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My book “TREE SHAMANISM: CREATING RELATIONSHIPS WITH NATURE SPIRITS” is being published today. It has been an exciting four years of learning about nature spirits, fairies, devas, elementals, angels that come through the thin places in special old forests (Australian Aboriginal sacred places) and all sorts of unseen forest folk. Some of them were friendly, some were not. Some of the trees spent days with me explaining all sorts of knowledge. Some of that knowledge came from the stars, some from the beginning of time. My book is also full of the stories from my years of living with tribal Aboriginal people on their geographical communities close to the equator and my encounters with the spirit world. I also I spent weeks walking the 50 mile circumference of the fairy forest looking for energy centers and doorways into other dimensions, but being very careful to check these doorways via remote viewing. I did not hear the songs and conversation of trees in forests. I also listened to desert trees, sand dune trees, river trees, trees in creek beds and trees growing over leylines and serpent lines. The knowledge trees told me about star constellations, guardian trees guarded soul pieces or dissociated soul parts of people. But rather than me talk endlessly about what I saw and heard clairvoyantly and clairaudiently, if you would like to buy a copy of my book you can read about all my adventures and of course calming meditations with my trees friends.

My healing partner, John who owns the forest that is the centre of so much of my writings, let me walk through his forest, a place that in time I named the “fairy forest. It was a forest of two and a half-thousand acres  of fascinating trees and wonderful nature spirits. Even John could not  see “the Lady of the Forest,” (a beautiful deva), “the Battle of Britain air sylphs”, the “Power Tree”,  a tree with a giant personality and many lessons in assertiveness, “the Star Tree” “the Amazon Queen” on the north hill, “the Blue Deva” who lived along the creek banks, “Bob the Fat Brown Fairy” and the endless other wonderful nature spirits who became my friends and protectors.

Imagine not knowing you owned a fairy forest. But to tell you the truth most people do not know what holders of wonderful knowledge the trees and plants in their garden are. And the people who go to the beach to swim; have they ever spoken to the pandanus palms up in the sand dunes? And the people who go to the river to relax, with their fishing rods, have they ever spoken to the boundary protector spirits who mark the demarcation between Aboriginal tribes? I do and I have and I hope by the time you have read my book six times you will at least try to converse with various trees or even your geranium. That’s not a joke. Years ago when I did an online shamanism course with a lady from Hawaii she spent two weeks teaching us about talking to our garden plants. My geranium was very stuck up and haughty.

I spent a lot of time each time I came back from the forest with some like-minded friends on Facebook. These women and two males all could see what I could see in the photographs I talk of various parts of the forest. This encouraged me so much I decided to write a book. In this time I learned much from the trees at my home, trees I saw in my travels in the Northern Territory, trees and tree spirits I saw in the mountain regions of Queensland  and New South Wales in Australia and then I began remote viewing of various Australian forests and some remote soul retrievals and extractions. It made me remember different parts of my life, not just my childhood, but the times I had spent on three Aboriginal communities and even overseas.  My children were part of this and various friends.

My beautiful daughter Sophia Mary Mac patiently designed the graphic design for my front and back cover. I don’t know what I’d do without her. Sophia has spent hours this week patiently listening to my requests to JPG rather than PDF attachments, adjusting pictures, retrieving my bar code from my ISBN services, giving me wise technical help. I could not have done this without her. All she asked for was a sweet pumpkin pie and another special desert. Thank you so much my darling daughter.

And thank you so much for the days of painstaking work my editors Paul Secomb and David Lowe did. They poured over my script and found grammar and spelling mistakes after I had looked and looked for mistakes in my document, at least twenty times. And where would I be without Facebook because I met so many wonderful people who gave me their learned suggestions to help with my book, on Facebook.

What do I write about in my book? I specifically write about creating relationships with tree spirits and all the different types of nature spirits. And for those of you who wish to learn how to communicate with fairies, devas, dryads, unseen forest folk, pitaroos, even tree and spring goddesses and forest angels you’ll learn lots in my chapter two. I talk about how to see clairvoyantly and clairaudiently in the spirit world. I discuss how to recognise the “spirit of the place.” I analyse what can destroy thin places or the places the Australian Aboriginal people call sacred places. I discuss the boundaries and doorways into other dimensions and how I relate and created relationships with tree spirits, healing trees, knowledge trees and guardian trees.

For those shamanic practitioners who are interested in buying my book I speak a great deal about the Middle World and about soul retrievals and about how trees respond to soul retrievals. I even talk about how guardian trees hold human soul pieces until those pieces are ready to return.

I still have to see the post office about the postage prices from Australia to the USA and EUROPE or GREAT BRITAIN. It depends on the weight of my 180 page book. My price for my “TREE SHAMANISM” book will be somewhere in the vicinity of AUS $24.95 which is US $18.99 or 15.96 Euro. That is today’s values.

Love and my very best wishes to all who read this post and big hugs to those who decide to buy this book.