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The THEORY: The theory the Moon’s Nodes maintains that we do not come into this life without past life influences or ancestral influences or things that happened during our gestation period. In other words we are not tabula rasa or clean slate. The Moon’s Nodes tell us that at birth we have a lazy part of us that has done the same thing for life times and this time our soul lights up a sign that says, “New Lesson this time.”

Each set of Moon’s Nodes suggest specific qualities: the South Node suggests our overdeveloped character traits that are comfortable for us, but that may undermine our lives if we hold on to these traits for security; while the North Node suggests the qualities that we need to develop in order to find inner balance. The North Node and South Node points are directly opposite each other. They are not planetary bodies; rather, they are points that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth.

South Node personality issues are places of fear and insecurity. We want what is represented by the South Node position, whether that is selfishness and over concern with survival ( Aries South Node/1st house North Node); the need for others to accept I am always right (South Node Gemini/ 3rd house South Node) ; insistence of getting one’s way and the need for approval (South Node Leo/5th house south Node); order in our lives (South Node in Virgo/6th house) or satisfaction in partnerships (South Node in Libra/7th house) ; or family and emotional security Cancer/4th house) or comfort and accumulation of possessions (South Node Taurus/ 2nd house) or victim consciousness and compassionate understanding from others (Pisces/12th house) . However, the only way we can feel successful in these areas is through working on the qualities of the opposite sign (North Node position). We may resist doing this wholeheartedly until we mature because we cannot see that letting go of some of our obsessions, will bring satisfaction to the South Node areas. Thus, the North Node represents a place of challenge, endless self-awareness and growth.

Some astrologers say the Moon’s Nodes are one of our points of personal karmic imbalance. If we over-emphasize and fall back on the qualities of our South Node, at the expense of developing our North Node, we may have a difficult time feeling personally successful. But even if we don’t consciously work on these lessons, events in our lives are likely to force us to confront them. In my experience, people often begin to confront and work on their North Node lessons in their thirties, whether or not they are aware of the issues through Astrology. Before this stage of our lives, we may be somewhat blind to our South Node tendencies. The best source about the Moon’s Nodes I find is Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.


The North Node in the Sixth House indicates that your life’s destiny is to refine your personality and perfect yourself as a human being. You are also called upon to become more humble and subordinate, taking on the task of serving others. Virgo and the 6th house North Node also means focussing on our body, maintenance of everything (our house, the car, our body); all details, all processes; the mundane, all fixing; keeping everything running smoothly including our health. So this North Node is a position of service and work. The Virgo North Node or 6th house North Node’s quicksand or Achilles Heel is being a victim and expecting endless compassion from others. The unfolding of your destiny or life lessons may occur in the work place, through service to others, by experiencing illness or by coming in contact with some self-improvement method. People with this position must avoid looking for a mentor or guru in whom they can trust blinding. They need to learn organisational skills and good time management.
Basically the attitudes they must develop are
• Finding out what is our self-sabotaging mechanism and stopping it
• Happily doing the housework
• Participating in life
• Bringing order to chaos
• Creating a routine
• Focussing on the present
• Noticing and valuing details
• Taking risks in spite of their fears
• Being moderate
• Gaining self-confidence through experience
• Analysing and categorising at work
• Being of service
• Acting on feelings of compassion
• Being assertive, confrontationist and competing
• Being discriminating
• Having self-confidence
• Being worldly and having common sense
• Being moderate
• Taking action
• Being structured
• Having self-respect
• Having clear structured sub goals and larger goals
• An orderly environment
• Being self-sufficient
• Having a good diet
• Being punctual
• Making lists
• Paying bills
• Having exercise

12th house and Pisces South Node Tendencies to leave behind
• Dissolving your ego through music, poetry, fantasy, spiritual quests
• Past life fears
• Anxiety and worry
• Feeling drained
• Giving up
• Dramas
• Vagueness, not committing and inaction
• Withdrawing
• Self-doubt
• Being a victim, not a victor
• Being confused and disoriented
• Escaping through drugs, alcohol, daydreaming, sleeping and addictions
• Being oversensitive
• Being extreme
• Avoiding planning
You have chosen a lifetime of service to others. This indicates developing any talents you have, paying attention to detail and becoming an expert in some area. Though focusing is not natural to you, the more you do it, the more you will like it. You would make a fine accountant, editor, analyst, or hairdresser. However in the end you could be a road sweeper because the spiritual task of the north node in 6th house is to learn about the world around you, figure out how you can contribute to it, and work, work, work.

The emphasis this lifetime is on addressing mental and physical health issues. You may spend some significant portion of your life in a hospital, prison, monastery, university, in government institutions such as schools teaching or otherwise “institutionalized.” The routine and order of such a place can help you build faith and heal. However, you choose to ground yourself, it’s important that you do so.

Because of your sensitive nature, you will find many of the things you are asked to do in life unpleasant. Resist the tendency to feel sorry for yourself. It’s important the carrier of the north node in 6th house go about your daily routine with a smile. Complete the tasks at hand, though they tax your abilities or seem unfairly distributed to you. At your worst, you hide behind paranoid fantasies, letting others work while you wallow in self-pity. In this lifetime, completing even the most unpleasant tasks brings a sense of accomplishment and great self-confidence.
Essentially it does not matter what work you do. Don’t worry that your work is not good enough, that the outcome of your endeavours is not ideal, or that you are unloved, or that people let you down, because this life is a tough life, messy, imperfect, and sometimes disappointing. It is can be wonderful and will not be improved by being a victim, a worry-wort or an anxious person. Build your mental and physical strength, maintain a positive attitude, and contribute where you can. You will find a deep well of faith growing inside you.

With your south node in the 12th house or Pisces you are full of spiritual knowledge, having passed many lifetimes and even your childhood, in imaginary worlds, solitary play and contemplation, prayer and meditation. But this really isn’t good for you and you will not be supported as escaping reality or losing yourself in imaginary worlds, will undermine your self-confidence and exaggerate your nerviness.

Because of past experiences you, having the north node in 6th house placement, find organization challenging and have trouble with time management. This may make work difficult, however if you are wise you will stay away from self-pity to a path of responsibility and self-discipline. You may find this daunting at times but the discipline will build your confidence and soothe your soul. Apply restrictions to your thoughts and diet, to keep grounded.

Traditionally this placement indicates good physical health, and taking care of your body is especially important. The fields of psychology, dietician, medicine, natural healing, nutrition, pharmacy or nursing are good for you as you are a natural channel for healing power. Good luck with small animals is also indicated in the north node in 6th house nodal placement.


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11 thoughts on “SOUTH NODE PISCES OR 12TH HOUSE SOUTH NODE AND VIRGO OR 6TH HOUSE NORTH NODE © Copyright Hilary Bond. All Rights Reserved.

  1. Hi! I have a question… what happens if I have North Node in Pisces while at the same time in the 6th house? How do I deal with that paradox? Is it working with the areas of life -houses-, while managing them with the sign’s “how”? Any advise? ^^

    • Hi,
      Thanks for this question. It sounds like you have a Libra Ascendant and Libra in mainstream astrology is ruled by Venus. I’d like to know where you have Mercury because Mercury is about analysis and problem solving. I do a lot of research which means you have to sort through material and summarise and analyse and this is what we need to do here. It is always difficult to answer such generic questions without your chart in front of me. I do also suggest that you look at the question of “the shadow” -your shadow, because with Pisces/Neptune strong there can be an Unconscious mask that needs to be dismantled to be really productive.

      1. So I guess this is a bit like Psyche’s trial when Aphrodite told her to sort all the grains. She gets the ants to sort the grains. Ants are very industrious. There are ants that are solitary but most are part of a large community. Within the community there is a wide variety of activities and behaviours, with each ant knowing its place and fulfilling its duties with total loyalty to the whole. Each ant does his bit to ensure the survival of the whole community, no matter what role it has in society. Activities include gathering and hunting. They work hard, are patient and co-operative. Virgo is about knowing our body and treating our body as a temple. Thus the ants bring order to a “body” whether it be grains or your mind or your health or every part of your body. Thus this is what North Node in Pisces and 6th house would do: give prominence to our body as our temple and attend to the present

      2. Every chart has echoes or prominent patterns so I suspect that Pisces and Virgo or 12th house and 6th house or Mercury and Neptune may be prominent in your chart and one of your life themes may be to “be a victor” rather than a “victim” and restore “order” rather that “confusion and lack of confidence.”

      3. I’m putting a summary here of both a 6th house and Pisces North Node so you can see the commonalities.

      • Being non-judgemental
      • Being compassionate
      • Surrendering to the Divine
      • Freeing one’s mind through intuition and meditation
      • Focusing on a spiritual pathway
      • Trusting in positive outcomes
      • Welcoming change
      • Valuing details
      • Taking risks regardless of fears
      • Gaining self confidence through experience
      • Moderation
      • Being compassionate
      • Focussing on the present
      • Bringing order and organisation to chaos
      • Analysing and categorising
      • Creating routines
      Compassion is one commonality, but blending the others is a way of combining a 6th house/Pisces North Node. Mindfulness or being present is way of combining here in a sort Zen way of acting.

      I would think here that at all times you need to only seek the inner advice of God and the great Masters such as Jesus, Buddha rather that blindly following a guru. Faith in yourself needs to be an active goal.

      I have a couple of friends with this position and they are brilliant shamanic practitioners.

      Let me know if you still have questions.

      All the best,


      • Hi,
        I also have the same as Lau, with N Node Pisces (29 deg), S Node conjunct my Mercury in Virgo (Saturn nearby in 12th at 20 deg Virgo), and Neptune on my Libra Asc (just a few minutes before, so they say in my 12th house officially, but honestly does color everything in my life). Part of Fortune is also in Pisces at 21 deg.
        I also have several asteroids in 12 (Pallas conjunct S Node, but in Libra).
        I can tell you that my life has been very spiritual/metaphysical, and I had a successful career in the arts as an editor. I am now retired (became physically disabled, but also have healed some of that), but the spiritual side is becoming much more prominent, and I do certainly think I will always be working with people as I find I am moving into a more metaphysical field. I always have been a ‘mystic’ living with 1 foot in the physical world and 1 in the spiritual world. 🙂

        Came across this website, and you had asked Lau for some input, but she apparently didn’t respond. So since you research these things, I ‘d thought I’d proved some of my input!

      • Hello Theresa,

        It is very kind of you to write.

        It sounds as though you are really living your North Node. I am just rushing out the door; but shall write back tomorrow. I can’t remember asking for input. I think I wrote this a long time ago. Neptune conjunct your Ascendant definitely goes with your metaphysical package doesn’t it.

        Best Wishes and thankyou ago.


  2. Hi Hilary, I have coricorn in sun, moon and other 5 planets☺, i mean ihave 7 planet stellium my asc cancer and midheaven pisces and, 6th house north node sagittarius, 12th house gemini. I am weary of thinking too much on everything. How do you think about this strange birth map. Am I so strange than normal people? Thank you for tour future answer.

    • Hello Capricorn 12,

      A bell curve graphs about 50% of a certain statistical population as the so called norm in this population. To my mind nothing is normal. We are all special and we are all on a path that our immortal soul suggests and creates for us.

      Capricorn Suns by their very nature are always striving to be right at the top of the mountain. But it is very lonely up there. And if all your Capricorn planets and luminaries are in your 7th house you will so desperately want to be liked and have a partner to think with.

      Don’t think! Just accept yourself the way you are and be very proud of yourself. Everyday do the best you can with the resources you have.

      Take care, be happy and best wishes,

  3. Hello Annonymous person who has two nom de plumes,

    You have no Pisces. Why do you allow Neptune to dominate the stellium (if this is really true) if you have Moon, Sun, Uranus, Mars, and Venus in Capricorn as well? Is this a self -imposed belief or a need to escape some part of your life. Capricorn Suns are tough people. I suggest that make an attempt to be a Capricorn. As you have a Cancer ascendant the Moon in Capricorn should dominate and you will have a great deal of common sense. Your Mercury is actually sextiling your Saturn so you should be very matter of fact. Pluto is sextiling your Mercury as well.

    With that in mind what you tell me about a Pisces flavour is not substantiated in any way.

    The sign that dominates your chart is Capricorn. As I have taught your cohort right through school into university I know that your age group or age cohort is enormously ambitious. I suggest though that as stelliums produce people who are intense about one area of life; in your case your career and partnership, that you see a good career psychologist who can help you with the right career. You also need to see a good therapist who can help you with clear communication and to help you stop fantasising. Rational Emotive Therapy is a good way to go.

    If you have had a lifetime of trauma see a good shamanic practitioner if you lean that way.

    If you love fantasy and still insist Neptune dominates get a film career, maybe behind the scenes in technology.

    Good luck.

    It seems to me that as you have so much Capricorn, and your ruler is in the 7th house that you look at studying at university if you are not already there.

    Your South Node is in Gemini. Concentrate on the sign.

    • Sorry, what I meant was that you have planets or points in the sign of Pisces.

      Each sign is a field of action where planetary forces operate. Each sign has a full range of possibilities and the person whose horoscope we are delineating has the option of using the planet or point in the sign in a positive or negative mannr.

      Each planet is strong and visible in the sign that it rules. in its dignity or exaltation so the Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn, Mars is in its exaltation in Capricorn. Saturn is particularly strong in Aquarius and rules Capricorn.

      If you insist you are “dreamy” which overrides every planet in your chart for a mere south node (in the 12th house), which is highly unlikely I suggest that you develop your will power so that your North node with its qualities of moderation, service to other, groundedness (versus escapism and addictive behaviour) and bringing order to chaos. My father used to say, “pull yourself togther.” If you are indulging in drugs this would make you dreamy and have nothing to do with astrology. All that I can see is that your south node is opposition Pluto and conjunct North Node. This could make you depressed or caught in the thrall of a particular or many past lives with dreamy qualities. If this is so , go to see a good past life shamanic practitioner.

      I will not be replying to your query further.

  4. Hi, am I right to understand you. Sorru my English not so good and may be there is a perception☺ difference between us because am not European, I come from a different culture and religion but I am enjoying learning different sides of life from you, is this conservation good for you as much as I do?

  5. Atiker, Caroline Jones, the Australian author/journalist whose books I suggested you read has a very similar char to yours with a stellium in Capricorn.

    Jones, Caroline. Title. The Search for Meaning Collection Imprint ABC Books, Sydney, New South Wales, 1995ISBN/ISSN0733304478

    By the way you take a lot for granted when you place me in a little box. My ancestry is Australian Aboriginal.

    Authentic Life: Finding Meaning and Spirituality in Everyday Life
    by Caroline Jones

    AN AUtHENtIC LIFE is a deeply thoughtful, uplifting guide to life which suggests how to feel happier and more at home in yourself; how to identify your unique gifts; and how to live life to the full with generosity, compassion, peace of mind, a sense of belonging and an increased awareness of your natural spirituality. At a time of uncertain values, Caroline Jones invites you to reflect on your own story, to make a deeper discovery of your inner resources; to find hope in the face of change and suffering; and to live an authentic life guided by integrity and purpose. this is a book to encourage you in the getting of wisdom and to reassure you that you are not alone. It is a companion for every man and woman on their search for meaning.

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