by Hilary Bond PhD. Copyright. All rights reserved.

Apollon, the Uranian planet is named after Apollo the God of Light and the God of the Sun. Apollo’s father was Jupiter and the symbol of Apollon is the glyph of Jupiter with the glyph of Gemini contained within it. Unlimited expansion of Jupiter coupled with the multiple abilities, dexterity, skills and talents of Gemini. Here would expect people with a strong Apollon archetype to be shining stars and possible geniuses.

In regards to space Apollon is a Uranian archetype of width and breadth. Apollon people spread out. In appearance they are giant. Clint Eastwood, the actor is a giant of a man. He has Apollon in his tenth house and part of an earth grand trine with Saturn and North Node in earth houses. So one would expect that he has financial abundance.

I am a school teacher, scholar, university teacher, counselling astrologer, writer and blogger and with my Apollon in the 7th in Virgo I spread out and shine in all these areas. My Apollon trines my Kronos (resilience and great strength) in earth in the 3rd house and my Sun in earth and in the 11th house of friends and groups. One of my counselling specialties is in relationships.


It’s all very well to be multi-talented like the Gemini part of Apollon, but sometimes we can spread ourselves too thin and burn ourselves out, like an A type over-achiever with Chronic Fatigue. Helios was a Titan and a god of the Sun too, like Apollo. Helios had a son who begged him to be allowed to drive the chariot that went across the sky each day. Phaeton, Helios’s son due to his inexperience lost control of the chariot and set the earth ablaze. Karen Carpenter and John Belushi both burnt out, one in a blaze of fire and the other barely a skeleton.

Let’s look at Karen Carpenter first. She was a brilliant singer and she was very beautiful to look at, but she had anorexia. She convinced herself that her body shape was not good enough and she starved to death. Karen had Apollon in Virgo in her fourth house of home and family this was quincunx Jupiter conjunct Mercury in the ninth house in Aquarius. She never seemed to adjusted to becoming iconic. The crux of her illness seemed to be the square from Apollon to Chiron conjunct Hygeia in the 6th house of health and work. Hygeia in a negative aspect can point to mental health problems. If we see Hygeia as a goddess of sanitation, we can look at a lack of balance in our psychological health as in-sanity. The fourth house in Karen Carpenter’s chart is a quagmire with Saturn in Virgo which points to obsession conjunct Apollon and Juno conjunct Mars conjunct Poseidon and Poseidon is conjunct Neptune in the 5th. Her pitiful self-image seems to come from anger and violence in her home life and a stern, authoritarian father who squashed Karen’s light.
Most people know of John Belushi, Jake from the Blue’s Brothers who existed in real life on a cocktail of heroin and cocaine. He was a comedian, musician and actor who only lived to 33; essentially a puer eternus who had intense energy and a raucous attitude. He had Apollon in the 8th house of other people’s resources and his ancestors. His Apollon squares his Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th house. This is the Moon who seeks to escape and sweep their problems under the carpet. It’s a manic Moon that is the eternal teenager. His partying Jupiter and Venus in the 1st trines his Apollon and as a result he is a shining star.

Apollon always enlarges, expands or indicates far off places. Apollon also can indicate a scientific or business business-minded person. Apollon, Vulcanus and Kronos were linked to the same axis in 1997. This was a time of huge business expansion and stock market growth and dramatic expansion in the economies of the world. Mark Zuckerberg has Apollon in the first house and sextile Uranus in the 3rd house.


Regarding our body if there is a transit of Apollon or our Apollon receives a significant transit Eileen Nauman suggests that “spreading medical problems” can occur. She says that a health problem, such as the ‘spreading’ of the disease or symptoms can occur and she uses the example of Poison Ivy because it ‘spreads’. I would also suggest bind weed. Eileen also states that Apollon can cause the multiplication of some ‘thing’. It could be a tumour, where cells multiply or a metastatic cancer. This can include Lyme disease, jelly fish stings and Chronic Fatigue or Epstein Barr virus.
Patrick Swayze died of cancer and he was also a shining star. He was best known for his roles in the movies Ghost and Dirty Dancing. He had a veritable swarm of Apollon aspects. His Apollon in Virgo is conjunct his Ascendant and his Juno. He adored and was married to his wife Lisa for 34 years. His Apollon is also sextile his Jupiter in Cancer in the tenth house so he is very popular, larger than life and caring. I suspect that his Moon in the 7th quincunx his Apollon suggests that his substance abuse did not gel with his relationship or his body (Moon). His Apollon inconjunct (30 degrees) his Mercury in the 11th which is conjunct his Pluto, Sun and Hygeia in Leo. It seems he gave a lot to his friends and was very much loved by his friends. His Hygeia conjunct Sun and Mercury is supported by his practice of Transcendental Meditation, Buddhism and EST, but he was a chain smoker and alcoholic for many years which eventually caused the cancer.

One of my dear friends M.G. has Apollon in Virgo, in wide conjunct (4 degrees) to her ascendant. It is square her Saturn in the 3rd, inconjunct her Venus in the 7th in Aries and trine her Hygeia in the 8th in Taurus. It is also sextile her Juno in Cancer in the 10th. She is a masseuse who works in hospitals with oncological patients; people who have cancer of the lymph nodes.

You have read they are great at business and science. Apollon people are fantastic at mathematics, geometry, calculus and physics. Albert Einstein one the greatest physicists, and mathematicians of all time has Apollon conjunct South Node in his sixth house trine Saturn in earth.

Stephen Hawking is also a well known scientist and mathematician who has Apollon conjunct his North Node and trine his Sun.

Because Apollo was a sun god, Apollon people are shining stars and they are attractive. Apollo was a god of light, so they may be radiant people, shining their light wherever they go or people like Florence Nightingale, the Lady of the Lamp; the nurse who went to the Crimean War to improve nursing conditions there. She has Apollon conjunct MC. BJ, my Aboriginal mentor for years shone light into everyone’s life. He had Apollon conjunct ASC. Fran Drescher, the exuberant nanny out of the television series: the Nanny has Mercury conjunct Apollon. A beautiful, shining Facebook friend from Europe has Apollon as part of a yod. Apollon in the 9th house in Virgo sextiles her North Node and the apex of this yod is Hygeia; she is a natural holistic healer. Brian Weiss a brilliant hypnotherapist who shines light into people’s past lives has Apollon sextile his Sun conjunct Mars in his 1st house. The Dalai Lama with his Apollon conjunct his Moon conjunct his Neptune shines his spiritual light and his radiant, loving values to the world. His Apollon sextiles his sun conjunct Ascendant.

I do apologise for any mistakes. I rushed to finish this article.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Apollon. Blessings to all who read this ~ Dr Hilary Bond ~


  1. …. and once cancer is in the lymph nodes, it spreads very fast.

    By the way all of my patients have/had cancer not only to the lymph nodes. (sorry being very Virgoan 😊)



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