DREAMS & ASTROLOGY :PART TWO by Hilary Bond PhD. © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

DREAMS & ASTROLOGY:PART TWO by Hilary Bond PhD. © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.


I am honoured to have three special friends: Jewel, BeeBee and Maria staring in this dream and astrology article: the second in the series. I have begun my “Astrology and Dreams” book so anyone who would like to star in that is welcome to contact me via comments. I hope you enjoy this article.


If your home is snuggly,
And your room is no longer ugly,
Then your bear is really there!
When your food is really juicy,
And the chocolate’s really moussey
Then your bear is really there!
When your life is full of treasure,
Of pleasures full of measure,
Then your bear is really there!
When you look inside you,
And you see that bear inside you,
A bear of pluck and never ending luck,
So you know your bear is really there!

Jewel told me she had a few series or cycles of dreams. I chose the bear series and the narrow road series. Let’s begin with the bear series. Jewel wrote to tell me: “I had three or four bear dreams, all very similar, around 1999. Each time I was walking home from work, which was a job I had at a running store, while I studied in graduate school. It was about a two mile walk over hilly streets. Each time, when I was within the last half mile of home, a giant rock sat in the middle of the sidewalk. It was giant, in fact much too big to fit on the sidewalk, maybe 20 feet tall and nearly as wide. It was too big to move for a city council to move, so they built around it. And in this dream I would sense or see with my mind’s eye, two or three bears looking for me and following me. I actually never saw them or encountered them face to face. The bears were not together. They were on different streets. I would turn to walk a different way, but another bear would be coming that way. There was no way I could avoid the bears. I did not feel they wanted to kill or eat me, but I was frightened because I did not understand why they were following or looking for me.”

Jewel knew exactly what her dreams were telling her. She wrote to me, “My sense was that they were telling me I was on the wrong track or path and they were trying to steer me in a different direction. Not long after these dreams I changed course from Linguistics and Language studies at university and a teaching career path. I then began a new path and went to massage school to become a healer. It was later also that I learned that bears are guides for healers, and I immediately fully understood their message.”

Jewel was right, in Siberia, the word bear linguistically was the same word as a female shaman. Certainly the bear was a totem animal, in ancient Greece and Rome, associated with the Goddess Artemis and Diana, two lunar goddesses. In fact, because the bear is associated with shamanic practitioners in many cultural traditions, this spirit animal can symbolize healing abilities and stepping into the role of the healer. The spirit of the bear is a strong source of support in times of difficulty. It provides courage and a stable foundation to face challenges. When the bear shows up as a spirit guide in your life, it’s perhaps time to stand for your beliefs or your truth. This power animal will provide for support and strength.

And indeed with her South Node in the 6th and her North Node in the 12th; her Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter and her Neptune in the 12th and her Mars in Virgo in her 8th house Jewel has a powerful healing chart. I didn’t mention that her exact Chiron trine ascendant, wide trine to North Node gives her powerful healing abilities in the holistic health arena and her Ceres conjunct her Moon-Jupiter – Juno in her 3rd house makes her the epitome of the Great Earth Mother and a powerful writer about health. Her Venus trine Saturn in Cancer makes her very grounded and a good businesswoman which means she will survive in the natural health field.

With Jewel’s Sun trine Neptune and North Node (her destiny in this life) in her 12th house I feel with Mars, Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron in water houses, her ancestors were giving her a powerful push in the right direction. In fact Earth DNA suggests that, “Medicine people have long called on Bear’s energy to access the subconscious and unconscious. The key words for Bear are introspection, intuition and connecting with the inner self.”

Myth-Kenner maintains that, “Shamanic practitioners work with spirit allies, such as bear and the spirits of animals, plants, ancestors, deities and other teachers endow the shaman with spiritual power from their domains in the upper (the world of the divine masters and archangels) or lower worlds (the world of mother earth.) Spirit helpers are like adoptive parents, or godparents, to a shaman. These spirits are compassionate healers who wish to end suffering here in middle world (our human world and the astral world.) Of all the guardian animals, the most frequent one to sponsor shamans is Bear.” Spirit helpers are the over souls of entire species, so for each shaman adopted by Bear, there is a particular sponsoring Bear species. Some people work with Grizzly Bear, others with Black Bear, Panda, Koala or Polar Bear. Bear is like an ancestor because bear was human kind’s first totem animal. Archaeologists have found arrangements of Cave Bear skulls (an extinct species from the Ice Age) made by humans in caves, dating back hundreds of thousands of years. Cave Bear skulls have even been discovered arranged on a cave altar, the skulls stained with red ochre, a pigment used by the Neanderthals to tint the bodies of their dead family members in funeral ritual. No other animal species was worshiped as long ago as Bear.

Bear is found in the West direction. The West correlates to the dusk, autumn, and the element of water. It is in this place that we begin our journey inward to reflect on the expansiveness and extroversion of the East and South. The West is the looking within place, and is a time for looking into the patterns we carry that must be let go of in order to become who we truly are. This is the lesson of the autumn trees that drop their leaves to nourish the Earth once again. Bear and Crow reside in the West, along with all of our ancestors. This is usually a time of great emotion, slowing down, and gathering ourselves for the winter ahead. The West relates to adulthood and middle age and correlates to the archetype of the healer.

Let’s have a look at the transits in 1999 that were occurring when Jewel’s bear dreams occurred. She had Pluto moving through her 12th house and conjuncting her natal Neptune. When Pluto moves into your 12th house you are ready to move into a new world within yourself, to come into a time of understanding the importance of the inner world. This inner world sees all, all across time, all across people and connects you with the true inner environments that are within us all. You are coming to understand the importance of these inner worlds and the opportunity to move this understanding into the outside world. Conjuncting her Neptune her spiritual dimensions are being transformed and blocks are being removed to her real destiny. Transiting Chiron was also moved through her twelfth and also conjuncting her Neptune. Chiron would increase her knowledge, increase her ability to be a healer and increase her ability to access the inner worlds. Transiting Mars conjuncted her Uranus in the 11th marking huge energy shifts and changes in groups. She would move from the school teaching world into the holistic healing world. Transiting Jupiter was conjuncting Jewel’s Chiron in the 4th house triggering a massive movement and philosophical change towards her ancestral healing abilities. Transiting Neptune conjunct her natal Sun in the 8th meant again that her ancestors were manoeuvring her towards her correct and heart-felt path. Jewel already had a natal Moon in Pisces conjunct Ceres-Demeter inconjunct Sun in Leo in 8th, so .but with Neptune triggering this point the adjustment became seamless and she finally “belonged” which happens when “yods” or inconjunct (quincunxes) are triggered. Finally transiting Saturn the planet of structures and careers squared her Sun in the 8th house of “other’s resources” and forced a big change. A natal Sun in the 8th house is tremendous support from loving, big-hearted ancestors. Wasn’t that fantastic: Jewel ran with her dreams and her ancestral clues.


This is Jewel’s second dream series. This is what Jewel wrote to me: “In my “Too Narrow Road Dreams” there were probably at least a half dozen, maybe more, of these dreams, spanning the late 2000s. All took place in San Francisco, though I lived in Seattle at the time. 98% of my dreams, if they had a specific location, have been in SanFrancisco. Again they are all very similar with minor differences in the roads and length of driving. I’m driving along on roads that are basically just the width of the car, so I have to be very steady with the wheel or I may fall off the road. The road becomes a highway or freeway. Maybe you call them turnpikes? I don’t know what you call them in Australia. They are elevated, so I have be as steady as possible. I usually am driving by the water of the bay now, headed towards the Bay Bridge. The elevated road becomes very hilly, and it’s almost as if I am driving a car on a roller coaster as it becomes even narrower and steeper. I head onto the bridge, and I feel much anxiety as I climb a hill so steep it almost is vertical. Like a roller coaster, as I near the top I cannot see what is over the crest, but I know it will be a very steep, maybe almost vertical drop downhill. Knowing I’m on the bridge I worry I may fall off into the bay. Sometimes I went down, sometimes I’d wake up, but I never fell off the road. I always made it. I really had no clue what these dreams were about, but now that I’ve moved back to SanFrancisco, I think I know. They were predictive and advisory. My life has been tight and restricted, and stressful. In the past one and a half years I have been caring for my mom, and it is about to change dramatically. She moves into a home next weekend. In the past two to three months I have thought of these dreams because the analogy I use when talking about my life, is that I am on a roller coaster at the top of a steep incline when it comes to an almost stop and goes: tick…tick…tick, before it goes over the top. The other side is unknown, not visible, but I know my life is about to speed up and get exciting.”

I love Jewel’s analogies about her life and dreams because I believe that Jewel has a Locomotive formation in her horoscope and this occurs when there is one gap that is between 90 and 210 degrees. The gap between her Neptune at nearly 8 degrees Sagittarius in the 12th house and her Moon at 14 degrees Pisces is 97 degrees. The Locomotive persona is, just as you might expect a driving and driven person. The planet that rises clockwise following the empty space will significantly influence the life of the person with this pattern, no matter what is indicated by the sun sign. It will act as the ‘locomotive’ of the natal chart, driving the individual to achieve goals through determined and unrelenting effort, with an exceptional drive and fund of energy at their disposal. The have a lot of energy and at their most intense can be like a steam roller. They can be very motivated and will get to where they desire to go one way or the other, whether slowly and patiently, or through relentless pushing. Jewel’s driver planet is her Moon in her third house in Pisces. We can’t really ignore Jupiter here and this makes her super-compassionate and a super holistic healer. Her high focus, driving luminary, the Moon is “intense.” The person with this indication wishes to live a life that is not bland or humdrum, but which is vivid and intense.

What was happening in the last eighteen months? As Jewel has Pluto, Mars, Venus and Saturn all in cardinal planets Pluto and Uranus has left their impact on their planets. As Pluto is Jewel’s most elevated planet in the 9th house conjunct her Medium Coeli she is familiar with the power of Pluto. Stephen Arroyo suggests that, “Transiting Pluto will prepare the person for large scale changes to come by eroding some of their old lifestyle in advance in time when their major rebirth potentials become evident.” (Astrology, Karma & Transformation. p. 209.) As Pluto has been opposing Jewel’s Saturn in her seventh we can see a great deal of karma being eroded by Jewel’s actions of looking after her Mother for the last eighteen months. With transiting Pluto squaring her ninth house natal Pluto Jewel will have faced a great deal of conflict (the narrow road, the twists and turns and the ups and downs) by facing the decision to look after her mother. The ethical decision (9th house Pluto) was obviously to look after her mother. Pluto going through her first house means Jewel’s whole persona will be transformed and the old eliminated. Transiting Uranus also squared Saturn in her seventh so she would have also had upheavals in her relationship area and faced her shadow (7th house and the narrow elevated road that was always of danger of tipping her into the water of emotions.) Transiting Uranus in the 3rd house also opposed her Pluto in the 9th so I should imagine communication was very difficult, as Jewel always tried to be her spiritual self. Having looked after my mother for the same period and “nearly gone over the edge” too I understand the frustrations of looking after an elderly woman who is very controlling (which I suspect was the case with Pluto opposing her Saturn.) With transiting Neptune opposing her Mars in the 8th she must have felt very drained as well which also accounted for the peaks and lows in the road and twists and turns. My son who is highly clairvoyant kept warning me that my mother was vampiring my energy and energy is a resource. People who are moving towards senile dementia are unpredictable, often aggressive, controlling and sometimes violent. This makes life very unpleasant if you are their caregiver. Oh , did I mention they know everything and you know nothing. They also have what nurses in aged care homes a behaviour called “Sundown Syndrome.” This means that after three pm. In the afternoon be careful because their serotonin levels plummet. They become violent and very nasty. I somehow feel that Jewel’s dreams may have also referred to the unpredictability of looking after an elderly person.

On that note I will say good bye to Jewel and her fascinating dreams and thank her so much for the great privilege of looking at her dreams. Thankyou for the honour Jewel!


“Look at the stars!
Look! Look up at the skies!
Oh look at all the folk sitting in the air!
The bright boroughs, the circle citadels there!
By Gerard Manly Hopkins

Before we actually talk about Maria’s nightmares I’m going to talk about three things; first nightmares, secondly, brain waves and thirdly, a different phenomenon that causes nightmares. Energy healing can uncover, delete and heal this with energy healing or shamanic healing. But first you read about the theory, then Marie’s nightmares and third, what caused the nightmares.

A nightmare is a dream occurring during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep that results in feelings of strong terror, fear, distress or extreme anxiety. This phenomenon tends to occur in the latter part of the night and oftentimes awakens the sleeper, who is likely to recall the content of the dream. Most psychologists state that most nightmares may be a normal reaction to stress, and some clinicians believe they aid people in working through traumatic events. REM sleep begins with signals from the pons, an area at the base of the brain. These signals travel to a region called the thalamus, which relays them to the cerebral cortex-the outer layer of the brain responsible for learning, thinking and organizing information. The pons sends signals that shut off neurons in the spinal cord, causing temporary paralysis of limb muscles.

Frequent occurrence of nightmares becomes a disorder when it impairs social, occupational and other important areas of functioning. At this point, it may be referred to as Nightmare Disorder (formerly Dream Anxiety Disorder) or “repeated nightmares.” But I will be looking at nightmares in a different light.

Secondly, there is a great deal of research activity currently underway to further explore the link between brain activity and physiology and phenomenon such as energy healing. The human brain produces different levels of electrical activity depending on the amount of information it is processing. During a detailed task, it lights up with electrical charges as it sends and receives messages at a high concentration, its neurons firing in quick succession. While in a relaxed state of sleep, it glows dimmer, its neurons firing less often. Measurements of electrical activity in the brain are more commonly referred to as brainwaves.

By attaching electrodes to the scalp and using a device known as an electroencephalogram (EEG), we can view and analyse the traces of electrical activity in the brain that represent the “brain waves”. Like all waves, brain waves have a frequency, measured in cycles per second or Hertz (abbreviated Hz), which is the number of cycles the wave goes through in one second. So, a lower Hertz number represents a slower wave. Brain waves are categorized by their frequency. There are four kinds brain waves generally known to science and measured by EEGs: alpha, beta, theta, and delta and one more that has been recently discovered now that EEGs are becoming sensitive enough, gamma.

Beta brain waves, measured at 13-40 Hertz, are the brain state of our normal waking consciousness. Nearly all forms of action, thinking, and problem solving are done with a beta brain wave. Most people spend most of their waking lives in a beta state.

Alpha brain waves, measured at 7-13 Hertz are the brain state of relaxation and meditation. The alpha state is associated with creativity and super learning, where the brain learns at a faster and deeper level than it does in beta. Most meditation and energy healing techniques cultivate and utilize an alpha brain wave for relaxation and healing.

Theta brain waves, measured at 4-7 Hz, are the brain state of REM sleep (dreams), hypnosis, lucid dreaming, and the barely conscious state just before sleeping and just after waking. Theta is the border between the conscious and the subconscious world, and by learning to use a conscious, waking Theta brain wave we can access and influence the powerful subconscious part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible to our waking minds. While in the Theta state, the mind is capable of deep and profound learning, healing, and growth. It is the brain wave where our minds can connect to the Divine and manifest changes in the material world. In the Theta state there is increased production of catechol amines, which are vital for learning and memory and increased creativity. Theta is an ideal state for super-learning, re-programming your mind, dream recall, and self-hypnosis.

Delta brain waves, measured at less than 4 Hertz, are the brain state of deep sleep and unconsciousness. In this state one has access to the conscious and collective unconscious mind.

Gamma brain waves, measured at 40plus Hertz, are the brain state of hyper-alertness (hypervigilence), perception, and integration of sensory input. When time seems to slow down during a car accident, the brain is entering a high gamma state.

This is Marie’s recurring nightmare: “I often dreamed of aliens as a child and I used to be afraid of aliens and felt them in my room as a child. This is one of the nightmares I used to have. I was often awake in a paralysed state.” Maria told me that until recently she admitted to dreaming frequently of aliens until the healing. I was unaware of this.

Four days after her birthday, when Marie was forty five years old my guides and I performed a quite complex healing for Marie. In it we found that a party of extraterrestrials had been locked in a time warp at the time Julius Caesar’s death in ancient Rome. The Ides of March, 44 BC was on a full Moon and the ancient Latin word “Ides” means “Full Moon.” Marie’s ancestry is Italian too. Marie in that lifetime was one of those peace loving extra-terrestrials and even though she tried to stop the murder she couldn’t. I have found after using this healing method for six years that when a massacre, murder or ritual slaying is performed time is warped and people are often locked in time. Thus this ritual violence creates a portal or what some people call a wormhole. So people who have had past lives at that time keep spinning back to that time in an ouboric fashion like a snake biting its tail. Many lives will be locked into this time of death. Often when extraterrestrials come into our time for some reason they seem to us lock us into that time that we met them if we encounter them. So Marie’s nightmares were a result of this. Let’s look at the past life healing sequence.

The major reason Maria asked for the shamanic healing was to have a normal happy life, to clear her Mafia ancestry and heal the problems she was having with her neck.

When we began the healing the core emotion that seemed to be generating problems in Maria’s present life was “vindictive.” These were the lives creating problems from the emotion “vindictive” which was generated by your male ancestry.

The first thing we saw was a car in Sicily and then this scene abruptly flipped to a different place and time.

Then the scene disappeared and immediately we saw a UFO which was obviously trapped in space at twilight above some hills. The inhabitants had come from a distant constellation because they were concerned about the levels of violence and hatred on this planet (Earth.) These peace- loving beings were called the Zanatee. The time they were trapped in was ancient Rome at the time of the killing of Julius Caesar by Brutus. The Zanatee were some of the senators. Maria in this life time was a female Zanatee who married a senator and had children. We cleared this event and allowed the Zanatee to go home. Maria chose to stay on earth. The extra-terrestrial -space energy may be a connection to South Node conjunct Uranus and Jupiter in Libra.

[I will include this historical account of Caesar’s assignation: The first knife thrust was made by Casca who produced his dagger and made a glancing thrust at the dictator’s neck. Caesar turned around quickly and caught Casca by the arm. According to Plutarch, he said in Latin, “Casca, you villain, what are you doing?” Casca, frightened, shouted “Help, brother!” in. Within moments, the entire group, including Brutus, was striking out at the dictator. Caesar attempted to get away, but, blinded by blood, he tripped and fell; the men continued stabbing him as he lay defenceless on the lower steps of the portico. According to Eutropius, around 60 or more men participated in the assassination. Caesar was stabbed 23 times.]

The focus of this past life is violence. The Zanatee come to bring peace to our planet: to stop violence and hatred and they fail. Maria as one of the Zanatee is trapped in that violence until this present life. If we compare Maria’s natal chart now to the time of Caesar’s death Mars is featured. Caesar’s death Mars in Aquarius is conjunct Maria’s Mercury in the 12th in Aquarius. This position makes a wonderful astrologer, but also a person interested in extraterrestrials. But what I see is that this time has locked Maria’s consciousness; both conscious and unconscious into violence and trauma. Her Mars conjuncts the death time’s south node so this violence may go even further back. Maria’s position of Chiron conjuncts the death chart’s sun (core) in the first house, so as I have found Chiron to cause a warp in interdimensionality Michelle has held this scene in her unconscious for roughly 2000 years. She would not have been inside, but she may have been outside trying to prevent it.

DSC02041 (Small)

When this lifetime and event was healed we saw a scene in ancient Italy. A Doge had locked Maria in a past life as a soldier, who was a captain of guards who spoke out against the Doge [the ruler] in a dungeon. There were metal cups around his shoulders and a heavy wooden log (board) across his neck. He was chained to a stone wall with heavy chains. We healed Maria. The Doge and his negative energy of hatred, vindictiveness and violence were removed.

Abruptly a scene in medieval Japan appeared. Maria, in a past life was a male Samurai warrior who did not win in battle. He committed hari kari, but was also stabbed in the throat by fellow warrior. Maria was healed.

We saw woman in Victorian times England in another past life. She wore a pretty pale blue dress that reached the ground. Her lover fought a duel for her. The lover was shot and stabbed in throat, and then Maria was stabbed in throat. We healed this lifetime.

In another past life we saw sons. Their mother (Maria in this past life) died young and in poverty. They were sent to poor house and escaped. They took to crime. There were jailed and sent to the colonies and died on the way. That lifetime and that of her sons was healed.

The scene in Sicily re-appeared. A bride (Maria in a past life) was being driven along a country (dirt) road. She had been captured by her brother. He would not allow her to marry her chosen groom. This was about 1920. We healed this.

Maria was also a gunfighter who was gunned down by sheriff. He was a turkey thief. He was shot in chest, throat and pelvis. This was the early to mid-1800s in USA, maybe mid to south in a desert area. When he was buried he was a woman. This life was healed.

It became apparent that from a bird’s eye view these lives were spinning and intermingling. This was stopped. What we saw was Michelle was sitting in space. The Lord of Time was very, very angry. We saw her as a good witch who had cast a time spell on a Full Moon night. I could not pick up the time on Earth. The spell did not work and she was trapped in a horizontal time line. It wasn’t just that time didn’t move, but time occasionally was out of control and past lives were spinning in and out of the current day insured that Maria was part of an effect where she was all of these people in past lives at once. There was also a glowing line put across the time of the pelvis by the angry Lord of Time. We removed the Lord of Time as an entity creating havoc in your life as captured into your space by your spell. The whole series of lives which were intermingled was healed.

I told Maria, “If you read the Eye of the Centaur by Barbara Hand Clow you will read that her life was the same until she started doing shamanic journeys. The Time Lord is Saturn; in this case it is Saturn square Sun. The intermingling of time and being saved by the bell is natally Chiron in Pisces conjunct North Node conjunct Hygiea (holistic health) conjunct Eris (discord of any archetype and trouble with a capital T and violence) all in Aries and widely conjunct Saturn in Aries. Moon conjunct Neptune does not help here. It creates confusion in the body and an illusion of total insecurity.”

The comparison or synastry of Maria’s present day natal horoscope and the chart of Julius Caesar’s death seems more than coincidence.


“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
or the ends of being and ideal grace.”
By Elizabeth Barrett-Browning.

BeeBee has remarkable powers of clairvoyance and if you read the last dream article I wrote she astral travels whilst she is asleep, thus I am not surprised at these dreams. Although I am largely an exoteric astrologer I do follow the esoteric path of believing that one’s soul path is driven or represented by one’s ascendant. Thus we also look at the ascendant’s ruling planet. It is Venus which sits in her fourth house conjunct Pluto in Libra, so Venus is vital in BeeBee’s life.

Last time BeeBee wrote to me she said, “Regarding the article on the Venus- Pluto conjunction if you want I have a couple of dreams to share that are related with me and my ex-boyfriend A. We both have Venus -Pluto conjunction. In one dream he came to me and said, “I will see you in the month of the poinsettia (the red flower).” I knew it was him because his family name has associations with the poinsettia.”

BeeBee continued, “Four years later I found out through my clairvoyant friend that he had given me an oath in a past life in Persia on this flower that we would marry, but his court killed him they poisoned him with an apple. I was not of royal blood while he was a king I have dreamed that the same people in his court are today his friends (wolves in sheep’s clothing.)

Also with R. I also have a synastry Venus-Pluto conjunction and he too has it in his natal chart too. He too appeared in a dream and told me;” I will be here forever for you,’’ which later on you saw when we did my healing and saw how he had taken an oath verified my dream.

In the same dream I was driving with my dad towards Monemvasia in the South Peloponnese near our summer house and my Grandfather’s village so we came to a spot where my father told me, “I will let you out the car and now you will have to travel alone!”

He asked me, “Give him 200 euros!”

I replied, “I only have 400, but I will give you half.”

Then I alighted from the car and my Dad drove in the opposite direction. As I got out of the car I saw R. He suddenly was with me. I asked him, Will you leave too?”

He replied, “No I will always be here for you!”

Then we travelled to Monemvasia which is an amazing castle city rich with byzantine monasteries and churches, as we entered the city we saw an old lady dressed in black who gave us directions as we were lost.” That was the end of that dream.

This part is not a dream. “Oddly enough 2 years later when R. came to Greece we did go to Monemvasia and upon entering the city we did see an old lady just like in the old lady in the dream. R. was astounded and remained puzzled as my dream was also a prophetic one.”

It is no surprise that BeeBee has these prophetic dreams with her Sun square Neptune; Neptune aspecting Mars in the 12th; and Mercury trine Chiron. But the dreams are related to her Pluto conjunct Venus and being in the 4th house she obviously has inherited these fated relationships. Not only does BeeBee have a fated Venus, but she also has a karmic Moon (which is conjunct Saturn and her South Node in Cancer.) he somehow must break these past life links to have a normal life and see clearly without the skewed and emotional spectacles she wears. She must beware of taking these men under her arm like Mummy, for they actually need to be held at arms-length with great amounts of objectivity. To add to this gentleness and heart on her sleeve, the person with Venus-Pluto has a charm that cannot be defined words. They have a charisma that flows like a subtle perfume and their ability to attract comes straight from a sultry Mills and Boon novel. Pluto-Venus conjunction people are extremely sensitive and have an inner fragility and they remind me of an old Agatha Christie short story I read of a Helen of Troy-type lady when attracted obsessive and mostly destructive men who tried to own her. When they could not possess her they tried to kill her. Venus-Pluto people can attract really obsessive relationships because they do come through the portals of past lives and are karmic until the links, oaths, spell and even curses; all those Scorpionic/8th house strange and unexplainable things are broken, by a good witch, as if in a fairy tale. (What is not obvious in these dreams is that BeeBee had made no present life or past life oaths to these men.) I forgot to mention that dreams and their symbols belong to the 8th house so her 8th house North Node was one way out of her karmic predicaments.

DSC02039 (Small)

We know that Saturn and Chiron are the Time Lords and Neptune can cause mistiness, slipperiness, quicksand-ness in dimensions and time is a dimension. Time slips and warps and is blocked when Saturn, Chiron and Neptune are involved. Thus we look to all these three planets to transit the Pluto-Venus aspect. So for BeeBee the healer of past lives actually appeared in her life and presented the opportunity to cauterise the past when transiting Neptune and Chiron inconjuncted her natal Pluto-Venus. At the same time transiting Saturn conjuncted her progressed Venus.

At this point I will thank Maria and BeeBee for the wonderful opportunity to examine their dreams and I will say farewell for the time being. I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you have had some dreams which you would like to share anonymously the book is waiting. These are the categories or chapters:
1. Introduction.
2. Premonitions and predictive dreams.
2. Signal dreams that help solve problems and make decisions
3. Nightmares
4. Lucid dreams
5. Recurring dreams. Once we solve the problem these dreams stop.
6. Healing dreams that warn us of ill health or heal us
7. Numinous dreams where we may dream of god, archangels and divine figures. They change us forever.
8. Progressive dreams or dream series which solve problems.
9. Mutual dreams: dreams where our loved ones dream the same dream.
10. Astral travelling
11. Dreams that are caused by ghosts or spirits.

My very best wishes from,

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