I hold that when a person dies
His soul returns to earth again,
Arrayed in some new flesh disguise
Another mother gives him birth.
With sturdier limbs and brighter brain
The old soul takes to the roads again.
~John Masefield~


I have noticed how important the title “What on earth are yods?” was for these articles on yods. Earth is the key to inconjuncts and yods. People with yods must “come down to earth.” They must stop living a past life and live this in one. They must allow their soul to walk their correct and comfortable path on earth; the true straight path for them this time around; so the lesson here is to ground, to fit in with their “‘herd”, their “mob”; their ‘tribe”; the people around them so they will prosper in their life on earth. We were not born alone. We were born among many people, on a wonderful planet: Earth. When we really sensibly analyse the quincunx/yod words they are actualising verbs; words that allow us to flourish, succeed, thrive and make the best of our life on this earth. Can you see that? Look at them and think about them carefully and imagine yourself doing them. Can you spare a few moments to do that, please. Here are the quincunx (150 degrees -inconjunct) words:
• adjust;
• redirect;
• reorganise;
• regain your perspective;
• stop the strain;
• fix the challenge;
• divert;
• modify;
• correct;
• re-organise;
• re-coordinate;
• revitalise and
• “I should have.”
Let me explain some of them for you. I shall give you some more examples; as real life examples are of the earth element.

Secondly, if you read John Masefield’s poetry above and read some of Michael Newton PhD or Brian Weiss’s books on past life regressions or “life in between life” regressions and the decisions our souls make to life this present life on earth, you will understand that many of us still have remnants of past lives we lived in other times and places; even other dimensions that are still with us when we are young. We then are not properly in the present time, present life; we are still half in and half out of other lives. Certainly Barbara Hand Clow was when she attempted suicide because she thought she was schizophrenic and then had two years of past life therapy and wrote the Eye of the Centaur as a result. Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate this concept about quincunx and yod people being “not of this time” until they adjust.

Years ago I took a number of my nephews and nieces to old Sydney Town for the day. It was a tourist town with scenery of when the convicts from Britain arrived between 1788 and 1800 in Australia. There was one of the old convict ships from the First Fleet in the harbour and the guide asked if anyone would like to have a look. One of my nephews, Allan who was three years old, raced down into the ship and shouted loudly, “I was in this ship when I came out from the old country. Tis where I nearly died. This is where the ship’s surgeon tried to save… I’ve sailed before. It wasn’t a big deal.” He knew the whole ship inside out.
The guide blinked. “Does he study the ships of this time ma’am?” he asked me.
“He’s only three,” I replied. “He can’t read and we’ve never spoken of this period of history.”
“I was there. I was a convict. I was on this ship,” Allan shouted.
I saw Allan recently. I don’t see him often. He’s 33 years old now. He didn’t remember the day at old Sydney Town, but he smiled quietly when I told him the story. He does have a complex inconjunct: Moon in Aries 13 degrees conjunct Eris 13 degrees in Aries in the 3rd house inconjunct Mars in Virgo 13 degrees conjunct Jupiter 10 degrees in the 8th house. The third house is a house of communication, and of journeys. Now that 8th house is an ancestral house, but it is also one of those interdimensional houses that reveals past lives. The 8th house is a house of death and death takes in ancestral lives and past lives. Inconjuncts reveal maladjustment. It seems Allan hadn’t quite adjusted himself to being in 1983. He was still in 1788 as a convict (Mars-Jupiter in the 8th) in his comfort zone (inconjunct Moon in Aries). He was a very (Jupiter) aggressive (Moon in Aries conjunct Eris [disorder]) little boy for many years, always stealing things, always fighting (Moon in Aries inconjunct Mars-Jupiter), always having to win fights (Mars inconjunct Moon in his Aries) in a big way (Jupiter); always carving weapons (Mars) from bits of wood and always reading books on the Vikings and Medieval weaponry. He is a different person now. He has redirected his energy, re-organised his life and has adjusted to living in the 21st century. That is what can happen to a person with a quincunx or a yod.


I have nine examples of people with yods, but first I am going to talk about a lesson people with 150 degree aspects in their charts (a quincunx) must learn. A yod is two quincunxes in the same configuration. At the base of the isosceles triangle there are two planets are sixty degrees away from each other. That is called a sextile. It is not an equilateral triangle where all the sides are equal. The base is relatively small, the two sides are long. The sextile (the base of the triangle) is a positive aspect where your gifts and talents can be exploited if you put in a bit of effort. But each planet quincunxes (150 degree) a planet (or more than one planet or point) at the apex. In this article I am including a number of vignettes or examples of how to use yods. A couple are long winded because I talk about somatic health, psychological health, archetypes, karmic astrology and nutrition in detail. In one I speak in detail about analysing planets that make up quincunxes and yods so people can understand the process. In my third “yod” article, one I will call “WHAT ON EARTH ARE YODS: PART THREE” I will write a number of vignettes on yods and shamanic rebalancing (or healing, if you want to call it that) journeys to address adjustments that need to be made when past lives, ancestral lives and messed up early lives are unresolved and need spiritual “shamanic” adjustments to make the person’s life more efficient, successful and happy.

The first example I am going to talk about “regaining your perspective” as how to work with an apex of a yod that is North Node in Capricorn in the sixth house and the second example is how yods can help “modify your life” with a Moon conjunct Saturn in the 2nd house. The third example is about “fixing the challenge” if you have a Chiron yod in the 4th and the fourth example is “reorganising” with a North Node yod apex. The fifth and sixth examples are “revitalising “life with a yod (with a Jupiter apex of a yod) and example seven is similarly on “resolving a problematic life.” Number seven example is the life story of a woman who ruined her health so it is “I should have” Venus in Pisces quincunx Jupiter in the 6th example, but on the other hand she made life bearable for a lot of people with her caring “listening” and attention when alienated people needed attention. Number eight is a complex yod where the apex is Sun-Saturn in the tenth house.

If you can’t see the examples in your mind draw a large circle and divide it up into 12 sectors with each house marked from 1 to 12 starting from 9 o’clock if you are not an astrologer and ending for house 12 between 10 o’clock and nine o’clock. Then write the quincunxes in for each example. Now you should be able to see them. Also draw two lines on a single piece of paper that show you what 150 degrees look like. It is an ungainly aspect that actually creates static in outer space if two planets are at that angle to one another.

Bill Tierney who is one of the yod gurus suggests that a 150 degree aspect is compatible with the cusp of Virgo when moving counter-clockwise and the cusp of Scorpio moving clockwise (p. 35 in Dynamics of Aspects of Analysis: New Perceptions of Astrology.) Thus quincunxes, the 150 degree aspect corresponds with the signs Virgo and Scorpio. These signs naturally analyse and dissect and they are motivated to make essential modifications to improve the functioning of a person. So the quincunx suggests that we must reassemble the energies of the planets before they can be used succinctly.

The Yod typically is identified with timing and crisis or the need to act. The need will develop through the apex while the opportunity to the action will develop through the sextiled planets. The nature of the Yod is to produce disrupting thought patterns since there is little energy within the chart configuration to unify these planets. The two sextile planets tend to work together to the detriment of the apex planet. When the Yod is transitted, the Yod individual tends to feel the urge to react immediately, then sensing that the decision to act was wrong, will wait too long to correct the first action. Individuals who can plan their actions to the timing of a transit to the first sextile planet and to end during the transit of the second sextile planet may begin to sense the “Finger of God” description given to the Yod. The annoying factor of the Yod is that the individual tends to feel that important information is missing when it is time to make a decision. When the individual learns to trust the timing and the Yod is integrated into their decisions, the individual then begins to grasp the “higher order” status of the configuration.


In a past “StarCounsell. WordPress” article on Saturn in Scorpio I told you about my great-grandmother known as Gran Alice. I have her photo on my desk in front of me, where she stands next to my Nana. Nana is a little girl of seven; excited; smiling. Gran Alice is beautiful, dignified, with a Queen Alexandra hairstyle, but sad. Gran grew up with a wealthy, loving family. Her parents ran a farm for poor people in Surrey England. It was not a Poor House, but a “poor farm” where people learned practical skills. Gran had seven siblings, who were very close and her mother and father had grown up in the same street and married, so even her grandparents had always known each other. Gran had a Cancer South Node, a Cancer Ascendant and even a Cancer Sun. So for my friends, who are not astrologers this means that her family were her life and as each generation grew up they learned the skills of the past from their parents and grandparents and probably a large interwoven, loving tribal community. Gran Alice married a police inspector of Scotland Yard who lived in the same street as her. They moved to London in 1892. Even though she was the second eldest of her siblings she was the last to be married. He worked and she stayed at home. She was 32 when she married and she had lived with her family until then. My Nana, her only child, took four years to arrive. Then they moved to Whitstable, Kent, when Gran’s husband, had a promotion in 1901. A Whitstable church was having trouble with gypsies and the church wanted the police to move them off the church land. They cursed Gran’s husband publically. That was the beginning of the trouble. Dad told me that Nana’s father died, when she was seven, of a smallpox inoculation that had gone wrong. But when my sister and my niece started researching late last year, they found that Dad’s story was a tissue of lie to cover up a tragic secret. Nana’s father had been moved to an asylum in Kent for the insane when Nana was five. Her father had syphilis. I can’t imagine how horrendous this must have been for Nana’s mother. There was no cure for syphilis then. The person went insane and their appearance changed beyond recognition. Nana was sent to a Mason’s School for young ladies in London (and never knew about her father); Gran Alice had to become a live-in housekeeper and she also made beautiful hats for sale to rich aristocratic ladies (her Venus in Leo.) Gran Alice’s sister Bertha and her family looked after my Great-Great Gran Josephine. All the eight brothers and sisters had moved together; this would be the first time Gran would be separated from them. So Gran Alice had to regain her perspective. She worked for the first time in her life (North Node in the sixth house.) She moved down a class (North Node in Capricorn is respect and social standing.) She lost her family (South Node in Cancer), her husband and her only child. At that time transiting Saturn and Jupiter were both 13 degrees Capricorn and sat on her North Node in the 6th house of work. It was a no choice situation: regain your perspective and work or die! Nana’s father had been a Mason and they provided schooling for Nana, but Nana’s father’s police pension must have been too small for Gran Alice to survive. Transiting Pluto had hovered in Gemini over her Uranus in the 7th in Gemini and transiting Uranus in Sagittarius opposed her Uranus. She also lost her siblings and her “group” (South Node in Cancer.) Transiting North Node sat in Scorpio squared Gran’s Venus trined her natal North Node and conjuncted her Moon. It was “adjust”; “regain your perspective on life”; don’t think; act; get real! But in mid-1913 transiting Jupiter conjuncted her apex North Node and there was hope. Gran Alice and her daughter sailed from England to Australia to make a new life. She was fifty now. Transiting Neptune sat on her Sun and she had just had a Chiron return. This time the regaining of her perspective was positive. When Nana married Grandad in 1927 Gran Alice regained a whole new family of friendly Australians who lived near her in Sydney and in 1928 she had a little Grandson.


My friend BeeBee was born in South Africa of Greek parents. She acquired two good university degrees and she fell in love with a man and although they seemed to have much in common nothing seemed to work, marriage did not seem to be an option. It was a confusing relationship (Neptune 4 degrees 40 minutes Sagittarius in the 7th) so Bee Bee’s answer was to modify her life, be self-sufficient (Moon 4 degrees conjunct Saturn 4 degrees Cancer in the second house inconjunct Neptune) and move to another country, her ancestral home of Greece (Jupiter four degrees Aquarius in the 9th.) She taught English as a second language to make money (Saturn as apex of her yod in the second.) BeeBee and I worked together earlier this year so I could do some shamanic rebalancing of her past lives to further modify her life and balance the karma (Saturn-Moon) so her life was more promising.

Apex Saturn is a karmic apex and indicates that both proper timing and inner maturity are vital when it comes to a new direction in life. There is some sense here of the soul testing the inner strength and casting out of old burdensome attitudes. Fate here can denote a lot of frustration which is self-induced. Fateful consequences may occur if one ignores the demanding soul path. It seems reasonable to assume that this yod will be triggered off by the Saturn return. The Moon apex tells of an inner emotional adjustment that is needed for sensitivity. This is a very private position and emotional maladjustments are seldom evident on the surface. But they may screen out emotional internal messages when they are young to protect themselves from the past and this includes not only trauma from this life but from past lives and ancestral lives. Once activated they are enabled for a life lived in the present where they are enabled to soothe and nurture others.

As I have said previously quincunxes which are the basis of yods work to attempt to bring our impulses into proper alignment where we regulate our urges with greater self-control and discipline. “The basic role of a quincunx is to remove all non-effectual attitudes that interfere with our ongoing growth” (Bill Tierney, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, p. 36.) There is no doubt that the Moon-Saturn aspect and apex of a yod is a karmic aspect and there is also no doubt that the soul has received poor mothering in the past and that love was only given if one conformed to the family norm. The challenge now is to mother oneself and link to the Divine mother and be nurtured by her (Judy Hall, Past Life Astrology, p. 126.)


Hugo was unhappy and challenged constantly. He felt he had a rotten life. He had been physically and verbally abused as a child; and then to cap it off his mother had another baby; a son who was spoiled and loved and Hugo was ignored. His hardworking uncle, who lived with them, lectured him about being lazy and bad mannered constantly. Except for his cousin and his Grandma he had no one. Life was not fair. When he was about twelve he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. That was convenient. He could be angry publicly (Moon in Aries at 29 degrees in the third house conjunct IC opposite Pluto in Scorpio at 1 degree conjunct MC) and he threw desks at teachers, shouted obscenities at school and at all the visitors who came to his home. He drove cars recklessly without a licence. He smashed one of his parent’s cars. They said nothing and didn’t speak to him at all after that. He didn’t like working so he was rude and disruptive at work, and consequently he lost all jobs. His mother was a very important woman with a huge business and she gave him a job as her personal assistant, but he was rude and odious to all her employees to spite her. The employees demanded that he be removed. Then he could stay home and be alienated from everyone (apex Chiron in the fourth house.)He had no real friends (Chiron inconjunct Neptune in the 11th house) and with his Venus in his first house in Aquarius, that hurt his feelings. He seemed cold and he was definitely rude, but he did have his Sun and Mercury in Pisces, so it did hurt. He was six feet five and he felt ugly (his Chiron was 29 degrees in Taurus in the 4th house square Venus in his first house) so he attempted suicide. His Grandma whose Sun was right smack on Hugo’s Venus often stayed at Henry’s house to keep an eye on him. She rang the police when she believed he was attempting suicide and demanded that his case be reviewed when he was in hospital. But then Hugo’s mother demanded that he support himself and the government social welfare told him that he had to work or have some form of government approved retraining. So Hugo’s Grandma, with her big heart, sold her house and moved into a little cottage at the back of Hugo’s family home. When Transiting Pluto conjuncted Hugo’s Neptune (in the 11th) conjunct Jupiter (in the twelfth) and Uranus squared them at the beginning of 2013, Grandma persuaded Hugo to start studying psychology at university. At the same time his yod (Chiron Taurus 28 Aries in 4th apex, inconjunct Pluto one degree in Scorpio sextile Neptune one degree Capricorn) was triggered by transiting Neptune. Hugo excelled at university. He loved studying psychology (Neptune conjunct Jupiter in the 12th house sextile Pluto.) It was structured (Neptune in Capricorn) and he fitted into the university groups (Neptune in the 11th.) He did well scholastically and he began to understand people and what made them work. He made friends in his tutorials. These people liked him, really liked him for who he was and he began to bring them home to meet Grandma. His cousin, who had protected Hugo since childhood, noticed he was changing and was concentrating on a world outside his own problems. Hugo was fixing the challenge. He was happy. Yay!

A Chiron apex is a karmic placement. Sorry to sound so boring, but it is, and it could be balanced and restructured by shamanic healing. Judy Hall suggests that Chiron in Cancer in the 4th house is an emotional wound which may cause psychosomatic illness. She adds that, “Healing will come in emotional detachment and nurturing of one’s Self.” I see this as an ancestral wounding. I have seen this placement in other members of the same family. They turn the other cheek and remain cold when intervention needs to happen. Chiron is archetypally a being who was historically and in sociologically alienated from mainstream Greek classical society. He lived in a cave and lived like a wild man. Chiron always intervened. He tutored his students in real life skills; he taught them to live off the land, taught them astrology, martial arts, holistic healing, herbs. Hugo lived in cave like room up until he went to university, but he wasn’t behaving like Chiron. He still needed adjustment. With Neptune quincunxing Chiron the cave where he lived was an illusion and he was confused and deluded. The cave was just a dirty, untidy room and the Poseidon (Neptune) archetype meant Hugo “reacted emotionally and intensely when he was provoked… and when his raw feelings erupted his raging emotions flooding the household” (Jean Shinoda Bolen on Poseidon in Gods in Everyman: Archetypes That shape Men’s lives, p. 73.) Now instead of being angry, destructive, vengeful Poseidon of the stormy seas; who makes Chiron retreat to higher and higher land in Thessaly when the floods come cataclysmically destroying the land, Hugo is becoming Poseidon, “the deep sea diver”; the psychotherapist who is drawn in time and time again to descend deeper into the realm of emotions where he taps into collective human depths (Neptune inconjunct Chiron.) [Jean Shinoda Bolen, p. 79.) As Jean Shinoda Bolen notes, people who have suffered historically and where art and literature are valued and whose national cultures respect the realm of emotions and feelings more (such as Indigenous cultures, Russia and Ireland) allow their men to be more emotional, more expressive and less so-called rational.

With Pluto inconjunct Chiron if we will consult Gods in Everyman and we find that Hades (Pluto) is often a recluse who prefers to live alone and not be bothered. Sometimes they have a mat at the front door that says, “Go Away”. The Grinch in his meanest stage is Hades the Recluse. He can also be the invisible man with an inadequate persona. As the shadow of Zeus or Jupiter he is the rapist and abductor. He is the depressive with an emotional aridity. He is also the insomniac. He can grow with education, as Hugo is doing; he can find Persephone his receptive wife who will mediate for him; he can activate his Hermes (Mercury) side who is the psychopomp and guide of souls to bring him up from the underworld. Hades can be an introvert, but he is a rich source of creativity. He can become a psychologist and counsellor as he has actually experienced so many dread-full states and he can became an artist, actor or film maker like Hitchcock or Fellini. With Chiron as a team mate he can seek holistic healing, go to martial arts, and learn alternative and even Jungian counselling and ways of seeing himself away from his family and even in the wilds with other people like himself.

Hugo’s placement of Chiron is also in Taurus and to me this means emotional starvation so the body seeks to comfort eat and becomes grossly overweight from creamy comfort foods to make up for loss of self- worth. Body and soul must be integrated. Yoga classes, at least one shamanic healing, and close attention to diet needs to happen here to overcome the self-depleting attitudes from the two quincunxes. The reason the shamanic healing needs to happen is that family systems counselling has been tried and eradicated already. Hugo would not attend. One sees clearly that Hugo’s Aries Moon is exactly opposite his Pluto and the Pluto inconjuncts Chiron in the 4th. Hugo’s father also carries enormous anger and wounding and one can see this in Hugo’s Chiron opposite 23 degree Mars in Scorpio in the 10th, so one must tie in inter-related aspects into a yod. Chiron -Mars is also a karmic aspect where there is a deep wounding of the will and the Self must take back power. Saturn in Scorpio is also conjunct Mars in the 10th house, another karmic aspect. This is very similar to Chiron- Mars and it manifest in helplessness and powerlessness. It is the archetype of a slave who has sold his soul and body to another and in this case it to his mother for money. Judy Hall states that often this aspect comes up as a person who has been a monk or nun (or priest or priestess) in a past life and has given their soul to the god of that religion. So if you are working with Yods please tie them in to the rest of the chart.

Hugo would do well to study the archetypes of Pluto and Neptune in a book like Gods in Every Man to understand how out of touch with society these personality types really are and see how to tap the best of them. Neptune must learn boundaries and with Neptune in Capricorn Hugo must learn responsibility and discipline. He is learning the discipline of study, but he must learn that one cannot take cars and drive without a licence. He has been sent to a correctional boot camp once by the police, but his mother with all her money over-ruled this again and again, so his Moon in Aries is still at the baby (toddler) tantrum age. My suggestion here again is a shamanic healing, because I know there are three Australian convicts in his mother’s ancestry and criminals in his father’s side so this all needs cutting off and rebalancing. Judy Hall maintains that when there are quincunxes in a chart powerful karma is being activated and “the soul has decided that the karma needs to be resolved in this life time” (p.91. Past Life Astrology.) Thus the planet’s energies must be resolved and integrated.

The quincunx is an internalising aspect so disturbances are apt to turn inwards, interfering with both a soul and body well-being. They are noted for their psychosomatic and mental health problems of a draining and devitalising nature. Hugo’s quincunxes from Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio are particularly unconscious by nature and they require a great deal of awareness to work with them. The quincunx has been seen as a health aspect implying its tendency to disorganise energy patterns on the physical level and its presence in a natal chart should alert us to somatic malfunctions.

Somatic education can improve natural control of our own body. “Somatic” refers to the awareness of the body “from within” and “education” has to do with awakening abilities. Somatic education can produce results particularly effectively with the residual effects of injuries (chronic pain and stiffness) and with stress-related disorders (such as headaches or asthma). The rule for somatic education is called “learning and self-correction” which aligns with what quincunxes as the basis of yods point out. The following words from Thomas Hanna, a prime researcher and innovator in the field of somatics, summarize the viewpoint of somatic education — an approach to deliberate self-healing. He says: “There are two distinct ways of perceiving and acting upon physiological processes: first, one can perceive a body and act upon a body; second, one can perceive a soma and act upon a soma. In the first instance is a third-person standpoint that sees an objective body there, separate from the observer, a body upon which the observer can act, for example, a doctor treating the patient. The second instance is a first-person standpoint that sees a subjective soma here: namely, oneself, one’s own soma, upon whose process one can personally work, oneself. A soma, then, is a body perceived from within. Somatic Education is the improvement of bodily awareness to gain greater voluntary control of one’s bodily processes.

In this case I wish to observe that Chiron as the apex of Hugo’s yod is a planet (energy) that has great difficulty in self-healing. Chiron as an archetype is wonderful at healing other’s and here one can forget about one’s own afflictions, but Chiron as a mythological figure died without being able to treat his own wound. While he used herbs and martial arts they could not get rid of the poison. However, I do know that Hugo is well on the way to healing his own wounds. He has studied emotion from a Western psychology process. Let’s hope that he may go to yoga or Tai Chi as well.

With somatic education, the individual learns to correct bodily malfunctions through an internalized learning process. For certain conditions, such as chronic pain following injury, this approach is the only way that works in the long run. When a person has accumulated injuries and nervous tension from long-term stress over a lifetime, they may become so tense that their muscles hurt from sheer muscle fatigue. Spasms may occur. Joints get compressed by those muscle pulls. Nerves get pinched. Breathing and physiological functions get impaired. Posture gets distorted. People suffer “body aches”. They “age”. However, there is nothing wrong with their muscles; they are working as they should. They are only obeying the nervous system. The problems that result can be reversed only by releasing the accumulated effects of injuries and stress.

Beyond pain-relief, somatic education can have far-reaching effects on overall health. Major bodily systems affecting health and healing are affected by a system over which we have virtually unlimited potential for voluntary control: our muscular system, e.g.:
•breathing: the diaphragm, abdominal muscles, intercostal muscles, scalenes – constriction restricts breathing and overall vitality
•digestion: the hypogastric plexus, embedded in the iliopsoas muscles – constriction impairs circulation, plexus nutrition and function
•circulation: blood pressure — back-pressures resulting from tight muscles block lymphatic flow and require the heart to labour more to provide adequate circulation. Therefore Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement exercises, Rolfing® Movement, biofeedback, and schools of yoga that go beyond stretching and relaxation consciously awaken the self-determining, self-correcting link between self-awareness and self-control. It is here that I introduce two friends who have used yoga to revitalise their life.


The next person, who I will call Marion, is a very determined person and I take off my invisible hat to her. Jupiter at 28 degrees Scorpio is the apex of the yod and is in the first house. Here we see an assertive person who may find it difficult to rest. This is a strong individualist. One quincunx from Jupiter connects to Mercury in Aries at 27 degrees in the 6th house and the other quincunx is Moon conjunct Hygiea conjunct Venus in the 8th house. The Moon and Hygeia are in Gemini and Venus is in Cancer. Generally with quincunxes planets have nothing in common, but here in the first quincunx I mentioned we have Mars ruling both Mercury and Jupiter, so health wise and work this lady may have bursts of health and energy until she reaches her crossroads. Mercury inconjunct (quincunx) Jupiter is supposed to create exaggeration, but I would see this as her health food business she set up rather than being a talkative, noisy person. Jupiter in Scorpio would not be a loud and talkative person, perhaps as a teacher of yoga, but certainly not in daily life. Whatever you focus on tends to grow in your mind without anything happening in the external world. Circumstances in life can easily seem much better or much worse than they really are. Learn to trust other people’s assessment and to judge life more on the concrete facts and less on moral pronouncements which tend to be very colored by self- justification and avoidance. Mercury is sextile Moon in Gemini, Hygeia in Gemini and Venus in Taurus. With Hygeia involved if you have been thinking this is a holistic health practitioner you are correct. With Venus quincunx (Inconjunct) Jupiter you easily overextend yourself. Overindulgence and exhaustion can come from feeling over-optimistic about yourself and what the world will do for you. You take on obligations that are other people’s responsibilities because you feel so good about yourself. You are happy and healthy when you learn how to set real limits without being talked or coerced into overdoing it, in some area of your life. Interestingly Jupiter is also the apex of a T square with Pluto at one leg in Virgo in the 11th and Chiron in the 5th.

While thinking about the philosophy of yods being an imbalance of somatic functions Marion’s decision to practice and teach yoga was wise and revitalising, especially with Mercury being in the 6th house of the body and health. This is Marion’s story. I asked Marion: “When did you start doing and teaching yoga. That is a big crossroads. Did you have health problems before or was it just a lifestyle or philosophical need?”

Marion answered,” I had a health food shop 1977, and I had a minor car accident with whiplash round 1980, so yoga was a great relief. I studied art and completed a craft teaching degree from 1982 to 1987. I started yoga in 1982 and began teaching yoga in 2000 and studied 2008. I sold the health food store in 1980. I moved to from Melbourne to Noosa in 1989 and had my only son in 1994. I had creative artistic burst in 1998 and last year I had an art exhibition in June 2013. I am determined not to let it slide to the background of my life again! I combined art with yoga for the exhibition.”

Apex Jupiter people are consciously expanding their awareness in this life time so yoga is a lovely somatic way to do this. The kundalini rises through the body in a disciplined way and the aura is strengthened. Jupiter’s natural optimism and natural expansion allows this person to adjust well.


This is my friend Yolanda’s story. “As a child I always felt I that I didn’t belong and someday in the future I would lead my life in a completely different way to my family. My parents didn’t get along and lived together for 25 years, waiting for myself and two younger sisters to grow up. My father was manic depressive and committed suicide at the age of 50 something. I felt weak and powerless inside, but I tried to keep it in. As a child I was very dreamy (my Pisces sun) and I didn’t like school but I loved theatre class. When I was 15 years old when I moved to Israel and I left my family. I went to leave in a Kibbutz by myself. I finished High School and went to serve the army as a medic and there I met my husband. After the army I got married very young (21) and gave birth to my first boy and left Israel for 6 years and went to the U.S.A. In 1980 we came back to Israel and 3 years later I gave birth to my second son. My marriage wasn’t working so well and my husband went back to the States.
I asked Yolanda, “So are you still in Israel and happy and living on your own or with your children Yolanda. Your second son is the same age as my son. Are you still in theatre? Do you practice professionally as an astrologer?”
Yolanda answered, “I stayed in Israel with my two sons (at the time they were 18 and 7 years old) and that was the time when I started taking my power back. I forgot to mention that I had Epilepsy and lived on Epanutin. Any I began going to yoga classes and started practicing meditation and Reiki and with homeopathy and I got rid of the medicines and the epilepsy. Now I live a happy life with my small but dear family and my son is a yoga teacher today and we practice together. My husband returned from the States and we have been together since 1990.”

Let’s look at the astrology of Yolanda’s yod. She has Sun in Pisces at 18-19 degrees in the fifth house quincunxing Pluto at 16 Leo in the tenth conjuncting MC and quincunxing Neptune at 16-17 Libra in the 11th house. Pluto opposes Jupiter on her IC. She has a Sagittarian Moon in the first house and a Uranus in the 8th in Cancer. Neither planet aspects the yod. Hygeia and Chiron at 18 and 21 Sagittarius in her first house both square her Sun. Her South Node in Libra sits up in the 11th house at 7 degrees exactly conjuncting Yolanda’s Mars in Libra. This squares her Uranus in the 8th. Her Saturn is exactly at the midpoint of Pluto/Neptune. Judy Hall claims that this midpoint which will oppose the apex of the yod is the resolution of the yod. Let’s see will we.

So as a bird’s eye view we see an independent person who would like to break away from her immediate nation but is still attached to her ancestral mother land of Israel. She does have a lot of past lives as a partner/wife and also as someone who is Mars-like and courageous, but in a team. Saturn in Virgo opposing her delicate Pisces Sun reveals certain somatic problems. Her Vertex in the six house reveals her joy is strength and good health. The Sun in the fifth and Moon conjunct her Ascendant tells us that her children are precious.

The yod is eventually adjusted and her life revitalised when transiting Saturn in Capricorn trines her natal Saturn and sextiles her Sun as apex of the yod releasing her talents and revitalises and restructures her body and love. Transiting Neptune at its highest vibration of spirituality also sextiles Yolanda’s Sun and trines her natal Saturn and we see this in a miracle cure of epilepsy, through yoga which restructures her chakra’s and aura. Transiting Neptune also squares natal Neptune pushing it out of its comfort zone of using medications to hold the epilepsy at bay and revitalising loving, creative communication between Yolanda and her husband. Transiting Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are all in her third house at this time so communication (Mercury) is highlighted: to neural pathways (neuroplasticity); romantically to her husband; somatically to her body through yoga, to her sons and to her spiritual bodies. Transiting Saturn (structures), Neptune (spiritual practice, and creativity on all levels) and Uranus (sudden change and the evolution of the neurological and etheric bodies.) Dr Samuel Sagan in Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing is both a PhD and medical doctor who studied in India, France and China suggests regarding epilepsy that “neurological disorders are due to an astral voltage with which the system is unable to cope (p. 217.) I suspect when transiting Uranus, Saturn and Neptune all quinunxed Yolanda’s natal Pluto she regained her power in many ways: neurologically, somatically and psychologically. Yoga plus the transit actualised correct astral voltage and transformed (Pluto) the neurotransmitters and endocrine system of her body. If Yolanda or anyone else wishes to talk to me about this I was a student in Dr Sagan’s Clairvision School and I am happy to discuss this further. I suspect Yolanda already is well versed in all of this.


This is my friend Elizabeth’s story. She has her Sun in Scorpio 19 degrees in her fourth house sextiling her Saturn at 17 degrees in Virgo and both inconjuncting her North Node at 16 degrees Aries in the 8th house. Both her Sun and North Node are ruled by Mars. Her Mars is in the first house in Virgo, which indicates quite an independent, dominating and forceful personality. A North Node in Aries does indicate a need to be independent rather than in a relationship, and the four planets in earth signs including a hard working Jupiter in Capricorn would support her independence regarding money. The powerful personality is compounded by Pluto in the twelfth house conjuncting the Leo Ascendant. This also tells me something of a near death experience or a very depressing, transformative experience happened to her mother just before she was born. So this transformation maybe a cyclical part of Elizabeth’s life and the need to reorganise, unclutter and literally light a fire to clean out the old (North Node in the 8th house in Aries) which may also be an ancestral pattern. With her Moon, Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Part of Fortune, Eris and the south node in the ancestral houses (the water houses) it seems that the ancestors had periodic cycles of lean years and troubles; then fertile years and prosperous times so her apex North Node seems to echo this continual cyclical movement. [Even Saturn inconjunct the Moon’s Node reflects this karmic cyclical re-organising nomadic cycle.] The Aries period of history goes back fifty thousand years to man’s earliest time on earth when we were nomadic and dependent on the seasons and food sources so as this is an ancestral house Elizabeth could be genetically nomadic and her DNA and RNA maybe programmed to re-organise her life; change residence and even tribes and places every so often is part of her and programmed into that yod. I would suggest that she diarises her dreams for the rest of her life because the 8th house depends on symbols from the ancestors and dreams are full of clues. As it is Aries the apex will also link into the natural world and totems are also symbols; whether they are birds, animals, lizards, fish, clouds, rain and fire especially. If they cross Elizabeth’s path she needs to listen for they tie in with her deep and inherently pagan Sun in Scorpio. Elizabeth’s chart has 4 water and 4 earth, but only one air planet and Pluto in fire (Leo) conjuncting her ascendant, even though she has Mars in the first house. Her Pluto is in the 12th house. She seems to need to fiery North Node to articulate her cyclical need to reorganise and regenerate with fire. If you analyse the semantics of her language it is fiery with her talk of “energy” and “I” centred. With the strong earth and water I would suggest gardening would do her a lot of good.

The first part of Elizabeth’s story seems to follow her Cancer Moon in the 12th house before she grew into her more mature self and reorganised herself. The Sun, Saturn and North Node are the mature parts of herself. The North Node will be sparked off by a conjunction from Uranus later this year and a square from Pluto. This is Elizabeth’s story, “I taught tarot, astrology and spiritual development in the form of meditation for a number of years when I lived in Noosa. I felt like a gypsy, but loved it. I have done counselling and clinical hypnotherapy for many years. But now work in the clinical arena, and worked for hospitals in an administrative role for 10-15 years. I’m nearing the end of my Masters in Business Administration at the moment and contemplating Cosmology next year! Life is so much fun. The energy changed dramatically around the end of last year and since then have pulled so many people from my past into my life, including friends and boyfriends from my teens! However, my personal life has always been in turmoil as far as relationships go, especially when Pluto transited my 4th House. It caused a divorce, although I am more balanced in my life and I feel there’s a huge change about to happen. I now apply my metaphysical focus in my everyday life.” I would suggest that it is possible that Elizabeth re-organises her life in seven (Saturn) year and five year (Moon’s Node) cycles. Saturn has a 28 year cycle and the Moon’s Node has a 19 to 20 year cycle.


My friend Alexandra has a Sagittarius ascendant and Sun conjunct Chiron in the third house. She is a very much the Artemis archetype woman; independent; part of nature; close to the Great Mother, joyful and go ahead. It would not surprise me if the Great Bear is her totem or power animal. Her Yod has Venus 25 degrees in Aries in the 4th as an apex. Venus inconjuncts Neptune at 24 Scorpio in the 12th and her Uranus at 22 degrees in Virgo in the 9th house. When she told me about her yod I replied, it sure looks like you are an unconventional person, who needs your own home, and loves your own space and your independence in your own home along with your own spiritual beliefs. As Mars rules your Venus and Neptune it’s not hard to figure out. As it’s in the 4th and 12th there are ancestral issues about women being independent and boss of their own lives and own homes. This is my friend Alexandra’s story, “Your thoughts certainly these all ring true. I am also an entrepreneur; real estate broker and licensed construction supervisor. The fourth 4th house is certainly strong for me and in recent years I’ve become quite consumed with feng shui as well and I am in the process of making that more public. It is tied to my real estate business.”

We can see with her Moon and the north Node in Taurus that construction and real estate are the right businesses for Alexandra to be in. With Sun, Chiron and Mercury in the 3rd house feng shui as a spiritual system to make sure the houses and land are working at optimum levels are in harmony with the land. I am presently studying a Diploma in Dowsing by correspondence with Geomantica so that may also help. Saturn the planet of structure, grounding and the earth is conjunct both the IC and the Sun and Chiron and this helps Alexandra in her supervision of construction work. The only other thing that I can think of that may complement her comprehensive service is to become a weather shaman and use weather (or climate) astrology. My father and grandfather and lots of men on the land in Australia used to use the predictions of Lennox Walker and Indigo Jones who mapped the weather and climate via the planets, especially Jupiter and the solar cycles. Though mainstream people scoff at this it worked. Just a couple of other ideas, but if Alexandra was to work with a team she could use stained glass artists a well and even artists to paint murals on the walls, landscape gardeners, landscape architects, fabric designers to create curtains and different craft workers to create furniture and patch work quilts. I have worked in these areas before and it is so much fun. Alexandra has such a fertile imagination in such a grounded way.

Alexandra is so much in touch with her Neptunian side and I am so excited by people like her who are in the self-actualising stage of themselves. I had just finished writing to the above paragraph and I found an email from her. She told me, “ As for Neptune, well, being Pisces IS Neptunian already, so I just feel in synchrony with all the positive side of Neptune because my Taurus moon works hard in keeping me not only goal-oriented and persevering, but also grounds me which is so very helpful for Pisces sensitive and at times easily overwhelmed disposition. I just am realizing in my own chart that my Neptune IS in the 12th house, so perhaps isn’t fully expressed so for me, I’m thinking I could really explore more my creative and imaginative side via photography and other art, meditation, etc. and it’s something I’m contemplating now as I set my goals for my new “year”, not only solar return, but also anticipating the next Aries New Moon and the astrological new year which I have always found very significant to me.”

I love to hear happy people being aware of their own creativity and possibilities so with that beautiful self-actualising and awe-ful awareness in mind now to Alexandra’s yod! Many yods are isolated and sit on their throne all by themselves like little lord Fauntleroy with his cricket bat, but Alexandra’s Neptune actually is part of a grand trine in water. This helps her sensitivity and intuition and would help everything flow regarding ancestral advice via symbols and dreams and I would suggest a Scared Garden Meditation (Hank Wesselman and Sandra Ingerman) because I find, and I do it every day spirit animals and birds etc. come to my sacred garden to alert of things I need to know and do. Camel is always there, but I am a Capricorn and he is very Saturnian urging me to keep up my reserves of energy, strength and be self-empowered. Camel is also representatives of my tough ancestors who urge me on. Swan is always there telling me to keep up shamanism and yoga. The long neck is about kundalini. But the beings in the “sacred garden” also do things one never expects. Last night they had a big surprise party for me because I had completed a goal I hadn’t realised. Later that night I had a similar dream that I had fulfilled that goal. These are just my examples of this great meditation or journey. Everyone will see and hear what they need to see and hear, for your soul’s minions are there for your protection and evolution.

The Neptune inconjunct Venus indicates a past life where sex was scared for fertilising the land. This was happening until recently until recently in Indigenous Australia and I suspect it was the same until maybe two or three hundred years ago in America. I suspect these practices came to a halt maybe around 300 AD in Europe and they would have been exterminated by the Christian Inquisitions. The question in a relationship would be how can I be sexual and scared and I expect that Alexandra’s relationship with the land and the buildings she works with is both sacred and sexual in the “fertilising the land “ paradigm and that is why I encouraging dowsing so she can link up leylines if she is not already doing this. With Saturn at one degree Aries and Venus as the apex of the yod at 25 degrees Aries two past lives go back to the Aries Great Age 50,000 years ago epoch of mankind when the Neanderthal people with their amazing intuition and lived and thrived in contact totally with the earth and cosmos. According to AT Mann 25 degrees Aries is 28,000 years ago. The other leg of this yod is Uranus inconjunct Venus. If you look on the net on various astrology sites you read this sort of “flat earth” recipe that does not seem to take levels of vibrations or levels of awareness into consideration: “Your personal values and affections seem unrelated to ideas of a better future. Money and possessions could be an issue, and even though you recognize imbalances, you don’t care to make any changes in your own life style. Artistic expression might be a very helpful tool for broadening your awareness.” I don’t agree. This is maybe a little closer, but they are still recipes: “Your unique and innovative approach to creativity can bring you recognition as well as success.” Certainly I would not be surprised if people talked about sudden romances. But I would say that at the time Uranus conjuncted Pluto in Virgo the women’s movement was gaining momentum and I would see that Alexandra belongs to this ground swell. I could see that if she did have romances that with Uranus-Venus and Venus in Aries that they could be sudden (Uranus) and short lived (Venus in Aries) and jerky or they could be fiery (Aries) and awakening (Uranus). Uranus is a breaker of tradition and if Alexandra did have romance in her life I couldn’t see it being traditional. What I do here as more likely that she likes to be healthy and is health conscious with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the 9th and she relates to the pagan movement with the earth as her mother. She has three planets in the third; the house of the goddess and two in the 9th house of the god. Ethics is no doubt very important to her and Indigenous Law and this relates to this Aries Great Age. At Alexandra’s level of awareness she is no doubt very ethical and grounded (9th house in Virgo) and awakened (Uranus) in her relationship to values (Venus.) What I do see with this yod is that she has a healthy (Virgo) ethical (9th house) awakened (Uranus) passionate (Aries) relationship (Venus) with the land (4th house), ancestor (4th house) spirits (Neptune), her homeland (4th house), real estate (4th house) and the spirits (Neptune) of the country and land (4th house.) I will say one more thing. Every home should have a beehive as Alexandra’s Uranus is in Virgo and this links her with the Melissae, the ancient spirits and goddesses of bees.


The last yod I will look at is the chart of a financial manager in a major art museum. Abagail told me, “I work for the … Art Museum. I manage all the staff and operations for the gate revenue. There are years where I have 50 people reporting to me and am responsible for $5.5million of the museum’s revenue. Sometimes my department’s contribution can be up to 20% of the total museum’s operating budget. Although when I met her she told me that, “My job is goal oriented so I’m a straight shooter and push through obstacles like a ram” I have never met that persona. The persona I see perhaps is the Cancer Ascendant, consequently I know quite a different person to the financial manager. She also told me that “I do believe I am a completely different person than up to my 30s.”

First of all before I start I want to make clear that I normally do not have an orb of over three degrees so even though Abagail told me she has a stellium in the 3rd house with Pluto at 22 degrees 53 minutes Virgo conjunct Jupiter at 27 degrees 45 minutes Virgo conjunct South Node at 29 Degrees Virgo and Uranus at zero degrees 49 minutes that inconjunct her Sun and Saturn at 29 Aries and 28 Aries 42 minutes of Aries in the tenth house I would not allow Pluto to be part of a yod or inconjunct. A six degrees orb from Pluto to the Sun is not acceptable.

The other leg of the yod is Neptune in the fifth at 28 degrees. Thus the left leg of the yod is Jupiter conjunct South Node conjunct Uranus and the apex is Sun conjunct Saturn in the 10th house. Well, what do you make of this? I believe the private part of Abagail away from the stares of the public is quite unconventional (Jupiter conjunct Uranus) and has been for many lifetimes (South Node) and mystical and romantic (Neptune in the fifth house) and can be ungrounded. Jupiter conjunct Uranus can also be very (Jupiter) anxious (Uranus) and a great (Jupiter) dislike of restrictions (Uranus). As a Jupiter conjunct Uranus person myself I know they crave knowledge. What do you think?

Her public tenth house part is almost the opposite. Sun conjunct Saturn is conventional and structured and grounded. A Sun conjunct Saturn person usually likes safety and security, discipline, responsibility and organisation. This conjunction may signify a father who wasn’t there, or a father with high expectations, so the daughter craves acceptance and recognition. The sun is supposed to be our life force and vitality, our basic need for autonomy and our drive for autonomy, recognition, strength and courage and generosity. The sun is supposed to be the hero and completely unique. The sun gives us a special feeling of potency and validity. By sign the sun shows the route we need to take our individuality and we e struggle consciously for what we want. The sign, Aries in this case colours the father image. So we have an Aries Sun and the sun is in its exaltation in Aries. Aspects to the sun tell us something about the pace, rhythm and nature of our self-unfoldment. Sun Saturn people often need ages to get where they are going and they have to work very hard in the process. With a Saturn aspect we may see other people limiting or blocking us when it is really a facet of ourself; a projection of ourselves; probably our own fears, our shadow blocking us. So even without the two inconjuncts effecting Abagail’s sun this is a hard placement because Saturn can impose delays on the drive or energy of Aries. Or is it? Maybe it’s just a father complex or a great need for discipline.

So let’s look at Abagail’s chart in light of the yod. Does the yod integrate easily? Yes, in a way it does. The complex sextile of Pluto conjunct Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the third does by sextiling her ascendant in Cancer. She may be a mother to her employees as her communication is quite unique and with Uranus conjunct Uranus she is quite clever, innovative and one never knows what she is going to say next. She has a unique grasp of details and I am sure with this Virgoan stellium in her third house plus her Gemini Moon in the eleventh house she is a leader of groups in the world of finance. Her Neptune in Scorpio in her fourth house also sextiles her Ascendant and she probably has a lovely home and no doubt loves to live near the sea and watercourses. The Neptune in the 4th could also add to that overly stern father we see up in the Saturn-Sun conjunction in the tenth. This inconjunct between Neptune and Saturn-Sun tells me that this invisible father who was never home and may have been a drinker or a naval man (Mars is down there too) may have damaged Abagail as far as her view of men are concerned but has set an example of always working. The tenth house is jam packed with Mercury in Taurus, Sun and Saturn in Aries and Venus in Aries all being there. This tells as her career is vital to her. Home on one level seems confusing, depending on what vibration she is currently at. Home could be a spiritual haven or it could be confusing or it could be a watery place on the sea and painted in blues and greens. I am wondering whether the art museum has become a second home because Neptune is also creativity.

What I also note with Abagail’s chart is that her chart is shaped like an egg timer. The tenth house is full and the Moon sits in the eleventh house. The planets except for Saturn are all inner planets. Except for Mars down in the 4th house the 10th and 11th house is where all the energy is. The apex of the yod is up there too. Down in the 3rd house Uranus and Pluto are unconscious planets and require a lot of hard work to activate them. Jupiter sits between them emphasising, exaggerating and expanding this unconsciousness. Neptune is in the 4th house; an ancestral house water house and Mars is there too. Mars can also be unconscious. He was born without a father to Juno and was full of his mother’s rage. Down in the fourth he tells us that Abagail’s ancestors were full of rage too and they were probably military people.

I want to go back to the Saturn-Sun quincunx Pluto-Jupiter-Uranus. I dislike using an orb of over 4 degrees but it seems that Pluto is inseparable from Uranus-Jupiter so I am going to approach this point of the quincunx as a midpoint. The principle of Uranus–Pluto is an extreme (Pluto) desire for freedom (Uranus) and for change (Uranus). It is an archetype of complete and potentially drastic (Pluto) revolution (Uranus). People may burn their bridges behind themselves and drastic situations that unleash pent-up energy may occur. Pluto and Uranus create the growth and evolution of one’s own unique gifts, talents, and abilities. The process is of the overthrowing of deeply entrenched restrictions and limitations and giving in to one’s deepest urges to change. John Sandbach, who bases his work on Rhinehold Eberteins, suggests that Jupiter at this midpoint creates enthusiasm expressed with a nearly total lack of inhibition, which may come upon one very suddenly and erratically. Jupiter here indicates going to great extremes with much exuberance and a fearless expression of extreme uniqueness. If we swap Saturn for Jupiter John Sandbach maintains there would be an intense desire for change, innovation and even revolution, but the subject may be either be afraid of this, and/or careful, cautious, and patient about engaging in it. Let’s look at this in light of the millions of dollars that Abagail engages with. The money is the Jupiter midpoint Uranus-Pluto. The massive amount (Jupiter) of money (Saturn) is a means of exchange or bartering and communication (3rd house) and it seems this creates great anxiety (Saturn inconjunct Pluto-Jupiter-Uranus.) Saturn blocks Abagail’s Sun on a massive level because her Sun (her ego, her creativity, self-expression, courage) is naturally fiery, impulsive and exuberant. Saturn is the father who is rigid, authoritarian, controlling, judgemental and punishing. I recommend John Sandbach’s book “Planets in Containment” which deals with midpoints.

I have talked about a Sun apex in a yod in my previous article on yods, but I will say here that early in life this individual may have difficulty establishing their core persona and they may internalise and bottle up their feelings. So they can begin life with low self-esteem and an inferiority complex. Apex Saturn is a karmic apex and indicates that both proper timing and inner maturity are vital when it comes to a new direction in life. There is some sense here of the soul testing the inner strength and casting out of old burdensome attitudes. Fate here can denote a lot of frustration which is self-induced.

Maybe she extrapolates or projects onto her boss (the museum director) as being like this father, the Saturnian father who eats his children’s creativity. So remove this constant belief in punishment, because by progression the Sun would have moved away years ago and we lose the anxiety and worries about not doing the wrong thing. On the other side the father figure feels confused and lacking in confidence (Neptune inconjunct Sun-Saturn.) Here I can say they are internal beliefs. If the museum didn’t believe in Abagail’s incredible ability for finances (Sun-Saturn and Mercury in the tenth) and looking after people (Moon Gemini plus three Virgo planets in the third) and impeccable attention to details (all the Virgo planets) Abagail would not have been employed by the museum for all the years. If Abagail is still anxiety prone I suggest psychotherapy or shamanic rebalancing because it seems to me that her relationship with her father is the crux of the issue.

I would also suggest visiting a dietician or naturopath too. (The Sun is Vitamin A and D, magnesium and iodine. Neptune is vitamin B 5. Jupiter is manganese, inositol [a B group vitamin], Vitamin B 6, choline, B15, chromium and biotin. Saturn is sulphur, fluorine, PABA [also a B vitamin] and vitamin C, vitamin K, bioflavonoids, Calcium which must be taken with other minerals, not alone.

Just an aside; Uranus-Jupiter in the 3rd makes fantastic astrologers and I know she has been studying astrology formally.

Good luck Abagail.


Now I have written all of this in my last article or “Yods: Part One”, but for those of you who have read this already I will include it again. Basically I see astrological counselling combined with my form of spiritual healing which a combination of Australian Dreamtime is healing, Sandra Ingerman Core Shamanism, and Theta Healing as a way to improve the lives of people. I totally agree with Eileen Nauman (Medical Astrology), Donna Taylor (How to Use The Healing power of Your Planets to induce better health and wellbeing) and A Handbook of Medical Astrology by Jane Ridder Patrick, that the most important area of our life is our health and sickness is generally a mismanagement of energy on a mental, emotional level and spiritual level.

The aspects used in determining health matters are the hard aspects; the conjunction, square, opposition and inconjunct. Eileen Nauman in her book in Medical Astrology; maintains through her long experience that the inconjunct (or quincunx) is “the” health aspect and the most suspect of high and low conditions of the body. Eileen suggests that a quincunx acts like a pressure cooker and the steam that has built up must escape otherwise there will be great physical and mental damage. With quincunxes people seem to be very unaware and cannot get in touch with themselves easily and they are poor at recognising supressed emotions and internal needs.

On a physical level the inconjunct tells us that this a person who is not in touch with their body. A person with quincunxes and yods tell us that this person will become ill more easily than others because they have very poor absorption of nutrients and their body has an enormous appetite for the vitamin or mineral ruled by the planets in the aspect. A careful diet would have to be tailored by a doctor, naturopath or dietician, particularly if any of the B vitamins are involved.


Let me give you an example of a person who was out of touch with their body and really needed to modify her philosophy towards mental health (Jupiter in the 12th as apex of a yod), but never did. Heather’s mother had two babies who died before Heather was born. Most shamanic practitioners would be suspicious because the babies probably were still ghosts when Heather was born. Her mother was forty when she was born and she was spoiled and coddled. Heather had Sun conjunct Mars inconjunct her Juno. This without much mental gymnastics means that she could be quite independent and wilful (Mars) in her attitude to marriage (Juno) and her friends Mars-Sun in Aquarius) probably came first before her husband (Juno) and this created a lot of arguments (Mars.) Her Sun-Mars in the 6th house is also in opposition to her Jupiter so there are mental health and physical health issues and psychosomatic complaints which could have been caused by just excess (Jupiter) anger (Mars).

Let’s have a look at Heather and see what was happening with her nutrition. The Mars –Sun conjunction in Aquarius indicates that there is a great need for Mars nutrients which are B12, folic acid, fatty acids (vitamin K), chorine, and cobalt. B12 foods are prunes, green peas, liver, heart, oysters, sardines, yogurt, cottage cheese, alfalfa sprouts, brewer’s yeast, and kelp. A deficiency of B 12 causes a sensitive nervous system and weak extremities and twitching of limbs. A lack of folic acid causes megablastic anaemia, irritable behaviour, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, mental depression bordering on schizophrenia and forgetfulness. Lack of chlorine which is found in most fruits and vegetables causes impaired digestion. Heather doesn’t like fruit and vegetables. Iron is found in most vegetables and fruit, brown rice, eggs, parsley, most meats. A deficiency causes depression, dizziness, and insomnia, lots of crying and poor hearing. Heather has most of these symptoms. The fatty acids such as Vitamin F and linoleic acid are also ruled by Mars which found in avocadoes and sunflower seeds, tuna, chicken and pork, eggs and various cold pressed oils. A deficiency may cause gallstones, bad circulation and varicose veins and Heather has very bad varicose veins and really dreadful circulation. She feels cold all the time. Heather unfortunately believes solely in a lot of medications and will not go near counselling, shamanism, exercise, and tailored nutrition.

Heather has a great need for all the Mars minerals and vitamins and the foods they are in. Mars also rules chlorine, cobalt, iron, molybdenum, phosphorous, selenium, and sodium. Mars rules the adrenal glands and the muscles and is the energiser of our bodies. The sun is our engine, but Mars is our fuel. Mars in an air sign here thus indicating great mental energies; excessive talking, but seeming particularly clever. They must be on guard against nervous exhaustion and mental breakdown.

Heather also has yod. Her Venus in Pisces 19 degrees is in the 7th house. She has the Moon in Capricorn at 17 degrees in the 5th house. The Moon and Venus are in sextile but both quincunx to Jupiter at 18 degrees (in the 12th house) conjunct Hygeia. With Moon in the fifth in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces we can see Heather is a romantic is conventional about courtship and marriage and “death do us part” philosophy. But even though Jupiter in the twelfth tells us Heather has an angel on her shoulder who will save her at the last moment, there are big secrets in her ancestry and much that she does not want people to know about her ancestral mental disorders and mental disorders from “pill popping” are hidden away and swept under the carpet. As Jupiter is the apex of the yod this is quite a burden to carry psychologically. If you look carefully there is a great deal of pomposity in Jupiter in Leo and strange attitudes that she is akin to royalty, combined with the Moon in Capricorn inconjunct there is much snobbery and competitive behaviour. She has a Marie Antoinette attitude which is quite manic. The Moon in the fifth house in Capricorn also indicates a past life and karmic belief that “as a soul I am not lovable.” This attracts cold unloving relationships. This also includes the prostitution archetype/contract of selling one’s self for a loveless marriage. This may be an old vow of celibacy intruding on the present life. Wit Venus in Pisces there is a very charitable person and indeed Jupiter in the 12th house is kind and charitable but karmically this person with Venus in Pisces expects her husband to be perfect. There are all sorts of delusions, deceptions and confusion is going on here and to top it off the 12th house is also a karmic house.

Now let’s look psychologically and health wise what could also be going on. We know the quincunx creates haphazard non-productive behaviour and a great need for self-control and self-discipline, so you can imagine the emotions and hysterics of person with Jupiter inconjunct Moon. Yes, you were right, over (Jupiter) emotional behaviour should be curbed because health problems could develop, so patience and calmness is vital. We could also guess that a Venusian need for self-gratification versus the Jupiterian need to save the world is probable here. Sadly this woman’s mother had an uncle who worked at a mental asylum and Heather‘s mother influenced her to spend quite a bit of time in a mental asylum instead of learning how to curb her emotions. We can see that often a person with Moon in Capricorn can have a cold mother and indeed Heather did. Her behaviour could have been modified for a happier life.


I am sure ten examples is a fair sample of how yods work, how they can be integrated into a chart, and how they work in the different levels of evolution. I find Maslow’s diagram or triangle of needs a good diagrammatic schema of human evolution. The top level self-actualisation is what a person’s full potential is and the realization of that potential. Maslow describes this level as the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be. This is where we gauge our level of progress by our morality, our consciousness (as opposed to being unconscious), creativity, spontaneity, acceptance of facts, lack of prejudice, and our problem solving. The next level down is self-esteem, confidence, achievement and respect: respect of others and self-respect. The next level is long and belonging. There we include intimacy, friendship, groups, and tribes. The next level is safety where we have family, health and wellbeing, property, employment and one’s body. The lowest level is physiological which means having enough food, water, sex, sleep and one’s body functioning successful. I am sure you can see from the vignettes above that all the examples cross all levels. Life is not merely a ladder of discrete vibrations. They all interconnect and interrelate.

I still have “WHAT ON EARTH ARE YODS:PART THREE” to complete and post. This article will relate to people with yods who have had shamanic journeys and past life regression healings to jolt them into new vitality.

May God grant you always a sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you, laughter to cheer you, faithful friends near you and when you pray heaven to hear you.

~ StarCounsell~


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8 thoughts on “WHAT ON EARTH IS A YOD: THE ASTROLOGY OF YODS & QUINCUNXES. PART TWO .(C) Copyright Hilary Bond PhD. All Rights Reserved.

  1. Hello Hilary! It has been a year since we first FB connected and I have returned to the same place as I was then, the log house surrounded by forest. My kitty and I are house/cat sitting for 2 mos. It was beg. transits to my chiron in cancer that brought us together…I suspect you were writing about chiron and I responded. WELL. It has been a miserable year, and all that occurred during this winter season I began to trace back to original wounding. At least I am thinking of it as that. (pelvic misalignment) Now your current series on yod and quincunx will provide me with new insight and new study for my retreat time. I did a class in Portland, Oregon in the early 80’s on quincunx……it is time that I know more on what and how this works. I am just getting settled (and re-adjusted, quincunxically) and haveyet to read your two last posts….but I recall this aspect to be oneof adjustment, related to the Virgo/Pisces polarity. In that when you have that virgoness creeping inthe resolution is in Piscean letting go. I think my being comfortable as gypsy is due in part to quincunx. Anyway, will read up and see ….Happy Spring to you.

    Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 00:56:11 +0000 To: egoodapple@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Jackie,

    Great to hear from you. I do hope the pelvic misalignment realigns itself. It sounds very Sagittarian/Chironic. Your forest sounds gorgeous. I am so sorry it has been a miserable winter. We in Australia had a really hot summer. It seems extremes are the norm at present.

    If I am to be forward you will read in my articles that quincunxes or double yods are based on a 150 degree angle (obtuse angle) which is based on the Aries- Virgo- Scorpio symbolism. Yes having to adjust is one of the behaviours that a quincunx or yod generates, but it is as much adjusting to an environment that is inconsistent. For example the weather is hot and the next day cold, like Melbourne. Another example would be growing up with a parent who blows hot and cold; One day the parent loving and helpful; the next day drunk, violent and mean. This is neurotic behaviour and is in the strictest sense equal to ambivalent attachment behaviour in sociopsychology. This means that the child’s neurological patterns are not normal. It means they grow up with anxiety , not knowing what life will hold the next day and even attracting or putting up with inconsistent behaviour in relationships until one day they make a stand and do yoga or go for therapy or a soul retrieval. You can read more about it in my next article- part three of my yods series. I am writing a book on yods and if you would like to anonymously contribute your yod I’d be happy to have you in my book.

    Take care Jackie. I sure hope the coming year is a better one for you.


  3. Dear Hilary,

    When I was reading about your Gran Alice, the hat maker, it brought to mind one of my favorite filmmakers, Hayao Miyazaki. He’s one of the best animators since Walt Disney, in my opinion. The movie is “Howl’s Moving Castle,” and its premise a la Wikipedia reads:

    “Sophie, an eighteen-year old hatter, is a responsible young woman who encounters a mysterious and tremendously powerful wizard named Howl while on her way to visit her younger sister Lettie. The Witch of the Waste, who romantically pursues Howl, comes to the hat shop and curses Sophie who refuses to serve her by transforming Sophie into a ninety-year old woman.”

    Miyazaki is a charming storyteller, and you might enjoy his art if you have time to watch his films. Have a pleasant weekend.

  4. Thanks Greg. That is interesting. She was actually a milliner rather than a hatter. Hatters got mercury poisoning from using special potions to cure the leather for men’s hats. It sent them mad. Gran used different materials for women’s hats, so didn’t go mad. You have a very Geminian mind.

    But thankyou for your reference.

    The weekend is a couple of days away.

    Take care,

    • I’m not sure what you mean by ‘Geminian.’ Do I give you information overload, am I scattered, or just Mercurial? Ha ha ha! Maybe I’m a little Sagittarian too, the sage-clown. I can be serious or totally irreverant. 🙂
      Sofie, the hatter in the animated film, makes flowered straw hats for fine ladies in Japan. I love the amazing detail in Miyazaki’s work. The flowers and landscapes look almost real.
      Have a good weekend, Hilary.

  5. I have Pluto inconjunct Mercury and inconjunct with Jupiter (Jupiter & Mercury are in conjunction) No Yods . Now I realised that I’m to severe with my self…maybe problem with self-esteem , lack of confidence and maybe that consequently here are some compulsory drives. Maybe there are few troubles that are from past life… I also have Sun conj. Hygeia and Moon conj. Chiron. I try to figure out what to do in this lifetime , maybe everyone have his potentials in his incarnation but some have dificulty to figure out. Best regards

    • Dear Aljosa,

      Thanks so much for your response to my yod/inconjunct/quincunx article.

      After many years of living with a pluto quincunx Sun conjunct Chiron ( and my sun is conjunct Chiron conjunct Mercury) my wisdom from experience is to stop being so hard on myself. Aljosa, pluto doesn’t have any humour. It is not lighthearted. It is severe, often morose and expects to be endlessly tough. Mercury on the other hand is superficial compared to the “deep and meaningful” king of the underworld. Mercury is light as a feather. But Mercury is the only god who can travel, at will into the deathly, depressing and terrible realms of the god of death. So I also have learn to lighten up and not be driven. Only since I retired have I learned self-confidence even though I taught it as a subject to adults at community college. It is through not equating myself with my career have I learned self-esteem. It is a Western:English, feudal, patriarchal, Americanised, “Stepford Wives-keeping up with the Jones concept. It is also consumerist: the more money we make, the more we spend.

      First try to dissociate yourself with family expectations- Mercury is siblings- Juiter is the business world- pluto is psychiatry/psychology. pluto is also depressing: if we are driven to be the best, the highest, the “driven one” we find no pleasure in watching sunsets, looking at flowers, relaxing with a good book, snuggling into bed on a cold, rainy night, laughing at a funny movie or relaxing on a beach.

      I am Sun-chiron and Moon-Hygeia; a juxtaositon of you, but similar. Both are healers, both love nature. Both thrive in gardens, forests, trees, remote laces with few people. Don’t forget that to heal others we really, ethically should be whole ourself and not judgemental of ourself. Both Chiron and Hygiea are loners; they sit on the edge of society, of civilization. If you are a Hygiea/Chiron person I suggest learning meditation; a mindfulness meditation will help first to master the compulsive, obsessive, dark thoughts. I send a lot of time in forests where I can commune with my guides, the archangels, the tree spirits and devas for these are thin places where the noisy chatter of the collective cannot enter. I will send you my email and will title it “Hello from Hilary.” When you receive it send me you birth details so I can have a quick look at your chart.

      Dear Aljosa, I have found my ancestors and parents enormously powerful in creating the “unaware, unconscious me.” Their expectations and conditioning (brainwashing) created me until I learned to truly be me and that took decades of work on my art- watching myself lucidly; watching my shadow; writing books and articles; studying and learning formally and informally from experience and with eole I really clicked with; listening to my dreams. My parents were very mixed u and full of comparisons, so I had to sort out fact from fiction. The last two months I have sent ages looking carefully at my maternal and aternal ancestors and gee whiz I have learned heaps about what forces created my parents and the good and damage they did to me. So like the Delphic Oracle says, “First know thyself.”

      Take care and thankyou for following my articles,

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