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At the moment transiting Pluto is conjuncting points, angles or planets or luminaries in Capricorn. It will be also opposing any astrological placements in Cancer and squaring placements in Aries or Libra. So Right now if you have astrological placements at 8, 9 or 10 Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries you will be affected. Pluto is remorseless in action. It is an outer planet and therefore unconscious so it will reveal areas that you may not even be aware of. You can’t avoid squares, oppositions or conjunctions with transiting Pluto and transiting Uranus at this time, as Uranus is at 9 degrees of Aries. So people with any planet, point, luminary or angle need to look very carefully at their creative, verbal, spiritual and physical behaviour. Uranus moves into Taurus in 2018, finally giving relief to people with planets in cardinal signs, but Pluto doesn’t move into Aquarius until 2024; however both Uranus and Pluto bring much needed transformation to the planet and to individuals with these configurations.

The Pluto transit last three years (with the retrograde action) and when the orb is exact, a person might feel as if hell has broken loose in their lives. How Pluto’s energy plays out has to do with the house it’s transiting in and any aspects it has with both natal and other transiting planets. Most women born in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s had to hide certain emotions, such as rage, because rage was not seen to be ladylike. We were expected to be nice, and take care of other people’s needs, while swallowing our own needs. This inevitably leads to weight problems and women who inevitably resemble Medea, Circe, Eris, Medusa, Pele, Ereshigal or an outraged Kali. If rage comes careering out of us our friends desert us and even therapists judge and lecture. In the old days the men in white coats appear. With Pluto lurking around in the subconscious this rage now comes up for healing and clearing. Denying it’s there won’t help.

Practicing gentleness with ourselves and self-love are crucial ingredients to surviving a Pluto transit. Eating healthy foods and practising mindfulness, and finding a life coach or therapist to work with (who understands astrology) can relieve the tension and fear that surface. Take flower essences will help and doing yoga, meditation or Tai Chi class. Eliminate all unhealthy foods; give up alcohol, sugar and caffeine so your colon and bowel ruled by Pluto release efficiently. If you have an addiction, de-tax and get professional help. Don’t go through these transits alone. It’s crucial that you find support, especially when you experience losses.

When a person is experiencing a challenging Pluto transit (square, opposition, conjunction), it’s time to clean house (the subconscious). But don’t make the mistake of holding on to these old hurts and go over them like a groove in a record. Don’t re-dramatize your situation (Scorpio loves drama), but don’t deny your issues or your shadows now.

Men going through a Pluto transit also have to deal with stuffing their emotions, mainly grief and sometimes inner rage that is tearing them apart. This could lead to escapism, violent behaviour (to hide his vulnerability), or cold detachment (such as the bachelor who uses women, but feels nothing for them). Remember, Pluto and Scorpio has a tendency or a weakness of appearing like an icy cold unfeeling reptilian.
So Pluto unblocks, unlocks, releases, transforms and transmutes patterns, beliefs, emotions, and all that old garbage we cling to. But Pluto transits are painful, full of loss and like a long and drawn out initiation. In shamanic astrology we could see Plutonic spirit guides as bats, vultures, hyenas, panthers, jaguars where we as the initiates are taken into a dark cave filled with bats or we have to face Hyena, Panther, Jaguar or Vulture. These creatures will pick the meat off a body until one bone are left and we too need to look at our core or bare bones at this time, not all our conditioning and programming and brainwashing from our culture, family, partners and friends. You will find your authentic self through a Pluto transit. You reclaim your power and like Persephone you rise back up the earth as a changed magical being. In fact, as you go through the Pluto transits read and re-read the Persephone myth and the Inana and Ereshigal myths, while focusing on the arrival of spring.


Uranus takes around 84 years to do a cycle around the Sun, so some people at age 84 will have a Uranus return. Uranian transits are long-lasting, and each transit through a particular house takes its time to unfold. On average, Uranus transits a house for approximately 7 years. Uranus brings change, disruption, and erratic elements to the areas of life ruled by the house it transits or the sign it transits.

How Uranus affects our lives depends on whether we resist its influences or try to work with this planet of sudden change, independence, liberation, and enlightenment. Saturn slows down our inner clock so we may face reality, but Uranus speeds us up so we can take risks and make changes. Whichever part of our lives and of our psyches that Uranus touches is an area where we begin to feel restless and dissatisfied. Our consciousness regarding these parts of ourselves and our lives is accelerated to the point that people who know us might consider our actions and reactions impulsive or rebellious. If we are not careful we might act in inconsiderate, foolish and brusque ways. Transiting Uranus acts to disrupt, change, and re-do whatever it touches. Uranus makes us think outside the box and offers us opportunities for seeing whether the grass really is greener on the other side. While Saturn slows us down, Uranus speeds up our lives, offering us chances to take some risks and to experiment with totally new ways of living and interacting with others and our environment. Uranus is forward-looking and does not have patience with lifestyles or attitudes that are attached to the past or the traditional. Transiting Uranus shakes us up and offers us a chance to become more aware of our individuality. Uranus doesn’t like stagnation or restriction. Uranus likes freedom. Transiting Uranus acts to awaken and to make us aware of our feelings of being restricted and constricted. Uranus surprises, jolts, and stimulates. How the person handles this transit depends on the nature of the person. Individuals with heavy water or earth influences would have a more difficult time with a transit like this, as security, stability, and co-dependency are what they usually seek.


The philosophy of the Nodes of the Moon implies that we are not tabula rasa or clean slate. The Moon’s Nodes suggest that when we are born we have under-evolved and overdeveloped aspects of our personality. Each set of Moon’s Nodes suggest specific qualities: the South Node suggests our overdeveloped character traits that are comfortable for us, but that may undermine our lives if we hold on to these traits for security; while the North Node suggests the qualities that we need to develop in order to find inner balance. The North Node and South Node points are directly opposite each other. They are not planetary bodies; rather, they are points that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth.

South Node personality issues are places of fear and insecurity. We want what is represented by the South Node position, whether that is selfishness and over concern with survival ( Aries South Node/1st house North Node); the need for others to accept I am always right (South Node Gemini/ 3rd house South Node) ; insistence of getting one’s way and the need for approval (South Node Leo/5th house south Node); order in our lives (South Node in Virgo/6th house) or satisfaction in partnerships (South Node in Libra/7th house) ; or family and emotional security Cancer/4th house) or comfort and accumulation of possessions (South Node Taurus/ 2nd house) or victim consciousness and compassionate understanding from others (Pisces/12th house) . However, the only way we can feel successful in these areas is through working on the qualities of the opposite sign (North Node position). We may resist doing this wholeheartedly until we mature because we cannot see that letting go of some of our obsessions, will bring satisfaction to the South Node areas. Thus, the North Node represents a place of challenge, endless self-awareness and growth.

Some astrologers say the Moon’s Nodes are one of our points of personal karmic imbalance. If we over-emphasize and fall back on the qualities of our South Node, at the expense of developing our North Node, we may have a difficult time feeling personally successful. But even if we don’t consciously work on these lessons, events in our lives are likely to force us to confront them. In my experience, people often begin to confront and work on their North Node lessons in their thirties, whether or not they are aware of the issues through Astrology. Before this stage of our lives, we may be somewhat blind to our South Node tendencies. The best source about the Moon’s Nodes I find is Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.


With North Node in Capricorn or the 10th house that we need to develop
1. Self-control
2. A maturity in our attitudes
3. Self-respect
4. Goal orientation
5. Common sense ways of problem solving
6. Self-care
7. A way of letting go of the past
8. Commitments to keep promises
With Pluto and Uranus transiting we also need to let go of
1. Spending too much time alone
2. Emotional overreactions
3. Dependency
4. Moodiness
5. Insecurity leading to sabotaging inaction
6. Lack of self-respect and confidence
7. Avoidance of risks

South Node in Cancer means one is terrified of leaving family and emotional security. There is often denial of their co-dependent patterns so they find reasons to stay dependent on the family in adulthood: any family will do: friends; neighbours. Cancer South Node people want a happy family so they recreate one. They also sometimes attach to unsatisfactory groups as a replay of the family unit. South Node Cancers sometimes let their emotions and insecurities dominate to a detrimental degree. When insecure, they run to others for comfort and relief, and then feel inadequate for being needy. Often the SN Cancer will deny completely that there was a problem with the mother. Some, on the other hand, are acutely aware of her pain, and as much as they try to soothe her, she is inconsolable. One of the hardest habits to break is the one that injects intimacy in what are supposed to be professional relationships. Sometimes too many personal details are revealed and the desire to be close and comforted interferes with the pure business at hand. The urge for the SNs in Cancer to stay safe and protected from what they perceive as a hostile world filled with hurt, not knowing, of course, their innate skills at controlling and surmounting difficulties when maturity is maintained. The joy of discovering their capabilities is worth it all. The Cancer South Node knowledge of nurturing growth will drive them to put everything into helping others achieve their goals to the neglect of their own. People with south Node in Cancer know they must leave their family because family become vampires: if they become successful and evolve in their career inevitably Mum or one of the family calls to say “we need you”. The strings attached to this perpetual family game of snakes and ladders are emotional and controlling co-dependent behaviours: manipulative name calling, guilt, playing on their gullibility, humiliation, shame, ostracism. You can read about these tribal ploys for power in Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear series Sometimes the Cancer South Nodes reach the top of the mountain, and then tumble down, having to start again. They have been programmed by the family; that they are worthless and must be the family Cinderella so they often fail because of inner self-sabotage. Thus, the dependent child is meant to be transformed into the capable adult and it is mostly transiting Pluto or Uranus aspecting the South Node that will do this. Mature people who have those inner voices under control can control their own emotions, and can take charge of situations in a completely effective way.

Those with the South Node in Cancer are taking their age old knowledge of feeling and familial connection to the larger world, where they can influence society with their emotional experience and human understanding. If South Node Cancer people are aware of these traits transiting Pluto and Uranus can bring them to emotional maturity and help their career to fruition.


With a North Node in Cancer and South Node in Cancer Pluto and Uranus transiting will help these attitudes develop:
1. Noticing and validating feelings
2. Validating empathy
3. Nurturing and supporting other people
4. Staying centered in one’s feelings
5. Accepting other’s moods without judgement
6. Developing humility
7. Honest disclosure of feelings and insecurity
8. Building a foundation and security
9. Risking vulnerability

Pluto and Uranus transiting a South Node in Capricorn or North node in Cancer will aid leaving these behaviours behind:
1. A need to control people and events
2. A belief everything must be difficult
3. A compulsion to take charge without understanding the situation
4. Looking at the goal, but not the process
5. Hiding fears and feelings in an intimate relationship
6. Taking care of other’s feelings, but neglecting one’s own.
7. Doing things to gain respect from people
8. Being insensitive
9. Being too serious
10. Not listening to suggestions from other people


This is very much a nodal axis along with the South Node Libra of the heart chakra and root chakra. Attitudes to develop for the Aries South Node person:
1. Cooperation
2. Diplomacy and tact
3. Being aware of other people’s needs
4. Selflessly giving without expecting something back
5. Creating win/win situations
6. Sharing
7. Seeing things through the eyes of another; walking a mile in someone else’s shoes
8. Communicating about their own identity

And this is where Pluto and Uranus transits are important with their purging and awakening behaviours; tendencies to leave behind for the Aries South Node Person:
1. Impulsiveness
2. Thoughtless self-assertion
3. Resistance to compromise
4. Indifference to how one is seen by others
5. Expecting everyone to be like you
6. Lack of good judgement regarding money
7. Selfishness
8. Lack of other people’s need for support
9. Outbursts of anger
10. Over concern with survival


So again the Pluto and Uranus transit will aid through remorseless change and transmutation these attitudes to develop:
1. Independence
2. Self-awareness
3. Trusting one’s own impulses
4. Moderation in giving
5. Self-nurturance
6. Courage
7. And tendencies to eliminate:
8. Being Mr or Ms or Dr Nice guy
9. Tit for tat mentality
10. Co-dependency’
11. Need for external harmony
12. Obsessive attachment to fairness and justice
13. Debilitating selflessness


The lunar nodes are among the most powerful influences in the natal chart. They are the unseen cosmic forces that shape our destinies, spotlighting our karmic potential and illuminating the true meaning behind our very existence. I hope this ads an iota to your knowledge about what the nodes reveal about your life path and how the Pluto and Uranus transits could awaken and transform you.
And that’s it from me today. With a little extra caution and planning, most Uranus transits can become positive experiences and Pluto sure makes you aware of all your old unconscious “stuff.” The big deal is that South Node behaviour is unconscious. I look back at my South Node behaviour and say “OMG. Erk!!!!!!” We are all human, but the outer planets sure give us a good swift kick to awaken our need to “get real” and move into our North Node behaviour.

Good luck with your phoenix and I hope you have a wonderful day.

~Star Counsell~


Picture by Michael Teal

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  1. Hi Bostjan,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I did not say that South Node in Cancer includes ancestors and one’s country. It’s a difficult position. I suppose they all are for the people concerned.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Hi Hilary,
    Very good article on a deep subject. I’m of the North Node in Aquarius types. My GF Kai has hers opposite mine in Leo, within 2 degrees! Besides our opposite sun signs (Libra/Aries), what about the Aquarius/Leo node types in relationships? Of course, some dismiss the opposite nodes as common to any couple born nearly 10 years apart (I’m 61, she’s 51 presently).

    Thanks again for a great explanation.

    • Hi Greg,

      How lovely of you to have a look at this article.

      When someone’s planet or point conjuncts your natal South Node, a past life connection is indicated. This person may be the “great love of your life.” Their memory is likely to stick with you forever, as your relationship has spanned many lifetimes. The South Node person is likely to feel that the planet person understand them better than anyone who has ever understood them. All South Node connections bring with them a sense of familiarity and comfort. You “know” the person from the moment you see them, and the chemistry is haunting.

      Intuitively what came to mind instantly was the old archetype of the King and the commoner or subject in some distant past life. In AT Mann’s “Divine Plot” reckoning of past lives Leo is 3000BC to 811 BC which seems to begin somewhere around the age of Pharoahs who had divine power and the divine right in a ancient Egypt. According the AT Mann Aquarius in reincarnation is late 1841 to early 1911. Although not exact that is fairly close to Darwin’s publishing “The Origin of the Species and Lyall looking at geology as proof that science not religion was all important. So whilst on the side of romance (love as we see it via consumerism in the present age) Aquarius -Leo is cool versus passion we can see that Leo is also King or royalty as Divinity and Aquarius as the subject while however talented and brilliant must bow to Divinity. When I studied the 1849 to 1910 age (which was when Edward VII- a very romantic peacemaking King died just before WWI) at university the tag, so to speak was “God is dead; science is everything.” So in regard to the evolution of your souls you have undoubtedly been together working out your soul progress through thousands of years. It looks from this point of view as though you teach one another. A few thousand years is a mere blink of an eyelid via the soul’s progress or as some would put it the evolution of our Higher Self or Superconsciousness.

      At a rough guess you two are looking at the issues of equality and balance on many levels aren’t you.

      I would love to hear your tale of Ganymede in your life. As a long time teacher (20 years) of Greek mythology and archetypes I am enormously interested in names as a symbol of one’s being.

      All my very best wishes to you and Kai for a very merry Christmas if I don’t hear from you before.


      • Gosh, Hilary, thank you for your kind comments. Kai and I really are soulmates, as overused as that term has become. I love the old John Carter stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and my nickname for Kai is the Princess of Mars, so I felt her connection with royalty in the past. She could easily have been an Aztec princess centuries ago with her Spanish and Cherokee heritage.

        I like to think of our relationship similar to that of Scully and Mulder from the old “X-Files” series. 🙂 We’re both intelligent truth seekers with great respect for each other, and we make a good team, but we’re cool and reserved in public. We started out immediately as very close friends, and over the following months, we became a couple. It just proves your never too old to fall in love!

        My interest in Ganymede comes from my knowledge of astronomy. Ganymede is Jupiter’s largest moon, the largest of all the moons in the solar system that we know of. You probably know some of the myths associated with Ganymede, both male and female, but I didn’t think of that when I used it as part of an email address.

        I hope you have a lovely Christmas too, Hilary. Thanks so much for your writings and this forum you have created. Cheers for the new year!

  3. HI Greg,

    What you say in regard to Kai is fascinating. Gee whiz I haven’t read those Edgar Rice Buroughs books or seen the movies since the 1960s when I was a teenager. I’ll have to re-read them and look for the Princess of Mars. I am not a shadow prone person, but in a light-hearted way I am envious of you guys. It is so nice for someone with strong Libra to find a soul-mate and yes it is an overused term. However when we use it everyone knows what we are talking about.

    And it is lovely that Kai has such an interesting genetic background. My adopted daughter is part Cherokee and she lives in Australia. My own Indigenous ancestry goes back to my gr-gr gran so my German-Irish-Scots ancestry dominates with very blue eyes.

    Are you familiar with the Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls books by Michael Newton? If not have a read because they speak of soul mates having lifetimes where they get to have a few blissful lifetimes together or sometimes they have to have a life free of one another because they are not communicating with other people, thus living in a Neptunian bubble. As one who is always working on oneslf to evolve and help others I find the concept of loneliness or aloneness versus being a blissed out partner interesting. My Capricorn Sun seems to be dominating my Libran Moon. For those not interested it is a sickening subject. But I am and we wouldn’t be here on earth if people didn’t have partners. It is basic biology.

    If one is brave and open-hearted with a lovely heart chakra one can always fall in love and comparing oneself as a couple to Scully and Mulder gives my imagination full reign.

    I knew of Ganymede’s two sides and wondered what you would say. Ha, ha, ha.

    I only have so much time in a day and always have ideas brimming over to write but at the moment spring cleaning my house is paramount and finishing a patchwork quilt , interestingly enough in a Navaho pattern comes before writing more mythological posts or posts on the heart chakra or, or, or. Smile.

    Thanks for your Christmas greetings. I have to rush off and buy a couple of turkeys today: frozen, not live. Ha, ha. ha. Poor things. We had turkeys when I was little and my heart goes out to them running around headless.

    A plethora of greetings to you Kai and Greg in your many guises, and I hope Santa brings you just what you both always wanted: maybe a stack of Edgar Rice Burough books or some X Files DVDs.


    • Thank you for your kind reply, Hilary. I love E R Burroughs’ stories about John Carter battling his way across Mars to save his princess Dejah Thoris, even if the 100 year anniversary of the first book is coming up soon. None of the movies, even the big budget Disney film “John Carter,” has captured the exotic romantic fantasy of Burroughs’ Barsoom series.

      I think what’s remarkable about Kai and me is that we even met at all. The odds are millions-to-one that she would travel from California to Washington state and meet me at a bus stop. Both Kai and I were abandoned by our spouses a long time ago (remember that Ariadne connection in our synastry chart), and we kept running into each other around town. After a few months of these ‘chance’ meetings, I finally asked her to lunch. As they say, the rest is history.

      Thanks for the tip on the books by Michael Newton. I’ll try to find them. I am open to ideas of reincarnation and transmigration of the soul. I understand what you mean about isolation versus being smothered in a ‘Neptunian bubble.’ I was single for seven years after my wife deserted me, so it was a wonderful surprise to meet Kai and realize I didn’t have to be a hermit for the rest of my life.

      I hope your Libra moon finds you a soul-mate too, despite your Cappy sun! I am honored to have met you through your website, and continue to enjoy your articles as you feel inspired to write them. (Hope your turkey dinner goes well too!) 🙂


  4. Hilary,
    How fascinating that I’ve just found your site today via a google search regarding Pluto and Uranus transits to the nodes. This article was helpful as I await the Grand Cardinal Cross activating my nodal axis – 13 Aries (South Node), 2nd House – at my return April 22. I cannot help but sigh as I contemplate the joys of more ruthless tranformation.
    I will be exploring more of your wonderful work and cannot thank you enough for sharing your gifts.


    • Hello Kat,

      Well that was fortunate to find just what you wanted and how great to meet you.

      Yes remorseless transformation: eesh! Is it joyful? I have my Moon at 11-12 Libra so I understand and my Cancer/Capricorn nodes at 5-6 so I am living proof of life after nodal squashing, but since the nodes I have had a major shamanic healing and this time I will be standing my ground instead of being tramped into the mud. So similarly I would assume teamwork is your answer and good communication.

      Kat, I have written 32 articles and they are articles as I have written a PhD thesis and Honours Degree Thesis plus marked and written hundreds and hundreds of essays and assignments at university and a horde of articles in journals and you will find my second last article was specifically on a person with Aries South Node at 15 degrees . This person is a client. And they are having to bend to being part of a team as the dynamic duo (Pluto and Uranus) literally force them to change their solitary ways, but I was surprised to see the way this person finally acquiesced to accepting change that appears to have taken him thousands and thousands of years if one accepts past lives as a reality.) . That article is about 18 pages. You might find it helpful.

      I do appreciate your comments. I have retired from teaching at university in the last two years and live in an isolated place so I appreciate hearing from the people who have read my articles.

      So kind regards for now and I will be interested to hear your feedback on the other articles.


  5. Hi, thanks for putting this info out here! I have Cancer south node, Capricorn North, but Cancer South is in my 10th house, Capricorn North Node is in my 4th. Would you put more weight on the sign or the house they are in? In general, these houses are contradictory of the influence of the signs. I’m looking this up now because Uranus is beginning a transiting square to the nodes from my 7th house. The conjunction to the North node didn’t seem to have any major effect, but many years ago the square transit from Uranus from the 1st marked a very rough time in my life dealing with parental control and maturity issues. Your assessment of the characteristics is remarkably accurate to things I have experienced. It has certainly described the arc I have travelled in my life toward responsibility and self-care. Your assessment of these house placements of the nodes and a transiting square from Uranus would be most helpful. Also, Jupiter is moving to conjunct my south node at the same time. Is it going to be a rude wake up call to teach me more lessons about not “doing” my South Node?! Thanks!

    • Hello Martha,

      Thankyou for your comment and I am glad you found my article accurate.

      I am so busy at the moment but I will definitely return to answer your questions. I gather you have a Libra Ascendant. There is never a simple answer because we humans are complex beings with planets and luminaries which hold different weights (dominances ) in our persona.

      Thankyou again and take care,


    • Hi Martha,

      I am sure that you are aware human beings are whole creatures and we cannot judge any part of us separately. It follows that a horoscope is a whole and a natal horoscope with a stellium is one where we cannot separate the planets in that particular stellium. So as your Mercury and Jupiter and South Node are all conjunct, as well as opposing your North Node AND inconjunct (quincunx – please see my 3 articles on “What an earth is a yod?”) your Moon in Aquarius in your fifth house we then have to look at dominance in your chart.

      1. The dominant element is water (Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury= 5) and this gives strength to your south node as a feeling person and a person who is very sensitive (even though you try to look detached ).
      2. The dominant mode is cardinal (sun, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter = 5) and this means your final signature is Cancer and this again gives weight to you as a Cancerian caring and person.
      3. Your ASC’s ruler is Mercury in Cancer, which again tells us you communicate in a Cancerian way and your mind works in a Cancerian, maybe emotional, brooding, even co-dependent , easily hurt way.

      Now we look at the Sun. The Sun is (a) next to Uranus which gives you an independent, original streak and means you try to break away from your family.
      (b) Your Sun’s ruler is the Moon which is in Aquarius which means there is also something detached and slightly eccentric about you especially in the way you bring up your children and view a romantic loved one.

      But the Sun is still in Cancer and being in the 10th house you still would be seen as a Cancerian, family oriented person. Each house represents a basic field of activity. The house relates to conditions while the sign is character traits. So you would be seen in the public eye (10th house) as being family oriented. Your profession, reputation and standing in the community are all seen as Cancerian, mainly because of 4 planets and one SN all sitting there. So regardless of Uranus conj Sun and Moon in Aqua you are still rather Cancerian just because of shear weight. Now we really are looking at the great mother archetype here; she who takes responsibility and looks after her tribe so I suspect the Moon in Aqua, and Sun in Aqu have led you off your track and in the end it is your Sun (loving mother) and Asc (earth) which should lead you down your soul path.

      One thing that jumps out in your chart is that Mars conj IC and in Sag it may well indicate a caregiver who ran away from responsibility of his or her family and secondly that this person may have been argumentative and may have been involved in wars or your ancestry is military. That combined with Chiron in your fourth in Cap means that your father was a pretty wounded person and wounded Dads are not particularly nice to have. They need a lot of scars Martha, scars on their children. They usually have scars from their own Dad and it means their dad was wounded too. Note it is in Capricorn and in your fourth house of roots.

      You see your nodes are just a side issue, because family is such a giant issue, regardless of your nodes. Of course your North node in Capricorn tells you to be responsible, but the arena it is speaking from is the 4th house. This is about your psychological self, your nurturing parent; your nuturing inner child which I suspect is still hurt if you have had problems with self care.

      I have been a counsellor of children since 1981 and then adults since 1990 and what I can say is that a child who has been hurt will run and run and run all their life and what is really wrong is that they are missing bits of their soul where traumas occurred. Even though Ceres is only an asteroid, she is now weighted with Pluto and Eris and Ceres is sitting in your first house. She has to belong and be wanted. She can get very depressed when her child is missing and in this case it is your inner child; a missing soul piece. My guess is that soul piece; the one who is really screaming for help is around age 15. What happened then?

      Ceres is in Libra and that means you look to belong with a partner and if they run away which is what I think your parent ; maybe parents did, then depression clicks in and you get depressed. When people are depressed they don’t look after themselves. Many people don’t even realise they are depressed.

      Martha, Uranus just makes part of you wake up, but it already has hit Eris in your seventh, opposed Ceres, squared Mercury and now you are worried about “a rude wake up call to teach you more lessons.”

      I can hear a little girl there who has been punished. I want you to start looking at writing down all your good points and forgetting the past.

      Write me an email and let me know the truth. I have been a caring teacher and counseller for a very long time and am a healer and this sounds like a cry for help.


  6. Greetings Hilary,
    What a terrific website!
    I found This article while searching Pluto and Uranus transits to the South Node. Currently Uranus is conjunct my South Node in my Ares 5th H. at 13 degrees. I also have Mercury at 10, Eris at 9 and Venus at 20, not to mention natal Uranus trining at 13 Leo in the 9th. So the grand cross has been creating all kinds of havoc! Thank you for the observations on the effects. It’s helping me make the transition.

    • Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for the compliments and thanks for calling my work “articles.”

      I am so glad you are making “The transition.”

      I hope you have looked at my other articles.

      Best Wishes,

  7. Hi Hilary,
    I stumbled upon your blog and ifnd your comments so instrumental in helping me understand why I’ve ended up in the situation I am in right now. I’m Libra rising, with Sun in late 9th house Gemini close to the MD. My north node is in Cancer at 20 degrees and it is in the tenth house, the house of career. How do I rectify having Cancer in the tenth house? Currently I am responsible for other people’s creative careers but I have my own creative talents and would prefer to be the creator, not the “agent” or “editor”. Pluto is slowly moving in to conjunct my south node in Capricorn next year. Definitely feel like I need to leave a controlling relationship I entered into in late 2007 when Pluto was transiting opposite my sun….

    • Hi Laura,
      It sounds as though you are doing a great job with Cancer as NN in the 10th house. You are being the Great Mother to people’s creative careers. Maybe you could do both: be creator as well as “mother” and editor to people’s creative careers. The Pluto conjunct your SN means a big spring clean; decluttering of ancestral clutter. Good luck with doing what you would like to do regarding your relationship.

      Best Wishes,

      • Thank you for confirming that I’m on the right path. The spring clean via the decluttering of “ancestral clutter” was so on the mark. I’m definitely held back quite a bit by my family background and expectations, many of which feel like I’ve inherited.

      • Dear Laura,

        Keeping strong boundaries up where family seeks to invade is a good idea. Why don’t you have some ceremonies where you write out everything you want to “disinherit”. Have a little fire. Burn the list of old “disinherited” traits in the fire. Maybe let in go on the dark moon and then on the new moon write the new affirmations of what you wish in your life. Put the list in a vase of fresh flowers. Say them every night for a month. It sounds as though you need some more tender loving care. Giving to others constantly is hard. Have a think about some acupuncture for heart meridian and triple heater meridian. Triple heater is to let go of old relationships. Heart is for joy. To support heart function try these Australian Bush Flower Essences: Old Man Banksia; five Corners; Red Lily, Bush Gardenia and Dog Rose. For Triple Heater to bring new love and creativity into your life try Sunshine Wattle; She Oak; Wedding Bush; Old Man Banksia.

        My very best wishes,

  8. It may have been quite a while since this article was posted, but it I struck a cord, and I am searching for help. I thought I was submitting myself properly in what I needed to do, in order to move forward, but now I’m getting crushed. Nothing conventional is making sense or working, and I am feeling overwhelmed now about my very survival. I am 12th house Aries, sun at 14 degrees conj. south node. So these transits of Uranus and Pluto, they would indicate everything- body, job, family, all going to hell in handbasket anyway? I just truly am at a loss, and don’t know who/what/how to fight or submit to anymore.

    • Dear Katie R,

      Can you give me ten to 14 days and I will reply at length. You have had Uranus conjunct Sun and Pluto squaring your Sun. That will be creating such major readjustments in your core being. We are on the last transit of Pluto and Uranus to any 14 degree planet or luminary now. My Moon is 13 so I understand. I can help you to a certain degree, but in the end you must do the work required.

      My best wishes and I shall return and please stop fighting. Sun in Aries in the 12th house is a catch 22 and I’ll talk to you about the difference between plants/luminaries and houses when I return.

      Please listen to your dreams in the meantime and write them down.


      • Hello Hillary! Wow, bless you, a light in the darkness. I have looked at astrology off and on over the years, but not had access to collaborate, and really study it. Fascinating stuff. Right now I am fighting- the urge to run away, and just to drag myself out of bed and go submit myself to the horror that is the ghetto school where I teach. My dreams won’t come any more, I wake every two hours in tension and pain. Also extreme fatigue and diverticulitis. I am leaving the job at the end of my contract, 27 May, with no other prospects. My info is- 5 April, 1959; 7:05am; Stuttgart, Germany (5th General US Army Hospital. Yes, thank you, it would be interesting to learn of your 12th moon.

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