I am begining a wonderful year in 2021. I send my personal love to you and universal love for everyone who reads this post to help all your positive wishes come true ~ hilary~

First of all, I wish to thank the person whose internet name is ivylog for putting a like on all my posts. Thankyou so much.  I wish I knew who you are so I could like your posts and help you in some way.

I have begun doing astrology and healing professionally again, plus trying to finish my book, plus write and finish “WordPress” articles, so my garden has suffered and so has my housework.   To say I am busy is a euphemism.

Today is Australia Day and I went to the beach and just wasted two hours.  I haven’t been to the beach for 7 months and I love the beach.

A gorgeous Australian beach where I have been.

It made me feel much more energized though and helped me think more clearly. Lots of people were having barbeques and swimming at a lovely “welcome to dogs beach” and everyone was having such fun.  The energy was vibrant and alive. The fields on the way were bright green, full of growing lush sweet potatoes, lavender, watermelons, sunflowers, sugar cane and tomatoes.  The drive out and the beach was heavenly. I wish this sort of verdant, Jupiter in Taurus (in a good geometric aspect) year for you.

I’m hoping some of you loved my camel article and I am just about to try to finish my ‘Transiting Neptune to Natal Saturn” article.

What else is happening?

HYGEIA IS AT 9 DEGREES OF LEO.  When transiting Hygeia is in that placement those of us with a high vibration can feel optimistic, self-assured, creative, magnetic and ambitious, but if your consciousness and awareness is low you might feel vain, pretentious , boastful,  “bored with the peasants” and overbearing so its time for our heart, our universal heart to be ignited and full of love, because lately I have seen overweight people with barrel chests who are known to be on the brink of a heart attack say incredibly      arrogant things. Humility endears you to everyone, so does kindness and caring and they all come from a heart centered person with a Leoish   soul.

TRANSITING HYGIEA IS IN MY SIXTH HOUSE right now and I have started work again. I love my work. It makes me feel great. I am watching my health carefully and listening to my body; adhering to my sensible daily habits and being extra careful because of COVID-19 19. I am doing everything I can think of to prevent bad health; taking special antioxidants to regenerate my liver, kidneys and gallbladder because I also have transiting Pluto quincunxing my natal Pluto in my sixth house. So, if you are in a similar situation guard your health and send love to your body daily.  

Where is Hygeia falling in your chart?   I don’t have any planets at 9 degrees. Do you? But my progressed ascendant is at 4 degrees Taurus, so I am guarding my health and enjoying the wonders of nature; watching the moon at night, the stars in the sky, watching the sun come up and the sun go down. I sat on a log this morning as the waves pounded the shore inches away and felt the energy rejuvenating my base chakra.

I do hope similar wonderful events are happening for you.

Take care

~ Hilary !


TRANSITING NEPTUNE in Pisces ASPECTING NATAL SATURN    by Hilary Bond PhD. This article is copyright.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Saturn. “Help me. I’m sinking rapidly in quicksand.”


Shelley had transiting Neptune in Pisces, in her natal first house, trining her natal Saturn in Scorpio in her 9th house.

She came to me with a financial problem that, which for her, was bordering on life and death.  She had a realtor (real estate salesman) who had appeared to be totally capable of selling the two properties that were common property in a divorce settlement.  He was deceptive and from what she now realized he was incapable of doing what he said he would. Fortunately, he quit after six weeks, but now she had to start again and find honest realtors who could sell her properties and would disclose all the financial details so she knew she stood on dry land.  She was barely surviving financially and the costs of going through a divorce that had dragged on for two years were terrifying her.  She had lost a huge amount of weight because she was literally starving and her health was not good. Nothing had turned out the way people had promised and she was stuck in a town where she was alone and unaided.

Neptune and Saturn are two totally conflicting energies that really are significators of water and earth.

While all the spiritual people are cheering that the transiting planet Neptune is in Pisces, when we are looking at finances, we really need to look at pragmatic daily reality in the domain of our planet Earth, cold hard facts, finances, structures, limitations, delays, principles of truth, focusing, security, security, self-discipline   and hard lessons if Neptune is making astrological aspects to your natal Saturn.

Natal and transiting Neptune is watery, emotional, prone to deception from others, gullible, often spiritual and compassionate, but often lacking in plain common sense and financial wisdom. They can see the world through rose coloured, romantic glasses, but not be looking at reality.   With transiting Neptune trines Saturn we can be faced by Neptunian people are self-deceptive, but we also can be caught up in the transit and with transiting Neptune in her first house Shelley did not feel safe, she babbled away anxiously saying too much, she felt vague, pessimistic, and melancholy; she felt like procrastinating, was idealistic and she felt misunderstood.

Neptune transits to you natal Saturn are usually difficult, confusing, or depressing and from my experience you feel desperate, because your feet are not touching the ground.  In fact, you feel like you and everything around you is sinking into quicksand, so your levels of anxiety can skyrocket and you can make yourself quite sick from tension.

Because Saturn represnts our root chakra. Saturn is a planet of material form and it rules the present, our feet on the ground here and now, our body, our physical needs to keep us alive: money, food, a budget, a roof over our head a transit to Saturn suggests we are now reaping the results of our previous actions.  Bernadette Brady on page 6 of her book ” Predictive Astrology” calls Saturn “our nemesis”. I would say it is Newton’s 3rd Law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction so it should be productive and useful growth, but transiting Neptune aspecting natal Saturn feels like a tsunami flooding the land.  And you are going to have to work very hard (Saturn) to find dry land and boundaries (Saturn) in the face of your world dissolving; hopelessness; being lost in a shipwreck and total confusion (transiting Neptune).


 With transiting Saturn trining your natal Neptune indicates you may be wearing kaleidoscope spectacles that produce confusing pictures that are unrealistic because Neptune is creating mirages instead of reality, so in business deals and everyday life what you see especially what you believe are your responsibilities, are distorted, ungrounded and unrealistic. Therefore, the test that you face in this transit is to see whether you can keep your feet on the ground.

Consequently, right now I’d suggest going to see a healer who can fix your chakras, especially your root (Saturnian) chakra and I would also advise seeing an experienced and compassionate financial adviser.

Bernadette Brady, who really is the queen of predictive astrology, in her book on “Predictive Astrology” suggests, on page 26, that a transiting trine suggests” rapid development of a situation due to the removal of all obstacles,” and she adds that here a trine creates “speed due to lack of friction. All deterrents are removed so life moves quickly upstream or down the drain.” We need to prevent everything going down the drain so we need to take the kaleidoscope glasses off and put the realistic glasses on so you can make money, not lose it.

I would advise that Shelley needs to go to the social welfare office in her town. In Australia they are called Centrelink and register for earning an extra $150 a week on top of her pension she receives, which would help her escape from poverty.

As the root chakra rules Saturn you can access this archetype through your ancestors. Does Shelley’s situation echo a situation some of her ancestors went through? She told me that, “Yes, what I am going through is just what happened to some of my ancestors.” Therefore I asked her to elaborate about her ancestors and examine ways that they came through.

Being the boss when transiting Neptune trines your natal Saturn. So let’s not go down the sinkhole like some of your ancestors Shelley!


I am coming back very for the next exciting episode of Shelley’s rivetting “Transiting Neptune trine her Natal Saturn.”

Please stay tuned.

~ Hilary~



By Hilary Bond PhD.

All rights in this article are reserved to me. This article is copyright.

The Camel’s hump is an ugly lump

Which well you may see at the zoo;

But uglier yet is the hump we get

From having too little to do.

Camels live in the geographically harsh countries and the deserts of the world; the Middle East, China, Mongolia, Australia and the deserts of Africa.    But you can be a camel person and live-in lush England, New York or Paris or even be a sailor, for camels are known as the ship of the desert if you have survival skills, perseverance and can survive in harsh conditions and gain commonsense and structure in your life from them.


The camel personifies the root chakra, with its earthy qualities of patience, groundedness, structure, stability, security and the ability to manifest your dreams.  Your life issues can be the need to value the earth and all that is material, as sacred.

Another norm of the root chakra and the camel is the ability to persist, endure and persevere. Thus, the camel-root chakra personifies determined pioneering types of people who never give up.  These people can build empires because they know how to create structure.

People like

*Richard Branson (the founder of Virgin Airlines),

*Edward Winslow (one of the Pilgrim Fathers) and his wife Susannah who came on the “Mayflower” and were the rock of the Plymouth colony,

*General Harry Chauval, the Australian Light Horseman who led the Australian and New Zealand forces in the Syrian desert in e World War One.   

These men and women created stability for themselves, their families and those who depended on them and they had the ability to cope with change and survive in the harshest of conditions.

The root chakra helps us find hope and trust even in despair as Winslow did when he found Massasoit, the First Nations Indigenous leader, who helped the pilgrims survive through their first winter.

Physical activities for the root chakra: Notice the camel’s long legs and neck. A long neck suggests a strong sense of kundalini or life force. Yoga and any activity such as walking, hiking or swimming that activates the legs and feet is an excellent root chakra grounding activity.

Glandular Connection: the cortex of each adrenal gland sits on top of the kidneys. They excrete a number of steroid hormones which include cortisol. If a person is constantly traumatized in situations such as war or violence there is excess cortisol excretion which creates a lack of groundedness, stability and instability of the root chakra. Call in a camel totem/power animal and archangel Michael to bring stability and faith in the goodness of life rather than victimhood.

The earthly locations of the root chakra are the Indigenous sacred lands that are crisscrossed with totemic song lines. These song lines are based on trade routes. One of these great trade routes is the Silk Route where the camel caravans travelled from Europe to China to trade and swap knowledge.


 The Silk Route was a chain of ancient trade networks that linked China and the Far East with countries in Europe and the Middle East. The route incorporated a group of trading posts and markets that were used to aid storage, transport, and exchange of goods. Travelers used camel or horse caravans and stayed in guest houses or inns typically spaced one day’s travel apart. Travelers along the Silk Route’s maritime routes could stop at ports for fresh drinking water and trade opportunities. Archaeologists and geographers pursuing research of ancient sites have been the Silk Route’s most modern travelers. The opening of the Silk Route brought many products that would have a big impact on the West such as gunpowder and paper. Paper was especially important, as it eventually led to the invention of the printing press, which gave way to newspapers and books. The original Silk Route was established during the Han Dynasty by Zhang Quian, a Chinese official and diplomat. During a diplomatic mission, Quian was captured and detained for 13 years on his first expedition before escaping and pursuing other routes from China to Central Asia. The Silk Route was popular during the Tang Dynasty, from 618 to 907 A.D. Travelers could choose among a number of land and sea paths to reach their destination. The routes evolved along with territorial boundaries and changes in national leadership. The Silk Route was a means to exchange goods and cultures. It also served in the development of science, technology, literature, the arts, and other fields of study. The Silk Route also helped missions by Buddhist and European monks and was instrumental in spreading Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and other religions throughout the regions served by the routes.

Archangel Michael is the archangel for camel and the root chakra.  He is the leader of the heavenly armies against the forces of evil which create instability, confusion, religious prejudice, hatred and chaos. A meditation where we listen to and speak with Archangel Michael can help us visualize the qualities of patience, stability, resilience, grounding and structure in our life.  He can show us that we are a valuable part of our earth’s structure and show us that we are infinitely precious.


When Ambika Wauters in her excellent Book of Chakras: Discover the hidden forces within you poses two pages of questions on page 48 and 49 in her “Root Chakra Questionnaire.” In her section on patience, she asks “Where do your courage, stamina and grit come from?” and “Can you identify family members who had the ability to withstand hardship and change?”, as well as “Can what degree can you connect your impatience with not being fully present for yourself?”

In her Structure questions she asks, “Can you reflect on a time when you felt supported and upheld?” and “Are you building permanent structures that can help you over the difficult moments in your life?”    

In her Manifestation section she asks, “Do you trust your highest good and greatest joy are possible for you?”  and “Are there events, possessions, people and experiences that you would like to manifest for yourself?”

In Ambika’s security questions she poses these questions, “Do you have a life direction that will bring you security, peace and the basics of life in times of crisis.?” And “Do you feel and trust that you are protected and guided as far as living a secure and stable life?”

And lastly for this camel chakra set of questions,” Being stable indicates being resilient and consistent with your choices for a good life. Do you bring this consistency, resilience and your cultivation of internal stability into your daily life?”

Ambika and I suggest to bring a grounded root chakra into being you need:

  • A sense of humour,
  • a sense of gratefulness,
  • a set of dreams for your life,
  • flexibility and adaptability,
  • positivity,
  • patience,
  • internal security,
  • a sense of trust,
  • an ability to sing no matter how bad your singing is, thus the joy that Venus and our fifth house gives (as well as Saturn) reminds us that we are dependent on our kidneys, which hold our ancestral energy, to stay stable in life),
  • and the ability and awareness of breathing deeply to cast out bitterness, suspicion and bitterness.

In shamanic soul retrieval practice we look for missing soul pieces if the root chakra is fragmented and people are confused, mixed up “sky pilots.”  Neptune, when it gives a need to communicate Neptune is a wonderful combination with Saturn for longevity when we seek communication with the divine daily, but not when it creates despair and instability, and substance abuse.

An incomplete root chakra suggests soul pieces missing.

This is Archangel Michael who is the angelic presence of the root chakrra. Although he is usually blue, the red Archangel Michael is actually the colour of the root chakra.


For me the camel indicates endurance. From 2004 to 2020 I lived in an isolated area which was a cultural desert and after living in the north of Queensland for many years where people where friendly I was shocked by the unfriendliness of people where I was. It was like being in a hostile desert. It was a tough 17 years full of  long drives to the schools where I taught and hardship on many levels. When I journeyed every day to see my power animals the camels were there, my faithful camels.

The heart of a Camel is that of a traveler. Camels are proficient at journeying over long distances in terrible heat and hardship while carrying their owner’s treasure. When Camel goes with you, he asks you, “Where are you going and why” or “what type of challenges will I face ahead?”

Life itself is often a difficult journey, and if camel has joined you as a totem you can expect challenges, but one that Camel embraces with dignity and awesome endurance. There is no better Animal guide for people who find the way too long or too hard. Camel Spirit safeguards us and helps us elude dangers and difficulties or the temptation to give up. Merchants and pilgrims alike trusted the Camel to get them where they needed to go on trade routes and the camel people gained exposure to many cultures, languages, ideas and knowledge. On a metaphysical plane, you can ask your camel what new “roads” do you wish to investigate?

The Camel store fat and water in its humps and this allows it to regulate its water usage, pacing it the journey carefully. The High Priestess tarot card has a symbol in Hebrew that translates as “Camel.” The High Priestess represents the unknown that you cannot see, life’s changes, and all that you cannot take for granted. So, the water you see may be just a mirage, so you depend on your camel.

In addition to travel and conservation of our water and food, Camel symbolism and meaning remain tied to submission and humility, endurance, self-sufficiency, and indeed survival. And metaphysically this symbolizes “food and water” for your soul?

Among the Kazak people of Central Asia, the camel was an object of worship. There is an ancient Kazak song, maintained in oral history, about a mother camel that lost her infant in running water; this translated into people using camels to transport the dead. There was great trust between this country’s people and camel.

Keywords associated with camel symbol and meaning include:

  • safety,
  • endurance,
  • persistence,  
  • adaptation,
  • travel,
  • humility,
  • resilience,
  • survival, and
  • respect for nature, our own bodies and our resources.

Camel, as a Spirit Animal, often comes to those who are about to travel many miles, whether in reality or metaphorically. You need to be strong and keep those things you hold dear close to your heart. Camel conquers all. When you are weary, you can ride on his back in full safety and assurance. Sometimes there is risk involved in these types of journeys, but camel knows that too. Let his wisdom guide you.

The camel spirit gives you commitment. You must trust the camel spirit and camel will trust you. Without trust, the path becomes very uncertain; and these need for trust is the backbone is true in relationships, business dealings, partnerships, etc.

Those born with a camel totem animal are the people that can always go the long mile and make it look easy. You are also a resilient survivor. No matter what happens in life, you seem to know exactly where to walk and act to stay secure.

With a camel totem you can be a loner who needs time alone to restore one’s energy. You do like to be alone to think and others may consider you rude, so it’s important for camel people to show gratitude even when the answer is “no.” You prefer to be alone because you like to take your time. You hate rushing. You want to put your power and focus toward very specific things rather than scattering energy to the winds without regard.

Camel people are often long lived. You feel this in your bones and want to meter yourself accordingly. Take only what you need, when you need it; put down the burdens you cannot carry, and be of service while still remembering your own needs; these are key traits of camel behaviour.

The silver princess Australian eucalypt flower.


Seventh Generation naturopath   and herbalist Ian White worked with the Aboriginal people of Australia and his spiritual guides to work with these “camel” essences. Ian does not call these bush flower remedies “camel” essences”. I do. You can find full descriptions of his essences in his books Australian Bush Flower Essences and Bush Flower Healing.

Ian is clearly a persevering “camel archetype” person as a result of his ancestors who were early Australian pioneers who loved the Australian flower and worked with and loved nature instead of regarding our weather, climate and the countryside as the enemy.

Black Eyed Susan Australian Bush Flower Essence for impatience. Camels are very patient.

Sunshine Wattle Flower Australian Bush Flower Essence for lightening up and seeing a bright future.

Mulla Mulla Flower Australian Bush Flower Essence for heat and burns because camels plod through terribly high temperatures in the desert .

Tall Yellow Top Australian Bush Flower essence for feeling alienated, but the flower essence helps you feel a sense of belonging because the Muslim cameleers in early Australia were not accepted and went back to Pakistan. The evil Australian domestic terrorist Brenton Tarrant has made many prejudiced Australian people to be more accepting of people from other countries and religions.  

Wild Potato Bush Australian Bush Flower Essence for feeling physically weighted down, because camels carry heavy loads.

Silver Princess Australian Bush Flower Essence for goal orientation.

She Oak Australian Bush Flower Essence is for dehydration, because camels don’t have to drink for 3 days. 


Sunshine Wattle essence

Instead of having to endlessly trudge through a spiritual/physical/psychological desert Sunshine Wattle makes one open to a bright future.

Ian Whites Boab flower essence

The Boab Tree is found only in the Kimberley region of northwest Australia, which is one of the hottest places in Australia.  One of the most powerful of all the Bush Essences, it brings about deep-seated change and gets rid of negative emotional and mental family patterns that are intergenerational. Boab flower essence can access these root chakra patterns and delete those core patterns and all the related ancestral toxic beliefs. As the Afghan cameleers were hounded with endless hatred and religious prejudice Boab essence is advantageous in helping those who camel people who have had experiences of abuse or prejudice from others. Boab will also aid deleting the negative lines of karma between people and we see the Saturnian camel influence here especially if you have Saturn in Pluto ruled Scorpio. As a spray Boab can clear toxic energy when it is combined with Fringed Violet, Angelsword and Lichen. Boab can help break the chains that have been around human consciousness for thousands of years. And as the cameleers were of the Muslim religion this can delete Christian-Muslim intolerance and hatred.


 The camel symbolizes a number of archetypes. 

The major astrological archetype is Saturnian and Capricorn who is the endurer, one who patiently waits perseveres through droughts and lives in desert-like conditions. This can be the farmer or rancher who really does live in environments where drought and hardship are the norm. This camel archetype gives you the ability to endure in the long haul. A camel archetype keeps you calm, committed, and confident. A camel person has a great deal of patience because they see the journey is just as important as the destination if not more so. The camel person never misses insights along the way. The Saturnian camel archetype has a great deal of organization, structural ability and earthiness that allows helplessness or illness because they have an understanding of their bodies and abilities and can measure their resources and reserves and what will best sustain you and keep you walking in mindfulness until your journey is over because camel operates in the realm of potentials. The Saturnian camel is an alchemist who can turn lead to gold.

The camel can also can be the Sagittarian-9th house traveller, who is also the metaphysical and spiritual teacher who can teach us patience through many trials, but also through many initiations through hardships will create our initiator archetype.   We though of the Berbers and Arabic peoples here or Marco Polo and those who walked the silk Route from Europe to China.  The Chinese Mongolians like Ghenzis Khan was a camel person whose warriors grew up in harsh conditions and could withstand anything.

The camel can also suggest the Astraea, who through the eons of the Golden Age may end up through staying on in toxic, desert-like situations or become the pack-horse in dysfunctional relationships or partnerships.   


In the beginning of years, when the world was new, and the Animals were just beginning to work for Man, there was a camel, and he lived in the middle of a Howling Desert because he did not want to work; and besides, he was a Howler himself. So, he ate sticks and thorns and tamarisks and milkweed and prickles, he was most horribly lazy. When anybody spoke to him, he said ‘Humph!’ Just ‘Humph!’ and no more.

The horse came to him on Monday morning, with a saddle on his back and a bit in his mouth, and said, ‘O Camel, come out and trot like the rest of us.’

‘Humph!’ said the Camel; and the horse went away.

Then the Dog came to him, and said,” O Camel, come and fetch and carry like the rest of us.’

‘Humph!’ said the Camel.

The Ox came to him, with the yoke on his neck and said, ‘Camel come and plough like the rest of us.’

‘Humph!’ said the Camel.

At the end of the day the man called the horse and the dog and the ox together, and said, ‘O Three, I’m very sorry for you; but that Humph-thing in the desert can’t work so I am going to leave him alone, and you must work double-time to make up for it.’

That made the Three very angry and they held a palaver and a pow-wow on the edge of the desert; and the lazy camel came chewing on milkweed and laughed at them. Then he said ‘Humph!’ and went away again.

Presently there came along the Djinn in charge of all deserts, rolling in a cloud of dust (Djinns always travel that way because it is magic), and he stopped to palaver and pow-pow with the Three.

‘Djinn of All Deserts,’ said the horse, ‘is it right for anyone to be idle, with the world so new?’

‘Certainly not,’ said the Djinn.

‘Well,’ said the horse, ‘there’s a thing in the middle of your Howling Desert with a long neck and long legs, and he hasn’t done a stroke of work since Monday morning. He won’t trot.’

‘Yikes!’ said the Djinn, whistling, ‘that’s my camel! What does he say about it?’

‘He says “Humph!”’ said the Dog; ‘and he won’t fetch and carry.’

‘Does he say anything else?’

‘Only “Humph!”; and he won’t plough,’ said the ox.

‘Well,’ said the Djinn. ‘I’ll humph him if you will kindly wait a minute.’

The Djinn rolled himself up in his dust-cloak, and took a bearing across the desert, and found the very lazy camel looking at his own reflection in a pool of water.

‘My long and bubbling friend,’ said the Djinn, ‘what’s this I hear of your doing no work, with the world so new?’

‘Humph!’ said the Camel.

The Djinn sat down, with his chin in his hand, and began to think of some magic while the camel looked at his own reflection in the pool of water.

‘You’ve given the three extra work ever since Monday morning, all on account of your extreme laziness,’ said the Djinn; and he went on thinking magical things, with his chin in his hand.

‘Humph!’ said the Camel.

‘I shouldn’t say that again if I were you,’ said the Djinn; you might say it once too often. I want you to work.’

And the Camel said ‘Humph!’ again; but no sooner had he said it than he saw his back, that he was so proud of, puffing up and puffing up into a great big lolloping humph.

‘Well!’ said the Djinn. ‘That’s your very own humph that you’ve brought upon your very own self by not working. To-day is Thursday, and you’ve done no work since Monday, when the world began. Now you are going to work.’

‘How can I,’ said the Camel, ‘with this humph on my back?’

‘I made that humph on purpose,’ said the Djinn, ‘all because you missed those three days. You will be able to work now for three days without eating, because you can live on your hump; and don’t you ever say I never did anything for you. Come out of the Howling Desert and go to the Three, and behave. So, “Humph” yourself!’

And the camel humphed himself, and went away to join the Three. And from that day to this the camel always wears a humph (we call it ‘hump’ now, so as not to hurt his feelings); but he has never yet caught up with the three days that he missed at the beginning of the world, and he has never yet learned how to behave.


 As a child I lived and was born in the outback of Australia in a semi-desert area. It was rare for us to visit the town where one doctor came occasionally. The town was 40 miles away and there were no bridges over the creeks and swamps that flooded in wet weather so we depended on the lotions, potions and ointments the Afghan camel traders bought.  I never saw them again after the 1960s and they fascinated me and I often asked people I met on the lonely outback roads whether they knew of them. Yesterday and the day before I met two me who had met the Afghan men with their turbans on their heads, who rode camels. One of these young men lived on a sheep and cattle property in the Northern Territory, near Alice Springs in fifteen years ago, in the early 2000s.   He said they had moved south into the south Australian desert.  None of my family were prejudiced and I was bought up to accept from people of all religions from all counties. To this day I despise prejudice and stereotyping.

The cameleers were commonly referred to as “Afghans”, even though a lot of them originated from the far western parts of British India, primarily Balochistan which was inhabited by ethnic Afghans and Balochs, nonetheless many were from Afghanistan itself as well, in addition to that there were also some with origins in Egypt and Turkey, where my grandfather and great grandfather were (and many other men who owned sheep stations in the outback area where I lived. Because grandad spoke so many Middle Eastern languages, I suspect he persuaded the Afghan traders who visited us to come up until he died in 1964.  The majority of cameleers, including Indian cameleers, were Muslim, while a sizeable minority were Sikhs from the Punjab region. They set up camel-breeding stations and rest-house outposts, known as caravanserai, throughout inland Australia, creating a permanent link between the coastal cities and the remote cattle and sheep grazing stations until about the 1930s, when they were largely replaced by the automobile.  They included members of the Pashtun, Baloch, and Sindhi ethnic groups from south-central Asia (present-day Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan); others from the Punjabi, Kashmir, and Rajasthan regions of the Indian subcontinent; as well as people from Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. They provided vital support to exploration, communications and settlement in the arid interior of the country where the climate was too harsh for horses. The various colonies of Australia being under the dominion of the British Empire, the early settlers used people from British territories, particularly Asia, as navigators. In 1838, Joseph Bruce and John Gleeson brought out 18 of the first “Afghans”, who arrived in South Australia in 1838. The first camel, which became known as “Harry”, arrived at Port Adelaide in 1840 and was used in an 1846 expedition by John Horrocks.  Camels had been used successfully in desert exploration in other parts of the world, but by 1859 only seven camels had been imported into Australia. In 1858 George James Landells, who was known for exporting horses to India, was commissioned by the Victorian Exploration Committee to buy camels and recruit camel drivers. Eight cameleers arrived in Melbourne from Karachi on the ship Chinsurah on 9 June 1860 with a shipment of 24 camels for the Burke and Wills expedition. These were used in the Burke and Wills expeditions. In 1866 Samuel Stuckey went to Karachi, and imported more than 100 camels as well as 31 men. In the 1860s, about 3,000 camel drivers came to Australia from Afghanistan and the Indian sub-continent, along with more camels. Although the cameleers came from different ethnic groups and a range of regions – mostly Baluchistan, Kashmir, Sind and Punjab (parts of present-day Pakistan, Afghanistan, north-western India and eastern Iran), with a few from Egypt and Turkey, they were known collectively as Afghans, later shortened to “Ghans”. Ethnic groups included Pashtun, Punjabi, Baloch (or Baluch) and Sindhis (from the region between the southern Hindu Kush in Afghanistan and the Indus River in what is now Pakistan) as well as others (fewer in number) from Kashmir, Rajasthan, Egypt, Persia and Turkey. Most practiced Islam, and many blended this with local their customs, in particular the Pashtun code of honour.

Before the building of railways and the widespread adoption of motor vehicles, camels were the primary means of transporting goods in the Outback of Australia, far from cities, where the climate was too harsh for horses and other beasts of burden. From 1850 to 1900, the cameleers played an important part in opening up Central Australia, helping to build the Australian Overland Telegraph Line between Adelaide and Darwin and also the railways. The camels hauled the supplies and their handlers erected fences, acted as guides for several major expeditions, and supplied almost every inland mine or station with its goods and services. The majority of cameleers arrived in Australia alone, leaving wives and families behind, to work on three-year contracts. Those who were not given living quarters on a station generally lived away from white populations, at first in camps, and later in “Ghantowns” near existing settlements. A thriving Afghan community lived at Maree, South Australia. When rail reached Oodnadatta, the caravans travelled between there and Alice Springs (formerly known as Stuart). There were caravanserais for the camel caravans travelling from Queensland, New South Wales and Alice Springs.

There was more acceptance by the local Aboriginal people, and some cameleers married local Aboriginal women and started families in Australia. However, some married European women, and writer Ernestine Hill wrote of white women who had joined the Afghan community and converted to Islam, even making the pilgrimage to Mecca. In the 1880s, camels were used by police in northern South Australia for the collection of statistics and census forms as well as other kinds of work, and the Maree police used camels on patrol until 1949. At Finke/Aputula, just over the border in the Northern Territory, the last camel police patrol was in 1953.

The passenger train which travels between Adelaide and Darwin is known as “The Ghan” (formerly The Afghan Express) as a reference to the service the Afghans provided to the areas through which the train travels. After their use was superseded by modern transport, many camels were shot by police, but some cameleers released their camels into the wild rather than allow them to be shot, and a large population of feral camels remains from this time. There are dozens run between Uluru, King Canyon and Alice Springs.

They provided vital support to exploration, communications and settlement in the arid interior of the country where the climate was too harsh for horses.

Date palms, planted wherever the Afghans went, are a legacy of the cameleers.

Another legacy of the cameleers is the traces of Sufism introduced across Australia. They also played a major role in establishing Islam in Australia, building the country’s first mosque at Maree in South Australia in 1861, the Central Adelaide Mosque (the first permanent mosque in Adelaide, still in use today), and several mosques in Western Australia. There was a well-known mosque in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales that I used to see in the 1970s. 


 I hope you have enjoyed my article on “For the love of camels” because I love camels and if you are reading this you must too.  

 I come from a family of camel people with common sense, earthy ancestors who were resilient pioneers of Australia; courageous pioneering men and women with Indigenous blood from America and Australia as well amazing people from Britain and Europe.    If you are a camel person it is more than likely that you will have pioneering, resilient ancestors too.

Much love and compassion to you for a stable, secure life where you turn your dreams into reality,



The first of January, 2021.


First a letter to my dear followers and the people who read this,

First of all, thankyou so much for following my articles aka blogs. I really do appreciate you all and your thoughtfulness for reading what I say.   I was just looking at the list of you all  and I’d like to personally thank my dear friends Jilly, Monica, Donna, Tina, Nicole H, Jo, Julianne and the long time followers like Gray and Symbol Reader. Wow, I’ve had this wordpress-starcounsell site for seven years, and the time has gone so fast.


I wish you all and the other people who read this letter, the happiest year ever in 2021.  I am sure I am not the first to say I do hope Covid 19 disappears and never darkens our planet again. I am sure that many of you pray for this or at least send your good thoughts into our cosmos for a healthy planet. I send you my sincere wishes and prayers to be healthy this year.

Yes, I am still working daily on my ‘Hygeia and the Planets” book and when that is complete I am following it up with my exciting Hygeia and all those other space objects . That is half finished because I really am so thrilled by the wonderful things I have found.

I have just read dear soul Frank Clifford’s web site on publishing. His advice  is the same as my Nana’s: “You attract more bees with honey than vinegar” and “Never go to sleep without apologizing after an argument.” Basically Frank says only write good things. Therefore. I have deleted all the unnecessary information and unpleasant people from my book. Because Hygeia was such a warm, calm person I have deleted all people who are criminals,  immoral, nefarious, scandalous and unpleasant.  So Charles Manson had to go.   I did have some other people with mental illnesses and substance abuse issues too and they too have been removed. Hygeia is a feel good goddess  and this will be a feel good book.   


I have had transiting Pluto and Saturn sitting on my natal Sun all year in 2020 but I have made the best of it.

Its been tough because not only do I have transiting Pluto conjunct my Sun and quincunx my natal Pluto, but I also moved to a Pluto geodetic (astro-cartographical ) astrological place 9 months ago. It was an impulsive, spur of the moment move and one I had been wary of because of the Pluto geodetic (astro-cartography) line. I belonged to an astrocartography Facebook site for a few years and all people who had lived on a Pluto line warned against it. It takes maybe 2 or 3 months for the energy to set in but then it becomes a ‘fight for your life’ permanent situation.

 This place in many ways is toxic town, due to poverty . You can buy a very cheap house here, and the petrol is cheap, but it is the home of retired people, old people in bad health, old people who have not saved or contributed to a superannuation fund, so they have no back up money. They exist from pension fortnight to pension fortnight. . A lady i walk with in the mornings, a radiologist, who told me, “Eeven though I have worked in many hospitals in Queensland I have never faced so much anger. they are spiteful and mean and make complaints about me and the complaints are unfounded.” This is a well-educated lovely person speaking.

Therefore I do my own daily healing, forgiving, anger management,  etc. after being shouted down, pushed, shoved, hated  or totally ignored.  I have never struck such a …. Err, “challenging” place in all my life. People are no longer working and they have fixed incomes: a pension that barelypt covers necessities. It isn’t enough to own a car or pay insurance on a house and car. The result of this and ill health (lots of liver damage and kidney damage) is anger, well its rage, actually, especially among older people in toxic marriages where they hang on and hang on ‘for the money’. They spend a lot of time going out to shopping centres to avoid abuse, rather than going for counselling.

I spend a lot of time singing and laughing to cope. I don’t go out much, except for long walks along the beach where not many people go, except happy tourists and happy parents with their children. There are backpackers here too , who come here for seasonal fruit and vegetable picking. They are happy.

So why the anger and rage from the old people? I’d say Saturn (old age, insecurity, poverty and pessimism ) plus Pluto (the masses, crime, isolation, degeneration [lots of crippled people here as a result of disease medication overuse and alcohol], coercion, viruses [good old Covid 19 -yes we have a 2nd hit, but none of the older people bother about social distancing, exposing areas underneath the surface [as a long time researcher, statistician, psychological astrologer, counsellor of 38 years with Moon-Hygeia and Neptune in my 8th house I always sniff out what others don’t see – the intuitive hound doggy, that’s me] and solving problems alone and unaided. )


As they are right on my Capricorn sun we are looking at my life force; my vitality, energy and prana or qi. The Sun is one’s heart chakra and the energy that flows into one’s physical body. Its also love in all forms. I have always taught the masses and counselled truck drivers, all sorts of people who have very little education, these are the masses and therefore they are Pluto people, so my resposnse most days has been the Ho-Oponnoponno prayer.

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona who wrote the ho’oponnoponna prayers maintains that, “We are [especially if we have a lot of Cancer or a strong Moon or 8th house] all our experiences in life and our ancestors and past lives can effect us (Pluto and Cancer0, which means that have emotional baggage or we are burdened by our pasts. When we experience stress or fear in our lives, we find that the cause is actually a memory. It is the emotions which are tied to these memories which affect us now. The subconscious associates an action or person in the present with something that happened in the past. When this occurs, emotions are activated and stress occurs”. 

The process of the Ho’ oponopono prayer involves four phrases which can be repeated in any order:

Speak or sing to the person you are addressing who you are angry at or hold resentment against, say , ” I say to you and your ancestors, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. “

By saying these words over and over, you connect to your sun and theirs- the inner light with the light of Source. I say this daily. So, patterns in the subconscious dissolve, over 3 months and by forgiving the parts within that hold those patterns, the person’s outer world regains balance and harmony. The process is essentially about freedom, complete freedom from the past,”


But I start with a part which is not Ho-oponnoponno . I lie down and ask to see all the people I am angry at. Ask to see the person who has caused you the most hurt. You may be surprised. There is a stage and they step onto it and a light shines on them. And then you say, “i am very angry and resentful at you because…. [shout it if necessary] . And this is genuine. Say you have Cancer planets and a cancer North node opposite your son being activated by transiting Pluto, it is highly likely you will have a dysfunctional family and your aura may be full of their abuse, so because this is not healed you are still attracting abuse. One you deal with the resntment. you then say; “I love you, I forgive you, I forgive your ancestors, I am truly sorry.”


Pluto transits indicate a need to transform and in particular gain personal power, not the power that makes a bully or a thug but power that emanates from your aura that says, “Don’t muck with me.” One of my lessons is to accommodate both my Pluto and Mars which are in quincunx and my Mars in Pisces is not rough and tough. I put most of my Mars energy into spiritual pursuits. However., my Pluto is in my sixth house, so it is vital to my health, works and habits that I remove myself from toxic anger. I have stopped going to the big shopping centre where the angry people congregate. I have found a delightful grocery store that is more expensive but everyone is very pleasant there.

I must add that I plan to leave this town in six months and move to a delightful place four hours south of here and where my friends are and where I grew up. It is alternative/holistic place in behaviour and thought and full of vital ‘get up and go’ people who think outside the square. I don’t think this town I am in has one astrologer. I have asked a few people here if they think I could get clients if I began an astrology business here. They look at me with alarm. This town does have two health food shops though with lovely owners, but I can’t find an accupuncturist etc. I refuse to be Astraea.

 Plus almost being totally deaf now I am learning to be much tougher than I was in 2019. How do I cope?

  • Watch my budget carefully, because I am self-publishing and I am saving every cent to achieve that.   
  • Don’t waste time. I also walk for one and a half hours a day, spend some time gardening and do half an hour to an hour of lip-reading classes via the internet.  I don’t buy  packaged food and buy only preservative free food (live and gallbladder, pancreas  and kidney enhancing health giving food) so I have to factor in preparation of good food time. The rest of the time I write. I promise some people who are in need of help to  write articles  for them and do some healing. But I write from about 8 am-10 pm . I am a slow typist,  and a non-stop researcher, but can’t afford to pay a typist.
  • And improve my health and positivity by doing a Ho’Oponnoponno forgiveness and apologies exercise daily, plus prayers of gratefulness and time for meditation.
  • Holistic health is vital, so being sensible about my time sitting, walking, sleeping, gardening, eating and being physical, intellectual, psychological  and spiritual balance is vital.  


In Evolutionary astrology (Jeffrey Wolf Green’s beliefs) Pluto is our soul and soul journey and it rules our past lives to. So does Saturn. So if you can have pastlife and ancestral healing if you have transiting Pluto and Uranus effecting your Sun now is the time.

In spiritual-medical astrology the Sun rules the heart chakra and the whole aura is implicated here. The etheric web encases our physical body and keeps it functioning normally. Pluto is in my 6th house quincunxing my Sun. My sun rules my body. When a soul wants to strengthen it gives a choice before we re-incarnate. That choice is often connected to our body. Pluto in the sixth house will challenge health natally and a transit from Pluto makes this challenge even tougher. In my case I have been in hospital for 6 operations since April 2018 to January 16 2019. Eileen Nauman helped me by paying a homeopath to dispense remedies to stop me dying from sepsis. I was very fortunate that Eileen stepped in, otherwise I might no be here. I have been recuperating all year. But operations, illness and X rays can put tears in the etheric body and this must be repaired. But vital energy will be sent to the tear or hole in the etheric and the body is weakened So I spend time in the sun to repair this and I do everything I can to repair my body: walk, yoga, prayer, Ho’ponnoponno, letting go of past, wholesome fresh food and goals for a great future.

Do let me know how you are if you have transiting Pluto and Saturn effecting you. Comassion is my middle name and someone to share with does help.


I can assure you that as soon as I can afford to publish my Hygeia book and its perfect you can buy it from Amazon.  I also  my Tree Shamanism book ready to publish and two books about yods to complete… one is  on past lives. I’d appreciate any suggestions for self-publishing companies.  I’d also appreciate anyone who can sell me some time. I need 48 hours a day.

Here I have to say, merry new year again as I need to get back to my book and tomorrow start another article.

Thankyou again for being my followers. I sure would appreciate some “likes” on my blogs.

Thankyou so much to kind and caring “cleocandy” for putting a like on my blog. May wonderful things happen to you. Thankyou also from the bottom of my heart to ivylog and donnaleighstine for putting “likes” on the article. I have tears in my eyes, not from sadness, but from joy. It has been a very hard year.

I won’t go into details but I have been shouted at and bullied since when I was in hospital at the beginning of January until two weeks ago by the real estate agents who are supposed to be selling my house and forest as part of my divorce settlement that has now dragged on for two years. Beacuse I am deaf they insist on ringing my lawyer and ex-husband to ask them or tell them about the sales. They refuse to text me or email me. I took my kind neighbour Ian who is 78 to help me and they shouted and shouted at me for an hour. I had my finger on 000 if they started to physically harm me. Ian yelled back, maybe 30 times, “Hilary is deaf . She just wants you to text or email her with the details of what you are doing. She is paying for all of this, not them. She will be paying you.” They finally heard and the thug, the office manager who is six feet two and missing an eyebrow, stopped leaning over me, with a glare on his face and he stomped. These sort of incidents have been occurring since early January and unfortunately every time they happen more of my hearing disappears. I do the Ho’Oponno prayer for every incident. I refuse to give up.

So thankyou again, so very much, to “cleocandy”, ‘ivylog’ and “donnaleighsteine” for your “likes”. I have 320 followers and you guys and “nicoleh7” are the only ones for a long time who have been compassionate enough to put ‘likes’ on my blogs. Donna writes sweet comments always.

I guess i need from now on to speak up and say loudly, “Please give me a “like” if you read my articles. I come from a background where it is not ladylike to shout or bully. It sounds like with this transiting Pluto setting off my natal Pluto in Leo quincunx Mars in Pisces I need to take action. I shall consult a valued friend who is the local parliamentarian and a counsellor friend.

May we all have a normal year free of plagues, aggression and bad behaviour.

Much love, covid19 hugs and oodles of spiritual light to you,