Picture of Kalanchoe Tubiflora


Occasionally I will give people who are clearly in trouble, a hand and I have written about these flower essences to help a person with a very dominant Astraea. And I am sure that there are many of you who read this article who will benefit in some way. No, I do not charge and this is not an open invitation to besiege me with your woes, but I am interested in Astraea and her archetype at present because except for a couple of astrologers doing some cursory work no astrologers appear to have spent time seriously researching Astraea. With a PhD I am used to doing serious qualitative and quantitative research in astrology and the mainstream world.

I lead in with two interesting flower essences from Phi Essences who have done truly amazing work with many different essences from Africa, the cacti world, gem essences and all sorts of good things. They have so many essences. (I also note that they have a wonderful trip to Tenerife to mingle with dolphins. I have done this in Australia many times and dolphins bring such joy. Just watching them surf through waves is such fun and they love an audience.)

I have seen and rejoiced in the Kalanchoe flower since I have been tiny as it grows in semi-desert conditions and I grew up in the wilds of inland Australia. My Nana and I used to go wandering through the fields looking at wild flowers ever since I could walk. Normally Australian wildflowers (Ladies Slippers, Red Hot Pokers, Mimosa, Mistletoe and Everlasting Daises) come out in spring, but kalanchoe is a winter flower and it is a truly enchanting flower, a true heart opener in the cold weather. The flowers are truly beautiful and like aloe vera they remind me of flames so they obviously provide spiritual fire for protection and I would not be surprised if they have a connection with the fire fairies, Saint Germain and Archangel Michael.

When I went into my garden to listen to a group of four kalanchoe flowers, the multi-flowered plants on their tall grey stems, with their small orange bell shaped flowers told me, “We ring away fear. We bring joy, warmth and sunshine to warm the cockles of your heart. We burn out sogginess (depression, colds, flu, phlegm) and too much water right out of your nature so you can feel perfect.” I asked why they are a mass of orange and green. The answer was, “We cast out difficult emotions and warm your heart. We bring balance and equilibrium, normal circulation. We bring love and laughter.” The flowers are held up on multiple triangular shaped stems suggest many things.

We do things in threes so they will manifest in our physical realm. It means creative power; growth. Three is a moving forward of energy, overcoming duality, expression, manifestation and synthesis. It is The Triad, being the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, a middle and an end. The power of three is universal and is the tripartite nature of the world as heaven, earth, and waters. It is human as body, soul and spirit. Three is birth, life, death. It is the beginning, middle and end. Three is a complete cycle unto itself. It is past, present, future. The astral or emotional body stays connected to the physically body for three days after death. There is scientific evidence that the brain, even when all other systems are failing takes three days to register complete shutdown. There are 3 phases to the moon. Lunar animals are often depicted as 3 legged. Three is the heavenly number, representing soul, as four represents body. Pythagorean three means completion. There are three wishes, genies have three wishes, three prince or princesses, three witches, and three weird sisters among others.


This plant belongs to the succulent plants of Madagascar and has striking red tube blossoms. It grows on young plants which develop on the leaf edges and then fall down.

The essence:
• Is for adrenal fatigue or burnout, so people with challenging aspects between Sun and Uranus, Sun and Mars or Mars in the 12th or weak Mars as the handle of a bucket chart would benefit from working with this. A person who has the Sun and Moon in the 12th house may benefit from it. These people may have been nuns, priests, friars, priestesses or mystics who live in closed communities in past lives or they may have ancestors who dwelled in cult or closed communities such as Amish people or Cathars.
• Kalanchoe tubiflora has a strong regenerative capacity and strengthens us energetically.
• It provides a harmonious, relaxing effect.
• On the physical level, it gives a relaxing effect on one’s the solar plexus and the stomach region.
• It soothes and calms the effects anger and stress, which affect one’s digestive system, especially the stomach, psychosomatically.
• These effects help to integrate one’s emotions.
• For people who are not grounded (little or no earth in one’s horoscope, it prevents becoming angry and irritated with others.
• On the spiritual (etheric) level, the essence helps us to stand above things so that we can learn to reflect and harmonize our emotions and reactions.

You can purchase this essence at https://www.phiessences.com/en/Other-Floweressences/product-714.html


This essence
• Looks like a rolled-up echidna or porcupine so it seems to me to be for “prickly people” so it provides protection, safety on all intensities and vibrations and stability at all levels, from the cellular to the mental.
• It stimulates the inner life force
• and helps eliminate internal negative energies.
• It also can be used as a spray to cleanse polluted areas around us.
• The name mammillaria suggests the breasts and therefore delicate emotions which need protecting and cleansing regularly.
You can purchase this essence at https://www.phiessences.com/en/Cactus-Essences/11–Formation-cactus.html

PRINCE GEORGE OF KENT (uncle of the present Queen of England) and ASTRAEA

If you have read my long article on Astraea you will know that Astraea is the archetype of not just justice, fairness, innocence and goodness but also morality. Prince George was any thing but moral. He was a bad egg. Undoubtedly he would have blamed his parents; his father (King George V), an old sea dog who refused to have the loose morals of his father King Edward VII and Queen Mary who was upright and kind and whose mother’s spending and eating was out of control, so both George’s parents were Astraea-Saturnian people.

George had his Astraea conjunct Hades in his 8th house. Bothe Astraea and Hades are in Pisces, which is notorious for substance abuse. Basically, in a challenging placement Hades signals deterioration and decay, so Astraea conjunct Hades suggests deterioration of morality, innocence and goodness. In the 8th house Astraea conjunct also speaks of deterioration of sexual behaviour and even a link to depraved ancestors (his grandfather King Edward VII and his uncle Prince Eddy and his great-great grand-uncle George IV) and perhaps some wicked past lives. He sounds like Dorian Grey doesn’t he. George’s  Astraea trines his Neptune in Cancer in his 11th house suggesting immoral, licentious friends who lived in fantasy worlds. The spy Anthony Blount was a lover. George’s  Astraea sextiles his Mercury conjunct Venus in Capricorn in the fifth which suggests a serious inability to be faithful in marriage and in romance, and an inability to be honest and to keep his word.

George had four planets in earth, three in air, one in water and two in fire. His Leo Ascendant is obviously fire, but that is his soul trying hard to give George some spiritual fire. With little water George lacked empathy and sensitivity. Too much or too little water in a birth chart affects your emotions, and reveals how often you’re overwhelmed. When there is an overemphasis of the earth element there can be an over reliance in what is observed rather than taking in that which is not obvious. Over-earth symbolises skepticism. So George was a “Doubting Thomas.” Doctors and scientists often fall into this category. There can also be a narrowness of “vision,” or an obsession with what works rather than what ideals one should strive to achieve, often marked by a lack of imagination. Having too little or too much of one or another is a keen factor in the development of cognitive, physical and emotional natures. With four cardinal, four mutable and only planets in a fixed sign he was not stable. He had a tendency to rush off at tangents and float around like a cork in the ocean influenced by lovers who were highly immoral and often addicts.

Both before and after his marriage, Prince George had a string of affairs with both men and women, from socialites to Hollywood celebrities. In contrast his wife Princess Marina was a good woman. Some of his lovers were the Duchess of Argyll and Barbara Cartland (who believed him to be the father of her daughter Raine McCorquodale, stepmother of Princess Dianna). There were “strong rumours” that he had affairs with many men and the royal security services reported that Kent had been seen parading together through the streets of London, dressed and made up as a woman and had once been arrested by the police for suspected prostitution.

The Duke of Kent is supposed to have been addicted to drugs, especially morphine and cocaine, a report which allegedly began with his friendship with Kiki Preston, whom he first met in the mid-1920s. Known for her drug addiction, which earned her the sobriquet “the girl with the silver syringe”, she was a fixture of the Paris and New York high social circles, and a relation to the powerful Vanderbilt and Whitney families. Her life was marred by several tragic losses and her own mental problems, which eventually led to her suicide at 48. (She has no date of birth). Reportedly, Prince George shared Kiki in a ménage à trois. In his attempt to rescue his cocaine-addicted brother from the influence of Kiki, Edward, Prince of Wales, attempted for a while to persuade both George and Kiki to break off their contact and eventually, Edward forced George to stop seeing Kiki and also forced Kiki to leave England, while she was visiting George there in the summer of 1929. For years afterwards, Edward feared that George might relapse to drugs if he maintained his contact with Kiki. Indeed, in 1932, Prince George ran into Kiki unexpectedly at Cannes and had to be removed by force.


It seems to me that Astraea can be very extreme, either very good or very bad, but there is a sensitivity to her that finds our world very hard to cope with. I have found though that mixed with challenging planets, like Saturn, Mars, Pluto and Neptune or asteroids or Trans Neptunians like Chiron, Hades, Eris she is easily overcome by scandal, untruths, even prison. Certainly poor Lindy Chamberlain was. It takes a strong person like Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic to bring out her strength. I have suggested some essences in the first part of this blog that could help a person with a dominant Astraea in a water placement cope with her sensitivity. Boab and Freshwater Mangrove would also be ideal for an Astraea person. I have read that even Roger Federer had to see a therapist help him with emotions.

I wish all my followers and all those who read this today the happiest day ever and a wonderful life. I would love to hear if any of you have a strong Astraea.

Bright blessings and God bless you all,


The picture above is me in 1986 when I graduated at Queensland university with my first degree. Up until then I just had done diplomas and certificates and courses.

Hello to everyone who follows and reads what I write,

Welcome and I feel so honoured in your presence. I was just looking at the number of people who follow me, some of whom have been reading my articles for the last six years. I wanted to tell each one of you how much I appreciate the fact that you read my work.

I don’t like being retired, but it has forced me to write articles and books. I wrote endless assignments and lesson notes at university from 1972 and I taught to adults and university students from 1990, but never books. I love writing. I have written so far a number of courses on the Greek Gods and Goddesses from 1990 at college, endless courses on separate subjects on punctuation, spelling, punctuation and writing bibliographies and reference lists at college; a course on Pre-Raphaelite Art; courses on astrology and archetypal astrology, course on Aboriginal art, Aboriginal culture and bush foods. Now I am writing my book on Eris, my book on Hygeia, my book on yods and the past lives of people who have yods, a book on the past lives of people who love trees and a book on tree shamanism. Once they are all completed and published I want to begin writing historical novels (slushy books for romantic women who love to daydream) for Harlequin. They make money.

To get back to you, when I taught at university people had to listen to what I said. I was only a tutor in many of the subjects, but we taught the practical areas, not the theory and whereas the students did not have to attend lectures tutorials were mandatory. The students paid a lot of money to be there and I had a captive audience, but all of you read my posts voluntarily. So to look at you all bought tears to my eyes and I am so appreciative of the fact that you actually like reading what I say. I was always on contract when I taught. Permanent jobs as lecturers or tutors in university are like the proverbial hen’s teeth. My sister spent sixteen years as a contract lecturer and tutor after she finished her PhD and then she had enough so she finally searched for permanent work overseas and gained full time work at a university in England and has lived happily ever after.

MY 2010 YOD

But it might help you if I talk about my transits at various times. I had a huge number of contracts in 2010, and I write about it here because it was my favourite year. My favourite subjects that I taught were “Ethics and Protocols in Australian Aboriginal art” and then “Aboriginal Art.” I look at the date of the contract and in the first house I have Eris at 22 degrees Aries and Astraea at 23 Aries. So with the 20 degrees Aries ascendant I was essentially teaching myself to evolve via the ‘First labour of Hercules: the capture of the man-eating brood mares”. This is a very old Greek myth and we must remember that Hercules was one of Chiron’s students. This is what happened in the myth. The brood mares ravaged the land, killing everyone in their path and steadily breeding more man-eating horses. Hercules, with the assistance of his friend Abderis, successfully captured them. Hercules was so proud of his deed he instructed Abderis to herd the mares while he went off to brag. But Abderis was weak, the horses killed him and escaped. Grieving, Hercules completed the task alone. Because they were female and lunar the mares are emotional turmoil. The brood mares symbolise obsessive thoughts, impulsive speech, wrong ideas and actions that are not organised or well thought out. The spiritual student must avoid using thoughts, words and actions that are harmful. Ideas should be fertilised from the spiritual realm. Hercules represents the soul and Abderis the personality or lower self (not Higher Self), who, without the guidance of the soul, is too weak to cope with life’s tests. (Leoni Hodgson, Journey of the Soul, p.112.) (Isn’t it amazing what astrologers or what astrological divisions call different areas of the horoscope the soul, the personality, the lower self, the higher self, the shadow, the ego). I am laughing.

But I was teaching more than myself with an Aries Ascendant (20) conjunct Eris (22) and Astraea (23). I was teaching how ethics, protocols, fair play, goodness, truth and justice and legal issues of decency (Astraea) can overcome the disruption, division, discord and even criminal behaviour that Eris brings. And the Ascendant, is it the soul or is it the personality? Well that is up to you, because we need to believe in what we work with in any subject. And the Ascendant, Eris (the 13th fairy or the bloodthirsty sister of Mars) and Astraea all trined Mercury in Leo in the 5th house. The 5th house is joy, fun, art, music; yummy things and I always tried to make my subjects fun for the students so they would remember, join in and do their best. Mercury, whether it was the esoteric ruler of Aries or just plain communication indicated this was a subject where we had to write, think, read and communicate. Venus and Hygeia conjuncted in Virgo in the 6th house, so for the students it was “art is my work and wellbeing.” This subject was a mandatory subject in an art degree at this university and I also taught another Aboriginal art about the artists, elderly women at the isolataed aboriginal community where I did my PHD. They were my adopted relatives and I loved them. They were Astraea and Hygeia personified; pure, good, loving women who were at one with nature and the lands, seas and skies. The interesting thing about these Indigenous art courses that I taught was that we didn’t just learn about the dot paintings of Yuendamu or what techniques the Aboriginal used or how they made their paints and brushes, but it was also about the conditions they lived under by their managers, how they were exploited, how some carpetbagging non-Indigenous people nearly killed so many of the Aboriginal artists and this is where a yod in my contract horoscope came in.


Yods are just a matter of doing simple equations. If we can use key words we can add the three components (or planets/asteroids) together. Yods are made up of two quincunxes to an apexing planet or asteroid or point. Yod people may lack perspective or they may reach a fork in the road and take the wrong road, so they look back and say, “I should have gone this way” or “I should have done this”. So yod people may often have to start again and reorganise their life or adjust whatever needs adjusting:
* selfishness (1st house),
* values (2nd house),
*communication skills (3rd house),
*go to therapy to get over their dysfunctional childhood (4th house),
*become compassionate (5th house);
*changes jobs (6th house)
*see a therapist about their relationship (7th house),
*re-consider their shared resources (8th house),
*go to a new church, go to a new spiritual group, go overseas (9th house);
*re-consider their professional image (10th house);
*really look at whether your friends are real friends (11th house),
*look carefully at your talents and skills that you have swept under the carpet because your family/partner didn’t like them (12th house).

But in this case I had already been looking at the issues in the chart I am analysing when I worked with the Aboriginal Elders who I have known from my childhood in my Master’s degree and PhD at a geographically remote Aboriginal community in the north of Australia. So I hoped that my students would consider the ethical issues that this yod held. Few people ever look at or consider the artist who painted the painting they just bought, especially young teenage students so we sought to transform their ethical outlook, (the good side of Pluto in the 9th)

The Sun in Leo at 00 degrees in this chart could not have shone more brightly if it tried. The Sun rules Leo. The glyph of the Sun is the shield of Helios or circle of infinity and the dot represents the person within. The Sun rules our health, our dignity and sense of identity and its action is fortifying and vitalising. It is our urge to shine and it could be said to be the king in a kingdom. But the point is, in a yod, especially the apex of a yod, and the Sun was the apex, all that good stuff is squashed, especially if you have old Australian men and women who cannot speak English, who are between 80 and 100 years old, who are frail and have never come into contact with bad people because they have been out in the bush, in the wilds all their lives and they may have only been painting for a little while. Mmmmmmm? What does the Sun quincunx? It quincunxes Pluto at 3 degrees (control fear of uncertainty, old practices, intolerance and obsessions) of Capricorn (, the mind ruling the heart, cold, status seeking, money) the 9th house of ethics, higher education, legal issues and metaphysics. The Sun also quincunxes Chiron at 29 degrees 50 minutes Aquarius (almost 00 degrees Pisces). Here Sun quincunx Chiron indicates depression, loss of confidence, a sense of permanent damage, cynicism, expectation of failure, a sense of victimisation or scapegoating and the loss of the will to live and believe me I have seen many Aboriginal elders with broken hearts (the Sun) just pine away and die. A positive Sun in a chart is a reflection of profound serenity and hopefulness which arise from a feeling of living a useful and meaningful life. But if Aboriginal people are taken away from their land they lose their sense of meaningfulness, because their connection to mother earth is everything and in this chart Hygeia (well-being) conjunct Venus (values and art) trines the Moon in Capricorn (the land) conjunct the Midheaven. In any horoscope we look for echoes.

So the subjects I taught at university on Aboriginality (art, ethics, protocols, secrets, culture and education) all revolved around belongingness and connectedness (Hygeia trine Moon), Astraean ethics and decency versus Erisean divisiveness, criminality and exploitation by people who would hurt the innocent.


I am presently writing yet another article on yods. Hopefully I will finish it and publish it by the 1st of August. In it I look at first, Neville, a male who has been waiting patiently for me to get my act together for months. Second, I write about Roger Federer, a great tennis player and philanthropist who is helping African children. Third I am looking at Lindy Chamberlin’s case. A dingo stole her baby at Uluru and killed little Azaria in 1980. I am sure you heard about the case. It took until 2012 for her to be proved innocent. Because I grew up in the outback and knew about dingoes I believed Lindy, but most people in Australia live in cities so the slanderous gossip was horrific. And I have two other interesting people along with Novak Djokovic. Hopefully I can meet my dead line.

Again, thankyou so much to everyone who reads what I write. I have learned a lot of hard lessons this week which were necessary for my evolution. I hope you have learned something good too.

Warm Wishes and Bright Blessings,



This article (ASTRAEA THE FIFTH LARGEST ASTEROID: WHAT IS HER ROLE IN YOUR HOROSCOPE ?) is copyright to Dr Hilary Bond. Any breach of this will mean that people who illegally copy this article without consulting the author are in breach of  “Intellectual Property’ law.

The above picture is of Astraea the goddess of purity, goodness, morality and justice.


The asteroid Astraea, whose name means “Star-Maiden” is the fifth largest asteroid in our solar system. She was named after the Greek goddess of justice and harmony because she is a daughter of Themis and Zeus. Therefore, she is a sister to Athena, the goddess of creative intelligence and justice.

I want to bring some of her archetype to you today, as well as discussing the meaning I derive from her discovery chart and then look at some horoscopes where Astraea is dominant.


Astraea lived on Earth in the Golden Age (or Bronze Age) of Greek mankind and that was the Mycenean Age, the time of Chiron, Jason and the Argonauts, Hercules, Agamemnon and the Trojan war. This age was glorified by Homer in the book, The Iliad, which discusses the Trojan War and Achilles and  The Odyssey which is about Ulysses or Odyseus and his journey back to his homeland from Troy. The Mycenean Age, which lasted 500 years, was an age of heros and heroic sagas where men were heroes and maidens were saved.


The Greek Iron Age or the Greek Dark Ages, saw  the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization around 1100 BC and the beginning of the Greek Archaic Period of 800 BC. The event that proceeded the start of the Iron Age was a catastrophic event where all the leading centers of the Mycenaean civilization were  destroyed, but many of the beautiful  major Mycenean cities  and settlements were abandoned, except, most notably, Athens. The Mycenean population declined dramatically and the populace of Greece devolved lived in small nomadic groups. These groups moved with the needs of their livestock and left very little written history behind.


The Mycenaean writing system (Linear B Script), was also lost shortly before this event took place. Therefore, there are very few written documents about  this age. Thus began a warrior elite society that developed a rigidly hierarchical, political, social and economic system. They introduced several innovations in engineering, architecture and military infrastructures while also expanding trade over vast areas of the Mediterranean. The single discovery of this period is the technological knowledge of iron-working.

Due to the loss of literacy around 1100 BC, the majority of scholars widely accepted that the age began around 1200 BC and continued through until 800 BC. Hippias of Elis, a well-known Greek philosopher of the 5th century BC. suggested that the Iron Age ended when  the first Olympian Games in 776 BC.
During this period in history, many of the major settlements were abandoned, except, most notably, Athens. The population declined dramatically and the populace of Greece lived in small nomadic groups. These groups moved with the needs of their livestock and left very little written history behind.


Astraea could not cope with the wickedness that she believed she saw in the Iron Age of Greece and she left the Earth to become the Star Maiden in heaven.



Therefore we see Astraea, in her archetypal state, as an idealist, a utopian, a purist and a perfectionist, who saw the world in terms of black and white and when she perceived things were bad she bailed out or jumped ship.   We can see Astraea as a Neptunian storyteller who perhaps is not very grounded and has her head in the clouds. She most certainly does not have resilience and she does not have a will of iron, endurance  or a strong spine. It seems she loves Venusian story tales of beautiful women, heroic men and grand cities, but she does not cope with the Erisean or excessive Martian nature or the smallness of nomadic life. While she is ethical and believes in law and order she clearly did not study archaeology, so she does not seem to have the astuteness to realise that  Mother Earth has her own cycles  and peaks and troughs and things are never perfect. Perhaps she failed to realise that every relationship  and every cycle has its honeymoon phase of abundance, fun and beauty when the Moon is waxing, but after the full Moon the cycle begins to wane and then their will be a Dark Moon and everything begins again. If she studied history she would have read the works of Spengler who said what I have just said.


Astraea was the fifth asteroid discovered, on 8 December 1845, by Karl Ludwig Hencke and named for Astræa, a goddess of justice, named after the stars. It was his first of two asteroid discoveries. The second was Hebe a daughter of Juno and Zeus. A German amateur astronomer and post office headmaster, Hencke was looking for 4 Vesta when he stumbled on Astraea.

There is no exact time of day when she was discovered so we have no ascendant, Midheaven and no houses. All we can see are signs and aspects
• Her sun is 16 Sagittarius
• Her Moon is 15 Aries
• Her Mercury is 6 Capricorn
• Her Venus is 3 Aquarius
• Her Mars is 21 Pisces
• Her Jupiter is I degree Taurus
• Her Saturn is 14 Aquarius
• Her Uranus is 6 Aries
• Her Neptune is 23 Aquarius
• Her Pluto is 23 Aries
• Her North Node is 16 degrees Taurus
• And the star of the show Astraea is 6 degrees Gemini.

Astraea’s discovery chart has an emphasis on fire with Uranus, Sun, Moon, Pluto all in fire indicating high energy, passion, spirituality, impulsiveness and fervency. She has little water suggesting a difficulty communicating with her own feelings and even being compassionate, which is strange because her Mars is in Pisces and Astraea is known for her need to be ethical. As the Sun in the discovery chart is in Sagittarius we can see her taking what she believes is the moral high ground. Strangely Astraea’s Mars is in Pisces, so with all that fire her Mars is drowning in emotion and idealism. Mars in Pisces is a sensitive Mars that leads with their hearts, often coming to the aid of others, especially the vulnerable and alienated. Mars in Pisces is the champion of the underdog and the forsaken. Mars in Pisces wants a nostalgic Mills and Boon-type romance and the dreaminess of perfect love combined with sensuous sex that most men have no idea about. This is a moot point though as I have found few true Astraeans.

Astraea’s discovery chart has a grand trine in fire which suggests confidence, creativity, flow, and harmony. It also bestows self-assurance, optimistic expectation, a sense of pleasure, easy-flowingness, inspiration, expansion of creative power, and a general sense of protection due to inner faith and hope. Her Sun in Sagittarius, Poseidon in Leo and Moon conjunct Pluto all trine each other. A fire grand trine represents active inspiration, bold creativity, enthusiasm, pride and sometimes self-absorption.

Otherwise it’s a chart with lots of squares:
• Sun square Mars (The outdoor often tactless Sagittarius Sun certainly jars with the sensitive Pisces Mars creating a passive-aggressive personality. They can be aggressive, enthusiastic, decisive, combative and brilliant at recovering from setbacks, but the impatient, hot -headed Sagittarius side really clashes with the vague, impractical, emotionally inhibited, melancholy Piscean side of this square. Both their Sagittarian Sun and Piscean Mars have a major problem with being procrastinators. Squares indicate challenges and tension in someone’s psyche which may lead to accomplishment or dynamic turning points in someone’s life. Winston Churchill was renowned for his squares which made him a brilliant leader in World War II for Britain, but he also made some monumental military blunders. We have one square between Astraea and Hygeia; and one between Poseidon and the North Node as well as the one’s between Sun and Mars; Venus and Jupiter and Mercury and Uranus (five squares)
• Venus square Jupiter;
• Mercury square Uranus (This aspect tells us that Astraea people are mentally alert, brilliant, eccentric and really clever at brainstorming. They are definitely unconventional, sometimes arrogant, daring and prone to be nervy);
• Venus trine Astraea (which would make her a ‘goody two shoes’ and a person who dispensed moral, social, cultural, musical and artistic values easily. She may feel she has skills in judging relationships. Venusian sextiles )
• and a sensible Moon sextile Saturn.
• And Astraea sextiles Uranus and
• Astraea quincunxes Mercury.
It is not a busy chart and this may define Astraea’s personality which is not complex.

The nodal axis (South Node Taurus and North Node in Scorpio) squares Saturn creating a fixed T square. The positive thing about this aspect is that these people are focused on overcoming challenges in their life. They are consistent, aware of their responsibilities, and they walks tirelessly along their life path. They have high standards for themselves and they set ambitious goals. They are able to overcome their limits, but the negative side of this aspect is that it also gives people pessimism or even hopelessness about overcoming challenges in their life. They live lives full of obstacles and they are afraid to cross the threshold in order to become themselves. They often believe that their responsibilities stop them from reaching their soul. They often fall back into their old patterns. They frequently overload themselves. However, some Astraean people can be so perfectionist, sensitive and prissy (for example Charles Darwin) at least this fixed T square with apex Saturn can ground them and make them more carefree.

On its own her horoscope is a bowl, but if we add Poseidon everything pours into the handle of a fan or spout of a funnel and that spout is Poseidon. A positive Poseidon in a horoscope creates illumination and it will shine in the charts of people who shine light on a subject or discover something from inventors to visionaries to clairvoyants and graphic designers or movie stars. Poseidon as an archetypal flavour points to either, an ethical person who specialises in truth or a sociopath who lies and twists the truth habitually.

As a mentor or initiator Poseidon has information that causes enlightenment or awakening and Poseidon people ground this awakened knowledge into human consciousness in a practical, every day pragmatic use. Poseidon people are interested in truth, enlightenment, spiritual evolution, and the search for ‘Truth’. Positive Poseidon people are ethical and morally incorruptible. Positive Poseidon people talk and write for a living. They lecture, speak, write and teach professionally. You will find them in universities and colleges as teachers, tutors, professors and academics. They may be newsreaders and talk show hosts and even actors. They often write fiction and nonfiction books. They are bloggers on web sites.

They are freedom fighters like Betty Freidan; my friend Diana who is a clean water advocate; Mohandas Ghandi; politicians like USA presidential candidate Andrew Yang; Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke; Winston Churchill and judges, solicitors and lawyers. True Poseidon people have high moral standards; they are trusting and are honest to a fault.

Negative Poseidon people can be swindlers, cultists and brainwashers and they often seek to hurt others.

The spiritual light and illumination of Poseidon seems to be a source of peace and healing for all Hygiea-Poseidon people. The Tibetan -Buddhist prayer of healing seems significant:
“May you be at peace.
May your heart remain open.
May you remain open to the light of your own true nature.
May you be healed.
May you be a source of healing for all beings.”


Astraea is an ancient Greek goddess of precision, purity and innocence and she was the last ancient Greek divine being leave the earth after the Golden Age, (when Cronos was king and abundance and goodness was normal) when she did, she became the constellation of Virgo and the Scales (Libra) were placed beside her. Astraea left our planet because she was disgusted at the depravity which had sprung up. Mankind was no longer perfect, so she left the Earth.
Astraea’s actions are somewhat like the Garden of Eden in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible where Eve and the serpent were blamed for no longer being perfect. As Saturn/Cronos was king of the Golden Age he was seen to be perfect. He fell in lust with Philyra, one of Juno’s step sisters, an Oceanid, who lived on White Island in the Black Sea. Phillyra, the Oceanid was not interested in a tryst with Cronos and she escaped in the form of a mare (a horse). Horses were seen to be Neptune’s creatures and they are symbolic of the root chakra. Horses, especially wild horses, like freedom. In Jungian language horses are a representation of sleep or lack of consciousness. To capture and rape Phillyra Cronos turned into a stallion and after he impregnated Phillyra Cronos ran off never to return. Phillyra moved to Thessaly, a mountainous country in Northern Greece where the people were renowned for their horse riding skills. Chiron the son of Phillyra was born in a huge cave on the eastern side of Mt Olympus. Chiron’s legs and hips were those of a horse and upper body and arms were human. He was still divine and immortal, but supposedly physically defective.

Neptune Astrology maintains that Astraea represents moral values, reasoning and good judgement and she suggests that Astraea in the natal chart shows how we weigh up the options and choose the best course of action for us that fits into our moral values and beliefs.

Wild Witch West gives an interesting interpretation when she says, “In natal charts, Astraea relates to aspects of our concern for fairness and justice and in the shadow side as an inability to let go” or they are people who avoid difficulty, challenges or responsibility when they can. I certainly can see this in some of the people I have been researching who have a prominent Astraea.

Wild Witch West has pinpointed Astraea’s tendency to be totally unable of letting go of an old, unhealthy career or a stale, dysfunctional relationship or a toxic biological family or a toxic place where we live (a neighbourhood which we fail we are trapped in, but for the sake of our sanity or avoiding being robbed or physically hurt we must leave. ) Consequently, we can see Astraea pointing to obstacles that prevent us seeing when something is over or completed, ready for something new to begin. Thus, we can see fear and procrastination and lack of common sense in negative Astraea. Therefore, on Astraea astro-cartographic line you may have a tendency to stay in an occupation too long or you may remain stuck in a particular position, wondering why you have been missed during each round of advancements in your career . In other words, you may have difficulty taking risks in your chosen profession or letting go of the old. This is very “South Node in Cancer” in behaviour and spells out the ‘chicken-heart’ or the Sun in Sagittarius square Mars in Pisces in Astraea’s discovery chart.


It seems to be common sense, but I have struck many astrologers who fail to see that we cannot “read” a person/client without looking at the person in a broad spectrum or context and then we can zero in on various aspects or planets in a sign. People are beings in totality . We cannot cut off their arm or leg and look at it, while ignoring the rest of the body or psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual beliefs.

Consequently, I generally begin with a chart shape, so a person may have a bowl shape chart, a fan chart, a bucket shape, a splay chart or a locomotive or seesaw chart. Then I look at the balance of elements (fire, earth, air and water), quadruplicities (cardinal, fixed and mutable) and then planets, asteroids, points or Trans-Neptunian planets on the angles. I also see stelliums as all important and planets, asteroids or Trans-Neptunians conjuncting the Sun and Moon. I look for the Ascendant ruler, Sun’s ruler and Moon’s ruler. I look for planets in detriment, fall and planets in their comfort zones. I look at constellations such as T-Squares, Grand Squares or Yods. That is the context. I have noticed Esoteric astrologers (Alice Bailey adherents) and Evolutionary astrologers (Jeff Green followers) focusing on Pluto and Saturn as they believe these are karmic placements from other incarnations and Evolutionary Astrologers place great importance on squares to the Nodal Axis. They believe that this person made a bad job of their last life and they have come back to fix the mess they made. Most mainstream people do not believe in past lives thus I am wary of confusing or upsetting the person I am helping. Many people who are having career or relationship problems need down to earth, common sense help. They are looking for a clear path in their life not obfuscation. I am a mainstream counseller who has spent hundreds of hours with distressed people who need grounding and practical help. (I will though, if I am seeing an Esoteric Astrologer or Evolutionary Astrologer bring out my books on these subjects and speak in their language. With counselling what is important is, “When in Rome do as the Romans do!”) But to continue, once I have completed looking at this general context or Gestalt, I look at the little aspects between asteroids or Trans-Neptunians.

However, if you happen to have Astraea conjunct your Ascendant or Astraea conjunct your Midheaven or Astraea as part of a stellium or Astraea conjunct your Sun or Mars or Venus then Astraea will be an important archetype or form a subpersonality in you or the person’s psychological makeup. The inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) or luminaries (Sun or Moon) becomes the noun and Astraea becomes the adjective which describes the noun. So we might see Venus conjunction Astraea and Libra is your Sun sign or Ascendant sign so this becomes a vital conjunction. Thus we see a Venusian conjunction as ‘emphasizing the affectionate nature” of a person who is fair, pure and innocent (Astraea). Thus we describe the “socialite (ie the Venus person) railing against injustice” (this describes the Astraean behaviour of the ‘socialite’. Or the Venus person could be a ‘lover’, a ‘singer’, ‘partner’ or ‘artist’.


The major characteristics of a conjunction are drive, focus, intensity, concentration and emphasis. Conjunctions are seen to be favourable or unfavourable depending on the mix of planets, sign and house in the conjunction or stellium. Of course, they depend on the vibration or evolutionary state of the person involved. In a weak, negative or criminal Astraea conjunction person we could see no concern for justice and fairness, no purity or innocence and an inability to let go or a person who avoid difficulties, challenges or responsibility when they can. With the Sun a conjunction emphasises the self. With Mars a conjunction indicates applied energy.

King George III of Great Britain had Astraea conjunct Sun in Gemini in the 11th house of hopes and dreams and this was quincunxed by his Moon in Capricorn in his 6th house of health and work. His Moon was conjunct Uranus the planet of change. George was bought up by his father Frederick who was a good, idealistic man full of love for his children, good works, kindness and purity. Like his father George was an innocent man, of great fairness and beliefs in justice (Astraea). He loved growing crops, forests and gardens. That is why he was known as farmer George.

Josef Mengle Astraea conjunct sun in Pisces

Lyle Menendez Astraea conjunct Sun


Edward the VIII, who was king of England for short time from 1936 to 1937 had Astraea conjunct Mars in Aries in his first house square his Sun in Cancer in his fifth house of romance. He was a selfish, narcissistic child in his mentality (Astraea in Aries in his first house); he had no spirituality, no morals and only had affairs with married women, who mothered him, before he abdicated the throne of England to marry a conniving and unscrupulous twice-married woman. He also had spent most of WWI with a French prostitute in Paris when the general public was led to believe he was a hero on the Western Front. In his life this decadent child-man always did chose the best course of action that corresponded to his mercenary, debauched values and weak, irresponsible, money-grabbing beliefs (a challenged Astraea.) With his Astraea square his Sun in Cancer he was never fit to be a king, not even a leader of any king. His manipulative, irresponsible prissiness (Astraea) served only his own childlike (Mars in Aries) need for emotional security (Sun in Cancer) and self-indulgent, joy in love (Sun in his fifth house).


John Stuart 3rd Earl of Bute had Astraea conjunct Mercury conjunct Hygeia all in Taurus. John Stuart was a British nobleman who served as Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1762 to 1763 under George III. He had a passion for botany. He met Frederick, Prince of Wales (father of King George III) and became a close friend to the Prince. After the Prince’s death in 1751, Bute was appointed tutor to Prince George, (who later became George III, grandfather of Queen Victoria.) Bute arranged for the Prince and his brother Prince Edward to follow a course of lectures on natural philosophy. Following the death of the Prince Frederick, Bute became close to his widow, Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, the Dowager Princess of Wales and they created Kew Gardens in London. It was rumoured that the couple were having an affair, and soon after John Horne Tooke (an associate of the Prince of Wales) published a scandalous pamphlet alluding to a liaison between Bute and the Princess. Rumours of this affair were certainly untrue (Astraea conjunct Mercury conjunct Hygeia), as Bute was happily married, and he held sincere religious beliefs against adultery.

John Stuart had his Chiron in Aquarius exactly square his Astraea conjunct Mercury conjunct Hygeia in Taurus. The moral purity of his Astraea conjunct Mercury conjunct Hygeia certainly was diminished by Chiron. Here slanderous words most definitely hurt him via rumours about an immoral liaison which was not true and about his role as Prime Minister.

Saturn in Leo also exactly squared John Stuart’s Astraean stellium in Taurus and exaggerated the Chironic pain of not having his voice heard. With Saturn as part of this fixed T square there was a sense of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Astraea conjunct mercury conjunct Hygeia as the apex of this fixed T square certainly created extreme injustice and unfairness (Astraea) in the mental (Mercury) wellbeing (Hygeia ) of this good man.

Germaine Greer has Astraea conjunct Mercury.


Albert Prince Consort (husband of Queen Victoria of Britain) had Astraea at 9 degrees conjunct Jupiter at 9 degrees in Aquarius. Prince Albert was not called Albert the Good for nothing. He spent his short life doing good works (Astraea) on a major scale (Jupiter) for Britain and trying to be a morally good, just and fair father and husband. Here Prince Albert had a double dose of morality as Jupiter is the planet of morality, benevolence, high aspirations and judgements in law, while Aquarius is tolerant, altruistic and humane. Albert’s Hecate in Aquarius at 13 degrees also conjuncts Albert’s Astraea. With Hecate conjunct Astraea in his 6th house Albert was caring, warm, heartfelt and wise. He liked to make time in his schedule for people and their concerns. With Hecate-Astraea-Jupiter in Aquarius Albert was a powerful presence and guiding, moral force in groups of friends, family gatherings, political parties, or work-associated committees. Here Hecate in gregarious Aquarius indicates that unity brings change. Thus, his pure, precise and just empathic nature will be at heart of transitions made by groups as a force for good. At family gatherings, social events and productive group meetings Albert would be the mediator, intermediary and advocate as he was aware of undercurrents and can calm and soothe troubled times and avoid turning points that could lead your friends and colleagues down the wrong path. Albert’s Astraea does not aspect his Sun, Moon or Ascendant, but it does sextile his North Node which suggest that his purity and goodness were part of his soul path in this lifetime.

Peters Sellers had Astraea conjunct Venus


Peter Sutcliffe had a stellium with Juno 14 degrees conjunct Chiron 15 degrees conjunct Astraea 15 degrees conjunct Jupiter 17 degrees, all in Libra opposite Hygeia at 18 degrees in Aries. Sutcliffe was known as “The Yorkshire Ripper’. He savagely killed thirteen women, mostly prostitutes, from 30 October 1975 onwards. He was arrested by the police on 2 January 1981. While he was incarcerated at Broadmoor Prison, he survived an attempted strangulation on 23 February 1996 and in March 1997, Sutcliffe was stabbed in both eyes by an inmate and left blinded.
Sutcliffe has a fan (funnel) chart with Ceres (the Great Mother) at 13 degrees of Aquarius in his second house of values, resources and self-esteem. This means he has an all pervasive subpersonality of the cold mother (Ceres in Aquarius). In the 2nd house Ceres placement his elf-esteem is definitely linked to his mother. The goddess Ceres was challenged to learn about true intimacy in relationships, when to be intimate and when to let go. This location of the goddess Ceres in the sign of Aquarius suggests that this is one of his central life lessons. Perhaps his mother was emotionally distant when he was young. You may have learned to cope by detaching from his own emotional needs. The process of becoming involved in an intimate relationship unconsciously sparks Sutcliffe’s childhood needs and his fear of abandonment.

Is this Ceres handle linked to Sutcliffe’s Astraea stellium? Yes. The stellium, Ceres and his other air stellium (Sun in Gemini 11 degrees conjunct Hecate 13, conjunct Mercury 14 conjunct Uranus 17 degrees) form an air grand trine with 4 planets and 5 asteroids involved. It is not a happy grand trine with many distressed archetypes: Chiron (woundedness in relationships), Juno (intense vengeful emotions in relationships), Uranus (trauma), Hecate (grief and loss ), Ceres (grief and loss) and Astraea (which here is seen as an inability to let go of images of flawed women) and Jupiter blowing all of these distressing archetypes out of proportion mentally (air grand trine).

He has a final signature of air-cardinal which means the Libra archetype dominates his persona. He has 5 cardinal planets (Jupiter, Neptune, Moon, Saturn and Venus) and he has 3 Gemini, two Libra and 3 Cancer planets. There are 5 air planets. But earth is missing totally. So, this indicates no groundedness, no common sense, no organisation. The air can be mentally balanced if it is balanced but too much becomes obsessive and he was clearly insane.

Sutcliffe has two large stelliums and one small including Moon-Saturn-Venus in Cancer and even Mars is conjunct the Midheaven, so there is extreme obsessiveness about his thoughts and actions and with Ceres as the handle or funnel the thoughts and behaviour are about women and how they damaged him.

Except for Sutcliffe’s Venus quincunxing Ceres and his Moon in Cancer conjunct Saturn there are no other venal astrological areas. Venus-Ceres suggests that Sutcliffe may have believed he was sexually undesirable and that he was an unattractive person. The Moon conjunct Saturn may suggest a depressed mother and cruel, cold family and lack of self-confidence. Saturn in Cancer is the archetype of a heart that has been walled off with concrete so he no longer feels anything. In a similar vein Sutcliffe’s 4th house of his upbringing shows horrific conditions. Eris sits in his childhood home at 6 degrees revealing rage, then Hygeia (wellbeing) at 18 degrees Aries and Admetos 19 and Hades at 25 degrees Aries. This reeks of deprivation, hardship, uncaring parents and deteriorating conditions in his life.

We actually can see Astraea’s place in Sutcliffe’s life. Astraea as an archetype is basically pure, good, innocent and fair. His Astraea in his 10th house is a very public placement for either morality and goodness or moral turpitude. He clearly enjoyed his immoral actions and he was paid back in jail for his lack of fairness to the women he killed. It seems from analysing this chart that grief and loss or an abandonment schema and a belief in his own defectiveness took over as self-sabotaging unconscious beliefs or schemas, as a result of an unfair childhood, and these self-defeating beliefs poisoned his mind so he took unrelenting revenge on ‘bad’ women.


Myra Hindley had Astraea conjunct Juno. Hindley was Britain’s most hated female killer. Hindley, with her lover Ian Brady sadistically murdered six children, taping their screams, photographing their agony and enjoying their pain. They were arrested and Hindley was found guilty on 6 May 1966, life imprisonment. Her incarceration remains popular with British general public, although those campaigning for her release believe the nation is preoccupied with punishing her unjustly because she remains the last unacceptable face of crime, a female killer of children.

The first thing one notices in this chart is that it is a bucket chart with Athena in Aquarius in the 10th house as the handle. All that springs to mind is Athena as the militant women. This is echoed by her Athena opposition Mars aspect which suggests to much masculine militancy. Her Moon in Scorpio as the apex of a fixed T square squares her Mars and Athena in the 10th suggesting a great deal of violence in her childhood home. The challenged moon in Scorpio tells of an intense, jealous, vengeful, emotionally wilful person who needs to dominate. This need to dominate spills over into a ‘mentally perverted’ relationship with children as most likely Hindley’s mother dominated her. Her Sun in Cancer 29 degrees conjunct Trans Pluto and Pluto all expresses sadism. It speaks of her heart and self, living in dark realms where an inner, obsessively critical parent reigns.

Can we say that Hindley’s Astraea conjunction in Scorpio in her sixth house is connected and speaks the same language as what I have just written? Yes, I believe so. The natural Scorpionic paranoia and mistrust tainting Astraea hardly speaks of innocence, purity, moral values, ethics, good judgement and justice. All I can see with Astraea and Juno at 8 degrees Scorpio in the 6th house is obsessive need to work efficiently in a relationship that echoes one’s moral values and beliefs for justice. Perhaps Hindley felt she needed justice for being a powerless child (Astraea conjunct Juno quincunx Saturn at 9 degrees Gemini in the 12th house). Whatever the case Hindley was mentally unhinged (12th house Saturn as the ruler of the handle of her bucket chart) and the British legal system gave her due justice. We can clearly see that there is an unhealthy sense of depravity and immorality with Hindley’s Astraea being in her 6th house of health. The 12th house -6th house axis includes all types of health and consciousness.


Princess Ann of England, an Olympian in equestrian events and philanthropist has Astraea conjunct her Ascendant in Libra. Princess Anne has always been known as a straight shooter in her speech, but she obviously believes in fairness and justice. In 1974 a male attempted to kidnap her and he directed Anne to get out of the car, to which she replied: “Not bloody likely!” In 1984 the princess spoke about the event on TV to Parkinson saying she was ‘scrupulously polite’ to her would-be kidnapper as she thought it would be ‘silly to be too rude at that stage’. Her value is, ‘Keep me busy. I’m here to work. I’m here to do good things. I’m here to meet as many people as possible’.” It was revealed in December 2017 that Princess Anne had undertaken the most official engagements that year out of all the royal family, her mother included. So, we can see that generally people with Astraea conjunct Ascendant or Astraea in her 1st house is here to do good on earth.


Jock Bowes Lyons (the Queen of England’s maternal uncle) had Astraea conjunct South Node in Pisces sextile Hygeia conjunct Neptune in Taurus. Jock had a nervous breakdown at an early age. He was working to hard at his accountancy job in the city of London and he burnt out. He joined the Black Watch regiment in the army, but when he had to go to the Western Front, in World War I, where death was immanent any second as a soldier, he shot himself in the finger to escape army service. He unfortunately married a woman whose grandparents were cousins and two of Jock’s children were severely mentally impaired. With his South Node in Pisces sextile Neptune and Astraea he might have been just, fair, pure, precise and kind in his personality, but as far as his physical health was concerned, he was not resilient and strong. He died at age 40 in 1934. With his Admetos conjunct his South Node he appears to have had a great deal of hardship and lack of family help in previous incarnations and with his South Node in Pisces he has low self-esteem and chronic anxiety due to lack of experience in the practical world. Combined with his South Node Pisces and his Moon in Pisces his purity and high morals from his Astraea in Pisces adds to his oversensitivity and vulnerability. The fact that he has his Sun in Aries and the Sun’s ruler is Mars in Virgo indicates that while he may be a peace time soldier and accountant with great precision (Astraea) all his anxiety, lack of assertiveness and strength. We have no time for Jock’s birth so there is no house for Astraea. I wish you well in your next lifetime Jock.

If one understands one’s challenges (squares) they can be stepping stones or building blocks (squares) and to achieve this we must make decisions and take action (squares). People with cardinal squares make quick, often impulsive decisions. Those with mutable squares take varying actions which depend on the influence of others and people with fixed squares make slow and deliberate decisions and actions. Consequently, to stop aggression building up and express our energy positively (Mars square) we must make precise, morally defendable (Astraea) decisions and actions to move forward through a challenge (square).

Princess Diana Astraea in Gemini 1 degree in her fifth house of romance square Mars 1-degree Virgo in her 8th house. Princess Diana did not always show good judgment and sound moral values and reasoning in her choice of and energy she put into romantic partners and sexual affairs. However, she did bring up her children (5th house) with sound moral values, she railed against injustice and unfairness for people who were deprived due to war or poverty. She used to run, gymnasium exercise and swimming to decrease her irritability, demands and intolerance (Mars square) and before she died, she realised she could be a force for good if she went to Africa to stop land mines which were causing endless mutilation. Like Steve Irwin Diana had her Astraea in her 5th house which indicated her hatred of unfairness, even to the point of aggressive (Mars) revenge.


Sextiles involve two planets that are 60 degrees apart. Fire and air signs sextile each other and earth and water signs sextile each other so the archetypes of attraction, affability, ease and opportunities for cooperation and gathering of information and expression are present in a sextile. The houses, planets, asteroids and signs involved are vital in a sextile aspect. Thus, with a positive person of high awareness we could see wellbeing and sound health coming from behaviours, beliefs and values of innocence, purity, goodness and fairness (Astraea). In a weak, negative or criminal person we could see no concern for justice and fairness, no purity or innocence and an inability to let go or a person who avoid difficulties, challenges or responsibility when they can.


Bindi Irwin, the bubbly daughter of wild life conservationist Steve Irwin has Astraea in her second house of values and in Taurus. Therefore, her self-esteem revolves around her innocence and goodness. Like her father you can see that in her face. Astraea in Taurus indicates a love of the countryside and stable, dependable morality. Her Astraea sextiles her Hygeia in Cancer. Like her fatherly she also has a motherly concern (Cancer) for the innocence of Australian wildlife (Astraea) and this gives her wellbeing (Hygeia).


Bishop Michael Curry has Astraea 00 degrees Taurus conjunct 29 degrees Gemini 7th house and Astraea 00 degrees Taurus sextile Moon 2 degrees in Pisces an emotional and heartfelt need for fairness, precise moral values, justice, goodness and innocence in our feelings. He did not hesitate to ask a number of church officials, who he knew were guilty of immorality and various crimes of corruption and paedophilia to resign when he became primate of his church. Astraea here, in Taurus is practical in their morals, thoroughly just, good in a stable manner, dependable in making fair decisions in line with not only church doctrine, but spiritually righteous decisions and he was loyal to the victims of immoral church officials. Bishop Curry with his Astraea in his 7th house believes in morality in all relationships.

Hamish Millar had Astraea sextile Sun.

Robin Williams had Astraea sextile Hygeia. Hygeia quincunx Mercury

Fred West murdered his family and buried them under his house. He had Astraea sextile Venus

Jeremy Bentham had Astraea at 16 degrees Sagittarius sextile North Node at 16 degrees Aquarius. He was the founder of the Panopticon or the first morally designed jail.

Oppositions recognise a lack within the person who has them. Oppositions use two signs to meet the lack.


Prince Charles of England Astraea 15 degrees Aries conjunct his Midheaven opposite Neptune in Libra and Astraea trine Pluto in 1st at 16 degrees Leo. Charles, as the future king of Britain, needs to be upright and have integrity in ruling the land so the amount of money the royal family receives is seen to be just. As he has Neptune in Libra, which could be said to be deception and nativity (Neptune) in relationships (Libra) opposite (conflict or the need for another) Astraea (purity, goodness and morality) conjunct Midheaven his affair with his mistress Camilla, now his wife, was a very public affair. And as Neptune in the 10th house is also glamour, his wife at the time, Princess Diana darkened Charles’s reputation and made him seem guilty of moral turpitude. Charles as king with Camilla as his wife could never be trusted. While Charles’ mother, the Queen has always been seen as the epitome of morality and justice (Astraea) Charles tries to meddle in parliamentary matters whilst the Queen does not.

Trines indicate easy interactions between planets and they have natural talents and easy creativity between these planets. A trine could be compared to skiing downhill. It’s easy, inspiring, harmonious and flowing.


Prince Charles’ Pluto conjunct Ceres in Leo in his first house trine his Midheaven and Astraea does mark him as a pure and good, innocent, moral (Astraea) king (Leo). His Pluto in his first house of Leo does indicate his ability to transform and be initiated by spiritual fire.


Steve Irwin, zoologist, wildlife warrior, Australian Zoo owner. Astraea in his fifth house in Cancer. Sun in Pisces in his 1st house trine his Astraea. Pisces people are compassionate, sympathetic and dreamy. If there is anyone who loves nature it’s a Pisces Sun and with Chiron conjunct his Sun he loves to go into the wilds. He wasn’t a city dweller by nature. With Sun trine Astraea he’s an innocent and as Astraea is a justice seeker Steve was a natural wildlife warrior. His wife said when she first met him, “He sounded like an environmental Tarzan, a larger-than-life superhero guy” and he was: he was a passionate conservationist. Astraea in his fifth house made him a natural “romantic” a sort of wild man Wordsworth. He loved (5th house) justice and conservation for Australian animals and with Neptune in his tenth house he was a naturally, glamourous guy who people loved at first sight. With Astraea in Cancer he was the innocent and enthusiastic ‘great mother’ of all wild animals. Steve Irwin was criticised for having an unsophisticated view (Astraea) of conservation in Australia.

Caroline Myss has Mercury in the 12the house in Sagittarius trine Astraea in her 3rd house in Aries.


A quincunx geometric aspect in astrology involves two planets that are 150 degrees or five signs apart. What I have found is that people with quincunxes tend to compartmentalize the two areas of life specified by the planets and points involved. When we air one of the planets or points involved in an opposition, the other planet or point feels “left out”, but the opportunities to find a balance are there in an opposition. The quincunx is a much harder aspect to merge the energies of the planets involved. But the difference between the opposition and quincunx is that there is a sense that the two quincunxing planets cannot be merged, and this is where compartmentalization comes into play. The areas of life described by the planets tend to conflict with each other, but the individual separates them either consciously or unconsciously. This is why adjustment is associated with the quincunx. Both planets/points represent distinct needs and areas of life, and it takes a great deal of energy to sort them into different compartments. Charles Manson’s Astraea quincunx shows how impossible is for some people.


Charles Manson Astraea in his 9th house in Capricorn quincunx Ceres in Leo (conjunct Pluto and South Node in his 4th house). The 9th houses symbolises the law, ethics and the lessons we learn from living. Astraea in the 9th house should be moral, good and pure but Charles Manson was one of the evillest men ever to walk the earth. Why? There was a Star Trek episode in the late 1970s where Lieutenant Yar, who was head of security on the starship enterprise. She and the Captain and some crew went down to a seemingly deserted island. She accidentally stood in what looked like an oil slick and she died instantly. The oil slick was a being who was abandoned on the planet by his family. They never came back. The abandoned being went from loneliness, to grief to anger, to hate to rage and to the need to destroy all being who came into its path. Manson was the same. He was abandoned by his mother as a child and then passed onto aunt and uncle. His mother was a criminal who came back periodically and basically all those he loved abandoned him. We see this pattern in his Pluto conjunct Ceres conjunct South Node in his 4th house. It indicates early loss of parents as a past life and present life pattern. Manson’s reaction was to become a criminal filled with hate. So, we can see the lack of perspective quincunx pattern between his 9th house Astraea which should have been good and his totally dysfunctional criminal family background with Pluto-Ceres-South Node in the 4th quincunxing his Astraea. The hate resulting from the 4th house won and all that was left in the 9th house Astraean archetype was moral turpitude which is a legal concept in the United States and some other countries that refers to an act or behaviour that gravely violates the sentiment or accepted standard of the community. As such it is the shadow or lowest vibration of the Astraean archetype.
The concept of “moral turpitude” might escape precise definition, but it has been described as an “act of baseness, vileness, or depravity in the private and social duties which a man owes to his fellowmen, or to society in general, contrary to the accepted and customary rule of right and duty between man and man.” (Chadwick v. State Bar, 49 Cal. 3d 103, 110, 776 P.2d 240, 260 Cal.Rptr. 538 (1989); Sosa-Martinez v. United States AG, 420 F.3d 1338, 1341, 11th Cir. 2005)
Moral turpitude includes fraud:
• Making false representation,
• Knowledge of such false representation by the perpetrator,
• Reliance on the false representation by the person defrauded,
• An intent to defraud,
• The actual act of committing fraud, Evil intent:
Evil Intent:
• Arson
• Blackmail,
• Burglary,
• Embezzlement,
• Extortion
• False pretences
• Forgery
• Larceny (grand or petty)
• Malicious destruction of property
• Knowingly receiving stolen goods
• Robbery,
• Theft (when it involves the intention of permanent taking)
• Transporting stolen property (with guilty knowledge),
• Damaging private property (where intent to damage not required),
• Breaking and entering (requiring no specific or implicit intent to commit a crime involving moral turpitude)
• Passing bad checks (where intent to defraud not required),
• Possessing stolen property (if guilty knowledge is not essential),
• Joy riding (where the intention to take permanently not required),
• Juvenile delinquency,
• Trespassing
• Crimes Committed Against Governmental Authority
• Bribery
• Counterfeiting,
• Fraud against revenue or other government functions
• Mail and wire fraud,
• Perjury,
• Harbouring a fugitive from justice (with guilty knowledge),
• Tax evasion (wilful),
• Black market violations,
• Breach of the peace,
• Carrying a concealed weapon,
• Desertion from the Armed Forces,
• Disorderly conduct,
• Drunk or reckless driving,
• Driving while license suspended or revoked,
• Driving without insurance,
• Drunkenness,
• Escape from prison,
• Failure to report for military induction,
• False statements (not amounting to perjury or involving fraud),
• Firearm violations,
• Gambling violations,
• Immigration violations,
• Liquor violations,
• Loan sharking,
• Lottery violations,
• Minor traffic violations,
• Operating a pirate radio or television station,
• Possessing burglar tools (without intent to commit burglary),
• Smuggling and customs violations (where intent to commit fraud is absent),
• Tax evasion (without intent to defraud),
• Vagrancy
Moral turpitude also includes:
• Crimes Committed Against Person, Family Relationship, and Sexual Morality
• Abandonment of a minor child (if wilful and resulting in the destitution of the child)
• Adultery
• Assault (this crime is broken down into several categories, which involve moral turpitude):
1. Assault with intent to kill, commit rape, commit robbery or commit serious bodily harm,
2. Assault with a dangerous or deadly weapon
• Bigamy
• Paternity fraud
• Contributing to the delinquency of a minor (where sexual)
• Gross indecency
• Incest (if the result of an improper sexual relationship),
• Kidnapping and
• Lewdness
Moral turpitude includes manslaughter:
• Voluntary,
• Involuntary (where the statute requires proof of recklessness, which is defined as the awareness and conscious disregard of a substantial and unjustified risk which constitutes a gross deviation from the standard that a reasonable person would observe in the situation. A conviction for the statutory offense of vehicular homicide or other involuntary manslaughter requires only a showing of negligence will not involve moral turpitude even if it appears the defendant in fact acted recklessly);
• Mayhem’
• Murder
Moral turpitude includes
• Pandering, Prostitution
• Rape (including “Statutory rape” by virtue of the victim’s age);
• Assault (simple) (any assault, which does not require an evil intent or depraved motive, although it may involve the use of a weapon, which is neither dangerous nor deadly),
• Bastardy (the offense of begetting a bastard child);
• Creating or maintaining a nuisance (where knowledge that premises were used for prostitution is not necessary)
• Incest (when a result of a marital status prohibited by law)
• Involuntary manslaughter (when killing is not the result of recklessness);
• Libel,
• Failure to register as a sex offender,
• Mailing an obscene letter;
• Riot,
• Sexual harassment,
• Suicide (attempted).
• And Attempts, Aiding and Abetting, Accessories and Conspiracy.

Claude Bowes Lyons who was born in1855, was the maternal grandfather of queen Elizabeth of England. Claude had Sun trine Hygeia, and Astraea in Libra quincunx Sun conjunct Ceres in Pisces.


If you have Astraea in a position of prominence in a water house (12th, 8th or 4th) or a water sign (Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer0  I would like you to think about purchasing and using a bottle of “Freshwater Mangrove” Australian Bush Flower Essence. The improvements or fresh air this adds to your life are  1. openness to new experiences, new people, and shifts in perception (because perceptions are vital and we can change them) and 2. Freshwater Mangrove helps us have a healthy questioning of our traditional standards, morals, etiquette and beliefs  and accept situations where there has been no justice, no fairness, no goodness, no morals, no ethicality or no purity and it has upset you.)
Freshwater Mangrove comes from East Alligator River in the Northern Territory and that is crocodile country. I lived in crocodile country in the north of Australia for 7 years between 1996 and 2004. Crocodiles are denizens of the deep, your worst nightmare and they kill many unsuspecting people. They live mostly underwater, in the mud and to me they are shadow creatures so they would belong to the 12th house and possibly Saturn (MC/10th house) and Pluto/8th house. They live in stagnant water. Can you hear what I am saying? They are prehistoric and have not changed since dinosaur times. So to me, whilst Astraea upholds the morals and justice in a world that is now beset with terrorism, child delinquency etc if we are stuck in antiquated Astraea beliefs you have an archetypal crocodile stuck in your in your unconscious and this is where the shadows  of the 12th house, 8th house and 4th house act.
The other Australian Bush Flower Essence to take is Boab. Boab acts on the etheric level as well as the emotional, mental and physical levels, so it will alter your genetic imprints.


You might like to message me if Astraea is significant in your horoscope. I spent weeks finding people with prominent Astraea in their charts so she is quite rare.

Bright blessings to you from,




The picture above is of the asteroid goddess ASTRAEA

Hi to all the people who follow me,

Thankyou so much for reading my articles. I really appreciate it.


I am working on my Hygeia book at the moment; on the Hygeia-Medea aspect section. In each section, say it is geometric aspects between Hygeia and the asteroid goddess Medea I investigate people who have Hygeia conjunction Medea and those who have sextiles, trines, oppositions, squares and quincunxes. I have analysed all aspects between Hygeia and the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Nodes, Ascendant, Midheaven, Ceres, Athena, Juno, Vesta, Astraea, Medea, Ariadne, Europa, Mnenosyne, Pandora, Hecate, Cassandra, Admetos, Cupido, Apollon, Hades, Poseidon, Kronos, Zeus, Vulcanus and TransPluto. I also do Hygeia through the signs, houses and elements. I analyse the charts of well over one thousand people. It took me a day to find one person who had a sextile between Hygeia and Medea and that happened to be Sigmund Freud. I finished my Hygeia-Admetos section on Friday. What a relief. The big problem I have always find with research is that I find some inspiring piece of information to add and I did that last night spending far to much time adding wonderful medical pieces of information about Moon aspect Hygeia people.


ARTICLE ONE. One is on Astraea, the fifth largest asteroid in our solar system. Her symbol looks like a percentage sign and until the other day when I read that one astrologer considered her and Athena as the major rulers of Libra I had disregarded her. But now I am including her in my Hygeia book. Wow, I had fervently disregarded her even though she just happens to be on my Solar Fire Astrology program. And amazingly she just happens to sextile my Moon conjunct Hygeia. It was an “aha moment” to discover something that sat right under my nose for years. Astraea is known as the “Star Maiden” and she is the goddess of precision, purity, innocence, justice, ethics and harmony. She is very much aligned with Poseidon.

ARTICLE TWO. The other article is on yod interpretation. I have three people, two with yods and one with two quincunxes who want me to discuss their astrological dilemmas. Wow. Why? Because I receive many messages asking me to look at people’s yods. Yods are not hard to understand if we realise we have a number of subpersonalities that are not aligned. If we see ourselves as a house then our rooms (bedroom, lounge with fireplace, kitchen with dining room , office/workplace, bathroom, toilet, foyer, laundry and the garden) should be joined by doors. Let’s imagine the lounge and fire place as the Sun, (our spirit); our kitchen as the Moon (where we cook, are domestic and eat), Mercury as the office workplace, the toilet and laundry as Pluto, the computer as Uranus, our bedroom as Venus, our bathroom as dreamy inspiring Neptune, Saturn as the garden, garage and garden sheds where we ground and keep our car (Mars) and do mechanical work. The foyer and from door are our Ascendant. Oh dear I did not include Jupiter.

Let us say we have a quincunx from our Moon to Pluto. Are the issues of excretion and letting go of the past and our diet and body connected or do we have stomach heat and have constipation? Is there a door from the dining room/kitchen to the toilet? Do we go outside daily with our yoga mat and exercise on the lawn in the sunshine? Perhaps we have a quincunx from Mercury to Saturn. We sit in our office all day and don’t get up to exercise. Do we have a door from the office to the garden? So in both cases we have to get the chainsaw out and make a door. That is a dramatic and severe adjustment, but adjustments must be performed in some form to be healthy. All quincunxes and yods involve health and finance or both.

One accurate description of a yod or quincunx is being “between a rock and hard place.” That depicts children who are beaten or neglected or have parents who never listen to them, compare them unfairly to others or expect them to perform beyond their capabilities. How can they adjust? Well one of those children who were tortured by her parents escaped from being between a rock and a hard place. That case was in the media last year. The Turpin case is a child abuse and captivity incident discovered in Perris, California, United States, in which David and Louise Turpin imprisoned their thirteen children. We can see that one child was assertive and had willpower. Dr Victor Frankl’s discovery of people who stayed alive in the holocaust camps of Nazi Germany in WWII were positive and they could see themselves living. They adjusted and they lived. We must take action if we have a quincunx and we must change our old habits to new and healthy habits, beliefs and behaviours.


In my doctorate (PhD thesis) and Master’s Degree I swore to confidentiality and ethical behaviour with all people. I receive occasional pleas to “look at my friend/my teacher/my neighbour/my ex-husband etc”. I will not do this ever. To do a horoscope I must have the verbal or written permission of the person seeking astrological analysis. It is not ethical to “look at someone” without their permission. It is voyeurism. If they are a public figure and their birth data is on Wikipedia or on the net yes, but otherwise it is not acceptable. I taught a subject on “Ethics” where I taught in the Human Welfare School at university and I taught a subject on “Aboriginal Art Ethics and Protocols” at Griffith University. I delete all such requests that are unethical.

Please do not write to me via my email . This is a massive boundary issue and an invasion of my privacy. If you wish to write to me please write to me via messages on my StarCounsell website. I will always message you back.

I write articles to help people on my StarCounsell website, but I do not analyse charts. I have been a kindergarten teacher, school teacher, college teacher and university teacher and my articles and books are “how to ” articles so you can analyse your own chart. If you use keys words like the ones I used in my June 2019 article I am sure you can learn.

Many bright blessings to you,

USING TRANSITING SATURN IN CAPRICORN, TRANSITING HYGEIA, TRANSITING CERES AND TRANSITING NEPTUNE IN PISCES to improve my wellbeing via the use of Using Horary Astrology, Dreams and Shamanic Power Animal Symbolism.

By Hilary Bond PhD


The Picture above is of Demeter-Ceres the goddess of nature. She is the great Mother and a goddess who symbolises sustainability where everything is linked together as one: the oceans, rivers, skies, animals, humans, the soils, love and   goodness.


DISCLAIMER. This article is about my own journey to improve my own health and is only the opinions and ideas of the author. The author is not engaged in rendering medical, health or any other services. The reader should consult his or her medical doctor or any other competent professional before adopting any suggestions in this article or drawing any inferences from it. I, Hilary Bond PhD disclaim any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise that is incurred directly or indirectly from the use or application of any of the contents of this article.



In the last year I have had to take a lot of antibiotics. I knew this would be, in the long run, detrimental, but I had no idea how bad the effects would be. To make a long story short my kind friends have helped me discover that the burning pain in my intestines has to be a parasite (blastocystis hominis which should have been killed by the anti-biotics) or candida, or even a yeast infection. It was worse after eating sweet fruit and last night after trying an alcohol based homeopathic remedy the effects became considerably worse. This morning I hastened to the garden to do what my friend Lynne suggested: pick some aloe vera and eat the flesh to coat the inside of my intestines. It worked. I have eaten with my eyes squeezed tight 3 tablespoons full of aloe vera squelchy jell and I have not had one iota of burning pain today.


I decided to look at a horary chart to see the position of transiting Neptune (to look for a fungus and parasite infection) and Saturn (to see if Hygeian/Ceres herbal and alternate medicines helped in hard core reality). As soon as I realised this was a Neptunian problems I sat down and opened my solar fire programme. I was specifically looking for Neptune and its relationship with Saturn. This is what I saw.


THE ASCENDANT. The ascendant (my soul in Esoteric Astrology) was 16 degrees Leo. What a relief, the light was shining  and the ruler of the Ascendant was the Sun in the 11th house of friends.  The ascendant  quincunxed transiting retrograde Saturn in my sixth house of healing. Ah ha, I would have to make some adjustments. First I planned to go  to the local health shop to buy a candida or yeast cleanse. Second , I had to buy some garlic at Woolworths and green vegetables to make a cleansing broth to last me for ten days to starve the candida or yeast infection out. of my body.


COMPASSIONATE, ALTERNATE THINKING FRIENDS. Transiting Saturn 17 degrees Capricorn conjuncted the  South Node in the 6th house of health . This had happened before, in 2015, but then I did not have the herbal knowledge I have now  or the two friends who were standing by my side, Irma and Lynne. In the horary chart my in depth discussions with my friends showed up in the horary chart with Poseidon (the Trans-Neptunian planet of light and illumination) at 23 degrees Scorpio shining light on the problem. Poseidon sextiled Saturn (the discussions were structured and realistic and the shed light on a lesson I had to learn.) Poseidon also trined Neptune in the 7th house in Pisces revealing that alternate remedies for candida/yeast or parasite infections were right. Poseidon in Scorpio in the 3rd house also trined the Moon in the 11th house in Cancer indicating a grand trine in water   suggesting relationships (3rd, 7th and 11th houses) between alternate thinking (Neptune in the 7th house) compassionate, kind (water element) women (Moon in Cancer).   My friend’s herbal and alternative medical advice showed up in the horary chart:  Moon conjunct Sun in Cancer in my 11th house and Neptune at 18 degrees in my 7th house in Pisces sextiling Saturn. This all indicated my friends using their knowledge of ancient folklore (Moon in Cancer) and alternative medical talents (Neptune in Pisces). The Moon was 12 degrees of Cancer, but by tonight it would be 18 degrees and moving away from Saturn so the effect was lessening. The same lessening effect or waning was the case with the transiting Sun. In a week it would be 17 degrees and the effects of the infection should be lessening.


STOPPING THE WORSENING INFECTION. On the first of July the transiting Sun was conjuncting Hades warning of a deteriorating condition. Where was Hygeia? Hygeia (whole body medical preventative care) in Taurus was right up on my midheaven. The whole bad health problem was glaring in my face and Hygeia was conjunct Admetos (hardship). Admetos also indicates the need to call on the divine and the characteristics of your Sun.

Yep, the burning was horrible. What else was Neptune sextile Saturn telling me? Get plenty of sleep (Neptune and Hygeia) which I hadn’t been doing. I had been up burning the midnight oil trying to finish a really fascinating family tree. Where was Ceres, the goddess of plants? There she was sitting right on the IC. Hygeia and Ceres spelt out the problem. The root of the problem was food (Ceres). I’d been drinking too much prune juice (sweet fruit that candida loved) and I needed green vegetable broth to make a cleanse and some of my own herbs that I grew in the garden (Hygeia in Taurus) and plenty of sleep and more exercise. There was one of the answers: transiting Hygeia in Taurus (foods from nature, exercise, advice from dreams and sleep) trined transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the 6th house and Ceres on the IC in Sagittarius (exercise and the outdoors) sextiled Pluto. The other answer was transiting Neptune in Pisces in the seventh house sextile Saturn in Capricorn (get sleep; listen to my dreams, stop working too much and use alternative remedies that friends suggested to improve my health).



The picture above is of aloe vera plants in bloom.

I have aloe vera plants growing everywhere in my garden; in the front where it is dry, in the middle in my walled garden, in the back of the garden where the effluent from the sewage plant comes out. So obviously it is a multi-tasking plant.
Aloe Vera flower essence invigorates the spirit and creative energy! It creates a perfect balance in the emotional system by soothing excess fire and inviting healing water into one’s life force.
The Aloe Vera flower shows brightness, openness and action with bright orangey- yellow petals growing up sentinel-like. The petals look like flames which suggests burning because of its doctrine of signatures. It  has thick succulent-cactus-like leaves, which when broken open, exude a thick gel that is known to alleviate pain associated with burns (you may have used Aloe Vera after a long day in the sun.) The Aloe Vera flower essence works similarly for those who tend to “burn out” because of working and doing too much. Aloe Vera helps the soul and body aspects to come into greater harmony by bringing the nourishment, renewal, and rejuvenation. But it also stops that horrible burning feeling associated with the internal pain of thrush getting into one’s digestive system. It coats the internal walls of the digestive system. Aloe vera fruit is anti-fungal and its displays good anti-fungal effect on Candida albicans.
The frequency of life-threatening infections caused by pathogenic fungal microorganisms is the leading cause of illness and death in immunocompromised patients in developing countries. This is further worsened by the situation of multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria due to the increase in the use of antibiotics and there remains a paucity of newer group of antibiotic drugs. Despite the existence of potent antibiotic and anti-fungal agents, resistant or multi-resistant strains are continuously appearing, which means pharmaceutical companies have a permanent search and development of new drugs. Plants are the cheapest safer and time-tested alternative sources of antimicrobials. In ancient times, people believed that plants had curative powers. Plant medicine has been a part of both Eastern and Western medical traditions since 2000 BC. Literature shows that the Chinese used ginseng at least 3000 years ago, Native Americans used willow bark tea to reduce fever. Each civilization that has progressed has stressed the use of medicinal plants. The recent increase in the popularity of herbals products globally may reflect the fact that a lot of people have disbelief with the current allopathic medical practice. People feel that using herbal extracts caters to purity, simplicity, and safety. Most people feel that herbal medicines are safer and less toxic. Popularly used herbal supplements in the dental field are licoricey, ginger, ginseng, garlic, and clove.


Dandelion is a herb that many people have growing in their back garden. I do. People use the above ground parts and root to make medicine. Dandelion is used for many conditions, but so far, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to determine whether or not it is effective for any of them. Dandelion is used for loss of appetite, upset stomach, intestinal gas, gallstones, joint pain, muscle aches, eczema, and bruises. Dandelion is also used to increase urine production and as a laxative to increase bowel movements. It is also used as skin toner, blood tonic, and digestive tonic. Some people use dandelion to treat infection, especially viral infections, and cancer. In foods, dandelion is used as salad greens, and in soups, wine, and teas. The roasted root is used as a coffee substitute. How does it work? Dandelion contains chemicals that may increase urine production and decrease swelling (inflammation).
Candida is a fungus typically found in small amounts in the mouth and intestines and on the skin. At normal levels, the fungus is not problematic. However, when Candida begins to grow uncontrollably, it can cause an infection known as candidiasis. If you have candida in your system you must avoid all refined sugars and natural sugar intake in like fresh, frozen, canned, dried fruit and fruit juices, as well as all products with yeast in it including baked foods, all fermented products (vinegar, alcohol), mushrooms. Candida albicans needs organic, carbon-based compounds (e.g. glucose, fructose and sucrose) to provide it with energy. And I had been drinking heaps of prune juice to go to the toilet. This morning I realised I was in a catch 22 situation. Candida causes constipation.

On the morning of the 1st July I woke up feeling horrid. This was the dream that I had about 7 am:
“The men I trusted had turned on me and I walked out of the crowded restaurant alone up a horrible road in an industrial area. There were no trees or gardens. Nothing was neat or tidy. There was rubbish everywhere along the roads and debris, rotting old buildings and corroding concrete. I was walking north, but a horrible, sentient machine- robot was stalking me. It looked like a front end loader  and it kept trying to abduct me.”
I woke up feeling jarred. I kept thinking, “What is this dream trying to tell me?” Until today it did not make any sense.


Not trusting men because they turned on me meant look to my intuition and Hygeia and Neptune. Men are left brained. Hygeia is holistic and Neptune is right brained.

The industrial area indicated a man made, plant-less society wasn’t good for me. I felt this indicated going outside into my garden and maybe driving out to my forest. The dream also suggested eating organic plants rather than man made products of our mechanised society.

So the gist of the dream indicated,  “Clean up my act; have more fun, more rest, be really conscious of hygiene”.

I’m happy for anyone to suggest any more ideas.



The picture above is of Cronos, the old Greek god of the golden age who the Romans called Saturn.


I remembered this morning  as I lay in a lovely salt bath that Saturn in his old form of the Titan Cronos was a god of nature, fertility, fecundity and plenty.  He has similar qualities to the old Greek goddess Demeter. What I am trying to say is that Saturn is not just hard core reality, he is a teacher of goodness; he instills discipline and in the 6th house of this horary chart the discipline is in diet to have good health and to use natural foods. Consequently, not just Neptune, Hygeia, and Ceres (Demeter) all link together to form a picture of natural medicine Saturn adds to this and the Moon because she  is the luminary who symbolises our body.

Hygeiea’s Greek name meant whole bodily health, sound health, preventative health techniques, rather than just hygiene. Hygeia ‘s temple hospitals in ancient times centred around thermal springs. Water was a vital and central theme of healing in the Hygeian world. Her priest-doctors emphasised sleep and dreams where the patients prayed for help to either Ascelepius or his father Apollo. In 11 days’, time an eclipse will sit on my sit strengthening my spirit. Hygeian healing stressed exercise and time in nature, laughter, sound therapy, singing and fun. So, I needed all of those healing modalities because Hygeia is conjunct the MC. The light is flashing. I must stop and listen.
Ceres is the great goddess Demeter, the mother goddess and the nurturer and goddess of plants and grains. She is the Earth Mother. In Sagittarius she emphasises constantly moving forward in consciousness and freedom to move forward in consciousness, as nurturing. In Sagittarius the outdoors and nature are health giving. Ceres helps you feeling at home and comfortable in your own skin and healthy eating and lifestyle choices. If you’re eating badly, managing your money poorly or unhappy with your body, Ceres in a chart could explain why exactly what you need to change to become healthy. Ceres in the chart I looked at for a burning pain in my digestive tract is the root of the problem.

Saturn in Capricorn is a configuration associated with mainstream authority in general (I’ve spent a great deal of hospitals in the last years when I normally go to alternate healers. Saturn in Capricorn also indicates personal obstacles. A substantial, long-term goal can help focus energy and bring stability to day-to-day life. Saturn in Capricorn is very grounded and with Neptune in Pisces which is definitely spiritual and alternate medically in this horary chart.

Combining them all indicated that I would use organic celery and silver beet and garlic in a broth to cleanse my system , buying a candida cleanse product, long term taking zinc, cloves, oregano daily and no more sweet fruit. I should spend a few days restoring my spirit in my 2 and a half thousand acre forest and cut down on the work I am doing on the computer and buy another dream journal.

DAY ONE. I went to the local pharmacy which doubles as a health food shop. They suggested probiotic supplements, natural yogurt,  and garlic. I bought Saccharomyces cerevisiae  which clinical and experimental studies have shown is for prevention or treatment of several gastrointestinal infections. I drank  six mugs of vegetable broth and ate 4 more table spoons of aloe vera from the time I went shopping to when I wen to sleep at 9 pm. I took two Saccharomyces cerevisae capsules before I went to sleep.


DAY TWO.  1. Dream. “I was stuck on an island between two large rivers in the Australian bush. The scenery was quite beautiful and serene and I had a large sprawling house and food. There were river gums and coolibah eucalyptus trees along the banks of the river, but there was a feeling I was stuck there. ” The dream really needs no explaining. I had to stick to my strict regimen to improve my health. Hygeia, Saturn, Neptune  and Ceres were strong in the dream as Hygeia was the goddess of nature and water.   Neptune was also a god of water and Ceres was a goddess of nature and plants. The eucalyptus trees were the totems of my Aboriginal ancestors and I knew they were watching over me. The eucalyptus tree indicated eucalyptus oil as an oil to have in the bath for hygiene. The two rivers looked like the rivers that we called “Channel Country” where my grandad and I used to go when I was a child, so I was safe and I knew there was a good outcome. The water in the rivers was moving gently and calmly indicating steady progress with health improvements. Saturn was indicated by the isolation and the Australian natural bush.

DAY 2. I added lemon grass and dandelion greens to the green broth I was drinking, because I had them growing in my garden. Lemon grass helps  to relieve anxiety, prevents infection, boosts oral health, relieves pain, boosts red blood cell levels and relieves bloating. I realised I had more old medicinal plants in my garden than I thought.  3. The constipation is lessening quickly.yeast stopping  I have been to the toilet 3 times this morning and the pain  and burning is lessening fast. I   took another Saccharomyces cerevisae capsule this morning. They act very fast. The mushrooms I have been enjoying in my vegetable quiches in the last ten days must have added to the yeast infection.


DAY 3  I plan to keep a diary of my health diary for a month as a lesson for me to remind myself of my progress and see whether  the yeast, candida  and parasite can be starved out.

DAY 3 DREAM. I woke up at 4 am feeling headachy and vile. This was my dream,” My son was about 12 months old. He was wandering around, raving with an adult voice, about not having enough sleep. He and I lay down and went to sleep in a double bed. When I woke up my mother who was staying with us had hung up his dirty nappies on coat hangers.  My son was learning to walk.  I realised we had no washing machine. I would have to wash my son’s dirty nappies by hand. My husband who was staying somewhere else came to the door. He was not happy. He had bad liver lines on his forehead and could not talk. He was a house painter.”


The dream suggests my son pointing out my need for logic and sleep and better hygiene so as not to spread any infection via my washing machine. My husband in the dream with his liver lines suggests keeping going with my cleanse to clean my liver. Constipation can do lots of damage to one’s liver. The intestinal cleanse seems a good thing as in Esoteric Astrology the throat chakra is tied to one’s intestines. My mother is Demeter/Ceres and a strong need to use alternate plant based remedies and be in nature more frequently. My loud son demanding sleep suggests the need for lots more sleep and  I slept for 11 hours last night. My son’s loud voice also leads to the wild boar and all its symbolic behaviour


I have not gone to the lower shamanic world or “sacred garden” for a while. I found a boar and some brumbies (wild horses) that had taken up residence in my ‘sacred garden’. This is what Mara Gamiel says about  the wild boar on her “Light of Truth” website (https://mara-gamiel.blogspot.com/2009/03/power-animals-wild-boar.html ). As an animal that gives personal power the wild boar is one of the most fearless, aggressive and ferocious fighters of  the animal kingdom. They hold the teachings of courage, assertiveness and protection.  If we allow this animal to guide our footsteps fear becomes a distant memory rather than a present reality. This is wonderful because I have been working on etheric protection and being brave for 5-6 months. These fascinating creatures are deeply connected to the energies of the earth and all it holds. They show us how to efficiently uncover things that lie beneath the surface. I am asked to stand up, have faith and move forward without fear and face fear face on, let it go and live joyously. Boar asks us to correct anything wrong in my life  “now.” Earthy order, organisation and efficiency are part of boars tool kit, as is being loud and vocal like my son in my dream. Boar initiates transformation and self-discovery through pushing us to change. I would be wise to follow boar’s lead without resistance because he does not give up. As a child my father used to take my siblings and I to our huge spring-fed dam on our sheep property. he would not let us get out of the car until he had taken his shotgun and scouted out the bush rushes. He always emphasised how dangerous they are.


I have had camels in my sacred garden for years and this is what Mara Gamiel suggests about camels as power animals: ” The camel is powerful and strong. It is focused and determined. If this is your totem don’t expect it to gently nudge you in the right direction. The camel will shove you into the darkness and demand that you use your inner resources to survive, grow and awaken.” That is so true. She also states, “Occasional fasting to eliminate toxins from the body would benefit those with this totem. Camels are masters at survival and hold the teaching of resourcefulness. A color of vitality it has long been associated with the emotional chakra of earth and her human inhabitants. It can transform, purify and heal emotional discord. The golden ray is believed to be the colour of transfiguration. Transfiguration of cellular structure is possible when this color is applied in personal healing rituals. Because the camel has clear sight and acute hearing it can be a powerful ally for those willing to go the distance to transmute all imperfections.” I have had transiting Pluto effecting my Moon, Sun and Moon’s Node for many years  and Mara’s advice on the camel power animal are very wise. Here is her website blog on camel as a power animal. https://mara-gamiel.blogspot.com/2007/11/power-animals-camel.html


In wild form the Horse symbolises vitality and freedom on its hooves,  physically, mentally and spiritually. There is no constraining the Horse when it runs with the wind, but Horse also enjoys the company of family and friends. It’s always more fun to gallop together in a setting where individuality never gets lost. That’s why the Horse symbolism speaks to our social nature and ability to move in and out of various circles equally well.
Jung felt that the Horse symbolizes personal power, things that we master in our lives, and our natural gifts. Horse is a creature of success and self-actualization.  The  wonderful blog for wild horse symbolism appeared on this website https://whatismyspiritanimal.com/spirit-totem-power-animal-meanings/mammals/horse-symbolism-meaning/ The wild horses suddenly appeared in my sacred garden a few months ago. I grew up with horses on our sheep property.

DAY 4 Vomitting. Dreamed  of the Queen of England, her daughter Princess Ann and her daughter the very famous horse trainer. maybe horse is the common denominator and horse means freedom and fun.

DAY 5 Serious  vomiting. Dreamed a shark was trying to kill me.

By 5 pm rang the ambulance and was put on a saline drip in hospital overnight.


DAY 6. Feeling much better, but what a cost. The bloodtests showed no potassium in my system. So I missed talking about the hard  core reality of going to hospital. But with Saturn in the 6th house that is hard core reality. And for all the airy fairy talk Hygeia is an astrological goddess of hospitals.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my horary astrology journey and how it can help you. It ended with a bang,  but  hospitals are there in Australia for emergency health problems and  in Australia they are free. The staff  are compassionate and well educated and they do lots of sensible tests. They are Saturn-Hygeia places.


Bright blessings, love and happy days to you,