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Today I am writing about the correlations between certain plants in my garden and environment that I am drawn to and their astrological meanings. Every morning and evening I walk for three quarters of an hour down to the local creek and I pass much lantana which is a declared pest in my geographical area, some gorgeous frangipanis and I sit under my wonderful spreading mulberry trees which fruit in spring.
Ceres, mother of the asteroids, brings a consciousness of how we nurture and what nurtures us: issues of self-worth and self-esteem. Ceres embodies both mothering and agricultural qualities and brings attention to our relation with the Earth, the land, the seasons, and the harvesting of crops. Ceres is psychologically cyclical in nature: fecundity, abundance as well to the withholding or denial of bestowing of abundance. Ceres in our chart is our ability to connect to the universal flow—the unification of giving and receiving as one flow of energy through ourselves. Ceres is our ability to care for others as well as the Earth. Ceres has a resonance with the land, agriculture and the environment, but Ceres is most often prominent in charts associated with catastrophic events that result in environmental change.
The position of Hygeia in our chart suggests our capacity to align ourselves with nature to be healthy holistically.
Besides being a goddess of marriage and soul mates Juno is weather or meteorological goddess so she is responsible for rain that nurtures our plants and our environment or droughts.
Saturn of course is an earth god and the Moon with her lunar cycle rules plants, herbs and the cycles of our earthly existence. An earthy chart with an accent on Taurus or Capricorn can make you a great gardener, farmer or horticulturist. We cannot forget the sun that creates chlorophyll.
My sincere apologies for my lack of articles in the last few months. I am working on a book on the “Astrology of Addictions”, one on “Hygeia”, one on “Chiron” and one on “The Past Lives of People who have yods.” If you would like to contribute please let me know via message.
Now let us have a look at mulberries, frangipanis and lantana and their astrological correlations.

The Green man essences practitioners suggest that Mulberry or Morus nigra – “wrath” will help those who
• Need powerful emotions released constructively. (Moon-Pluto)
• Freedom from remorse and past pain. (Moon-Saturn)
• For those hurt by the world and who react with anger and cynicism. (Moon-Mars or Moon-Saturn-Mars or Moon in Libra conjunct Saturn opposite Mars in Aries in the fourth house.
• Colour and tree spirit Correspondence: Red, Magenta
• Chakra Correspondence: Root
• element Correspondence: Water, Earth (cancer/4th house and Saturn/Capricorn)
Aquarius remedies see the mulberry spirit as more gentle.

MULBERRY Flower Remedy connects us powerfully to memory (Moon-Mercury or Mercury in the 4th). Mulberry can be used to help us store more in our memory and also help us in the retrieval and recall of our memories. It is an excellent remedy to use if we have forgotten or are in danger of forgetting. (Moon-Pluto or Pluto in Cancer). Mulberry flower essence will connect us to our deepest and most distant of memories. This remedy is a useful aid to memory, especially the absent-minded, but also can be used in situations where memory recall is required such as at the time of a test or exam.

When I sat under my largest mulberry trees in my garden the mulberry spirit told me this:
“We are your mulberry trees. You planted us and we love you. We provide a haven for the birds, possums, insects, wallabies and creepy crawlies. Fairies and elf creatures nestle in our thick safe haven. We are goodness, earthiness and abundance personified. “
I told the mulberry spirit that I loved it and trotted off to write my article.
Here with the sense of “safe haven” we have the Moon or Cancer and of course the Moon has an affiliation with the wildness of Juno, and Dionysius as well as the herbal, wild and earthy Moon associations of the asteroids Medea and Hecate. This may also suggest Jupiter in Cancer or Jupiter conjunct Moon. Mars or Ares is the pathogenic child of Juno; born alone by her. Mars has low emotional intelligence because he never was nurtured or loved by his mother and he had no father. So Mars in the 4th house can suggest a whole home atmosphere of domestic violence and a childhood without nurturing. Mulberry plant or flower essence will help here in conjunction with shamanic soul retrievals or healing of some kind. Mars in bad aspect to the Moon or fourth house is raw and can be a tantrum thrower. Of course the mulberry spirit with its talk of fairies suggests Pisces and Neptune in the first house or Moon-Neptune, Mercury-Neptune or Moon, Mercury, Venus or Sun in the 12th house.



Lantana is invasive. It covers acres of bush and gobbles up the existing native plants. It has a very strong smell, which personally I like, but my memories are of an old auntie’s hedges which were formed from lantana. Auntie was a Moon-Pluto person who was totally overwhelmed by a need to look after her daughter, because her first two children had died. Auntie was an anxious smother-mother who spoiled her daughter and invaded her life constantly.
So Lantana essence is for:
• guilt and anxiety
• For coming from an enmeshed family or relationship: feelings of being smothered.
• For over-nurturing and smother love.
• For masking one’s inner fears with a false bravado.
• For the need to cover one’s sense of inadequacy with substance abuse – marijuana, tobacco
• Lung-related disorders, such as asthma and shallow breathing.
• For feeling muddle-headed. Candida or thrush is an invasive fungal infection that is similar to lantana in that it causes muddle-headed brain fog. Liver problems which are Jupiterian are the same.

When cleared, the true shape and nature of the landscape underneath is revealed and can look very different. Little trees, shrubs and plants, in fact a complete garden, can appear as if out of nowhere once the screen is removed. The soil is always very fertile underneath — it is nourished by the Lantana even as it covers it. When intact, it provides natural wildlife corridors and safe havens for birds and tiny animals. It is as if a whole world exists under the lantana cover.
After using lantana essence one has
• A sense of emotional freedom and relief from guilt and worry.
• A deep faith that everything will be all right.
• Calm self-assurance.
• Clarification of personal boundaries.
• Aides clearing substance abuse patterns such as smoking.
• Mental chatter has gone
• Personal growth

I spoke to the pink frangipani and asked it for its spiritual qualities. It answered, “Joy, love, laughter and a governing spirit. I asked what it meant by governing and it showed picture of the solar plexus, and told me this is the core power of our spirit. I sense some Venusian qualities as well as solar because of the beautiful scent and overwhelming beauty of the flower.

Ian White who began Australian bush flower remedies suggested that Red Suva Frangipani essence is used for easing the intensity of emotions that often come when near to or following the end of a relationship, or even when going through a ‘rocky’ period. This essence can provide a release from sadness, instead offering a feeling of being loved and nurtured. This essence is also used for the raw emotions experienced through the loss of a loved one through death, acting as a heart salve, soothing and nurturing. Red Suva Frangipani provides relief to an overwrought nervous system and has a tonifying effect on the lungs, stomach and solar plexus. So this would be a Moon-Pluto (stomach), Mercury-Uranus or Mercury-Pluto (nervous system and lungs) and Sun-Neptune or Sun-Pluto or Sun-Chiron remedy.
The affirmation is: “I now feel inner peace and harmony. I feel nurtured and trust in my ability to cope.”

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my associations between plants and flowers in my neighborhood and garden and their psychological-astrological associations. I am just about to publish my book called “Australian Tree Dreaming: Connections to the world of nature spirits and fairies.”

Happy New Year for 2017 everyone. Tomorrow is the Capricorn new Moon. Don’t forget to have a little ceremony to set your positive intentions and goals for the next month and year.

Bright blessings and happy days from Hilary.

Annie Meredith.
Shamilla Millard & Ian White.

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