In the adult there is a hidden child; an eternal child, something that is always becoming,
Is never completed and it calls for unceasing care, attention and fostering.
This is the part of the human personality that wants to develop and complete itself.


One of the ways we can “develop and complete ourself” is by dream interpretation. But how do we find the areas where we can track dreams in a horoscope? I am primarily writing this article because I have a number of people who write to me and ask about books to interpret their dreams. I upset them because I answer, “Don’t buy dream recipe books. Go and do a dream course or interpret the symbols yourself, because the dream is about you and the symbols relate to you and no one else.” I started helping to interpret their dreams when I taught “Asteroid Goddess” workshops for five years from 1990 onwards. So this is my small guide. I hope it helps you. If you have some dreams you want to share anonymously, I’ll write a “Dreams: Part Two.”

Dreams are part of this inner child and our soul sends these to us through unconscious, the collective unconscious, and through the symbols of the Great Goddess. It stands to reason that as dreams are the language of the unconscious and a type of message we would see signs of them in our third house and via Mercury. Although I have read many astrologers speaking of the 3rd house being the house of the Goddess. It was recently that in Lyn Bell’s delightful book on Planetary Threads: Patterns of relating among family and friends wrote about, “The third house is where the Goddess speaks to us through dreams and symbols” (page 208.)

The asteroid goddess Hygeia, grand-daughter of Apollo, daughter of Asclepius and student of Chiron, was the goddess of hygiene and holistic medicine and as she had sleep temples where people were cured through dreams we also associate her with dreams. I will be using two of my friends dream series later as an example of Hygeia people and their dreams. Jewel has Hygeia as the apex of a yod in her fourth house. Jewel’s Hygeia also trines her Mars in the 8th, so she clearly has inherited her dreaming enthusiasm and dream interpretation skills from ancestors. Leandra’s Hygeia is conjunct her MC and is conjunct her Moon in the 9th house. She too uses dream series (she calls them cycles) to shine a light on the correct life pathway.

Whether you dream often and vividly or don’t have much dream recall the Moon can help you. Start by writing on your calendar when the moon is in water signs. The water signs seem to provide the navigation space between the subconscious and the waking mind. The water houses: the 4th, 8th and 12th are the ancestral houses where we have various levels of merging and bonding feeling and emotion, body and soul. The 1th house is one where we receive messages from our guardian angels and daimon and these can come in night dreams and daytime dreams or visions. If we have our Moon in the 12th or the moon is transiting our twelfth house this may happen. More on this later in the article.

Neptune is the Roman version of Poseidon, the ancient God of the ocean. So dreams, visions, abstract thought and the mysterious are all governed by Neptune. Neptune’s energy allows us to enter the alpha state or brainwaves to meditate and daydream and the theta state to dream, gain insights and heightened awareness. Mediumship, poetry, music and dance are among the trance-like activities which are the positive states of Neptune.

The third house is also the house of messages and messengers and dreams are both. But what is significant about the third house is that it is the house of the goddess, so if Mother Mary or the various asteroid goddesses are important to you, even feminine gods such as Dionysus you may expect them to pop up in your daytime or night time dreams. Don’t forget that Hera/Juno was a single parent, the mother of Mars/Ares so Mars in the 3rd, as well as Neptune, the Moon, or Venus may make you a vivid and prolific dreamer. Be aware that Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer on your third house cusps will also mean your dreams as part of your life are vital.


Paulus Alexandrinus also states that the 3rd House is also known as the “Goddess” House. Astrologer Lee Lehman states that the idea of the 3rd House being the Goddess House is a very old idea. She says the original Greek names for the 3rd and 9th Houses, the religious axis of the chart, were “goddess” and “god” respectively. Stephanie Johnson maintains that, “Because the 9th House has traditionally been associated with religion and images of God it stands to reason, that its opposite 3rd House could be associated with alternative religious sects … and images of feminine “Gods” or “Goddesses.”

According to Jung, our soul speaks to us in this language of images through dreams and through archetypal symbols. Whether you dream often and vividly, or don’t have strong dream recall at all, the Moon can help you to connect deeply to your dream world, and thus enhance your waking life. Neptune, the ancient Roman God of the oceans is the ruler of Pisces and in astrology, Neptune is considered a planet of dreams and psychic receptivity.


Hygeia governs sanitation, hygiene, ecology, preservation, medical and alternative health organizations, fitness and exercise, places of meditation and recovery and all venues that recognize the link between mind, body and spirit. Hygeia is also associated with physical, mental and chemical imbalances. So Hygeia promotes all the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual therapies.

Donna Taylor in her book How to Use the Healing Power of Your Planets to induce better health and Well Being suggests that an illness that at the psychological level may be revealed through neurotic behaviour, phobias, nightmares, insomnia and various psychological imbalances that hold you back from understanding your life patterns and letting go of the past and moving on. Among the many therapies she suggests here is dream analysis. Others are:

Cognitive and gestalt therapy
Past life regressions
Psychoanalysis and
12 step programs for addictions.

Hygeia’s cult in ancient Greece used special sleep temples for healing the priestesses of Hygeia encouraged patients to have healing. The priestesses were dream oracles. Dreams and the symbols they send us are buried in our unconscious and as a holistic therapist I always have encouraged my clients over the years to record their dreams to bring awareness to their situations.

The asteroid Hygeia’s placement in an astrological chart signifies purification, as well as meanings associated with health issues, sickness, cure, and the moral and physical wholeness that are implicit in ideas of good health or good order. Thus dreams are one of her tools; just as deep restorative theta and delta sleep are, of maintaining good order in your body.

Along with Achilles, her father Aesculapius (the son of Apollo), and Jason, Hygeia was a pupil of Chiron her history, consequently, no doubt, goes back to before 13,000 years ago. While her father Asclepius was more directly associated with healing, Hygeia was associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health.

Leandra, the woman whose dreams we analyse here has her Hygeia placement natally in the 9th house in Libra conjunct Libra conjunct MC and trine Mercury and Vesta in a grand trine so Leandra could easily be a dream therapist. Imbalance and loneliness (or lack of a congenial partnership) is the key to ill health for this sign. Hygeia in Libra often connects good health and proper hygiene with beauty and balance. Lack of wellbeing, ill health and being badly dressed or dressed wrongly for the appropriate occasion may up set this placement. They make good medical astrologers and therapists. The Great Seer Edgar Cayce had Hygeia in the sign of Libra in the 12th House. He spent most of his adult lifetime giving medical advice (Hygeia) that he received through meditative trances (12th House) to the public with diplomacy (Libra) and compassion (12the house). Leandra’s 9th house placement of Hygeia, is the least likely to have health problems because of strong belief in a Higher Divine Power or in the power of the Higher Mind to heal the body. Conversely, a personal negative attitude about the power to heal can bring on health issues physical, emotional and mental. With this placement of Hygeia she may lecture, publish or teach about well-being.

The Land Of Dreams
By William Blake
Awake, awake my little Boy!
Thou wast thy Mother’s only joy:
Why dost thou weep in thy gentle sleep?
Awake! Thy Father does thee keep.
“O, what land is the Land of Dreams?
What are its mountains, and what are its streams?
O Father, I saw my Mother there,
Among the lilies by waters fair.

Among the lambs clothed in white
She walked with her Thomas in sweet delight.
I wept for joy, like a dove I mourn—
O when shall I return again?”
Dear child, I also by pleasant streams
Have wandered all night in the Land of Dreams;
But though calm and warm the waters wide,
I could not get to the other side.
“Father, O Father, what do we here,
In this land of unbelief and fear?
The Land of Dreams is better far
Above the light of the Morning Star.”

I have at length in my many articles about the water houses and water signs, but we are looking at a deeper approach with this dream article.

For many years from about age 20 to 26 Leandra dreamed of trying to cross a river and sailing along the coast in stormy seas in a tiny boat, not much larger than a coracle. The river Leandra tried to cross was full of solution of silt the way rivers become when they are flooded. The dirt or silt was clean and would be full of nutrients on the plains around when the floods stopped. The river was swollen and raging and always wide. Sometimes there would be bamboo scaffolding in the middle as if someone was trying to build a bridge, no matter what she did she could never get across. In the stormy seas her boat was tossed around like a cork, but she always held onto a beautiful rich Christmas pudding [her inner self, her heart and solar plexus]. The pudding was safe.

In dream theory the symbol of water is central to us as humans and whether it is a fresh lake, or gentle stream, or the ocean who must claim her dead, water is both friend and enemy at once. When dreams contain this powerful image in any of its forms, understanding the role of the water is essential. Water as a symbol in dreams is often symbolic of our feelings and emotions. If some symbols generate feelings of fear or anxiety, the tumultuous ocean and floods create the most anxiety. Water has symbolic, archetypal meaning in that it either provides life, or harbors mystery and danger. If a river or creek is dreamed of, is it within its banks and apparently traversable by usual means? This is an example of controlled water. Water presented in this way is often indicative of renewal. A traveller is growing tired and the dreamer suddenly happens upon a creek. Refreshment for the journey is close at hand. If a dreamer is out on a boat, moving over gentle water gently, then they should anticipate a season of respite or sabbatical in life. But the water in the ocean and the river was not gentle. Both situations were dangerous and she never made it across the river or flood. Uncontrolled water will often create a sense of unease for a dreamer. Raging rivers often reflect being out of control of one’s circumstances.

What were the psychological circumstances in Leandra’s life? She had married impulsively and she was bitterly unhappy, miserable and felt trapped. There were no arguments, but nor was there any communication and she was constantly ill. At this age Leandra’s was psychologically and spiritually undeveloped, so rather than work through the lack of communication with her husband, she blamed her unhappiness on her husband and, his endless fighting, so after a ten year relationship she left him. She completely changed after that, took up yoga and had a life that was really fun and full of joy. But what really was happening.

Her sacral chakra was not functioning. The element of water is central to the sacral chakra, just the way earth was central to the root chakra and fire and Mars and the Sun were central to the solar plexus. Water especially the image of oceanic water out of control represents the sacral chakra not functioning properly. Pleasure is vital to the sacral chakra and so are sexuality, sensuality, well-being and abundance. Healthy boundaries are also vital to protect one’s life force and all Leandra was to her husband was a possession. The age of resonance of the sacral chakra is 7 to 14, which was in fact the age when Leandra was at her lowest. To counteract malfunctioning sacral chakra yoga, dance, walking and swimming are vital (Ambika Wauters, 2005. The Book of Chakras, p. 51.) The soul lesson here was peace and wisdom, becoming one’s own person and knowing one’s self and at that stage Leandra did not know herself.

In her late fifties her health failed again and she had to retire. The dream cycle of water began again. Traumas buried deep in the past can effect current life situations and your dreams and your unconscious mind will try to bring to your awareness anything you need to deal with. Although she couldn’t remember the exact dates for her dreams in the 1970s and 1980s Leandra did have exact dates and times for the 2014 dreams which seemed to complete the 1976 to 1981 dream cycle of out of control floods and ocean.

On December 31st 2013 Leandra asked her subconscious before she went to sleep whether she could have a dream cycle that answered the question, “What is my soul path this year?” she asked her higher self. The first water dream was on January 6th at 5.30 am and it was the third in the cycle. The first dream on January 3rd was about Prince William saying, “Arundel Castle” suggesting she use her will power, inner fire and her Mars (solar plexus chakra.) [Arundel Castle was the first of the Norman castles built by William the Conqueror in 1067 to show who the new ruler of the country was so this is Mars connecting with Leandra’s solar purpose.]

The second dream was on January 5th about Mars [which sat in her 3rd house] and Uranus: that’s all just the words: “Mars, Cancer and Uranus” which meant awaken (Uranus) your sacral chakra (Cancer- water) and solar plexus (Mars.)

The third dream was this, “I [Leandra] went for a holiday in a yacht with my wise daughter around the Torres Strait. Everything was bright colourful and beautiful like a film.” This was only part of the dream, but it was the water part and was in stark contrast to the years of dreams of turbulent water. Leandra had lived in that place and was happy there, but something that no one would have found in a dream book was that only Indigenous people with very dark skin lived in the Torres Strait and I am wondering whether Leandra’s shadow; the dark parts of her subconscious were being made bright and beautiful.

So what was happening on January 6th? The transiting Moon was in Pisces in her third house. It was her second Saturn return. Transiting Venus was conjuncting her sun and conjuncting transiting Pluto, Sun and Mercury in the 12th house. Her mother had given her back her car and it was about to be transferred back into Leandra’s name and today it was having a mechanical check. It was all very fortuitous and symbolic. As far as progressions were concerned her progressed sun had moved to her third house and was exactly sextile her natal sun so her communication talents were at the forefront. Her progressed moon had moved into Sagittarius so she felt free and it was in her natal 11th house and with her Mercury in Aquarius friends were very important to her. And Leandra’s Mars had moved into Taurus, the sign of resources, abundance and self-worth. More finances had suddenly appeared so her sacral chakra was blossoming.

On the 25th January, 2014 Leandra asked, “How do I heal my inner child?” The dream at 6.00 am on 26th January was another river dream. Leandra wrote to me, “A male voice told me, ‘Find a spot in the river where there is a crossing and wait until the grass over it is brown.’ I [Leandra] looked around and finally found a curve in the river where there was no water and the earth had completely covered the river crossing.” Leandra continued telling me the dream: “I had to bring the heavy machinery across: a big bulldozer. There was no truck to carry it. I had to drive it.” [The male voice was the higher self. The big bulldozer was Mars; courage; will power and strength to support the core self or inner child. The inner child is a reflection of the 5th house which is ruled by the Sun, thus this points to, first, the sacral chakra (the river) being bridged, bringing peace and wisdom and moving onto the solar plexus which anchors Leandra’s personal identity which anchors her personal identity in the nature of her Higher Self and divine love.

In the chart for that time Mercury in the 1st trined Mars in the 9th. The Moon was in Scorpio at 22 degrees conjunct Saturn: grounded and stable. The root chakra was getting ready. Neptune was in the first house conjunct Chiron in Pisces and the Sun was in the 12th, which was perfect positioning for a dream about the inner child, but although Jupiter in Cancer : childhood was in the fifth house it still opposed Pluto, so the unconscious still held that inner child.]

On the 28th, 2014, because of some dreams which obviously pointed to this Leandra asked before she went to sleep, “How do I heal my inner child?” The answer was this dream about 5:30 am on the 29th January, 2014: “I had a ritual in the tree house. It was a small blue house. I then sang high up in my paper bark trees. I then, with my friends, went down to the river bank. We couldn’t escape. The river came up over us.” Why had her sacral chakra crashed again? There was a simple reason, but it would not have been one Leandra would have found in a dream book. With her Sun in the 12th and Mars in Pisces she had a habit of looking after manipulative people who violated her boundaries. Someone had done this the day before and really hurt her feelings. She felt like she had to escape, hide and isolate herself at the top of a tree when she was hurt. She had reverted to her 7-10 year old self which was the age of the inner child in the sacral chakra. The blue colour of the tree house was the colour of communication and the third house where her Mars was. The woman who had violated her boundaries had “emotional plague” and Leandra should have stopped counselling her long ago because it was a no win situation for her. She had become a martyr which was the negative archetype of the sacral chakra.

On the 3rd February Leandra had an important shamanic healing: soul retrieval. It bought back her inner children. The most damaged was the inner child aged eight years old. There was also another inner child that was badly damaged at age 14.

In a dream on the 8th February Leandra related, “Prince William gave me mauve-pink chrysthanemums.” Then on February 25th in a dream Leandra wrote, “Prince William and Harry gave me all my gifts and talents. Prince William said, ‘They are worth a lot of money. How much will you charge people for them?’ ” [Chrysanthemums are symbolic of returning focus good luck in your home, and yang energy. Avia in her article on Chrysthanemum Meanings say that, “Dreaming of chrysanthemums indicates an unfolding of the inner self, during a tumultuous time of life. More specifically, it may represent a time of deep personal growth forged by hardship or conflict. The result leading to a stronger, more realized self.” Since her shamanic soul retrieval to bring back her inner children that had escaped at ages of trauma, Leandra’s self-esteem had risen considerably and she had felt proud of her many talents. She had returned to work.]

This was the last time she had a dream about Prince William and about flooded creeks, rivers and the ocean. She is happy now and her happiness does not depend on other people.

To analyse Leandra’s chart regarding dreams she had Hygeia conjunct Moon and the MC in Libra and the Moon in Hygiea in the 9th house of the divine. She had Mars in the 3rd house of messages from the goddess and Neptune also in Libra in the 10th house. While she had her sun in a water house and Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter in water signs, many of her planets including Mercury were in air signs and Mercury was in the first house so dream (water) analysis (air) was an important therapy to untangle the patterns of her life and help her to move on from stuck places.


DSC02039 (Small)

In my articles on yods I included BeeBee: a wonderful, dynamic, brilliant woman. Before I begin it is important to note that BeeBee has a very strong Venus (the planet of love and attraction) in her natal chart. Venus is in its rulership in Libra and rules BeeBee’s ascendant of Taurus. Venus rules her fifth house of romance so we can see that BeeBee is a romantic, even though she has Uranus in that house. With Pluto conjunct Venus in Libra she has some intense karma around Venus and love. Even her Moon, her other feminine planet is in a naturally Venus ruled house: the second house. Her Moon is in Cancer telling us that she loves her home and will attract watery, feeling men. A red flag flies around her Moon telling us that her Moon also has karmic debts of some kind. Saturn conjuncts her Moon, just as she has Pluto conjunct Venus. BeeBee has had three past life healings in the last three months and will probably be having another four soon. BeeBee’s relationship houses are also inhabited. Her third house of communication, siblings and the goddess is inhabited by her Virgo Sun and Mercury in Libra; such different energies; one, the Sun, crisp and analytical; the other (Mercury) vivacious, dramatic and exuberant. BeeBee’s seventh house contains Neptune, Ceres and Juno in Sagittarius and her eleventh house contains Chiron. So she has many conflicting Venusian signals.

• Pluto conjunct Venus tell us that she is capable of intense love and she attracts intense lovers and karmic bonds
• Uranus in Libra in the 5th suggests that BeeBee also attracts fleeting relationships or relationships with bohemian types or just friends
• It seems common sense to suggest that the karmic bonds must be broken (Saturn Moon and Pluto Venus) for BeeBee to have a spiritually and psychologically healthy relationship
• BeeBee can attract men who could be illusory or dishonest (Neptune in the seventh in Sagittarius), even guru con-men type so she must be careful
• BeeBee could be a “Mother Hen” in her behaviour to men (Ceres in the seventh and Chiron in the 11th)
• BeeBee wants a husband, but the relationships may be fraught with jealousy, revenge, affairs and suburban dullness (Stepford Wives behaviour) because of Juno in her seventh house
• BeeBee would love to travel with , pray with and play sport with the men in her life (seventh house strength)
• Her ancestry on both her mother’s and father’s side may have similar karmic, intense, passionate, perilous relationships (Pluto conjunct Venus in the fourth) and there may be some deep dark secret regarding this in her inheritance
• Her career suggests that she may use dream analysis and marriage counselling (Pisces MC with Neptune in the seventh)
• Her predicament with her possibilities with marriage could be solved by finding the secrets and unlocking the karma of her Pluto Venus in the 4th house and Scorpio Descendant. Her health (Scorpio cusp 6th house) could also be solved by ancestral healing too.
• Venus’s aspects: Venus quincunx Mars; trine Jupiter; square Neptune, sextile Neptune, conjunct Pluto, sextile Juno; sextile Ceres, square North Node and inconjunct the Midheaven need detailed analysis to unlock her love life. Each of these aspects could be used as one shamanic journey.
• All of her ancestral secrets can be unlocked using symbolic language which could be in dream analysis, past life healing, ancestral healing and shamanic healing (North Node in her 8th house)

Earlier this year I was the channel for my medical guides and divine angelic healers to perform a shamanic healing for BeeBee. Just before and after this healing (rebalancing of her soul path) she had a number of dreams and this is normal for this process. When you read through her dreams you may find like me that some of the dreams are more like out of body experiences or astral travelling rather than dreams.

This is part of BeeBee’s letter to me 24 hours after the shamanic past life regressions and healing, but first for those who have not read my “Yods: Part Two” article I will include the past life regression and healing:
“We see BeeBee as a Zulu princess in the time of the Zulu wars. Robin is a Boer soldier and shoots BeeBee for sport with his rifle. He is instantly cursed by her Zulu father who is also a priest/shaman and her tribe. Rufus has a spear put through his shoulders left to right and left to die. We then see a sort of vertical serpent that appears like a totem pole. On enquiring why he is there he says that he is a wall, a mountain range to stop us seeing further back. We keep asking who he is and refuses to say, yet he says that he can see back to ancient Egypt in Roman times. We see Rufus coming down (south) – the Nile in a sort of barge. He is Germanic; a mercenary soldier who has somehow been put off his voyage by high winds and ended up at the delta of the Nile at Alexandria. He sails down the river and sees Barbara and falls in love with her. This time she is a Sudanese princess. For some reason he accidentally stabs her in the heart and he makes an oath that he will love her for all time. He throws himself overboard, where he is taken by some sort of river siren. We delete this whole event/time and send him back to the German region he came from before he became a Roman mercenary. We then break all curses, spells, agreements and oaths that were made by Barbara in both lives, the Zulu people, Rufus in both lives; the river siren and Barbara’s Zulu chieftain father. A composite totem/guardian for Barbara volunteers to come back to protect her.

This is BeeBee’s report of her dream the night before the healing.
“The night before the healing I also had a dream in which I was walking along a road during night time, at the beginning I seem to have had my father with me and we were walking towards a military academy, then I was alone, as I was walking, a military man all dressed up in his uniform saluted me officially using my full name. I was quite surprised that a man of rank did this and thanked him and moved on, I looked up to the night sky and above me I saw three almond trees in full bloom and I felt very elated and joyful and remarked, ”Ah how beautiful it is. It is indeed the time for them to bloom.”

BeeBee had studied literature at university, so the symbol of the almond tree blooming was synchronistic and splendid. If you have read the works of Oscar Wilde, you may recall the famous story of The Canterville Ghost and here I will quote and paraphrase pages 207 to 208 of The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. Virginia is an innocent and compassionate child of a scornful American family who buy the castle where the Canterville ghost now unsuccessfully haunts and is miserably trapped in the castle by his past of killing his wife hundreds of years ago. She can see the ghost and befriends him. “Poor, poor ghost,” Virginia murmured; “have you no place where you can sleep?” The ghost tells her that only when the curse upon him for killing his wife is removed he can find peace in death. The ghost reads her the prophecy on the library window:
When a golden girl can win
Prayer from the lips of sin
When the barren almond bears
And a little child gives sway its tears
Then shall all the house be still
And peace come to Canterville.

According to Avia the symbolism of three in the three almond trees indicates: “promising new adventures and assurance of cooperation from others whom you may require help as well as reward and success in most undertakings. Three is also a time identifier as it represents Past, Present and Future. Consecutive Threes in your life may symbolize the need to express yourself creatively, or consider your present directional path in relation to past events and future goals. It also symbolises intuition, fecundity, and advantage. The number three invokes expression, versatility, and pure joy of creativity. The number three may also tell us that there is one more healing to do to disconnect Robin. It is fairly normal for client’s to foresee what will happen in a shamanic healing as a portal seems to open about a week before the healing and stay open for at least a week after. The client’s guides help my guides to focus on what needs doing. But the military dream is still an amazing dream to have and there is no doubting that BeeBee is a highly intuitive dreamer. It is a fitting dream telling us that both the Zulu curse and Robin’s oath in the Sudan are no more and Robin, the military man has given full respect to BeeBee to atone for hundreds and hundreds of years of spiritual turmoil. I will also mention that healing was done on a full Moon.

This is BeeBee’s letter to me a month after the shamanic healing:

“I would like to point out a dream which I think is of importance which I saw prior to my healing a few days before you announced to me that my healing could take place. In the dream I saw that I was at home and there was a cancelation of someone’s wedding, I don’t know who’s all I know is they had left behind a wedding dress. Ι wore it and then Ι realised my wedding was to take place! Ι have never seen ever before such a dream relating to weddings or me wearing a wedding dress and Ι am not obsessed with marriage at all. Ι looked at myself in the mirror and loved it and thought, “Wow I am finally going to get married.” I really looked beautiful and I loved my wedding dress then my sister came and she said to me you look nice, but your wedding dress could have been less frilly, then I Iooked out of the window and in the garden there was a man I know in real life, dressed up like a groom or best man I couldn’t tell exactly all I knew was that he wasn’t the groom. I knew someone else was to be my husband and it struck me as odd that he was invited. Then I looked inside my house and saw a blonde woman lurking and watching she had a pitch black Rottweiler dog with her, ready to attack me. He almost grabbed my hand and was ready to bite it but I was calm and told the woman to take him away, she did so reluctantly telling me, ”I have to do it slowly as the dog is fierce.” I managed to slip my hand away just in time and the dog disappeared. I felt relieved.” I like to use Gestalt dream interpretation (and you can do this too) so we ask ourselves, “What part of the dream stands out to us?” On some important level, all of these images and experiences are part of the dreamer (BeeBee.) They could represent the dreamer’s traits, feelings, attitudes or hidden potentials. The dreamer is all these people, characters or objects in the dream. BeeBee is actually dark haired, but if the dark haired BeeBee is Venus, then BeeBee as Pluto is also the lurking, blonde woman with the fierce black dog who bites. This unsafe, unpredictable woman-dog could be the ancestral secret lurking, plus her unpredictable Uranus in Libra in the 5th house. The sister who says BeeBee’s dress is too frilly could be the neat, precise, business-like Sun in Virgo BeeBee. The BeeBee with the frothy dress could be the Mercury in Leo side of BeeBee as well as the romantic Barbie doll Neptune in the seventh side. The man she knows could be her Jupiter in Aquarius in the ninth or the Moon conjunct Saturn in the second or both. But the essence of the wedding is that all the pieces of BeeBee; the total of BeeBee or holistic BeeBee is her whole personality melding and no longer projecting that she needs a husband to make her whole. The actual garden to me is her lovely grounded abundant Ascendant in Taurus BeeBee. This is all BeeBee. Isn’t she wonderful!

Now BeeBee tells us the next dream: “The first dream I had after the healing was one where I dreamt of being in south Africa in the company of an African couple a woman and a man who were sitting outdoors in a beautiful garden. There was some kind of celebration and I was telling them how important it is for South Africa to heal and move on to a new era where all people united can overcome all oppression and negativity, poverty and we can all prosper and they nodded in agreement. Among the people who were at the celebration was a man an elderly man with a white beard who stood out somewhat though we did not speak we glanced at each other he looked like a druid- sage figure and then I saw my one aunt , my mother’s half-sister, so I was side-tracked and went over to talk to her.” Now if we use Frizz Perl’s Gestalt dream analysis again everything is BeeBee. Let’s start. Here we have the garden again: BeeBee’s soul: her Taurus ascendant. There is another celebration; that of bringing peace to Africa; thus BeeBee’s past: her life in Africa blends into her peaceful co-existence with her life in Greece. Her place of birth and her ancestral land come together. The druid sage is no doubt the Jupiter in her ninth house and her mother’s half -sister is a planet in her 12th house which is Mars in Taurus. She is side-tracked because Neptune inconjunct Mars vampires her energy and she has to realise this is she marries the wrong person. BeeBee needs to refer to her sage part: Jupiter in Aquarius in the 9th needs to be friends for a long time and have lots of room, rather than be intense and be completely eaten up by a partner.

BeeBee’s next dream tells us: “The next couple of nights after the healing I was uneasy and didn’t dream clearly but I had one dream where I saw and even felt the presence of an eagle and a wolf, very strongly indeed. Now again while I could say from a gestalt angle her grounded Saturn is the wolf and the eagle is her crown chakra and BeeBee’s Aquarian sage side. From a shamanic side these totems are still integrating with her. They will take three months to integrate.

Bee Bee’s next dream is this: Then the next night, the third night after the healing, I dreamed that I was having issues with my car. I was stumbling around on branches and taking wrong courses, but then coming back to the right track. As I was approaching home I saw a woman walking by herself with long curly hair. Her hair was very thick. She was accompanied by a dog which looked like a husky or could have been a cross between a dog and a wolf. I also saw my friend Pauline who lives in Eleusinian with whom I have a strong tie and connection to the Eleusinian mysteries, we were discussing various issues we need to heal and things we need to accomplish.” I have found after soul recoveries and past life healings I was having car dreams for at least a month. At first I couldn’t drive my car and had to get a friend to pick me up, then I had to hire a car, then my car went backwards around in circles. Our car is always us in a dream. We can be a bus, a truck, a bulldozer too. So BeeBee’s dream is not unusual. This dream also seems to be an astral travelling dream. I have very thick, wavy, long hair and I have a wolf dog and we walk daily. It seems BeeBee connected with both myself and Pauline on the astral on this third night, just as Christ rose after the third night.

BeeBee also seems to be cutting old ties because she tells me that in her dream: “I also dreamt of a man with whom I had a brief romance at university we only dated twice and for two weeks. He is a Scorpio, older than me, married and with children and too intense. We just dated but I broke it off and there were no harsh feelings. He scared me in the dream, as he came and hugged me.” This is her Mars, Ascendant and Saturn personas talking sense to her Neptunian side.

BeeBee continues: “Next I dreamt that I was in a lovely wooden house where I was preparing all sorts of stuff, getting ready for some important event. When I finished I walked out only to find Allan, my ex, who was the reason I wanted the healing, sitting outside the house on the veranda waiting for me and smiling. I smiled back to him and he said to me, ”Oh finally we can get married and I propose the 4th of July as a date in summer.” I nodded, smiled but did not say anything, although I could feel in the dream this was not going to happen; maybe at another level of existence but it was almost like saying to him, “No worries. All will be well!” to reassure him.” Now what jumps out here is the fact that the date Allan gives is actually a well-known date for the American Independence Day. It is an iconic day for independence. The little wooden house seems to be BeeBee’s new integration of her subconscious and collective unconscious (Mars in Taurus in the 12th house) into herself.

BeeBee continues: “Then a couple of days later I dreamt I was on a cruise ship and I saw Allan on it he was not happy and frowning, when we got off we took separate ways though he was willing to talk, but neither of us did so. Then my mother told me that she had seen him walking to his house and we walked and she showed me where he stayed. He was living with a man he knew from college and another woman they shared a house or flat as flatmates, but I felt there was something odd going on almost like the two were in love with the same woman. The feeling I had was that he was unhappy and in a confusing state not willing to talk to me.” This dream could be taken two ways. Firstly BeeBee is off on her astral travels again and checking on Allan. This is her Moon-Saturn-Venus side; the mother hen. Secondly, there is a feeling of ships in the night and thirdly the Gestalt dream combines all the parts of BeeBee again. There is her mother (her Pisces side and perhaps her Moon conjunct Saturn plus South Node in Cancer and even Demeter/Ceres in the 7th); then Allan’s house (he is the first lover-Neptune in the seventh and Juno in the seventh.) Then there is the friend of Allan who is of course BeeBee’s 11th house from her 5th house which is her fourth house where Venus and Pluto still reside. I am hearing there is another issue here that still needs to be resolved and at this stage the blonde woman (BeeBee’s shadow unconscious side is still in two minds about letting her intense dramatic side go. [Since then however BeeBee has decided to have an ancestral healing to heal her father and mother’s ancestral traumas regarding love.]

BeeBee is still dreaming about Robin. Finally I had two dreams regarding Robin, the one 3 days ago where he was much stressed and he wanted to have a sexual relationship with a blond woman! I was giving him advice regarding his sexuality which I felt was all pent up, but he got cross and chased me yelling ” I will kill your mother.” Okay, back to the gestalt. Donna Cunningham suggests we have the fifth house where a lover thinks you are his Mummy. This is BeeBee’s Uranus in Libra opposition Chiron. The blond woman is BeeBee’s shadow which can be her sexual needs (Pluto-Venus) or her Descendant shadow which is her soft, romantic illusory side. Bee’s mother is first her Moon in the second which indicates he could well reduce her to poverty and her tenth house Pisces side which indicates BeeBee’s victim potential if she stays with Robin. At this stage in her dreams her Higher Self and guides and her aura are still sorting out and stabilising her energy.

Now this is the last dream. “Then last night I dreamt that my one uncle in South Africa came to visit me and he told me that Robin was not well. I saw Robin who was bleeding, from the elbow, he had a scratch and sore and my uncle took him to a hospital where he lay down and was being treated. Then my uncle told me to let him rest and recuperate.” Now even though one source suggests uncles are the 6th (siblings of father) or 12th house (siblings of mother) , Donna Cunningham who is a well-known astrologer maintains that uncles are the third house and this is BeeBee’s third house which is her strong Virgo Sun conjunct her IC and her lovely bright, life of the party Mercury in Leo. So this African uncle is Hermes/Mercury the psychopomp and BeeBee’s core self. It seems she is still astral travelling and worrying about Robin who is suffering from inflexibility (his elbow.) If we forget the astral travel BeeBee, herself, deep inside herself still needs to rest. Her uncle (her intellectual self and her inner core self: her heart) are not quite right yet and must rest.

So, I must thank BeeBee for being our star dreamer. That dream sequence was three months ago and she is stabilised and her totems and all the parts of herself are well integrated. I hope you have enjoyed BeeBee’s dreams.


You may note that in my last article I wrote about Neptune as a cause of such dis-eases such as chronic fatigue syndrome where people have insomnia and constantly feel exhausted. A lack of vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is one factor that causes this. Neptune is the ruler of vitamin B5. The greatest enemies of B5 and all the B vitamins are coffee, alcohol and sugar, so if you want to dream and have restful sleep eliminates the last three addictions. BI or thiamine also makes people tired if there is a deficiency. Vitamin B6 has a direct relationship with tryptophan an amino acid related to calmness and a lack of it will cause adrenal exhaustion. A lack of B6 will also cause muscle cramping which will wake you up while you are asleep and interrupt your dreams. I find Brewer’s yeast, foul tasting though it is will give a good supply of all the B group vitamins. You can purchase it from the health food store. Just a reminder that even though I have an old certificate in nutrition from 1981 I am by no means a qualified naturopath; just a qualified counsellor.

In the minerals Eileen Nauman in her fantastic book on Medical Astrology notes that insufficient calcium in people’s diets creates insomnia and cramps and both wake you up and interrupt your dreams. Please don’t go rushing out and buying calcium tablets as you will end up with crystalline deposits, such as kidney stones. Calcium should be absorbed in foods such as alfalfa sprouts, flax seed, carrots, cauliflower, bananas, avocados, dried apricots, oysters, chicken, kelp and skimmed milk. Calcium is a load bearing mineral. You must exercise daily (not just lifting your legs out of bed either) for it to be absorbed. It is also deleted by penicillin, steroids, sugar and a deficiency of vitamin D and magnesium. Magnesium is found in bananas; dark leafy greens such as raw spinach, chard and kale; nuts and seeds, such as pumpkin seeds; sesame seeds (63%), brazil nuts (63%), almonds (48%), cashews (44% ), pine nuts (43%), mixed Nuts (39%), and peanuts (31%), pecans (17%), walnuts (16%); Fish such as mackerel and tuna; beans and lentils such as soy beans, White Beans (28%), French Beans (25%), Black-eyed Peas (23%), Kidney Beans (21%), Chickpeas (Garbanzo) (20%), Lentils (18%), Pinto Beans (16%); Whole Grains such as brown rice, Quinoa (30%), Millet (19%), Bulgur (15%), Buckwheat (13%), Wild Rice (13%), Whole Wheat Pasta (11%), Barley (9%), Oats (7%); Avocados; Low-Fat Dairy such as plain low fat yogurt and low fat cheese; dried fruit such as figs, prunes (11%), apricots (10%), Dates (8%), and Raisins (7%) and even a square of dark chocolate. (Yay!)

Oatmeal, whole-grain cereals and breads, and other complex carbohydrates increase production of serotonin, a kind of chemical lullaby, if you will. Serotonin slows nerve activity, calming the brain and spreading a “feel-good” message throughout your body. When darkness enters the picture, the brain converts serotonin to yet another hormone, melatonin, which regulates sleep. You’ve probably heard the jokes about the Thanksgiving turkey putting people to sleep, but this folk wisdom has legs to stand on. Turkey is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that the body uses to produce serotonin. You can also try honey with warm milk. A fast-digesting carbohydrate like honey or mashed potatoes stimulates the release of insulin, which in turn allows more tryptophan to enter the brain. It may be decades since you had a stories-and-warm-milk routine, but we never really outgrow a wind-down period. We need a wind down hour, so set an alarm for 60 minutes before you plan to go to sleep. Spend the first 20 minutes finishing up any must-dos (walking the dog, firing off a few last emails) and the next 20 minutes on sleep hygiene (showering, brushing teeth, pyjamas). For the final 20 minutes, do something relaxing like meditation, gentle yoga, or reading a book. Then lights out.

If you’re awake in bed, but feel relaxed and peaceful, it’s perfectly fine to lie there and wait to fall back asleep. He recommends counting backward from 300 by 3s to bring on drowsiness. This may be better than automatically jumping out of bed the minute you find yourself awake, which only arouses you more.

Just one other thing: trauma causes adrenalin surges and this causes cortisol to be pumped out of your system. It not only puts on weight but also causes insomnia so go and see a good naturopathic doctor and get a saliva test for your cortisol levels. And by the way your body craves consistency: go to sleep at the same time every night.


Remembering and analysing your dreams is one of the most potent ways to comprehend your own mental, emotional and spiritual core being and to deal with persistent difficulties in your associations and family life. Dream analysis is also perfect for evolving and seeking answers to any problems in your life. I use it to seek information. Restorative sleep is good for the body, but dream-work is great for the soul and great to find answers if you are prepared to work on the symbols.

Lucid dreaming can take all of this to an even more profound level. Sure, keeping a dream journal is something everyone should always do, but what if you could actually control your dreams to create self-made experiences in the astral realm? Some people can. You’ll find in this article BeeBee can. You can use the power of the Moon to enable lucid dreams. The definition of a lucid dream is fundamentally any dream in which you are conscious that you are dreaming. Have you ever had that experience accidentally and wanted to recreate it? Using the Moon can help get you there!

Try to avoid caffeine after noon on the day you plan to attempt your first lucid dream, and get to bed early, avoiding electrical equipment and television at least an hour before bedtime. Set the mood by lighting a lavender candle, taking a warm essential oil bath, and drinking some soothing herbal tea. In other words, make sure you’re deeply, deeply relaxed ready to go into alpha and then theta levels where you dream quickly. A black sleeping mask is a great tool to have as well, especially if the bedroom that you sleep in isn’t pitching dark. The one rule regarding complete darkness is that if you make your attempt on the night of a full Moon, it is good to have the moonlight shining streaming through your window.

Start by writing down when the Moon is in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). You can look this up in our Moon Signs section. Our dream lives are richer and more accessible when the lunar energy is in these signs, so you have three times a month to start your lucid dreaming attempts. The sign in which your Moon is placed says much about your emotional nature, and the aspects to the other planets suggest the different kinds of energy influence within your chart and even your intellectual preference. Still, I believe that the house in which your Moon resides holds the most influence for the dreaming mind. A 12th house Moon is for the dreamer (literally and figuratively) extraordinary. One of my best friends has a Pisces Moon in the 8th house and is not only an extraordinary dreamer but she is the most clairvoyant people I have ever met. There is little information about dreams and the Moon, but I can assure you from my years of practice that the water houses (4th, 8th, and 12th, otherwise known as karmic houses or ancestral houses) provide the dreams of legend. Notice how strong Leandra and BeeBee’s water houses are. Many 8th house Moon people “dream true”, or dream lucidly, so write down when the moon is coming through your 8th house. When a full moon is also in Cancer it is a great and creative time for anyone interested in dreams, and to start a little project on dreaming. All that you will need is a writing pad and pencil (by the nightstand) and the intention to dream. I always write down a dream goal in my dream diary, with my dream pen and say it to myself five times out loud before I go to sleep. I ask Archangel Metatron to help me because he is the angel of the wheels of time and akashic records. Just before going to sleep, set an intention out loud a few times and tell yourself you will dream, that upon awakening from your dream you will remember your dreams, and repeat each evening.

Lucid Dreaming is where one dreams, wakes into their dreams, and realizes they are dreaming, without waking from dream. There is quite an amount of information about lucid dreams in Stephen LaBerge’s Book, Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, which is published in 1990. I find it is just practice.

Try this throughout a month to see which sign your dreams were most active. I hope that some of you will try this exercise and let me know which sign you dreamed in the most or best, if at all. I would be happy to review your dreams and explain them astrologically as well as the symbolism of what your dreams are trying to tell you.

When the Moon is new, the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, and a powerful energy portal is opened. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you’d like to find out, create, develop, cultivate, and manifest in reality. There are many ways to start this communion with your soul and the Divine from lighting a candle to elaborate rituals. What matters is that you’re committing yourself to your vision, and open to receiving guidance, healing, and support you’re your guides and archangels and what some people call Spirit.

When you tap into the Moon’s phases, it’s comforting to know that you can do this all year. Like the tides, the Moon ebbs and flows, it is a feminine rhythm that women understand intimately and so can men who are tuned in to this life too. Let us not forget 51 % of the population. New Moons are a blank page on which to speak your dreams out loud, and Full Moons are for taking action and celebrating the fruit of your efforts.

It’s a good idea to spend some time thinking and meditating in the days leading up to the new Moon. Feel deeply and slowly as to what you want to draw into your life. Part of getting ready for the new Moon is making sure you are clear about your intentions. Maybe you would like to work on forgiveness, courage, it might be an exact request like a career move or promotion or some new friends. For me it is often working with my Council of Elders on my soul path.

What exactly is a new Moon Ritual? Everyone is different but for me I go into my healing room and light a candle, gather flowers, my favourite crystals, and photos and rearrange my altar. Then I start singing my power song loudly to call in my guides and archangels I work with. I write my intentions on a 7-day candle with the flowers on the altar. You can relight your candle and say your intentions and sing your power song every day. Ritual helps focus your entire being on the quest at hand. In the days leading up to the new Moon, you might gather pictures and totems that symbolize your goal. Creating a collage gives you a visual reminder of your dreams. Find out where the new Moon falls in your chart for clues as to what to “call in” that month. The new Moon has a more inward feel, has a void or empty quality, and therefore it helps you be brave. You learn to trust the dark and it is a time of realising that old; your past is passing away and you are awaiting the new; therefore it is a great way to send your prayers, wishes, desires and gratefulness to the your Council of Elders, your guides, the archangels and the divine in the Universe. I am always so amazed and grateful for what comes along.

I do hope you have enjoyed this article. I’d love to hear your thoughts. May your days be full of love and blessings from,



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