by Hilary Bond PhD


by Hilary Bond PhD


Before I focus on any major astrological configurations I have a protocol to de-construct a horoscope.  Yods are the icing on the cake after stelliums, T-squares and grand trines. They echo the  patterns and archetypes that I can see already exist in the chart.

It is vital to ask for the client’s story. Why have they come to see you? Is it out of curiosity? Does the client see you as yet another tea leaf  reader?  Has the client read your experiences and qualifications as a psychotherapist and maybe a healer who uses an astrological chart as a tool to helping them regain their own path in life? You need to carefully scan the client’s chart, their story that you have asked for, using your intuition   and experience to use the correct psychotherapeutic pathways to help  this client. 

So, we look first at the chart shape, then any singleton planets (this may include major asteroids or trans-Neptunian planets), then the elements and qualities. We observe any planets (or major asteroids or trans-Neptunian planets) clustering around the Ascendant, Midheaven, IC, DESC and Sun and Moon. Then I would observe planets or the larger asteroids in Gauquelin sectors. The next step is to analyze the chart to find any T squares, grand trines, grand squares or if you have a kite or mystic rectangle. Now that you have a better understanding of this person you can approach their yods with a more empathic and logical view.

 Kichona has a stellium, joined to a T-Square and both the stellium and T square are linked to a yod. If you have read my articles about yods you will know that ancestral energy seeps through yods and illness is a big issue with yods. Having trouble understanding who you are, being insecure and living out ancestral unlived longings  are huge issues with yods. And then we spend our lives searching. Yod people are “different” and they end up living and treading a unique path.

But I also focus on unlived parts of a person’s chart and why have they chosen to only live with their Moon and its aspects. And I focus on areas that jump out at me, for example, Kichona’s large element imbalance  and what is she doing about the total lack of the earth element or near lack of air and a resistance to living a balanced and healthy life in a holistic manner. 

Here we ask about stelliums if we have elemental imbalances?  I observe and comment on a heightened focus on the characteristics of the sign they are in, health issues in that sign, problems with relationships, intensity and obsessiveness are problematic with stelliums. Of course if a client has a large or huge stellium there is a huge element imbalance. Kichona has her Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune, her Part of Fortune and the asteroid Atlantis all in  Sagittarius in her stellium, but in a water house and to cap it off she has five planets in water, no earth and only Pluto in air in her horoscope. We would expect high levels of energy, passion, humour, tactlessness and a passion for sports, but  the stellium is part of an all-consuming karmic T square so she is dragged into the 12th house -Piscean energy of the apex of that T square. And that apex Jupiter is in Pisces. Pisces is the final signature of the horoscope.

So let’s look at the T square which is a tense and challenging aspect pattern that takes a few crises, tests, and challenges, where Kichona has to learn to overcome old habits and  perfect practical life skills necessary to overcome the inherent obstacles, frustration, and conflict of the squares and opposition. Not only does she need to learn life skills, but she needs to relate to others at the emotional level,  and strengthen her determination,  and fortitude to succeed in her quest to be emotionally  and spiritually secure. With only Pluto in air , no earth and a very watery chart we ask can she come to terms  with these challenges?



We look for the chart shape in Kichona’s.  It seems to be a bucket or funnel shape.

There is a conjunction of two planets (Moon and Saturn in the 4th house in Cancer) and this conjunction is isolated from the others, which are all in the public (top) part of the horoscope wheel.

Marc Edmund Jones called this sort of chart a “bucket” chart because that’s what it looked like to him. The isolated planet or conjunction of two planets looked like the handle of a bucket. If we call this type of chart a “funnel chart’ the isolated conjunction of Saturn and Moon behaves like the spout on a funnel, focusing most of the “energy” of the horoscope. This planet or conjunction of planet (Saturn) and luminary (Moon) will tell you the central theme of the horoscope and of the person.

The one planet or conjunction of two retrograde planetary bodies (Jones called it a “singleton”) is usually the most important planet and the key to the interpretation. This conjunction or singleton or spout in Kichona’s chart is Saturn 18 degrees of Cancer retrograde conjunction Moon 27 degrees Cancer and it is placed in her 4th house.  

This focus on Saturn conjunction Moon in Cancer in her fourth house sounds true for Kichona because she is a home body. She cooks and makes fermented Japanese food which she takes to sell at markets on the weekend.  She is a mother, a wife, a daughter and a granddaughter.  Her work and life is very Cancerian and 4th house. (a) With Saturn as the funnel she will have a great urge for security and safety. Saturn people overcompensate  and are often insecure. (b) with her Moon-Saturn in the 4th house so is doing the same thing her father and paternal grandparents did. Her father was part of a miso business where her grandparents made miso and her father sold fish at the markets.


My information come from Edward Snow’s article “New Study Confirms Gauquelin Plus Zones”. This article is in the Urania Trust website.

When in the 1970s French statistician Michael Gauquelin published the results of his statistical research examining astrology the reaction from the academic community was scathing. Gauquelin longitudinal research work extended over a period of 23 years between 1949 and 1973. In a series of research experiments he statistically tested how the planets affected everything from character traits to heredity, athletic prowess and the career paths taken by professionals who are eminent in their fields. The studies dealing with eminent professionals and elite athletes that caused a upset in the scientific community. Initially, in a study involving 508 births, Gauquelin impressively demonstrated a correlation of Mars and Saturn with physicians at a chance level in the millions to one range. Simply, in the birth charts of prominent physicians, Saturn or Mars were either rising or culminating in so-called Gauquelin “plus zones” with a significantly greater frequency than expected by chance.

One of the Gauquelin plus zones straddles what astrologers call the ascendant or rising sign on the birth chart’s eastern horizon. Another includes what astronomers call the meridian plane and astrologers refer to as the midheaven. Traditionally, planets posited near these “angles” in a birth chart are believed to express their influence more powerfully in the individual’s life. Gauquelin had similar success correlating other professions with the planets traditionally identified with them. For example, Mars featured in the plus zones for elite athletes, Saturn was there for scientists, the Moon for writers and Jupiter for actors and politicians.

 Another research study by another French scientist, Professor Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch of Paris University, sought to determine whether the behavior of 500 pedigreed puppies from 100 different litters would measurably correlate to rising or culminating planets in their birth charts. Professor Fuzeau-Braesch discovered that the dominant pups (the more aggressive, and assertive alpha dogs of every group) had either the Sun or Jupiter rising or culminating in their horoscopes with a frequency that far exceeded the threshold of significance established for the test.

The only astrological body we see in Kichona’s Gauquelin   zones is Chiron at 21 degrees Aries It sits in her 12th house conjunct her Ascendant at 22 degrees Aries.

I have been researching Chiron since 1981 because I have Chiron conjunct my Sun. In ancient Greek mythology Chiron was the son of Kronos and a sea nymph Philyra, a foster-sister of Juno. His mentors Apollo and Artemis taught his to be multi-faceted  healer, astrologer, martial arts expert, mentor and knowledge bearer, who taught many Mycenean heroes. At the end of Chiron’s myth Hercules the bumbling hero, Chiron’s student, who killed many of his loved ones managed to infect Chiron with incurable Hydra poison. Chiron was one of a kind. He was not related to the barbaric centaurs and it seems he was not really of this earth. The  comet-asteroid that was named after him was only discovered in 1977 was not from our solar system. So Chiron was an outsider and a maverick. I feel he represents those who represent a previous age.

I doubt that Chiron is an archetypically a wounded healer. We all have Chiron in our charts.   And everyone is wounded. All the gods and goddesses are wounded.  But I have met many people who have Chiron conjunct the ascendant who are very wounded and many just cannot pull themselves together. Our beliefs definitely form us and so many astrologers and astrology student’s belief that where Chiron is in the chart is where they have a deep wound, so they self-sabotage themselves in that area because they have a collective believe in this Chironic Melanie Rienhart-Liz Green propaganda.  Statistics if they aren’t in the 10,000 people range can be manufactured and skewed. I hope Kichōna doesn’t believe this.

The Café Astrology Chiron page on their website suggests that where Chiron is in a chart, “  the wound goes deep, and we may work hard to overcome it, [thus] healing powers are potent there. Here Chiron in our charts is a place of great knowledge, experience, talent, and wisdom. Even if our own experience with the issues are problematic, our experience informs us, and we can be excellent guides and counselors in these areas of life. Its sign and house placement show us our wound and how we go about expressing it. Themes surrounding Chiron include how we might shoot ourselves in the foot, figuratively speaking, damage ourselves, or nurse a wound.”

I find their explanation wise and sensible.

I also see astrologer Jessica Davidson’s ideas about Chiron in the 12th house very apt for Kichona. Jessica states :

  • Chiron in the 12th shows that your unhealed wound is to your inner life and spirituality. It may manifest through areas of unconsciousness, institutions (maybe the church, universities, families and schools, royalty, even working in prisons or mental asylums) and mysticism.
  • Overwhelmed by chaos and struggle to deal with practical reality of life,
  • Horror of being ordinary, mortal and fallible (I have seen this in many of Kichona’s past life healings)
  • Vivid imagination, but struggle to make your dreams real ( but wounds can be healed by the Divine),
  • Weak boundaries and tendency to absorb identity from others,
  • Feels guilty about becoming an individual and being separate,
  • Feeling of profound existential grief and loss
  • Healing comes from recognising your Self as one with the Divine and integrating it into daily life.

In the 12th house our subconscious strives to illuminate the part of self that self-sabotages, repeating the same mistakes and it attempts to make meaning one’s life.  But Kichona has come a long way since her childhood. She has made a leap forward by leaving her home country and while Kichōna hides out at home during the week and has some obsessive thoughts, she does go to the markets on the weekends to sell the miso and tofu she makes and she does sound therapy there.  She doesn’t drink alcohol addictively like her father did, she has reached out to me for help via shamanic-spiritual- holographic healing and via psychotherapeutic astrology.  She has made a good marriage, she has bought up two children successfully and she is happy here. Even though she is a quiet person she has friends. She has a good grasp of the English language.  She is very brave and she has come a long way. Her wounds are healing and she is helping others.



Even though normally I would look at the balance of elements before a client’s configurations her element distributional is a monumental area so I wish to look at Kichona’s stellium, two squares and yod first.  

Kichona has

  1. Venus 17 degrees Sagittarius  8th house
  2. conjunct Sun at 10 degrees  
  3. conjunct Moon’s North Node at 10 degrees 
  4. conjunct asteroid Ascelepius 10 degrees 
  5. conjunct 9 degrees  Neptune
  6. conjunct Mercury 01 degrees Sagittarius
  7. conjunct Atlantis 00 degrees Sagittarius
  8. conjunct Mars 24 degrees Scorpio 7th house. 


First let’s look at Sagittarius.

Sagittarius need to have an understanding of knowledge.

They are sporty, straightforward, philosophical, freedom loving, athletic, often religious and idealistic. Of all of these Kichona is naturally athletic.  Sagittarius’s negative side is blunt, tactless, lecturing, impatient, exaggerating, argumentative, self-indulgent,  overly talkative and procrastinating.

But at the highest vibration Sagittarius is joyful, appreciative, freedom loving, free, loving and empowered. It is pure spiritual flame, that of the purple fire embodied in the holy spirit. It is eagerness, enthusiasm, happiness, positive expectations, positive beliefs and happiness.  It is the exact opposite of the lowest vibration of Moon conjunct Saturn in the 4th house- the state of lack of grace where Kichōna was as a child.


This is Kichona’s spirit talking in that lifetime:

There is a green healing light everywhere, a pure green mist. I am at an ancient Greek healing hospital temple. I am an Asclepion priest, an old man with a white beard and thick white hair. I am a physician-priest. We are in the wilds of ancient Greece. It feels like Epidaurus, but it isn’t. There are many trees. The greenness is everywhere.  I wonder if we are on Earth. There are many patients who are not of the earth. Some come from earth, some come from other dimensions.  The place has an earthly appearance.  It is a holy place. It is on a star of sacred lines of power, of grace of holiness, of healing, regeneration and goodness. The lines of holiness go through here horizontally, obliquely, vertically which means fertility. Fertility of everything.

I the ancient Kichōna speak to this now in my future. Listen to me girl! Meditate on this place. Make an audiotape of my voice speaking about this sacred place and visualize it.  You need to go to this place everyday to change your vibration to the high vibration of your Sun conjunct North node. This is who you are meant to be. You in the holy pure vibration of all these planets and your Sun and NN. Come into this dimension.

Let me tell you more. The rocks here are mystical, their vibration is of the purple transformation Light of the divine.  There are small fury creatures with big eyes, like night creatures. They are alive and they are pure love. Each patient is given on of these holy pets to hold and feel their love, pure love, fun, joy. The creatures cure the patients.

There are divinities from previous civilizations, invisible but potent, powerful in their healing. This place has always been a place of power. You gain your need to heal from your long life here of many centuries.

Health-wise their Sagittarius’s vulnerable  bones are the sacral and coccygeal, femur and illium. With Sun in Sagittarius there maybe sciatica; with Mercury hip, thigh and pelvic problems, with Venus here skin ailments or hip and thigh ailments and with Neptune in Sagittarius we return to sciatica as well as poor lung capacity and breathing problems.

Here only the breathing and skin ailments are pertinent, no doubt because Venus is the ruler of Libra the sign Pluto is in and Neptune is the ruler of Pisces which is the sign of Jupiter, a vital planet in Yukiyo’s chart.  

Although Kichona has indicated that she was “sporty” from an early age and she excelled in sport,  and in her scholastic abilities, she has never indicated what sort of sport she played, nor which subjects she excelled in scholastically. She has done some certificates at Technical College (TAFE) but has not been to university.  But she has moved from her birthplace Japan to Australia where she is much happier. When she moved to Australia her Venus moved out of her 8th house into the 9th house.

So let us observe Kichona’s focus on her 8th house and see if this is the answer. Many astrologers who specialize in the effects of stelliums see people with stelliums in the 8th house as psychologically intense  and complicated people, whose deep psychological difficulties stemming from this intensity and complexity will deteriorate the physical health. This is why spiritual healing and mindfulness meditation will help this intense wary, suspicious, untrusting persona created by emotional scarring which clearly has been created by restless ancestors and the past lives who still haunt the 8th house archetypal person and is now internalized and hidden in the subconscious. I will add that such people will never be healed by one lot (5-7 past life healings and return of soul pieces). It is vital to go to    the life between life decision by the soul in their previous bardo.  Souls who exist in this state are pure and resilient and they never take into consideration that they overburdened the human body who takes on all the demands they make to delete all the past life karma.  

Being born into a “work, work, work” culture does not allow a sensitive, emotional girl with Venus conjunction Sun conjunction Neptune conjunction Ascelepius conjunction Mercury conjunction Atlantis to flourish. It crushed that child. A father who drinks and yells rather than cherishing their daughter and sitting the gentle, sensitive child on his lap and stroking her hair is unfair and heartless.  And yet Kichona’s soul chose that relentlessly harsh environment to make her evolve. At what price?

It a strange combination -Venus + Sun + Neptune +Mercury. Neptune create a uniquely nebulous feel which dissolves and rejects the solid world of work, business and reality. Neptune can be vague, dreamy, and chaotic. It dissolves strength of the other planets and the Sun. Neptune blurs everything and worse still it dissolves the barriers between the solid world of Kichona’s incarnation on earth her past lives and the interference of ancestors who are still ghosts. It would be different if Kichona was born into the Australian Aboriginal world or the American Indian world and had ancestors in both.  

I remember years ago,  when I found out that I had Indigenous ancestry on both my mother’s and father’s side and one of my friends, who had pale skin and blue eyes like mine, but whose grandparents were Australian Indigenous  people  warned me, “Be careful?”

“Of what?” I asked Dennis.

He answered, “ Your ancestors.”

“Why?” I asked perplexed.

“They invade us!”

“Huh!” I admonished.

“Come on Sis! Grow up! They never go to the Light. They stay here!’’

“Urk,” I answered, making continous urk, urk, urk noises. “Ghosts!”

“Yep! And if you go poking around in the archives looking for them and asking old aunties who are about 100 years old about your old ancestors they’ll take you over. They don’t think they’re dead and they’ll be curious, because you might not be able to see them, but they can see you and they can take your energy and you inherit all their junk, all their trauma.”

I held my throat and made a choking noise. But from that moment on I put all my energy into learning Indigenous healing. 

Kichona seems to be besieged by her ancestors in her 4thh and 8th and 6th house.

Let us go back to another of Kichona’s lifetimes:


It is me, Kichona speaking. The light is yellowish green like an unripe lemon (fruit.) It is everywhere like a fog.

There are leopards here.  There are huge men with whips and chains. I try to control them, but I can’t.

A vast thick mist of purple light comes and envelopes me and everything. It is a light of love, joy, empowerment transformation.  The Divine has empowered me, changed my aura. When I say something the giant brutes and the leopards disappear.  I am no longer weak.

The Atlantean beings have shown me what I am like without the Divine empowering me.

I now go the splendid city. It is perfect and made totally of beautiful stone. This city was made by the shapers. I walk up the massive steps to the palace.  I am a herald for the royal family. They are not shapers and neither am I. 

The shapers are the archangels. They work for the Light.  I have become very good at using the violet flame. The shapers taught me. When the violet flame engulfs me I am now only powerful but I am relaxed and flexible, totally conscious and aware; never introverted or inflexible. I am not armoured by my useless internal structures created by old traumatic memories. I am empowered, joyful,   free, appreciative, loving, and enthusiastic. I listen to good advice. I am organised, have common sense and listen to my body. I am evolved.

Be like this part of you Kichona, not the past, not the fear, the emotional insecurity and psychological problems. Once you let go of them you will be free.



 Kichona’s first T Square is a karmic configuration with Jupiter in Pisces in her 12th house squaring her Nodes (south node in Gemini in her 2nd house opposition north node in Sagittarius in her 8th house.

In some charts we would have to look at money, her finances and other people’s money. Clearly,  Kichona’s father is very generous regardless of the fact that he is following Japanese culture or not. So Kichona’s Venus conjunct Sun conjunct Neptune conjunct Mercury  and North Node does indicate a generous loving (Venus) father (Sun) who is rarely home and does drink more alcohol than he should (Neptune), but also communicates (Mercury) in loud, obnoxious, aggressive, paranoid, intense  ways (Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio in Kichona’s 7th house). Father also embodies quite an undesirable karmic shadow.  The North Node sits in the middle of all those planets including asteroid Asclepius which is merely minutes away from the North Node in  the 8th house. I saw this as a past life as a brilliant Hygeian-Asclepian priest-physician. I believe if she mediates on that past life daily she can channel that spiritual healing quality in this life and eradicate most of all her psychological problems which she has inherited from her ancestors (8th house),  her past lives (8th house) and her ambiguous father and destructive father who clearly inherited problems from his own father. 

This stellium of planets is opposite both her South Node in Gemini  and in the 2nd house. Kichona would do well do leave behind her old Gemini ways which do her no favours and these are :

  • vacillating,
  • unable to make up your own mind,
  • manipulating others to think like you (when her father did this to her.
  • superficial,
  • mental insecurity,
  • endlessly going to more and more courses,
  • believing what other people say rather than sticking up for your own values and beliefs,
  • chattering to others in superficial nasty ways,
  • telling other people what you think they wish to hear,
  • wanting immediate answer,

Kichona would also do herself a favour if she could let these behaviours of South Node in 2nd house go:

  • attachment to ease and security
  • possessiveness and having money and property,
  • concern with possessions,
  • being stubborn and fixed,
  • resistant to change
  • getting bogged down in being sensual
  • not decluttering
  • taking the low risk way
  • lack of self-discipline,
  • having unbending, inflexible values

Now let’s look at the square to her Jupiter in Pisces in her 12th house.

A 12th house blockage causes psychological problems such as being an introvert and hiding your feelings in your subconscious. Clearly a lot of this would be as a result of her father’s behaviour, but if she practices mindfulness and keeps going with her spiritual healing she can forget this childhood nastiness.  The build up of emotional dross causes physical illness. She needs to be honest about her feelings and emotions. Talking out her feelings with therapists or true friends can be very helpful. Harbouring toxic feelings can cause a lot of physical illness. 

Clearly much of the square between her Jupiter  and her 8th house planets and sun  is a result of her childhood , especially from her father and possibly her sister because her Jupiter does square her Sun (father ) and Mercury (sister) and her Jupiter squares her south node in Gemini (sister). Clearly saving face because of her cultural philosophy of not talking about her anger and possible jealousy  about her sister could be making her very ill. Liver damage can result from bitterness and hatred. Worry can effect her spleen and anxiety will damage her stomach and hanging onto the past will effect her bowels and colon.

Kichona’s square between her Jupiter and Venus can indicate that she actually does hate working hard.  She needs self-discipline to use her body and mind;  and she needs time management  and forward planning. This is not just lack of organization, lack of earth but laziness. She needs faith in her ability to succeed so she becomes more determined. There is not only impatience here but careless use of energy.  She needs goal setting and consolidating her resources. She has difficulty dealing with people  and this comes with this aspect, a total lack of the air element in her chart, and Pluto in her 6th house and I think her bad relationship with her sister and father.  She feels threatened by competitors and she thinks she is unfairly treated at work. She needs to be positive. She also needs to look at safety measures and getting plenty of rest to retore her energy.

Kichona also has Jupiter square Sun which indicates her total lack of moderation in her actions and values and attitiudes and philosophy on life. She needs to plan and listen to others and get over her lack of trust. That is a birth to 18 months attitude that we see in the Erikson developmental model. This is an area that hypnotherapy would help as its subconscious, but it leaks out of her and I felt it the first time she emailed me. Kichona wants help but she doesn’t trust anyone.  She needs to learn about reality and learn self-control.  The past is the past and mindfulness meditation will help her still her mind and not have flash backs. She needs a lot more rest and exercise rather than endless emotional sel-indulgence.

The stellium makes Kichona’s T square very hard and it demands elf-discipline as it is such a challenge to her and probably hurts her to read this endless list of squares to her Jupiter.  Jupiter square Mercury obviously is over the top , impulsive judgements often based on insufficient information. Again we see a lack of self-discipline in organizing her daily and long term goals. Kichona also indicates a total lack of reality between her beliefs and the truth. She is very lazy about formulating goals  and sticking to the truth. She could be misinformed and gullible, even naïve.  Many of her nervous disorders are from lack of life direction and the pain of competition. I cannot emaphasise enough that Kichona needs more rest, more time doing yoga , correct pranayama breathing, mindfulness meditation to still her mind. Sleep is vital for such a Neptunian-Piscean person.

Oh dear, again her Jupiter square Neptune emphasizes her need for self-control, self-discipline and self-indulgence so her dreams have a chance of being realized. Her great phobia about work created from her childhood has become destructive self-sabotage.  Kichona  you need to talk with your husband about being gullible and naïve and learn to be realistic. DO NOT go into the occult world and realise you need over a decade of daily self-disciplined learning in alternative healing to call yourself a healer or astrologer. If you wish to help people and charge them your healing methods must be perfect, not the result of some weekend course. Ethics and scrupulous honesty are all important in caring for others. If people are doing well it means their aura is squeaky clean and they have worked hard to get where they are.

Please read what I have said without taking offence and do one area at a time. Organising your kitchen once a month, cleaning the house,   scrubbing the bathroom and toilet, washing your car are all part of learning self-discipline and doing these tasks with joy, not resentment is vital.  You may think you have chosen a hard life but you have a happy marriage, lovely children, a home in a beautiful part of Australia, some nice friends, a generous father, a mother who adores you, grandparents who loved you   and  I did this long report of your horoscope to help you, so be happy and thank God for your life every day.  Good luck Kichona.



The yod that we are observing in Kichona’s chart is apex Pluto in the sixth house in Libra   quincunx Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th house  and Pluto quincunx the asteroid Typhon in Taurus in Kichona’s first house.

Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green believes (in Evolutionary Astrology) that the planet Pluto embodies the soul. So in Green’s eyes a horoscope  be assessed by observing Pluto’s house, geometric aspects, house and sign as well as Pluto’s “Polarity Point” (the Sign opposing the Sign of Pluto) and Pluto’s dispositor. We then observe the position of the South Node and the North Node to suggest indications of  possible past life experiences and the karmic lessons which have been repeated in prior life cycles.

In its most basic form, however, Pluto represents the instinctual habits formed in our psyche, which can influence our conscious behavior.  (In psychology, the psyche is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious. In psychoanalysis and other forms of depth psychology, the psyche refers to the forces in an individual that influence thought, behavior and personality. Carl Jung defined the psyche as the totality of all psychic processes, conscious as well as unconscious. Jung saw the soul as a clearly demarcated functional complex that can best be described as a “personality”. [Jung, 1971: Def. 48 par. 797.] Psychic  energies that are not conscious control are instinctive and  an instinct is coupled with something like a philosophy of life. Instinct stimulates thought, but if people are not using their own free will, to think obsessive compulsive thinking occurs. Psychic processes which normally are consciously controlled can become instinctive when  the level of consciousness is low, due to fatigue, intoxication or depression. Jung identified five prominent groups of instinctive factors: creativity, reflection, activity, sexuality and hunger.  )

In its most rudimentary structure  Pluto represents the instinctual habits formed in our psyche, which can influence our conscious behavior.  These may include karmic tendencies or ancestral themes repeated in the life of various family members of the same bloodline. Either case, what is symbolized by this planet is largely unconscious and has to be understood through exploring what is instinctual, irrational or non-verbal in us.

My dear friend AstroHealer (Tina Rahmini) states that with Pluto quincunx Jupiter, “[A person’s]  life philosophy or chosen ideology may have been formed as a reaction against one’s instincts or psychological impulses. … [Or] one’s fundamental way of being may have been dismissed or utterly devalued by what has been inherited from the past, including karmic ties or ancestral influences. [Sometimes this quincunx configuration embodies] the possibility of a fundamental discord between one’s conscious beliefs and the accumulated karmic forces operative in one’s psyche. In other cases, the individual’s encounters with significant others or certain epiphanies may influence his or her general ideology or outlook on life. We certainly see that with Kichona’s severe reaction to her father’s brainwashing of her.

Pluto here is in Libra, a sign which acknowledges the need to keep others at arm’s length to avoid being inundated by meeting the needs of another person in a relationship. Indecisiveness has been Libra’s only defense, for which it has received considerable criticism.  And Pluto as Hades is renowned for snatching Persephone (a maiden with no experience of the inundating effect of men who would easily overcome her.) So, we see Pluto in this sign Libra in the house of the body is easily overcome by psychosomatic illness. With Pluto in the sixth house the habits, and routines, in particular how you take care of your body are vital. Homeopath-herbalist- astrologer Eileen Nauman in her book “Medical Astrology” suggests that Pluto in Libra may threaten normal kidney function (Libra). It may cause acid-alkaline imbalances in the body and possible glandular problems (page 24) and in quincunx to Jupiter in Pisces there can be liver, glucose problems or toxic conditions in the blood.

Eileen states that from the decades of experience she has had with clients, yods or quincunxes are the most suspect of high or low conditions in the body. The people with yods or quincunxes need to:

  • Pay careful attention to diet to prevent health problems.
  • They may have poor absorption of nutrients especially (with Jupiter aspecting Pluto):
  • Vitamin B6
  • 2. Chromium, (Insufficient B6 and chromium may cause pancreatic or spleen problems)
  • 3. Choline,
  • 4. Pangamic acid,
  • 5. Inositol,
  • 6. Biotin,
  • 7. Sulfur,
  • 8. Zinc
  • 9.  And manganese
  • They also with Pluto or 8th house involved need to work with the help of a psychotherapist or shamanic healer assess and work with subconscious and or ancestral problem, changing environments (which Kichōna wisely did) and have positive attitudes.
  • Eileen states that quincunx/yod people are like pressure cookers and they need to learn to relax
  • They have a huge problem understanding themselves or listening to their own body and psyche, they are deficient in understanding their own internal needs, and recognizing suppressed or repressed emotions. With all this emotional dross the emotional explosion would cause bad health (especially with Pluto in the 6th house.) Pluto or Hades is renowned for being archetypally depressive and Asperger’s syndrome in character and unable to communicate. With an extreme lack in the air element this indicates that Kichōna should be going to a therapist who specializes in teaching people communication skills (with themselves and others (her father was hardly a good example.
  • Eileen adds that the challenges of a quincunx or yod will build a strong character that can break but needs the help of therapists to be flexible and resilient
  • Eileen states that quincunx yod people need
  • 1. a sense of humour,
  • 2. Common sense,
  • 3. Flexibility and an
  • 4. Adaptable attitude to stressful events

In regard to work Kichōna clearly is a hard worker, but you are also self-willed and hatred of being controlled and prone to workplace jealousy, intrigue, power struggles and challenges. From when she was tiny the idea of work disturbed Kichōna because her mother left her alone to go to work and her father traumatized her mentally and psychologically with his cruel alcohol inflamed statements that he yelled at Kichōna and her mother when he came home from work.  He shouted his philosophical attitude of, “If you don’t work you don’t eat!” so often at Kichōna that it became her major terror and has created anxiety-fueled illnesses. The two areas that disturb Kichōna the most are her health and her phobic and obsessive attitudes to work and it is clear that the quincunx between her Jupiter in Pisces in her twelfth house and her Pluto in Libra in her sixth house embodies both.

The other astrological body that quincunxes Pluto is Typhon. Typhon was given to a TNO (Trans-Neptunian Object) in the Kuiper Belt region of the solar system, near Pluto. Mythologically, Typhon was the offspring Gaia, Mother Earth. He was a huge winged monster with the head of a human and snake coils below, the bane of mankind, who belched fire, caused huge storms and massive destruction. He was the patriarch of Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the entrance to the underworld. He also fathered the Chimera, a fire-breathing part lion, part goat, part snake monster. Typhon also fathered the Lemaean Hydra, was killed by Hercules and whose poisonous blood destroyed Chiron. Astrologically, Typhon represents the psychic storms, instinctual earthquakes, psychological volcanic behaviours and any disastrous experiences that threaten to devastate or annihilate people physically or psychologically.

In a yod Typhon with Pluto and Jupiter might indicate being beset by giant (Jupiter) monstrous physical, mental or unconscious psychological misfortunes and predicaments (Typhon quincunx Pluto.) It may also indicate monstrous (Typhon) karmic  or ancestral (Pluto) relationship  (Libra) problems where enraged monstrous stormy, enraged  behaviour (Typhon in Taurus) psychologically rapes  (Pluto) and almost annihilates (Typhon) Kichona’s identity and life (Typhon in 1st house.) 



Kichona has five planets in water including the Moon.

She has her Sun and three planets in fire. Her Ascendant also in fire.

Kichona has no earth planets and only her Pluto in an earth house and her fickle South Node  in Gemini (as part of the T square in the 2nd house)

She has a severe weakness in the air element. She only has  Pluto in Libra.

When we calculate the final signature we find 5 planets/luminaries in the water element + 4 planets in Sagittarius, a mutable sign = mutable-water which = Pisces.

Pisces is the sign on her 12th house cusp and we see Jupiter in Pisces  at 9 degrees which is the apex of a T square and is part of a yod.


(High fire element) intuition and instinct strong, but the fire Sun and planets are in a water house, the 8th house of ancestral inheritance. Erin Sullivan calls this house the pontifex maximus (The Astrology of Family Dynamics, page 187) which means the bridge between the ancestors, the deeper self and the ego. Here Erin states the 8th house person (Kichōna) is the Pope or Pharoah who are the personal representatives of God. Erin suggests that this irrational house may bless or curse strongly 8th house people. Here because Kichōna with her Part of Fortune, Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Venus and asteroid Atlantis here is the psychopomp, one who speaks to Hades as well as God, thus with so many astrological significant planets in this watery domain the fiery Sagittarian stellium is sodden and  drowned fire.  

Here with the extreme Water-Fire elemental overload we see a psychological tendency to manic-depression (bipolar disorder) because of high water (an emotional personality which easily lives in a subconscious world and depression or a melancholic persona equates with a high number of planets in the water element in a horoscope)  plus high fire (Sun + 3 planets in Sagittarius + Chiron  and Ascendant and Hygeia in Aries).  We should only count luminaries and planets but the ascendant, Chiron, Hygeia stellium in a Gaugelin zone stick out.

There are no earth planets in this chart, thus boundaries are weak, organizing ability weak, common sense weak, groundedness non-existent. The earth element represents wisdom, simplicity, and independence. Earth signs are practical and like to think of the world around them in a realistic manner. They are the most stable, organised, commonsense and down to earth and practical astrological signs of the zodiac. Their friends can be sure that they can always depend on them. Our physical body is represented by earth. If you are my age and you used to watch “Lost in Sapce” on television you would say, “Danger Will Robinson!!!! Danger !!!!” when you saw lack of earth and weak, weak, weak air element.

Those born with an earth element signs are grounded. They move at a gradual pace, have realistic goals, work hard, have the power to organize what’s around them, provide for their families, are financially responsible, and they love nature. Earth signs are sturdy, calm and they live in the present. Earth people are not gullible and are resilient physically.

Will excess water chart with and water-logged fire, no earth and only Pluto in an air sign physically there will be strong ups and downs of energy and weak digestion. Psychologically there will be roller coaster feelings. Excess emotion or hysteria can weaken body fire.

The fact that she has no earth planets suggests that in the area of psychological makeup Kichona must learn to keep her astral body in her physical body, learn about boundaries, common sense, being grounded, living in the here and now (not in the past), consciously regulate her energy, by becoming aware of her body’s needs. Kichona also needs to learn to be organised,  financially, physically, time-wise, space wise and in her  diet.

The earth element belongs to the larynx (throat) and our voice and ability to hum and whistle. It belongs to our neck which can be effected by gallstones, incorrect posture, tension in our body and weak muscles. Our chest and the legs belong to the earth and they can be strengthened by lifting weights and daily walking (at least an hour). Taurus is the sign of our voice, which uses sound and words. Virgo rules the chest which  holds our shoulders. Capricorn is the ruler of our teeth, bones and legs,  and it gives our body structure, power and stealth. Capricorn people run or walk with great enjoyment.

Earth energy is physically strong and it responds to a high fiber diet. These exercises help strength: Squats, ab (abdominal) crunches and sit-ups, yoga warrior poses, balance exercises (e.g., lifting one leg while standing on the other); lift light weights and gradually increase the weight, push-ups and shoulder stands. Make these a habit, a daily habit. To regulate her excess fire Kichōna should exercise daily. Walking and swimming would be good along with one of the energies regulating exercises (yoga asanas, tai chi or qi gong.)


Grounding is a practice that can help stop habitual flashbacks, unwanted memories, and negative or challenging emotions. These grounding techniques will help you refocus on what’s happening in the present moment.

This link has many grounding exercises. https://www.healthline.com/health/grounding-techniques#bonus-tips


Because of a weakness in the air planets and with Mars and Uranus in her 7th house my advice to Kichōna is to actively learn to interact and relate to other people.  I suggest community education classes for adults in learning communication especially as Kichona’s attachment style with her mother was an anxious pre-occupied attachment.  Kichōna became so distressed when her mother left her, she became physically ill. Pluto in Libra in her 6th house also indicates some past life problem with relationships.

We are aware, because of a horoscope of total water and fire that Kichōna has a lack of balance in her life.

Only Pluto in libra (air) and no earth. Even her houses had 7 planets in water and the planets in her house of partnership – 7th house -were in water signs and they are both combative (Mars and Uranus).


The earth element is associated with Muladhara or Root Chakra, which lives at the base of the spine. This chakra is related to our pelvis, legs, and feet. It is also correlated with earthly possessions and signs of safety and home – our bodies, our health, our survival, and our monetary existence. This chakra protects our day-to-day needs, and a balanced Root Chakra and earth element can promote good health and a feeling of stability and balance in life.

Earth is the element of stability, loyalty, safety, and practicality. Like the deep roots of an old oak tree, the earth element allows us to feel safe and secure in our lives and our health.  


Child’s Pose (Balasana)

A perfect opening posture, Child’s Pose is a great way to become close to the earth, tune out distractions and thoughts, and begin to feel connected to your body to prepare for a physical practice.

Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana II)

Warrior II is powerful and strong. It’s hard not to feel like a warrior or goddess in this pose. With both feet firmly planted, and weight driving down toward the mat, the earth element is heavily activated here. The Root Chakra is stable at the base of a strong and tall spine, and this pose offers plenty of balance and stability.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

This balancing posture feels strong yet soft. It’s steady and simple, which allows you to have fun and become creative. You may grow your “branches” with interesting arm variations, or simply remain still and soak in the earth’s energy as it supports your body.

Low Yogi Squat (Malasana)

Malasana is a great hip opener that keeps your body close to the earth. This low squat has many variations, depending on how open your hips are. Closing your eyes in this posture and becoming connected to the energy you’re sending through your heels is the perfect way to acknowledge the earth beneath you.

In addition to these yoga postures, connecting with the earth element can be done through grounding practices (like walking barefoot outside) or simply spending more time outdoors. Eating grounding foods such as root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, or beets is another way to incorporate the earth element into your lifestyle.

The Earth element embodies groundedness ie.  having our roots in a solid base. The earth relates to the cycles in nature and is central to all other elements. This element is also represented by the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. In Chinese medicine, the spleen is a central organ, both physiologically and anatomically. Defects in spleen energy can affect the whole body. The spleen distributes the energy obtained from foods through the body. The other organs depend on it for life. The stomach is the receiver of nourishment, taking the energy from food for the spleen to distribute. So people with depleted stomach energy, like Kichona need to consider what they eat.

The taste of sweetness is associated with the Earth element. Just as a small amount of sweetness arouses the spleen and pancreas, an excess of sweet food can injure them, and diminish your energy level. This suggests that excessive use of sucrose  or fructose may overburden the spleen and  diminish pancreas energy.

A protein-rich diet with an iota of fat lots of whole grains, fresh and steamed vegetables, some seeds and sprouts, nuts, beans, dairy and eggs, more  fish and poultry, and a tiny amount of red meats can help build and tone the body and strengthen our base chakra and earth element. In  mid-autumn, do a juice cleanse to help eliminate the toxins that these richer, building foods introduce.


A good exercise program that induces sweating helps to eliminate and cleanse toxins out of the body. A building exercise program could involve working with weights, repetitive exercises like sit-ups, leg-lifts, or push-ups, as well as walking, swimming and other sports. To complement these exercises as nature turns towards an inward cycle, make sure to do loosening and stretching exercises to help your body and joints stay loose and supple. Yoga, qi gong, and pilates are great complements to building your core as well as strengthen and loosen tight muscles and joints while enhance body function and relieve daily stress.


The following are some recommendations to harmonize the digestive system:

For weak acidity, and to stimulate hydrochloric acid in the stomach for better digestion, make a mild tea from rosemary, dried orange peel, and/or ripe juniper berries, and drink a small cup one-half hour before meals. These herbs can be steeped by pouring boiling water over them and let them sit in a covered pot for 15-20 minutes.

For weak digestion, avoid cold foods and drinking anything with your meals. Bitter foods, such as endive, dandelion greens, or chicory, will help strengthen the digestion. For gas, indigestion, or hyperacidity, drink a seed tea like fennel, anise, fenugreek, or cardamom seed. These can be simmered in a closed pot for 15 minutes and then allowed to sit another 15 minutes before drinking. Licorice root is a soothing and popular Chinese herb for the digestive tract. It promotes calmness and works as a mild laxative as well. It is also commonly used for sore throats, coughs, and colds. This is also a good tea after dinner mixed with peppermint and fenugreek seeds. For building immunity and increasing resistance to illness, fresh romaine, parsley and celery juice can help as well as calm the nerves. Chamomile flowers are also good for the stomach and spleen. It acts as a soothing relief for the stomach, stimulates the appetite, and helps in calming the nervous system. It is also used for menstrual irregularities and good for a relaxing and calming bath.

Spleen, stomach and pancreas are essential for the digestive process. The digestive organs and their functioning reflect the influences of diet, mental activity, and emotions. The whole digestive system is finely tuned by the nervous system, so stress of any kind affects its function. The state of your emotions is closely linked to your eating habits and your ability to process food. Being emotionally upset or under stress affects your appetite and your nourishment, while feeling happy and clear stimulates your hunger, digestive ability, utilization, and appreciation of foods.

The spleen stores blood, deletes  aged blood cells, and is the reserve organ for blood formation in the adult. In a gestational baby the spleen forms red blood cells. The spleen consists of lymphatic tissue and produces plasma cells, which make antibodies, tying the spleen to the immunologic system and thus, protection against various diseases.

The pancreas secretes hormones into the blood,  and regulates glucose usage. Insulin, the pancreas’ main hormone, lowers the blood sugar level by stimulating glucose use by the cells, or the pancreas may secrete the hormone glucagon into the blood, raising the blood sugar level. The pancreas also secretes of pancreatic enzymes directly into the small intestine assisting in the digestion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.


Psychologist Rebecca Crane has written a book called Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (2010). I suggest that Kichōna buys this book and studies it carefully and practices what Rebecca Crane suggests.

Rebecca makes the reader aware that mindfulness as a practice is based on the cognitive theory of “vulnerability to depression” and most certainly a person with Kichona’s Moon conjunct Saturn in Cancer in the 4th house, Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th house and Mars and Uranus in Scorpio i.e., 5 planets out of ten planets in the water element, plus her Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Venus (3 planets and a luminary) all in the 8th house; a water house, would be swamped by affect or emotion.  Hence, the vulnerability to anxiety and depression is not just high, its overwhelming.  In Cognitive Behavioral therapy such people are prone to relapses into a negative emotional or depressive state.

And with Moon conjunct Saturn in her fourth house there is frustration, insecurity, lack of comfort because Mother is busy and with Sun conjunct Neptune father is never there for you either.   Liz Greene in her excellent book The Luminaries: The Psychology of the Sun and Moon in the Horoscope states that with Moon conjunct Saturn (pp. 67-69):

  1. your mother may feel insecure and doubtful about being a good mother,
  2. she may try so hard that the baby intuitively feels her mother’s insecurity,
  3.  and she fails to meet your needs as a baby and child,
  4. You feel insecure and maybe you feel unlovable, then later on in life you willl find it hard to relax with people, be touchy and nervous and have difficulty showing love
  5. And because you feel let down by your parents you will be emotionally detached and believe people will hurt you,
  6. So, you cut off from your feelings. You believe tough people feel no pain,
  7. You also become super-productive, an over-responsible, over-achiever and you work compulsively to prove your worth,
  8. Consequently, you can never relax.
  9. Liz Greene   suggests that grief therapy is imperative for Moon-Saturn people and I agree to deal with the guilt, pain, denial of feelings and anger because of the lack of early attachment that you feel.

Consequently, Kichōna feels lonely, forms nervous attachments and has high anxiety because she has these two astrological conjunctions. 

Because the two conjunctions are in ancestral houses (Moon-Saturn in 4th house and Sun-Neptune in 8th house) it is evident that Kichona’s emotional-psychological tendencies to aversive reactions to unwanted emotions such as sadness and experiential avoidance (the attempt to remain out of contact with thoughts, emotions and body sensations) is inherited and with what Kichōna told me about alcoholism in her father’s family her aversive reactions to unwanted unhappiness or depression. 

Kichona’s choice to remove herself from the “darkness of Japan” and move to Australia, to also choose alternative medical therapies and alternative healing is sound and sensible rather than descending into substance abuse.  Kichona’s mother’s family are lovely people. Kichōna sent me her parents and grandparents birth data and there is great similarity between her horoscope and the horoscope of her substance abusing paternal grandfather.  Kichōna is to be admired for her strength.

Kichona’s Pluto, a planet that is depressive archetypally is in the 6th house of the body and health. Therefore, illnesses and disease may be caused by negative beliefs, negative mental and psychological habits and continual obsessive repetitive stories that run around and around like a mouse on a treadmill.    These illnesses and mental states are caused by rumination and they may be psychosomatic. The real problem is that this rumination is beyond conscious awareness.

People who are by nature depressive or anxious make a mild sadness persistent by rumination. Rumination:

  • Is self-focused, self-critical, repetitive negative thinking about the past,
  • Is driven by a desire to solve emotional challenges of continual unhappiness and low vibrational moods,
  •  Is brooding on difficulties, problems and things which distress us (in spiritual healing this tendency of dwelling on old problems is also a symptom of a lost soul piece);
  •  Is continually contemplating about events or people that are part of your past;
  • Is being obsessively preoccupied with thoughts about an event or person and not being able to stop thinking about it;
  • Is a learnt approach for trying to reason through your problems
  • BUT disproportionate and obsessive rumination will maintain depression and anxiety,

And it will activate and trigger depressive relapses, Unhelpful rumination asks “Why?” for example, “Why do these things always happen to me?” or “What did I do to deserve this?” or “What is wrong with me?”

Useful rumination asks “How can I act to solve this problem now?”

  1. We can see this type of ruminative thinking in Kichona’s natal Moon conjunct Saturn in Cancer,
  2. Pluto in the sixth house quincunx Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th house and
  3.  Moon in Cancer square Uranus in Scorpio and
  4. her statement that her father’s draconian dictum that, “You have to work hard to eat!”
  5. I feel I have to work hard all the time, like my parents.
  6. I can’t relax much. I can’t take holidays to enjoy my free time. I’m always thinking about work.
  7. “I can never relax, because I must work, but I can’t relax when I am not at home and it get diarrhea when I am not home. This state of mind does not just cause depression but it causes illness.


 She emphasizes that you must move from self-criticism and judgmental thinking and habits so you are mindful of new attitudes   and beliefs where you are:

  1. Accepting and compassionate about yourself;
  2. Kind, warm and interested in new ways of thinking, new habits and positive thoughts about yourself;
  3. Curious about your internal experience.

You are no longer in an automatic pilot state or a robotic state where for example you might have driven ten miles and not know where you are because you have been “off with the fairies.” (Again, from a spiritual healing point of view this “space cadet” type of behaviour where you are not grounded and your astral body is way up above your head is typical of people with a number of soul pieces missing.” It is typical of a person who is dissociated.)

When we are conscious and aware of our habits and we have learned a new tool, like mindfulness we   have evolved and moved on from being unnecessarily emotional. We have new problem-solving skills.

On page 23 of her book Rebecca Crane suggests that when our mind is working in habitual ways of thinking which are ruminative and avoidant styles of thinking and emoting, we are unable to make conscious choices of how to respond to internal or external experiences because we are unconscious.  She ads that this habitual way of thinking leads to habitual emotions which are also unconscious.  Thus, because the thinking and emoting is in a constricted awareness, they can’t perceive a range of choices available.  Automatic pilot indicates that we are out of touch with reality and we can be constantly internally creating a reality that is delusional, avoidant of reality, ruminative and unconscious. If we are not conscious and not in our body our body becomes ill because our body is not being used or talked to or even valued.


 Through the practice of mindfulness, we are able to become more fully immersed in the present moment, and break the chain of stress and worry. Think about the last time you were immersed on “autopilot,” or totally preoccupied in thought, aimlessly moving from task to task, with little or no awareness of where we are. You could also reflect on the last time your mind wandered into the past or the future, totally ignoring your surroundings. Examples of these types of experiences in our everyday lives include:

+ Driving to or from work, with little memory of the actual experience

+ Eating a meal or snack despite not being hungry

+ Ruminating many hours later about something your boss said to you at work

+ Daydreaming

These experiences may seem harmless, but over time they can actually wreak havoc on our mental health and emotional well-being. The exercise which I present here are from Rebecca Crane’s book Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy from page 101.

Find a comfortable place to sit where there are no distractions. Set aside around ten minutes. Sit or lie (I prfer lying.) Close your eyes, or choose a spot on the floor or ceiling in front of you to focus your gaze.

1. Begin by taking three easy and gentle breaths in through your nose, followed by slow and steady exhales. With each breath, feel yourself slowing down and becoming more immersed in the presnt

2. If you notice your mind wandering or your thoughts drifting, simply notice this and return your attention and awareness to your breath. You may notice your mind wandering at many points during this meditation; it’s simply what our mind does. Merely observe this tendency, and without judgment, return your awareness to your breathing.

3. Bring full attention now to your breathing. As you inhale and exhale, observe where in your body you notice your breath the most. Perhaps it’s in your chest, as you feel it rise and fall with each breath. Others notice their breath most strongly in their nostrils, as the air passes coolly on the way in, and slightly warmer on the way out. Still others notice the breath most clearly in their stomach and abdomen, as it rises and falls with each passing breath. Wherever it is, take a moment to simply notice where the breath is most clearly felt in your body.

4. Notice how it feels to fully focus on your inhale. As you inhale, notice any particular feelings of tension or strain, and notice the sensation of your lungs and abdomen filling up as you inhale.

5. Now gently shift your awareness to focus more on your exhale. With each exhale, notice what it’s like to feel your breath passing out through your nostrils. And observe, without judgment, anything that you feel in your body.

6. For the next few minutes, continue to breathe gently and evenly. Feel the breath as it comes in through your nose, followed by a steady exhale.

7. Notice what’s happening in your mind. If you notice your mind wandering or your thoughts drifting, don’t judge yourself or react self-critically. Simply notice this, and gently redirect your attention and awareness back to your breathing.

8. After ten minutes, gently open your eyes and bring your awareness back to your surroundings. Allow yourself to bask in the comfort and tranquility of the present moment.


We can see that when Kichōna talks about her father raving,  verbally abusive, having drunk excess alcohol. It’s it is a fearful memory, but how many decades ago did it happen. And it is no longer reality.  But it is to her.

It might be her reality because part of her is still there, stuck while her enraged father threatens Kichona and her mother because a fragment of her soul is still there.

The other side of the coin that a really good psychotherapist- psychological astrological healer must consider if the client has a history of illness (both mental and physical) and they have many planets in the water houses (the 4th, 8th and 12th) is that these houses are liminal places; portals or doorways to ancestors, past lives and other dimensions and interdimensional portals include retrograde planets, Pluto and Saturn and the Moon’s Nodes. 


Kichona’s Retrograde planets and asteroids: Hygeia in Aries 1st house; Chiron Aries 12th house; Saturn Cancer 4th house

Kichona’s Karmic planets that seem to interfere in our earthly lives: Pluto in Libra in 6th house; Saturn in 4th house in Cancer retrograde; South Node in Gemini in 2nd house

Liminal planets: Neptune in Sagittarius in the 8th house.

Apex planets. Pluto as apex of a yod with typhon and Jupiter.  And Jupiter as apex of T square with Moon’s Nodes.



  1. However, when we practice mindfulness, being constantly mindful of our rumination we can consciously direct our attention. 
  2. We can feel our sensory experiences and the physicality of our body at any given moment. 
  3. Rather than evaluating and criticizing constantly our attitudes and beliefs become open and accepting.
  4. The habit of frittering away most of our day lost in rumination or obsessive thinking about an idea, situation, or choice means that we have lost our normal mental functioning.” But meditation is a mindful way of breaking this spell.


Kichona’s mother and maternal Grandma also have a Moon -Saturn aspect like Kichōna.

Kichōna has Moon Cancer conjunct Saturn in the 4th house. Her mother has Moon in Gemini square Saturn in Virgo. This reveals that Kichona’s Grandma was unavailable for her daughter which is true. She has Moon Cancer square Saturn in Aries and Moon opposition Uranus. Kichōna also has Moon in Cancer square Uranus.  It appears that Kichona’s maternal great grandma was highly codependent and lacking in boundaries.  Kichona’s maternal grandma has Moon in Cancer conjunct Neptune in Cancer.

Consequently, it is clear that there is a long line of women in Kichona’s maternal line who are insecure about their role as mothers.  



I hope you have enjoyed and found helpful this analysis of a complex chat which includes a yod, a stellium, a T-Square, all in the context of a funnell shaped chart with no earth and only Pluto in air.

This chart is extremely challenging and Kichona’s soul took on too much for one lifetime.

I do hope Kichona chooses to do her mindfulness exercise, continue to do spiritual healing to delete the difficulties of her ancesters and to delete the trauma of many past life. She already has had seven healings and I would encourage her to do more as she seems much, much more positive since the healings.

Blessings and joy to all who read this from,