFLICT IS INTIMACY VS ISOLATION. During this period of time, the major conflict centers on forming intimate, loving relationships with other people. While psychosocial theory is often presented as a series of neatly defined, sequential steps, it is important to remember that each stage contributes to the next. For example, Erikson believed that having a fully formed sense of self (established during the identity versus confusion stage) is essential to being able to form intimate relationships. He suggests strong identity is necessary for real intimacy demands sacrifice, accurate empathy, correct identification of emotional signals and compromise, which means knowing who you are. Studies have demonstrated that those with a poor sense of self tend to have less committed relationships and are more likely to suffer emotional isolation, loneliness, and depression. Erikson believed it was vital that people develop close, committed relationships with other people. Success leads to strong relationships, while failure results in loneliness and isolation.

STAGE 7 AGES 25-50 IS GENERATIVITY VS STAGNATION. Astrologers will note that this stage includes our Saturn Return, our Uranus return and our Chiron return. Erikson suggests that successful resolution of this stage brings the virtue of care or concern for others and the feeling that one’s work, family life and other activities are both personally satisfying and socially meaningful in ways that contribute to future generations. Those who are successful during this phase will feel that they are contributing to the world by being active in their home and community.

During this period of time, people reflect back on the life they have lived and come away with either a sense of fulfilment from a life well lived or a sense of regret and despair over a life misspent. Those who feel proud of their accomplishments will feel a sense of integrity. Successfully completing this phase means looking back with few regrets and a general feeling of satisfaction. These individuals will attain wisdom, even when confronting death. Those who feel proud of their accomplishments will feel a sense of integrity. Successfully completing this phase means looking back with few regrets and a general feeling of satisfaction. These individuals will attain wisdom, even when confronting death. Those who are unsuccessful during this phase will feel that their life has been wasted and will experience many regrets. The individual will be left with feelings of bitterness and despair. Individuals who are content at this age may also be volunteers in their local or world community; be mentors at schools or universities; look after grandchildren.

From these explanations of positive people and the choices we make through life I now look at the damage toxic people can do as a result of not being aware and conscious in their lives. We all do have a choice to improve, evolve and be aware and you would not be reading this article if you were not attempting to increase your self-awareness.

Before Lillian Glass wrote her book on “Attracting Terrific People” she also wrote a book called “Toxic People: Ten ways of dealing with people who make your life miserable.” My brother recently pointed out to me the term “emotional plague” in a book called People Skills by Robert Bolton PhD. I used this excellent book which, is jam packed with information about good communication techniques, as an introductory text when I taught Human Welfare at university. Bolton used the term “emotional plague” on page 214, in a chapter on “Conflict Management Skills.” The term was coined by a famous psychiatrist, William Reich, who was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud. Emotional plague was the original synonym for “emotional toxicity” and “psychological vampiring.” The chapter on “Emotional Plague” originally appeared as Chapter 16 of Reich’s book ‘Character Analysis.’

Bolton suggests that: “[Emotional plague] is the affliction of people who behave in destructive ways to those who pose no threat to them. “Plague” individuals may be attractive, intelligent and active. When they come in contact with a healthy loving life or someone intensively involved in constructive work they do whatever they can to block or destroy the other’s fulfilment. “Emotional plague like some diseases should be treated with isolation. I choose not to allow these people into my organisation or admit them into my relationships. When these people are finally discovered they need to be fired from the organisation and any relationship with them terminated.”


I often spend at least two weeks writing my articles as I like to think about them and dream about each article and let them mature like ripe fruit. After a discussion with a delightful friend I realised that the goddess Eris, in her troublemaker role in the wedding of Peleus and Thetis embodies “emotional plague.” Negative archetype Eris people love to stir up trouble. They feed like parasites, leeches, ticks or vampires on your emotions and reactions. They love to create discord so they can “feed” on the animosity and melodrama that is created. For people who don’t know the ancient Greek Goddess Eris, she is known in a present day archetype as Maleficent or the thirteenth fairy by Walt Disney. She is the mischief maker, who is never invited to any party, wedding, Christening of a new baby or celebration. She is unpopular and scorned because she creates bitterness, animosity and she can create death. In the Greek myth she is an attention seeker on a massive level and bangs her head on the floor, because no one takes any notice of her. She creates a storm in a tea cup and makes little incidents huge, like the death of Austrian Arch Duke at Sarajevo creating WWI. So for all the astrologers reading this she is the sister of Aries (Mars) and she is invited to the wedding Juno and Chiron engineered. She created not just a bad smell; a nasty argument; horrible jealousy and a catty fight between women (three goddesses) but she causes the Trojan War and Eris is there for ten years revelling in and encouraging the slaughter and bloodshed. So Eris really is an emotional vampire. So you may find if your have inner planets or your luminaries closely aspecting Eris in your chart you may have to watch out for trouble makers. I do and I have done a great deal of ancestral regression and past life healings to eliminate this possibility, plus soul retrieval from a gifted shamanic practitioner. It seems that if you have Eris negatively aspecting your Sun or Moon the Eris persona has come down through your family. The Eris archetype, I have found, appears in a few ways. First as a trouble maker or violent person; second, as a person who has violence or discord thrust on them; third as a person who writes about murder or discord or acts out these (such as Agatha Christie, John Grisham or Clint Eastwood) or fourth as a person, such as a policeperson, detective, lawyer, psychiatrist, prison warder or social worker who works with violent people. You might want to examine this and remediate it.

Eris and William Reich’s idea of “emotional plague” sounds remarkably similar to any discussion on “energy vampires”, “psychological vampires” or spirit possession (Lyn Koiner; Joe Slate, 2004; William Baldwin PhD; Edith Fiore PhD, Betsy Bergstrom, Michael Harmer PhD and Samuel Sagan PhD.) I won’t talk about spirit possession in this article, but psychic vampires or “people who have “emotional plague” are said to be people who drain “life force” or willpower from a susceptible person. Most authors allege that a psychic vampire refers to the persons in your life who seem to be all take and no give; who drain your energies through relentless demands and taking advantage of you, leaving you feeling vulnerable; lacking in confidence, shaken, exhausted and depleted in energy. It is good to gain wisdom about not being gullible around people take advantage of you easily or your friends who drain you haven’t learned to control their negative, unhappy personalities.

Slate suggests psychological vampiring or emotional plague it may also occur as self-sabotage through being a professional victim or maintaining phobias and obsessions. Slate also suggests there may be “narcissistic vampires, schizoid vampires, paranoid vampires, antisocial vampires, addictive vampires and cyberspace vampires” (pp.49-52.)

Astrologer, Janet Kane, has observed that people who had vampire parents often have Neptune afflicting their natal Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus. I have observed that such aspects cause a lack of boundaries (often at the etheric level; leaks in the etheric web) where a parent is concerned. One could see this situation in Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations where Miss Haversham taught Estella to be a man hater. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s father also weakened her until Robert Browning fell in love with her and whisked her away. Agatha Christie’s stories about Miss Marple features these nasty old bloodsucking mothers or fathers who keep all their children at home til the children are sixty years old and totally cut off from the real world. 8th House and Scorpio energies can signify a vampire but, be assured, not all 8th House or Scorpio people are energy vampires. Psychological vampires have strong entitlement issues as a result of the 8th House tendencies. They can be very demanding, but so can people with challenging Moon-Pluto or Moon-Saturn aspects and low awareness. They can be very manipulative and cruel in a deceptive way so people outside the relationship, family, tribe, cult or country do not know what is happening.

Individual psychological vampires do not own their Pluto. Enmeshed families who have dark secrets and Plutonic behaviour, Pluto in the 4th house behaviour, act like a big blob of psychological vampiring. The deep, dark secrets might include the fact that maybe Grandmother Edna was a prostitute before she married grandfather; possibly Grandfather George died of syphilis in an insane asylum, not of a heart attack; perhaps Grandma Mary-Jane tried to murder Mum with an axe when Mum was little, that’s why Mum grew up with Auntie Mary; Mum did tell not Dad that she had an illegitimate child to a priest and had the baby adopted before she married Dad and lastly the family didn’t know that Grandad Eddy was a burglar, not a police inspector. Astrologer Liz Greene talks about such shadow behaviour in her book The Astrology of Fate and writes about a family who had three generations of Leo women pretending to be quiet, genteel women, while the 4th generation was an autistic child, another Leo and her sister, also a Leo who became a psychologist.

We could call them “emotional plague families. Not owning your Pluto means not acknowledging your shadow side basically; your darkness, your base instincts, and your depth. If you don’t have a conscious relationship with your own shadow it becomes dissociated from your total self. Consequently, you may attract your own darkness from the outside. You may attract abusive and domineering partners. Our shadow or our dark Pluto characteristics are what we are not aware of. In the Johari Window diagram in psychology what we do not see in this sector are those things hidden in our subconscious or politely tucked away, because we want to be socially acceptable. Our shadow has a way of controlling us or entering our lives anyway. Just be honest, own your shadow and realize that you have a desire for power, sex, darkness or whatever. It’s really nothing to be ashamed of and there’s room for all our colours. When people or families attempt to hide those things that they treat as shameful secrets they become manipulative. The other option is having a sense of humour and accepting yourself; then deciding how much to indulge yourself. If you are playing an unrealistic pie-in-the-sky Pollyanna personality, you surely will attract Voldemort as a way of waking you up to your own human nature. Why not embrace the healthy middle ground?

What “emotional plague” people drain from others is not satisfying so that continually want more. Lyn Koiner also calls these psychological vampires “toxic people. And on the yang note of Lyn Koiner’s yin note Sandra Ingerman has written the most beautiful book on “How to Deal with Toxic Thoughts” (2007.)

Lyn Koiner warns astrologers: “When a client comes to you, feeling like they will die without the person whom they are seeing, when they cannot break away, when they feel deflated and exhausted by the relationship. Warn them! This is a vampire. They must get away now!”

There are many people with Venus, Mars or Mercury in Pisces or Moon aspecting Neptune or Sun aspecting Chiron, who are inherently sympathetic and caring, but if you are one of these people and you have suffered psychological, physical or spiritual (cult) abuse and neglect as a child; were abandoned emotionally or physically and /or had a parent who is helpless and vulnerable themselves, then Lyn Koiner’s advice is correct. Run away quickly! You need to have total emotional intelligence, social cognition and interpersonal competence to deal with people who are practised in manipulation or they will drain you or press all your emotional buttons. Therefore unless you have had considerable psychotherapy, dealings with a welfare worker or community worker or social worker trained in reconfiguring old unresolved losses, traumas and memories so they become more tolerable and less distressing, it is wise to stay away from toxic people.

Toxic people are totally unaware and just running on an “unemotional plague” programme from their childhood. If they had no love, hugs or kisses as a child they will find ways of getting the energy they need. As a counsellor I have had considerable experience with these people. In jargonese they usually have “a hide like a rhinoceros.” It does not matter how many times you say, “Do not email me anymore,” or “continually emailing me or telephoning me outside appointments is stalking and this is a police matter if you continue” they keep doing it. So do not think for a moment you are being “hard-hearted.” You must emotionally starve them. No contact! Do not answer their emails or telephone calls.

I suspect many of the people Reich labels as having “emotional plague” are psychopathic by nature. This means their amygdala and hippocampus in their brains is wired differently to the normal people with empathy and feelings.
• Psychopaths have no remorse.
• They have great charm which they use to manipulate and destroy
• They have a grandiose sense of worth and some of these inflated people could be said to be narcissistic
• They have a low threshold of boredom
• They are inveterate liars
• They are confidence artists which means they seduce people into schemes
• They have a lack of empathy and instead of a heart there is a void
• They have a parasitic lifestyle and no sense of self-responsibility
• They have an inability to form close relationships
• Liz Greene suggests that they may well have a Venus –Saturn conjunction in their 12th house indicating that their pattern of isolation, inhibition of affection and limited love or conditional love has been at work in their family psyche for many generations. This is course does not mean that all people with Venus-Saturn in the 12th house is a psychopath. Psychopathy only begins in a certain family context and a horoscope must have many echoes of the remorseless, cruel personality.

Basically the people whom Reich suggested had “emotional plague” were trouble makers. Reich believed that vampires had no or low orgone and that is why they needed other people’s energy and why they were so negative. Reich’s idea of orgone or life force was closely associated with sexuality. Reich, following Freud, saw nascent sexuality as the primary energetic force of life. The term itself was chosen to share a root with the word orgasm, which both Reich and Freud took to be a fundamental expression of psychological health. This focus on sexuality, while acceptable in the clinical perspective of Viennese psychoanalytic circles, scandalized the conservative American public, but it appealed to countercultural figures like William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. So in the section below I have taken Reich’s most important statement on his idea “emotional plague” from a 26 page chapter from his book on “Character Analysis.” I suspect that Reich had a Scorpio Ascendant which would have placed his Chiron in Scorpio at 13 degrees and his Uranus at 28 degrees. His persona definitely encapsulated both Chironic and Uranian tendencies. His Sun in Aries would have been in the romantic 5th house and his Mars and Neptune in the 8th house of sex.


The term “emotional plague” is not a derogatory phrase. It does not denote conscious malevolence, moral or biological degeneracy or immorality. An organism whose natural mobility has been continually thwarted from birth develops artificial forms of movement. It limps or walks on crutches. In the same way, a man goes through life on the crutches of the emotional plague when the natural self-regulating life expressions are suppressed from birth. The person afflicted with the emotional plague limps in his social life, his character and emotions. The emotional plague is a chronic biopathy of the organism. It has been an endemic disease which has been tormenting people the world over for thousands of years. According to our knowledge, it is implanted in the child from the first days of life. It is an endemic illness, like schizophrenia or cancer, with one notable difference, i.e., it is essentially manifested in social life. Epidemic outbreaks of the emotional plague become manifest in widespread and violent breakthroughs of sadism and criminality, on a small and large scale. One such epidemic outbreak was the Catholic Inquisition of the Middle Ages and the international fascism of Nazism in the twentieth century is another.

The basic biopathic nature of the emotional plague is revealed in the fact that, like every other biopathy, it can be cured by establishing the natural capacity for love. We sometimes hear it said among orgonomists: “No sense wasting your time with me today, I’m pesty.” In our circle, when someone is afflicted with a minor case of the emotional plague, he deals with it by isolating himself and waiting until the attack of irrationalism passes. In acute cases, where rational thinking and friendly advice are of no avail, orgone therapy is used to remove the infection. The acute attack of the emotional plague is such a familiar phenomenon to me and to my circle of co-workers that we accept it as a matter of course and deal with it objectively. It is extremely important for students of orgone therapy to learn to perceive acute attacks of the plague in themselves before such attacks go too far, to know how to keep such attacks from getting the best of them, to prevent them from spreading into the social environment and causing damage there, and, by means of intellectual detachment, to wait until they pass. In this way, we succeed in keeping harmful effects in our cooperative work at a minimum. Sometimes such an attack cannot be dealt with and the afflicted person causes a certain amount of harm or even resigns. We take such misfortunes in the same way one would take the acute physical ailment or demise of a beloved colleague.

The emotional plague is more closely related to character neurosis than to organic heart disease, for example, but it can lead to cancer or heart disease in the long run. Just like the character neurosis, it is sustained by secondary drives. How do we recognize a plague reaction and how do we distinguish it from a rational reaction? The answer is that we distinguish it in the same way that we distinguish a rational reaction from the reaction of a neurotic character: as soon as the roots or motives of the plague-afflicted reaction are touched, the result is invariably anxiety or anger.

A man who is essentially free of the emotional plague and is orgastically potent, is not overcome by fear when a physician discusses the dynamics of natural life processes. On the contrary, he develops a lively interest in such a discussion. The man afflicted with the emotional plague will become restless or angry when the mechanisms of the emotional plague are discussed. Orgastic impotence does not always lead to the emotional plague, but every person afflicted with the emotional plague is either lastingly orgastically impotent or becomes impotent shortly before the attack. This makes it easy to distinguish the plague reaction from rational reactions.

There is no rational means of “curing,” i.e., disturbing, a happy love relationship. But a neurotic symptom can always be eliminated. A plague reaction is accessible to and can be eliminated by the genuine character-analytic art of healing. This is how we recognize it. Thus, avarice, a typical character trait of the emotional plague, can be cured, but pecuniary generosity cannot be cured. Insidious cunning can be cured; openness cannot be cured.

An essential and basic characteristic of the emotional plague reaction is that action and the motive of the action never coincide. The real motive is concealed and a sham motive is given as the reason for the action. In the reaction of the natural and healthy individual, motive, action, and goal form an organic unity. Nothing is concealed. This unity is immediately evident.

The healthy person will not want to impose his way of life on anyone, but he will cure and he will help others when he is asked and when he is capable. The person afflicted with the emotional plague is distinguished from the healthy individual by the fact that he makes his demands of life not only on himself but, above all, on his environment. In situations in which the healthy individual makes suggestions and helps, in which he uses his experiences as an example to others, leaving it up to them whether they want to follow, the person afflicted with the emotional plague imposes his mode of life upon others by force. Individuals afflicted with the emotional plague do not tolerate views which threaten their armour or unmask their irrational motives. The plague-afflicted individual is seized by frenzy. When views contrary to his own disrupt his life and work, the healthy individual puts up a strong rational fight for the preservation of his way of life. The plague-afflicted person fights against other modes of life even when they don’t concern him in any way whatever. He is impelled to fight because he senses the very existence of other ways of life as a provocation.

Susceptibility to the emotional plague is universal. There is no clear-cut line of distinction between those afflicted with and those uncontaminated by the plague. Just as every man somewhere in the depths is susceptible to cancer, schizophrenia, or alcoholism, so even the healthiest and most life-affirming among us is susceptible to irrational plague reactions.

We see that it is precisely the most important spheres of life in which the emotional plague is active: mysticism in its most destructive form; passive and active thirst for authority; moralism; biopathies of the autonomic nervous system; party politicking; sadistic methods of education; masochistic toleration of such methods or criminal rebellion against them; gossip and defamation; authoritarian bureaucracy; imperialistic war ideologies; everything that falls under the American concept of “racket”; antisocial criminality; pornography; profiteering; and racial hatred. We see that the compass of the emotional plague coincides approximately with the broad compass of social abuse, which has always been and still is combatted by every social freedom movement. For example, a mother who resorts to political methods to alienate her child from her husband would come under this extended concept of the political emotional plague. The same would apply to an ambitious scientist who works himself up to a higher social position not by concrete accomplishments but by intrigue.

The individual afflicted with the emotional plague is not content to take a passive attitude; he is distinguished from the neurotic character by a more or less life-destructive social activity. His thinking is completely muddled by irrational concepts and governed almost exclusively by irrational emotions.

But the plague-afflicted individual, protected by his subjective conviction, does not suffer from insight into the harmfulness of his act. A father who, out of hatred for his wife (who, let us say, was unfaithful to him), demands custody of their child is seriously convinced that he is acting “in the best interest of the child.” But if the child suffers under the separation from the mother or even begins to go to pieces, such a father will prove to be totally impervious to any form of remedy. The plague-afflicted father will find all kinds of superficial arguments in support of his conviction that he “means well” by the child in keeping him away from his mother. It will be out of the question to convince him that the real motive is sadistic punishment of the mother.

The person afflicted with the emotional plague, in contrast to the neurotic character, always develops as a part of his structure envy coupled with a deadly hatred of everything healthy. A character-neurotic spinster lives a resigned life and does not interfere in the love life of young girls; a plague-afflicted spinster, on the other hand, cannot endure the sexual happiness of young girls. If such a spinster is a teacher, she will be sure to make the girls entrusted to her care incapable of experiencing sexual happiness. This holds true for every life situation. The character afflicted with the emotional plague will attempt, under all circumstances and with every available means, to change his environment so that his way of life and his way of seeing things are not jeopardized. He senses everything that is at variance with his way of life as a provocation and, therefore, persecutes it with bitter hatred. The ascetic is a good illustration. Under one guise or another, the ascetic’s basic attitude is: “Why should others have it any better than I had it? Let them suffer as I suffer.” The plague-ridden individual cannot be anything but pornographically lascivious and sadistically moralistic at the same time.

This is the core of the character structure of the plague-afflicted person. This structure develops bitter hatred against every process which provokes its own orgastic yearning and, hence, orgasm anxiety. The demand for asceticism is directed not only against oneself but, above all and in a sadistic way, against the natural sexuality of others. Persons afflicted with the emotional plague have a strong tendency to form social circles. These circles become centers for the moulding of public opinion.

The work of the neurotic character, no matter how rich in potential it may be, is perfunctory and joyless. Since the neurotic character is incapable of genuine enthusiasm, he will look upon the child’s capacity for enthusiasm as “unseemly” (if, for instance, he happens to be a teacher). In a compulsive neurotic way, nonetheless, he insists on determining the work of others.

The individual afflicted with the emotional plague hates work, for he senses it as a burden. Hence, he runs away from any responsibility and especially from small jobs which require patience. He may dream of writing an important book, of painting an outstanding work of art, of running a farm, etc.; however, since he is incapable of work, he shuns the necessary step-by-step, persistent organic development inherent in every work process. This predisposes him to becoming an ideologue, mystic, or politician, i.e., to engage in activities which do not require any patience and organic development. The character afflicted with the emotional plague will typically want to work less than the others. The smaller his capacity for work and, consequently, the lower his self-esteem, the greater is his insistence on being a labour leader.

Experiences in orgone therapy leave no doubt that persons afflicted with the emotional plague, those who come under the psychiatric concept of “moral insanity,” are not only curable in principle but are capable of developing exceptional capacities for work, sexuality, and intellectual activity.

Father and mother fight for the healthy development of the child with rational arguments and means. It is possible that they agree in principle, then it is easy; but it is also possible that they will have very different ideas about the matter. Nonetheless, in the interest of the child, they will shun underhanded methods. They will speak openly with the child and allow him to make his own decision. They will not allow themselves to be governed by selfish interests; they will, instead, be guided by the child’s inclinations. When one or the other parent is an alcoholic or is mentally ill, this information will be communicated to the child as a misfortune that has to be borne bravely, taking the greatest possible care to spare his feelings. The motive will always be to prevent the child from being damaged. The attitude is dictated by the sacrifice of one’s personal interest.

The fight for the child is inhibited by all kinds of considerations, essentially fear of public opinion. Conformity to public opinion takes precedence over the child’s best interest. When one of the parents is a drinker or is mentally ill, then the tendency exists to sacrifice oneself, to conceal the fact, with the result that the child as well as the older parent suffer and are endangered. Divorce is avoided. The motive of their behaviour is epitomized in the sentence, “We don’t want to make a stir.” Their attitude is determined by resignation.

The welfare of the child is always a spurious and, as the results show, unfulfilled motive. The real motive is to wreak revenge on the partner by depriving him or her of the pleasure of the child. Hence, in the fight for the child, one partner resorts to defamation of the other, whether he or she is healthy or sick. The absence of any consideration for the child is brought out by the fact that his love for the other parent is not taken into account. As a means of alienating the child from one or the other parent, he is told that his mother or his father is an alcoholic or is mentally ill, a statement which usually does not correspond to the facts of the case. The result is that the child is the one who suffers most; the motive is revenge on the partner and domination of the child. Genuine love for the child is not at issue.

There is any number of variations on this example, but its basic features are the same and they are of general social importance. In making decisions, a rational jurisprudence would have to give priority to such differentiations. It can be assumed that there will be a significant increase in the number of divorces; and it is my opinion that only a correctly trained psychiatrist and educator is capable of measuring the extent of the damage caused solely by emotional plague reactions in cases of divorce.

As a rule, infidelity occurs not for reasons of love for another person but because one has become weary of one’s partner. The injured party attempts to hold the partner in the house, to wear him or her out with hysterical attacks, dominate him or her with scenes of the lowest sort, or even have him or her watched by a detective. Flight into alcoholism often occurs as a means of facilitating the brutalizing of the partner. The motive is not love for the partner but thirst for power and possessiveness. Reactions of emotional plague are quite prevalent in tragedies of jealousy.

Historically, “emotional plague be the motive behind the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic used by many colonial nations and colonial churches, who will profit economically from the physical, spiritual, and psychological destruction of the Indigenous people who are pushed off their land. These organisations or countries want land and economic gains, thus they need to totally destroy the Indigenous people of that land or continent. It is done mostly, by introducing alcohol or drugs of some kind; then herding them into reserves (that resemble concentration camps), so the Indigenous people cannot think for themselves and they become mentally impractical. A number of warring tribes are sent to the same reserve so they fight amongst themselves. Secondly, the destruction of a family or Indigenous people is done by rumour mongering on a wide scale so that the conquered people are seen to be low in mentality, morals and behaviour. On a family, political or community level a whispering campaign or rumour campaign lessens the reputation of those the whisperers need to destroy. The whispering party introduces derogatory racial or class stereotypes. They inevitably introduce stereotypes which make the party they want to destroy as mentally inferior, morally inferior or aggressive on some level. Ie trouble makers. On this level of whispering and rumour mongering it creates conflict, hate between each party, physical fights and wars. This will go on for generations if it is not stopped. It is begun in a family to supress joy and happy relationships and this may go back generations and forward to the descendants because it is a learned behaviour. The whispering campaigns will spread by word of mouth, and the media in all forms. They blame, they point fingers and they whisper, because essentially they are cowards and they want power, control and money for nothing. The Nazi party was a perfect example of emotional plague because they wanted Jewish money; so are remittance men.”


I introduce suggestions from Sandra Ingerman, Lillian Glass, Lyn Koiner and me on how to be non-toxic; how to attract terrific people; how to defend yourself around toxic people, people infected with “emotional plagues” and how to frustrate psychological vampires. This may sound weird, but lots of clear natural energy is great.

First, I introduce Lyn Koiner on “How to Frustrate a Vampire:”
1. Develop healthy boundaries for yourself.
2. Never give them personal information; respond to their questions with your own questions.
3. Keep yourself focused upon your own positive creativity.
4. Never engage with these people. Remain aloof.
5. “Cut off their head” – since they live in their heads, having no heart connection, this is the source of their power. Question their intelligence.
6. Stay conscious! These people are stopped in their tracks by the Light of Consciousness. Show them what they are. Respond that you are feeling drained by them.
7. When you feel drained by a person, a class or a speaker, just get up and walk away. This is staying conscious.

Some other defensive mechanisms for people who deplete your energy:
• Pink has a soothing, loving energy, so when you find yourself around an angry, negative person, close your eyes for a moment and imagine enveloping them in pink cotton candy. Permeate their energy with the loving light of pink, and watch their anger gradually dissolving.
• At the heart of the negativity of an Energy Vampire is fear, doubt and insecurity, consequently, the more you live a spiritual, ethical life, the less attracted these toxic people will be to you. Act from a place of love, act with kindness and compassion always, and you will always be surrounded by a white light of love, protection and guidance.
• Grounding and centering yourself makes you confident in who you are. Begin by sitting comfortably in a quiet place with your feet on the floor. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Visualize yourself as a tree. As you breathe out, push the roots of the tree down deep into the earth. As you breathe in, extend your branches higher and higher into the air, until you are connected to both heaven and earth. Keep doing this until you feel a sense of one-ness, completeness, and confidence. If you find yourself having trouble with this part of the exercise it can be very beneficial to ask your guardian angels or spirit guides for help.
• Build the Shields. Now, picture a cocoon sphere of pure energy surrounding you. The intention will be “I am guarded from all negative psychic energy.” Trust your soul to know the difference between loving and negative energy. You should feel cocooned and safe. Renew your shields daily by repeating the exercises we’ve gone over here.

But while we can “defend ourselves from toxic people I would much rather be proactive; wouldn’t you so here are some suggestions
• Accept yourself and make a list of your talents and strengths. You’ll be surprised.
• Find ways of experiencing the infinite life force within yourself and the cosmos.
• Embrace the ghosts of your past and as your wise self to come forward and praise them for their courage.
• Replace fear with faith in God and your spiritual guides and trust in your archangel guides.
• Renounce self-contempt, self-sabotage, self-underestimation
• Be realistic and tolerant in your demands of yourself.
• Be involved in helping others


1. Let go of past guilt, recrimination and hard feelings.
2. Listen openly to the other person’s point of view objectively.
3. Do not be on the defensive.
4. Do not blame. Forget about whose fault it was.
5. Admit your mistakes readily. Apologise openly.
6. Never verbally attack or threaten the other person.
• Use “I” statements, not “you” statements.
• Be conscious of tone of voice. Be warm and never sarcastic.
Stick to current issues. Never rehash the past, no matter how much it hurt.


Well that is it from me this time. There is more to write about in Part Two of this article. I hope this has helped, even if it is in some small way.

Best Wishes from Star Counsell.


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