Regarding the Scorpionic path, my dear friend, esoteric astrologer, Adele Barger Wilson recently suggested to me:

“… The goal of Scorpio as an astrological sign exemplifies raising one’s consciousness to a higher level in very deep and profound way that involves energy transformation. Matter and energy are really the same. Matter is energy at its densest level of vibration. Thus Scorpio archetypally typifies energy exchange, energy transmutation and energy degeneration.”

The physical body is run by the gross life force called prana, chi or life force energy. This life force permeates our physical, the astral, our mental body and our spiritual subtle bodies. In humans, the life force is connected at the seven major centres of consciousness known as chakras. The seven major chakras in the etheric correspond to the endocrine glands of the body and run upward along the spinal cord. A healthy Saturn equates to a healthy Root Chakra. Thus we must work daily on our body, our emotional, mental and creative health to find peace.
~ Ambika Wauters. The Book of Chakras ~
“When we have strong roots we affirm our right to be present, as well as making choices for our health and wellbeing.”
(Ambika Waters. The Book of Chakras, p. 44.)


With transiting Saturn in Scorpio, the people who belong to the Saturn in Scorpio generation are having their first or second Saturn return. There will be a few people who around the age of 86 to 90 will have a third Saturn return. I have met quite a few people lately who are having a second Saturn return and they are not happy. Many have health problems: arthritis; cavities in their teeth, problems with their knees; prostate problems and of course the famous one; complaints about their sex life. So I am going to look at a basic understanding of Saturn; then Scorpio and then in part two how to love being a Saturn in Scorpio person. Of course there are four generations I am looking at that are alive here with Saturn in Scorpio; the 1926 generation; the 1955 generation; the 1984 generation and the babies that have just been born; the 2014 generation. I will include the 1896 generation of Saturn in Scorpio, because some Baby Boomers will have their beloved grandparents (the 1896 Saturn in Scorpio generation) as spiritual guides who watch over them and motivate them. (By spiritual guides I am not talking about ghosts, but advanced souls who may have passed on in the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s and then come back as advanced souls or members of a person’s Council of Elders. Please see Dr Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls” series of books.)


During our life and even before our lifetime; from past lives; foetal and ancestral problems we build up emotional blockages that cause physical problems. We may also manifest physical blockages when we are born in the form of foetal damage and accidents that damage our body. Later on in this article I will talk about the people with schizoid characters and schizoid defences: those people whose mothers were hostile in pregnancy and babyhood were damaged in pregnancy, by electroconvulsive therapy or drugs; being born into a battleground; or being ignored during babyhood by being taken away from their mummies and put in hospital. Basically these people dissociate or try to escape their bodies at all costs. We all know an empty house can be taken over by squatters so I include my friend, a wonderful shamanic practioner and homeopath, Eileen Nauman’s erudite suggestions on making sure or astral body and physical body are one.

Saturn, Pluto and the Moon’s South Node are the two major planets and the point that bring in old patterns that have not been dealt with into our life, thus those of us with Saturn in Scorpio are dealing with a lot of karma and we choose to do so. Those people with prominent Saturn in Scorpio (i.e. people with Sun, Moon or the inner planets, ascendant, Medium Coeli or the Moon’s Nodes in Capricorn or Aquarius) are those who are lucky enough to have the choice to be able to deal with their repressed emotions and blockages. Thus they will be able to regenerate and evolve rather than degenerate and devolve.

It is worth recalling that when we become upset; even ill and go through unbearable segments of our life we may even blame and complain of Saturn’s role in these painful parts of our life. Yet it is the Great Senex or Master Teacher Saturn tells us, “You have chosen to work with and through this life in order to achieve a higher rung on the ladder of spiritual awareness.” Many people will become so angry when I hear this. I did. I became very angry and avoidant, and then I heard it in three separate “life between life regressions.” I heard about my lazy, irresponsible past life, where I mucked up badly and that I came back to this life and repeated my previous lifetime mistakes in another form early in this life. It was a daunting and shameful regression. But what was sad, was there was no healing. After that I accepted responsibility and turned my life around, but putting my feet on the ground like a good Saturn in Scorpio person with a Capricorn Sun. By a daily affirmation of our Root Chakra virtues and grounding exercises we are healing our Saturnian self and our karma.

So Saturn may tell you, “The sufferings and frustrations I bring can serve a purpose, which will in the long run be recognized as worth all the hard work and trauma of life.” Thus Saturn is that part of the archetypal birth process which oppresses and alienates, and yet slowly and gradually, often unnoticed, moulds and structures, and, in the end, guides us into a new vibration and chapter in our life.

“Garbage”, many people will say. They may even keep on doing what they have done in the past, but I have learned the hard way that what I didn’t do properly before I was 28 /29 or what I was irresponsible and lazy about, at that time comes back to hit me in the face. We really can’t escape responsibility for our actions by being Neptunian and running away and being all spacey and ungrounded. According to Newton’s Third Law of Motion we can expect an equal action to our initial action or lack of action later in this life. Formally stated, Newton’s third law is: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object. The direction of the force on the first object is opposite to the direction of the force on the second object. Forces always come in pairs – equal and opposite action-reaction force pairs. Let us look at a bird’s ability to fly which is a “motion” or force or energy. A bird uses its wings to fly. The wings push air downwards. Because forces result from mutual interactions, the air must also be pushing the bird upwards. The size of the force on the air equals the size of the force on the bird; the direction of the force on the air (downwards) is opposite the direction of the force on the bird (upwards). For every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction. Action-reaction force pairs make it possible for birds to fly.

So in my case the actions I took around my last Saturn return came back and hit me in the face in the Saturn return. . The things, and issues I avoided before and during my first Saturn return also came back in full force later in life, so one’s second Saturn return is just the tip of the iceberg. Please do not be disillusioned though. There is light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a train and I do make some suggestions.


Scorpio is one of the most intense, passionate positions in the medley of astrological archetypes. Saturn is also a barren, binding, cold, dry, hard, defensive and secretive planet. It’s very stressful being secretive, defensive, intense, cold yet passionate about everything. The natural movement of Mother Earth is for joy, so to be so repressed, yet so impassioned must create huge stress.

So here is a quick trick that will reduce your stress in under a minute. Try this exercise:

“Inhale deeply and as you do, raise your shoulders toward your ears.
As you exhale slowly, push your shoulders down. Repeat that 5 times. According to stress management experts, incorporating a shoulder shrug into deep breathing releases the tension we hold in our neck, shoulders and upper back. It also increases the output of endorphins, which cancel out stress hormones. And the deep breathing reduces heart rate and blood pressure. So combine it all and you’ll shrug off your stress in less than 60 seconds.”


Where Saturn is we have slow and lasting actions, so Saturn rules productive use of wisdom, tradition, organization, discipline, responsibility, organisation, patience and timing. We can see Saturn as dominant in the building of Roman roads and aqueducts, European cathedrals, structures like Stonehenge, the huge castles that were built in the United Kingdom and the pyramids in Egypt. With the solid, safe, deep, true and secure principles of Saturn we can see an opposing archetype to the illusions of Neptune and the revolutionary chaos of Uranus.

Saturn people and things are also builders and protectors of status, conventionality, responsibility, definitions, scientific laws, boundaries, orthodoxy and authority. Saturn as a principle rules groundedness, reality, control, careers, theories, and older persons. Saturn also represents security, form, but also contraction, inhibition, fear, limitations, restrictions, sorrow, delays, contradiction, ageing and death.

If we add these SCORPIO KEYWORDS we can alchemise into the Saturn in Scorpio archetype:

• Deep
• Dark
• frightening depths lying below the surface
• Attracted or repelled by power
• Not superficial
• Creative or destructive
• Private
• volcanic
• Intense,
• Loyal,
• Passionate,
• Resourceful,
• Observant,
• Dynamic,
• Jealous,
• Obsessive,
• Suspicious,
• Manipulative,
• Unyielding


We must also remember that Scorpio is a fixed and therefore stubborn sign. Anybody with strong and negative Scorpio archetype is impossible to change.

So if we look at combining Saturn plus Scorpio keywords we might produce people or processes that are:

• Deeply protective
• Obsessive about what they perceive as truth;
• Intense about their career
• Observing strict boundaries
• Jealously protecting our status
• Passionate about traditions
• Obsessive about time
• So unyielding that they produce delays or dis-ease
• Patient about aging and reverent about older people
• Great at gardening and working with the earth because they make great compost ( Plutonic putrefaction through Saturn time )
• Wonderful alchemists because they can change lead (Saturn) into gold or manure (Pluto) into rich earth (Saturn) to make money (Saturn)

Saturn in Scorpio in Scorpio people are passionate, intense, hardworking, demanding, and impatient but determined when it comes to achieving their goals and are tantalisingly clever with business deals. They have high expectations from other people as well as themselves and are energetic and vital. But their toxic side becomes apparent when they are resentful, unforgiving, because they feel they have been hit with injustice; fear and rejection. They also can be jealous, yet hate feeling inadequate in any way. They can also overcompensate if they feel inferior to something and can be secretive and hide their true intentions.


Positive Saturn people are very earthed, and physical and if you want to be healthy you need to be grounded and in your body. So many people I am talking to lately with either Saturn in their 8th house or Saturn in Scorpio are not healthy and are not in their body and therefore not grounded.

What is grounded? It is being body aware; especially being aware of our feet and legs and aware of all your senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. I think our senses are exciting! How about you? Grounding is also having healthy finances; being good with money. It means having a strong root chakra that gives us stability, inner strength and a sense of true inner worth. Grounding and a strong root chakra give us patience, independence, structure, security and the ability to be organised; manifest our dreams and finish our projects. Grounding and a strong sense of Saturn is the ability to persevere and find trust in a place of despair. Archangel Michael is the archangel who will keep chaos and evil far from our door and encourage us to have the patience and presence to focus on shelter and sustenance and see our dreams come true. The elephant is the animal who symbolises the Saturnian root chakra. In India he is called Ganesh and he is the bringer of good fortune, good health and happiness. Knowing we have a right to joy, happiness and health and a creative existence is fundamental to life. We heal the root chakra and become grounded every time we affirm the life we want.

AN AFFIRMATION FOR THE ROOT CHAKRA from Ambika Wauters “The Book of Chakras” page 44.

Repeat this affirmation once every morning and every evening to connect to the root chakra.
• “I live from my integrity
• I love from my heart.
• I am connected to life in all its glory.
• I know who I am and make choices based on who I am and what is right for me.
• I affirm my right to the life I choose.
• I confirm my right to belong and be part of something greater than myself.
• I know I am truly good.
• I live from the depths of my soul longing to express itself in the world.
• I stand for justice, truth and love.
• I am supported in life through all my choices to do well and share the light of love.
• My body supports me in a creative and happy life.
• I am open to the spirit of life which carries me far beyond my original limits to a higher and more creative space.
• I am thankful for all the opportunities for growth and development that have come my way.
• I am grateful for the challenges that have taught me who I truly am.
• I am truly grateful to life and I love who I am.”

A GROUNDING EXERCISE FROM EILEEN NAUMAN. (From GROUND YOURSELF–HOW TO DO IT by Eileen Nauman. Copyright 1997 Eileen Nauman. All Rights Reserved. The web site is

Eileen highlights that, “The importance of GROUNDING cannot be over stated.”

She gives hints that your astral body is floating above your head, which are:
• Spaciness
• Being vacuous
• Feeling and behaving ungrounded
• You can’t focus
• You feel floaty
• be undisciplined,
• be disorganized,
• are unable to concentrate
• Unable to perform menial 3rd dimensional tasks like driving or cutting up an onion (without slicing your finger open with the paring knife.)

And I will add you will run into walls and trip over your own feet. This is a very Piscean and Neptunian thing to do. For the 1991, 1992, 1993 generation of people who are now in their early twenties, their Neptune was in Capricorn and while they are brilliant at technology I noticed (as a teacher of these young people from when they were age three to age 19) and mother that they were very ungrounded. The many that had Pisces ascendants at least had Jupiter in Virgo which at least grounded them in some ways. The earthiness went into work and a love of technology so they always had money coming in. But as a generation they were accident prone from the extremes of cutting their fingers on paper to being foolhardy in cars and smashing the cars into fences.

I will give an example of a totally ungrounded person. Today I drove to the corner shop. There is a large car park. In Australia we drive on the left side of the road. I came around the corner and driving on the wrong side of the road was a woman driving a car. She had a baby and four children in the car. Every one stared at her. I tooted my horn. She didn’t see or hear. She veered in front of me into a parking space narrowly missing me and another car by inches. It was obvious that her astral body was not in her physical body. No one was home.

But I return to Eileen Nauman’s wisdom where she speaks from the standpoint of a wise shamanic practitioner: “If your astral body (your emotional body) is floating above your body you aren’t going to get the support or be able to manifest what you want. You can have all the aphorisms in the world but if you aren’t “locked in” to your physical body, nothing is going to happen in your life.”

Thus what Eileen is saying is that all “The Secret” law of attraction New Age hype and Doreen Virtue affirmations will just float off you with no effect if your astral body is up around your head and you are a space cadet.

Eileen states firmly and irrevocably in her article on grounding: “If you aren’t “home” you are disorganized, undisciplined, can’t finish what you start and don’t have the endurance or tenacity to see anything in your life to fruition.”

Eileen accentuates that people with no protection from their astral body have less energy than others, are easily exhausted and have little confidence, so they become depressed victims easily.

This is because they have had shock, violence, abuse and trauma in their life, especially early in life and while their mother has been pregnant with them. Therefore Eileen states boldly, “Ungrounded, spacey people are “‘hanging out’ of their head. Clairvoyants see an unlocked astral body as a brightly coloured sac that is half full floating around the person’s head.” So Eileen makes it clear that, “The reason WHY the Astral Body wants to escape is because the astral body or emotional body is our mother board for all our emotions and feelings.” When a person has been really wounded, in shock or totally traumatized, the Astral Body will escape out of the top of our head.”

Psychologists call this dissociation because, “There are no emotions or few emotions if the Astral Body has unlocked. Any person who grew up in an abusive or very dysfunctional childhood will feel so threatened off and on (or all the time, depending upon the situation) that the Astral Body continues to unlock and escape so as not to feel the continued emotional pain. ”

This is such important information because many mothers up until the 1980s were told by experts (nurses and doctors) that babies needed to learn to sleep on a regular schedule and that picking them up and holding them whenever they cried would only teach them to cry more and not to sleep through the night. Mothers were told to feed their children on a regular schedule, and that they should not pick them up, kiss them, or hug them, because that would not prepare them to be strong and independent individuals in a harsh world. So the 1926 and 1955 generations of Saturn in Scorpio people came into a harsh world where babies were not the centre of attention and children were to “be seen and not heard.”

My friend Leandra grew up in a powerful upper middle class family and she told me recently when we were talking about the schizoid character: “I remember my son throwing a tantrum in 1983. He was tired and needed my attention. My Grandmother was a stern old lady with a ramrod straight back. She was the matriarch of our family. On Christmas day 1983 she stood up and spoke imperiously and angrily: “Who is going to give that naughty child the whipping of his life!” She laughed but said sadly, “No one dared say a word. No one volunteered to give the poor little soul the whipping of his life and I took my son to the bedroom and soothed him and he went to sleep in my arms. Needless to say it was obvious my father who was born in 1928 had been given many whippings and I in turn who was born at the end of the 1950s Saturn in Scorpio was also given many whippings.” Leandra is one of the Saturn in Scorpio generation and she has a schizoid character.

In Queensland [Australia] corporal punishment (beatings) was banned in government schools under ministerial guidelines or local educational policy, but remains lawful in private schools and the law regarding home use of corporal punishment still is equivocal. Many children I know who went to right wing religious schools in the 1980s and 1990s were badly beaten including Leandra’s son.

What is my point? Violence in pregnancy and babyhood produces what is known as the schizoid character. According to psychologist Stephen M Johnson (Character Styles) and aura healer, and physicist Barbara Brennan PhD (Hands of Light and Light Emerging pp. 206-216) the schizoid character has had many lives in physical pain and trauma and have often experienced death by torture for having certain spiritual beliefs. The way the schizoid character used to escape torture was to escape their body and given such a past, which is still encapsulated in their body thus there are programmed to expect hostility from humans. They have weak boundaries because their astral will float above their head; weak and sensitive bodies and weak spines and they are very fearful. Because of vacating their body and twisting their spine continually that can develop very painful arthritis and spinal problems.

As a result they need to be in their body; they need to be safe and they need to be here!


What Eileen Nauman warns about being dissociated constantly is that, “ Sooner or later, if the Astral body does not come back and lock in fully every day, this toxic emotional scrapheap is going to turn into DISEASE. All this can be prevented if your Astral body is RE-TRAINED TO REMAIN FULLY IN YOUR BODY DURING YOUR WAKING HOURS. This is why we say people are “cut off at the neck.” It means the person lives their life in their head and mental realm, but due to the Astral body being unlocked, they are unable to connect with or access their brilliant array of positive and negative emotions. Once locked back in and retrained, you can work through your woundings quickly and get on with the rewards afterward and it will also free you to be all of who you are. “

Eileen also emphatically tells us that, “When we suppress/repress our toxic emotions that have caused us excruciating pain into the depths of our Unconscious, they are DISEASE just waiting to happen.”

The Astral body contains and makes manifest our desires, fears, hopes, and dreams. So the Astral body is our DESIRE body. BUT we only attract or manifest what we desire IF WE ARE GROUNDED, with our astral body surrounding our physical body right down to our feet. “

Eileen continues, “I usually see one’s ‘astral feet’ (which are in the shape of our physical feet) sticking out at a person’s knee cap area, or just below the knees. We need this panic energy [life force energy] to live down here, not just survive. Being grounded, you can thrive and have the maximum amount of prana you need to get things done, feel vital, have energy and manifest your dreams and desires.

Eileen warns that many, many people are in this state of astral dissociation because it is too painful for them to be completely “in” their physical body because they don’t want to feel their own emotions of rage, anger, fear, and anxiety, even grief. That is why so many sensitive, gentle people, especially those with Moon conjunct Neptune in the Saturn in Scorpio generations say they don’t feel angry.


A practical exercise to bring your astral body back into your physical body:

“1. Lie down in a quiet room for 20 minutes.

2. Close your eyes and uncross hands and legs. Take a deep breath into your nose, into abdomen and then release that breath through your mouth slowly. Do this three times.

3. See your rainbow astral body floating above your head.
4. Move your astral body slowly up and out of the top of your head until your astral ‘feet’ are hovering about six inches above your physical head.

6. Then, slowly push your astral body, with your willpower into your physical body. The astral feet will slide down through the opening in the top of your head and the rest of the body will slide down too.

7. Keep watching your the astral feet moving down through your chest, your waist, your hips, down through your thighs, past your knees, into your calves until finally, the astral feet LOCK into place with your physical feet. Imagine a ‘locking in’ sensation. See the latches on the astral feet wrapping around and strapping in to your physical feet.

8. As your astral feet lock in to your physical feet, the rest of your astral body is already locking into place with your hands, arms, fingers and rest of your body.

9. At the top of your head, imagine that there is a circular ‘lid’ that is open and has allowed your astral body to slip back in fully into your physical body. Close the ‘lid’ slowly and tightly and securely over the top of your head.

10. Open your eyes and take your time.”

Do this four or five times a day if necessary.


Barbara Brennan on page 217 of “Light Emerging suggests that you use the words “I am bringing my consciousness and astral body” down through your head, ears, throat, shoulders, thymus, shoulder blades, heart, elbows, solar plexus, wrists, hands, waist, digestive system, sexual areas, hips, upper legs, knees, ankles and feet and into the earth and then strap the astral into your feet and lock that in making sure that the astral body is locked into each part of your body.

In Leandra’s case she has a hearing challenge so when she engages with her ears she will say silently, “My astral and consciousness is locking into my right outer ear; my right middle ear; my astral body is locking into my right cochlear system and the nerves of my right ear that connect to my brain. My astral body is locking into my right limbic system; the hippocampus and amygdala and the right side of my brain. I can hear better every day because my astral body is locked into this auditory area. Now, I am locking my astral body into my outer ear, middle ear, my cochlear, my ear nerves and my left limbic system and the left side of my brain. My astral body is now totally locked into my ears. I feel safe and I am here.”


Before I end PART ONE of my article on Saturn in Scorpio returns, I will write a cameo of a lady who is just having her second Saturn in Scorpio return. I will call her Margaretta. For all Margaretta has been through she is such a thoroughly, nice person, which I think is her is her Neptune conjunct Mercury in Libra conjunct Moon and loving, fun Moon and Venus in the 5th house. The chart has every planet in the northern part of her chart; in the 1st, second, fourth and fifth house. Chiron sits on the descendant and Eris sits like sentinel up on the MC. Even with Uranus in her first house and Eris on her MC Margaretta has a lovely gentle, soft, non-abrasive energy, which also probably comes from her Cancer Ascendant and Moon in the fourth house, loving Great Mother Energy. Her self-awareness and calm is also undoubtedly is also the result of her four years of intense psychotherapy and her steely determination to improve her life. Margaretta is just about to start having soul retrievals and past life healings on her second Saturn Return and making sure her astral body is firmly ensconced in her physical body. Yay for Margaretta.


This is what Margaretta says: “The sciatica began in 1994, a single episode, but as I got older, it became more frequent. By 2003 I was diagnosed with arthritis concentrated around the lower back. The pain usually travels down my right thigh and leg.” Notice she doesn’t say, “My sciatica or my pain.” Good to keep it as a foreign object that can be dismissed.

I was trying to find out what caused this and asked, “What happened in 1994?”

I told Margaretta, “Transiting Pluto conjuncted your Sun and Saturn so you probably had to face up to the real you and probably make a new start. Seeing Pluto is the ruler of your natal Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Moon, all in Scorpio, transiting Pluto and natal Pluto are very important. With transiting Pluto hitting your Mars which was already raw there must have been severe stress; maybe a transformation; remorseless evolution and with transiting Pluto conjuncting your Saturn some old karma coming back.”

“Transiting Saturn also conjuncted your natal Pluto in 1980 and then in 2007. Clare Martin in her book on mapping the Psyche suggests that as a result of your childhood you may see your body as dark or corrupt or unacceptable in some way. Is it possible for you to listen to your body and question if it needs to be punished the way it inevitably was as a child. The other thing with natal Pluto that could be happening in a cycle; especially a Saturn cycle to Pluto is that repeated purging, purification and survival issues may emerge. Many people with this position may amass huge wealth and then lose it. This also relates to what Eileen Nauman says about an astral body that floats above the head. If no one is at home; i.e. your astral is not embedded in your body you cannot manifest your hopes or dreams and this; the second house is a house of wealth; self-esteem, money, resources. You have no natal earth in your chart, so I’d suggest doing the astral body exercise that Eileen has put on the Internet.”

Transiting Pluto had been going through your 4th house of roots since 1978. At first it hit natal Mars (probably the anger at home childhood abuse), so you may have reacted to that and become angry or obsessive. Mars also rules your Sun so memories of an angry father must have surfaced then. Then transiting Pluto conjuncted your natal Neptune. Neptune in the 4th relates to a fractured family where a sensitive probably schizoid parent was either absent, preoccupied and very confusing. We can’t really say that mother or father is in the fourth but seeing you have four planets there your roots, or family were running your subconscious until transiting Pluto came along like a bushfire and drove all these subconscious events into the light of day. In 1992 Pluto hit your Sun. Mercury and then you Moon in Scorpio. Saturn in 1994 was going through your 8th and squaring your Venus so this has to do with a broken heart or aloneness and a big hint that your health and the schizoid character pattern is an ancestral one.”

Margaretta replied, “In 1978 I was trying to leave the sex industry. I had been a prostitute from 1975 till March 1978, but continued to work in a legal “grey area” of hustling and working in clubs and met my ex that year. He was a bouncer I met. My father was a permanently enraged alcoholic and from when I was tiny he called me names like ‘whore’ and ‘Jezzebel’. It seemed they came true. ”

In 1984 at her first Saturn return Pluto was in her first house having just conjuncted her natal Neptune and just about to conjunct her Mercury. Uranus had just conjuncted Margaretta’s Venus in the 5th house and Neptune was in her 6th house.

In late 1992 I went to rehab for substance abuse. It was a 6 month residential I left my husband, was a practicing addict and temporarily lost my son. The following April I moved into a half- way house for 6 months and went back to work doing body work and massage and moved out late 1993, got my son back in the beginning of ’94. Meanwhile the ex –husband had worked his way back into my life, but it was never the same. I left him again in late 2003 and moved away. In 2007 he contacted me, said he was dying from Hep C. I tried to care take, but I lost my job, my apartment and the bottom fell out of my world with anxiety & depression. In 2008 I started therapy with a wonderful woman for 4 yrs. In 2009 I got 5 year restraining order and in June 2011 I moved again, so he couldn’t find me. He passed away in early 2013, maybe March.

Oh another thing that happen in 1994. during a summer session I went back to school (again). I took Psychology, abnormal psychology, counselling and everything else that goes there. I became “busy” with work, school, did an internship with a non- profit organisation, my home and son; the , 12 Step Program with lots of activity and service. I made it “look good” on the outside and I lost track of the “relationship” with the ex. I have always felt karmically tangled with my ex, but I believe that my son is an old soul & recognized this immediately upon his birth. I believe we also have a past together.

Margaretta had decided that it would be a good idea to have a number of Soul Retrievals. When I asked Margaretta if she realised she may have schizoid personality disorder which could make her dissociated she replied, “Yes, I hold a lot of my tension in my neck and between my shoulders. My mother was distant and ineffectual and my father abusive. I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Dissociative Identity Disorder; Manic Depressive Disorder; Anxiety and Panic Disorders. She added, “I used to disassociate as a coping skill; you know, checking out.” She obviously knew all about dissociation and the astral body, as she told me: “I have had astral, dream- walk dreams. When being tattooed or pierce I become all floaty & outside/ above myself. I use Mugwort to encourage enhanced dreaming. You can burn it, put it in tea, or the bath. It only enhances at the level of the dreamer. If you can barely remember the dreams Mugwort will help you begin to remember the. If you have out of body, astral travel, dreaming you can go further.”

Without judging Margaretta one of the major defences of a schizoid character is to start talking about being psychic or clairvoyant or being “holier than thou” or having a great intellect with many academic qualifications. So if someone does that don’t be angry or feel threatened, when they feel less threatened that will stop. So please open up your heart and solar plexus and be warm and friendly if you meet a schizoid person who is feeling threatened.

Margaretta’s diagnosis of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is very serious as it results more from chronic repetitive stress from which there is little chance of escape. These ties in with Barbara Ann Brennan’s suggestion that schizoid people have been tortured in many past lives and for that matter they may be tortured in this life. They are often the subject of domestic violence and are beaten badly and subject to horrors in their childhood. To work on combatting CPTSD one could use a shamanic past life regression to find the core life where one has been tortured and bring back the lost soul piece and then bring back the soul pieces from this life and the foetal stage and baby stage in a series of shamanic Soul Retrievals and extractions. If they are huge soul pieces maybe just bring back two at a time as this subject will be subject to “overwhelm.” Also teach Eileen Nauman’s “astral grounding” technique with a promise elicited that this person does the grounding technique twice a day for a year.


I’ll discuss CPTSD to let you know what it is. So hang on tight. Dr. Allan Schwartz and Sarah Tate at ( state that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can result from single events or short term exposure to extreme stress or trauma. Therefore a soldier returning from intense battle may be likely to show PTSD symptoms, but a kidnapped prisoner of war who was held for several years may show additional symptoms of Complex PTSD.

COMPLEX POST TRAUMATIC STRESS can manifest in the victim(s) over time as:
• Rage turned inward: eating disorders, depression, substance abuse, promiscuity, co-dependence, doormat syndrome.
• Learned hyper vigilance,
• clouded perception or blinkers about others (especially romantic partners); seeking positions of power and control;
• choosing occupations or recreational outlets which may put oneself in physical danger or choosing to become a “fixer” a therapist or mediator.
• Avoidance: the practice of withdrawing from relationships with other people as a defensive measure to reduce the risk of rejection, accountability, criticism or exposure.
• Blaming: the practice of identifying a person or people responsible for creating a problem, rather than identifying ways of dealing with the problem.
• Catastrophizing: the habit of automatically assuming a “worst case scenario” and inappropriately characterizing minor or moderate problems or issues as catastrophic events.
• “Control-Me” Syndrome: a tendency which some people have to foster relationships with people who have a controlling narcissistic, antisocial or “acting-out” nature.
• Denial: believing or imagining that some painful or traumatic circumstance, event or memory does not exist or did not happen.
• Dependency: inappropriate and chronic reliance by an adult individual on another individual for their health, subsistence, decision making or personal and emotional well-being.
• Depression: when you feel sadder than your circumstances dictate, for longer than your circumstances last, but still can’t seem to break out of it.
• Escape to Fantasy: taking an imaginary excursion to a happier, more hopeful place.
• Fear of Abandonment: belief that one is imminent danger of being personally rejected, discarded or replaced based on this happening in the past.
• Hyper Vigilance: maintaining an unhealthy level of interest in the behaviours, comments, thoughts and interests of others.
• Learned Helplessness: when a person begins to believe that they have no control over a situation, even when they do.
• Low Self-Esteem: common name for a negatively-distorted self-view which is inconsistent with reality.
• Panic Attacks: short intense episodes of fear or anxiety, often accompanied by physical symptoms, such as hyperventilating, shaking, sweating and chills.
• Perfectionism – The maladaptive practice of holding oneself or others to an unrealistic, unattainable or unsustainable standard of organization, order, or accomplishment in one particular area of living, while sometimes neglecting common standards of organization, order or accomplishment in other areas of living.
Self-Loathing: extreme hatred of one’s owns self, actions or one’s ethnic or demographic background.
Tunnel Vision: tendency to focus on a single concern, while neglecting or ignoring other important priorities.

C-PTSD is caused by a prolonged or sustained exposure to emotional trauma or abuse from which no short-term means of escape is available or apparent to the victim.
Little has been done in clinical studies of treatment of C-PTSD. However, in general the following is recommended:
1. Removal of and protection from the source of the trauma and abuse.
2. Acknowledgement of the trauma as real, important and undeserved.
3. Acknowledge that the trauma came from something that was stronger than the victim and therefore could not be avoided.
4. Acknowledgement of the “complex” nature of C-PTSD – that responses to earlier traumas may have led to decisions that brought on additional, undeserved trauma.
5. Acknowledgement that recovery from the trauma is not trivial and will require significant time and effort.
6. Separation of residual problems into those that the victim can resolve (such as personal improvement goals) and those that the victim cannot resolve (such as the behaviour of a disordered family member)
7. Mourning for what has been lost and cannot be recovered.
8. Identification of what has been lost and can be recovered.
9. Program of recovery with focus on what can be improved in an individual’s life that is under their own control.
10. Placement in a supportive environment where the victim can discover they are not alone and can receive validation for their successes and support through their struggles.
11. As necessary, personal therapy to promote self-discovery.


I had fully intended to make this a light-hearted, short article, but as the nature of Saturn in Scorpio is serious, passionate, deep and intense I guess the structure of this article suits the ambience of what I have written. I don’t have to say, “I hope you will find this helpful,” because I know you will and having finished this on a special transiting Jupiter trine Uranus day I feel really optimistic about anyone having a Saturn return right now.

So, joy to you.

~ Hilary ~

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