It was Clarissa Pinkola Estes who wrote:
We do not become healers.
We came as healers. Some of us are still catching up to who we are.

We do not become storytellers.
We came as carriers of the stories that our ancestors, actually lived. Some of us are still catching up to where we are.

We do not become artists. We are creative.
Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

We do not become writers, dancers, musicians, helpers and peacemakers. We came as such. Some of us are still catching up to what we are.

We do not learn to love in this sense. We came as Love. We are Love.
Some of us are still catching up to who we truly are.


I see the words of Clarissa Pinkola Este’s verse as so true of people who have quincunxes and yods; we take a little longer to accustom ourselves to living, in a grounded way on earth, to other people. But before we even start we have little need for the thirteenth fairy here. Eileen Nauman in her fantastic book on Medical Astrology states quite clearly that: “The best word for people with inconjuncts is adaption. If they can adapt positive attitudes to …changing environments health will probably not be impaired; however people with two or more inconjuncts, especially those with yods, court ill health if their attitudes are inflexible and negative.” (p.34.) Eek!!! I have two yods, so I’d better be flexible and positive and keep writing.

The people who suffer most with yods are children. We as adults have education, reasoning, a reasonable amount of freedom, but let’s put ourselves in the shoes of children for a while and see what may happen to them with inconjuncts or yods. As a person with two yods I can tell you it is fairly typical for people with yods or quincunxes to be born in a blur or quite numb, so we take a little while to catch up in some ways. We are the ones that people say, “Did the fairies steal their soul?” It also seems typical of yod/quincunx people, to have childhoods where we were abused (mentally, spiritually, and physically); neglected or had permissive caregivers (we were left to our own devises and ignored) or we had to be the responsible parent and look after our siblings while our parents were working, substance abusing, preoccupied; ill or too dangerous to go near. We may have had to be the mediator in family squabbles. Other yod or quincunx people had single parents who had to battle to survive or parents, who constantly moved like teachers and army people, do, so we could never make friends. Then of course there are yod or quincunx children who live in war zones or revolutions or in detention if the parents are jailed or in refugee camps. Another quincunx situation is a child whose parents who are members of cults and extreme religions and then there are the children who were bought up in concentration camps and or orphanages and were subject to the whims of sadistic guards or the sometimes very strange beliefs of priests, nuns or sadistic masters.

All of these patterns of parenting are known as “insecure attachment” in socio-psychology or child development theory. In insecure patterns of parenting the child keeps on having to adjust their own behaviour to survive, to stay safe. So this is one example of people with a yod or quincunx. They did have not “ideal” childhoods. Even though I have explained insecure and anxious patterns of attachment in previous articles I will explain again. I will advise very strongly that if you believe you fit one of these patterns of childhood abuse and neglect or need to know more about this that you purchase or borrow a copy of “Child Abuse and Neglect: Attachment, Development and Intervention” by David Howe, 2005. But some yod or quincunx people I know do not have traumatised childhoods; they just live life as though they are constantly in a past life and it hasn’t dissolved yet. Consequently, I will also write in this article about yods and past life regression, ancestral healing, soul retrievals and all sorts of shamanic journeys and even past life and life between life regressions.

My theory here is that we have many past lives and if we are born with past lives (good or bad) still overlapping our present life we are certainly not a “normal” child. Yod or quincunx people are often in this situation. The 150 degree is an obscure angle. If something is opposite you, you can see it and you can challenge or balance it; if something is at 90 degrees to you, you might feel cornered, but you can fight or escape (fight or flight); but the 150 degree is one that people do not have a choice. They often are stuck if they are born into difficult lives.

They have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no real way of escaping and this applies to children with dysfunctional families from foetal stage to about 17 when most children can leave home. You think about it; where can a child run to if they have violent, drunken parents who regularly beat them up? Do they escape to live in the streets (in the sewage system under the city with other homeless people) or with gangs of other abused children? Where can a child run if they are in the middle of a war or revolution? Up to 17 we are under someone’s authority: teachers, soldiers, parents, family, nuns and authority is Saturn. Saturn, especially when we are dealing with quincunxes flags karmic issues and past lives and ancestral lives that are still dumping Saturn or Pluto issues on us. Why do I say that ancestral lives can effect us? Because the sins of the fathers travel down to effect us until someone in in the family takes a stand and says “the buck stops here and I am going to stop this curse/family behaviour/mental illness etc.”

Yods or quincunxes involve timing and the timing is concerned with when you can emerge from the chrysalis (Pluto.) If from foetal stage we have challenging parents; parents who are unconscious themselves and don’t have our best interests at heart we will escape in the only way our soul knows and that is that soul pieces fly off at various stages, because it is just too dangerous, too painful to be in a situation where we are constantly hurt (and this includes adults in war and domestic violence.) It is safer to be numb. So we emerge at the end of this stage; in some cases totally unconscious; completely shut down; very ill; often deaf; scared (some people call it wounded) on every level (spiritual, mental, physical, creative) and often totally lacking in common sense. Then by our own devices we have to, not just survive, but drag ourselves into life and switch on all our mechanisms to live and prosper. I have written about the process by which dysfunctional families operate in my article on emotional plague, so please read all my articles. They are free and I write them so they are easy to read. I survived a childhood in one of those dysfunctional families and my family had an ancestry of dysfunction. I have two yods, so I have been interested in them for thirty years. But I am not going to write about myself.

So to feel what a yod feels like, put out your arm at 150 degrees. Yes, it is a difficult or obtuse angle. It is impossible to manoeuvre and in space that angle between planets creates static on radios and mangles electrical emissions. It is an impossible leverage. So what I am saying here is that yod/quincunx people are already scared from other times, from ancestral scaring. Yod/quincunx people are not of this time and we don’t fit in and that is why we are often obsessed by certain historical periods. This theory is demonstrated by Barbara Hand Clow’s books, the books of Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Belinda Gore (Ecstatic Body Postures and the Ecstatic Experience) and Dr Samuel Sagan.

So this last part of my series is on people on quincunxes and yods and this time I am going to write about people who have had life-defining spiritual rebalancing: shamanic journeys, soul retrievals; past life regressions and life between life journeys; crystal reiki healings; out of body experiences or visions in sacred places.


Let me discuss a dysfunctional childhood more fully, so we may then pass onto a yod/quincunx case study where an abused child eventually had many regressions and some really successful soul retrievals so she could become an adjusted, happy person, who was comfortable in her world. So here is the theory. Securely attached children know that at times of need their caregivers will always be available and responsive. Because of these consistent and loving caregivers/ parents they always feel the world is a safe, pleasurable and contained place (a place with secure boundaries and a place where they can develop their own boundaries.) However, this is not the case for either avoidant or insecurely attached children. These children suffer uncertainty about the type and sensitivity of the response they receive when they reconnect with caregivers. There is a lack of confidence from insecurely-attached children that a caregiver will be able to provide psychological safety and even physical safety at times of need. For example their dad might have left or died and there is a new uncle/or dad who abuses them when Mum is not home. So, these children are hypervigilent, especially in the case of those who have been maltreated. Their adrenal glands are always at the alert and their kidney function is also threatened because of this. They spend immeasurable time and energy on issues of safety, security and monitoring leaving less time for fun and exploration with caregivers. Caregivers who are unwilling (avoidant patterns) or unable (ambivalent patterns) to respond to or satisfy a child’s normally expressed attachment needs create anxiety and insecurity in a caregiving-child relationship and indeed in any relationship. As insecurely attached children cannot display their true and full psychological self to an anxious carer this reduces availability, care and protection, especially in times of need. They have no trust. They fail to process, learn about and make good sense of positive emotions (in the case of avoidant patterns) or how thought and behaviour affects people and their feelings (in ambivalent patterns.) Secure individuals relate openly, without defence or distortion and they interact flexibly, with compassion, they genuinely reflect and they have emotional intelligence; so they do not judge, they are not sarcastic or mentally or physically cruel; they do not put people in boxes and basically they do not wear masks and have agendas dating back to their childhood. But ambivalent individuals become easily enmeshed, co-dependent and entangled with others who are bad for them and even if they have nagging uncertainty they are unable to let go. Ambivalent carers are inconsistent and we can clearly see people with yods and quincunxes as the children of these inconsistent, unstable people. Avoidant individuals exclude information that triggers painful feelings of perceived and expected rejection. As I write you can see all the lunar (Moon) adjectives and we can see that if childhood is secure then people get past the Moon stage of safety into a Mars stage and beyond, but if not one can see how yod and quincunx people have something of, first, a wounded lunar persona and secondly, a wounded Chironic type persona. A yod person who has not moved on from childhood wounds is adjusting constantly and at a hypervigilent level to exist in a world where they may constantly perceive danger or be totally numb. Note that in the world people with neurotic or psychotic symptoms are called maladjusted. How yod-like!

Whenever I write articles I do a lot of research. I have a large library, but I have a good look on the internet and I found Dr Z who wrote this which has an amazing similarity to attachment theory. I quote Dr Z: “The Yod is sometimes called the Neurotic planetary configuration. In the birth chart – at times a quincunx appears to behave like a nice, easy, and agreeable trine. During those agreeable times, the two planets involved in the quincunx are happy campers. And then other times the quincunx in the birth chart will behave like a tension filled square. Thus the person with the quincunx can never learn to depend upon any consistency of behaviour between the two planets involved. In this aspect we may relate this to the “Good Father-Bad Father.” Let’s imagine that you’re a child growing up and on some days, dad is kind, loving and gentle when he’s interacting with you. Then other days, out of the blue, dad can be rather meaning, ugly and generally nasty. You never know from one moment to the next whether dad’s going to be the “good father” or the “bad father.” You can’t depend on dad to be one way or the other. You learn from experience that you can’t rely on dad. There are times you secretly wish he’d either just be the “good father” or just be the “bad father.” Because even if he were always the “bad father” at least then you’d know what to expect from him. Unreliability and inconsistent and never knowing what to expect is the beginnings of neurosis (or worse) in a child growing up and that’s also a good description of the quincunx aspect in a nutshell. The inconsistency drives inconjunct people nuts!” This man has obviously spent a lot of time pondering about his astrological clients who have yods, because he’s right.

In regard to what Dr Z suggests, about yod people with their experiences of “good father-bad father,” sociologists and psychologists emphasise that people, who have had traumatising childhoods, need to understand that care givers and friends love them even when they are being told off (being criticised.) These people easily dissociate by having separate representations of hostile carers and loving carers, and then later friends or people they have a relationship with as having two or many personalities. They have difficulty experiencing themselves and others as remaining psychologically coherent and whole across time and space, time and different emotional states. They need to understand that they and their loved ones are the same psychologically whole entity (not a dissociated “Three Faces of Eve” person) whether they are angry, tense, anxious, happy, disapproving or disapproved of, which in Piagetian terms is called object constancy (Howe, 2005, pp. 247-248. ) This is a quincunx experience and it is also the experience of someone who has one or more soul pieces that have escaped somewhere and are basically out to lunch permanently. Van Gulden and Bartels-Rabb (1995) believe that much of maltreated children’s behaviour and the behaviour of adults who have been maltreated, is still stuck at the age of development when they experience loss and trauma. Psychologist, therapists and shamanic practitioners will recognise that problematic behaviours of wounded people and wounded children are symptomatic of the needs and experiences of the time and developmental stage that the loss and trauma occurred. Hence depending on the trauma and the sensitivity of the person a soul piece may have detached from that child or adult. Thus developmental attachment therapists and counsellors like myself after shamanic healing will deal with the person’s psycho-emotional age and not their chronological age. If we realise that some babies may come into life already missing soul pieces from past life trauma or foetal trauma we realise why in Alexandra’s she needed Dr Stone to help her. In Leandra’s case she already also had past life trauma plus an ancestral curse. I hope this makes sense to you. If not ask me about it in the comments section.


The first case study is large to say the least. Leandra is a childhood friend. Leandra has her Pluto 8th in Leo 26 degrees as the apex inconjunct Mars at 29 degrees Pisces 29 degrees in the 3rd house, inconjunct Sun 24-25 degrees conjunct Chiron in Capricorn 28 degrees in the 12th house conjunct ascendant in Capricorn. She also has Mars in Pisces apex inconjunct Pluto in Leo inconjunct Neptune 28 degrees in tenth in Libra. I want you to match what I say in this paragraph on Leandra’s yoddish psychology and ask at the end of her full story: did she adapt? Was she flexible and positive? Did she make a successful hero’s journey. Did she answer her life purpose goals (or contract) that she agreed to in her proposal to a Council of Elders before her soul joined her foetus in this lifetime ?

So she has a Pluto apex; a sweet, little child with a Libra Moon and Mars in Pisces has Sun inconjunct Pluto (in the 8th house) and Saturn (her Sun’s and Ascendant ruler) in Scorpio and her Mars and Pluto the ruler’s of her ruling planet (Saturn) inconjuncting. She’s taken on a lot this lifetime, but her as we read through her life story remember that she has this powerful chart and a major karmic lesson; yes, Pluto is karma, is to learn about power. Her Sun was also in the 12th house of the unconscious and karma so the chart spoke loudly about karma and needing to be conscious. As Eileen Nauman maintains in her article, “Pluto people are faced with issues involving power this lifetime… A wild mustang is one symbol of primal Plutonian survival power… brute power, abuse of power… em-powerment of the self or of others… power struggles.” And it is always wise to observe what happens when you do not own your own power. That’s right you attract megalomaniacs anpeople who are unconscious . That’s the Shadow side. However, Eileen Nauman also adds, “A Plutonian can outlast anything and anyone. They can shoulder loads and responsibilities that (even) Saturn wouldn’t even think of taking on, much less carrying. Given this gift of nuclear energy, much like Prometheus gave fire to humans from the Greek myths, Plutonians can transform whatever they touch, whatever interests them and whatever moves their heart.” This is very shamanic.

The other apex is Mars in Pisces in the 3rd house (the house of intellect and how you think and communicate) and in Pisces Mars too is dog-paddling in the mire of unconsciousness and karma and Mars-type sibling issues. (Mars only has a mother-Juno, so there is going to be a lot of power play between the parents and revenge issues here to play the siblings off against each other; a lot of divide and conquer behaviour from carers and emotional plague issues.) This seems to be the chart of someone who has chosen to pay back a lot of karma in this life and has made a contract to learn to be conscious and aware.

And don’t forget the two apexes; Mars and Pluto are also inconjunct. This means that the powerlessness Leandra felt (with a Mars quincunx Pluto) when she experienced inability to cope, was part of the process of learning to cope. It is also part of learning to be powerless in order to rebuild your self-confidence when you are able to deal with circumstances unscathed. But just one thing before we go to the next paragraph: Leandra has Pluto in the 8th and that means Leandra’s ancestors are right their behind her giving her opportunities to take on her power. A challenged Pluto, especially when quincunx Mars in the 3rd house is about mind control (brainwashing) and as Mars in in Pisces, the most sensitive and clairvoyant of all signs this brainwashing can go right into the aura and start taking over the soul and spirit. With Pluto in Scorpio, the sign of black magic, I am seriously suggesting that there may have curses on the ancestors that may be passed down to this sensitive person, who is the eldest child of an eldest child on both parental sides, especially as we know there is Indigenous ancestry. It also could be that with Mars in the 3rd she goes to dangerous places and with an inconjunct to Pluto in the 8th she goes to where angels fears to tread. On the positive said of the danger these near death experiences will be transforming and evolving and with her ruling sign in Scorpio the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto the gift from all of the trauma may be that she learns (Mars in 3rd) to be a healer (8th and Scorpio as well as Sun conjunct Chiron.) But let’s move on from the astrological theory to Leandra’s story.

Leandra’s parents were both very rich, spoiled, upper class people and only children. Her father had spent a lonely childhood with Aboriginal and Irish stockmen and a Chinese cook, on his father’s giant farm. His father was an ex- army WWI commander, who really had no time for his exuberant little boy, except to beat him and criticise him. His father had Aboriginal and convict grandparents, and an aristocratic Irish father who had deserted the army, but that was all hushed up. Stiff upper lips, perfect behaviour, good health, stoicism, hard work, colonial snobbery and sweeping everything under the carpet were the order of the day. Leandra’s father had no affection from his parents and he was sent to a boarding school at age seven, where a very plump maid had plenty of hugs for the lonely little boys. He survived by being clever, good at sport and a clown. Leandra’s mother also had a rich, critical mother who never stopped nagging Leandra’s mother to do everything perfectly. Leandra’s Granny did voluntary nursing, so Leandra’s mother had avoided being perfect and aimed at being ill to get affection. Both parents were beautiful people, who were so alike they looked like brother and sister. The marriage lasted about 18 months before Leandra’s mother’s lazy behaviour and constant illness was deemed unacceptable and she was given frozen treatment all around. Leandra’s mother spent most of pregnancy with Leandra in hospitals and mental asylums frightened and alone. She blamed her husband, although she had been there before she met her husband. She delivered Leandra in a haze of medications and gas and just as Leandra was born her mother’s appendix burst. There were floods from a cyclone at the time so Leandra received no bonding with either parent for two weeks. The old nuns at the outback hospital fed, rocked, and cared for Leandra who was rather bruised and bashed as she had been a breach baby. She was the only baby in the tiny hospital. Leandra’s mother was already dazed from a bout of electroconvulsive shock therapy which bought the delivery on. Leandra’s maternal grandparents were on a year’s jaunt in Europe and her paternal grandparents were not impressed with Leandra’s lazy, socialite mother. Within four months Leandra’s mother was pregnant again. This time she “behaved properly” during her pregnancy. Her second daughter was “normal and welcome”, but she was ill with toxaemia during her third pregnancy and an odd-looking baby boy with poison pustules all over him was born about 33 months after Leandra. At this stage Leandra’s mother grew bored with little or no social life and announced theatrically that “she couldn’t possibly cope with that many children” and no maid. A nanny was hired and she promptly took over the children, the cooking and Leandra’s father. The three children were assaulted physically and verbally from then on as the nanny was subject to bad moods and bad tempers. Leandra’s mother was not allowed to intervene, and her father turned a blind eye, but her grandfather warned the nanny many times that he would “fire” her if he caught her beating the children again, especially with a stockwhip or fencing wire again.

Her Grandad and Grandma cared for Leandra then. Leandra had begun running away when the nanny arrived so her Grandad trained a sheep dog to stay with her and bring her home. Leandra’s grandfather went out every night to find her and found her wedged in branches in trees and in holes under the earth where she had dug under tree roots and covered herself. She knew the nanny was no bush-woman. After a while her grandfather took Leandra with him every day on horseback and she learned her school lessons with him. But he taught her more than that; he taught her what the old Aboriginal elders and his uncles taught him; how to listen to the trees and the birds, the albino animals and watch the clouds and sky for signs and he taught her French and Arabic. He taught her how to love nature.

Then when she was eight her mother disappeared, but she knew the nanny and her father had sent her away. Her grandfather increased his vigilance, but unfortunately her father demanded that she come home to the big house occasionally where she was still beaten if she didn’t run fast enough or climb fast enough. But the nanny on her good days taught her to sew and knit and draw and paint and dance to Beatles records. She could be fun too. Leandra held her breath when the nanny hugged her at night and she always shielded her eyes when the nanny came near. That year Leandra and her siblings had to fly at least five times about 2000 kilometres in old DC3s to see their mother. They clung to one another with their little bags of sandwiches. It was confusing. Their Granny shrieked in their ears constantly about the nanny and their father and their mother yelled at their granny. When they arrived home each time their father and the nanny would lecture them about how dreadful their mother and Granny were.

When Leandra was nine her grandad disappeared too. He had caught pneumonia, then leukaemia and he died within two months. Leandra’s Nana appeared again sobbing. It was all so frightening and confusing. Then they drove into town to take Nana to the airport and she was gone too. The day they took Nana to the airport Leandra was allowed to play in the park. There were children to play with. They laughed and had fun. An enormous policeman came and told her she couldn’t play with them. She asked why. “They’re black!” he said. When he went she called them back. Leandra now felt more alone than ever. The nanny told her that she looked like her mother and that her siblings hated her, her father hated her and then her father let the snakes get her dog, her turkeys, ducks and chickens. Leandra was beaten for crying. Leandra spent more time in trees away from home. For the last 15 months the police had regularly come to ask Leandra, “Are you alright?” One time she said, “No!” and they came more often and she was whipped more often. She learned to escape more efficiently.

Out of the blue when Leandra was nearly ten she was told to hop into the car. The nanny, her dad and her brother and sister drove for days. They at last reached a small village at the seaside. She had never seen the sea. She had to go to a school. She was so frightened of the teachers and all the children she hid in the toilets for days. Her Dad bought a shop but even though he was away most of the time he did come home to check their homework and read them a story. The nanny told her that her dad didn’t like Leandra every day and she was also told that her Dad only loved her sister because she was clever. The nanny said Leandra was too pretty, and stupid because her mother was stupid. Dad wrote “Leandra could try harder “ on her report cards, but praised her sister’s constant 99%s. Her sister was hugged and Leandra received a silent glare. She grew more numb. Her mother’s lawyers found out where they were so her Dad drove them to 100 kilometers to see their mum Fridays and picked them up Sundays each second weekend. There was a lot of screaming and brainwashing from their Granny every visit. Life grew very confusing and none of the children at school would play with her because their parents had found out through village gossip that her parents were divorced. She was too rich and she was never home on weekends. Leandra decided she hated being rich.

Two old couples visited one night when Leandra was nearly eleven. One of the men was Leandra’s teacher. They announced to Leandra’s father that they would collect her every Sunday and take her to church for the day. They all hugged Leandra. Her father blinked. The nanny came out with her hands out her hips. Four pairs of eyes peered at the nanny intensely. Leandra’s teacher, who was six feet seven inches, asked the nanny who was five feet tall, “Do you beat this child?” The nanny glared.

“ There are always bruises on her! I have already informed the police and they have suspicions,” he added. No one said anything. The nanny glared at Leandra. Her teacher also announced that, “I am very proud of her Mr C., Leandra is always up the top of the class, so from the beginning I sent her down to the Grade One Class every afternoon for an hour to teach the little ones. She is three years ahead of the children in my class. No, she is not stupid Mr C. She is a good girl and she is special.” Leandra loved her teacher because being in his class was fun. They had bee class instead of science twice a week. All the children had their own smoke puffers to stop the bees biting when they extracted the honey and their own hive. Going to church with them was fun too.

When Leandra was nearly 14 their father engineered a custody court case against Leandra’s mother. The court cases ran for a year and she did not see her mother again until she was seventeen. Her health deteriorated and her marks at school deteriorated. She had migraines regularly and glandular fever. The doctor asked her if she was happy at home. He sent the police home. The doctor died after that and Leandra was frightened. Her father was the most powerful person in town. Then she began to laugh at the naughty boys when she was in class. But to survive at school she trained for sport every lunch time. She ran miles and miles when the sun came up and after school; even in the dark. With all the money her father had, she had one dress, one pair of shorts and one top. She had two home-made uniforms which came down nearly to her ankles. The nanny told her that was to stop her being vain and proud and too big for her boots. She had cut Leandra’s hair to two inches long all over when her mother left. The children at school laughed at her. But for all the humiliations the nanny hugged her every night and kept up her extra sewing and art lessons. She cooked delicious meals and made nice lunches. Out of the blue Leandra was sent to boarding school at 16 because the nanny, who had married her father, said she was “feral and incorrigible” and expelled at the end of the year for being “a child of the devil.” There she had been one of the six senior girls who all had to look after the babies (age 3 to 9), because there was no dormitory mistress.

But no people with yods or quincunxes have totally black stories. Leandra’s nanny taught her to cook exquisitely; she taught her about alternative ways of thinking when she was a teenager; hypnotherapy, vitamins and minerals, herbs to cure illnesses; and spiritual experiences (Findhorn, leylines, dowsing, Padre Pio and the miracle workers in the Phillipines.) Leandra’s father taught her about Aboriginal ways of thinking, being and acting, as well as paganism and he encouraged her to be a voracious reader.

I will not tell you anymore about Leandra’s life except to say that she married men who were either like her father or her nanny when she was young, but eventually she found a male friend who doesn’t share a home with but they have a calm relationship based on mutual interests. In 1984 she went back to university began to learn psychology and she trusted a therapist to work with her. As Eileen Nauman says in her Pluto article, “Therapy is one of the main tools to delve into a Plutonian…the trust bond between the therapist and the Plutonian must be there or the Plutonian is not going to allow anyone entrance into their vulnerable interior world of chaotic emotions and thoughts.” Breathing techniques, yoga, rebirthing techniques and soul recovery and extraction are other “tools” that should be suggested to the Plutonian.

Leandra began yoga, Meditation, breathing techniques and learning shamanism in 1981, and she practised and taught past life regressions from 1995. Eventually she began to have soul retrievals in 2005 and travelled the world learning different forms of shamanism to help people who had similarly traumatising childhoods. In 1981 to 1982 transiting Uranus squared her natal Pluto, trined Mars conjuncted her Saturn and transiting Pluto inconjuncted her natal Mars and Sun, squared her Jupiter and Uranus and conjuncted her Moon. Big changes occurred and she was on the road to transformation.

A wonderful friend of mine, who is a famous shamanic practitioner, suggests that “inconjuncts are the aspect of the shamanic archetype, the wounded healer .” I have met a great number of people with inconjuncts who are “wounded healers” if we see this as a Jungian archetype that is wounded, then recovers and does their best to help others. In Leandra’s case she just happened to have Sun conjunct Chiron and Saturn in Scorpio as well as a number of natal inconjuncts, so she did become, first, a wounded healer and then a totally conscious healer. Eight years after her father died she asked her shamanic practitioner to help her father go to the light as she had seen him trudging back and forward in Bardo dreams. Her shamanic practioner bought back eight soul pieces for her father and she realised how damaged he had been. She has a new story now and it is full of forgiveness and attracting good people and situations. In the next sections I will discuss soul retrievals and then go on to discuss Leandra’s soul retrievals and past life regressions.


Rowan’s mother was born in Scotland, where she had a wartime romance with a Welsh soldier and just after the war she had a baby. She was asked to leave home as she was deemed to be a “fallen woman.” Post-war Britain was very cosmopolitan and just after she had baby Rowan she met a Polish major, who had joined the communists. He promised Rowan’s mother that he had a great position as a commandant. When they arrived in Russia his position was at a prisoner of war camp and the major changed very quickly into a cruel husband and uncaring stepfather. Rowan’s mother fell pregnant and she had a baby girl. Rowan was snatched from his mother regularly and physically thrown around the camp. Rowan’s mother decided after a year that she must get Rowan to safety. His step-father decided that his step-son could go, but the baby and his wife must stay. Rowan was sent to his grandmother in Scotland and lived a happy life until he was five when his grandmother became too old and frail to look after him. He was sent to an orphanage for boys. Transiting Neptune conjuncted his Chiron and transiting Saturn conjuncted his Ascendant and Neptune at that time. As Saturn transitted his first house (and Juno and Jupiter in Libra) the horror worsened. The masters slept with him, stroked his face and insisted on making him have long hair which they combed over his face. He was teased constantly at school about this. Somehow he survived, by doing weights, so he could over-power the thugs at school and lustful masters. When he was age 15 his mother returned and married a rich financier (transiting Uranus square Sun) and at age 16 he gained a scholarship to university. Suddenly, when he was nearly 17 his stepfather died (transiting Neptune opposition Sun) and his mother decided to immigrate to Australia (transiting Neptune opposition Uranus conjunct North Node.) His mother (natal Moon conjunct Saturn in the 10th house) did not ask him. When they arrived she expected him to work and he became a milkman. He then joined the police force and was incredibly happy.

If we include the major asteroids Rowan has a yod; if not he has a complex inconjunct from his Sun at 15 degrees Taurus in the 8th house quincunxing Chiron at 16 degrees of Libra conjuncting Juno at 17 degrees and Jupiter at 19 degrees of Libra all in the 1st house. The other leg was Vesta at 13 degrees 44 minutes in the 6th house. John Sandbach suggests that the Chiron-Jupiter conjunction means instinctively knowing how to uplift others and how to dispel depression and Rowan’s behaviour when he was at work with his colleagues and his children was like this. He was a caring man. But he had a Juno midpoint and his relationships with his four wives bought out the worst of both Jupiter (excess) and Chiron (bitterness and woundedness in relationships.) His third wife (his first wife and second wives were cast off quickly) was beautiful and as they both had movie star good looks and physiques their sex life (Sun in Taurus in the 6th house sextile Vesta which also rules sex ) was brilliant and until their first child was born, life was brilliant. But his wife was mentally unstable and a vengeful drunkard, who could not cope with a baby. His Sun square Pluto-Mars in Leo was triggered and he became a raging drunk and a vengeful, verbally violent highway patrol policeman for many years. The household became chaotic and he lost his focus, his health and eventually his excellent position in the police force (Vesta in the 6th- work.) After being rich he was bought to his knees financially (8th house Sun) eventually by a divorce from her. He regained his health by going to Alcoholics Anonymous and started weights again and stayed woman free. After seeing a psychologist he finally found who his real father was and stopped having nightmares about being a “bastard.” We can see that yods and quincunxes bring a need for constant adjustment and they often symbolise a dysfunctional childhood with varying degrees of unhappiness or horror.


While Rowan did not have a soul retrieval, Leandra did and I will emphasise that the people who have soul retrievals and shamanic journeys have generally been to psychologists; psychiatrists, many have tried suicide; many have been substance abusers and they are generally in bad health and numb. They are desperate. Why? A number of reasons. Ai Gvhai Waya outlines the symptoms of people who need soul recoveries succinctly in her book on Soul Recovery and Extraction. AGvhai Waya is Eileen Nauman who wrote Medical Astrology. People who need soul recoveries may have one or two of these or all. It depends on the case. Let’s look at them.
• Scizophrenia
• Multiple personality disorder or dissociated personalities or different masks
• Ongoing depression (numbness) and manic depression
• Inability to ground oneself
• Detachment (sociopathy or psychopathy) which means you are so numb you are immoral, uncaring and totally lacking in empathy or compassion for humans, plants or animals. This is why sexual deviates can molest without remorse and serial killers can murder without remorse. Uusually they are a soulless body like Dorian Gray.
• Big blocks of memory loss. We all know that when we are traumatised we cannot remember anything.
• Chronic ill health and if the baby is born ill that also means there was some traumatising event or events during the fetal stage where a part or parts of the babies soul decided to leave.
• Addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, sex, love, gambling and repetitive patterns of behaviour (ie marrying the same type of man or woman)
• Unable to release or recover from the death of a loved one or a husband/wife or lover who has left
• Mentally asking “Why am I here?”
• Continual cycles of illness like colds and influenza; but this includes what Eileen said; tonsillitis, rheumatic fever, hepatitis, arthritis, cancer and immune deficiency diseases
• Feelings of impending doom and I will add feeling like you are going mad
• Obesity and this is usually from being raped
• Shame and loss of confidence
• Abuse and violence in the childhood and the abuser now has a piece of the abused child. (From pp. 3-6. Soul Recovery and Extraction.)
• And I will add bizarre behaviour on some days. This will include Christmas Day and birthdays because children have been given even bigger doses of abuse and humiliation on those days, “so they won’t get too big for their boots.”
• One more is over-generosity; people who try to buy love.
• Another one is being traumatised in war and revolutions.
• Being brainwashed in war and being tortured. This includes verbal abuse; being told continually how worthless you are and/or being compared relentlessly to siblings and various people. The divide and conquer policy is very successful in destroying children.
• And general obsessive-compulsive behaviour. There is usually a reason behind it in childhood.


Sandra Ingerman, whose school I have studied with, writes Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind. We know from the archaeological evidence that shamanism was practiced all over the world for at least 40,000 years. However many anthropologists believe that the practice dates back over 100,000 years. The word shaman comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and means “one who sees in the dark”. Shamanism has been practiced in parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Greenland, and Native North and South America.

A shaman is a man or woman who interacts directly with spirits to address the spiritual aspects of illness, perform soul retrievals, divine information, help the spirits of deceased people cross over, and perform a variety of ceremonies for the community. Shamans have taken on many roles in tribal communities. They have acted as healers, doctors, priests, psychotherapists, mystics, and storytellers. Shamans look at the spiritual form of illness which might manifest on an emotional or physical level. When Sandra Ingerman was doing the research for my book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self I found that most shamanic cultures around the world believe that illness is due to the loss of the soul.

One of the shaman’s most important tools is soul retrieval. It’s possible for the soul to become dis-integrated through any of a number of common traumas, circumstances or situations that might take place during a person’s normal course of living, but also severe trauma in past lives. When these occur, they may manifest in physical or emotional conditions that cannot be healed by traditional medicine or psychological counselling, although I always give counselling afterwards at least for a month and perhaps into the 2nd and third month. Soul retrievals take three months to integrate the return of your soul pieces so you have a totalised and whole soul again. Generally I will return a power animal with you first. They stay with you for the rest of your lie. Generally I find they become the guide in your Sacred Garden. Soul retrieval focuses on locating, recovering and re-integrating lost parts of the soul. Traditional shamanic soul retrieval involves journeying to alternate worlds to locate and recover the soul. Once recovered, the shaman will blow the soul back into the receiver. In this process, the subject is a passive participant. The shaman alone has the power and the ability to recover the soul.


The reasons for soul loss vary widely. It’s unlikely that we are able to list all the causes. The conditions under which a part of the soul will leave the body will differ from one person to another. Here are typical circumstances that are frequently the root cause of soul loss.
•Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse as a child
•Death of a child, parent, or close friend
•Loss of a husband, wife, or lover – through death, or involuntary divorce or separation
•Sudden and unexpected loss of a meaningful job or career
•A sudden accident resulting in severe physical trauma, or sudden onset of a debilitating disease
•Exposure to shocking or extremely stressful physical or psychological conditions or events – for example, witnessing a murder, serving in a war, undergoing chemical or radiation therapy
•Co-dependent relationships – where one has unconsciously given a part of one’s soul to another – say, in a parent/child or intimate relationship
Sandra Ingerman also states that other causes could be an accident, being in a war, being a victim of a terrorist act, acting against our morals, being in a natural disaster (a fire, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc.), surgery, addictions, divorce, or death of a loved one. Any event that causes shock could cause soul loss. And what might cause soul loss in one person might not cause soul loss in another.

It is important to understand that soul loss is a good thing that happens to us. It is how we survive pain. If I was going to be in a head on car collision the last place that I would want to be at the point of impact is in my body. My psyche could not endure that kind of pain. So our psyches have this brilliant self -protection mechanism where a part of our essence or soul leaves the body so that we do not feel the full impact of the pain. In psychology we call this disassociation. But in psychology we don’t talk about what disassociates and where that part goes. In shamanism we understand that a piece of the soul leaves the body and goes to a territory in what shamans call non ordinary reality where it waits until someone intervenes in the spiritual realms and facilitates its return.

Although soul loss is a survival mechanism the problem from a shamanic point of view is that the soul part that left usually does not come back on its own. The soul might be lost, or stolen by another person, or doesn’t know the trauma has passed and it is safe to return. It has always been the role of the shaman to go into an altered state of consciousness and track down where the soul fled to in the alternate realities and return it to the body of the client.


“Imagine a new story for your life And start living it.”
Paul Coelho.

In 2005 her shamanic practitioner bought back a soul piece that a former husband had stolen; a soul piece that she had given to her present male friend because he was so ill; a soul piece that flew off while her mother was pregnant and a soul piece that her mother had taken when the nanny came. In 2011 she had a soul piece returned from one that flew off when her mother left and one that flew off when she was born, but they failed to integrate. Last year she found a practitioner who also specialised in Betsy Bergstrom depossessions and curse unravelling. He found two curses (one ancestral and one present life) that would not allow the most traumatised parts to integrate and he removed the curses and bought back the stranded soul pieces at the same time. They had been waiting in Leandra’s garden. Her clairvoyant friends had seen them in photographs that she sent them of her real life garden (in two portals.) She knew they were there so until she found a way to get them back she talked to them everyday. The shaman bought back another soul piece that flew off when her father suicided and a husband left at the same time around her Uranus opposition. Curses will only stick if a person has soul pieces missing and soul pieces will not stick if there is a curse or some old bit of black magic and I have removed them from people where they had attached in very ancient times. Leandra is now healthy, fit, contented and she has returned to yoga classes.

With her Mars as an apex of the yod transformed she is now an independent and self-sufficient person. She has severed ties with her past and one pointedly focuses all her attention on her new path. Leandra thinks carefully and purposefully before she jumps now rather than with non-productive, haphazard energy expenditure. She also stands back before she travels and speaks too because Mars is in the third house. Her Mars in Pisces is in the right path now as she is a channel for spiritual healing and writing books and articles about spiritual subjects, which will teach other people how to help themselves.


If you remember in the last article Elizabeth had her North Node in the 8th house in Aries 16 degrees. When I looked up the Sabian Symbol it said, “Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting in Silence.” That strikes me as interesting because she has her Sun conjunct her Mercury which rules Gemini the sign of the twins. The Sun-Mercury is inconjunct the North Node, which literally with all quincunx people symbolises something of a split personality. They are like the god Janus, who looks forward to January and back to December. Quincunx people must reconcile two parts of themselves. Well, they don’t have to, but it sure helps. It strikes me that like many quincunx or yod people Elizabeth has a double life. She works for a mainstream company; well frankly I do not believe that they could do without her, but she also has her metaphysical life. What is the other leg of the yod? Do you remember? Yes, it’s Saturn in Virgo 17 degrees conjunct Juno at 19 degrees. This seems very “bride of Christ” in character. A chart in AT Mann’s book on reincarnation and astrology (The Divine Plot) sees the Saturn in Virgo life at 29 BC and the Juno life at 48 AD (p. 227.) The South Node is at 16 Libra at 840 AD (p. 226.) Karma follows Saturn and Juno is the archetypal wife, so let’s have a look at Elizabeth’s past life regressions.

In regard to past lives I highlight the fact that Elizabeth’s South Node is Libra (around 840 AD ) and her Moon is in Cancer (family, tribe; safety, comfort zone, and security; the body, chaos and women) in the twelfth house, so it seems this life is the first life she is “independent” or working outside institutions. The twelfth house is the house of institutions: hospitals, asylums, convents, monasteries, universities and prisons. I want you to think about all of this as you read her first two regressions.

840 AD is exactly at the middle of the Dark Ages when the Vikings were at their greatest height pillaging Great Britain and moving into Europe. The Lombards had invited the Muslims (Saracens) into Italy and the Magyars, the ancestors to the Hungarians immigrated to the Crimean area. In AD 48, the date of Elizabeth’s Juno, Martha of Bethany travelled to Avignon to nurse the ill and bring miracles. Martha witnessed her Brother Lazarus’s resurrection by Jesus and she carried Myrrh for Christ’s resurrection. Martha and her sister Mary were friends of Jesus. She and her sister Mary were wonder workers in southern Gaul or France. Many convents and churches are dedicated to her.

Elizabeth told me: “In one past life regression I saw myself in Italy where I escaped to a convent and lived the rest of my life because my husband was a military leader who had been assassinated. I am currently married to this person.” This could have been anywhere between the first century and the last century. In the letters of Saint Paul, we find that some women among the first generations of Christians renounced sexuality, marriage, and motherhood to consecrate themselves to the service of God and the Christian community. Their commitment represented a social revolution. In the ancient world, women were not recognized as having any identity outside the family context. Even the handful of virgins who served the goddess Vesta at Rome were entered by their fathers and generally married when they retired from service. Yet the Christian virgin (or widow, as the case might be), made for herself a recognized and respected place within the fledgling church. The terms “convent” or “nunnery” almost invariably refers to a community of religious women in modern English usage (from 18th century.) http://www.ctlibrary.com/ch/1991/issue30/3019.html (Inside the Convent. Joann McNamara. )

Then Elizabeth added, “In another life I escaped with my husband during the Crimean war. I am currently married to him. My husband is Hungarian who speaks Croatian as well as a bit of Russian.” The Crimean war was from 1853 to 1856 and this is where modern nursing as we know it began with Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, however before that many nuns were nursing nuns who knew a great deal about medicine, surgery and herbs. Elizabeth told me, “I was a nursing during the Crimean war. A lot of people I meet ask me if I am a nurse and I’m not, however, have worked in hospitals for almost 20 years and as a child always wanted to be a nurse.”

Elizabeth also had past life regressions where “I was in mediaeval England/Scotland and was imprisoned in a dungeon because of speaking out against the Crown. In another past life I was in France during the revolution, a lady of the court, escaping to Italy with a lover who was a politician. I have connected with this person in this lifetime and the connection is quite incredible, we’re good friends.” I cannot put an exact time to the medieval past life,

Elizabeth also said, “I did lots of regression work in Hawaii as [transiting] Pluto [was in] in the last few degrees of Scorpio in my 4th House. [This means Pluto was squaring Elizabeth’s Saturn and Juno in Virgo in the 2nd house, as well as.] The week prior to arriving at The Crystal Academy I had a recurring dream of a huge crystal mountain with brown striations running down it. On the first day of the course, in the room there was this huge white crystal with brown markings running through it, it stood almost 4ft, it was beautiful.” Elizabeth continued, “While in Hawaii, one of the most challenging regressions was being inside the great pyramid and moving up and out of the apex into another dimension that was filled with faceless beings of light, the energy was blissful and I was being shown crystals of all different shapes and colours and they were being infused with light and colour. I was told I couldn’t stay and was then “dumped” back outside the pyramid.” The synchrony between the giant crystal at the crystal academy in Hawaii and her regression where she saw the crystals in ancient Egypt. From here we move on to Alexandra who also starred in my last yod article.


If you have read my previous article you will remember Alexandra that exuberant, go ahead Artemis woman who is full of brilliant ideas. Her Venus in Aries in the 4th house is the apex of a yod and the other legs or quincunxes to Venus are one from Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house to Venus 24 degrees retrograde and Uranus in the ninth house in Virgo at 22 degrees retrograde. So with Venus in Aries we are looking at an independent (Aries), intuitive (Neptune) woman who may well work with revolutionary (Uranus) ideas that are efficient and detailed (Virgo) regarding her home, homes and real estate in general and the land (her moon is in Taurus) and even people’s bodies (Virgo) and health (Virgo) and healing (Scorpio) in some way. She practises Feng Shui so she heals the land. Because she has Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th entering into other dimensions is highly likely and with an inconjunct she may be stuck in time as Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and with Pluto there are blockages. Inconjuncts cause blockages too.

Here’s Alexandra: “From a pretty young age (I’m thinking by the time I was maybe 8 or 10 years old or possibly sooner), I was having specific horrific nightmares. There were several different repeating themes but one that I now am certain was past life stuff went like this:
“It was daylight. I was standing outside in a large Colosseum (like ancient Rome or Greece) with a small number of young men who had been taken captive, seemingly for some sort of political issue. It seems, too, I was a young man like the others (I seemed to be 20-something or so in age) and we were in front of a large crowd of spectators filling the stadium seats. Somehow we are standing on a platform or a stage. I realised we were to be killed as some sort of example of power and authority. We were killed by having boiling hot oil poured down our throats which essentially cooks us from the inside out. Presumably this was in retaliation for speaking out against whoever was in power.”

“This was a recurring dream for me for years. It haunted me because of the extreme torture and violence in the method of killing as well as the lack of protest from so many spectators who lacked compassion. I spent most of my youth with a strong aversion to the smell of oil at high cooking temperatures like for frying. It was horrific for me to watch and smell my father continually cooking with hot oil especially early in the morning to make fried peppers & onions in home fries. I could easily get nauseous going into a fast food restaurant especially in the summer time when the humidity and temperature seemed to make the scents hover even more in the air. I may have been the only teen I knew who didn’t like French fries!!”

“Anyway, the bigger problem for me was that I had this recurring dream at a young age and like other unrelated vivid violent images that came to me while sleeping; I believed I had “invented” them. It was a secret I kept to myself as I didn’t know how I could fathom something so hideous, but to my young mind and exposure, I had no way of knowing that this type of torture may have actually really existed in history. So, I’m sure you can imagine my relief when as a sophomore in high school (around the age of 15 to 16); my Shakespeare teacher was carrying on about methods of torture from ancient times. I think he was slightly provocative in gloating about the methods and he just happened to mention the hot oil used against political dissidents. At that moment, I knew it was an insight into past life or collective unconscious somehow, although it would be years later before I learned the names and details of those concepts.”

“Fast forward to a few years ago. I should know this, but I cannot remember whether it was 2012 0r 2011 or even possibly 2010, but it was definitely in the fall of one of those years; I attended a holistic conference and met Dr Barbara Stone, who did an individual past life regression healing with me. I had met Dr Stone about 20 years before and followed her writing and lectures and certainly respected her work. However, this was the first time of doing this in depth process which was a mix of hypnotic regression technique and muscle testing and tapping with EFT/NLP to process through the old story.”

“She regressed me to the time before the execution. I was a young male, maybe only just 20, named Alexander. I had memories of my happiest times in my life having been playing some sort of sport in a field which may have been typical of the day, but I had a hard time putting words to with my contemporary vocabulary. At any rate, I had some nice memory to ground Alexander. And we began a counselling session of sorts, as I remember it partly directed at Alexander and partly directed at me. The main part about Alexander was the intense pain of the torture causing a kind of emotional/spiritual paralysis and fear and being stuck in that death literally for thousands of years. And the main part I recall directed at me was my assertion that I didn’t want to forget, because I wanted to honour and in some way stand up for and protect those who speak out against oppression. That led to some discussion with Dr Stone asking me if holding the pain and fear for thousands of years was enough already. It was actually a wonderfully liberating concept that I had somehow held this suffering long enough and it was time to release the pain of it and stop “feeling” it as I had been in reliving it all these years/lifetimes and dreams.”

“I laughed a bit because maybe it’s thousands of years. I actually think tens of thousands even. I am not sure, but it was more than enough time to hold the suffering. And so we released it by tapping it away and some other NLP/EFT and similar approaches within the regression. At the end, I was told this release freed not only my own tormented soul, but thousands of others who had also been affected. I think the idea was the pain was so great that the victims were not only locked into it but the souls maybe fractured and kept coming back in pieces attached to others.”

“However it worked, I felt amazing release, peace, clarity and healing. I was able to let go of a certain level of “alertness” that I’d been accustomed to maintaining, a sort of a hyper-vigilance, hyper-responsibility personality, which up until then, I’d attributed to having grown up in a violent household in this lifetime, as well as the fact that those skills served me when I for many years worked in crisis-related responder jobs through my early adulthood and mid-life career.”

To me this unconscious, past life experience feels like what Dr Samuel Sagan calls a samsara, which is Hindu for a scar and in this case a spiritual scar. Mars in Scorpio conjunct South Node seems to be very high on my list of possibilities for having this violent experience. Pluto (Hades) is very much a violent unconscious planet according to Dr Jean Shinoda Bolen and Pluto rules Scorpio. But Neptune in the 12th house is literally a portal or wormhole that stays open and allows that violent experience to permeate every lifetime and literally slime Alexandra’s present life or cause the violence and abuse to reoccur. In this respect my eye keeps sliding down to Alexandra’s Sun conjunct Chiron in the 3rd house in Pisces because Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Neptune is in its own house. As a trine from my experience in rebalancing past lives and ancestral lives one literally has to cut off the black hole type experience. That is where kinesiology and ecstatic body postures that Belinda Gore talks about can seal off dangerous spiritual experiences. There are shamanic postures and kinesiology postures to shut down negative wormholes and past life rituals etc. Saturn is conjunct the Chiron Sun conjunction so this is all so very karmic. I will add because Saturn, Sun, Mars and Pluto are all involved there seems to be a type of Hades type father, in this life, who is violent, but a silent rapist and probably recluse, but also castrated by his own father (Saturn) and alienated from himself (Chiron conjunct Sun.) It is highly likely this pattern goes back for generations. Because Uranus is the rebel he is tied into Alexander in the past life and he is also the castrated father (of Alexandra) in this life and for this reason I’d say Alexandra has a brother who threatens her father. It is so symbolic and terrifying that the father fries the peppers (Mars) in boiling oil; rather like an Alfred Hitchcock movie


BeeBee was being plagued by dreams of an ex-lover whom she wanted to cut out of her life. She did not want any communication with him again and realised that maybe they had past lives togther which may still be attached to her in this life. I did not look at BeeBee’s chart before I did the healing journeys. But afterwards, when I looked at BeeBee’s chart she had the apex of a yod in the 7th house. It was Neptune 4 degrees 40 Sagittarius conjunct Juno 7 degrees 52. The apex inconjuncted her Moon at 4 degrees Cancer conjunct South Node 6 degrees Cancer and also inconjuncted Mars in her 12th house in Taurus 4 degrees 24. When we are looking at past life healings Neptune usually signals a portal, an open door to other dimensions ( and time is a dimension, as is place.) So Neptune conjunct Juno in the seventh told me immediately that a door had not been shut on a very significant relationship. The yod to Moon- South Node in Cancer tells me that the problem could be anything Cancerian or Lunar. This could be safety, security, treating husband as a child, but at the time I didn’t think of tribal times or perhaps being a priestess of the Great Mother. Mars in Taurus in the twelfth inconjunct Neptune told me a lot of her energy was being drained and this could be some sort of vampiring relationships. Twelfth house, like 8th house can be curses or spells. I also noted that she had Venus conjunct Pluto in her 4th house sextiling Neptune. That is a very karmic relationship and again here an old contract had to be cut or broken. So let’s look at what happened will we?
I set the intention which was to cut off Robin Sippson from any ancestral lives, past lives and her present life.
“We see BeeBee as a Zulu princess in the time of the Zulu wars. Robin is a Boer and shoots BeeBee just for sport with his rifle. He is instantly cursed by her Zulu father who is also a priest/shaman. The tribe as a whole curses her too. The tribal warriors and her father throw a spear put through his shoulders left to right and leave him to die.

We then see a sort of vertical serpent that appears like a totem pole. On enquiring why he is there he says that he is a wall, a mountain range to stop us seeing further back. We keep asking who he is and he says that he can see back to ancient Egypt in Roman times. We see Robin coming down (south) – the Nile in a sort of barge. He is Germanic; a mercenary who has somehow been put off his voyage by high winds and ended up at the delta of the Nile at Alexandria. He sails down the river and sees BeeBee and falls in love with her. This time she is a Sudanese princess. For some reason he accidentally stabs her in the heart and he makes an oath that he will love her for all time. He throws himself overboard, where he is taken by some sort of river siren. We delete this whole event/time and send him back to the German region he came from before he became a Roman mercenary.

We then break all curses, spells, agreements and oaths that were made by BeeBee in both lives, as well as curses, spells, contracts and oaths made by the Zulu people, and by Robin in both lives; as well as the river siren and BeeBee’s shaman Zulu chieftain father.

A composite totem/guardian for BeeBee volunteers to come back to protect her. At the top is the Zulu chieftain who is a king/shaman. The king/shaman will look at all the men BeeBee meets and assess them. If they are no good he will send them on their way. The totem pole/mountain range is a serpent and he gives her wisdom and the feet of the totem pole belong to an ostrich and this gives her stamina. There is a flamingo that is part of the totem pole and this gives her beauty. An owl for seeing in the dark and wisdom and a wolf strengthens her as a teacher and makes more savage and less complacent. All protect her and guard her.

At the time her progressed Sun squared her South Node and progressed Moon in Sagittarius inconjuncted her natal ascendant. Transitting Pluto had just north node in the 8th. Transitted Uranus had just squared her Moon and injuncted her Neptune and Juno. At the time of the healing BeeBee had a number of significant dreams and although Robin wrote to her out of the blue that day she ignored him. Her progressions and transits also confirmed that the past was over, significant changes had occurred and she was free.

Before we go any further I am going to teach you a meditation. It is a shamanic journey I do every day.


You may find the theory behind this daily meditation or daily journey into your spiritual realms in “The Journey to the Sacred Garden: A Guide to Travelling in the Spiritual Realms” by Hank Wesselman PhD. Your Sacred Garden is in the middle world of the shamanic world. It is your place of power and healing and a gateway to another world where you can retreat from the stress of your everyday world. It is also a cosmic world to other spiritual worlds of reality. We may encounter ancestors who have passed over in the last hundred years or so here.

Before I begin I do 5-10 minutes of yoga asannas (exercises) and 5 minutes of pranayama or breathing exercises to align my energy to begin my meditation (Sacred Garden Journey.) Some people need a drum or rattle or an audio tape of one to allow one’s brainwaves to move from the beta to alpha state and to the theta state if one goes deeply enough, but I find the breathing and exercises or “ecstatic postures” enough to shift my consciousness.

• I sit quietly and close my eyes in my favourite spot to meditate. I sit cross legged on my bed. Some people lie on their back with a black scarf over their eyes. I meditate every day. Our body and soul likes the routine.
• First I set my intention; the purpose of my visit to my sacred garden. I speak my intention to my spiritual guides and my protector. I say where I want to go in my scared garden and why I want to go there.
• As I close my eyes I am immediately in nature, in a glorious old forest, green and mossy, serene and comforting. The birds sing quietly as I wander quietly along.
• I see a set of ancient stone stairs. They are wide, rough, recently cleaned and not slippery. They are safe and inviting.
• I take seven very deep long, cleansing depths right down below my belly in preparation to descend the stairs.
• I walk down them slowly counting as I descend: twenty, nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve, and eleven. At ten I am totally focussed and aware only of the steps. My eyes are heavy, heavier and heavier. I am at a slight landing at ten, ready to descend further. I feel and see the earth around me; the ferns, the flowers; nine; eight, seven, six, five; four; three, two, one.
• At the base is a wide landing and an old wooden door. My gatekeeper is at the door. I know him. He knows me. He is there to keep me safe. Sometimes he puts me in his pocket. Sometimes he just holds my hand. For you he may be Buddha, Archangel Michael, Kwan Yin, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint George, an animal you have always felt close to; the list goes on.
• Look the door has my name engraved. I put my hand on my name and the door opens and my protector and I go in.
• The giant cave I see is warm and inviting, filled with the beautiful rugs and colours I love. You have entered a portal. It is your personal place of power and healing. This place is a gateway within other worlds, a sanctuary where we can withdraw from the pressures of everyday life to re-adjust and repair ourself and restore ourself.
• Inside the garden everything is symbolic of you or your life. The garden represents the level of your archetypes.
• Everything in the garden can be communicated with to some degree, enhancing your understanding of your life. If you see thorny vines choking your garden you will have to chop them out as this is a warning about your health, but if you have beds of roses everything is rosy.
• Everything in your garden can be changed so your scared garden is just as you want it to be. You can make you’re a place of great power and beauty and you can invite your ancestors and invite all the great doctors and healers of time: Chiron, Hygeia, Asclepius, Jesus of Nazareth, the medicine Buddha, and Paracelsus to heal them so you and your family as descendants are healthy and prosperous. This is also the place where you rejuvenate all your chakras to enhance your power.
• When you change your garden some aspect of your life will change in response.
• When I wish to leave I close the door to my Sacred Garden and walk slowly up my stairs: one, two, and three four, five and take a deep breath; six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I breathe in again and am aware of the smells and sounds around the landing at step ten. I take another step to step eleven, then twelve, thirteen; my eyes are beginning to sense the light, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. I arrive back in the forest. I take all the time I need to come back to my waking reality.
• I take my loving gentleness; my peace and serenity and inner strength; my confidence and love for all I encounter back into the world, knowing I can do this loving mediation whenever I need peace, love, confidence and gentleness. Take notes of what happened and keep a Sacred Garden diary.


On that happy note I will wish you a happy day and thankyou for reading my work. I do hope you have benefitted. I am writing a book on yods and quincunxes, because not much has been written on this subject. If you would like to contribute your chart and story anonymously please write to me in the comments section. Just tell me you’d like to contribute and I’ll write back to you via email.


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Eileen Nauman. Pluto and Medical Astrology. http://www.en.astrogr.com/articles/various-articles/68-pluto-and-medical-astrology.html


    • Hi,

      I am so glad you enjoyed this article. Hope you have read all three in the series and most of my other 32 articles. They all tie together. Maybe the new baby Prince George doesn’t. Ha, ha, ha.

      Hope you have a fantastic day and thanks for writing. Comments are nearly as good as getting snail mail in my letter box.

      My very best wishes,


  1. Hi Hilary, I know you already have my chart to work with, but if you need more, my mother’s chart has many quincunx’s, and I think you will find it very interesting!
    Have a lovely day,

    • Hi Julianne,

      Thanks so much. My solarfire astrology programme collapsed not so long ago so I will write you an email and humbly ask for your birth details and life information. I would be honoured to have both you and your mother in my book. That sounds fantastic.

      I hope you have a fantastic day too.

      All good wishes to you and your loved ones Julianne,


  2. Thanks, Hilary, for this deep and insightful series on yods and quincunxes. I only have one in my natal chart, but it is a major one and very exact. My Pallas-Athene at 23 Pisces in the 4th is the apex of a yod involving Pluto at 23 Leo in the 9th, and the Moon at 23 Libra in the 11th. Also in Libra, to ratchet things up, is Sun 25 Libra, Neptune 21 Libra, and Saturn 18 Libra in a 7 degree wide stellium.

    I’ve already commented before that I felt more like the parent than my father and mother. My parents both worked, and left me to raise myself. They were pretty materialistic and unconscious. I took care of them most of my life, until finally, in my sixth decade, I am free to be the creative force (Pluto in Leo) that I was born to be.

    I had thought for years that my rising sign was 2.5° Sagittarius, because the formulaic description of Scorpio rising didn’t sound like me, but recently I decided my ascendant is more likely 28° Scorpio due to my many friends born near November 17-18, and the description by Carelli for that degree: “An elderly man, draped in the regalia of old universities, sits at a table, a book unfolded before him. On the wall behind, hunting trophies. Fondness for learning, aptitude for arts, and scientific gifts. A creative and original mind that can reach the height of genius, if the other stars bear this out.” I have a ton of books on science and philosophy, although my ‘hunting trophies’ are music memorabilia, including a Lady Gaga poster. Ha ha!

    As you wrote to me not long ago, “own your Pluto.” It is the strongest planet in my chart, and it makes sense I have a Scorpio Ascendant to go with it. I am a survivor and never quit.

    Besides the yod, I have Jupiter (18 Taurus) exactly inconjunct Saturn (18 Libra). Some astrologers interpret that as the sign of an iconoclast, and I don’t believe in religion anymore, yet I am a very spiritual person. As Jupiter is retro in my 6th, this also is a pointer to my poor health over the last 20 years.

    By changing my Ascendant to Scorpio, the sign of Sagittarius now is ‘intercepted’ within my first house, as is Gemini intercepted in my 7th. By researching this, I found intercepted signs are isolated, unable to connect because they are not part of any house cusps. So in a way, I still am a first house Sagittarius, but encapsulated in a Scorpio outer layer. It occurred to me that this might be the same thing as the inconjunct aspect, because the qualities of the intercepted signs are trapped with nowhere to go. Does that seem reasonable to you?

    I read all three of your articles very carefully before commenting, as I wanted to wrap my head around the case studies first. It is a little hard without charts. Maybe when you publish your book you could include redacted natal charts of each client to help your readers follow graphically? That’s maybe impractical here, of course.

    Anyway, I learned a lot, as always. Thanks so much for sharing your great wealth of knowledge with us. Best regards, Greg.

  3. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your long comment.

    Your yod, certainly is exact. That’s great. I would include the Sun and Neptune with Moon in Libra inconjuncting Athena. The Athena apex in your fourth is obviously inherited from your ancestors; your father’s probably but with the inconjunct to Pluto I’d say it’s a family secret. I can see a reasonably tall man; he’s thin and he is wearing black and has a dog collar and a black hat. I think they call them curate. It feels like 1700 or 1800s. He walks around visiting people. He is not medical although he conducts a lot of psychopomp services for when people die. He is very compassionate and approachable and actually very nice although he is not really good looking. He has an Adams Apple and Roman nose. He walks the country side. I feel England. I might be wrong. I hear Germany too, but that maybe another life. This curate is speaking English. I am not sure whether this is you or an ancestor or a past life. He is a bit clumsy.

    This man actually hangs around you inspiring you. He drew angels that he saw, but no one knew. Now you have inherited his abilities and I would like to feel that you are using them. This all will be triggered off with Uranus and Pluto edging nearer and nearer. You will find your beliefs change.

    I would include Neptune conjuncting Saturn and inconjuncting Jupiter. I feel this is a past life; actually two past lives. So that still leaves Venus in Scorpio in the 12th and this rules this Jupiter inconjunct Neptune Saturn. Libra.

    When you have a soul retrieval you will forget about your animosity for your father and parents and forgive them.

    I definitely will draw up charts without natal information in my book.

    You take care now.

    All good wishes from

    • Thanks so much for your reply, Hilary. One of my inspirations from the past is Sir James A. H. Murray, a Scotsman by birth. As you may know he was the first editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, a curate of the highest degree! He wore clothing like you describe, including the hat. I would be humbled to know he was watching over me. He grew up poor without a formal education, yet his curiosity and intellect landed him as the foremost authority on Earth of the English language at the time. I am also self-taught, although I have had some university experience too. I have the same burning need to know things.

      I also practice divination using the ‘I Ching’, which has helped me a great deal in understanding the interconnectedness of things and human relationships. The sage who guides me in that endeavor could also be the spirit or daimon that you sense.

      I really do appreciate your mentioning this entity, as I’ve never had a psychic reading such as you made about my comment above. It is comforting to know there is “Someone to Watch Over Me” — one of my favorite songs from the past. BTW – more synchronicity – the song is from the musical “Oh, Kay!” (1926). My friend spells her name Kai. 🙂

      Blessings from the North,

  4. Hi Greg,

    I don’t believe it was a reading. It was just a quick vision that appeared as I looked at your yod. He was clean shaven and young when I saw him; maybe 35 years old at the most. He’s quite human, not an entity.

    I have heard of the man you speak of , but this man was no academic; just a walking, big-hearted curate who genuinely loved people of all sizes and shapes and ages. (and I don’t believe he owned anything except the clothes he walked in. He just loved ordinary people; I have an idea he listened to people who couldn’t get to church. He gave isolated people, and old people a chance to talk and he would listen, not rant and rave. He wasn’t full of advice, just compassion and understanding.

    We have an equivalent priest here and they are known as Bush Brothers and we also have an organisation for poor people and poor old people called the Smith Family and Brisbane City Mission. Have you ever though of doing voluntary work, even one day every two weeks for such an organisation?.

    I am sure Sir James Murray is a great inspiration, but this man, the man I saw, passed on back to the light when he was young. He tripped over a rock and fell and died in the English countryside he loved. His death was unnoticed. He was never known as a shining light, just a humble curate. He reminds me of some of the very advanced people in Michael Newton’s books, like the lady in the crumpled dress who worked at the desert café and the calm emergency ward doctor who had red hair that stuck out everywhere.

    Many good wishes to you,

    from Hilary..

    • Thank you again, Hilary. That is very interesting. I believe the people in my community think of me a little in that way too. I don’t formally volunteer, but a lot of those homeless and downtrodden that ride the bus with me, or interact on the street with me, enjoy my company and counsel. I live in a capital city, so there are many that live on the streets or in the woods. I talk with homeless veterans, drug addicts, poor seniors, the mentally challenged, and they tell me that my spirit cheers them up. Maybe that is this young man coaching me?

      If I were associated with a formal church organization, it might be a turnoff for them. Your recommendation, and my reading of, Michael Newton’s books on life between lives convinced me even more that Hell is here on earth. That resonates with those I try to console, more than another empty promise of Heaven. Bless you for all your teachings and guidance via your wonderful articles that help me and others to grow and learn. Cheers from the North!

  5. That is more like it Greg. Yes. He is ageless. He just presents as about 30-40. Our daimons or guardian angels or guides can present as any age. Yes, they are coaches, if that is the angel you want to use.

    I am glad you are doing this Greg. I guess he is there on the bus with you and he walks the woods. I saw him walking fast across meadows, from woods and forests to the next meadow.

    I cannot agree with you regarding the churches. If it not for Anglicare, Centacare, Brisbane City Mission, the Salvation Army and such wonderful caring people made up of thousands of volunteers who never ask for recognition God knows how the homeless would have food in their mouth where I have lived and walked. These people who volunteer for the church don’t force words of heaven down these people’s throats. I feel you must let that attitude go as an old outworn belief. Throw it in the bin. I know hundreds of people who do this and work for these “low” churches. Never once have I heard them proslytising. (They are not like the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I think you may be thinking of them.)

    I learned my first course in counselling with the Salvation Army about thirty years ago at college with a pastor called Doug. Not once did he talk about God or preach. They also give a telephone counselling course which costs a pittance but you must volunteer to do 10 hours a week at night ( be on call all night) for people who need immediate help on a crisis line.

    I am glad you are doing this. It is obviously a vital part of your life and that vision just popped up to tell you what a great job you are doing.

    Thankyou Greg and bless you too,


    • I don’t mean to criticize the good work that religious organizations do for the poor, but things are very different here in the US. In fact, the local organizations DO proselytize the poor and homeless. My friends tell me they “don’t want to live in a church” and avoid the Union Gospel Mission. A worker for the local Salvation Army chapter quit because he couldn’t bear tossing people out into the cold at 5 a.m. until they cooked breakfast and let them back in at 7:30. Religious fundamentalism in the US is forcing state legislators to write laws to allow businesses to discriminate against homosexuals, ban reproductive rights for women, and so on. The message of ‘love your neighbor’ is lost in the background noise at least for now.

      That’s why a simple act of charity or compassion from someone who is not judgmental is gratefully accepted by those I meet. I try to love people more than they love themselves and leave it there.

      Bless you, Hilary. Take care.

  6. Oh dear, I am so sorry. We have food vans for homeless people here and the people who volunteer are in great danger, as some homeless people are very violent. I used to teach about homelessness at uni as the Human Welfare course I took/ran trained community workers. Most worked for churches. How different our countries are. [That is not to say that there are some churches here who are more like cults . They do what you say.] I avoid thinking about them as hopefully we are no longer in the Dark Ages.

    It is great you are steering a middle road.

    Good night. It is late here and it is time to finish up for today.


  7. Thanks for writing the articles they have been very informative to me. Ever since it was pointed to my attention that I have a Yod in my birth chart I have been looking for information to have an understanding and perhaps answers as well. If you are not full of sample charts I would like to volunteer mine too 🙂

  8. Thank you for writing this. I have been looking for material on yods but there seems to be a scarcity on the web.

    I have a yod involving Venus in Libra in the 9th sextile Mercury in Leo in the 8th/7th house cusp. It is quincunx to Jupiter in Pisces in the 2nd/3rd house cusp. That Jupiter opposes my Part of Fortune in Virgo.

    What you have written about yods and past lives is so fascinating. I wish I knew what I was before this lifetime. I always felt that I have to be something or someone big or someone looked up to. My Venus is conjunct and parellel to my South node in Libra which is conjunct my MC by 2 degrees. In between my SN and MC lies fixed stars Spica and Arcturus which supposedly give good luck and prominence. I might have been somebody big and wealthy in my past. And I think this is why I have an issue with handling my finances in this life. I am extremely generous and have a knack for luxury. I love living the good life.

    It pains me though that I am nowhere where I want to be in this life. Things have played out in a way that I am now a single mother who has to work from home. I love it, yes. But there is this nagging feeling inside me that tells me that I should be doing something more with my life. I don’t want to sound so whiny considering I don’t have malefic planets involved in my yod and I didn’t have a hard childhood as the people you have written about. Don’t shoot me when I say though that too much of a good thing is bad enough.

    I have always been provided for and this is probably why I feel so trapped and stuck. I feel that because I never had to work so hard for my money, that I can be so haphazard with it. Mercury is the dispositor of my Sun in virgo and both are in mutual reception. My dad has been providing me with everything since I was a kid and even up to now that I am an adult. When I express my desire to break away, he gets upset and feels like I am being ungrateful for everything he has given me. I am morenthan thankful that I don’t have to work as hard as other people do for their money. But I also want to be independent and learn the value of money. I feel like I have what it takes as most of my planets are exalted or in their rulership. I am fully capable of leading the life that I want. But my upbringing and my parents have somehow stifled me. I am crippled and not because they took something away from me or refused to provide me what I need but because they do not give me the liberty to do my own thing. My moon opposes Pluto and my Sun squares Saturn. My moon and sun are trining each other. I love my parents but I do wish they would just let me be.

    That Jupiter which is my yod apex is also the focal point of my T-square involving squares to uranus (my 2nd house ruler) in the 11th/12th house cusp and a Chiron-Lilith conjunction in Gemini in the 5th/6th house cusp. It actually forms a diamond looking pattern because my Uranus in Sagittarius is sextile my Venus and that Chiron/Lilith is sextile my Mercury. I think it is literally a gem in the middle of my chart and I am thankful for it somehow. I just have to learn to utilize the energies more.

    The upcoming solar eclipse this September 13 will be conjuncting my Part of fortune and will exactly oppose my Jupiter, which is the principal component in my “diamond” configuration. I have read that when transits or progressions move to the midpoint between the yod sextile or in easier terms, oppose the focal point of the yod, that events will happen that will make the native be able to use her yod effectively. I hope so.

    If you want to use my chart in your book, you can. Just email me. I am so happy I stumbled upon your site.

  9. Really faszinating this series of posts. I just checked my families charts and apart from me no-one seems to have a yod, but my ex-partner (only real long relationship I had) as well as the chart of the day when I moved away from Germany to Scotland. Wonder what that has to say.
    This blog is so amazing, I will be spending quite some time here to absorb all that info available. Thank you so much!

    • Dear Annette,

      I have set a lot of time on ancestry.com and myheritage.com which are both ancestry sites in the last two months. Most of my mother’s family are from Germany: pohlman’s, Kochs, Buhrens, Kleibaths, and Klazens.

      I am sure you will find those sites helpful to find more yods or quincunxes in your family. My family are full of them.

      Thanks for the lovely things you have said.

      Kind wishes,

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