Hi Everyone,

I can’t think of any other way to contact you.

Often I am unsettled about my final draft of an article and I need to edit it the next day. Last night it was late when I posted the Neptune article and I woke early this morning (Sunday the 28th February, 2016) thinking, “I must add “Neptune in Pisces” and “Moon in Pisces” archetypes to the article. I also received a lovely email from my friend Gary who suggested that I look at the esoteric astrology ideas on Neptune retrograde and direct. I will include this and I will also add Dane Rudyar’s ideas on Neptune retrograde. I also wish to add some writing about Neptunian-lunar-Piscean sub-personalities, as well as Neptunian-Piscean karma.

I really would appreciate some comments from you. Perhaps you could suggest some topics that you would like me to write about. I noticed a lot of people looking at the “For the Love of Foxes” article. Thankyou CJ. I am thinking of writing a similar article on “The love of thylacines and dingos” too. These are Australian creatures. You may also have some animals or birds or even sea creatures or insects that are important to you. If so please let me know. Monica talked to me about heron years ago and now I seem to see them of on my daily walk through the bush. I have considered an article on “My path: How do I find it?” and “Hades the Uranian planet of medical experts and disintegration.” I’d appreciate it if you could send me a message relating to the last two topics. Do you have an interest in them?

Until I answer your message it will not show up on my site, consequently if they are personal or sensitive I answer by email and no one ever sees them. WordPress has a wonderful spam filter and it keeps all my messages out of site for privacy reasons.

All the best to you and I am sure you are looking forward to autumn or spring in the northern hemisphere. Take care and my blessings for endless good fortune.

Hilary. wolf white (Small)


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  2. Nice that you reach out. Not many do. I noticed recently I had a yod. Saturn, gemini ,hades wherever and to the pt in 6th scorpio house on Earth. It actually seems to fit a connection recently made with my dead father but I don’t get the earth part. I read I am to heal him and then will receive material fortunes and spiritual. When we “connected” itself a phenomena it was such a feeling surge, I awoke crying. The next signif.. contact was seeing him as beautiful Norweigian son of Norway in a circle of handsome look alikes. Roots. Spirit opening.
    So I have an interest in the connection of hades in this possibility. Nemeste cj.

    • Hi cj,

      Thanks for replying. It’s always great to hear from you. I only have a few FB friends who follow my articles and I appreciate you following me (like a fox- ha, ha, ha.)

      I’ve wanted to talk to everyone for ages (I don’t have everyone’s emails), but my Capricornian Sun thought, “It’s not the done thing.” However, I needed to tell everyone what I was doing on many levels. I still have not completed the “Neptune Transiting Moon in Pisces” article, but thought I’d turn the unfinished part of the Neptune article into another article. I have been diverted to re-read Stephen Arroyo’s work. He is truly amazing and he calls God “the One”, just like Brian in my last Neptune article. I’ve had Arroyo’s book for years and only recently, because I had a spot of dead energy, did I move my astrology books into another part of my house and voila, out Arroyo’s book popped. His Sun exactly conjuncts my Moon and his beliefs about other dimesnions and levels of consciousness being vital in astrology is amazingly similar to mine.

      Wow, a yod, goodee. That is exciting Cj. I am almost completed my “The Past Lives of People Who Have Yods,” which is really me looking (clairvoyantly and clairaudiently and sometimes, rarely I am right there smelling, touching- I was with Edward Bach) at the planets and points they have that are point of the yod and extra inconjuncts and quincunxes if they have them.

      I can relate exactly to your experience with your Dad Cj because I have been working with my Dad’s mother, his father and his Gran, my gran Alice since he died in 1997. My Dad had a lot of unfinished business and he died suddenly and terribly. It is a long story and I relate it in my “Tree Shamanism and Multidimensions” book which should be out by August. I am glad this is happening to you. It must be a great source of solace and love. It is a beautiful thing to work with one’s ancestors. My Gran Alice is an archangel herald too; she announces very archangels who want to work with me in various ways. I suspect this will happen to you. This has been happening to me since transiting Neptune crossed my ASC.

      Hades is amazing Cj. I have been amassing all the Hades people I can find because then I can build up information and hypotheses on how he works. They are not always who one expects. I looked at Howard Hughes and he wasn’t. Hades can be an old tramp or bag lady, an Aspergers person or a schizoid person (note , not schizophrenic- schizoid ), or he may cause disintegration or the downfall in someone’s life like Dorian Grey or Dr Jekyll/ Mr Hyde or Oscar Wilde, but he also features in the charts of medical experts and surgeons and energy workers who put Humpty Dumpty togther once he falls off the wall and of course he is a grand part of killer’s lives, but I see he is in Stephen Arroyo’s first house, next to Hygiea. De Witte’s story of how he found Hades and the trans Uranians in WWI is so fascinating. If I was to be academic and quantitative with you Cj I would say that Hades was the two ends of a Bell curve of a graph of deviance in society , when deviance can include not being included in the Simpsons in the middle, thus I expect he features in Einstein’s chart too.

      I am an ignoramus about the Earth too Cj, as I don’t use it, but I have a friend who is an esoteric astrologer and they use the Earth so I must learn about the Earth. Yes, Saturn would be your father and Hades, even though he never fathered children, he is an alter ego of both Zeus and Neptune. Zeus was complicit in Hade’s abduction of Persephone. They are like the Triple Moon Goddess , all one and the same; sort of “My Mother Myself” stuff if we can see siblings as a shadow self. I hope I am making sense.

      Namaste to you Cj and I’ll say I hope you have a happy day too. Thanks so much for writing.

      Hilary. (a hug from me.)

  3. Hi Hilary, I have been reading your articles on YODs and stelliums as I have both. It’s all a bit overwhelming, and if you would like to have a look at my chart you will see why! I was born …….. I’d be happy to share details of my life with you if you are interested. BTW the stellium is in the 12th House in Libra and includes the Moon, Saturn, Neptune and Venus.


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