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I have been searching for details about minor planet House (4950) for ages. I finally found today (12th of July, 2021 at 6:40 pm) after much searching that minor planet House was discovered at Palomar on the 7th of December 1988 Elinor Francis Helin.

I admit to great excitement.


I rectified this chart for 2 am.


While ususually I would look at the planets in a disscovery chart I choose to analyse the aspects to Asteroid House itself and as a Child grows up in a house I find it significant that Asteroid Child is 6 degrees Libra , in a square to asteroid House, therefore I pay particular attention to these two asteroids.

I then will analyse the planets when I complete looking at all the asteoids arouund 4-6 degrees that aspect House and Child.

Asteroid House (5 Cancer) and is conjunct Chiron (5 Cancer), who is our knowledge bearer and inner healer who learns through suffering .

Asteroid Child (6 Libra) is our inner child. When it touches a personal part of another person’s chart, one may feel as if she/he can act like a child again. It reveals where you relate most strongly to the experiences of being a child, both the traumas and the joys. This activation in your Human Design is a place where you can explore reuniting with your inner child in a way that brings her magic into the present.

Asteroid Circe (6 Aquarius) . She is a helpful influence, offering wise advice and specialized information that can help  others to be empowered to  overcome their problems.

Asteroid Elpis (6 Sagittarius) which is conjunct Asteroid Phographica and quincunx House , symbolizes hope.

Asteroid Photographica (5 Sagittarius) which quincunxes House, (takes photos of significant memories which are connected to our limbic system. They are good or bad.

Asteroid Urania (5 Capricorn), which opposes House, symbolizes astrology, astronomy and Universal Love and the Holy Spirit (the violet flame).

A female centaur Hylonome (6 Virgo) which trines Asteroid House embodies  grief, pain, suicide, poor boundaries in love, inability to separate one’s self from one’s partner.

Asteroid Sphinx 6 Gemini which quincunxes Asteroid House is any person or thing which defies understanding, particularly of its motivations, aims or goals.

& Asteroid Altjira 6 Taurus (sextile Asteroid House) are of great importance in this chart because they all aspect ASTEROID HOUSE. Altjira is a major Australian Aboriginal Spirit Creation Ancestor  who bought the world into being by singing. A belief in the divine for those connected with the Indigenous world and mythology.

Child is one of the 12 Jungian archetypes and is known as the Innocent.

Asteroid Child is in the sign of Libra which is ruled by Venus.

Venus is in intense, regenerative Scorpio conjunct Moon conjunct Hygeia and conjunct Pluto. This is a feel-good transformative placement.

Child   is part of a yod with Photographica and Altjira.

Child is the apex of a cardinal T -square with the House, Chiron, Hebe, Aphidas stellium. 

Child is part of an air Grand Trine with Circe and Sphinx.

Asteroid house  is the apex of a yod with Elpis-Photographica and Circe.


The first configuration I wish to examine and analyze if a stellium between House 5 -6 degrees Cancer, Chiron = 5 degrees, Hebe = 5 degrees and Aphidas = 6 degrees.

Asteroid House of course is the whole of ourself from the subconscious in the basement to the superego in the attic. That would include our shadow, our persona, our anima or animus. The self is not only the center, but the whole circumference, which embraces both the conscious and the unconscious. It is the center of this totality, just as the ego is the center of our consciousness. The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego personality.  No one can be aware of their shadow without a great struggle where we challenge our ethics, honesty and honour.

Asteroid Aphidas While the Lapiths fought the Centaurs Aphidas was in a drunken sleep, so while he is inoffensive.  kind, compassionate and empathetic he is unaware and inattentive and drunk which is the opposite of House’s need to be conscious.

Asteroid Hebe   was her mother Juno’s (Hera’s) cupbearer. Thus, astrologically Hebe represents service, especially household or domestic service, but also related to food service, such as waiters and waitresses. Hebe can also indicate sexual attraction for persons under legal age, but sexually mature. In her capacity as servant, she can also indicate issues with enabling which is where one is reminded of the low consciousness of the centaurs, even though her parents are gods not barbarians. She is in a liminal zone here, but her father was sexually licentious.

Chiron who was also inadvertently at the fight between the Lapiths and Centaurs is pure and noble, but he is fatally wounded at that event by one of his ex-pupil Hercules’ arrows.  

Asteroid House seems to be the environment or place where all this tragedy occurs, but house seems to stay aloof.  If we look at Asteroid House’s attic perhaps, we see the immorality of the Centaurs who are not related to Chiron as a shadow lurking down there, but regardless of his wound Chiron sits up in the attic as the superego. The superego is the ethical component of the personality and provides the moral standards by which the ego operates. The superego’s criticisms, prohibitions, and inhibitions form a person’s conscience, and its positive aspirations and ideals represent one’s idealized self-image, or “ego ideal.”  Chiron’s cave is his home/house and the cave is thought to be closely related to the symbolic heart and is often a place where the self and ego unite. he part of the psyche which organizes and directs all other elements of our psyche (or psychological being). The Self is the totality of the psyche. This means that its viewpoint contains objectivity, acceptance, reconciliation, balance of the psyche. The center of the psyche (comparable to the nucleus of an atom) to which the other parts are connected and subordinate. The Self is a transcendent, unchanging part of ourselves and can be the “God-image” within the psyche. Jung identified Jesus Christ, the central figure of the Christian faith, as the exemplification of the archetype of the Self.


WITH HOUSE in Cancer (conjunct Chiron) AS APEX QUINCUNXING ELPIS (CONJUNCT PHOTOGRAPHICA in Sagittarius ) & CIRCE in Aquarius

As we can see House as a possible holistic psyche full of well being ( but because of Chiron conjuncting it :brilliant , pure, compassionate but wounded in the area of emotions (both are in Cancer)  and with a quincunx to  Elpis (which means hope or hopeful or when afflicted, shows disappointment or lack of hope) we wonder whether House is depressed because of memories stored in the limbic system (Elpis conjunct Phographica) of times when life was full of adventures or travels. If we see House as quincunxing Circe, House may feel Circe seduced or bewitched him/her possibly in a Neptunian affair.  But if we look at Elpis-Photographica sextiling Circe, the Circe who House possibly has a love affair with was helpful, wise and gave specialized information in technology (Aquarius) that could help Elpis-Photographica for their travel articles.


House conjunct Chiron is opposite Urania in Capricorn and they are both square Child.  Clearly it is a challenge for Libran Child who loves lollies, chocolates, hates making decisions and loves butterflies, flowers and beauty to understand the complexities of Urania and House. The stars (Urania) are pretty says Child and I would like my house to have a white picket fence and flowers says the innocent inner child. But what if child is wounded because Child has Asteroid Atropos conjunct it.

 Dark Star astrology says Urania was the goddess of astronomy which was the same then as astrology. She is also associated with Universal Love and the Holy Spirit. Joanne Madeline Moore says through the celebration of imagination and celestial knowledge, Urania can help lift our minds and spirits to heavenly heights. She is the muse of astrophiles, space cadets and cosmic connoisseurs, and is prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and people who have a keen curiosity about the vast and mysterious cosmos.


  1. Astrologer JEFFREY WOLF GREEN  (founder of Evolutionary astrology).

J.W.G.  had his 22 degrees Aquarius  conjunct his Moon in  Aquarius.

He also had his Uranus in Gemini trining his asteroid House and his Mercury 21 degrees of Scorpio.  His house is in his 2nd house (no pun intended.)  His Asteroid House,  and his Moon were both ruled by Uranus and Uranus trines his Asteroid House. Uranus is the symbol of the Higher Mind but Uranus is also  one of the relationship oriented planets in the horoscope along with  Mercury (intellect, cognitive processes), and here Uranus is the higher “ octave ” of Mercury. It is also the rebel and the genius in terms of the uniformity of mass consciousness.  Donna Cunningham sees Uranians as Uranian people as achingly lonely people, who have little choice but to strike out on their own, they are impelled to action by restlessness, a creative itch, and a discomfort with the status quo.  I should know because I am one of them. A Uranian conflict with the bell-curve norms of society. The more Uranians express their individuality, the more starkly they stand out against the con­forming masses, and the more vulnerable they become to society’s fear of people who are different. JWG’s Moon conjunct House suggests a psyche that is whole and unified and has refined his emotions into universal forces such as pure love.  In the 2nd house JWG’s values are driven to be holistic  and at one with the highest dimensions. JWG’s Mercury in deep Scorpio  squares House and this suggests his ability to scan the depths of the link between Man and God.

  • Psychiatrist CARL GUSTAVE JUNG   also has a strong House-Uranus aspect. His House in Leo is ruled by his Sun in Leo which conjuncts his descendant in Leo which explains his fascination with the psyche and people’s psyche’s.  His Sun also squares his Neptune which conjuncts his IC. Ideally, the IC is our home, our house or our roots.    Jung’s Moon in solid, grounded Taurus squares his asteroid House.  The placement of asteroid House in these two horoscopes of these two men   is amazing similar.


Ephemeris of the HOUSE  HOROSCOPE. 

Child  = 6 degrees Libra   CONJUNCT Atropos = 5 Libra ,

Circe = 6 degrees Aquarius ,

Lilith 5 degrees Scorpio 58,

Urania = 5 degrees Capricorn,

16 Libra Ascendant conjunct Osiris 14 Libra

Pluto 13 degrees Scorpio conjunct Ambrosia 14 degrees Scorpio,

Moon Scorpio 19 degrees  CONJUNCT Venus =17 Scorpio, conjunct Moon = 19 Scorpio  ,

Sun = 15 Sagittarius conjunct Mercury 18 Sagittarius conjunct Cassandra,

Uranus = 00 Capricorn conjunct Saturn 2 degrees Capricorn,

Neptune 9 Capricorn conjunct Erynia 11 Capricorn,

Atlantis 20 Capricorn conjunct Arete 23 Capricorn,

Hecate 13 Pisces , Mars 9 degrees Aries,  

Jupiter 29 degrees Taurus


The Sun represents our Ego. It is who we are, and it is the core ingredient that goes into making up our personality and influences the flavor of all of the other planets in our charts. It is the essential foundation of a person.

Our Sun helps to create a healthy ego which means confidence and self-importance. It is the focusing of will power, and capacity into positive action. It is also the creation of coherent self-image. The source of life, the Sun is also the source of our happiness and wellbeing.

This Sagittarius Sun may need freedom and adventure, so asteroid Child in this horoscope is vital.

This sun is one of the 12 Jungian archetypes and is known as the Explorer. states that this archetype tells us: “Don’t fence me in.” They desire: “the freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world.” Their goal is “to experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life”. They fear: “getting trapped, conformity, and inner emptiness.” Their strategy: journey, seeking out and experiencing new things, escape from boredom” Their weakness maybe endless searching, lack of peace & aimless wandering & becoming a misfit/drifter. Their talent is “autonomy, ambition, being true to one’s soul.”

Their house maybe a a gypsey van, a caravan towed behind a car, a tent, swag or even a house to renovate or be the manager or carer for. They may have a dog or may travel by horse or camel. They may write travel articles.


The Sun sextile Osiris 14 Libra to gain ego regeneration and squares asteroid Hecate 13 Pisces in a challenge to always be wise at the crossroads of life.

This Sun is a clever, communicative Sun, who needs, exercise and the outdoors, as it is conjunct Mercury at 18 Sagittarius. 

The Sun in this House discovery chart is ruled by Jupiter in Taurus which stabilizes and grounds this sun and prevents it being a puer eternus. Jupiter quincunxes Uranus in Capricorn in this chart.

In this archetypal House they may live in the office together adding up their finances together or on their farm growing their next lucrative crop. Thank goodness they both are in earth signs.  They add to the predominant groundedness and earthiness of this chart.

THE HOUSE DISCOVERY CHART SUN also exactly conjuncts Cassandra. This is a very feeling chart so this is not surprising. Cassandra embodies the archetype of medial knowledge. Unlike the ancient world there are few shrines or sacred places to honor her way of knowing. Cassandra signifies the need to be aware of our medial skills and intuitive knowledge and seek training to help strengthen the ability to use this skill and not be overwhelmed by it. When Cassandra appears in a significant placing in our horoscope, she inspires the individual to find a voice for the medium through understanding the symbols, images, signs and omens of unconscious language. She embodies the ancient ways of knowing in a culture that no longer values prophecy and divination. Her knowledge is not objective but oracular. To embrace Cassandra we must abandon logic, separateness and rationality and enter into the irrational world where meaning is revealed through feeling and connectedness. However, Cassandra reminds us that in a scientific and ordered society our knowing may be rejected. Cassandra inspires us to have strong principles, a strong and healthy individuality about our beliefs.

Oracular knowing springs out of the collective through an unconscious and unbound participation with everything in the environment. When the veil between the worlds is lifted, we enter into other dimensions, into the house of the spirits of the world beyond us and may be called to act as their surrogate for their messages.       THE ARCHETYPE OF ASTEROID HOUSE

ASTEROID HOUSE IS IN CANCER IN THE DISCOVERY CHART embodies the Caregiver or Mother archetype likes to help others and protect and care for everyone.  They are clever, generous, imaginative, sympathetic, and compassionate. They hate people not thanking them.  hey can easily become a martyr or a victim. Like the Cancer South Node, they adore their home and children and family and her home, her children and her family come first in her life. But she can be moody and overly emotional and unable to let go.

The Sun in this Asteroid House discovery chart is ruled by Jupiter in Taurus which stabilizes and grounds this sun and prevents it being a puer eternus. Jupiter quincunxes Uranus in Capricorn in this chart.  In this archetypal House they may live in the office together adding up their finances together or on their farm growing their next lucrative crop. Thank goodness they both are in earth signs.  They add to the predominant groundedness and earthiness of this chart.


Elinor named it in honor of R. C. House, western novelist and journalist who has served, for the last 23 years, as editor of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s internal publication ‘Universe’. He has been responsible for this highly regarded chronicle of life at “the Lab” until his recent retirement. He captured for his readers the true spirit of the world’s leading space exploration center. His natural warmth endeared him to all he had contact.

 So, we know this asteroid lends us natural warmth, possible professional writing abilities and an interest in astronomy.


Caroline Myss in her book Sacred Contracts: Opening your divine potential states, “In symbolic archetypal terms a house represents the whole of the self from the subconscious in the basement to the superego in the attic.”

In the Bible, “A wise man who built his house on the rock” is not ruined by rain, and strong winds, because it had its foundation on the rock, whereas “a foolish man who built his house on sand” loses his house and possessions when storms come into his life.

The condition of the house reflecting your mental state as you experience something. Rich houses symbolize your perspective on issues where you are powerful and resourceful. Poor houses represent your perspective on issues where you are powerless or emotionally weakened. If you discover a new room in your dream house associated with positive feelings: new area of life will open or desires to open if you’ll cooperate.

To dream of a house being on fire represents feelings of powerlessness to stop some area of your life from being lost for good. It may also reflect angry destructive intentions or intentional harm that can’t be stopped. Feeling stupid that you can’t do anything about stopping damage to some area of your life. A situation may feel permanently out of your control in a negative way.

To dream of buying a house represents your commitment to integrating something into your life. To dream of cleaning your house represents self-improvement. You may be fine-tuning an idea you have or trying to perfect something. Unnecessary beliefs or habits are being removed or changed.

To dream of a new house represents a new perspective or mindset on a situation. A new way of thinking about something. To dream of an old house represents a perspective or mindset that is experienced, tried, and trusted.

In a dream, water most often symbolizes emotions, so a dream about a flood or tidal wave can indicate being surprised and overwhelmed by feelings. If the water engulfs your house, it can indicate immense, powerful, and unruly emotions that threaten to swallow and suffocate everything in their path. However, flooding can sometimes be a positive dream symbol if the dreamer feels invigorated, cleansed, or released by the water.

If we remember that the house represents ourself, this dream might be interpreted as a straightforward indication that we feel as though someone or something were trying to break in, steal, burgle, vandalize, or lay claim to ourselves without our invitation. A forced entry is, by definition, destructive. Perhaps your body, mind, life, time, consciousness, or psyche has been encroached on by someone or something without your permission, and your boundaries have been breached against your will.

Dreaming of a bathroom often relates to how well we are cleansing ourselves and letting go of what no longer serves us. The bathroom is often a place where we “let go” and allow ourselves to be our most authentic or vulnerable selves.

Bedrooms in our dreams can help us understand our most intimate and private aspects of self. The bedroom may reflect those intimate thoughts, feelings, desires, and aspects of who we are that we don’t share.

Although still personal in nature, the living room is the place where we interact with others and may represent the more public, shared, and collaborative parts of our lives. The living room could represent the part of ourselves we invite others to experience or allow others to see.

In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is the place we prepare meals, store food, clean, and informally gather with friends and family. Dreams of the kitchen often reflect our heart and soul, how we are fed and what we are preparing spiritually, and what is nourishing our mind, body, and soul.

The dining room can relate to both the kitchen and the living room. It is a social area of the house. It is also a room we associate with food and nourishment. This area of the house in a dream is often associated with what we are nourishing our mind, heart, and spirit.

Houses can also tell us other things about your personality.

If you are a minimalist and decorate your house accoringly you only have essential and do not have flamboyant colours or extravagent displays of wealuth. You tell the world psychologically that you are self-confident, organized, and maybe, Virgoish a little introverted.

Like the Virgoish minimalist if you copy the Scandinavian type of interior decor you are probably appreciative, cheerful, friendly, open-minded, and generous. This style is known as hygge, which gives a feeling of coziness and contentment that enriches one’s wellbeing. This Hygge type house would have to be a Hygeia persona or a Vesta.

In contrast the minimalist, baroque styles are rich, 17th century Italian, splendid and elegant. Who else but a dominant Leo/5th house or solar person would be this extroverted, dramatic, energetic, and elegant. This style is

A classic interior design in your house in white and off white, with some elegant plants exhilaerates in all the typical “design rules” and has the basic foundation of traditional design at their core. This person tends to be a traditionalist, genuine, high-minded, intelligent. This house type person could only be a Capricornian-tenth house or Juno person.


ASTEROID HOUSE IN ARIES.  How big is your mask or persona? Do you need to be more truthful to others about who you really are?  Or is your persona totally you? I have seen people with asteroid house here and they are definitely not faking. They are, “I am what you see. I am what you get.”

Asteroid HOUSE IN GEMINI – the anima; do we need to look at the feminine side of our male psyche.

ASTEROID HOUSE IN CANCER which suggests your subconscious needs work and we   may need to look at how much our roots are influencing our shadow.

ASTEROID HOUSE IN LEO.  Does your inner child need work? Are you conscious or unconscious of your inner child?



Asteroid HOUSE IN SCORPIO. Do your ancestors rule your life?

Asteroid HOUSE IN SGITTARIUS.  Does your religion or your beliefs rule your house?

ASTEROID HOUSE IN CAPRICORN- Your house will be conservative. Basically, you are   a person who does live in your super-ego (the attic of your house.) A cluttered attic may mean you are feeling overwhelmed and with thoughts or ideas. Clutter may indicate that we are not processing or letting go of things.


ASTEROID HOUSE IN PISCES.  You need to do shadow work.


I do hope this research lays some light on the symbology of asteroid House and its connection with the Mother Archetype, your inner child and Jungian parts of your Self.

Please write to me if you need help.




Trust what you can’t see. Keep going even if the ground is wobbly . Show up everyday – no matter what. Go to where wild flowers are . Say thank you for all of it : the weeds, wildflowers, wobbly ground, the struggles and the heartache. It’s all a doorway; a hand leading you back to grace and a portal to the Divine.


Copyright, all rights reserved.

Your soul will always wish that you want your life back from when you were whole.

Your soul will ask you to collect and retrieve parts of yourself that dissociated or have hidden because of trauma along the way; from the time you were conceived too now. These parts might be your voice, compassion, truth, confidence, self respect, courage, boundaries and groundedness. With knowledge about yourself, psychotherapy, spiritual healing from the divine, all your parts of yourself will return and you will re-member them. Together we will find them and gather them into all your chakras.


 The clients who ask for my healings have many different backgrounds. My aim is to serve in a compassionate way, especially to those people who are poverty stricken and often seem incurable.  I primarily heal with an aim to create for client-patients a new habit and belief that they are full of psychological peace, calm, courage and monetized abundance in their lives.  

  1. You may identify with the clients I have worked with since 1983.
  2. Some of my client-patients have had devasting abuse from parents, caregivers and partners.
  3. These verbally and physically abusive parents and caregivers embody Mars-Pluto. (a) Many of these client-patients escaped the abuse early by working even at pre-teen age (b) but most are left with severe trauma, anxiety, specific fears and severe self-sabotage from endlessly being told how worthless they are. They have been neglected, bullied and some were raped continually (all of which is a crime and is a jailable offence. I worked in this area of “Child Safety” in Australia in 2011).
  4. Some of my patients had neglectful, cold, unfeeling (Uranian) caregivers. (a) some have been able to forgive these caregivers. (b) However, some have hung onto their hatred and bad memories and (c) some like to feel that they punish their cruel parents, but unfortunately by doing this they punish themselves and waste precious time in their lives when they could be having fun and be lighthearted. Here we look for the presence of these asteroids:  the three Norns (Urda, Werdandi and Skuld) and the Greek Fates (who were the archetypes for witches of Macbeth, Atropos, Klotho and Lachesis, also known as the Erinyes or Nemesis. I look specifically for these asteroid old Gaia born beings and then we heal from the standpoint of these old ancestral- past life-8th house Saturnian and Plutonic curses and spells that create self-sabotage. Only the Divine can cure and overcome these planetary-old god beings.
  5. There are degrees of severity of the parental and grandparental abuse and neglect and even “elder abuse” from mature age children wishing to destroy their elderly parents and take their money. Some of my clients are very, very sensitive and still feel the wounds and even still live with the parents due to economic difficulties. My healing aims to increase their financial abundance so the client-patients can be independent and enjoy their lives free of their parents.
  6. Many of my patient-clients who come to me for help have been raped and mostly they have developed addictions as a result of the damage inflicted on them. These addictions include alcoholism, drug addiction, sugar and sexual addictions. We mainly go to Neptune here for healings and Pluto-Venus for sexual obsessions. Neptune is the doyen of addictions.
  7. My clients may feel unloved and unlovable so of course I aim for Venus, Taurus, Libra, 7th house and the 2nd house in our healing.
  8. Many of my patient-clients have been gaslighted. Though the term gaslighting is commonly used in the context of romantic relationships, gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that can be experienced in any type of relationship, including familial, platonic, or even professional. Gaslighting is considered serious psychological abuse, and survivors can experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression as a result. However, the term is often overused and misunderstood, which can trivialise the real trauma victims are grappling with. A gaslighting perpetrator will tell lies either to you or about you with such confidence and charisma you may be left questioning yourself about why you ever doubted them. A gas lighter will use words and nuances in language to twist the truth and make you question yourself, but their actions and patterns of behaviour tell a different story. They use projection as a tool. Projection is often when someone accuses another person of their own actions, shortcomings or faults. Gas lighters are narcissists and I will discuss the Dramatic Personality Disorder called Narcissism further down in this article. Clearly gaslighting is a Neptunian-Mercurial abusive method.  Gas lighters are very, very dishonest and have a giant superiority attitude and they will have the asteroid Narcissus on the angles and probably the asteroid Nessus on an angle. The asteroids that may highlight gaslighting may be Melpomene, Psyche, Echo, Swindle and Lie, Sisyphus, and Persephone.  The Norns and the Fates and Erynia may also indicate a curse that includes gaslighting.  Gray Crawford in his article on the meaning of the asteroid Dionysus, sees Dionysus in prominent position in a horoscope as “embodying genius and madness, and when we aren’t being told we are divine visionaries we are told we are crazy, obsessive, narcissistic, possessed, irrational, deranged, and self-proclaimed martyrs who self-sabotage ourselves.  Dionysus embodies all of this and more.” I have seen gaslighting narcissists who project their own bizarre characteristics onto their victims as having tight aspects to their Sun, Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Venus and the angles. These encounters may be short lived but if you unknowingly upset them, they will insult you, project onto you, abuse you and cheat or swindle you.  My clients who have been abused by these gas lighters need compassion and understanding and a therapist they can trust totally.  I have many gaslighted clients.
  9. Self -sabotage is an extremely terrible problem among many of my patient-clients and it devastates them, but we manage to find solutions by the end of the first round of healings.
  10. I have many clients who continue the healings to eradicate all their problems and then begin to create huge financial abundance and perfect psychological-physical-social holistic health. 
  11. Some clients come just to find all their archetypes.
  12. Some clients come to find all their asteroids and hence all their archetypes and then to heal the challenging inhuman archetypes like the Norns, the Fates and the Centaurs. The Norns and Fates us usually carry personal spells and curses and often ancestral curses and spells.

 After healing all these people are wonderful. I am so proud of them and they are proud of themselves.


  1. First, I ask for the client’s birth data and I scan the horoscope for trauma placements which generally are connected to Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn (all planets of karma), Chiron and Hygeia which both point out holistic health placements, then Hades which tells me how these people live in their daily lives and often I add these asteroids: the Fates, the Norns and the Centaurs and the asteroids of grief and loss.
  2. I listen very carefully to my client’s stories of what trauma has occurred in their lives.
  3. I ask for a DOT POINT SUMMARY, that is presented as a one-page BUSINESS REPORT.  This short-summarised exposition (rather than pages and pages of a long horrifying trauma-ridden narrative) prevents the recurrence of trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder flashbacks which cause hyperventilation, anxiety and panic attacks.  
  4. If the client refuses to read and do what I have suggested (about a short dot point business report) and sends me pages of raving trauma   and then blames me for causing them to feel ill, I take a step back and check for the criteria of the Dramatic Personality disorders, especially narcissistic personality disorder (and gaslighting and projection) I suggest this person sees another therapist, but this is very rare. 


  1. When my patient and I agree on what they need I call on my Divine guides. I work with the spiritual form of Jesus, the violet flame and the archangels to heal …… for me.
  2. I act as the surrogate for my patient as I practice remote holographic energy spiritual healing. I tell my divine guides my patient’s birthday and I tell my divine guides what the healing is that we need to do. For example, I ask my Divine guides to take us back to the core life where there is a family core belief in revenge.  The key astrological information will be …. (patient’s name has their South Node in Scorpio in her 8th house.) Can we go to the core past life to delete and transform this belief and any curses that accompany that belief? I ask my divine guides what time it is and what place. Then I listen to the back ground story leading to the trauma.
  3. My Divine guides then grab the soul piece or pieces that dissociate during that trauma and they clean them and place them back into the patient’s aura (light body).
  4. I do five healings in this format and this may take 4-5 hours.
  5. I write them out and send a thorough and detailed report to the patient.  Let me one example:                                                                                     
  6. I will call the client Johan.  Johan is having a healing for “lack of abundance in his life.” In real life he likes “get rich schemes” but he always loses more money. He has bad luck with money and the con men he associates with. This is his PAST LIFE HEALING to attract abundance. [SATURN IN CAPRICORN AT 4 DEGREES in his 8TH house.] (This is a summary which saves a lot of gory detail.) We find Johan in the year 1739. He is in southern Siberia. Johann is a professional blackmailer who has a ring of spies to collect secrets, terrible secrets from people. Secrets about their families, children, wives, ancestors, careers, habits and health.  He is also a sadistic embezzler, torturer and killer. He likes to kidnap and remove hands and feet, ears and teeth.  He tortures people who won’t and can’t pay him for his outrageous demands and Johan hangs his unfortunate victims in a cage in a public place to starve, rot and die. This sadistic behaviour goes on for decades. He doesn’t realise that the daughter of one of his victims is a woman who dresses as a man. She watches him for many a day, month and year as she advances in the secret police. When she reaches the top   and she becomes the head of the secret police she sends her men to capture Johan and hangs him in a cage, unharmed, but starving in the city square. He screams for mercy. He is pelted with offal and manure, rotten fruit and eggs. As he is dying, she kills him with her sword and curses him; a spell and a vow of never-ending bad luck, self-sabotage and foolishness with money, along with a curse of bad health for him and his family.  THE HEALING.  Jesus and the archangels gather up two soul pieces, delete the curse in its entirety, wash the soul pieces spiritually for some time and then replace them in Johan’s Light Body in the present time. There are many colours play over him and soak into the many layers of his aura. This takes some time. The colours let me know the archangels who are working with him and the chakras that have needed the most work.  His ghost is cleansed again with light and colour and Jesus and the archangels take him to the spirit hospital in the akasha. Johan as the patient in the present day is warned that this soul retrieval may take 2-3 months to heal because of the nature of his past life behaviour and spiritual damage and that he must report in weekly to let me know how he is coping and transforming. (While this healing Pluto.) Johan had four other healings to accompany this healing. They all addressed the them of self-sabotage and financial foolishness and bad luck. His luck has transformed and he is being much more positive and less nasty to women and less sceptical.
  7. The violet light that pours over some patients, for some time is an expression of the Holy Spirit. It covers the whole body and it moves to heal. It is a spiritual light of extreme transformation and forgiveness. It welcomes back the prodigal son so to speak, but everyone is different and they/we all need different form of healing. In some clients are flooded vast amount of red light with huge spears and rods and columns. I can only surmise that this is for grounding and the root chakra when ancestors have been weak and they have not been giving much qi by their parents. Some have only gold light, some orange, some turquoise or green.  But I don’t always know. Years ago, when I studied with the school of Clair vision my teacher constantly said, “Don’t analyse, don’t look for pictures, videos and scenes just watch the colours. You will never know the mind of the Divine. Just be the witness.”    
  8. By the end of the 2nd round of healings (10 healings) my clients have developed emotional-psychological stability and their energy is stable, but many, if not most, of my clients ask for more healings to evolve.


  1. I ask the client not to take any addictive substances before (for a week) and after the healing for a month,
  2. I ask them to report in in a week and then a month and
  3. Tell me how they feel
  4. Tell me any dreams
  5. I tell them that if they feel anxious, emotional etc to talk to me every day
  6. I ask them to thank their soul pieces before they sleep at night
  7. I ask them to thank any new guides who come to help them, for example Archangel Michael or Zadkiel or a seal power animal
  8. I ask them to say twice a day (before sleep and after waking) any affirmations that come up in the healing
  9. I ask them not to have any other form of healing in the next month.


1.A relatively low energy workout, such as gentle yoga, is good. A full work out might trigger unpleasant side effects, so a lower energy exercise, such as walking and lifting light weights twice daily helps. Studies have shown that after only a 12-week programme of relatively light workouts, involving walking improves the quality of sleep. Stretching and dancing can help move old stress from our body and …

2. Listening to classical music. The experts say Mozart music is the most life affirming, but I find old music that is linked to happy times makes me dance and smile. Smiling and laughter bring oxygen into our bodies and joy. For me Seals and Crofts, Neil Young and Van Morrison help me lighten up.

3. Breathing exercises, and specifically deep belly-breathing, can act as a “natural beta-blocker “. If you are stressed your breathing becomes shallow and rapid. If you can consciously switch to slow, deep breaths from your diaphragm into your belly, you’ll be able to deactivate the survival mode, and you’ll notice that your heart rate is also slowing down.

4. Art. I advise all my client patients to buy cheap, large pieces of paper and bright paints and paint and write what you feel as a response to having soul pieces returned to you. In the first few days when your new energy is balancing you may feel tired and emotional. Painting helps.

5. The beach where you can draw in the sand. The beach is full of negative ions which are very soothing.

6. Likewise quiet forest walking is soothing. The ambience of old trees is healing.

7. Rest. Your energy is balancing. Rest while this transformation is occurring. It’s amazing how many client-patients come to me when vital Pluto transits, which involve wonderful transformation and important Uranus transits which involve major changes occur and its also amazing that many clients come to me when major Saturn clients happen to delete old karmic patterns. Rest and let your Divine guides can care for your holistic wellbeing.  


 I hope you can become my client-patient and join the happy throng of people who have evolved and their lives have become calm and bountiful.

I will be getting a cochlear implant in the next 8-10 months (deafness is not good) and then I would like to teach my methods in the USA and UK.

My best wishes and blessings to you,