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Often I am unsettled about my final draft of an article and I need to edit it the next day. Last night it was late when I posted the Neptune article and I woke early this morning (Sunday the 28th February, 2016) thinking, “I must add “Neptune in Pisces” and “Moon in Pisces” archetypes to the article. I also received a lovely email from my friend Gary who suggested that I look at the esoteric astrology ideas on Neptune retrograde and direct. I will include this and I will also add Dane Rudyar’s ideas on Neptune retrograde. I also wish to add some writing about Neptunian-lunar-Piscean sub-personalities, as well as Neptunian-Piscean karma.

I really would appreciate some comments from you. Perhaps you could suggest some topics that you would like me to write about. I noticed a lot of people looking at the “For the Love of Foxes” article. Thankyou CJ. I am thinking of writing a similar article on “The love of thylacines and dingos” too. These are Australian creatures. You may also have some animals or birds or even sea creatures or insects that are important to you. If so please let me know. Monica talked to me about heron years ago and now I seem to see them of on my daily walk through the bush. I have considered an article on “My path: How do I find it?” and “Hades the Uranian planet of medical experts and disintegration.” I’d appreciate it if you could send me a message relating to the last two topics. Do you have an interest in them?

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Even though transiting Neptune is a great advertisement for counselling and life coach astrologers, as they can give advice on what to do and what not to do when Neptune’s tsunami of illusion rushes through, Neptune can also, at its highest level of spirituality, tune us into the Divine. When people are not tuned in positively to the brow or third eye chakra they can do some weird and aberrant things, when Neptune crosses pivotal points and planets in their horoscope, so it is best to be forewarned. With the people who do not yet understand how to be divinely inspired common sense behaviour seems to leave a normally practical and level headed person, when transiting Neptune conjuncts their Ascendant, inner planets and luminaries. A prudent person may become a conman overnight or become involved in a get-rich scheme, have a sexual affair and become Walter Mitty with his romantic fantasies. Their perception can become confused, so they do irrational things. If they have a strong Saturn it will help, but I have seen strong Capricorn Ascendant men fall to the allures of a femme fatal under a Neptune transit to his Ascendant or become get involved in some pyramid selling scheme. So boundaries and counselling are essential to give some understanding of his or her baffling behaviour during a Neptune transit. I will say, though, that a Neptune transit will only destroy what is already shaky or repressed, whether it be a marriage or trust between people, but Neptune’s path of devastation is tragic where children are concerned, because children need stability, routine and predictability.
Transiting Neptune conjunct Sun for people, who are not on a path of spiritual evolution, can be delusional and it can create devastation for their families. I have listened to many married women, who have come to me as clients, because their husband had just taken out a huge loan to extend their house, when it didn’t need extending or the husbands have just bought a seemingly worthless property. The woman had been hoodwinked into being the guarantor and in their late fifties and sixties they had to take cleaning work to cover the costs of the loan. But sometimes the people, who have had Neptune charge through their life, experience a breakdown of some kind that eventually leads them to take a different path, often a more spiritually rewarding and fulfilling one. Neptune acts to dissolve what it touches and in hindsight it is a good thing, but the path is not an easy one.
One of my female friends had a husband with transiting Neptune conjuncted his Ascendant. He left his wife and jeopardised his family. His son had to leave his school because of the family breakup and he became involved with a bad lot at school, who just happened to find a drug dealer at the back fence of the school. The son also had Neptune conjuncting his Ascendant.
More than twenty years ago when a friend and I went to Glastonbury transiting Neptune conjuncted both of our Suns. We had no idea what to expect. It was just a last minute decision to go on a trip we didn’t know anything about.
Although I had experienced visions since I was in my mid- twenties nothing prepared me for the exquisite visions I had of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael at Glastonbury and around the district and Mother Mary’s dialogue and prophecies, which shocked me and changed my life totally. I also had other visions of past lives I had lived at Glastonbury and holographic sightings of humans, who had lived in the near-by counties thousands of years ago. It was a clairaudient- clairvisual kaleidoscope that has become part of my life. Of course I can switch it on and off now, because I have done numerous healing courses all over the world. I can use this ability, guided by the heavenly beings and the archangels to heal people’s past lives and present lives. This sudden change in my life was accompanied by being duped by people I trusted impulsively; going to work and live on Indigenous tribal communities, seeing all sorts of spirit beings, going to church a lot, learning about the cosmology of the northern Australian Aboriginal people, hanging around people who drank alcohol excessively and took hallucogenic drugs (I never have drunk alcohol or taken any drugs myself), study psychological astrology and travel overseas. All of these behaviours and cultures were Neptunian.
But today I want to talk to you about my friend Angelica because she has transiting Neptune conjuncting her natal Moon in the 8th house. What will this mean? What will it mean to Angelica?

Here my evidence is totally inconclusive. While I am open to the hypotheses of astrologers of many schools, in light of my research background at university I would need at least 1,000 people as data and then I would need to see what sort of a demography or cultural background they came from. We couldn’t have all criminals, all priests, all butchers, all energy healers. We would need a wide sociological mix.

A dear friend, who is a successful esoteric astrologer read my article on Neptune’s transits to the Moon. He questioned my thesis that Neptune produces a wide variety of behaviour varying from addiction, escapism and becoming a con artist overnight to a very advanced soul. He stated that his belief was that when a person has a direct Neptune natally and I assume by transit then that person may lack clarity, feel weak and be a failure. If the transit or natal Neptune was retrograde then they would be creative, artistic and have dreams and do wonderful meditation. I tested this hypothesis on one hundred people who had either natal or retrograde Neptune. The criminals like Hitler, Diana Mitford, Eric Mendenez, Fred West, Charles Manson, Reggies Kray, Myra Hindley all had a natal direct Neptune and they were failures sociologically, but Peter Sutcliffe had a retrograde Neptune natally. Emanual Swedenborg, Allan Oken, Loiuse Hay, Edgar Cayce, Jim Morrison, Freud, Paul McCartney, and various successful energy healers I know all had a direct Neptune natally yet they were and are hugely successful. I then tested about one hundred cases of transiting Neptune the data was inconclusive. Consequently my friend’s idea remains a hypothesis rather than a thesis. However, some of the situations where the transit began with confusion things changed and they “lived happily ever after.”

We must be aware that Neptune is, by its very watery state, a chimera who can change shape. Water can be calm, rippley, turbulent, huge waves or a tsunami: safe or unsafe. If we fence it water might be safe, or if we employ lifeguards or sail on a big ship, but the Titanic tells us about water that turns to ice. Water can also be liquid, gas or ice. Neptune, like water is unpredictable. Neptune was married to Amphrite, a Neried who was the daughter of Oceanus the Titan. Thetis the chameleon mother of Achilles was Amphrites sister. She took revenge on Neptune whenever he had an affair and that was often. So we really never know what he will do.
I gathered some various opinions on transiting and natal Neptune and this is what came out. I guess you can accept what you prefer the whole area is based on feelings just like Neptune it is qualitative, rather than quantitative and intuitive and feeling rather than bounded by Saturnian facts. By the way Neptune is retrograde five months out of every year, thus you have a 40-60 chance of your belief being right.

Judy Collins at http://www.cco.net/~trufax/research/Natal%20Retrograde%20Planets.pdf states that a retrograde Neptune gives the person a need to serve. They are the spiritual warriors of the Universe. Through sacrifice in this life, the person feels loved and useful. They need to be needed. Now this sounds very much like Pluto in the sixth house, but a lot of Pisceans are like this.

Molly’s Astrology from http://www.mollysastrology.com/astrology-tutorials/retrogrades believes that with retrograde Neptune people are frequently confused inwardly as to whether they are “virtuous” or not. They persistently seek to help others, whether their help is wanted or not. They are more susceptible & more easily taken in by others.

Lyn Koiner states that retrograde Neptune causes sensitivity and receptivity to be much more acute. Due to this heightened receptivity, we are allowed to see far more than is possible when Neptune is direct. This is possibly a result of augmented intuitive or inner vision that bestows a different and more insightful perspective on matters.

In her website http://www.pathwaytoascension.com/astrology/lesson5.html, Nancy Detweiler who enjoys the work of Martin Schulman maintains that, “The individual brings memories of prior lifetimes into the present incarnation. Schulman insists that “A Neptune retrograde person may be living in a dulled phase of another time zone whose irresistible magnetism seems even more important than his current life.” A Neptune retrograde person needs to listen to and heed insights that appear to come to you from “out of the blue.” They have a great urge to view the material world in terms of its significance to the Soul and its growth.

The Pagan’s Path site at http://www.paganspath.com/meta/retro.htm suggests that if Neptune is in retrograde is in your chart, you are prone to escape reality through delusion or dream. This position can cause people to be inhibited and lack the confidence to reach for their dreams in reality. Consequently they may find escape from the perceived failure through an abuse of drugs, alcohol or mental illness.
I detach myself from all of these opinions.

As Neptune takes 165 years to orbit our sun many of us will never have transiting Neptune conjunct our Sun. Since 1960 Neptune has been in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and now Pisces. So in 55 years Neptune has only been present in five zodiacal signs. Some people only live to fifty-five. Consequently this conjunction is a once in a lifetime transit.

A transit depends very much on your physical and emotional maturity as to how it affects you. It took Angelica a long time to decide to adopt her grandchild so I am not sure whether Neptune was direct or indirect when it crept closer to her Moon, but I do know that with her professional and calm demeanour whatever she did would have been thought through with stability and calmness and with her position of being a very advanced soul. I don’t believe that advanced souls are effected by astrological factors.

And with my back ground working with and in Human Welfare and low socio-economic schools and communities and with academics, who have been social workers all their life or people like Angelica who work in emergency medical centers, astrology has little place. Self –actualisation does. This is where I suggest looking at the Dalia Lama’s chart. He has been self-actualised since he was a small child and he is above the effects of the planets.

Neptune entered Pisces in February 2012 and it will be there until January 2026.

Neptune in its own sign reflects what happens in the fourteen years it transits Pisces. Poseidon was Cronus’s son and the grandson of Gaia and Uranus, thus he was a great force. He was the great Olympian god of all waters: the sea, rivers, and floods, as well as droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes, and horses. Horses are tied archetypally to Thessaly, in the north of Greece, where Mycenaean or Titanic forces still ruled. Thessaly was known to be the domain of witches, who called down the Moon. Poseidon’s trident symbolised his archaic and historical origins: that of the triple Moon goddesses: the young Artemis, the mature Hera and the crone dark Moon Hecate. So along with the horse he was hardly civilised.

So we see him in the raving Donald Trump (Mercury in Cancer Square Neptune conjunct Poseidon), Australia’s aggressive, tactless Tony Abbott (Poseidon conjunct Ascendant. Neptune conjunct Mars in the first house conjunct Sun conjunct Mercury in the 2nd house), crazy Putin (Neptune conjunct Mercury square Mars and Neptune is part of Putin’s stellium containing Poseidon conjunct Sun, conjunct Saturn conjunct Neptune conjunct Mercury), and the feral, born-again Viking, Middle Eastern terrorists raping and destroying everything in sight. None of them are civilised, regardless of their clothes and they are all Neptunian.

But there is more to Poseidon-Neptune than revenge-seeking maniacs with destructive emotions. There is an evolved Iron John (from Grimm’s Fairy Tales) Neptunian archetype, who is close to nature, lives in the forest and becomes a courageous king. These people exist and they work to keep our planet’s wild environments intact. They might write for National Geographic. I talk about the creative side of Neptune below and that includes not just the artists, inventors, the gymnasts of the water and mariners. It includes the film makers, the social workers and good transpersonal psychologists and psychological astrologers, healers and Neptunian medical workers who all go about their daily work quietly.

• One’s sensitivity, responsiveness, passions, openness to stimuli (especially spiritual stimuli) and wellbeing may can go to extremes;
• One can become very creative, artistic and bring into reality one’s inspirations. You may paint, sing, sculpt, play an instrument, channel material, hear nature spirits or angels and you can be highly inspirational.
• Like my tradesman friends below one can actualise amazing achievements, inventions or artistic works through fantasy, channelling, imaginative projects and being in sacred places.
• Your world may change completely. You begin to live in a fairy tale world, only it’s real. You can write about or make solid objects that you can sell.
• You will become more compassionate and aware. I was and lots of my friends who have had this aspect have worked in fields of teaching, social work, counselling, the medical and alternate healing world because they have become motivated to respond to the sufferings of those who need help (living and dead.) Your intuition, psychic abilities, awareness of other people’s needs and feelings is amplified at this time.
• You may experience a spiritual transformation now, as your bond to your spiritual world and thin places between worlds is much stronger at this time.
• But this also can be confusing and self-deluding time where you:
• Are subject to being seduced by unscrupulous motives of others.
• Are more romantic than normal. This includes ending relationships as well as beginning them.
• Do be wary of taking hallucinatory substances now. They are physically addictive and they attract lower astral negative entities, who will harm you and eventually take you over and send you insane.
• And while we are hovering around insanity Neptune also rules magic and sorcery. Sorcery is a dark art that is used to hurt others. The karmic pay backs for harming or trying to kill others through sorcery are huge. Turn the other cheek and let the angels deal with nasty situations.
• Home changes and moves happen now as well as changes in your domestic life. You may move near water, to a spiritual community, an Indigenous community, a sacred place or to isolated area.
• Please remember that Neptune rules illusions so ethics, morals and honesty is vital now. Avoid lying, tall stories, dirty dealing, be clean, legal and true to self and avoid unsettling fears, odd emotions (depression, obsessions, paranoia and their consequences), but what you think are hallucinations may be visions.
So many of the positive Neptunian events and behaviours happened to Angelica. She adopted a tiny family member, moved countries, saw deeper into the archangel world, became more compassionate, but all with her feet on the ground. Whereas she felt sorry for drug takers and unscrupulous people before, she encourages the police deal with them now, as she knows that they are connected to the lower (seventh and eighth) astral worlds.
She became a wise Elder and if you have access to Michael Newton’s book Destiny of Souls, you will find a description of Angelica on pages 169- 200, chapter 11, “The Advanced Soul.” These people have a far reaching spiritual consciousness, but they are quiet, unassuming and practical. They have great patience with all types of people and have extraordinary coping skills. They radiate composure, kindness and understanding as well as great serenity and their eyes and faces are inscrutable. They are self-actualised in Maslow’s psychological scale and they have no shadow. They have no fear or negative emotions.
Although Ambika Wauters in her excellent book, “The Book of Chakras: Discover the Hidden Forces within You” suggests the Moon, Sagittarius and Pisces rules this “Wise Elder” chakra, Ron from http://www.astrochakras.com maintains that Neptune is the ruler rules the 6th chakra and I agree. Ron’s web site is delightful and I suggest that you look at it.
The brow or third eye chakra rules holistic concepts and using one’s imagination, in abstract, insightful, original and creative ways, in other words not just painting, sculpture, pottery, singing and graphic design, but being able to listen the Divine forces to create inventions . Consequently artists, musicians and inventors will frequently mention that the idea “just came to me”. That’s because they are allowing this chakra to “feel” incoming messages, “intuitions and dreams”.
I have a few friends who work in the construction industry. One is a tradesman with “The One” tattooed on his leg, because “The One” kept giving him messages about how to build inventions. He came to me to get help to see if he had other angelic, ancestral or nature spirit guides and how to contact them. He does this “contacting” every night. He and a small band of my other tradesman friends invent or do energy healing with help from their Divine guides. They look and act like Vikings with their wild hair, their tattoos, their occasional rough language (they don’t say much unless it is necessary), beards, suntans and big muscles, but they are all Neptunians (i.e. Marco- Sun in Pisces [a welder sculptor]; Sun conjunct Neptune [Brian the welder-fitter-B double truck driver]; Dougal- Neptune in Scorpio sextile Mars sextile Ascendant [sheet metal worker and racing car driver] and Jan, with his Sun conjunct Mercury-Venus in Pisces [a fitter-welder-forester, hydraulics expert, heavy machinery expert.] They are all such positive inspirations and the salt of the earth. I have watched Brian as transiting Neptune squared his Mars, his Mercury and now, right now transiting Neptune is conjuncting his natal Jupiter and now he has patented his inventions and is selling them. The Neptune squares gave him oomph. If we are tuning into this pituitary chakra, and our first, second, third, fourth and fifth chakras are balanced we can use Neptune’s inspiration in grounded “wise Elder” ways. Brian is using his Neptune ruled brow chakra to use his divinely inspired wisdom to be an inventor. Isn’t that fantastic!
Ron suggests that , “In order for this energy to smoothly function you must have an awareness of yourself as a spiritual being, and the other 5 chakras must be in balance, otherwise the incoming “visions” creates a chaotic disturbance of images. Live a life-style that has supportive, sustaining, and healthy routines. Attend to your dreams (keep a journal of your dreams), meditate or pray at regular times of the day, and listen to your unconsciousness. This small practice will help you to verify your own spiritual gifts and abilities. Being intuitive is nothing more than paying attention to the subtle flows of energy. Allow yourself quiet moments so you can hear Spirit’s whispers…”
I hope you have enjoyed finding out about Neptunian transits, especially Neptune conjunct one’s Moon. All in all this has been a fairly general article on Neptune and it is not a recipe book-type article, nor does it have any Neptunian medical astrology, but as with the transits of the outer planets forewarned is fore-armed.


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“Lay up not for yourselves upon earth, where moth and rust dust corrupt and thieves break through and steal… For where your treasure is, there shall your heart be also.”
Mathew 6: 19-21
The Holy Bible.


For those of you who have been traumatised by transiting Pluto affecting your Moon, and you are screaming, digging your heels in and having to change your life because of the relentless savaging to your body, intellect, heart and soul, I wish you my sincere empathy. For until you actually have been ravaged by Pluto you can only intellectualise what a Pluto transit is like in actuality. Band-Aids, soothing cream and a nice bedtime story are not enough; a complete change of lifestyle is; a total change of being, doing and thinking is necessary. If you aim to evolve and you have changed your old, unnecessary patterns of behaviour then Pluto may treat you more nicely than otherwise.

I have far less time to write this than my high academic standards dictate, so I hope what I present is to your liking. I present Heracles cleaning the Augean Stables after the classical and Dorian- patriarchal-Olympians have torn him, as a Dumuzi look-alike from his original lover (Hera) way back in the mists of time. I analyse the Heracles  myth because I feel a great synchrony between his journey and that of transiting Pluto ransacking and recreating the natal Moon.

I move on then to analyse and discuss the archetypal meanings of the Moon and Pluto and as the main meal to this article. I serve up Bernadette Brady’s system of transits, which I find sensible and nourishing. I will be just looking at a single horoscope; that of a friend, who is of the Pluto in Leo generation. I will use this chart as an example and I will include all that I have discussed previously in her chart.

I am delighted to see you again. Take care, wherever you are and whatever transit you are having. If you have had transiting Pluto affect your Moon in your life time I would love to hear from you. No one person has the same experience.


Of course I could have discussed the affect and effect of Pluto’s rape of Persephone had on her lunar mother Demeter, but the Hera-Heracles Greek myth is fascinating and a pertinent parallel to the phenomena of transiting Pluto squaring and affecting the natal Moon. I hope you enjoy this article. By the way Hera seems to play Pluto at times and the Moon at times. When she is the harsh, unconscious, vengeful and chthonic; a bloody, raving Hecate-like creature, who seeks the destruction of her imagined enemies for defying her archaic laws, she is a Pluto-like Titan, but when she is the matriarch, mother, all female and even virginal, emerging from her sacred spring in ancient Thessaly she is the Moon.

According to esoteric astrology, Heracles, a “Son of God and a Son of a mortal” represents the Soul in human appearance, but even before I knew this it seemed obvious to me that Heracles in the myth of the cleansing of the Augean stables, when he was rerouting the rivers to clean thirty years of manure, of a thousand cattle, seemed  to be the ideal spiritual and metaphysical metaphor for transiting Pluto squaring the natal Moon. It is no coincidence that Heracles was so named, because Hera as one’s psyche or soul is Heracles teacher. Heracles means Hera’s splendour.

In archaic Greece, many centuries before Zeus’ appearance, Hera was alone on the throne with her young lover Herakles. Later, in classical times Heracles was portrayed as her arch enemy, but Heracles, was in reality Hera’s sexual partner and co-creator. I personally believe that given Hera’s commonalities with Middle Eastern goddesses, Herakles was probably Hera’s son also, a dying son/consort that is seen in myth world-wide.

But in classical myth, when women become subservient to men, Heracles (later named Hercules) was driven mad by Hera (a queen of the Olympian Gods and a former queen in archaic- matriarchal Greek times. Like the Egyptian rulers Hera married her Olympian brother Jupiter, but originally she had ruled ancient Greece alone. Her marriage was unhappy due to her jealousy of her husband’s many conquests. Heracles or Hercules was a child of such a mistress, a human mistress at that. Hera was notoriously vengeful.

Hera had been bought up by her uncle, the Titan Oceanus who was a son of Gaia- Mother Earth. Most of Zeus’s mistresses were in geographical and colonial terms rivers and creeks; in other words territory that the new Dorian king wished to conquer. From the point of view of bodily  and etheric energy the rivers  and ocean in both the Augean Stables myth and the Greek myths seem to indicate the emotion, water-element chakra  which is located between our earth chakra and solar plexus.

In the myth, because of his Hera-caused madness Hercules slew his son, daughter, and wife Megara. After recovering his sanity, Hercules deeply regretted his actions; he was purified by King Thespius, and then travelled to Delphi to inquire how he could atone for his actions. Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi, advised him to go to Tiryns and serve his cousin King Eurystheus for twelve years, performing whatever labours Eurystheus might set him. In return, he would be rewarded with immortality. Hercules despaired at this, disgusted  and humiliated at serving a man whom he knew to be far inferior to himself, yet fearing to oppose his father Zeus, but he agreed. Thus the twelve labours of Hercules are a series of twelve tasks concerning a penance carried out by Heracles, the greatest of the Greek heroes. They are the tasks that the Gods dish out to cut down those inferior beings guilty of hubris. Soul-wise the service and humiliation is needed to gain spiritual evolution. The tasks were accomplished over 12 years at the service of King Eurystheus. According to Walter Burket, a scholar of Greek mythology, the literary establishment of a fixed cycle of twelve labours was attributed by the Greeks to an epic poem, now lost, written by Peisander, dated about 600 BC.

Hercules eleventh labour was to clean the stables of King Augeas; a task that was seen as humiliating and impossible. The stables had not been cleaned for 30 years and the 1000 cattle were immortal. As a result they produced endless quantities of manure. Rather than the manure being healthy compost it seemed more like old engine oil; it ruined the land. Hercules brainstormed the task and by re-routed the rivers Alpheus and Peneus, thus cleaning out the manure. Originally, Hercules had requested one-tenth of the cattle if he finished the task in one day, but afterwards Augeas refused to honour the agreement on the grounds that Hercules had been ordered to carry out the task by Eurystheus anyway. Hercules claimed his reward in court, and was supported by Augeas’ son Phyleus. Augeas banished them both before the court had ruled. Hercules returned, slew Augeas, and gave his kingdom to Phyleus. According to the Odes of the poet Pindar, Hercules then founded the Olympic Games. The success of this labour was discounted because the rushing waters had done the work of cleaning the stables and because Hercules was paid for it.


I really see the water as the watery emotions of the Moon and Hera is the old lunar goddess. Even though she becomes the perfect wife, she is, when she rages, in a league with the old wild, lunar ways of Hecate, Circe, Artemis, Ishtar, Lilith and the Bacchae(or Dionysian maneads). Sometimes Hera takes the place of Artemis in the New Moon stage. We know that Hera ritually cleanses herself in a sacred spring. But like Artemis,  she is not above killing for revenge. Hera uses curses and spells as a result of her resentment, jealousy and fury. It is also vital to be aware that Augeas was the son of Neptune, the god of the waters. Both Neptune and Hera associate frequently in the pre-Hellenic world as watery deities and as such they symbolise unhealthy chthonic emotions which damage a person. Hera in this state is the Dweller on the Threshold of the Heroes journey. The soul must cast out such toxic psychological states.

We know the Moon in Scorpio when badly aspected and in a negative aspect to Pluto can be deeply unconscious of her own healthy needs. She becomes a receptacle for all things nasty that have been embedded in the family psyche for generations. As Liz Greene states (The Luminaries, p. 30) “The instinctual needs of the family embodying a particular archetypal theme, will seek fulfillment through all family members, taking more destructive forms according to the degree of repression and unconsciousness present in the family.” Working with such a harsh transit as transiting Pluto square natal Moon indicates a great need to work with deep family issues that have been fulminating for generations. If a family member has Moon conjunct Pluto conjunct Jupiter with a mother who had Moon (conjunct Saturn) opposite Pluto and the matriarchal grandmother also had Moon opposite Pluto the need to clean the Augean Stables is mandatory. And in the particular case study I am highlighting in this article a patriarchal crime to the matriarchal side of the family happened fifty years before. Since then the grandmother and the mother had been baying for revenge and the result was severe psychological  illness.   Thus transiting Pluto symbolically and esoterically becomes Heracles.

The concept of insanity, which is generally connected with devastating fury or rage, which ensued from the manipulative power of the gods or goddesses was a critical problem, for the ancient Greeks, in such cases of personal accountability. Was Hercules a sufferer of supernatural powers outside his power when he ferociously killed his helpless family? Was it a case of momentary irrationality or reduced competence (or what the law called diminished responsibility) caused by Hera’s appalling enchantment? Or was he fully answerable for his monstrous crime?

In modern times we may ask, “Were Hercules’s actions faulty biochemistry, defective neurology, flawed genes, childhood trauma or demons or hallucogenic drugs that caused his actions?) Was Hercules the ill-starred victim of powerful forces; astrological, biological, historical, psychological, sociological or metaphysical that eventually take control and compel them to do evil? Should he astrologically, 9th house and Jupiterian caused, be held accountable, ethically and legally, for such malevolent crimes? For the ancient Greeks, the answer was never unequivocally either/or, but inconsistently, both.

Hercules, despite presumably being driven homicidally mad by Hera, was nonetheless condemned by the gods to do penance for his horrific crimes. And it was Hera, -who had maliciously induced his madness and subsequently, again had a hand in meting out his severe punishment.

When we face giant Pluto transits, like Pluto transiting our Sun, Moon or Ascendant, our human existence and our individuation process , where we free our self from our unconscious and face and beat the Dweller on the Threshold, themselves demand such heroic strength, stamina and courage from each of us in various ways. We all face at times seemingly impossible tasks, intimidating obstacles, serious stumbling blocks; our own Herculean labours to reckon with in life. And, through Hercules, we have much to learn about bravely meeting life’s challenges, dealing with fate, and finding and fulfilling our destiny.


We can view mythological images as self-portrayals of the soul, just as we saw Heracles and Hera in the first part of this article, but in this section I wish to explore the archetypal side of the Moon.
Thus it is:
• Our body and our instincts;
• Our cycles, changes or state of flux ( including our creativity and relationships;
• Our safety (or lack of safety) and warmth of human contact or not, and the resultant anxiety , eating disorders , hoarding, irrational fears maenad behaviour, need for security, or compulsions if one does not feel safe ;
• The Great Mother or our Mother;
• The matriarch who rules the family or tribe;
• Negatively, the lunar qualities of manipulation, treachery, savage instincts, moodiness, lack of cooperation, lack of reasonableness and emotional rapaciousness and emotional fluctuations;
• Chanting, trances, dances and music
• Magnetism;
• Feelings and emotions;
• Impressionability;
• The domestic, nurturing urge;
• The breasts, digestion and stomach;
• The female principle; wife, women and mother;
• Moods and tides;
• Receptivity;
• Habit patterns, reflex actions;
• The need to touch;
• Liquids, commodities, sailing, brewing, nursing, tradespeople, the public;
• ***** consciousness **** and
• Personal interests and needs


Pluto wishes:
• For us to evolve, transform or rebirth;
• Let go of all that is holding us back;
• And rules death and separation;
• For emotional and psychological issues such as sex, intimacy, healing, as well as manipulation (we can see here that both the Moon as Artemis, Hera and Hecate is chthonic as well as Pluto), jealousy, possessiveness, obsessiveness and self-destruction (this includes unconscious and conscious self-sabotaging, self-vampiring, procrastinating and suicide ;
• Breaks through all illusions in search of the truth;
• Shines light on and confronts our raw and primal darkness;
• For intensity and focus;
• New levels of relationships, including intimacy with self and others;
• For us to find our core purpose in this incarnation and the deep power in our solar plexus;
• Wants us to explore the house and sign of the Pluto transit and natal Pluto house more deeply;
• have soul connections with people, new relationships;
• dump all our old useless, outmoded habits, beliefs, burdens, obligations, “stuff” generally, that includes toxic people;
• face and overcome our fears, obsessions , anxieties
• Wants us to spring clean;
• Find all our hidden treasure; psychological and otherwise
• Be a tempter; this can include the underworld, illicit affairs, underworld and illegal activities,
Confront a disease, place or person that could kill us.

An Australian astrologer Bernadette Brady wrote a fantastic book called “Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark. You need to draw up a table with five columns and five rows. At the left side; one down from the top write “Planet”; next down vertically write “Transit house location” and on the bottom row at the left write “ House(s) ruled by Planet.” On the top horizontally one in from the left side write “Transit”, then horizontally next to the write “Natal Planet”, then “Transit” and then “Natal Planet.” We will only do one transit and natal planet for convenience and simplicity.


The top row is the cause.
Pluto is in Capricorn is in the 6th house of domestic routine, health and diet, breaking habit patterns and duty of service.
The Moon in Libra is in the 8th house of transformation, beginnings and endings, death and birth and money. This house also rules the resources of other people which could be emotional, physical and financial. There is in this house an intense irrevocable change.

In the top row there is, due to a death, birth or desire for change an event that will unfold elsewhere.

The aspect is a square which indicates an event or events which are no one’s fault that is forcing you into action. This aspect is based on tension. So this square pushes us into corners we cannot avoid. Rather than swearing or screaming we need to take the action that is indicated by events.

The middle row is where you are most concerned.
Pluto is transiting the eleventh house. This is a house of groups, friends and counselling. In the middle row there may be the possibility of meeting a whole new group of people.
The bottom row is receiving or producing the transit and there will be consequences.
Pluto by transit is the ruler of the 9th house of travel, study, books, publishing, books, writing, that which is alien. It is a conscious house. In the bottom row the ruler of the 9th is receiving the transit and like the 5th there will be an expansive and constructive outcome. This might involve luck and your efforts, travel and broadening your horizons will occur. Culture shock may occur but this broadens the mind.

The houses are places in which things happen. All events will have a cause. The basis here is Pluto which transforms the lunar figure. There will be deep emotional reactions. The key figures will be female family members, most likely a mother and loved ones. The key issue will be death and dying. The feeling will be so intense that they can’t be intellectualised or rationalised away. They will be emotional churning. There will be much emotional stress in the family.


This person had bad health all her life. Due to the intense stress of looking after a mother who had Alzheimer’s Disease and verbally abused her and humiliated her constantly in front of many groups of people. This person became very ill with adrenal stress and resultant low blood sugar and liver and kidney problems as well as severe digestive problems. The second chakra is the water chakra and this is where the myth of Heracles comes in with his cleansing of the Augean Stables. The second chakra is a watery, emotional chakra which sits on the lower abdomen or stomach /spleen chakra. This chakra represents the sweetness of life. It is badly affected by emotional abuse, emotional manipulation, rejection, and family/maternal enmeshment which had been a constant feature of this person’s life from her family (Moon).

This person though she could keep going, but at the exact impact of the Pluto transit she had to say, “No more!” something with her Libra Moon she had trouble saying all her life. The person had to do twice daily yoga, mantra meditation, deep breathing and long slow walks. She had to completely change her diet; see an alternate medical practitioner and stop thinking anything but calm thoughts. She did a lot of boundary work, emotional release, did family shadow work, and took up healthy pleasures and movement therapy.

As a result she met new people and loved the contact. Previously because of an undeveloped 2nd chakra she had poor social skills and was a work addict. Her work was her pleasure and it wasn’t much fun. As a result of her lifestyle change her aura changed, she became more popular and had fun, a complete change after years of work and service. She mixed more with Chinese people and learned new ideas about health and lifestyle.

Her mother did die, and she received a small amount of money and travelled overseas. She started writing again for pleasure rather than just work and she began to publish her work, which increased her social contacts more. She became more conscious with the support of ancestral guides (8th house Moon) and archangels who helped her see the spiritual reasons and past life karma for all this. She had been separated from her husband for years, but the intense stress helped them become friends again and he emotionally supported her. He had an interesting group of friends who became her friends. The emotions involved before she made the decision to change were intense and chthonic and they dredged up all sorts of horrendous family issues.

Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope you have learned something new. Pluto transits are not much fun, but they do clean out the Augean Stables and there is no choice.
Blessings to you.


Brady, Bernadette (1992). Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark. Weiser Books: San Francisco, CA.

Greene, Liz & Sasportas, Howard (1992). The Luminaries: The psychology of the Sun and the Moon in the Horoscope. Weiser: Boston, MA.

QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENTS, PAST LIVES AND ASTROLOGICAL YODS. Copyright to Hilary Bond PhD. All rights reserved. Permission is required from the author to copy any part of this article.

Copyright to Hilary Bond PhD. All rights reserved. Permission is required from the author to copy any part of this article.


Hello from sunny Queensland, in Australia. It is a new Moon here today. The Moon is in Aquarius and anything can happen under this moon. The

horoscope for this New Moon in Australia is charming. I am happy to be back writing again and hello to all my dear friends who read my articles.

Happy New Year for 2016. The Moon and Sun sit happily togther in the 3rd house of siblings and communication. Pluto and Venus sit happily in the

first house, an omen of karmic relationships changing. Jupiter sits up on the midheaven.

May good health, happiness, love and tranquility be yours this year and ever more.


This article is a hypothetical discussion regarding the question of why some people stick together, through many incarnations or hologramic past

lives, for better or worse. Specifically, I wish to look at a composite horoscope, which features an exact yod, where two people have particular

aspects or geometrical-astrological formations, that show lack of comfort or evolution. My hypothesis is that karma, or the law of cause and effect,

creates an entanglement through time, specifically a quantum entanglement, and this is revealed in a composite horoscope and this also may be

explained, spiritually through one or more particular past life, where the two individuals first created that karma.


At a basic level the world, where we exist, may be described by two sets of laws. First, Newton’s laws of motion, Maxwell’s equations of

electromagnetism and some of Einstein’s work in physics are one set of physical laws. These exist in our everyday world and we can imagine them and

are taught about them at school. Secondly, at an infinitely small level odd quantum laws exist and hold court. In this strangle world ruled by

particles and waves, particles can be in two places at once or they can be in two states at once, beside themselves or spread out like waves.

Particles that separate can become interconnected, so that the action or behaviour of one effects the other, even over great geographical distances.

This phenomena is known as quantum entanglement.

This state affects our consciousness. Here multiple particles can stick together into one entity and this is known as quantum coherence. Stuart

Hameroff, a professor and Director of the Centre for Consciousness Studies at the University of Tuscon, Arizona states: ” If consciousness is a

quantum process, the door is open for non-local effects between us and among people via entanglement. This may occur at a subconscious level, but

have profound effects.”

I attempt to answer this postulation on the level of past life astrology.


If we observe this horoscope through the paradigm of esoteric astrology we have a Capricorn ascendant, which indicates that the composite or

entangled group soul here is ruled by Saturn, which is in Scorpio and it is in the eleventh house of sharing oneself with others. It is a placement

which indicates a fear of intimacy with others and even if one does the relationship will be fragile. In Scorpio the placement warns of not

forgiving and forgetting, but urges these two people not to dwell on imagine wrongdoings and getting lost in crosscurrents, but to have a stamina

of generosity, forgiving instincts, devotion and unflagging loyalty. Thus at a soul level these emotions may be carried through time.

The Sun in Aries conjuncts Mercury, so there is a great emphasis on the intellect. Both the luminary and planet are within one degree of one another

and both quincunx Saturn. The Sun is 21 Aries and Mercury is 22. They are both in the fourth house of family and roots and yes, the subjects are

sisters. And yes, as shown by the quincunx a deep seated feeling of inadequacy has been created since early childhood by family comparing each

individual unfairly. Each individual, if the family had their own way, would have had an enmeshment through endless cruel

comparisons. If you remember my other articles on yods, quincunxes and inconjuncts you will know that yods create problems with health and finances

and great feelings of anxiety from a lack of perspective. A quincunx is known as a should “have” aspect and needs constant re-organisation or

adjustment to exist in a psychological manner. Thus we may see that the physical, spiritual or psychological health of one or both individuals may be

created here.

As Neptune opposes both Mercury and the Sun we must be wary about one trying to pull the wool over the others eyes. With Mercury quincunxing Saturn

in Scorpio both individuals may slip into a victim mentality or mental rut from insecurity. Probably as this is a health and financial aspect both

people would do well do adopt regular meditation, yoga, chi gong, deep breathing and exercise routines plus finding a good accountant. Mercury in

uncomfortable aspect to Saturn makes concrete and unrelenting attitudes and with Scorpio, vengeful attitudes. Humour could lighten the


The Sun and Mercury also quincunx the Moon in Virgo at 22 degrees. The Moon is in the 9th house of aspirations, superconsciousness, higher learning,

travel, the law and morality. Here the Moon urges emotional expansiveness, positivity and creativity and above all flexibility and adaptability.

However, the quincunx may cause nitpicking and argumentativeness, lack of warmth, rather than steadiness and generosity of service. The quincunx

between Mercury and the Moon suggest that this pair of siblings may find difficulties in solving problems because the mind and emotions are not

synchronised. They need to find a way to communicate the logic and feelings. With the Sun in Aries quincunxing Moon in Virgo there are unresolved

parental issues, which I am aware were never resolved. Each parent took one sibling under their wing and excluded the other. The siblings were

separated and brainwashed through custody battles. Both were highly ambitious, but the expectations of the parents caused combative traits as we can

see, as Mars in the third house opposes the Moon and Mars (23 degrees Pisces) inconjuncts (30 degree aspect) Mercury. Mars also inconjuncts Pluto

at 26 Leo in the 8th house indicating more karma and more effects from ancestors and perhaps inherited money.

What would you do if one of these siblings came to see you for astrological counselling? Would there be a solution or would you advise them living

separate lives.



The apex of this yod is the Sun conjunct Mercury in the fourth house in Aries. The first life I see is around 16,800 BC.

“I see a ship, more an ancient craft made of logs. There are many people on board, far too many for the craft. Because of the panic many people are

pushed overboard for survival. My brother and I were pushed overboard, but we were lucky enough to find an island where we found refuge.

The geographical area felt like the Pacific Ocean, yet the world was not the same as it is now. It was an interglacial time with higher water levels

in the oceans.

We fought for dominance of the island from the beginning and we ended up living far away from each other. The island was one of abundance; many fruit

trees and animal and birds and high rainfall. We not only survived, but became self-sufficient. However, we were bitter in our lonely state and died

soaked in that emotion, regardless of our abundant states.”

I did a detailed healing on this past life and brought these brothers back to a normal life. They lived happily ever after then.


“We see an eye, an all seeing eye and we know we are watched.

We are twins, twin brothers and we are bought up as one. There is something wrong with us sexually, a physical defect, thus we never seek to mate. We

become priests, not shamans. priests. We serve ancient Egypt, but we live in a state of wholeness and holiness with nature, long before the pyramids.

We work with crocodiles, who live in watery pits that come off the great river.

One day one of us is pushed. The one who is pushed is mauled by the crocodiles. Who by? I will never know. It was not me, although people are

always suspicious of me. There is never answer and as we had the same name we continue as one consciousness. I manage through my spiritual practises

to retain my brother’s soul. I know my brother went underground to gain an understanding of death. Together we continue in this quest. My brother

stays in a type of coma, but he learns the knowledge of the Neters and of the All-Seeing-Eye.”


“In these days we are early Christians and we live in the bowels of the earth, under Rome. We have been Vestal Virgins (Pluto conjunct Vesta in Leo

is trine Mercury-Sun and quincunx Mars in Pisces in the 3rd house), but we are well past forty years in age now. We visit the Holy Land and seek

knowledge. We have had rank, but now seek to align ourselves with the holy being that being we see in our prayers and dreams. He is more real that

our old Roman gods, more real than that bully Jove. We seek the fire, the holy fire of the one. It is fire, yet peace and tranquility. We go to Egypt

and trek through many nations. We can afford to as we are wealthy and have no family left.

We die underground, under the centre of Rome, in each others arms. We are sisters. We know that we will have eternal life. My sister dies first. I

live a few moments longer to record our death. My name is Thea.”

(The Moon is conjunct Venus at 16 degrees Virgo and exactly trine the ascendant at 16 Capricorn. )


“This is not a good time. There has been a plague. The plague of last century kept continuing. We here it has swept China, but we have crossed the

Silk Route and this rumour does not seem to have been true.

We are friends. We have been knights of the holy orders. I can not tell you which. We are single. We seek to trade now rather than to fight. We turn

back and follow the Silk Route again and we never return. We like China, not the north, but the south. The religion here is calm and people are at

peace. We marry and have families. This is a wholesome and solid place. We feel great calmness and happiness. We belong here.”

(The Moon and Saturn form an exact sextile and Saturn trines Mars.)


Although the yod dominates the chart and the apex falls in the family oriented fourth house, the Moon and Saturn seem to have turned the tide from

the first aggressive solar past life. The vexacious mother of the client and her sister, who sought to create trouble between them is dying. Perhaps

their relationship will improve when this woman transitions and the past is forgotten.

What do you think? Can we overcome the vexation of quantum entanglement and heal troublesome past lives.


May 2005.) Interview with Stuart Hameroff. Insight Magazine. PP.28-32.