YODS, INCONJUNCTS & QUINCUNXES (Part Four): HOW TO MODERATE & HEAL THEIR OLD “STUCK” ENERGY by Hilary Bond, PhD. Copyright. All rights reserved.

YODS, INCONJUNCTS & QUINCUNXES (Part Four): HOW TO MODERATE & HEAL THEIR OLD “STUCK” ENERGY by Hilary Bond, PhD. Copyright. All rights reserved.


What do I need to know about yods and quincunxes when I see them in my chart and why are they important? The quincunx as an aspect is a red flag for health problems. It is the most difficult and impregnable aspect to deal with, because one of the planets in a quincunx or inconjunct is a shadow planet, point or asteroid. What is a shadow planet? Briefly a child born with a quincunx or inconjunct expresses publically all the problems and secrets that most family members have been trying to hide for several generations. So that child and future adult will feel all the negative emotions and may inherit the family health problems. The yod –quincunx children are like a lighthouse shining light on the vile emotions and behaviours that the secretive and repressed family members are projecting, because people in a family with festering, poisonous secrets hold those secrets to their chest like Gollem with his “precious ring” in Lord of the Rings. Similarly, like Gollem the family members become twisted psychologically and emotionally as time goes on. We call this intergenerational trauma and the yod or quincunx child becomes the little boy who tells the truth about the Emperor’s New Clothes. Subsequently if the projection and trauma is intense and it manifests in the 4th, 8th or 12th houses the child will have all sorts of negativity dumped on them and they will feel rejection for a lifetime because they are being honest.

So how do yod and inconjunct people behave? How do they think? What is different about them to others?

Eileen Nauman suggests that an inconjunct or quincunx is like a pressure cooker harbouring emotional and psychological rubbish that builds up and builds up and turns into disease. The reason being is that the yod-quincunx-inconjunct person is no expert at identifying their supressed emotions or working out why they feel ill. I have two yods and I am now sixty and it has only been in the last eighteen months that I have finally identified what caused a life time of headaches and vomiting. And no, it was not a doctor or naturopath or energy healer, who identified this, it was me. So yod and inconjunct people can traipse from medical person to medical person, but there is no quick fix. I have been for years of acupuncture and this works temporarily. I have five quincunxes and one semi-sextile and one quincunx involves Chiron where one must accept, gracefully that one must give up, but there is permanent damage in my case foetal damage. People with quincunxes also need a tailor made diet. Eileen Nauman in her book on Medical Astrology states that the most potent inconjuncts, quincunxes or yods for nutritional deficiencies are Sun-Moon, Sun-Saturn, Sun-Neptune, Moon-Pluto, Mars-Saturn, Mars-Pluto, Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Neptune and I would say Chiron-Sun, Chiron-Moon, Chiron-Mars, Chiron-Neptune and Chiron-Saturn quincunxes also suggest nutritional deficiencies.

Alice Portman in her article on yods and quincunxes suggests that the quincunx aspect is similar to bridge between signs that are different by element and modality. She adds that they pinpoint the person who has an unusual, idiosyncratic and open attitude to situations that puzzle people who don’t have planets in these signs and by association yod and inconjunct people are skilled at problem solving. She adds that these people have minds that are off the bell curve they can always see funny side of life in almost all circumstances, so they regularly appear in the charts of comedians.

But because people with quincunxes or inconjuncts in their charts are trying to marry two planets in totally different modalities (cardinal, fixed, mutable), elements (fire, earth, air and water) and modalities (feminine & masculine- reaction & action) the result is often turbulence, ambiguity, agitation, insecurity and instability. What if you had a Sagittarian Moon in the 12th house quincunx a Jupiter in Taurus in the 5th house? Yes, I am talking about a real person. He is a solid, but idealistic husband who drops everything every so often and goes on a very, long motor bike trip on a trail bike with his mates and flirts outrageously with women because his wife developed plumpness and didn’t wear makeup. What would you do if you were his wife? Would he understand if his wife nagged him? No, he’s not my husband.

Inconjuncts can be semi-sextiles (30 degrees) or quincunxes (150 degrees) and yods are an astrological configuration of two quincunxes forming an isosceles triangle with a sextile as the base of the triangle. If you go back to my previous three “yod” articles you will remember that the interaction between your two planets or planet and asteroid or planet and point is in two dissimilar signs. The orb I use will only be around zero to 2.5 degrees. Karen Hamaker-Zondag suggests in her Yod Book that she uses up to 3.5 degrees in her orbs.


So how on earth do we balance the dissonant quincunx-inconjunct planetary energy? The keywords to balance the inharmonious energy of a quincunx are:
• Adjustment between your semi-sextiling planets
• Trade-offs between your quincunxing planets
• Compromising between your internal energies
• Modification of your attitudes
• Re-evaluating your behaviour and thoughts
• Reviewing your life and cycles
• Perceiving one’s lack of moderation
• Recognising a need to prove ones-self
• Negotiation between one’s psychological attitudes and behaviours
• Recognising excessiveness or inhibition
• Describing the energy to one’s self and others, brainstorming then trying to solve this problem through thinking outside the square
• Gestalt mediation or counselling so one turns each planet into a person who performs a psychodrama
Thus the way to “fix” a yod or quincunx is the balancing of a desired need or wish for a practical outcome. This requires finding a balance between wish fulfilment and responsibility. It usually manifests as an attitude towards oneself and the world and in the end one must limit one’s self. So there is a feeling that you must surrender something. And this would cause resentment and frustration. So rather than feel resentful and frustrated there has to be a compromise or a change of attitude.

Again here I go back to Susan Boyle, who has Sun in Aries at 11 degrees and Neptune at 10 Scorpio in the 5th house. She has suddenly become famous and she has to reorganise her life to take on her new glamourous role (Neptune in the fifth) and change all her old delusional (Neptune) behaviours. She refuses to hire a body guard or even move to a condominium with a security guard so she keeps getting bullied by thugs from the low socio-economic area where she lives. Susan made headlines in June 2017 after being victim to vile bullies in her hometown. Witnesses said the singer has been left in fear after being insulted and intimidated. A spokesman for the 56-year-old said the situation has become so bad they had asked for police help.

This bullying causes traumas which bring on “melt-downs” because she has Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder and therefore she can be emotionally distressed at even tiny amounts of stress. She was bullied at school too. I taught children with Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder for many years and they were all terrified of being bullied.

Is she adjusting or reorganising her life to fit her new found fame? In some ways she is, in some ways she isn’t. So the “ground hog day” behaviour continues in some ways. Born and bred in Blackburn, West Lothian in Scotland, home has always been where her heart is for Susan. After seeing her debut album top the charts, Susan bought the four-bedroom ex-council house in Blackburn, for 65,000 pounds. She had lived there with her mother and she still lives there. She also paid £300,000 for a brand-new five-bedroom house, but found it hard to settle in so she moved her niece there and moved back to the ex-council house.

Does she have the capacity to re-evaluate her thinking and behaviour? No, I don’t believe so. People with ASD do not have the necessary tool kit of social skills. I am truly surprised that she has no minder. So her accustomed way of dealing with life is not nearly adequate to cope with her present conditions. Susan accused police of treating her ‘like an animal’ during a frightening Heathrow airport meltdown and she revealed the stress of catching a flight combined with her Asperger’s led to her panicking. Her brother left her alone and she was frightened. Her mother and sister always looked after her. Why is she left alone though when she clearly does not cope?

Does Susan have self-destructive behaviour with a refusal to compromise and a refusal to listen? This is a difficult question as this type of behaviour is one behaviour that some people with quincunxes display. But so do people with ASD and it is part of the repetitive habits that make people with autism feel safe. So does she refuse to listen? She does not have a great number of fixed planets, although her Neptune is part of two inconjuncts and Neptune is in a fixed sign. Often though a quincunx or inconjunct is a neurotic aspect that causes whinging, complaints and bad health and it often shows where the person refuses to face reality. I have struck many quincunx people who do refuse to look at themselves clearly and they continue to blame others.

If we trace the ruler of sun and Neptune back, it is Mars and her Mars is in Cancer in her first house. What does this tell us? First, that she has a great deal of perceived, unfiltered, combative emotion. Her Mars in an emotional sign is the apex of a T square between her Moon in Libra opposing her Sun and Mars squares both her luminaries. Susan also has an inconjunct (a semi-sextile) between her Neptune in Scorpio and her Moon in Libra. Astrology charts are often full of echoes of similar behaviour.

But she has adjusted to fame and health challenges on many other levels. In her success, we see a phoenix rising from the ashes of disappointment, sadness and heartbreak. We see prosperity after recession. We see good triumphing evil and we see a restoration, albeit ever so slightly, to the belief that dedication and perseverance can pay off in the end. We also see a person who does not have Hollywood good looks rising to fame in the entertainment field. She has lost a great deal of weight and now looks quite pretty with a new hairstyle. She has adjusted here on a major level because solar quincunxes often reject the body or mind to obsess on one or the other. Previous to her singing success Susan certainly did not seem to value her body, but now she is. Her singing is also another manifestation of her solar quincunx and that is the search to find meaningful work. She entered the Britain’s Got Talent singing contest where she shot to fame because her mother wanted her to do it. And in her voluntary work for her church she finds an avenue in her search for truth, meaning, purpose and validity in life.

I will discuss Susan Boyle’s Moon–Neptune inconjunct now. For a start regarding family background a Moon-Neptune aspect suggests enmeshment which suggests a total lack of emotional clarity in the family. There are no boundaries. The siblings and parents are highly interdependent in psychic and emotional ways. The mother is the dominant parent. My antennae went up when I saw Susan Boyle in photos with her mother. Lunar inconjuncts tend to produce a person who has to hide their feelings or a person who has difficulty expressing their emotions appropriately and they fear the disapproval of others. In the photos Susan’s mother turns away from her whilst it is plain that Susan adored her mother. The mother fell pregnant with Susan at 45 and Susan was oxygen deprived at birth. While Susan has a very high IQ she has some brain damage, but regardless of the fact that Susan was bullied at school in my experience people are not bullied unless they are already the subject of derision at home. And the lunar inconjunct indicates emotionally rigid parents, who may be inconsistent in their behaviour to their child.

The Neptune part of this inconjunct also suggests a person who acts inappropriately due to her inability to see the world realistically. The fantasies may emit from heartbreaking childhood experiences of being hurt and humiliated. And this creates a person who is very sensitive to the whole issue of trust, deceit, hypocrisy and deception. They can be mystical or visionary but also open to being deceived. However, success will be found through the entertainment industry and travel.
Well that is all for Susan. Now we will look at some intergenerational quincunxes.


What is so important about inconjuncts and yods is that they contain the energy of two contradictory behaviours. Let’s use my friend Leandra who does not mind being a guinea pig. Leandra has Vesta in her fourth house of home and family. Vesta here is 17 degrees Gemini. Vesta is quincunxing Saturn at 19 degrees in Scorpio in the 9th house. Clearly the difference between Scorpio energy and the Gemini vibration is monumental. Scorpio is deep and intense, to put it mildly Geminian energy is far less so.

Vesta symbolises the principles of focus and commitment and she is the goddess of the hearth fire, so psychologically she rules the solar plexus and she is essentially the core energy of a person. As Vesta is an asteroid she echoes the solar vitality. As a very prominent Vesta suggests sexually active people it stands to reason that a person with Vesta inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio may be inhibited and in denial about sex and intimacy and lacking commitment in relationships. As Vesta rules focus a badly aspected Vesta may suggest a vague, space cadet type person. Equally so the subject may not have a healthy focus about self-worth and confidence. They may lack inner resilience, self-discipline they and may be co-dependent. There is a possibility that their focus may go into being a scholar, a teacher or light bearer or even a workaholic. The 4th house is the house of father and Leandra’s father was a workaholic and scholar so the workaholic-teacher-scholar is highly likely to be Leandra’s path and it was until Leandra woke up to herself when transiting Chiron squared her Vesta. Chiron gauged out her wounded sense of family sacrifice and she began saying, “No!” to the family. Vesta in Gemini focuses on conveying information through writing, so communication is particularly important to these people for a fulfilling sexual relationship. They must be wary of their thoughts dominating their feelings though and they must stay in their body during their intimate times because staying in their head will ruin these experiences. Vesta in the fourth suggests a family who expect the Vesta person to take excessive responsibility and to work for the family, even to sacrifice oneself like the maiden aunt.

So with Saturn inconjuncting Vesta there is an excessive expectation on the part of the family to feel that the offspring should feel obliged to take on family responsibilities. So a Vesta in the 4th house will be just as enmeshed as a Moon-Neptune aspect. If the subject does not jump in to be dominated and vampired by family responsibility not the family will alienate the individual and cast them out. It seems that the father’s attitude is that everyone in the family must be a workaholic. And with Saturn in Scorpio the standards of perfection are intense and obsessive.

Eileen Nauman in her wonderful book on Medical Astrology maintains that people with an emphasis on their 4th house are strongly conditioned by parental expectations and they don’t even think about the normal need their offspring have to express their own individuality. The healthy approach here is one of confrontation of the self and casting out parental psychological expectations or parents living vicariously through their offspring. The fourth house is an unconscious house and this subconscious imprinting will affect the subject’s health unless they take steps to be themselves.

Alan Epstein in his great book on “Understanding Aspects: The Inconjunct” maintains that the person who has a Saturn quincunx or semi-sextile is burdened with an unconscious attitude about obsessively (Saturn in Scorpio) assuming the responsibilities of others and in this case his or her family or possibly migrants (9th house) or university students (9th house). They need to seem responsible to others as a badge of merit. They need to feel respected and they desire acknowledgement as an authority figure who has impossibly high standards. As a result of teetering on this self-imposed pinnacle the subject feels lonely and isolated from normal people.

I hope so far you are finding this method of analysing inconjuncts and quincunxes easy.


I know Leandra well and she is highly intelligent, an experienced counsellor, sociologist and an experienced astrologer and yet her seemingly innocent Vesta–Saturn quincunx was the source of many problems, but it was also an echo of similar behaviours and situations. She had a Sun-Chiron in Capricorn in the 11th house and this manifested as a woman who desperately wanted real friends, but she always had very few, except for four years she had lived on an island community and she had to leave there to educate her daughter. So this was also a lonely, workaholic aspect. She worked to support her daughter and because it was an unconscious copy of her workaholic ancestors. Her Sun quincunxed her Pluto which meant that unconsciously she felt unwanted and she felt she had to justify her worth by working too hard. Her father had compared her relentlessly to her sisters (Vesta in Gemini quincunx Saturn in the 9th) so I did not matter how many university degrees she had, she could not win. She was a mere teacher, even though she had a doctorate, but one of her sisters was a professor and the other a lawyer who owned her own huge business. She had Mars in Pisces and she was always helping others and with Mars quincunx Pluto in the 6th she was verging on obsessively helping others who posed as friends, but they used her. This over-kindliness was an echo of the co-dependent Vesta-Saturn. Her Mars also quincunxed her Neptune in Libra so she could not see her own illusions clearly. Her mother also constantly compared her to her sisters and over the years it became worse. Unfortunately she became more and more anxious and more ill because she never stopped trying to prove herself to her critical parents with their severe, unreachable standards (Hygeia semi-sextile [inconjunct] Saturn.) And then she became deaf in 2011. She could no longer work in the positions she had been used to. She had used all her money educating her daughter and had saved nothing.

What transits were happening? Transiting Pluto sat on her North Node. Transiting Uranus squared her north node, which meant she had to stop her old South Node in Cancer Great Mother behaviour. No more helping others. Her daughter had grown up and left home. Transiting Pluto semi-sextiled her natal Venus and natal Mercury and without work and not even enough money to survive on her self-esteem plummeted (T Pluto inconjunct Venus) and obviously the transiting Pluto affecting her Mercury meant a death of her old methods of communication and her career as a teacher-communicator. Transiting Uranus square her nodes meant an awakening, a sudden shock or chaos. It also meant she could fall back on her talent as an astrologer. But no, she went back to being a helper and she became a carer for an invalid relative and the outcome was chaos; financial chaos and Leandra being the target of more abusive behaviour. She had not woken up. But at this time she had finally consolidated her skills and qualifications as a clairvoyant-energy healer which with her natal Hygeia conjunct Moon in her 8th house she may be able to earn money.

In December 2013 she had a Saturn return. This triggered off her Vesta- Saturn and Saturn-Hygeia inconjuncts. She finally gained a disability pension after three tries. She began writing wonderful books with her clairvoyant abilities and her travels and articles. Transiting Neptune was very close to her ascendant and at last she had enough money to survive, not thrive, but at least she was no longer starving. She was going for regular therapy and acupuncture, but try as they may the therapists could not stop her “helping” her elderly abusive relative.

By late 2015 transiting Uranus was opposing her Moon and Pluto was squaring her Libra Moon in the 8th. Her health had severely degenerated from constant verbal abuse. Her digestive system had broken down and she became excessively thin and in constant pain. “Why”, her therapists asked, “Why do you persist in sitting with this abusive woman.” Through it all she was writing her books. By the end of 2016 the old woman died and left Leandra enough money so that she was not in constant danger of losing her house to the bank.

She finally woke up in late 2016. Uranus had moved into her second house and her self-esteem improved hugely. A few months before the old lady died she suddenly refused to see her. Why? Leandra told me, “She does not speak to me in an acceptable way.” Transiting Uranus also squared her Sun. This triggered off two natal quincunxes, two natal squares and one natal opposition. She had stopped working excessively. Her health had begun to improve. She began going out with a man for the first time in many, many years. Transiting Saturn conjuncted her natal Venus. She found that life and love could be fun.

Let’s hear about the re-organisation of the two quincunxes. Leandra’s Sun in Capricorn at 24 degrees conjuncts her Chiron at 28 Capricorn. Both Chiron and her sun quincunx her Pluto at 26 Leo in the 6th house. Her solar energy in earth is wounded by being so close to Chiron. Liz Greene sees Chiron as essential in deepening our understanding of solar consciousness; for in order to choose to live life to the full, we have to face that part in us that would rather seek death. By its nature, Chiron’s collective implications signify something collectively “unhealable”, because the wound exists in the collective and is ancestral. By its nature, the Sun reflects each individual’s sense of purpose and meaning in life, and these are intimately bound up with the will to live and to become oneself. I coached Leandra with this and urged her to do a special colour and crystal meditation where she would begin with pushing her consciousness deep down into Mother Earth and bring back red rubies and red jasper and swirl them around the base chakra. I encouraged her to seek the best traits of her ancestors and blow away the etheric dross of the unhealed and wounding energy of negatively behaving ancestors.

I urged her to meld into her energy all the Sun-Chiron energies such as :
• Wisdom
• Patience in the face of that which cannot be changed
• Toughness and grit
• Understanding of deeper patterns
• Melancholy which leads to depth of thought and feeling
• Determination to make a contribution to the welfare of others
• Compassion
• Feelings of specialness tempered by an acceptance of human limits and
• Activation of the will to live


Nothing is simple in astrological charts, as people are complex creatures. We cannot just examine two or three planets without considering the holistic ambience of the chart and the life of the person. This person, Finbar, has Vulcanus (6 degrees 25 minutes), Sun (6 degrees 27), Saturn (8 degrees 4 minutes), Mercury (10 degrees) and the Midheaven (14 degrees 50 minutes) all in conjunction in Cancer, so he is very feeling, emotional, tied to tradition, his family country and perhaps even Mother Earth and all things historical. Finbar’s AsC is Libra and his Moon in Libra is in the 1st house too so his mother is an influence and the need to be a “nice mother” also looms large. But his stellium (Vulcanus, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Midheaven) is in his 9th house of travel and higher study and Sagittarius is the sign of his North Node. Thus Finbar is not a superficial lighthearted person by nature, and this intense stellium  is quincunxed ( remember a quincunx is an aspect of 150 degrees.) His Cancer-9th house  stellium  squares Finbar’s Ascendant in Libra (10 degrees) and his Pluto (4 degrees) again, despite the desperate need for balance, niceness and harmony Pluto sets the tone as an invisible and complex being who is an unconscious underworld figure or archetype,  and he (as the god of deep transmutation) calls continually for regeneration and transformation. Finbar asked me about his life direction. As Cancer is a cardinal sign his mind is active, quick, insatiable and enthusiastic he will always be ambitious whatever his career. But it seems for a start his need to be caring and have a romantic and life partner could well sabotage his career prospects or at least weaken them. He may follow his partner rather than travel where his partner wishes to go rather than follow his path, so he has to balance this need to compromise rather than be frazzled by it. I have seen many people with a Libra Moon give in to a partner  and have to begin again on a new path.

Now onto the quincunx. Neptune is the planet that quincunxes Finbar’s stellium and this archetype is a figure of spirituality, the arts, music, entertainment , photography, the sea, water, but also illusion and delusion thus  Finbar needs to adjust his need to have Neptunian areas in his life so perhaps he could keep on or more of these areas as a hobby. But Neptune can be a huge sabotaging problem. Neptune will often propel people into self-sacrifice rather than following their own path and a quincunxing Neptune is the worst at this. Here the problem of obligation arises; obligation to internal, subconscious parental expectations stalemates life directions as his Saturnian father and Uranean mother are cold, authoritative and lack in enthusiastic for this bright 9th house boy (Finbar.) He may also be obligated to his partner  and feel a strong sense of ,”What should I do,” due to father’s  behaviour when he was a child. He really must through off this self sabotage  or compromise and communicate clearly with his partner, The problem with a 3rd house Neptune there can be a lot of misunderstanding and vagueness. So he should strive for clarity  and if need be mediation.

To return to Finbar’s stellium we analyse Vulcanus first. Vulcanus, known as Hephaestus the blacksmith- silversmith by the Greeks . Vulcanus was the son of Juno-Hera and he was not sired by Jupiter. He was a virgin birth, but his mother and Jupiter threw him out of heaven because he was not beautiful or perfect. He was looked after by the daughters of Oceanus- the sea nymphs and when he hit the earth he broke a leg so badly that it was never repaired so strongly Vulcanus people feel deformed and imperfect and they never really accept themselves as worthy people. We also have an archetype here of lack of acceptance by the parents and Finbar must get help; therapy to recover from this cruel conditioning and self-sabotage. We also need to consider that Vulcanus quincunxing Neptune suggests that he could use silversmithing or any craft as an interest. Secondly, is it an illusion or nagging doubt that he is imperfect or deformed. No human is perfect, but in God’s eyes we are and the ninth house, where Fibar’s stellium is  is the house of God.

To be a solar person we shine and are radiant, but Vulcanus in a precise conjunction to the Sun, so Finbar probably does not radiate confidence. Vulcanus people are excessively hard working and they are not fond of socialising so the normal Sun in 9th house exuberance does not occur here. He will be humble and quiet, but he pushes himself beyond endurance. He needs to relax more and not expect so much of himself or he will burn himself out.

The Sun is also conjunct Mercury and Saturn and in Cancer the thinking can be a mixture of precise, mathematical, scientific and emotional. Finbar’s thinking also could be quite youthful, but serious. With Saturn-Sun the father looms large with unrealistic  expectations, ( and with Vulcanus conjunct Sun, the father could be violent and cruel); in fact with the Neptune quincunx Finbar will suffer from illusional expectations and this leaves a feeling of conditioned obligation on Finbar’s part to continually be obliged to do more than his fair share, an obligation to authority figures and again a conditioned response from childhood to seek approval, recognition and acceptance. The Saturnian-Neptunian father also suggests that Finbar is not good enough and he may have humiliated Finbar. This is common where the Sun is quincunxed and the lack of direction and purpose or a vacillating life purpose is typical. This aspect is related directly to the problem of finding meaningful work. This is related to childhood rejection and feeling unwanted and unneeded and hiding behind a role in life. So the need to find a soulful direction in life is not the immediate problem; the real problem is getting rid if the cruel parental conditionaing. So again I suggest a soul retrieval or past life healing or years of cognitive behavioural or Jungian therapy. I have a Sun quincunx and I have had all four. It is a slow path, but worth while for one becomes a whole, purposeful and awakened person rather than a cork-type person bobbing along in the ocean of life pushed, pulled and impelled by every tide, tsunami and wave.  Finbar’s direction in life depends on casting off this cruelty from his childhood. Because this is all in his ninth house Finbar is capable of profound mental study and a connection with super-consciousness so he really can do anything he sets his mind to. Ninth house people learn from lessons leaned from living. So Finbar, whatever therapeutic path you take as long as he forgets about his mother’s coldness (Moon conjunct Uranus in the first huse- with the Mon as ruler of his Sun sign Cancer) and father’s (Sun in Cancer – ruler Moon conjunct Uranus) you will eventual stop feeling that no one really accepts you and you will forget the internal belief that life can be unpredictable and traumatic. I have found shamanic soul retrievals, past life therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy to forget these painful childhood experiences and I am a shamanic practitioner and I perform past life healing too and counselling.
Good luck  and blessings Finbar, may you live a long, happy life and prosper.

People with inconjuncts take longer to throw away negative psychological conditioning and they find it even harder to realise they have sabotaging psychological programing. As a result their physical health and sometimes their finances suffer. If you realise you have semi-sextile or quincunxes get help to uncover what the problem could be.

I wish you all luck and blessings,

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