SOUTH NODE ARIES in the CONTEXT OF A HOROSCOPE and a MARS-DRIVEN LIFE© Copyright Dr Hilary Bond. All Rights Reserved.

SOUTH NODE ARIES in the CONTEXT OF A HOROSCOPE and a MARS-DRIVEN LIFE© Copyright Dr Hilary Bond. All Rights Reserved.


In this article I examine an individual case of a client who has a South Node in Aries, with his Nodal ruler Mars aspecting his Ascendant, Mercury, Sun, Pluto, and Jupiter. The Nodes also square Moon and Saturn. While this is a single case and cannot be generalised, it may give some clues to other astrologers, shamanic practitioners, nutritionists and counsellors to working with a client on an eclectic and holistic level.

I am using Elizabeth Spring’s theory to support my ideas in this article about the connection between past life regression work and ancestral shamanic healing work with a South Node Aries client. I like Elizabeth Spring’s ideas because she doesn’t isolate the Nodal axis in a chart. She looks at the rest of the chart and ties the Nodes in with the whole chart. I admire Jan Spiller’s book on the Moon’s Nodes for its thoroughness.

Clients are whole people. If we isolate parts of their chart and put these under a magnifying glass we are doing them a disservice. While we can place the nodal axis under our astrological microscope we need to see this axis as part of the whole or gestalt of the client’s life and their soul path. People have complex behaviours, which are generally related to childhood, past life and ancestral events, beliefs and oaths and unconscious behaviour, especially if they have Pluto and/or Saturn connected to their Sun and Moon. We can also realise that trauma in the early life which will cause unconscious behaviour, as well, but this has a possibility of being healed when the outer planets are activated as planetary transits or progressions to events in the childhood. If Saturn and/or Chiron looms large in a person’s chart then timing is vital in the physical, mental, creative, behavioural, developmental and spiritual healing of their life. Dreams; compassionate, educated counselling and energetic healing such as shamanic healing journeys certainly help to unravel miasms of behaviour, beliefs and oaths from the past.


As Jan Spiller states in her book on the Moon’s Nodes, The Astrology of the Soul, “When astrology is approached a level of open-minded understanding it leads to unconditional love.” Our astrology chart is schematic and graphically it reveals our inner wiring, not just our neurological (mental) wiring, but our chemical and emotional wiring, our creative makeup, but also our spiritual tendencies. Our Moon’s Nodes are part of this inner wiring that needs fine tuning.

The North Node communicates to us about the psychological shift we need to make to achieve happiness in this life and the house the North Node is in also reveals the experiences that allow us to experience this new psychological awareness. Elizabeth Spring in her article, “The North Node: Your Soul Messenger” also suggests that the re-incarnational theory behind our nodal positions in our charts means that your soul chose to be born at a certain time and place. One could speculate if we look at the work of past life (and “life in between life”) past life regressionists and hypnotherapists Michael Newton and Brian Weiss that our soul chooses challenges and gifts from previous lives, and that our natal horoscope or map of our birth time reflects this original soul intention.

If we see the Moon’s Nodes as karmic indicators they reveal our education in this life. We could hypothesise that as our present life or incarnation on earth and the curriculum in our earthly school are generally connected with the way we relate and communicate with others. Thus the Nodes are associated with patterns of relating, and the wisdom to be found within them is often the key to recognizing and healing patterns of relating, which stand in the way of our happiness.

People love hearing about their past lives, but Elizabeth Spring and Jan Spiller insist that the Moon’s Nodes don’t reveal individual past lives. They do say that the South Node does hold the emotional memories from our childhood and from the forgotten “emotional memory” of a past lives. The South Node in your horoscope reveals the particular emotions that are still emanating from a previous life that is most impacting you in this life. I believe the South Nodes it shows series of interconnected lives, just as Dr Michael Newton suggests that the more evolved we are the more past lives we have. Astrologer-architect A.T. Mann in his treatise, “The Divine Plot” suggests just one past life for each planet, luminary, asteroid, derived point and node.

Elizabeth Spring insists that there is, within families there is a karmic inheritance that is handed down the family line along with the genetic blueprint and the healing and shamanic modalities from different cultures which I have learned over the years all agree. We inherit deeply entrenched emotional and mental perspectives, as well as unearned propensities such as musical and mathematical talents. We gladly accept the unearned talents that we see in our 8th house but any curses and negative family inheritance such as the Kennedy family “curse” is not pleasant thinking. The Kennedy curse is well known and it seemed to come, first, from the cruelty of old Joe Kennedy, the father of John Fitzgerald Kennedy having a lobotomy performed on one of his daughters; but also from generations of poverty in Ireland and most importantly, from hubris, or arrogance in the face of divinity, which essentially in common language, means a lack of humility and treating other people like pawns to be discarded at will.

Yet unfortunately, we know that alcoholism, depression, abuse and certain illnesses are also inherited genetically. However, from my years of teaching in schools, universities and working with families I know that such behaviours are also learned behaviours which are copied from caregivers if a person has a weak will and does not have the self-discipline to know right from wrong. This is to my mind, is why astrologers must ethically be counsellors and in Australia the Federation of Australian Astrologers insists that professional astrologers must have some sort of qualification in counselling.

By looking at our family members charts, we can decipher emotional patterns that have been playing out for generations. The Nodes and the planets Pluto and Saturn, figure strongly in this tale. These karmic patterns are not in themselves innate curses or blessings, for our will, intention, and grace are always operative. We’ve inherited a karmic legacy that reflects the victories, defeats, and hard won battles of our ancestors, for they are indeed very much with us. But as Liz Greene points out in her book “The Astrology of Fate” anything can behave erratically if wilfully suppressed for generations. Carl Jung wrote about the personal as well as the collective unconscious, saying that both talents and troubles are to be found in the subconscious.

As a holistic therapist you ethically owe it to your clients to be free of family karma and therefore an aware person. Thus you will feel calm, cantered and clear when interacting with challenging people and will open, compassionate and strong. Consequently, you will be liberated from being caught in the quicksand of emotional melodramas and over-whelm, over-responsibility and over-sensitivity, even though in the past those emotional buttons were pushed you may have reacted according to your old shadow patterns.

We have lived thousands of lives all over the cosmos. We have been men, women, poor, rich, uneducated, highly educated. We have lived in many cities, towns, rural areas, and been many nationalities. We are all on this planet for the purpose of balancing our negative karmic debts, so that we can ascend into Higher Consciousness. Consequently, there is no room for judgment of each other, no room for discrimination. We are equally loved unconditionally by a God of Love.

In each “life between lives” before you are allowed to take on another physical body, your Soul, your spirit guides and Council of Elders scan and discuss your Soul’s eternal life file housed on the Akashic Records, and carefully select the karmic debts that your level of spiritual maturity will equip you to successfully balance. Therefore, the karmic debts represented in your South Node could stem from lifetimes extending from thousands of years ago to the incarnation just prior to this one. So we must that your Soul and your guides in spirit will not allow you to attempt to take on such a difficult lifetime to balance karmic debts that will overwhelm you. Instead, your soul strives to evolve, through your various incarnations, for the degree of spiritual maturity that will allow you to tackle some of your more difficult karmic debts.

If and when you read something revealed by your Moon Nodes or any other karmic indicator, to which you reply, “That is not me,” the answer is: “No, it isn’t at your present level of spiritual maturity.” We all have the freewill opportunity to erase our karma in this life. If you have heavy-duty karmic debts in this lifetime, consider yourself blessed. Many past life regressionists will see you are an advanced soul who is now ready to tackle a difficult life and evolve. I found all of Michael Newton’s book on his thousands of hypnotherapy experiences with clients exploring “Life Between Lives” especially helpful. I have even been through a “life between life” hypnotherapy experience and followed this up with journeying to my “life between lives” myself.

Even though the Moon’s Nodes signs belong to an 18 to 19 year generation they do reveal the unfolding of the Universal Law: “We reap what we sow” or “For every cause, there is an effect.” Your Moon Nodes “reveal the track that your Soul is running on in the current life, while the rest of the horoscope echoes this and adds additional information as to how you are to make the journey.” They also reveal some of the lessons your Soul has chosen to learn during this incarnation.


The sign and house placement of the South Node tells where you are in over-drive. It is an overly easy area we return to , to quench our thirst, but we can self-sabotage here. It is comfortable, warm and familiar. The nature of this longing is shown by the sign of the South Node. For example, in Libra for justice; in Capricorn a need for control; in Taurus, the craving is for material security; in Leo, for recognition; in Gemini, for information.

But, the nodes are not black and white. The North Node certainly isn’t completely positive, and the South Node isn’t all negative. Some astrologers seem to suggest that one evolves by struggling to be one’s North Node and forgetting the qualities of the South Node house and sign. While the South Node seems like an old comfortable pair of shoes, what many astrologers ignore is that the South Node is your innate area of talents and gifts and the sign and house of the North Node represent circumstances and activities that usually feel unfamiliar. The North Node is the “secret shadow” of the South Node sign. But the North Node is the key to getting energy flowing. That’s why the North node reveals an area of massive growth potential in your life. Consequently the North and South Nodes must work together to achieve the best in you.

Many astrologers, who work with the nodes, maintain that the Sun, the North Node, and the South Node are three pivotal key-points in grasping a holistic definition of a horoscope. However, I see that there are more than three clues in a horoscope for a good analysis and understanding of a person. I would also look at the planetary ruler of the Nodes (and its aspects), plus the planetary rulers of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, plus the Midheaven.


The first clue to the mystery is to examine the highest possible use and talents in your Sun sign. Your Sun sign is a personality description presenting all the positive and negative ways you can behave during your life. For example, as a Capricorn Sun, you can play out the melancholy, controlling, social snob, negative tendencies of the sign or you can use your sage-like abilities and inherent business acumen to help others rise to the top of their career and life path. Capricorn is grounded and practical. In exoteric astrology, from the Soul’s perspective you chose to be born a Capricorn in order to evolve into the highest octave of the sign. If your Sun is in the 7th house, you enter this life to learn how to relate to others and how to relate to your shadow .

The second clue is your Ascendant and third clue is your Moon. Let’s say, though, that you have a Cancer Ascendant, so the Moon is very important and it is in Libra in the 3rd house, with the ruler of Libra; Venus in the 5th house. In esoteric astrology the Ascendant is the soul’s purpose. If you Ascendant sign is Cancer, families, security and the masses (Cancer) will be vital to you. The Moon in Libra will echo the Sun in the 7th’s need to relate. The Moon sign in Libra wants serenity, harmony and beauty. Yet it thinks in terms of opposing ideas, and about the paradoxical nature of life. It can get easily stressed, yet look poised. In the third house you will need to relate through areas of communication: maybe teaching, writing, short journeys, to neighbours and siblings. Your relationships will highlight the values of beauty, romance, attractiveness, joy, fun and children (Venus in the 5th house.)

Your fourth clue is the South Node which may be in Cancer. The fifth clue is in the North Node which is in Capricorn. Thus the North Node is in the same sign as the Sun and the South Node is in the same sign as the Ascendant. So this person has to leave behind dependence, moodiness, avoidance of taking risks, spending too much time at home, and controlling other people though emotional over-reactions. This person may use the past to avoid the present. With the South Node conjunct the Ascendant they may have come back to this life to complete a mistake made in a past life and don’t assume it was the last one. It may be a life that occurred thousands of years ago that the soul has picked out for its intensity of difficulty and the challenge is to evolve rather than repeat it.


Many astrologers, who lean to karmic astrology, believe the North Node is the most important point in the chart. It is unique to each person and describes what your Soul wants to learn and experience in this life. It is a soul messenger, describing the evolutionary needs of your Soul. When we act out the qualities of this Node we heal and nurture ourselves. It tells us in what area of life we need to bring emphasis, and some of the ways to do it. The North Node has a sign, a house position, and aspects, and is an excellent suggestion, similar to the idea of a personal guiding Pole Star. By contrast, the South Node describes the qualities brought over from our previous life, and describes how we lived when we were young.

Our deeply habitual ways of being and thinking are shown here, and as we mature we tend to act out the qualities of our South Node less. It shows both the unhelpful and negative qualities that our Soul wishes to move away from, as well as containing what Carl Jung talked about as the “gold in the shadow”. This gold is the unconscious unrecognized talents and abilities that we bring over from a former life or that are simply latent or repressed qualities. It is wise to uncover and use the gold in the South Node, while leaving any negative and redundant patterns behind, and to move in the direction of the North Node. Most astrologers would agree that the South Node reflects karmic qualities of our previous life, describing the unfinished business and things that we didn’t ‘get quite right.’ Although there are gifts and talents shown there, it is the North Node that points to the qualities our Soul wants to use and acquire in this life. Take a good look at what your North Node tells you. It might feel challenging, but it offers wonderful suggestions.


So how does this all work together in a chart? I am going to focus on a client who has an Aries South Node and Libra North Node. His North Node is in the 4th house and South Node is in the 10th house. “Houses” are the areas of life where things get acted out, and the Nodes are each in different houses. His Mercury is in Pisces is conjunct his Sun in Aquarius conjunct Chiron. This stellium is in the 9th house. The Sun-Mercury are opposite Pluto in Virgo [in the 3rd house], square Mars in Gemini [conjunct ascendant in the first house] and square Jupiter in Sagittarius. Most of this grand square is mutable. The nodal axis squares an opposition between Moon and Saturn in the 2nd /8th house axis.

This a client with whom I have done a great deal of shamanic healing. I see him as a research subject, so he gets free healing. In this life he is Mars-Pluto tradesman (Gemini) : a welder, mechanic and what is called a fitter, which means that he worked with all sorts of huge machinery (Mars) including building and rebuilding parts of mines, power stations, water recycling stations, giant sewage stations, trains, trucks, and massive mining equipment. Much of the work in mines has been setting explosives (Pluto and Mars), as well as teaching skills (third house) and teaching exercises for fitness (Mars and Virgo.) He has many trade qualifications and although he helps the engineers with their plans he does not want to be a university qualified engineer as he says they spend most of their lives behind a desk. This man prefers the outdoors (Sagittarius.) Most of this work is solitary (Saturn), even though he always has a trades assistant, and his work is in remote geographical places with other men who chose to work in these isolated places. He is quite eccentric (Aquarius.) He had tattoos and many earings long before it became fashionable. He looks like a Viking and is fascinated by this time in history.

The client is of slight build, but has massive shoulders (Mars in Gemini) from years of lifting great weights. He could lift more than his own weight, so was enormously (Jupiter) strong (Mars.)


The reason the client came to me originally is that he had a great of physical pain (The Moon is the body and the 6th house is health.) He avoided the fact that he smoked, drank quite a lot of coffee and consumed quite a deal of sugar and one energy drink a day, which contained gurana. He consumed no alcohol or medications. So for a start we were looking at denial and self-sabotage. The endless pains were in his knees (Saturn – skeletal system- and Capricorn), his back (the Sun), shoulders (Gemini) and the bones of his neck. He had done yoga, been to naturopaths, acupuncturists, osteopaths and various medical practitioners. None of this worked, but he was not prepared to give up the addictions (Neptune.) He had broken his back twice in his life, but had enormous willpower and walked both times after six months. Before he broke his back he was training as a diver for the Olympics. He had also broken his collar bones and had life-threatening heapatitis (liver is Jupiter), but after considerable shamanic treatment that was healed.

At first I sent him to a friend who was a shamanic practitioner and she healed his hepatitis contracted from his first straying wife. His second wife had Crohn’s disease (Cancer Moon) and had links to the Mafia. He looked after her, but when she had an affair he left and never saw her again. He married again, but left this woman after two months, because her children angered him. He said he should never have bothered with women again. I began working with Simon in 2008 four years after he had left the third wife.

And at first I had a friend in the house when Simon came as he was an angry client. So if you are a beginning astrologer this is a warning not to be naive and put your self at risk.


When I started some past life regressions and ancestral regressions (with healings) with Simon to see where the core problem originated, the core problem seemed to be literally dozens of lives as a soldier where he lost his leg below the knee, had his head chopped off and was killed with a sword in his back, a great number of times. He never seemed to be a commander, but in many lives he was a Scottish foot-soldier (Mars, Aries South Node.) In other lives he was just a boy, who saw his entire family slaughtered in the Scottish highlands a few times and was left alone to survive (Nodal axis square Moon opposition Saturn.) He was a very violent Viking a number of times who came to pillage in Northern England. He slaughtered monks and defenceless British families. In turn he was hacked down. In each lifetime the events were healed through psychopomp work, restructuring and shamanic extractions were made. This did work. These past lives related to his prominent Mars conjunct Ascendant and his South Node in Aries in the 10th house. Mars governs violence, wounds, weapons, iron and steel and is the god of war and aggression. Mars energy can be used destructively and angrily in a fighting way or with courage and strength.

In some lives he was a lone miner (Aries South Node) who went to America to find gold and was killed in cave-ins (Pluto). He died regretting coming to America. In a couple of other lives he was a lone fur trapper who lived a solitary life with his wolf-dog (South Node Aries and Saturn.) In a couple of lives I saw him in, he was a lone timber getter who worked cutting and sending logs down the rivers in Canada and North America. In two of these lives he watched a young native American First Nations woman with a deer. She saw him, but he was too shy to approach her. This went on for years, but nothing came of it (Aries South Node trying to integrate Libra North Node.)

There were a few lives as a First Nations brave in the Plains area of North America. He was mainly (Dakota) Sioux in those past lives. In one life he did save a woman when a buffalo hunt went wrong. There was a short relationship as a result. She died young. (This life integrated the North and South Node.)

In one life in America there was a deviation to this Mars pattern of fighting or solitary lives. I saw him as a leader of many nations. He was a famous peacemaker. In this life on earth this man had sustained a ten year relationship with a Cherokee Metis woman, where she used him financially and sexually.

There were also nine lives in the Cornwall-Wales areas of Britain as druids. I only saw flashes of these rather than the details of the earlier lives I have described. I see this as linking the solitariness of Aries South Node with his stellium in the 9th house.

There were also a number of lives as kings. One was in ancient India. One was in ancient Egypt. Mostly these lives were where the client did not rule alone. His sister was the power and brains behind the throne. This is an interesting pattern and showed his ruling planet Uranus in Leo in the third.

There were a couple of exceptions. One was in the Napoleonic wars. He fought in France for the British and had a wife in England. She had been his sister in the lives I have previously mentioned. When the client was killed fighting in the war she starved to death in London. The other exception was a life where he and the same woman were part of an extra-terrestrial team who ended up on earth as the result of a navigational mistake. (Two Libra North Node families ended by the square to Moon opposition Saturn [which revealed hardship and starvation.] They had three male companions. I saw them stranded in the North of America in a very archaic time. The place was very rocky and forbidding and the rocks were red. They all died there. I think they were attacked by some sort of primitive hominid.

The other exceptions, to endless fighting, were some ancestral lives which I don’t remember clearly, but it looked like a slow progression of his family moving from the Highlands of Scotland down through Carlyle (on the border of England and Scotland) and to Settle in Northumbria and the industrial cities. Simon’s family may well have been forced into poverty by the enclosure acts which the English forced on the Scottish highlanders and the family certainly was bitter as well as poor. This is revealed with the Moon in the 2nd opposition Saturn in the 8th squaring the Moon’s Nodes. Although he lived in Australia he was born in England. His family had moved to another Commonwealth country. He had little or nothing to do with them. His father had fought in WWII, then had been a tax collector. He was an abusive, bitter, angry man, who charmed people before he broke them. He despised women as weak objects.


Let’s look his chart as an example. His Mercury in very early Pisces is conjunct a very late Sun in Aquarius conjunct Chiron. This stellium is in the 9th house. The Sun-Mercury are opposite Pluto in Virgo [in the 3rd house], square Mars in Gemini [conjunct ascendant in the first house] and square Jupiter in Sagittarius. Most of this grand square is mutable .

Simon’s dominant element is water and his dominant quality is fixed. So with a final signature of Scorpio he should be passionate and intense. Instead he is emotionless. One can only think something has been supressed or switched off here as one would see him as a thinking-introverted- sensing-judger. With all his Pisces and strong water he should be intuitive. What seems to have taken over is the Nodal square to the Moon opposition Saturn. He has been captured by his bitter, mean, angry, “ole” ancestors.


I have allowed this client to come to me pro bono as he was an excellent research subject. He has no interest in evolving spiritually and is only interested in alleviation of physical pain and winning millions of dollars (miraculously) in Lotto. However, as I am an holistic therapist I am interested in his holistic growth: physical, mental, creative and spiritual.

After a year of working with Simon I was convinced he exhibited the symptoms of Asperger’s Disorder, but I don’t think so any more. Firstly, Simon has always been able to hold down a responsible position and many people who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Disorder cannot. They do not have the social skills. This man does have social skills at work.


The concern seems to relate to some archetypes in the subject’s holistic persona. I will examine two of these archetypes in detail.
• THE LONER. Moon in Cancer in the 2nd opposite Saturn in Capricorn on the cusp of the 8th house
• THE SHAMAN/PREIST/DRUID. Sun in Aquarius 29 degrees conjunct Chiron in Aquarius in the 9th
• THE WOUNDED COMMUNICATOR. Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aquarius ruled by Saturn in the 8th
• THE SABOTEUR. Sun conjunct Mercury opposition Pluto (in Virgo) in the 3rd
• THE TRICKSTER Sun conjunct Mercury square Mars in 1st conjunct Ascendant in Gemini
• THE LONER. Moon opposition Saturn square Nodes.
• THE SOLDIER/WARRIOR. South Node in Aries
• WOUNDED CHILD. Saturn opposition Moon.

EMOTIONAL AND SEXUAL RESERVE . Moon in Cancer in 2nd opposition Saturn in 7/8th. Karmically the archetype of Moon in Cancer clings to the past. Is this “past”, for this subject, the childhood, ancestry or past lives? Certainly it could be all three. Simon told me in counselling sessions about his heartless father who never gave him any affection, so rather than mother representing Moon opposite Saturn father represents this archetype for Simon. In past lives , with Saturn in challenging aspect to the Moon emotional reserve was necessary for your survival in a prior lifetime. This time around you are still feeling that restraint. Sometimes, you find it difficult to express your emotions to others, causing you to feel very isolated and lonely. There is a great need for a past life healing here. Saturn in the 7th indicates a block in fully relating to a partner. Saturn in the 8th house may indicate difficulties around sexual expression and possibly a vow of celibacy in a past life that needs rescinding. This may come from many lives as a druid and many lives alone. The shaman/priest/druid is the archetype of isolation. They are rescuers by nature/archetype, but once the healing/rescuing is done they withdraw. There may be a deep–seated dread of sex and intimacy. South Node in Aries suggests many lives alone.

THE WOUNDED COMMUNICATOR. Chiron conjunct Mercury. Pluto opposition Mercury. The soul has been able to communicate effectively in past lives; therefore the soul believes it still can’t speak or hear effectively. Mercury conjunct Chiron (ruler Mercury.) Subject has been unable to speak in another life. South Node in Aries. The subject only responds under battle conditions or when orders are given. It is easier to be alone and then the subject does not have to speak. While Judy Hall in her Past Life Astrology (p. 93) suggests that Pluto –Mercury “can see right into the heart of another person, totally understanding their motivation and psyche” John is gullible and has been duped many times by both men and women. As he says, “I have a soft heart” and this is his Mercury in Pisces trine Neptune in Scorpio and Moon trine Neptune and Mercury. People with a grand trine in water are compassionate. Judy Hall (p. 93) also suggests that with a Mercury-Pluto aspect “people with this powerful mind… have coerced and controlled people…” and in this life Simon has to find a way of helping people rather than misuse them. The combination of South Node Aries and the Mars –Pluto-Jupiter-Mercury Grand Square does indicate excessively, rough and aggressive ways of communicating. In all men camps where most of the people use foul, abusive language this seems to be the norm, but Simon has admitted that he does lack in communication in intimate relationships and he has trouble understanding many verbal messages from women. He told me that , “I yell at stupid women in shops and I don’t know what affection is.”

Simon has duped people in his present life too through lies (Mercy in Pisces), fear tactics and abusive criticism (Mars square Mercury and Pluto in Virgo in the 3rd house opposite Mercury), but at the same time he is very kind. He often has stopped by the side of the road to help people in the outback who’s car has broken down and he is very good at massage (Pluto in Virgo and Mars in Gemini) and chiropractic therapy, and he can tell intuitively what is troubling men, but he refuses to go down this path professionally. He rigidly stays in his field of mechanical engineering. Simon really does seem to have some sort of processing problem with the pragmatics of speech. He also may have either an auditory perceptual problem or selective hearing, because he often mishears what people say totally. Then he gets very angry with them. I can only think Simon’s Mercury conjunct Chiron opposition Pluto square Mars in Gemini and square Jupiter in the 6th is causing this, and I believe the position of his Uranus (ruler of his Sun and Chiron) in the third house is causing some sort of neuro-sensory short, if we think of his nervous system as highly charged, in fact over-charged. Brain Damage from abuse. With Sun in Aquarius in the 9th conjunct Chiron conjunct Mercury in Pisces Simon is unemotional, objective and detached, but subject likes routines and familiarity. Therefore he may be stuck in the rut many people with a lot of fixed signs find themselves in.


I had considered for a while that Simon answered the criteria of Asperger’s Disorder which is a personality disorder. I had taught many students who had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Disorder and many of Simon’s behaviour resembled the behaviours of these students. However, his behaviours resembled the criteria of Schizoid Personality Disorder which included a pattern of detachment from social relationships in which he:
• Neither desires or enjoys close relationships including being part of a family
• Almost always chooses solitary activities
• Appears indifferent to the praise or criticism of others
• Shows emotional detachment or flattened affectivity (from such as walking on the beach at sunset or enjoying intimacy)
• Reveals a lack of desire for intimacy

When I was doing my Master’s Degree in Education and Counselling my professor insisted we do a whole subject on the dangers of what he called “the diagnostic-prescriptive model” which was the DSM-IV-TR psychiatric medical model of diagnosing a medical complaint and then prescribing medications. Secondly, one of the criteria for having “schizotypal personality disorder” is believing you are clairvoyant, practice ‘shamanism’and have eccentricities of behaviour. Consequently all Indigenous people; all people with Indigenous ancestry, all shamanic practitioners, pagans, clairvoyants, tarot readers, holistic healers and those who have eccentricities of behaviour are termed by the DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) as having “schizotypal personality disorder” (pp. 697-701.) Therefore I do not hold a great degree of respect for these medical diagnoses as they lack compassion and understandings of other cultures other than a Westernised American “apple pie and Mum” rigid Christian culture and there are so many other cultures, ways of life and religions in the world which hold equal validity.

So let’s look at some of the reasoning of compassionate social workers and psychologists about why people socially isolate themselves and disengage in close relationships. Egeland, Jacobvitz (1987: p. 271) found that people who were abused and rejected by their parents are more socially isolated, withdrawn and prone to disengage emotionally in close relationships. Howe (2005) in his book on Child Abuse and Neglect; Attachment, development and intervention states that, “ Psychologically, people raised in a climate of violence and rejection have little faith that other people will be available at times of need…”. These people are often abusive themselves and “do not trust expressions of love and warmth, care and responsivity in others. It has been their experience that when you get close and dependent on another, rejection and hurt follow. Being in a caretaking role increase feelings of anxiety and vulnerability.” (p. 74-75.)

I have seen people reveal these characteristics from missing a number of soul pieces after failed relationships. Sandra Ingerman, a world famous shamanic practitioner and psychologist says that, “Someone who lost a piece of his or her soul as a baby or a toddler will have a habitual life pattern that runs their life. People often notice that a recurring traumatic theme occurs in life that results from soul loss at an early age. An example of this would be a repetitive pattern of someone who always finds himself being betrayed in relationships.” An holistic way of gently treating Simon over a long period of time, would be a mixture of shamanic journeys, gentle (psychotherapeutic) counselling where all the patterns in his life were explained without making him bitter and even more angry, plus experimenting with group art therapy where a number of women were included in the group. Even dance therapy would be helpful and any areas of bringing back fun. I would encourage him to join walking groups or yoga retreats, again with an aim of relaxation and fun.

Often when people break off relationships they keep “a piece” of an ex-lover and although Simon had soul pieces returned from his mother and two ex-wives I feel that these pieces did not stick. With Simon’s strong Pluto he may have well attracted curses or black magic and if a person has soul pieces missing curses or spells will take effect. Likewise if a person has been cursed or has a spell on them the soul pieces will bounce off. Thus I belive he needs to have a curse unravelling- soul retrieval for him and like the film LadyHawk they must be done at the same time and then he must be taught how to integrate this.

Simon responded well to relationship counselling. He is learning actual examples of “how to be affectionate” because he said he had no idea “what affection is”. He was unwanted at birth because “his parents couldn’t afford him); grew up with three brothers; went to all boys schools; was bought up by arguing, cold parents, who never displayed affection and his birthday or Christmas was never celebrated. So he really has never learned about affection. In psychological jargon cognitive-restructuring exercises may be appropriate for any clear, irrational thoughts which are negatively influencing the patient’s behaviours. Simon is improving in his quest to be a “nicer” person and is proud of this.


If we want a clear and concise report we could say that an Aries South Node and Libra North Node person can uncover the hidden talents of
• Cooperation
• Sharing
• Creating win-win situations
• Diplomacy and tact
• Giving and receiving without expecting reciprocity
• Seeing things through another’s eyes
Leaving behind these traits to make life more enjoyable
• Overconcern with survival
• Impulsiveness
• Thoughtless aggression and self-assertion
• Outbursts of anger
• Indifference to how others see them
• Lack of good judgement regarding money
• My way or the highway attitudes
• Resistance to compromise

An Aries South Node life indicates a life of understanding the needs of others. After many lifetimes of “me first” you need to learn cooperation. You are to take the sharp edges out of your life and seek a harmonious balance. Past incarnations have established a pattern of restless impatience to stay on the move, but lifetime is about giving rather than taking. You have to learn the karmic lesson that you are not alone and you must share, just like you were taught at kindergarten when you were age three to four. This life’s game is not about competing, but about how fairness. Nor is this life about selfishness, judgements or opinions. It’s about learning to walk a mile in another’s shoes and unfortunately some things may be taken from you if you don’t play fairly: the more you fight back the more you lose. And indeed there may be a deep-seated anger stemming from past life memories of frustrations which blocked your self-expression. So learning to be a mediator or referee is a great idea to help you become more objective.

The balance between Aries –Mars and Libra-Venus is difficult with a dominant South Node Aries because Aries/Mars keeps thinking about themselves and their own needs rather than team efforts. The Libra North Node ruled by Venus is here to be unconditionally compassionate and loving. The house position of your South Node indicates the area of life where the “insatiable desires of prior lifetimes are still demanding priority.” The house where your North Node is shows how awareness and real happiness can be achieved through self-sacrifice, cooperation, and the demonstration and communication of unselfish love to others.”

I would strongly suggest the model I use, so when you look at the Moon’s Nodes you include the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, the south nodal ruler and their aspects and signs as well as aspects and the houses of the nodes to gain a full picture. You will probably find echoes of the nodes in this holictic analysis.

Best Wishes,
Dr Hilary Bond.


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SATURN IN SCORPIO or THE EIGHTH HOUSE: THE ARCHETYPE OF SELF MASTERY © Copyright to Hilary Bond PhD. All parts reserved.

SATURN IN SCORPIO or THE EIGHTH HOUSE: THE ARCHETYPE OF SELF MASTERY © Copyright to Hilary Bond PhD. All parts reserved.

family the Light (Small)

“I hold that when a person dies
His soul returns to earth again,
Arrayed in some new flesh disguise
Another mother gives him birth.
With sturdier limbs and brighter brain
The old soul takes to the roads again.”
~John Masefield~


Of all placements that combine Saturn and Pluto this placement is the most karmic and one of the most arduous in terms of survival. Saturn the Lord of Time and Lord of Karma paired with another Lord of Karma, Pluto is a daunting placement. Here we talk not only of past lives, but lives between lives where our soul makes the decision what family, what environment and what body they will take on this time. All of this is for our soul’s transformation and self-mastery. Liz Greene notes, in her fascinating book on Saturn, that the 8th house is a “battle ground, the primary purpose of which is self-understanding and self-mastery through constant crises.” (p.26). From there she talks a great deal about sex and emotional catharsis, and a discussion of the different aspects of people who like sex and those who don’t, but this subject is exactly what I am not going to discuss. I am not qualified in counselling in sexual relationships so I’ll leave that to Billy Connelly’s wife. I’d much rather talk about the archetypes involved here, the myths, and the tools we use to evolve in this lifetime. So hold onto your seats and enjoy the ride. I never know quite what to expect and I allow my soul to write these articles.

But before I continue I will say also that the eighth house is also your inheritance and with Saturn in Scorpio or the 8th house you usually inherit practical gifts from your ancestors. There also an inheritance of hardship and survival through all odds and I include one ancestral story in this article.


Well-known astrologer and philosopher Rick Tarnas classifies archetypes as universal powers and energies that influence, drive, structure, and saturate our human soul and our conduct on many levels. Freud defined archetypes as ancient instincts and Plato defined archetypes as divine first principles. James Hillman saw them as gods of our psyches or souls. Thus says Tarnas, we might see Venus or Mars as archetypes with a transcendent, mythic quality, but psychologically Venus symbolises the desire for love and the experience of beauty and Mars symbolises the impulse toward forceful activity and aggression.

And yet archetypes can express themselves as instincts, compulsions and images from our inner being, but simultaneously these archetypes help us to understand the events and situations in the external world. Is it a Saturnian event or situation we ask or a Plutonic event? We can clearly see and understand the event better if we understand the archetype. We can understand ourselves better if we see whether the event is that of a high or low level.
Jung thought of archetypes as the basic building blocks of the human psyche, shared cross-culturally by all human beings, and he regarded them as universal expressions of a collective unconscious. Much earlier, the Platonic tradition considered archetypes to be psychological and cosmic and objective, as primordial forms of a Universal Mind that transcended the human psyche. Thus astrology support Platonism as well as the Jungian, since it gives evidence that Jungian archetypes are not only visible in human psychology, in human experience and behaviour, but are also linked to the planets and their transits in the heavens. Jung called the collective unconscious can be viewed as being ultimately embedded within the cosmos itself and in this light astrology supports the idea of an anima mundi, or world soul, of which the human psyche is part.

The ancient Roman god Saturn was known as Cronus in Greek times and Saturn in Roman times and the Romans worshiped him as a god of agriculture. Cronus was the youngest of the Titans, the Greek deities who ruled the world before the arrival of Zeus and the other Olympian gods and goddesses. Hesiod who wrote the Greek Epic, The Theogony approximately 800 years before Christ tells us:
“Gaia lay with Ouranos and bare deep-swirling Oceanos, Koios and Krios and Hyperion and Iapetos, Thea and Rhea, Themis and Mnemosyne and gold-crowned Phoebe and lovely Tethys. After them was born Cronos the wily, youngest and most terrible of her children, and he hated his lusty sire.”

Cronus seized power from the sky god Uranus, his father, by castrating him. Aphrodite or Venus was born from the foam of Uranus’s severed genitals. Probably the most well-known depiction of Saturn is Goya’s painting of Saturn eating his children. Hestia (Vesta) was first and eventually Rhea, Saturn’s wife, one of Mother Earth’s various guises, saved her last child Zeus by wrapping a stone in swaddling clothes. When Zeus was grown, he forced Cronus to vomit up the swallowed children: the deities Hestia, Demeter (Ceres) , Hera (Juno), Hades (Pluto), and Poseidon (Neptune.) Cronos later sired Chiron by the sea nymph Philyra. Zeus also freed the giants and the Cyclopes who had been imprisoned. Together they went to war against Cronus and the Titans and, after a violent struggle, emerged victorious. Zeus then banished the Titans to Tartarus, a place deep in the underworld.
We see that Cronos is a very violent god, an abusive parent who tries to kill creativity, fun, and our joyful inner child. He is the youngest child of another violent father, who tries to destroy the potential of his children and a mother who uses him to destroy his father’s fertility and creativity. So as an archetype Saturn is Fate, Father Time, Death, and the Grim Reaper. In Jungian and archetypal psychology, Saturn is often called the senex or wise old man. Esoterically, Saturn is considered to be the planet of karma, the carrier of karma from past lifetimes, the consequences of which we now have to encounter in the present life. It might be seen as the cross we bear, for it concerns our trials and sufferings which may often seem inexplicable and undeserved. The position of Saturn in one’s birth chart is thus a matter of great importance, and the major aspects it makes to other planets can tell us much about one’s principal concerns in life. Transits involving Saturn regularly mark periods of major developmental importance, often bringing times of personal trial, but also of deep maturation and the establishment of significant life structures involving one’s career, important relationships, or major karmic responsibilities.

It is worth remembering when we wriggle, blame and complain of Saturn’s role in the painful parts of our life is that Saturn indicates that which we have chosen to work with and through in this life in order to achieve a higher rung on the ladder of spiritual awareness. The sufferings and frustrations it may bring can perhaps best be seen as serving a purpose which will in the long run be recognized as worth all the hard work and trauma of life. So Saturn is that part of the archetypal birth process which oppresses and alienates, and yet slowly and gradually, often unnoticed, moulds and structures, and, in the end, guides us into a new vibration and chapter in our life.

Self-discipline is required to gain the positive benefits of this archetype if our soul path is that of Saturn or else this spirit seems punitive, hostile and negative. Saturn guards the entrance to the invisible worlds, thus he is the “guardian of the threshold.”

In basic astrology I teach that Saturn represents and urge for security and safety and his key word is the “teacher.” In the double headed yin and yang of life Saturn is where you focus best and take on responsibility or where you feel the least secure and tend to overcompensate.

Some books on astrology and past lives that Saturn in the 8th house indicate an old vow of celibacy or fidelity to one person for ever and may need investigating, but again I am more interested in personal growth as relationships with others always take the responsibility away for self-growth. But certainly Saturn in the 8th or Scorpio is a placement where you can almost be sure there are some old vows, agreements or oaths in past lives and ancestral lives that must broken. You can do this through a past life regression yourself or with a hypnotherapist or a shamanic practitioner or energy healer. The life between lives books by Michael Newton PhD help to understand not just past lives, but the lives between lives or the lives where our soul and their Council Elders and soul guide help them to unblock past lives. As a past life healer I can tell you that it is very easy to unblock decisions made in past lives. You can also try unlocking them in dreams too as this is a house of symbols and dreams are full of symbols that give clues to problems. Just one dream is not enough. Often dreams come in sequences that will continue until you break them.
There are probably some unexplainable phobias too connected to past lives and ancestral lives as the 8th house is a house of inheritance, so the inheritance isn’t just from this life. You will find once you release the inheritance of a phobia from a particular life a gift will come too as your soul will reward you.


Jamie Harrison of Always states, with confidence that, “Scorpio Saturn fears emotional rejection, being inadequate and that they are taken advantage of,” which may turn out to become a self-fulfilling belief and shadow that pushes people away. There are all sorts of healing therapies that can help to overcome these fears and break the cycle. Don’t expect it to be easy because a Saturn in Scorpio or in the eighth house often has deeply unconscious motivations which may not be obvious until the first or even Saturn return. The reasons for their fears or motivations behind overcompensating behaviour may be from psychological, psychosocial (foetal or childhood) , emotional or psychic (ancestral, past life, wounded inner child or shadow) causes. By finding their motivations, they may master their issues.

Molly Hall from About Astrology suggests similar things. She states, “Saturn’s raw material as the primal core out of which transformative energy emerges. On the journey, you confront many potential dangers as you learn to manage your own intensity.” Molly suggests taming or channelling the intense shadow emotions and fears such as manipulation, betrayal, abuse, jealousy, bedevilment and revenge.
And I have found from my own experience and from various clients and just watching famous people that learning to endure or deal with the wild, potent forces inside or outside yourself is where one claims your true power. By becoming a master of the dark, your shadow, any temptation and irresponsibility is where one faces our fears, and stand waiting at the threshold we learn and transform. Instead of running away and of course for many the other way is to retreat into madness of some kind. Of course solitude in the wilds of nature, time lone to restore one’s batteries and spiritual retreats are enormously restorative. Although I have been to hypnotherapy, used flower essences and various energy healers what has worked for me is shamanic journeying by others and for myself.

If you go through the alchemical process of transformation your journeys into often forbidding and sometimes terrible experiences and inner territory turns you into a wise guide for others. You then realise how to take the unhealthy and festering parts and convert them. This makes you a soul healer and by taking the challenging road that leaves no stone unturned, you become a trusted seer and guide for others. Thus when you face your own anxieties, terrors, doubts, suspicions, trepidation and all that goes bang in the night, then you learn to influence your own future and no longer call it fate. It is then that you become a deep and insightful senex person to those around you.
I find this is so true for all those who I have known who are Saturn in the 8th house people and all those who are in the Saturn in Scorpio generation I come from who were born in the 1954, 1955 and 1956. The December 1923 to December 1926 generation were Saturn in Scorpio people as were the late 1982 to late 1985 generation also were and now we are in the middle of another Saturn in Scorpio transit or generation again (October 2012 to September 2015.)


I’d like to tell you about a series of Saturn in Scorpio returns and you can watch the themes. My Nana’s generation had Saturn in Scorpio. They were the 1894-1897 generation. She had the same degree of Saturn in Scorpio as me and now she is my spirit guide after 28 years (a Saturn cycle) of passing from this world. I watched my Nana as a child and then in retrospect from my Dad’s stories of her heroism and then from the family history research that my sister and I did.
Nana was born in London into a happy family, but with an interesting background, which we never knew about until my sister unearthed this, when Saturn came into Scorpio again. Nana would never talk about her past. She said they were all gone and that her aunts and uncles had moved to the Channel Isles during WWII and had been killed. Her father was a police inspector of Scotland Yard. He had been born at Gibraltar where his Scottish highland father (Donald Bain) was a guard in the military prison there.

We also found out that Nana’s mother’s siblings were all single and indeed they had disappeared during the war. They lived in the same house as Nana when she grew up, as did her grandparents on both her mother’s and father’s sides. Nana’s Nana Josephine was born in 1835 and she too was a Saturn in Scorpio person and she too bought Nana up, just as my Nana bought me up. My great-great grandmother Josephine was a natural healer; a herbalist and she would have been known as the village witch. My great-great grandparents were the managers for a large farming poor house in Surrey where they gave homeless people skills and a home. In my last shamanic journey the shaman saw her and described her to me and apparently she helps me in my healing journeys. She too like Nana (with my birth) had her second Saturn return when Nana was born. When my female grandchild is born in July she will be born 3 degrees from my Saturn. So we will have the fifth Saturn in Scorpio female to be born in five generations. My sister, who was born in 1956 is a Saturn in Scorpio person too.

Dad had always said that Nana’s father died, when she was seven, of a smallpox inoculation that had gone wrong. But when my sister and my amazing psychic niece started researching they found that Nana’s father had been moved to an asylum in Kent for the insane when Nana was four. Her father had syphilis. I can’t imagine how horrendous this must have been for Nana’s mother. The secret stayed undisclosed until my second Saturn return, which would have been Nana’s fourth Saturn return. Nana’s father had been a Mason so she went free to a school run by the Masons in Clapham Junction in London. They were the happiest days of her life and she was trained to be a teacher there too. In those days they were called student monitors.

Indeed on the day Nana died the transiting Sun and Moon were exactly on her Pluto. Nana had only been in hospital once before, when my Dad was born. She was never ill, but three days before she died she rang Dad and told him she thought she was going to die and could he please take her to hospital. Saturn had just finished it’s time in Scorpio, so she had just completed her third Saturn return. Transiting Pluto had also just gone over her Sun and Chiron. She and Dad were both Sun conjunction Chiron like me. Dad rang me and we both sat with her.

A few hours before Nana died she asked for three clocks and she set them, one on her hospital bed (movable) table, and the other two on her bedside tables. An hour before she died she had a dream. She sat up straight; Nana never slouched and told us, “I was running down the hall with the girls at Clapham Junction [school.] There was a light at the end of the hall we were running towards.”
Then she lay down and Dad said, “What happened then? What happened to the Light?”

“What light?” she asked and moved the clocks back to where they were before Dad had shifted them for Nana to sleep comfortably. Dad had taught me when I was a little girl about the Light that beckons people as they die. I couldn’t stop crying because I knew what was going to happen, but Nana told me, “Pull yourself together Hilly. Dying is nothing to worry about.” So I went out. While I was outside she died.

Nana’s second Saturn return was on the day I was born (she was 57) and she and Grandad lived with us on our large sheep property. Indeed, Nana and Grandad owned our property so we lived as a large family the way she had grown up. Nana was very protective of me. The year I was born was the Suez crisis and Grandad’s bales of wool from a very good year was piled up waiting on the wharves in Australia. As Australia had the only wool that was not blockaded Grandad and Nana became millionaires overnight.

Nana’s first Saturn return was when she became engaged to Grandad. She had been the Nanny for Grandad’s brother (Uncle Stanley’s) three children for years at Mount Macedon in Victoria, Australia. It was a beautiful spot full of exotic gardens and had a similar to England. Nana loved those children, Dad’s cousins and right up until Nana’s death they came to visit her every year because she was the family matriarch, the senex. Grandad had met Aunt Marion, a lovely nurse, Uncle Stanley’s future wife in Cairo in 1914 and had immediately written to his elder brother that he had thought he had found someone Uncle Stanley who was suitable. And on that recommendation they were married. Meanwhile Nana was steaming through the war a ship to Australia and she and her mother stopped at Bombay. Nana was trampled and nearly died. Transiting Saturn was on her Mars. She never forgot and it was her only phobia. Nana had Moon in Aries and had always gone where angels feared to tread. She had been on the same voyage the year before, when Saturn was opposing her natal Saturn, but Nana and her mother didn’t feel comfortable in Australia, so they went home to England. When they arrived they felt depressed because it was so cold and wet so they returned to Australia. In 1918 Nana went to work for Uncle Stanley. When Grandad returned to Australia in 1921 Uncle Stanley wrote to him and told him that he had a lovely Nanny who he thought would be happy to marry Grandad. Nana and Grandad wrote to each other. By now Grandad was managing five large sheep and cattle properties in the semi desert in North West Queensland. For a woman who had come from lush England, a large family and a city life the thought of going to live on an isolated property with only a male Chinese cook and a male jackeroo (cowboy) for company must have been daunting, but on her first Saturn return in 1926 they became engaged by letter and in 1927 she married Grandad and went out to live through droughts, floods, fires. In the dreadful drought years the bank resumed all the properties, but gave Grandad the option of staying on and living on bush tucker (birds that Grandad killed, various plants and bread she had made from ground yams.) Every year that shearers came to shear about 6000 to 8000 sheep on the property Nana would cook and clean for them which was quite some job because shearers are rough men, but they expect perfection or else they will walk out. But Nana was a perfect cook and I remember her mouth-watering cooking.

In 1937 her mother died in poverty and was buried in a pauper’s grave. The droughts meant that Grandad and Nana were penniless and couldn’t afford a funeral. Transiting Mars sat on Nana’s natal Saturn. Nana’s mother’s Moon sat on Nana’s Saturn and my Saturn.

From what my sister and I have worked out Nana’s aunts and uncles were all killed (during WWII) when transiting Saturn opposed her Saturn in 1941. Dad was sent down to Uncle Stanley in Melbourne as the Japanese were uncomfortably close. All the children in the area were evacuated. Nana stayed with Grandad. From then on Nana knitted socks for soldiers and from 1945 onwards knitted socks for homeless returned soldiers.

In early 1963 my parent’s separated. I stayed with Dad and Nana and Grandad. My mother’s side of the family were vengeful, vitriolic and full of divisive gossip, but Nana said nothing about Mum or her family. She showed none of the lower Scorpio–Pluto traits. I will talk about the concept of “the enemy” from the Dalai Lama’s perspective in my next article on Saturn in Scorpio, but for Nana she just “turned the other cheek” as the Christ suggested. Nana wasn’t pious ; but just like her behaviour during the rest of her life, she was practical and pleasant and made sure my siblings and I were safe. Grandad had become an atheist after the war, but as Nana was a very strong, but not proselytising Christian Grandad drove her forty miles through dry creek beds and corrugated dirt roads into town to the little church. In all the time I knew here the only book she read was the bible even though Grandad had books stacked to the ceilings.

In early 1964 Grandad died. Nana was devastated and by May she left to live in Brisbane, 2000 kilometres south where she and Grandad had planned to retire. He died quickly. Transiting Saturn squared her Saturn when he became ill and was hospitalised and Uranus squared Nana’s Saturn. She had a close Saturn-Uranus-Venus conjunction in Scorpio. Our family left our property later that year. Nana became a member of the Anglican Church community and lived a comfortable life. She looked after my younger sister on weekends and when I visited she took me to the ballet and to lunch at lovely restaurants. In 1978 my Dad bought our sheep property back and transiting Saturn and Uranus squared its natal position. Nana did not say how upset she must have been. I was the only family member left living nearby Nana. Then in 1984 a year before she died she returned to visit our property. Dad said she was terribly confused and expected Grandad to be there. In 1997 Dad died and he had moved into the town where he had been born in 1928. On the day of his funeral we (my three siblings and I) all saw Nana in our dreams and her spirit appeared for a few moments in Dad’s house. Nana had come to take him home.
In a Shamanic journey years ago for my daughter, on my daughter’s Saturn opposition Saturn, Nana’s mother, Alice came forward to announce that she was my daughter’s soul guide. I had found that Nana was my soul guide last year when Saturn in Scorpio had begun to widely aspect my natal Saturn. From what I gather from the times I have seen Nana and heard her advice and words she is also a spirit who trains other guides.
I hope you have benefited from the information about Saturn in the story of my Nana’s life. Please don’t copy it as it is my story of my ancestors who I love.


The kabbalah suggest that the positive colour of Saturn is indigo and the negative is black. They also suggest that white is the positive. So let’s have a look at aura soma and Saturnian themes.
The white Aura Soma essence is strongly cleansing and harmonising on all levels and facilitates our capacity to see, feel and sense ourself anew with more insight. White or clear helps us see our gifts and what we have to offer the world. It also supports bringing our light into any situation so all shadows and wounds are highlighted. Thus it helps us see a reflection of ourself without judgement and it allows us to be with others more easily and if we are on a healing path it allows us to see where others may need healing so they may continue on their hero or heroine’s path. The ingredients in the white oil and white essence are lily of the valley, magnolia, quartz, moonstone and silver.


This healing colour therapy belongs to chakra 8 but I believe it also clears the third eye. The major theme with the Metatron bottle is “The light coming into the shadow.” The two colours in this bottle reflect all of the colours; the transparency of the white light in the above fraction and the Deep Magenta that absorbs all the light in the depths. This Aura Soma equilibrium bottle offers the possibility of bringing the light into the shadow and the opportunity that you can see things as they are within the mirror and, at the same time, be prepared to look into what lies within the shadow.

This therapeutic colour essence gives a new acceptance of all that lies within your depths. Thus you become a person who dares to face the greatest challenges with courage and care, so you feel balance and equilibrium after the storm.
I see this Metatron bottle (oil and water blend) as helping people on difficult Saturn transits and Saturn returns It is for people who might suffer a lot for many reasons. B100 can help us to understand the reasons for suffering when we are using it. It seems cruel to point out, but also compassionate that the major reasons for suffering are first, getting what we don’t want, second, wanting what we can’t have and third often not being able to distinguish between these two. This colour therapy helps facing the shadow and all aspects lying within the shadow. On the spiritual level one sees a light in the dark, enlightenment through intense caring, intense love, and intense light. There is here an important link between the Human Kingdom and the Divine Kingdom. This therapeutic essence also supports the work on the planetary grid system of the earth. On the mental Level light shines on the issues of self-love and self-acceptance and there is help to release blocks related to self-acceptance. On the emotional Level there is support for the need of love and caring at the deepest level. You would apply this liquid all over your body.



My Nana used to wear Lily of the Valley talcum powder and I remember its soothing scent, so I know how special it is right away. Diana and John of the Tree Frog Farm in Washington State, USA love it too and they tell us that, “The flower is a favourite of garden fairies and is also known as Our Lady’s Tears since, according to Christian legend, the tears [Mother] Mary shed at the cross turned into Lilies of the Valley.” The affirmation to go with this is “I AM calm and have complete acceptance knowing all is in Divine order.”

It is not usual for me to put in a large section of what another person or website has said, but I love the energy of these people so here we are. Diana and John suggest that you use Lily of the Valley Flower Essence when you feel disconnected from the fullness of your spiritual potential; when you wonder if there is a purpose or value to your current life lessons and to the lessons happening in the larger collective human experience, Lily of the Valley will help you realize that all is in Divine order.

The following description of the action of Lily of the Valley Flower Essence comes from a team of Light Beings that worked with Diana to make this essence:
“ Lily of the Valley Flower Essence facilitates reconnection of the energetic pathways that hold the knowledge of being multidimensional humans. These energetic circuits-pathways are mirrored in the brain by nerve pathways that connect the right and left hemispheres of the cerebral cortex with the front to back pathways from the frontal lobes to the brain stem, forming a cross. The sacred information about these pathways and access to them through the 3rd eye is stored in the symbols of the ankh and the cross, but has been dormant for close to 2000 years. When we have access to these circuits, we can see “current reality” within the scope of larger “ultimate reality.” Lily of the Valley was chosen for this essence because if its association with the Christian churches which caused mankind to lose the training to access these multidimensional circuits and we lost the teaching that our bodies are a hologram of the Tree of Life connecting us from the centre of the Earth to the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy.” This seems no co-incidence that the Metatron bottle works in the same way.

Diana continues: “We lost the invaluable knowing of Earth as a school for many lifetimes and the understanding of death as a transition to other realities where we evaluate our life and choose our next lessons. These losses have caused great distress and a sense of powerlessness with our personal and societal spiritual growth and development. Lily of the Valley Flower Essence is designed to gently wake us up through harmonizing our nervous system, including the brain, with the multidimensional frequencies. When this knowing is grounded into our Earth bodies, we experience a profound sense of calm and divine order. It becomes virtually impossible for anything to unnerve us.”
Isn’t this soothing and great to know! With Saturn in Scorpio’s intensity and strong emotions it is good to know that this can be toned down, so we “Lighten up.”

Regarding the Lily of the Valley Essence John and Diana also say: “This essence was made by the no-pick method. While the essence was being made, amber and drusy quartz crystals were placed among the plants and the storage (mother) bottles. Amber receives and focuses sunlight. The sun acts as a transformer to step down spiritual energies from higher dimensions. Amber acted as a lens to imbue the spiritual qualities of sunlight into the essence. Drusy quartz crystals help to energize and stabilize the subtle bodies. The actions of the gemstones inform the way this flower essence seats into the physical body. ”

This information and energy feels good to me, so it is my heart-felt recommendation that you order your essence from them and have a look at their Face Book page. They live in Washington State, USA.

MOON SHADOW ROSE FLOWER ESSENCE is great for this Saturn Scorpio return or a Saturn in the 8th house return. Diana of the Tree Frog Farm says of the Moon Shadow Rose essence: “Instead of chasing shadows of your past, be open to the lessons that can be gleaned and move forward toward discovering your authentic Self. Let the dreaming dance the shadows away.” The wonderful affirmation is, “I AM willingness to release shadows of the past and become my authentic Self.”
MAGNOLIA FLOWER ESSENCE IS for unconditional love. According to Bailey Essences in the UK this essence helps to bring and awaken within us the energies of love and compassion. Magnolia shows that true love does, indeed, conquer all. It allows us to let go of our shadow existence and grasp the nettle of reality. Unconditional love is not necessarily pleasant; it has nothing of the sentimental Mills and Boon romantic novel (or Cathy and Heathcliff) aspects or sexual aspects that so often pass for love. Indeed, it can be very disturbing to be on the receiving end of its attentions! It will not let us go however much we try to avoid it. Magnolia helps us to go forward into those expanded realms with courage and fortitude.


A couple of days ago I posted a post thanking my Facebook friends for being so caring and reassuring them I just needed a break. I put up a picture of Lily of the Valley. My friend W.G. immediately told me that Snow drops were the flower for February. I inwardly shrugged, but just twigged now to the amazing synchronicity. The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is the ocean, masses of flowing water. Scorpio is ice and snow; frozen water and Pisces is gas; water turned to vapour, so Snow Drops have to relate to Scorpio. So it seems logical that White Snow Drops Flower Essence is used when in need of renewal, tender hope, and release from the hardened aspects of the past. The flower remedy opens the heart to nature and flowers. It is a wonderful essence to use when in crisis; and when the individual must push thought an obstacle without struggle. Listen to the words (obstacles-Saturn) and crisis and renewal (Pluto and Scorpio.) Thanks W.G.
Rain forest and the soft rainy country of Washington State in America are very different to the harsh semi-desert country that I grew up in in Australia. So, for Australians I recommend these Ian White Bush Flower Essences. Dagger Hakea, Mountain Devil, Waratah and Grey Spider Flower are for very extreme and intense emotional states and Macrocarpa and Bauhinia are for exhaustion and rigidity.


Oh, my how quickly the pages fly when I am writing and I try to stay under ten pages. So I really need to complete my exploration of Saturn in Scorpio in another article. The flower essences and/or homeopathic remedies you take may also depend on your miasm and syphilitic for a start is strongly related to a person with 8th house or Scorpio Saturn. I also suggest that you look at the position of your (or your client’s) Mars and Pluto when you are dealing with Saturn in the 8th or Saturn in Scorpio. Of course as we have Saturn in Scorpio as a transit at present we need to think about how it influences us.
You not only need to look at the sign it is in, but the aspects too, for a Mars in Aries in the first house, trine Jupiter or Venus will have flowing energies. But a person with Mars aspecting Neptune in the 12th or 4th may have series difficulties keeping their energy flowing because of ancestral, childhood or past life blocks. The shadow here and wounded inner child may need a lot more work, so never look at Saturn in Scorpio or 8th house as an isolated archetype. Interestingly I have seen family cases where a client will have Saturn in Scorpio with Mars aspecting Neptune and the caregiver, whether it is a grandparent or parent will have an identical planetary set up. Astrology and archetypes always act in context, whether the context of the family system or the context of one’s culture or the environment of one’s upbringing.
I wish you all well and thankyou for joining me in my journey in Self-Mastery and Saturn in Scorpio or the 8th house. I would like you to join me again in my next article “Saturn in Scorpio: The Spiritual Descent.” It’s not finished yet, but when it is you will see it.
Many blessings from Hilary.


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