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Welcome back to Karen and Brad’s ongoing tale of Brad’s miraculous recovery from near-death. The tale also includes, in parts one and two, Karen’s joyful determination, as a Hygeia conjunct Sun in in Scorpio in the 3rd house mother, to restore her treasured son to health.   Her journey to make her beloved son Brad’s life affirming journey possible included her belief in miracles (Neptune conjunct Hygeia conjunct Sun, all in Scorpio conjunction Venus in Sagittarius) which she communicated endlessly to Brad’s hospital care givers, nurses, doctors, surgeons and probably the cleaners and administrators in Brad’s hospital ward. It has, so far been a three-year, three-month victory against giving up; a victory against leaving Brad in a vegetative state; a victory for her goal of having her son  pressing forward medically, so he is walking, talking, eating, happy and living a productive life as a restored and shining Hygeia in Gemini conjunction Erynia, sextile Sun in Leo, trine Jupiter in Aquarius man and much-loved son. 

In the short article on “Hygeia, Goddess of Sanitation and Hygeia, the author of Greek Medicine.net maintains that Hygeia is the personification of the value of diet and hygiene in health maintenance and disease prevention and she is the complement to her father/partner Asclepius. The author continues that, “We look to Asclepius for medical miracles in times of crisis…, but we must do all we can to maintain our health and prevent disease ourselves. The body has amazing powers of self-healing if we keep it clean and live in accordance with Nature’s laws.” This is the stage Brad is at self-healing the moment as he is finally able to eat rather than being fed through a tube.

     In his book, Spontaneous Healing, Dr. Andrew Weil, (who is a well-known author in the field of Natural Health) classifies diverse methods and attitudes to medicine and health as being either chiefly Ascelepian or Hygeian. He sees most natural, holistic, alternative medical systems are in the Hygeian camp, whereas modern medicine is overwhelmingly Ascelepian. The Hygeian approach, he maintains, is ultimately the most positive and empowering.

Like fellow academic Georgia Petridou, in her article “Asclepius the Divine Healer, Asclepius the Divine Physician: Epiphanies as Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools”, I have found that Ascelepius and Hygeia are hallmarks of a divine revelation and Brad’s miraculous cure point to Karen and Brad’s strong Hygeia in their horoscopes, with Karen praying to the archangels and meditating with them daily. Brad has the asteroid Ascelepius in Virgo in his sixth house and exactly on his Descendant, giving the indication of a miracle cure as a measure of health.


“Virgin Hygeia… mild and kind… [who loves and works with her family, always holds] a serpent, which she is feeding from a cup….,. the goddess of physical health, is [also] the giver or protectress of mental health…”. (Aeschylus. Eumenides, p. 522, 5th century BC)

Truly blooming health (Hygeia)….” Aeschylus, Agamemnon, p. 1001.ff

To Hygeia (Health), prolific queen. Hear me, life-bearing Hygeia, of beauteous mien, mother of all; [smiter] of diseases dire, bringer of bliss.” Orphic Hymn 68 to Hygeia (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.)

Bright-eyed mother, highest queen of Apollon’s (the Sun’s) golden throne, desirable [for health], gently-laughing Hygeia (Health).” Licymnius, Fragment 769, from Sextus Empiricus, Against the Ethicists, Greek Lyric V, C4th B.C.

THE ERINYES BECOMING THE EUMENIDES (but the asteroid is called Erynia.)

Once Athena decreed that the Erinyes would become the Eumenides the former vengeful Dementer-type women who sent wrong doers mad with not a hint of mercy, became benevolent, good-natured, warm, affectionate, tender, loving, compassionate, considerate, thoughtful and beneficent, seeking libations, protective and helpful. Maybe you have Erynia in your horoscope, aspecting your Hygeia.  Brad does and this is the past life I saw for him today.

First of all, I sought the time. It was about 12,000 years ago and Erynia today was at 27 Cancer in his fifth house of joy squaring his Mars conjunct Chiron at 27 Libra in his 8th house of past lives and family genetic inheritance. This clearly indicates a turning point.

Secondly, I began looking for Brad’s Erynia past life as his surrogate I picked a Doreen Virtue angel card which said, “SIGNS!” and the reading said, “Look for signs and symbols because the angels are trying to get your attention.” The Mars-Chiron in the 8th house of bridging between dimensions can be old wounded past life or past life energy transformed into new healing energy OR old past life healing ability is about to be given to you, but you must begin to help others and this is soul quest.   

But the research for my Hygeia  and the Asteroid books indicated overwhelmingly that the many “Hygeia -Aspecting Erynia” people  had experienced Near Death Experiences .   

THE ERYNIA PAST LIFE in Brad’s eyes as I am only the surrogate for his spirit: “I see a grove of lilac trees.  I see the most beautiful ethereal maidens floating through but suddenly they are attacked by wild men who seek to take the maidens home as wives.  They are great hulking brutes. I am one of them.

A giant being appears, a thunder and lightning spirit full of sparks, smoke and fire and horrible noise and he wants to fry us.  The maidens run, all bar one who stands her ground and shouts, “Have mercy on them!”

The thunder being turns them into defenseless rabbits, but the girl is angry and hardly meek and mild and she shouts again, “Stop! That one and she points to me. Save him. We will keep him.”

Then the maidens take me to a misty place (sort of teleporting. I was too dazed to know what was happening), clearly a place of immortals. I could glean that much, for they weren’t substantial like humans, but I dared not poke them.  In those times when Atlantis still existed everything was God. We were all divine and scared. All was one, all joined, no separation. 

It is a dimension of plenty, abundance, a shining, golden place full of pure love, kindliness and mercy.    I stay there forever, but occasionally I long to be human again and the longing grows and multiplies and the maiden who helped to me and strokes my brow. “Bar-el”, she says, “We will fulfill your wishes, but there are conditions. She told me and I agreed.

 I am returned to the lilac grove, which looks the same, but I have the knowledge I accrued in the otherworld.  I spend the rest of my life helping others, especially the violent, brutal ones, because I am still giant, bearded and I look superficially brutal, but if you look more deeply my heart shines and I am alive for all sentient beings.

Occasionally, I go to the lilac grove, and the maiden I met eons ago, from here, appears and teaches me new knowledge.


Around 2,500 years ago the famous Greek writer Aeschylus who wrote the play, Agamemnon.  Agamemnon, was the lover of Cassandra and leader of the Greek armies at the Trojan war.

Although Aeschylus wrote 90 plays one of the only ones to survive is The Oresteia Trilogy (Agamemnon, Libation Bearers and The Eumenides.) It is vital to this article that I mention that Aeschylus is said to have described his work as ‘morsels from the feast of Homer,’ as Brad is also known as Homer.


The three women, who in ancient Greece were known as the Fates, also known as the Furies, the Greek Erinyes and later the serpent goddess Athena when they were transformed into the “kindly ones” who give beneficence, were then called the Eumenides, in Greco-Roman mythology. Thus, Erynia is the underworld collective chthonic goddess of vengeance transformed into a second chance at life. 

In all the horoscopes I have collected, for my book, Hygeia and the Asteroids, people who have the asteroid Erynia aspecting Hygeia, most have Near Death Experiences   where beneficent angelic beings cleanse and purify them of their previous karmic problems and them back to life in a miraculous manner.

According to the Greek poet Hesiod, they were the daughters of Gaea (Earth.)  They were known as Alekto (Unceasing Anger), Tisiphone (Avenger) and Megaera (Jealous). These three (Fates or Dementers as they would be known in the Harry Potter series) lived in the underworld (the unconscious) and ascended to earth (consciousness) to pursue the wicked.

They were often identified with spirits of the fertility and abundance of the earth.

Clearly, Hygeia and Erynia conjunct in Gemini in the fourth house produce good health from one’s family. They create well-being from being benevolent and compassionate to family and maybe well being as a builder, interior decorator, buying real estate and they have good health from being with mother and family and soul ties with family.  In Gemini usually one may have to watch one communication, but also lungs, throat, speech, larynx and do not smoke.

I can tell you because I did Brad’s Hygeia past life. This life is a few hundred years after the Erynia lifetime. This is Brad speaking:

I see whales, giant whales. I am a sailor, not alone, but with men and one woman for luck. We are seeking a mythical fish who is a friend to man-kind. His name is Freed-eee. It could be Fred -eee.

He is my friend from my dreams. Every night he comes to me in my nightly big dreams (for I am an oracle (Hygeia in Gemini quincunx Kassandra in Scorpio in 9th house.) He tells me what I should know. He is a knowledge giver, a wise one, an Atlantean light man, who comes in the guise of a fish, but he is my spiritual guide. The guide of my soul for this life.

The men think this giant mythical fish is real. I have lucid dreams and I tell my fish Fred-ee about the men.

Barr-el, he calls me.  I will appear to your men as a giant rainbow fish. That will make them happy. I am overjoyed and everyone sees him. He is as giant as the whales. He tells them things about their soul quest and they are happy beyond belief. I love Fred-ee. He is so full of love.  


 Brad has a fan/funnel chart with Saturn in Aries in his 2nd house. This indicates that he Saturn in Aries which indicates that he:

  • Has a great deal of inherent common sense, which he will learn gradually?
  • Maybe frustrated with the delays and frustrations of the energy and drive of normal Aries,
  • Has a strong need for security,
  • seeks immediate gratification and quick fixes, thus these painful years in hospital have taught patience,
  • is a trail-blazer, is dependable and organized, may act childishly at times, which by now is a thing of the past. By watching his mother, the doctors, surgeons, dieticians, the physiotherapists, social workers and the compassionate caregivers, in short, the team of people devoted to saving and improving his life the immaturity would have disappeared,
  • a man battles for what his beliefs,
  • a man who considers things deeply

He also has Saturn in his 2nd house which means that,

  • He is thrifty and a hard worker,
  • Success comes slowly to him so he practices gratefulness meditation,
  • Because of a poor background he has, in his early life build a house and gathered security 

He has a Pisces ascendant which matches Karen’s Sun in Neptune. Thus, with his Mercury in Virgo opposite he matches his pragmatic, organized, utilitarian ways of thinking to his spiritual beliefs (Pisces beliefs.)

His Jupiter is trine Hygeia in Aquarius in his 12th house, so he is a friend to mankind and can influence the collective.

His Neptune is in Capricorn 28 degrees in his 11th house of hopes and dreams squaring Chiron conjunct Mars. He is a fisherman.

Brad had no clear aspect configuration,


Hygeia 16, Hades 17, Noemi 15 and Erynia 15 degrees 24 minutes in GEMINI IN HIS 4TH HOUSE

HADES can mean deterioration, but it is in the charts of many healers and activists and amazons when its conjuncts or aspects Hygeia.

NOEMI : Hank Friedman  states that there are a few possibilities with asteroid Noemi: The name Noemi is derived from the Hebrew Naamah, meaning “pleasant, delightful”. Consequently, Noemi  may give a gracious, amiable and congenial nature. Maybe a position of social prestige may be attained.   With Hygeia you would gain well being from being a friend to others and soul wise you have come in as a sociable, likeable person.


Mercury 13, Anubis 15, Black Moon 16, North Node 20 and Venus 20 degrees of VIRGO in his 7th house.

MERCURY. We all know that Mercury is communication, the throat chakra and short term travel. Mercury is a psychopomp and can travel between the world of Earth, heavenly realms and the underworld like Hecate.  He is Hermes the alchemical god and the alchemist.  

ANUBIS The asteroid Anubis , the jackal headed was the son of the Nepthys and Osiris a god of death and the underworld.  He was the god of death, mummification, embalming, the afterlife, cemeteries, tombs, and the Underworld. Besides having a similarity to Hades he is clearly a god of the Bardo or afterlife (life between lives.)

THE BLACK MOON . The Black Moon looks at your (Jungian) shadow and forces you spiritually to become your soul core or essence regardless of your qualifications, career, wealth or social standing.

NORTH NODE is our soul’s intended pathway in this lifetime  and one can use the gifts from the south node past lives, but not fall back into the negative behaviours of the south node. In his past lives Brad lived Piscean lives and usually indicates  means escaping reality in some way or being a

VENUS is clearly love, our attractions and values.

What I can see here are possible indications of near death (Anubis and the Black Moon),  and actually going to the underworld, but being saved from death by love (Venus) and his mother’s  practical detailed work of endless positive communication (Mercury) with hospital staff and communication and brain neurological functioning and diet, all  to keep Brad’s recovery evolving.   The north Node in Virgo seems to be the nuts and bolts functioning of healing and hospital procedures and Brad’s mother becoming an expert here to save him.

ERYNIA AND HYGEIA  definitely save the day and the beings from Brad’s past lives in his Erynian and Hygeian lives may well have intervened.  The maiden from Brad’s Erynian life may well be his soul partner  because NOEMI is also an indication of marriage, partnership and with Hygeia conjunct Noemi this may be a soul union forever. I must go back to find her name.  

The crux of the whole chart is Mercury, because it rules Virgo and Gemini and Brad must keep communicating on an earthly and heavenly level.



I hope that you enjoyed this article.

Karen   and Brad I send my love and I give to all who read this my blessings and a hug,




By Hilary Jane Bond PhD.  All rights reserved. Copyright.

 I wanted to call this article “SHAMANIC ASTROLOGY: ASSISTING A CLIENT TO NAVIGATE THROUGH THEIR HYGEIA -FOCUSED NATAL CHART & TRANSITS. Looking at the roadblocks in that chart with the goal of empathically creating new patterns of holistic wellbeing. Part two of Karen’s astrological consultation, but it was a long and cumbersome title.

However, now you have read the long title you know what this article really is  discussing.

This Hygeia focused article is addressing:

1.shamanic astrology with a shamanic journey and soul retrieval to the client’s Hygeia in her horoscope,

2. Diagnosing the natal chart,

3. analysing the transiting planets through a natal chart,

3. empathic holistic astrological counselling and healing,

4. seeking to create holistic wellbeing (Hygeian type astrology) for your client,

5. at the highest level of awareness possible for your client at that time, which also is a Hygeian holistic perspecttive.


There are gateways or portals that lead to old pain, suffering and trauma in one’s life. There are the soothing and eye-opening Hygeian ones every five years; the initiatory Saturnian ones every seven years; the shocking Uranus one at age 38-42 and age 84; the grueling Pluto transits to one’s Sun once in a lifetime for a few people (but not all), and then a healing and knowledge/wisdom-giving gateway is the Chiron return at age 49-51.  Another portal which has the potential to unlock one’s shadow is the Black Moon transit.

Consequently, today I am highlighting the effects of transits in a natal chart and how to resolve these roadblocks with a variety of holistic healing.

We need to be aware of these significant doorways to awareness and potential higher consciousness and celebrate these potential initiations. Otherwise, the effect may be like the flushing of an old toilet that does not have enough water. We push the button, but some of the flotsam and jetsam   is left floating and stinking and it may be so huge and toxic that we cannot flush it away without help.  This is when some people turn to addictive substances, become ill, turn to mainstream medication (psychiatric pills for often wrongly and superficially diagnosed for depression, anxiety and a host of psychiatric ailments) or at worst they may even try suicide or toxic/dangerous behaviours to themselves or others.  They may get divorced or enter impulsively into a new relationship. At best they will grow in consciousness and joyfully find their old soul-mates or soul-friends and or find their correct soul path.     

Consequently, one of the answers to achieving a higher level of awareness is an education about the gateways of life, intergenerational trauma, past life and interdimensional toxic imprinting and ways to heal these situations. The second answer is a diagnosis of the situation and the third answer is a gradual healing of the client’s situation. 

Here the goal may be to resolve old traumas and bring in suggestions of new ways of thinking, being, behaviours, emotions, intellectual patterning, spiritual healing and physical healing to my clients. In short, I am looking at an empathic, loving, holistic way of being in the present, burning the past to ash and introducing healing and self-empathic methods of being kind to oneself.

Because of old childhood conditioning or brainwashing (by thoughtless parents, siblings, peers/friends/ grandparents/relations and seeing too much violence and the media-driven drama),  people, as they grow up from the childhood to adolescence, then to adulthood may not have the tools to understand the wrongs of their childhood and adolescent training, teaching, yelling or even abuse and neglect. That was a  very long sentence, so in a nutshell I suggested that, if a person comes from a family and environment that is not holistically healthy, they will be harmed. When people are harmed by this kind of brainwashing (a softer word is conditioning or imprinting) their aura will hold the imprints of abuse and harm and they may, if they are not aware of this, continue to attract abusive situations, neighbours, workmates and partners.

And this is the shadow work that comes with deep research and work into one’s natal position and transits of the Black Moon, Pluto and even the asteroid Hades. Evolutionary astrology (Jeffrey Wolf Green) and Jungian shadow work, hand in hand will help in this regard. Keeping a diary of what  happens on your Pluto and Black Moon transits is vital.  I have transiting Pluto conjuncting my Sun, quincunxing my natal Pluto, opposing my Uranus and Pluto and squaring my natal Neptune now , thus I can watch my shadow emerging in the behaviour of neighbours and relations. My close friends do not project.  

Boab is an all-encompassing Australian Bush Flower Remedy for intergenerational patterns of abuse and enmeshment in families. This is effective when a great- grandfather physically and verbally abuses their son and it goes down through the grandfather, father to the son. You can work with this energy shamanically or via geneological astrology, which I love working with. The patterns of behaviour emerge with comparing natal patterns of the people in each generation.

 If you are a mediumistic healer/shamanic holographic kinetic healer or holistic spiritual healer of any kind you will seek to find the original abuse by “seeing” into the ancestral dimensions through the akasha. (The hall of records and book of life are other names for the akasha and akashic records.) I just ask to “see where ……. (my client) ‘s pain and trauma began. It may be a past life. It could also be interdimensional. If they client admits they are taking addictive substances, you need to clear the destructive beings that belong to that addiction. None of this is for the uneducated neophyte. You must have years of training and experience to do this so you achieve a new holistically healthy life path for the client.     

Thus, and hopefully your client will return, to resolve and heal in a caring, empathic, compassionate, wise and healing method to introduce new and healthy ways of thinking, feeling, reacting and behaving.


  • Affirmations;
  • Flower therapy,
  • Colour therapy,
  • psychological counselling and naturopathy if the pain and suffering have transmuted into Post Traumatic Trauma Disorder,
  • Thought stopping,
  • Rational-emotive behaviour,
  • Shamanic soul retrievals performed by experts,
  • Shamanic-holographic kinetic healing with a soul retrieval included in each healing,
  • continual awareness of whether our psychological buttons are being pushed and how we are feeling in our holistic state (our physical/emotional/mental/social/spiritual state) so we can do something about this via a range of therapists,
  • If we have addictions (which may include Facebook, relationships, sex, laxatives) to substances, cigarettes, alcohol we must for our sake and our family’s sake take steps to get help,
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy,
  • group therapy (counselling) for whatever the problem is. Borderline personality disorder only responds to counselling (not medications).

Whatever the problem is you must find the actual core issue.   

If astrologers are highly educated with a good university education, plus alternative therapy training then they/we may have to decide which way we approach the trauma. None of this is resolved in one issue.      


When a client/friend/relation/loved one asks for a consultation to look at resolving traumatic issues I ask for a brief biography preferably in dot point form. The more any person delves deep and dwells on and into old trauma, pain and struggles the more that trauma comes back into their consciousness. It is acidic and if it has not been healed it eats into the neuroplasticity of their brain.

Thus, we ask that while the client is writing about their past history and their stories that accompany the salient facts, we ask that they play the music of Mozart, because it is the most healing sound and have their favourite oil in a burner.  Some flowers, fruit and a nice ritual, inviting their favourite divine beings, guides and favourite archangels can set the scene with love and maximum pleasantness.    I suggest when they send the dot point past history and stories that they have a burning ceremony and maybe call on St Germaine and his violet flame to burn the nasty stories in the etheric realms.   I also suggest taking the drops of the flower essence Angelsword to clear the spiritual essence of the trauma that the client has dredged from the past to the surface.


Before my second consultation I noticed, in my friend Karen’s natal chart, that she has two large stelliums opposing one another (Pluto, Mars and Uranus in the first house and Chiron, Moon, Saturn, Black Moon in the 7th house.) Oppositions generally can balance out over time and  this opposition creates a calm and rational approach to the opposing energies in one’s character, however these stelliums contain some heavy-duty conjunctions between planets, Karen’s Chiron and the Black Moon.

I have seen people in this generation quite crushed by the stellium Karen has in her first house.  A lesser woman could be a nasty, vengeful person, a person who enjoyed vicarious violence; or perhaps a violent revolutionary, or an enraged activist or a person who projected her Plutonic- Mars- Uranian conjunction energies onto a partner and did some substantial blaming. Karen is not of that caliber.  She is up there with the angels at a particularly high level of awareness, constantly learning about neurology, bodily organs, diet, holistic therapies and new methods of medical and alternate healing with an emphasis on spiritual healing. 


  1. Atlantis at 18 degrees 23 minutes, Pluto is at 20 Virgo, Mars 23 and Uranus 24 in her first house
  2. It opposes her Moon at 16 degrees Pisces, Chiron 22 Pisces, Saturn at 23 degrees Pisces and Black Moon at 26 Pisces. 
  3. These planets and asteroids are essentially glued together.

What I see in the 7th house  is  MOON, CHIRON, SATURN, BLACK MOON

  1. This is a situation where the Moon because of emotional patterning seeks a partner, yet the karmic placement of Saturn may present obstacles and depression, so we can stay wounded (Chiron) and endlessly seeking a partner (Black Moon)

2. OR seek profound divine healing through the divine and possibly meditations and interdimensional soul expansion (Atlantis) which is a higher level of awareness and vibration than  Saturn and see the  beauty in all life and address our shadow (Black Moon.)

However, we as therapists do not mention the doom and gloom words I used in number 1. explanation of the Moon, Chiron, Black Moon, Saturn stellium.

I will say things like, “I am so impressed by the wonderful stable (Satuurn) emotional energy (Moon)you have and your common sense (Saturn) as a mother (Moon). It looks as though you, as a Mother (Moon) promote responsibility for your actions as an ethic for your children.

And I would continue, “I admire that fact that as a Mother-mentor you promote wisdom and lifelong learning with your children (Moon conjunct Chiron.) How fortunate your children are that you take them on regular nature hikes as a family (Chiron-Moon)

I am so glad you work so hard with your children to promote spiritual values and talk with them about moderation, humility and such sensible, pragmatic behaviour (Black Moon Moon.)

The above three paragraphs are examples of a non threatening astrological dialogue with your client.


Here in  7TH house situations I would seek archangel Chamuel, and I do every day because he transforms relationships and one’s heart chakra and brings divine love into one’s life.

Karen and I also work with archangel Zadkiel is the archangel of freedom, benevolence and mercy, and the Patron Angel of all who forgive. I have worked with him/her for many years in my healing.

Jesus and then Mother Mary and Archangel Micheal are the major sources of divine healing. I have depended on Jesus all my life and Mother Mary and Michael for the last 25 years.  

What I see in the first house stellium is this energy is a person who has an amazing energy of doing the unusual to effect regeneration and transformation in herself and others.

To analyze this energy, we can see the minutiae of Mars, Uranus and Pluto below:


  • Awakening,
  • Inventiveness, astrology and psychology,
  • Sudden change,
  • A breaker of traditions,
  • An unusual person who does unusual things,
  • The nervous system, so a need to unwind, meditate, relax,
  • Spasms,
  • Hypo or hyper conditions,
  • Quick resolutions

MARS – basically for Karen Mars is energy and assertion


  • at the lowest level:
  • obsessions, phobias, isolation, coercion, bacteria, viruses and degeneration.
  • At the highest level:
  •  an awareness of one’s unconscious patterns; epigenetic and genetic patterns; ancestral conditioning; negative emotional patterns and sabotaging behaviour hidden in the subconscious mind, which if untreated may act like a toxic moon; and personal and family shadow behaviour and projection
  • and at the highest-level regeneration, reforming and transformation.
  •  In a word one must transform daily psychologically and be aware of one’s patterns and old habits and declutter, clear, clean constantly,
  • The archangel is Azrael,
  • The goddess and gods Anubis, Hecate, Thanatos, Hades, Sekhmet and Isis and Osiris; Orpheus and Eurydice
  • Azrael is the archangel of regeneration, transformation, coercion, cooperation, rebirth, desire, obsession, cleansing, healing, elimination, generational changes, ancestral memory and ancient knowledge. Learning secrets, the unconscious, the inner journeys, radical change in consciousness Death and resurrection, endings and beginnings and the achieving spiritual goals.
  • Thus, with Pluto here Karen uses Azrael to transform and regenerate herself and her son


 I felt that healing the energies of Skuld and Eurydice would be an essential step to disengaging any toxicity in this grand square.


I remind you that we are looking at her transits on that day (not her son’s transits.)

On the date of her son’s horrific accident the transits on that day are

  • Saturn Sagittarius 21,
  • Black Moon 22 Sagittarius,
  • Pluto 17 degrees Capricorn,
  • Moon’s node 24 Leo,
  • Mars 27 Leo,
  • Uranus 28 Aries (to me indicating potential for lessening trauma over time as it is separating aspect,
  • Chiron 27 Pisces (to me indicating potential for healing as it is a separating aspect)

There is a heavy emphasis on karma and perhaps depression which is to be expected, but also an instant (Mars) transformation (Pluto) and loosening of boundaries, plus her soul pathway in this life is highlighted (North Node.) Uranus does tell us of revolutionary change and Chiron of the potential for her to become a healing (which she has done in past lives -Moon conjunct Saturn conjunct Chiron) and heal her own shadow whilst helping to heal her son (Black Moon and Saturn transits moving into the 5th house.)

I have never been a Black Moon expert so I looked at Laura Walker’s wonderful website featuring her exciting book: The Black Moon: A Guide to Healing the Shadow Side.

This is the website: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/530f3fd3e4b00ea7829010d2/t/531f6aade4b04709d61ca19a/1394567853204/Black+Moon+A+Guide+to+Healing+the+Shadow+Side.pdf

This is what Laura states about Black Moon transits: “The transits of the Black Moon are like a Pluto transit compacted into one month. They are dramatic and empowering because they bring the issues of the shadow side out into the light where they can be understood and transcended. When we bring what is unconscious into conscious awareness, we can overcome the cycle.”


I looked for any trigger asteroids to this opposition today and I found the asteroid Skuld at 21 degrees Gemini natally in Karen’s chart.

I also found Eurydice 21 Sagittarius natally in her chart.

I performed two shamanic/holographic kinetic/theta healings.


Skuld is an old Norse karmic being. She is one of the three Norns (like the Greek Fates or Erinyes.)

This is Karen’s spirit speaking about what she sees in a past life roughly 4000 years ago. Place unknown:

I don’t know where I am. It is hazy and dusty. I feel as though I am near a volcano. The smell is overwhelming and disgusting. I don’t think I am on Earth. I am thousands of miles from home.  It is a disaster. I see a space ship: it looks like a spaceship of survivors from a dead planet that was destroyed by something terrible.

What do I see? Ugh! Too horrible to discuss.  I am still here. I am not sure whether anyone is alive on the ship. They are not human.  It smells terrible.

The sky is sort of striped in blurry stripes. Something is blocking my vision.

“Okay”, I (Hilary) respond. “We have called on my divine healing guides to delete the vileness.

Karen answers, “I see nothing now. But I still have no idea what is occurring.

There has definitely been a disaster in space, but the divine has cleaned it up. They have intervened and healed. They seemed to have healed and erased astral debris, karmic sludge.

I say,” Okay I see a deformed type Atlantean dwarf who has grown and grown in fury and size and destructive power because of perceived insults for thousands of years. He loves to create devastation in the time of Atlantis and revenge for his paranoia about the way he was treated by the tall luminescent ones.

I read him his rights because according to divine universal law he has the right to choose whether he is destroyed or goes for healing.  The Lords of Karma remove him, but Jesus intervene and takes him for healing.

I tell Karen it was Jesus and my divine guide’s place to intervene on the akashic level because I asked for help in your name.  He was a trickster (Skuld in Gemini) square Karen’s natal Saturn and Pluto and a trouble maker.

We do a soul retrieval in case he has taken a part of Karen’s soul. The healing is complete and Skuld is made pleasant like the Greek Fates being turned into the Eumenides (Kindly ones) by Athena.


Eurydice 21 Sagittarius. The time is around 1650 after King Charles I of Britain is executed for treason and before King Charles II takes the throne.  

We have Paracelsus, John the Baptist and Zebedee with us as well, as my usual divine guides. They provide, with Jesus four columns of light on the four corners of my healing room.  I love the two prophets who call themselves the “Thunderers” and their presence is highly reassuring to me.   Karen in her soul form is here. I can feel her presence and the divine beings are very loving towards her. The Thunderers nod to her and smile at her which is rare for these amazing old stern healing beings.

Karen’s spirit speaks,

“I am very rich. I am a lady, an English aristocrat. A countess. I am Elizabeth Devonshire.  I have been travelling throughout Europe. We are in Rome with my husband and children, our dogs, my maid and the children’s nanny and my husbands’ valet.  My husband is William. My son is two and a half.  His sister is 10. 

My daughter is skylarking in Trevi Fountain. My husband is not here. The nanny for my baby has wandered away for a moment.  My little boy has somehow fallen into the fountain and drowned. When we find him and my daughter drags him out it is too late. He is dead.

I scream and scream. My husband comes. Many good souls try to help.  But there is no way we can save his life.  Our only boy and I am too old to have more. My husband is beside himself. He sacks the nanny and raves and rants.

Our family are crippled now. Totally traumatized.  My daughter Anne marries to escape the family tragedy and disappears. I die inside. My heart is dead, even though I die of old age after William. I wish thousands of times that little John would return.  I have been dead for many years in my heart and soul before my body dies.

 Karen, in the form of Elizabeth, does not mention that she has two other sons Charles, but he is reclusive.  His is not close and there is William the eldest. Her little baby was her late life baby and she loved him best.

The ghost of my son stays with me.”

Hilary:  I do a soul retrieval for Karen and her son in the 1665 life and find their soul pieces in the fountain. The boy is no longer a ghost. Karen’s heart where the soul piece breaks off is restored.


What I also see in regard to this past life Eurydice story is that because of the death of her small child and her resultant grief, everything else in her life becomes meaningless and this is what happens under a Black Moon transit to Eurydice. After the little boy dies the Countess of Devonshire becomes just a “wreck”, a ghostly half dead person and her title and vast estates mean nothing.

Thus, we find the core archetype of the Black Moon transit is Inanna and believe it or not there is an asteroid Inanna.

In regard to comparing Karen’s Eurydice past life as Elizabeth Devonshire to Innana ‘s initiation, Laura Walker’s book “Astrology of the Black Moon” was invaluable to me.  In the ancient Babylonian myth of Ereshkigal, her sister, Inanna carries all her vital possessions, the ones that she believes she needs down to the underworld to stay with her sister Ereshkigal.

But it is only the tablets of spiritual laws that are vital to her quest.  Innana loses all of her material possessions.  Only spiritual laws remain with us during a Black Moon transit and I have found the same seems to occur with a Pluto transit. During this transit, firstly, my car, computer, watch, my television, stove, and other white goods have all have died/fallen apart and were no longer usable. Secondly, the city, where I live now, is a farming community where people have little education, so no one takes any notice of university degrees or beautiful clothes, so physical and material accomplishments, acquisitions and titles are meaningless because this transit is a means to discover our core true identity. A Black Moon transit is an internal spiritual quest and we must surrender or break and I have found this to be true with a Pluto transit too.


Orpheus was the son of Apollo, the Greek god of music and poetry. Eurydice was a beautiful nymph. Their tragic love story is a moral story of losing someone you love and having the opportunity to get them back, if you can follow one simple rule (not to look into the past.)

Apollo is the Greek god of music and poetry. Apollo gave his son a lyre and taught him how to play.  Orpheus could play his lyre, and objects would come to life, and all living beings would become entranced.

One day, Orpheus when he was in the woods playing the lyre, he saw a beautiful wood nymph named Eurydice. Eurydice was entranced by the beautiful music. It was love at first sight. They married, but Hymenaeus, the god of marriage who blessed their matrimony, warned Orpheus and Eurydice that the harmony of their marriage would not last.

Because Eurydice was such a beauty, a shepherd named Aristaeus stalked her. He planned and waited and as Eurydice and Orpheus neared, Aristaeus jumped out, but Orpheus grabbed Eurydice, and they began running through the woods with Aristaeus chasing them.  Tragically, Eurydice stepped on a venomous snake, died and descended to Hade’s underworld.

Orpheus grieved and was depressed after Eurydice died. He wanted Eurydice back, so he asked his father Apollo (the Sun god) for help. Apollo pleaded with Hades to allow Orpheus to bring Eurydice, back to life. When Orpheus sang to Hades and his underworld retinue Hades agreed to let Orpheus take his wife to the upper world under one condition: Orpheus had to lead Eurydice out of the underworld and could not look back at her because she would not come back to life.

Orpheus began leading Eurydice out of the underworld, but as they approached the entrance to the upper world, Orpheus turned around to embrace his wife, but she had not emerged from the underworld. She was still in the dark when Orpheus turned around to hug her. At that moment, Eurydice was condemned to the underworld forever.

Thus, you can see the similarities in Karen’s asteroid Eurydice’s past life. But with the shamanic healing and soul retrieval for Karen in that past life, the toxic energy of the Eurydice- past life is no more.


You can see Elizabeth’s picture here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Cavendish,_Countess_of_Devonshire

Here is some information about Elizabeth’s husband William https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Cavendish,_3rd_Earl_of_Devonshire


The next step is to consult again with Karen about the strengths of her two stelliums then step three is to see her again and discuss her son Brad’s astrological chart, both the natal situation and transits.

I suggest that you move slowly, slowly always so the client is not overwhelmed. Give them tools to work with, and send them copies of your healings and summaries of their time with you. Or ask them to do an audio tape. I cannot do skype, because I am deaf, but to me Skype could put people into trauma quite easily if the client is not under thirty years old. Many people who come to be are frazzled and we work a great deal on stress management. So, be gentle, whatever you do. Be compassionate and please put yourself in their shoes.


I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Kind wishes and many blessings to you, from ,




All rights reserved. Copyright.


Hello there and thank you so much for reading this article on understanding a horoscope and gaining as many insights about your own chart and the charts of others, as possible.

What I will be doing is showing you how to systematically analyze a natal radix chart (horoscope) with  an empathic, intuitive, loving and heart-centered approach.

There are so many types of astrology and I have learned a few; esoteric and evolutionary among them, but I always return to psychological counselling astrology with the addition of shamanic-mediumistic, intuitive ways of diving into a chart too. In this method we can see a chart as a crystal ball or go into the other-worldly dimensions of the luminaries, planets and some asteroids.  The asteroids Erynia, Atlantis, Kassandra, Hecate, Hygeia, Medea and Circe, if they conjunct your Sun or Hygeia lend themselves to zooming into their time and place, if you are intuitive.   Being positive and empathic about your client or yourself is vital.  

We are not tea leaf readers. I see us as counsellors and life coaches, so ask for a biography and ask a lot of questions in the first session. I am deaf so my time with a client might be spread over 2 days or two weeks in written sessions via email. Time is essential to feel into that person and to gain intuitive insights that you probably can’t feel straight away. I try to walk in a rain forest or along the beach regularly and when I am in those liminal places new insights about people charts become apparent; insights that wouldn’t have occurred when I was sitting in front of my computer.

Check why a person has come to you. Fear or anxiety is not a good reason or being pushed into it by a partner or family member.  If the chart reading is yours, I would be seeking a goal of rising to the highest level of holistic awareness, consciousness and holistic wellbeing that you can achieve. If I am not making sense please look at Christina Lopez’s video of opening your heart which you can recommend to your client and do yourself.

Love really is the key and loving thy neighbor as thyself is not just an old hackneyed biblical aphorism. So, love and empathy are the keys to gaining extra insights into yourself.  Loving every iota of your body, intellect, emotional body and soul expands one’s consciousness and with an expanded awareness we become so much cleverer and more intuitive.


  1. Look at the elements.  Karen has three planets in Scorpio and two in Pisces. Half her chart is in compassionate, empathic water. Her Jupiter, Ascendant and Venus are all in fire and three planets, including Mars are in earth. She has no planets in air which generally means she avoids academic work and communication or she goes overboard in her communication.
  2. Elements in houses. What we do see is that her South Node, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Neptune are all in the 3rd house of communication, so with this stellium her we note that she is actually a brilliant and intense communicator and with Neptune and Scorpio there she may communicate spiritually and intuitively. She may also learn osmotically and telepathically.
  3. Look at the qualities. With her Sun, Neptune, Mercury in Scorpio and Sun and Ascendant in Leo she has a great strength in fixed planets so she has great determination, concentration and stability.    She has six planets in mutable signs (Pisces and Sagittarius and Virgo). Thus, she is versatile, sympathetic, intuitive, adaptable and flexible above any other qualities. She doesn’t have any cardinal signs (Libra, Cancer, Aries, Capricorn) but let’s look at her houses.  She has three planets in her first house which is an Aries type initiatory type house and a large stellium. Stelliums are intense and fiery like an ardent Aries, so she makes up for her lack of cardinal signs here. Her final signature- strongest mutability and water- is Pisces.
  4. Chart Shapes. If we leave the Moon’s Node and Astraea out, she has a splay chart. But If we leave the north Node in, she has a funnel or fan chart when all her energy funnels into the funnel: The North Node in Taurus in the 9th house.  The funnel chart would indicate a highly organized, common sense, down to earth person who is spiritual and has a great gift in metaphysics. The boundaries of the fan/funnel would be Jupiter in the 12th house in Leo, which indicates a huge heart with a giant capacity for love in her twelfth house of hidden gifts and spiritual qualities. This indicates an ability not recognized for many years of broadcasting that love to the collective. The other boundary would be Saturn in Pisces in the 7th house. Her soul chose for her to return to earth to hone her gifts of partnership and spirituality, compassion and healing.   
  5. Evolutionary Astrologers would look at Pluto in her first house in Virgo and say she was a very powerful healer from ancient Egypt come back to use her energy again to heal.
  6. Now look at her Sun, Moon and Ascendant.  Ascendant in Leo reveals her overwhelming joy, love and love for children and her children. She is magnetic and fun. Sun in Scorpio conjunct Hygeia, Neptune, Isis and Amalthea reveals her huge motherliness, capacity for love, powerful soul, spirituality and healing abilities. Her Moon in Pisces she is understanding and affectionate. With her Moon conjunct Saturn she is hardworking and serious at times. Her confidence and emotional fulfillment came with maturity. Her Pisces Moon is stabilized by Saturn. Her Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces reveals a stable, compassionate woman who is an excellent partner and spiritual healer. Her midheaven in Gemini lightens her intensity and gives her an ability to teach, a  capacity for communication, versatility, a clever mind and lightheartedness. In public she is seen as an adaptable, expressive, inventive and congenial person
  7. What really jumps out at you intuitively. Karen’s solar Scorpionic . stellium jumps out at me. The fact that she has Hygeia next to her Sun, Neptune and Mercury indicates her holistic wellbeing and aligned with her three  Virgo planets in her first house it tells me she could be a healer, maybe a medical intuitive like Caroline Myss or a spiritual healer who counselled people. Then we add Isis and Amalthea.   Isis was an ancient Egyptian goddess, the wife of Osiris, the nature /vegetation god. Isis put Osiris’s dismembered body back together after his evil brother set cut it up. This is exactly what Karen did. She has put her son back together after a horrific accident and what she has done for him to bring him back to life with the help of the angels is miraculous. Now we Amalthea. Again we have a nurturing archetype. Amalthea was a mother goat, and she suckled Jupiter and was his mother until he was a young man and Karen is like this with her son. She is nurturing him with the milk of the angels and with her belief in angels and heavenly beings medical people have apeared over the last four years to help her son improve. Karen has never given up. She could have left her son in a comatose/vegetative state, but she pushed the medical staff and even when they insulted her she kept pushing. Now he goes fishing, he is being taught again to eat, to talk, to walk even though no one ever thought he could or would. Karen believes in miracles and she makes them happen and we see that in her asteroid Atlantis in the first house, her Sun conjunct Neptune conjunct Hygeia. Archetypally this combination is the renowned alchemist who makes gold out of lead. She has saved her beloved son’s life, just as Amalthea saved Jupiter’s life and Isis saved Osiris’s life. I have known Karen a long time and she is a darling. 


You must know and understand each planet’s archetypal energy, personality and behaviour at all levels or vibrations and nuances. I find Liz Greene’s books really good primers. My two-year Diploma in Psychological astrology was with a Liz Greene graduate in 1994 and 1995, but I have learned as much from her many books. I like the Jungian approach. My suggestion is to make up charts of the different layers of energy in each of the planets and luminaries and stick them up on your office walls. I am a visual person and an artist so I use colours for the vibrations of each planet.  I suggest knowing the myths behind each planet and luminary as well. Jean Shinoda Bolas books on the male and female goddesses as well. I have run God and Goddess weekends since 1990 and they are informative and fun because you recognize the energies of each planet within you as an archetype and you see the planetary nuances in other class members.    


Now this depends on whether you are a play by the academic rules astrologer or a heart centered, empathic, spiritual, psychological counselling astrologer.  I am the later, because my essence is caring for people even though I have a PhD, A Masters Degree and other Diplomas and Degrees from universities. My whole PhD is about caring and spirituality and it is on the net.

So, the Ptolemaic method is extra and not essential.

SEE https://www.astro.com/astrowiki/en/Placidus_House_System and then

Please scroll down to Magini,

Then go down to the sentence that states, “The essential idea is that the conditions laid out by Ptolemy for the Primary Directions are also used to formulate and calculate the so-called Placidus House System” and click on the words “Primary Directions” in that sentence.

Then please read the page thoroughly and then scroll right to the bottom of the page where a subtitle says weblinks and click on “The Basics: What are the primary directions (Martin Gansten 2009.) 

The URL for this page is http://skyscript.co.uk/pdf/PD_Skyscript_extract_ch1.pdf


I often do a past life or interdimensional spiritual reading/ viewing. Let’s say I watch a video of my client and this time I asked my divine guides to show me Karen’s life that is connected with her asteroid Atlantis at 18 degrees Virgo in her 1st house.

“At first I saw her in 20 years after Christ in the Holy Land.  I see Karen and her soul speaks, ‘I am just a tiny speck, a soul floating around looking for my mother. Ah. I see her praying at home. She is a holy woman, one of the Marys who were friends of the Christ.  She is wealthy and good, a caring, loving lady, who does good works. She is pious, independent and strong. She depends on no one and her soul is that of a leader and guide. She often prays in the back of the synagogue dressed as a man.

My soul enters her and like Mary and Anna she miraculously becomes pregnant.    So, I have a miracle mother.’ She laughs.

Through love, prayer and her goodness she has attracted me. But I have also been her friend in another time.  I will tell you our tale.

‘When Atlantis was young in time before time we existed there. We had no bodies. We were pure spirit. Wee were part of Atlantis, but like many of the tall, illumined ones, our body was not distinct. If you were clairvoyant you could have seen glimmers of us.  It took so much effort and energy to enter a body, so we chose not to. We could physically appear if we wished but not for long.

We nudged humans who were stuck and could not evolve; those who lost their way on earth. what do I mean by nudged. We tried to get them to hear us. Earth is hard beyond belief. It is a difficult place to be.

Aggression and anger were rampant on earth and trying to enter a dimension filled with anger is a trial. Moodiness, oh dear!  We removed such blights from people whose spirits were crying out for help.   This meant their that their soul could evolve and they could find joy instead of anger. We elevated and informed people, but were elevated and informed by the heavenly ones were always around us. Just look, they are around you too waiting for your prayers or pleas.

If only people would be still and take the time out from their busy-ness, and then go to their special place at the same time each day. Then say their prayers and ritual, close their eyes and focus on the heavenly one who love them most. In this way they allow the heavenly ones to love them and guide them.

Therefore, we never have striven for perfection. My job is to practice encouraging communication between them (the heavenly ones) and us and I practice communication for people who have called for help.

You know this is how Atlantis collapsed. Everyone forgot to communicate with the heavenly one; the need to be open all the time and tread lightly so the Light of the divine could enter them, so they could be constantly liminal. They forgot their source of love.

I am on Earth now, but I still do what I did in those two lifetimes.

Peace be with you oh beloveds,’ from Karen.  

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article. The second part will appear soon.

With love and blessings,



Hello and blessings from Hilary on this glorious day,


I have been completing my two Hygeia books, ready for publication next year and I must say, having a mountain of fun, especially on my Hygeia and the non-planets (asteroids, centaurs, the Uranian planets and the dwarf planets) book. Such fun!

 I hope you enjoy reading the Hygeia books I have written as much as I have loved writing them.  Knowledge and finding new fascinating wisdom are a joy forever.  

I am sure you all know that to find out your asteroids just take your cursor or finger to http://www.true-node.com /eph1 which is an asteroid ephemeris. Then type in your birthday and write the asteroid you wish in the blank box above your birthdate. Let’s say you put CASTALIA in the blank box and that comes up as the same degree or if your Hygeia is 1 degree less or more than the degree of Castalia, then grab her and hold her to your heart.


 Would any of my readers who love using asteroids in their horoscopes be prepared to donate their charts anonymously or with their name and business/career to my “Hygeia and the Asteroids” book?

I don’t have these small cosmological bodies that I am asking about in my book (yet), but I think they are fun and I hope you do too.  If I am fortunate enough to have you volunteer  you can be anonymous or be in a blaze of fame and have your real name and profession in the area you choose e.g. Castalia 15 degrees Cancer conjunct Hygeia  or Franzia at 28 degrees 34 mins of Aries quincunx your Hygeia at 29 degrees 59 mins  Scorpio or Hygeia in Leo at 7 degrees  sectile Semiramis in  Gemini at 6 degrees 39 mins. The sky is the limit

THE ASTEROID GALILEA (for those who have spend a past life or more in the Middle East in the time of Christ or the next couple of centuries.) For those who love the stories of the Bible and the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem and maybe have been on tours to see the sacred places where Mary Magdalene was. I have only found Governor James Oglethorpe who was the first governor of Georgia in America.  Maybe you have ancestors who were Jews in the area or early Christians or Greeks in that area. Maybe you are a Christian astrologer.

The ASTEROID JANINA- this is what astrologer Hank Friedman has to say about Janina –

“Janina (or Ionnina) is a city located in the Epirus region of northwestern Greece. Human habitation of the area dates back to the Paleolithic era (about 38,000 years ago). Ionnina was founded in the 6th Century CE by Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. Its name means “Town of John”, as it was placed under the spiritual protection of Saint John the Apostle in the early Christian era. The name John is derived from the Hebrew Yochanan, meaning “HaShem is gracious”. HaShem literally means “the Name”, and refers to the solitary  god of Judaism. Yochanan was the name of several important rabbis of the Second Temple period of Israel. It was a common given name in Judea and Galilee around the time of the invasion of the Roman empire. Translated into Greek as Ioannes, the name also became popular with Early Christians. The Christian figures of John the Baptist (Yochanan ben Zechariah) and John the Apostle (Yochanan ben Zibhdi) also bore this name. As Christianity spread throughout the Western world, so did the popularity of the name John. John the Apostle, for whom Ionnina was named, was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. This asteroid may ascribe personal importance to the town of Ionnina, the geographic region which it inhabits and its rich cultural history. It may also emphasize the importance of the Judeo-Christian tradition in the Western World. But I suspect there will be other meanings. I prefer to use the KISS method of interpretation: “Keep it simple.”

The ASTEROID FRANZIA- Here is good ole Hank Friedman again who is here to help us with the astrological meaning for Franzia. Thankyou Hank!

“This asteroid was named in honor of Franz Wolf, son of German astronomer Max Wolf (1863-1932). Max Wolf is credited with the discovery of over 200 asteroids, including this one. The name Franz is a Germanic variant of the name Francis. Francis is derived from the Latin Francia, meaning “Land of the Franks”, the etymological origin of the name of the nation of France. The Franks (or Frankish people) were a West Germanic tribal confederation first attested to in the Third Century CE. The title Frank itself is often translated as “fierce one”, being related to the Old English franca, meaning “javelin”. The word Frank in the Old Germanic language may have also implied freedom as opposed to slavery. The Late Latin word francus means “free” or “a free man”. This asteroid may ascribe personal significance to the country of France, its people, its culture and its history. A love of personal autonomy may develop. Relationships between fathers and sons may also hold personal significance.”

Are you fierce and do you love France?  Maybe the asteroid Franzia is secretly named for all girls called Francine. I have a childhood friend called Francine and she is very, very fierce. She once shouted (in the middle of my mother’s lounge room), at my sister, “You are a megalomaniac,” and she wouldn’t back down even though she caused a big scene to the embarrassment of both our mothers. Our mothers were best friends. That is fierce!   She was free of all inhibitions too. She taught art in the outback of Australia for a while. She used to let her cat sleep in her refrigerator so it wouldn’t get heatstroke. She is teaching in a Steiner school now.

THE ASTEROID AURORA- have you seen the lovely Edward Burne Jones (one of the Pre-Raphaelite artists) panting of Aurora as she clangs her symbols together to wake everybody up. She is a beautiful maiden who is perpetually fresh and enthusiastic, bright and shining. She is the personification of Dawn. She can be as an archetype of new beginnings and regeneration.

THE ASTEROID GARY. This is what astrologer Hank Friedman tells us about asteroid Gary.

Hank Friedman says this about Gary.

“The masculine given name Gary comes from the Old English and Germanic word gar, meaning “spear”. It may be roughly translated as “Spear Bearer”. This name gained popular appeal in the United States following the success of actor Gary Cooper. Gary Cooper was famous for playing tough, independent and stoic characters in Western movies. This asteroid may grant war-like, hardened, unyielding and combative attributes.”

Eek.  I bet no one owns up to this one. I have no spears around my house. Do you? But when I did my PhD up at a tribal community, on an island, in the far north of Australia, some of the men would meet the plane in the morning, with their spears, if they wanted to persuade a person they didn’t want to stay on the island. It didn’t take much persuasion. Spears in my face would persuade me very quickly to get back on the plane. The men would leave the airstrip (with their spears) laughing uproariously.  There was never a dull moment up there.  I still miss living up there. Hot, and sweaty, but endlessly fun.

THE ASTEROID CASTALIA- This is so exciting because Hygeia is a goddess of scared springs and sacred water and magical, miracle making places.  She is such a “little beauty.” I love her!

This is what our good buddy Hank Friedman says about Castalia:

“In Greek mythology, Castalia was a nymph transformed by the god Apollo into a sacred spring. Consuming, or simply listening to the sounds of these magical waters inspired the genius work of poets. Castalia’s waters were also used to purify the oracular shrine at Delphi. Apollo consecrated Castalia to the Muses, the nine goddesses of creative inspiration. This asteroid may provide an authentic source of unlimited imagination and original artistic material. It may also bestow eloquence and clarity of thought.” Exciting hey!  

I am not sure whether Castalia is one of the lovelinesses in my horoscope but it would be fun to have her helping me being eloquent all over the place. So, if you are an oracle, medium or psychic type of person or an artist please go onto truenode asteroid ephemeris and type in your birthday and write CASTALIA in the blank box and if your Hygeia is 1 degree or less than the same degree of Castalia, then grab her and hold her to your heart.

THE ASTEROID DAPHNE (who turned into a laurel tree to escape the unwelcome attentions of the god Apollo.  I suspect that one of the interpretations of Daphne is your identification of the tree nymphs who live in trees. They do exist. I have seen them and I got the shock of my life. I thought they were just stories in Ovid’s book of “Metamorphoses” which is exciting reading if you like (love) the Greek nymphs like I do! Yay! Second interpretation is “do you get pestered by unwelcome people who claim undying love or even stalkers. Erk perk. Of course, Apollo is the Sun and attention from a sunny person who is perpetually overwhelming might be a bit much when you need some quiet time on your own. Apollo never married in his myths and he was rather cold and corporate life type person, who was always at work and wasn’t to good at being affectionate so it could be that. Good to hypothesize!

THE ASTEROID SEMIRAMIS – Hank Friedman is grandly eloquent again. I like him.

He says this about this amazing, busy bee asteroid goddess :

Semiramis (also known as Semi amide, Semiramida and Shamiram) was a mythical Assyrian queen. Although her historicity is unknown, she is sometimes identified with Shammuramat, the wife of Shamshi-Adad V, who ruled as King of Assyria from 824 until 811 BCE. In her legend (as recorded by the ancient Greek historians Justin, Diodorus Siculus and Ctesias of Cnidus), Queen Semiramis was the daughter of a mortal man and the Syrian goddess Atargatis. Atargatis was known in Greece as Dea Syria, “the Goddess of Syria”, and as Derketo. Her worship spread to Greece with Syrian merchants. Atargatis was the consort of Hadad, a god associated with storms and rain. She was known as Lady Goddess of the Sea, and was portrayed as a woman with the body of a fish. In some cases, Atargatis may have been conflated with the Semetic goddess Astarte, and thus with the Sumerian Inanna and the Babylonian Ishtar. When Semiramis was an infant, Atargatis abandoned her. She was fed by doves. Doves were traditionally sacred to Ishtar, particularly in her role as goddess of love and sexuality. Similarly, they were also sacred to Aphrodite. Doves share food in a manner that resembles kissing, sparking the romantic imagination of humans. They also mate for life, thus symbolizing lasting love. As a young woman Semiramis married a military general named Onnes. Onnes committed suicide. She then married King Ninus, the legendary founder of the city of Nineveh (present day Mosul, Iraq). After Ninus died, Semiramis ruled Assyria as Queen Regent, until she was killed by her power-hungry son. Under her successful reign Assyria expanded its borders to include much of Asia Minor, as well as Ethiopia. She is sometimes credited with the foundation of the ancient Syrian city of Manbij, where her mother Atargatis was popularly worshipped. Medieval Armenian lore casts Semiramis as a harlot. Her association with lasciviousness may have arisen from her connection (both through Atargatis and the dove) with Ishtar, a patroness of prostitution. In this context Dante featured Semiramis in his Inferno in the second circle of Hell, the posthumous home of souls burdened with the sin of Lust. This asteroid may give charismatic power and political ascendancy. Libidinous tendencies may manifest. The religious traditions of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East may hold much personal significance, as may fish and doves. “Wow!

I have done a past life for a lady friend who has the asteroid Semiramis in a really important placement in her horoscope. There are no mean things about her mentioned in the past life, like “having a burdened soul”, but this lady does love storms.


Thankyou for reading this small post. I do have another article I have been struggling to write in this hot weather which I should have ready to post in a few days.

I do hope you can join me in my “Hygeia and her relationship to the Asteroids” book.

In the meantime, happy days and many blessings to you from,